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Study on the valuation of music copyright in China

Yongchen Li, Yang Liu
Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the development of cultural industry gets more and more attention and the demand of cultural industry of intangible assets valuation is increasing. This article will research on music copyright, mainly focus on the influence factors of music copyright value on the...
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Trade Competitiveness of Tea from Fujian, China: Analysis based on Porter Masonry Model

Liming Hong, Wenling Song
Tea sales to more than sixty countries or regions and bring about foreign exchange as the pillar industry of Fujian province in China .Therefore qualitative and quantitative systematic research on the trade competitiveness of Fujian tea is important. We employed Porter masonry model to analyze the six...
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An analysis of the Effects of Value-added Tax Reform with Using the DID Method

Meiping Liu, Li Yang
This paper employs survey data from China National Taxation Bureau for 2006 2012 and applies the method ofDifference-in-Difference to study the effects of value-added tax reform, which was put into effect nationwide in 2009. The empirical findings show that when the VAT system changed from production-based...
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Investigation on the Primary School District using Thiessen Polygon

Xia Sun, Zao Li, Jin Li, Maosheng Ye
Nowadays, many problems have emerged in the district scope and service radius of urban elementary schools. Based on the present situation of elementary schools’ layout in Hefei, this research used the Thiessen Polygons to generate new school district . The study found that the service radius of primary...
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Application of Medical Ethics in the Medical Simulation Education

Manli Wang, Bin Zhao, Xiuling Sun
Medical ethics is from the special relationship between doctors and patients in medical work. It is the subject of solving the medical ethics issues and phenomena in the process of medical practice and development using the general ethics. It is both part of the medicine and part of ethics. In this paper,...
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The social benefit analysis of the public bicycle

Tianjun Feng, Chunyan Liang
Public bicycle social benefits are complex and difficult to quantitative expression, the model of social benefit is established, and the factors of public bicycle social benefits and composition is expounded, and the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is used to evaluate the model, obtained the quantitative...
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The Evolution of Agricultural Engineering Education in China

Lijuan Shi, Minli Yang
The evolution of agricultural engineering (AE) education in China is described in this paper. In the help of the American Committee on Agricultural Engineering, the AE major based on liberal education model was established in 1947. Five years later, the majors such as agricultural mechanization, field...
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A Content-Based Blogger’s Sentiment Analysis System

Guohua Ou, Xiaoyan Zhuo, Wu Tang
Nowadays, the information of personal viewpoints booms on the Internet. The sentiment analysis based on the content of blogs is a hot issue in natural language processing. This paper establishes a system of blogger’s sentiment analysis which is based on comment target extraction. It is supposed to extract...
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Reflection and Exploration on the Innovations of College Students

Fangwen Xie
21st century is the age of knowledge -economics, whose soul is "innovation”. The country which has the high quality talents will have initiative in the world. The new situation brings not only the new challenges but also the new topics to the colleges and universities which mainly cultivate high-quality...
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Nationalization of innovation Wuqiao Acrobatics garment

Nan Qiao, Yunlling Feng
Wuqiao Acrobatics is famous for its distinctive local color,and is also one of the birthplace of the Chinese famous acrobatic art. Its acrobatic garment is based on the constant development and improvement of the folk clothing,with the growing influence of the "China Wuqiao International Acrobatics Art...
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Research on Application of "Flipped Class" Model in Teacher Education

Dan Dan Wei, Le Xing Qiu
Teacher, as a profession, has its own specialty. To make teachers have strong professional, the quality of teacher education is the key. The teaching mode called "flip class" is beneficial to the development of the teachers' theory quality and technological literacy. If we bring it into the teacher education...
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Survey and Study on the Effects of New Media Technology on College Students

Mei Bie, Zhe Wang, Jian Zhang
It shows that college students as a representative of the new media user has become an important part of Internet culture. The advantages of new media applications in the field of higher education are: achieve the mobile learning, change the interaction form between college teachers and students, and...
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Causes and Countermeasures of Construction Project Costs beyond Budgeting

Yuxian Ding, Guohui Jin, Yuxin Ding
It is an era of market economy, so all construction projects are of marketability and economy. The control of project costs involve various elements in the building economy, so it is a research question how to scientifically enhance the control of construction project costs to put the budget within a...
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Inheritance of paper-cut art in the design of clothing fabric

