Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education (ICADCE 2015)

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The Communicative Means of Music and the Ways of Its Reproduction The Historical and Analytical Aspect

Alexander Yakoupov
The article is dedicated to the consideration of the communicative music means, their kinds in the context of historical aspect of the ways of music reproduction. The author follows the chronology of the development of communication means – from the non-writing to the electronic and mechanical. In the...
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Social and Musical Communication Past and Present

Alexander Yakoupov
In this article the author discovers the connection between the society and music communication. He believes music communication to be an important part of social life. He studies the development of public music taste in the XXth century in Russia. Musicians` involvement into cultural life and education...
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Exploration and Research on the Inheritance and Innovation Mode of Shadow Art in South Henan

Ling Yang
With the continuous expansion of globalization trend, the artistic forms inevitably combine each other within the worldwide scope, from which the single regional shadow play products of south Henan is separated, gradually disappearing and replaced by international design languages, artistic works and...
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Brief Analysis on the Artistic Style of Beardsley Illustrations

Miao Zhang
The crucial factor that the illustration art of Beardsley can obtain remarkable achievements is the unique characteristics of the art itself. The era of Beardsley is a complex era with contradictions, and “New and old” constantly collide. In the field of illustration art, Beardsley continuously uses...
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Indian and Russian Literary Mutuality

Abhai Maurya
The paper analyses the principal tenets of the method of comparative study of Literature and its evolution, applies insights into the history of cultural and literary interactions between Russian and Indian spiritual and aesthetic impulses depending on the socio-political vicissitudes in the two countries...
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Philosophy of Intonation in Sergey Taneyev's Cantatas

Galima Lukina
This article aims to give a religious and philosophical interpretation of Sergey Taneyev’s cantatas “St. John Damascene” and “On reading Psalm”. By means of united philosophical and musicological methodologies, a study of both cantatas is made that shows the connection between the composer’s ideas from...
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Synthetic Maxims of the Romantic Era in Goethe's Theoretical Search

Tatiana Kozlova
The problem of synthesis as a principle of inter-sensitive associations is covered in the article: interaction of arts during Romanticism, Goethe's theoretical texts, his colour studies, arts articles, and where Goethe studies synthetic liaisons in works.
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A Study on Interaction Design Studio Teaching

Gaosheng Luo
This paper is based on the current problems existing in the interaction design teaching. It describes the significance of interaction design studio teaching and discusses the construction of it from five aspects: the platform of school-enterprise cooperation, studio set, project team, project curriculum...
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Emotional Mediation of the Comprehension of a Piece of Music

Elena Zvonova, Ludmila Tarabakina
The psychological aspects of the perception and comprehension of a piece of music from the point of view of mediation of a person’s emotions in a piece of music are considered in this article.
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An Interpretation of Art Features in "Literati Painting" from the Perspective of “Xiehe’s Six Principles”

Wenxiu Li
Literati painting is distinctive in color style, containing both impressionistic lyricism and light color as well as a black and white ink spirit distinguished with a green landscape, re-color character paintings; it replaced the center position of green painting in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and became...
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Listen to the Voice of Flower On the Art of Figures in the Ink and Wash Painted by Huang Dan

Qing Li
As an emerging female painter very popular nowadays, Huang Dan has created many ink and wash paintings that can definitely stand up to close examination and evaluation, which, to some extent, is because the figures in her painting are all gentle and elegant women. Besides, ink and wash represents the...
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Illusions Brought by Time

He Yang
Nowadays, the connection between photography and digital image technologies has become closer and closer. The pictures we see daily are mostly processed with digital technologies. Therefore, people become more and more familiar with such technologies. Whenever they come across some pictures having miracle...
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Discussion on Development Ideas of Henan Photography and Photography Service Industry

Liping Li
Today, as virtually everyone considers himself of herself a photographer, the commercial photography industry experiences a "suicide-cutthroat competition". Both large photography agencies and small photography studios have to lower their prices to survive within the industry. Such a cutthroat competition...
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Aesthetic View of Farmer’s Art from the Perspective of Wuqiang New Year Paintings

Jinmin Liu, Sheng Bi
As one wonderful flower of farmers’ art with a rich local smell, Wuqiang New Year paintings are pure art from farmers’ bones. Their simple and unadorned modeling, stable and harmonious composition, and strong color application all condense farmers’ wisdom and aesthetic conception of thousands of years.
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Tolstoy and Italian World To the 90th Anniversary of Death of the Great Writer