Yancong Miao
As Chinese paper-cut art of local culture, implies a deep cultural heritage, has extensive flat constituent elements and adornment sex is extremely strong. Through the paper-cut art many aspects cultural reference, apply paper-cut art in the design of the clothing fabric, and nationality color in the...
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Study the Design of on Visual Perception

Maoyan Yu, Li Li, Li Deng, Yi Jiang
60 students as participants were recruited to complete a questionnaire about the visual perception feeling of different design in stereoscopic, plane and color of . Data was analyzed via Human Engineering research-Semantic Differential Method. The result shows that there is a slight difference in visual...
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The Study of Population Gene in Case Product for Innovative Design

Licheng Zong
Based on biological engineering ideas and methods, for product innovation design, research and discuss on gene of case product. Defining and dividing the population of case product, building a model of population of case produce and describing the gene of product, to establish the hierarchy tree of decompose...
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Study on risk zoning of urban population based on Vulnerability

Y. Gao, T. Chen, H.Y. Yuan, Q.Y. Huang
In order to response to the great threat and loss of cities brought by earthquake, through the research of Shichahai street communities population vulnerable, established the corresponding evaluation system and model, drawn the risk zoning map. The results show that the community of Shichahai street...
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Research on the safety value and use value

Wei Liu, Chenyu Liu, Xiaohong Chen
Authors of papers to proceedings from two dimensions, namely Marx labor value, value and use value are be discussed for the dimensions of the safety philosophy thinking, analysis that the safety "production" is the unity of the use value and the use value. This has theoretical and practical significance...
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Research on Adjustment in Contract Sum Caused by Missing of Preliminaries in BQ for Tendering

Ling Yan, Qianxing Ding, Min Yan
There is a focus that controversy often appears between both sides of employers and contractors in BQ for tendering during construction. Aim at the problem of adjustment of the missing in BQ for tendering, this paper elaborate from two aspects, including the reason and adjustment method. Through analyzing...
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The performance of Agricultural science and technology transformation Fund of different Technical Fields

Qiang Shen, Li-Li Xu, Jun-Qiang Wang, Wei-Min Yang
Based on perfecting the performance evaluation index system of Agricultural scientific and technological achievements transformation Fund. In this paper, we evaluated the performance of Agricultural scientific and technological achievements transformation Fund in different technical fields during the...
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Build A Performance Evaluation Model About Project Management Informatization

Jia Chen, Xi Deng
Building a scientific and reasonable evaluation system for project management informatization has a great effect which is advantageous to assess project management and can indicate the right direction for its construction. This paper, based on the engineering project management implementation cycle,...
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The competition of passenger flow between urban rail transit and conventional bus

Leilei Chen, Xingchen Zhang, Bin Xu, Junhua Chen
Although the rise of urban rail transit will not completely replace the original public transport market, the perfection of the future urban rail network is bound to cause huge impact on the original transport market. This paper analyzes the role and significance of competition and it discusses the existence...
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The Impact of Tourism on the Living of Northwestern Sichuan Minority Village——Taking Qiang Village in Li County in Taoping as an Example

Ping Fu, Ying Cao, Lingqing Zhang, Pengfei Qiu
This paper taking Qiang village in Li County in Taoping as an example, analyzed the impact of tourism on the living of northwestern Sichuan minority village. It involves time spending, income structure, traditional cultural and folk dance performances, enthusiasm of inheriting and protecting traditional...
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Analysis and Psychological Thinking on Visual Forms of interface of Exhibition Halls------Taking the Exhibition Halls of World Expo as an Example

Jiefang Jin, Qizhao Wang
The interface of exhibition halls is the external appearance of the inner space and structure. Exhibition halls especially those at World Expo represent the trend of the times and epitomize the creativity of exhibition forms. Therefore, an analysis on the methods and traits of designing the interface...
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Research on Dynamic Compensation Achievement Path of Project Re-measurement based on Legal Fact Construction for State of Contract

Yilin Yin, Xuan Yang
Currently, the disputes on re-measurement and payment of the project cost between the employers and contractors in the projects istypically phenomenon. Such situation can be caused by the interference factors in the contract execution process, which can break the balance of the original state when the...
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Study on Estimating Bidding Rivals’ Average Tender Offer under the Condition of the Stochastic Compound Base Price

Jing Zhao, Yilin Yin
The chance of acceptance of the bid and bid winner’s profit margins is to some extent determined by tender offer under the condition of the stochastic compound base price. Thus estimating bidding rivals’ average ten-der offer becomes a key issue of the project bidders. Taking maximum probability of winning...
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Research on Simulation Evaluation of Goods Out-stock Capability of Strategic Projection Base

Fubing Peng, Zhenke Li, Weizhong Zhang
By analyzing goods out-stock operating process of Strategic Projection Base, this paper created a simulation model based on Extend simulation platform. Take a certain material support task for example, according to run the simulation model and analyze the output, it verified the reliability and applicability...
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Discussion on the main problems existing in the idea of running a university in China ------Based on the analysis of California Institute of Technology

F.G Wang
the idea of running a university refers to where a university goes in essence, which is the soul of the development of university. The article will sketch out the idea of California Institute of Technology which is a success in its small but excellent higher education by case analysis. The core element...
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The tunneling spectrum of Einsein Born-Infeld Black Hole

J. Tang, W. Ren, Y. Han
The tunneling emission spectrum of massless particles via tunneling from the Einsein-Born-Infeld black hole has been researched in this paper. It is shown that that, when the particle’s self-gravitation interaction is included, the emission spectrum of the EBI black hole is not precisely thermal, but...
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Study on construction of the electronic credit evaluation system and the supervision system

Anxi Zhang, Hua Yu, Chongbo Fu
The article is based on the visiting and the investigational study for the current portion of the shipping enterprises and the crew of the loss rate analysis and evaluation. In the context of the evaluation of the ships companies and crew’s integrity, put forward to constructing the electronic credit...
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Measuring the Increase and Loss of the Public Facility Welfare ——A Case of Kunming City

Jun Fan, Ning Xu
The welfare of public facilities space is part of residential space welfare. The spatial difference of public facilities causes the difference of public facilities space welfare and the spatial differentiation. In this paper, the establishment of public facilities space welfare maximization model is...
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Empirical Analysis on the impact of working capital management

Ming Hong, Chensha Liu
the article selects 2013 Annual Report data, and analyzes seven indicators of 24 listed companies about road transport industry by using SPSS19.0, and then the study get the newly acquired four comprehensive factors and make multivariate regression analysis. Through analysis for factors affecting business...
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Methods of Traffic Demand Forecast on Tourism Highway

Zhenguo Liu, Xianguang Wang, Shiyu Shen
Tourism traffic forecast is the foundation for the planning and construction of tourism highway and supporting facilities. By analyzing the characteristics of tourism traffic, we divided the tourism traffic into two parts: tourism traffic and background traffic. For tourism traffic forecast, we need...
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Project Bidding and Cost Control

Baoxia Cui
Bidding is a major event that affects the construction companies’ survival. This article will propose recommendations on the purpose and principles of bidding, the cost control, and how to improve the input-output ratio of the bidding process.
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Performance Evaluation of Coal Logistics Transportation Network Research

Hongxia Li, Xiaofan Hu, Yan Li
The paper combines with the domestic and foreign research status quo of logistics performance evaluation and coal logistics network, according to the design idea of evaluation system, performance evaluation system for the coal logistics transportation network is established. Based on AHP and fuzzy comprehensive...
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Analysis of Cost Control of Infrastructure Construction in Colleges and Universities on Basis of FIDIC Contract Conditions

Shu-Lin Yi
This article first briefly introduced the contract conditions of FIDIC and made the analysis of the present situation of infrastructure projects in colleges and universities.Because of the particularity of colleges and universities in China, the project cost management has been and being geared to the...
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Exploration and Study of Existing Problems and Efficient Strategies of Cost Management in College and University Infrastructure Projects

Shu-Lin Yi
In this paper, the current status of cost management in college and university infrastructure projects was used as a blueprint. According to the analysis of current management of construction engineering cost in colleges and universities in China, combining with the existing problems, rational suggestions...
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The Cross-national Comparative Study of the Maintenance Time of Granted Patents in the Technical Field of Fixed Constructions in Different Countries

Jun Shen, Yongzhong Qiao
The maintenance information of granted patents in the technical field of fixed constructions in China, Germany, France, and Japan are empirically analyzed, which shows that there are many differences in the maintenance time of the patents granted by them. The mean value maintenance time in the technical...
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Application of the Grey System in Commercial Housing Price Prediction