Maria Volodina
The work touches upon certain aspects of the literary activity by the Great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy pertaining to his acquaintance with Italy. The paper presents a very vast array of topics and, in particular, the overview of his direct contacts with Italy, including journeys, recorded personal impressions...
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On the Artistic Charm in “A Dream of Red Mansions”

Hua Feng
Artistic Charm is the aesthetic ideal of classical art. It is the spiritual home of Asians pursuing free life. It is not only ancient and modern writers and artists who adopt aesthetic standards when writing, but ancient and modern art critics when reviewing merits. Artistic charm is not only rich in...
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An analysis on Traditional Chinese Painting Art Characteristic A Case Study of “Qunxian Zhushou Tu”

Ya’nan Yang
The traditional Chinese painting is the unique art treasures of China even of the east countries, it is the treasure of Chinese ancient cultural legacy. Chinese painting takes line as the main modeling methods, and combines time with space. Flexible ink is used to show that it is artistically smooth,...
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The Application of the Traditional Consciousness of Scholar Painting in the Teaching of Chinese Painting in Art Colleges

Wenxiu Li
By analyzing the present condition of the teaching of Chinese painting in the art colleges, the author proposes the concept of introducing the consciousness of scholar painting into the teaching of Chinese painting. Through the detailed generalization of the concept of the consciousness of scholar painting,...
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Shanghai Style Antique Painting Exploration

Peng Peng
This article takes antique painting, a special theme in shanghai style, as the example, and explores the historical background and cultural meaning of this vase flower theme which looks a lot like western still life painting. It points out that the painting form of antique painting has a close relationship...
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Brief Discussion on Instantaneousness and Eternity of Photographic Works

Chaojie Wei
Instantaneousness is crucial to photographic works, because moments of the shot objects are changing in motion state, that is, momentary beauty is varied and rich. The moment stressed by the writer is “the decisive moment”, the most representative and wonderful moment in the development of things with...
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Prime Minister Painter Han Huang and His Rural Life Works

Chunsheng Xing
Han Huang was the prime minister during the reign of Emperor Daizong in Tang Dynasty (726-779). Compared with his rough official experiences, his achievements in painting have always been recognized by the public. Han Huang often went to the countryside to investigate mass condition and incorporated...
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The Inheritance and Development and Innovation of Zhucheng Guqin in Shandong

Xiaopeng Sun
So far, the Zhucheng Guqin in Shandong has a history of 200 years or so. The predecessors have made some achievements in developmental research on the Zhucheng Guqin in Shandong. In the process of development, the Zhucheng Guqin has positive significance on the inheritance of folk culture and plays an...
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Hemingway and an Unyielding Characteristics Style in His Works

Yan Chen
The spirit of unyielding characteristics advocated in Hemingway’s works and this personality characteristics of himself almost win the popularity among readers throughout the world. However, if we adore this kind of character and imitate it blindly, we will find some traps under the beautiful halo. So...
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Discussion on the Subconscious and its Visual Expression

Bo Zhang
Surrealism is a literature and art school prevailing between two world wars. The inspiration and source of artistic creation mostly come from expression and symbolization of subconscious. Psychoanalytic theory of Freud is an important theoretical basis of surrealism. This paper aims at analyzing surrealism...
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Analysis on the Space Commonality of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

Kun Li
Inscription plays a unique and irreplaceable role in composition, which is a necessary part while expressing mood in Chinese painting. The reason for inscription playing a unique role in being able to coexist harmoniously with the painting and image in Chinese painting, is mainly due to the space commonality...
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On the Importance of “the Tao Way Follows Nature” in Oil Painting Creation

Siying Qin
This paper mainly introduces the importance of ‘the Tao way follows nature’ in oil painting creation and interprets the implication of ‘the Tao way follows nature’ in detail. Meanwhile, the paper elaborates on how the creative thought of ‘the Tao way follows nature’ influences the oil painting creation....
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Comparative Study on “Images” in Chinese and Western Culture and Art With Rudolf·Arnheim and Zhu Guangqian Centered

Shuai Yuan
This paper compared the art thoughts of two aesthetics masters--Rudolf · Arnheim and Zhu Guangqian, analyzed the connotation of “image” and the change of “image” in Chinese and Western, and drew the conclusion that there were both similarities and differences in grasping and understanding the connotation...
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The Differentiation and Analysis about the Art Nationality Question