Zhuoshi Li, Yangyang Ye, Ming Fu, Fugui Zhu
In this paper, basing on the grey system theory with "partial information be known, partial information be unknown" of "small sample", "poor information" uncertainty system as researching object.From the basis of historical data to build models, the price of house and from the background value of improvement...
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Analysis of the factors affecting the implementation of partnership in Engineering Consulting Enterprises

Xin Jie Zhang, Lu Zhang
Partnership is the commonly used form of foreign consulting company. In this paper, through literature research,25 factors that impact the implementation of partnership in China were been summarized. Then based on the questionnaire survey,and using the method of principal component analysis, five critical...
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Landtransferand the development of Cooperative Path of the sixth industry

Man Li
In the face of the new normal of agricultural development in China, China proposed the development of the sixth industry, realize the integration of the one two three industries, and ultimately achieve the agricultural production, farmers' income. This paper to industry fusion theory and Schultz's theory...
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Model of Risk Assessment of Urban Commercial Complex Investment

Liangli Xiao, Jian Wei Han, Mingyang Pan
Based on the theory of investment risk assessment of Urban Commercial Complex and combined with domestic and foreign scholars research, investment risk of Urban Commercial Complex is predicted and evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively by the use of Analytic Hierarchy Process, Gray Theory, Fuzzy...
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Fiscal and Financial Policy Design on Entrepreneurial Economic Development Government Supports

Zhen Lin, Yunsheng Huang
In the process of entrepreneurial economic development, government can adopt legal tools, public goods and public services, economic policies, administrative tools and other multi-policy instruments to promote the development of entrepreneurial economy. This thesis designs the fiscal and financial policies...
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Research on Department Project Management Platform

Jun Qiao
In the process of the department project management, persons need collect the objective project group running data adequately and use the project management technology to analyze and extract the problems to be solved or receive guidance mission issued by the enterprise for the department as to form the...
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Correction of Online Product Scores from the Perspective of Engagement in the Appraisal Theory

Weijun Wang, Boyang Chen, Yanqiu Song
Product reviews and scores have a direct impact on consumers’ buying behavior. However, there are inconsistency between reviews and scores. Based on the linguistic Appraisal Theory from the perspective of engagement in the theory-construction index system, this article puts forward online product reviews-scores...
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The Research of “Internet plus Entrepreneurship”

Delin Sun, Muling Song, Sa Xu, Siyu Luo, Shengming Huang, Yushan Huang
In recent years, "Internet plus" and "entrepreneurship" emerged in our life and reached to an unprecedented height. According to the macro-economic statistics, Internet in China plays an irreplaceable role in national economy. This paper mainly focuses on relevant theories of "Internet entrepreneurship"...
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Research on reliability evaluation of agricultural expert experience knowledge

Xiaopeng Dai, Donghui Li
Agricultural expert experience highlights its advantages in the agricultural biological disaster forecast evaluation. Aiming at solving the expert experience fusion, this paper converted expert information into reliability probability density distribution, determined the evidence theory knowledge framework...
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Research on Financial Support Paths of Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises

Liang-Qiong Li, Yu Zheng
Small and medium manufacturing enterprises are difficult to get loans, which is the main bottleneck restricting the development of small and medium manufacturing enterprises in recent years. This article attempts to study the financial support paths of small and medium manufacturing enterprises from...
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Evaluation of Traditional and Strategic Human Resource Management

Baocai Fan, Hong Wang
With the development of human resource theories, it allows management to do HR practice in a more flexible and effective way. Meanwhile, human resource management experiences a procedure of evolution - as a brain new type of HRM, Strategic Human Resource Management which is the result of the evolution...
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Study on Product Configuration Based on Preference of Consumer

Lanhua Zhou, Fuhong Zeng
In order to increase market competition of enterprise products by blending Purchase Preference of Consumer (PPC) in product configuration design. A configuration model of product based on PPC was established, which effectively integrated Configuration Units (CU) and Configuration Rules(CR) and Configuration...
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Research on the Competitiveness of the Logistics Industry in North China

Hongqi Hui, Yibo Lv
In this paper, we use gray correlation analysis technique to study on the competitiveness of the logistics industry in North China. Whereby: Logistics Industry Competitiveness in North China, Tianjin is the strongest, followed by Hebei, Shanxi, Beijing and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. According...
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A Study on Classification Evaluation Technology Diffusion of Occupational Tobacco Growers

Feng Wang, Xiangdan Hu, Jun Liu
Based on classical technology diffusion model, classification Evaluation technology diffusion model of occupational tobacco growers is established. With the model, time path function is deduced. Through the depicting of function graphic, we can find it is S-shaped curve. The results show that the internal...
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A Study on Influencing Factors of Differential Management System of Tobacco Farmers Based on ISM Model

Feng Wang, Xiangdan Hu, Jun Liu
This paper uses the method of literature metrology to statistical analyze related literatures. 14 influencing factors of differential management system of tobacco farmers are determined and selected from predecessors' research achievements. Relational structure of 14 influencing factors are analyzed...
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Comparative Research on Chinese Logistics Models of Cross-Border E-Commerce

Yufen Wang, Min Zhao
Chinese cross-border e-commerce has been developing rapidly in recent years, while logistics is a weak link in the process of cross-border e-commerce. There are three main logistics models in cross-border e-commerce: third party logistics, overseas warehousing and logistics alliance. The advantages and...
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Application of RFID-based Context Awareness in Mobile Learning

Lei Yu, Yong Guo
If learning objects distributed in the environment can directly interact with mobile equipment of the learners through environmental awareness technology, the most appropriate learning content can be presented, learners can stay in mobile learning stably, and original learning effect can not be affected...
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TOPICS and Communities in the FIELD of patent analysis with SNA

Jiajia Li, Tieju Ma
SNA (Social Network Analysis) has been frequently used as a tool for patent analysis. This study analyzes the popular topics and communities in the field of patent analysis with SNA with publications included in Web of Science. This study reveals that (1) the research in the field of patent analysis...
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Application of BIM in the protection of historical buildings based on Riegel historic value theory

Yan Li, Zhaoxiang Song, Kai Dong
Historical building protection has its own features and difficulties. BIM technology brought by the development of computer technology, make it possible to solve the problem of historical building protection. Based on Riegl value theory, this paper puts forward that different measures should be taken...
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Discussion on the Goal-driven Teaching Method

Bo Li, Fuyi Cao, Haihua Lv, Fengpeng Li, Shun Yu
Classroom teaching is an important part of higher education, the quality of education depends on the teaching effect. This paper is based on the demand analysis of enterprise, and points out that the problems which exist in the current teaching practice, then proposes "goal driven Teaching" mode to establish...
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Reseach on the Reliability and Validity of Social Network Scale Based self- Reporting Method

Liang-Qiong Li, Yu Zheng
This paper uses the software Spss to analyze the reliability and validity of social network scale based self- reporting method, the results have a certain reference value , the initial Cronbach'scoefficient is relatively high, but it has the possibility of improving the structure of analysis results...
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Application of Classification Methods to Elective Surgical Cases Cancellation Detection

Li Feng, Li Luo, Renrong Gong
The case cancellation in the operating room can cause multi-faceted troubles, so it is difficult for the operating room manager to detect potential cancelled cases. The objective of this study is to build classification models like Decision Tree and Bayes Network to assist the operating room manager...
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International carbon market price forecasting using an integration model based on SVR

Linbo Jiang, Peng Wu
Better forecast of carbon emission prices may increase risk control capabilities of emission market stakeholders, and provide decision support for policy makers, financial institutions and enterprises. However, the issue of carbon price forecasting is complicated and several existing prediction models...
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A Literature Review of Treasury Bond Futures Pricing and Arbitrage Method

Susheng Wang, Yongrui Yu, Huimin Liu
5-year and 10-year term treasury bond futures were launched officially in September 6, 2013 and March 20, 2015, marking the interest rate futures re-board the stage of history. Academic study of treasury bond futures gradually becomes a hot issue, this article describes the difficult and hot issues at...
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Using Conflict Analysis Method to Analyze Crimea Crisis Between Russia and Ukraine

Xiaojia Jiang, Lei Yang, Chaolu Ma, Mingfei Wu, Feng Liu, Yuhui Wei, Xiaoli Xu
In view of the growing complexity of Crimea Crisis between Russia and Crimea, on the basis of analyzing the origin and weighing all the factors, the use of conflict analysis method could be taken to analyze the strategies that may be taken by both sides and boldly forecast the trends and outcomes. Meanwhile,...
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Research on M&As performance of iron and steel enterprises based on factor analysis