Lingjuan Wang
The western culture is overwhelmingly attractive to the economic backward nationalities. Presently the relationship between different nationalities become closer and closer, so it has realistic meaning to all the nationalities all over the world to learn correctly about the dialectical relationship between...
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Film Poetry: the Theoretical Institution and Development in the Early Film Theories

Juanjuan Bai
The poetry is an important aspect of the film creating, also an important inflection of the value of art. In the early stage of the film, the problem of the poetry had been an especially important topic among the film theorists. A great many theorists had participated in the process of exploring the...
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Analysis on the Performing Techniques of Chinese-style Piano Music Take the adapted piano music “Flute and Drum at Sunset” of Li Yinghai as Example

Ming Xue
Chinese piano music was established on the base of the national music system, including silent mode, and horizontal melody thinking etc., and thus has different performing methods and techniques with western piano music. For example, on the performing methods of fingering, key touching method and pedaling...
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Invention of Musical Notation Applying the Musical Notation to the Cinematic Art Language

Wen-Shing Ho
This dissertation aims to expand existing cinematic expression by applying musical notation , tonal systems, and the forms and structures of musical composition techniques to digital cinema. My objective is to apply the construction and techniques of music composition to the practice of digital cinema,...
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Fifth Dimensional Perspectives of Cinematic Arts Digital Cinema Practice and Aesthetics of Vincent Van Gogh

Ouchul Hwang
To pursue genuine oriental aesthetics on digital filmmaking, my film celebrating the 125th anniversary of great Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is scripted and produced. It was through a letter written by Vincent Van Gogh to his friend “Vincent” in Hangzhou, China on the evening Dec 23rd, 1888 - “My dear...
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Research into the Culture of Shadowboxing from the Angle of Art

Hongyu Liu
Shadowboxing is an excellent kind of boxing in Chinese Wushu, and is widely known in the world for its unique movement styles and features. Shadowboxing is not just a kind of sport, but also an art and even a kind of culture. Shadowboxing practicers both inside and outside China have a deeper understanding...
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Study on "Primitivity" of Folk Culture Take “Yi Gou Gou” as Example

Lin Shen, Li Tian
When human makes reflections on the result of "cultural evolution", "primitivity" as a new concept of value, is becoming a hot topic of modern people. It has been a systematic project of the grand strategy of "developing a country by culture” to discover, protect and re-value the " primitive" folk culture....
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An Interpretation of Design Thinking in Cezanne’s Artistic Style

Geng Ma
This thesis begins with the research of Cezanne’s artistic style. It breaks through the traditional works appreciation method and level to analyze Cezanne’s artistic way of thinking and combine the transition of his artistic thinking with the concrete images of pictures so that decoding the mystery of...
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On the Modern Value of Art in the Viewpoint of Communication Studies

Yuming Sun
As an important part of the cultural systems of human mind, art develops the original spiritual values in the social evolution by variety forms. In the field of communication, the realization process of artistic value is shown as art creation, art reception as well as self-regulation basic on communication...
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The Sociological Research on Square Dancing in China

Jing Gao
The popularity of square dancing in the cities of China is generated by many factors and results in many social problems such as, environmental noise, the city appearance and environmental sanitation, the competitive and exclusive ownership of public spaces. Definitely, there exist contradictory versions...
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On Catherine’s Self-alienation in Wuthering Heights

Hao Sun
The thesis attempts to sort out and analyze Catherine’s self-alienation process based on Marx’s and Fromm’s self-alienation theory, and reveal the essence of life.
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On the Practical Significance of “Sister Carrie”

Xiaolin Cai
The novel “Sister Carrie”, was written by Theodore Dreiser, and the story happened in the late 19th century and early 20th, when American was in a great social transformation. From the context of the novel, the social background and the character’s personality, fate all these factors share great similarities...
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Tlingit Rattle as Archaic Culture Element and Sound Picture of the World

Angelina Alpatova
Archaic phenomenon acts at all levels of modern musical culture, from musical mentality as a base of creative process in musicians and composers practice to musical communications, which characterizes various kinds of social and cultural activity. The archaic reflection in music is one of the actual...
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The Art of Global Information Civilization System Analysis

Oleg Pobol
This article focuses on the analysis of art in the post-industrial society of the information civilization, in the context of the general systems theory, the demonstration of the properties of the art as a variety of a techno-genic system belonging to automated techno-sphere, and the determination of...
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Old Believers' Lubok as a Visual Polemics and Edification in the Faith