Aiwei Yin, Congwei Xu
For a long time, market concentration of China's iron and steel industry is at a lower level, which affects the international competitiveness of iron and steel enterprises seriously and caused serious overcapacity. It is imperative to increase the M&As intensity of iron and steel enterprises and improve...
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Research of Road Intersection Safety Evaluation Based on Driver’s Workload

Li Gao, Liting Hou, Xiaoting Yu
In order to evaluate the safety of the road intersection more reasonable and humanity, the driver’s workload was added into the current evaluation system in this paper. The new safety evaluation system which aimed at providing theory basis for safety management decision, was established based on 4 indexes,...
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Discussion on energy efficiency evaluation method for smart substation

Bin Zhu, Fanrong Wang, Yingjie Wan, Jun Li
As the key link of power transmission and distribution, the energy saving and emission reduction work of the substation has important significance. Due to its special nature, it is very difficult to evaluate and analyze the smart substation. The purpose of construct the smart substation evaluation system...
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A Perception Gap Model Based on the Dual Perspectives of Customer Value: A Conceptual Framework

Zhongqun Sun
The purpose of the paper is to explore a perception gap model based on the dual perspectives of customer value. This is achieved through discussing on the five perception gaps of customer value between the company and its customers. Collectively, these gaps include: attribute gap, importance gap, performance...
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A Method of Deduplication based on Inconsistency

Yunpeng Wu, Yiting Lv, Yuping Sun, Qiang Hu, Mingfei Wu, Yu Guo, Decai Wang
Reducing the number of comparisons is the most common way to improve the effectiveness of data cleaning. We investigate the problem by using inconsistency. We split redundant data into three categories. For each category, we give an algorithm and analyze its complexity, and combine them together finally....
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Research for the Novice driver’s Capacity of Hazard Perception and Response

Li Gao, Xiaoting Yu, Liting Hou
In order to research the hazard perception and response of the novice driver, Creator was used to build a series of dangerous traffic scenes, and then the data was tested while driving. Three groups of test subjects was set: novice driver group, experience driver group and trained driver group. Response...
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The Dynamic Game Analysis of Managers’ Investment Volume of Innovation Project under Financial Constraint Condition

Meini Han, Fusheng Wang
Studying the reasons for the underinvestment of innovation project is a hot topic in corporate finance. Based on the study and analysis of dynamic models between investors and managers, this paper reveals that managers cut down the investment volume of innovation project under financial constraint condition;...
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Construction of ecological model for development of small and micro enterprise informatization

Rongna Geng, Suchun Fang
Informationization is the trend of economic and social development. Small and micro enterprise informationization can not only integrate modern information technology, advanced management concepts and management technology, but also reintegrate internal and external resources of enterprises’ in order...
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Research on Curriculum System of Vocational Teachers Cultivation about Animation Professional

Dandan Wei, Lexing Qiu
This thesis is on the basis of domestic and foreign animation related professional teachers' training literature research program, the domestic animation related professional teachers' training practice of on-the-spot investigation, and analyze animation related professional teachers typical tasks and...
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The new characteristics, influence factors and countermeasures of China's collective labor dispute ——Based on the the empirical analysis of 31 provinces

Jingmiao Yu
There is the large number of people and the wide area of China's collective labor dispute,it is difficult to manage it.The article analyses new trend of collective labor dispute and influence factor analysis on collective labor dispute cases.The analysis of model shows that it is insignificant of trade...
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Analysis on Perceived Value of Different Services by Online Group Buying in China

Qinfang Li, Shixiang Zhang
By classifying the services provided by online group buying website in China into 3 types, restaurant service, entertainment service, travel and hair body care service, the paper aimed to examine the differences of the perceived value for those services. Empirical data was collected from a survey of...
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The Evaluation of Knowledge Innovation Capability Based on ANP

Ailing Yan, Hong Jiang
Along with quick development of global economy, knowledge innovation capability (KIC) is gradually becoming one of the most important motility of enterprise growth. Therefore, how to evaluate KIC is increasingly becoming a hot topic. In order to properly evaluate and improve KIC for enterprise or region,...
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Multi-period Dynamic Sequential Optimization Model for Prefabricated Affordable Housing Production Scale

Chunguang Chang, Dan Liu, Feifei Wu
With the rapid development of living standard, the demand for housing is rising. Prefabricated affordable housing (PAH) is an important way to solve the problem. In this paper, the factors of sequential PAH demand and the future development trend in Shenyang is analyzed by regression equation. By mathematical...
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A GM(1,N) Approach to the Pricing of Auto Production in China

Zhaoyan Wang
The study of pricing method of auto production has very important significance to analyze auto market and make strategic decision. The paper considers the current research status of pricing method of auto production, analysis the factors which influence the price of auto production, and proposes GM(1,N)...
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The Relationship Between International Capital Flows and Industrial Upgrading in China

Lihui Wang
In order to study the relationship between international capital flows and industrial upgrading in China, the Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) was applyed in this paper on the basis of the existing literature research. The conclusion is that the international capital flows promote the industrial upgrading...
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The analysis of information technology’ effects on public service productivity

Dan Yang
Given the increasing important of IT in the public services delivery and the massive amount of spending in IT in governments, it is imperative to understand how to evaluate the contributions of IT in governments for better delivery of services and enhanced interactions with citizens and business. From...
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The Research of China’s Foreign Trade Transformation Based on the Perspective of the Connotation of Energy under the Background of Ecological Civilization

Yan Wang, Shanshui He
Low carbon economy had gradually become the mainstream trend of economic the development, the relationship between trade and environment had been concerned. Thus the 17th National Congress of the CPC and 18th National Congress of the CPC have proposed the building of ecological civilization, in this...
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The Effect of Non-financial Factors on Credit Level: An Empirical Study of Supply Chain Finance Based on E-commerce Platform

Huilian Fang, Jinfeng She, Yu Xu
With the development of Internet finance, the traditional supply chain finance is being extended to financial service based on e-commerce. In this condition, except for the financial data that traditional credit evaluation focuses on, non-financial factors based on the Internet and e-commerce platform...
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Research on Landless Peasant Sustainable Livelihood based on Data of Family Asset

Jiapeng Liu, Jie Liu, Xiaoling Tang, Jinting Wu
This paper concentrates on the problems of how landless peasants to optimize their family asset and makes a exploration to long-term sustainable livelihood of landless peasants. A field survey was carried in many regions of Zhejiang province. And according to the data, it comes to know the change of...
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The Ecological Thinking of Teachers’ Group Professional Development Based on Network

Miao-Miao Zeng, Hai-Jian Hu
The trend of teacher professional development is from individual to the group, the development of Internet has provided a broader platform for it, which can analyze the professional development of teachers group in a more systematic perspective. This paper discussed the ecological system of teachers'...
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Optimal Production Decisions with Emissions trading

Alsharif Hussain Zaid H, Jian Zhang
To discuss the decision making problem of optimal production in supply chain enterprises, by taking a two-stage supply chain with one supplier and one retailer as the research objective and considering emissions trading, the profit models of both centralized and decentralized supply chains were proposed...
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Survey and research on enhancing the effect of college students' mobile learning-------Take Zhaoqing University as an example

Miao-Miao Zeng, Yi Liu, Hai-Jian Hu
In order to ascertain the current state of knowledge and research, an extensive review of the literature in M-learning has been undertaken to identify and harness potential factors and gaps in implementation. This article provided a critical analysis of m-learning projects and related literature, presenting...
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The drivers of technology development in “New Silicon Valley” Hangzhou: a Resource-Based Perspective

Jinjiang He, Ning Cai
This study takes the “New Silicon Valley” Hangzhou to discuss the relationship about the resources and development. The resource-based view provided a systematic approach for analyzing the role of Hangzhou in terms of its potential sustained competitive advantage in technology development. In this study,...
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Patterns of Female Senior Business Leadership in E-Commerce Companies China

Wei Zhou, Ke-Chiun Chang
The glass ceiling problem has been a hot topic in research of female senior leadership in companies, especially in e-commerce companies. It has become a worldwide debate of which promote barriers and weakness for female managers are discussed. China has present a sharp rise this year from 25% to 51%...
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Commercial bank credit risk measurement based on KMV model studies

Chun-Ping Wang, Lin-Jing Qu, Jian-Wei Li
In this article, through selecting the KMV model in the theory of modern credit risk measurement as our country commercial bank credit risk measure, based on the 2014 commercial bank loans to customers (including 10 normal and 10 ST enterprises) of financial data and stock trading data, by measuring...
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The Research on Innovation Experimental Area of E-commerce Talents Cultivation Model

Xian Yong Meng, Yi Qi Xiong, Xiang Yu Meng, Zheng Bo Wang
The innovation of E-commerce talents cultivation model is the emphasis of modern pedagogy, also is one of significant research subject about higher education research in National and Guangdong Province Medium to Long-term Development Plan and The Outline of 12th Five-Year Development. Through carrying...
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The Innovation Value Chain of Outbound Open Innovation: Theoretical Extension and Case Study

Ailing Yan, Hong Jiang
Open innovation is the focus of academic attention. As one type of open innovation, outbound open innovation (OOI) is central to the survival and growth of firms, and ultimately to the health of the economies of which they are part especially in the era of knowledge economy. This study demonstrates the...
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Training Mode of Outstanding Doctors of Clinical Medicine by Distance Education

Shi Kai Jin
With people demand medical services for higher and higher requirements, the demands of medical health structure reform and requirements of the high-level medical services. The training mode for outstanding doctors majoring was established through studying on current situation of clinical medical education,...
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Research on Safety Education for Children Online Training Safety E-Learning

Qingmei Kong
Child safety education is always the top priority of school management in school. The children, especially the left behind children still faces many safety problems since there are many loopholes in the management of education. The child safety education model is proposed which is suitable for China's...
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Construction of the Internet Public Opinions based on Chinese Language for Network Monitoring

Dongqi Sun
With the popularization of the internet, there are more ways for people to express their opinions. In this paper, the internet public opinions is defined as the general situation that people express their viewpoints about the language hotspots issues by the internet. The preprocessed materials were used...
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Application Model of Modern Piano Education by Online Software of Everyone_Piano

Xuyan Wang
With the progress of science and technology, the APP software’s were applied in piano teaching, such as Everyone_Piano. Everyone_Piano has been applied in modern piano teaching is very widely by online ways. Application results show that the application of Everyone_Piano has been catch the student attention...
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Computer-assisted multi-needle surgical planning for large liver tumor radiofrequency ablation

Mengjiao Li, Zhiyi Qu
Multi-needle surgical planning is a quite complex and difficult job for doctors since the desired result is not very intuitive and has many constrains. The aim of this paper is let the computer automatically compute the operation scheme of the large liver tumor radiofrequency ablation, including puncture...
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Study on Mechanism of Public Opinions based on Network Management in Universities

Hongkai Jiang
With the rapid development of Internet, the traditional public opinion pattern has changed. The young’s thoughts and discussions about the social conflicts tend to evolve into hot topics on the Web. Social negative emotions are spread by the Internet, quite easily influencing the social values of college...
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Research on Transmission of Chinese Ancient Literature based on Digital Film and TV Media

Wenjie Li
According to t promote and develop Chinese culture, in this paper, the significant and function of the digital film and TV media to transmission of Chinese ancient literature was analyzed in many aspects. At last, the research conclusions of carry forward Chinese culture were prospected.
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Research on Evaluation of Cloud Service Providers for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Smart City

Tianwei Zhou, Kai Hu, He Luo
theevaluationindexsystemof selectingcloudserviceprovidersis proposedaccordingto the informationalrequirementsofSmallandMedium enterprises in the smart city andthecharacteristicsofcloudservices.Thecorresponding indexsystemissuggestedfromthreeaspectswhichincludethe strengthofcloudserviceproviders,cloudservicesecurityand...
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Optimal Pricing under The Consumer Segmentation in Dual Channel Supply Chain

Xiaoyu Zhu, Yanyi Xu, Tijun Fan
Based on the fast development of E-commerce and heterogeneity of consumer behavior, in this paper, we develop a hierarchical selection model characterizing consumers’ acceptance of online channel, and then study the optimal pricing strategy of suppliers in a dual channel supply chain. We conclude that...
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Research on the robust emergency facility location

Dongqing Jiang, Qunxiong Zhu
This paper apply robust optimization (RO) to the emergency granaries location. We consider a model of demand uncertainty within a bounded and symmetric multi-dimensional box, then apply RO approach to find out the optimal solution. Finally, we evaluate the potential bene ts of applying the RO approach...