Julia Maslova
This article discusses the Old Believers’ hand-drawn lubok, which is a visual polemics in matters of faith. Correlation was found between the composition of a «Pomorian Answers» and popularity among the Old Believers the lubok. This shows the continuity of the Old Believers’ lubok with modern works by...
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The Symphonichnost (Symphonic Nature) of Music Studies by V.V. Medushevsky

Galima Lukina
The article is dedicated to the comprehension of the scientific works by V.V. Medushevsky, famous Russian musicologist, teacher, Doctor of Arts, Professor of Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory. The author shows that through his numerous works Medushevsky aspires to the implementation of the experience...
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On Development of the Artistic and Figurative Content in Music Performance

Mark Berlyanchik
The article follows important stages of the historic process of the problem actualization and discovery of the artistic sense in music composition. Different solutions are analyzed.
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Interpretation of Religious Architecture Symbols in a Communicative Space of Religious Feasts

Natalia Mostitskaya
This article justifies the methodological principles which consider the elements of festive communication and ritual action as the necessary conditions for the interpretation of religious architecture symbols. As an example there are represented methods of interpretation of religious architecture symbols...
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Sacral Art as Sociocultural Model

Irina Ryzhkova
The main objective of this article is an explanation of the role of sacral art in a general cultural background. The purpose is to reveal the traits defining value of sacral art in the formation of a sociocultural model of society.
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The Role of Professional Art in the Modern Culture Art as a Specialized Field in Sociocultural Space

Irina Savina
This article deals with art as a specialized area of social-cultural space with its inherent special status and functional dominance. Polystylistics are considered to be the main characteristics of contemporary art in light of the modernization process. The key role of constructive art as the ability...
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The Immanent Subject of Music

Vyacheslav Medushevsky
The article analyzes the notion of music's immanent subject, which lives in sounds, like the soul in the body, which is represented in Spiritual, Medieval and New European music. It is noble in high music, moves towards the sky and brings inspiration. This synergy vertical defines the slightest details...
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Music Time: from Intonation to Style Philosophy and Aesthetic Analysis

Natalia Didenko
This article considers a complex interconnection between social and music time; an expression of different types of this interconnection in a music composition. It is shown that the style search variety of XX-XXI centuries, multi-layering, brightness of music currents, and lack of the same stylistic...
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To the Issue of Mikhail Shepkin's Artistic Method

Renat Mukhaev
This article is dedicated to the creative method of Mikhail Shepkin, one of the great Russian actor, the reformer of performing arts. There is a retrospective view given on this outstanding person who exerted radical influence on the process of development of Russian drama theatre in the context of modern...
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Social Aims of Art Criticism

Ludmila Dorogova
The article dwells upon the aims of art criticism in the mental life of society.
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Evolution of the Clavier Functions in the Orchestra

Inna Malofeeva
The article contains a brief review of symphony orchestra forming in the XVII-XVIII centuries and considers a role of the stringed keyboard instruments in it. The changing of the functions of these instruments in the orchestra of the 19th century and some Romanticism elements of piano introduction into...
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From the Street Language of Gestures up to the Artistic Sign Language

Igor Vostrov, Valentina Kamneva, Varvara Romashkina
The article investigates the development of sign language and its application in teaching deaf students of the Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts.
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"The Giants Against the Gods": the Dramatic and Plastic Explication of the Pergamon Alrar Contemplation of the Exhibit at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Tatiana Portnova
The research offers analysis of the project exhibit "The Giants Against The Gods" that presented interpretation of the reconstructed famous Hellenic monumental sculpture of the Pergamon altar by the contemporary German art photographer and artist A. Alexander. Under review are the author’s mythopoeic...
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Musical Communication as an Integral Process

Alexander Yakoupov
In this article the author believes musical communication to be an important part of human life. He specifies three integral parts of this process: a composer, a performer and a music critic. He studies the music process as communication between these three parts. Connection between these parts is determined.
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The Structure of Musical Communication

Alexander Yakoupov
The article is dedicated to the problem of the theory of mass communication in music. The author specifies three major communication types and analyses communicative spheres of a composer, a musician and a performer. A triad of the main spheres is described and characterized here.
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About Some Texture and Harmonic Processes in the Piano Music of Romantic Composers After the Example of Chopin's Music

Marina Skrebkova-Filatova
This article investigates the relationship between texture and harmony and their influence on the dramaturgic process in the Prelude by Chopin. Relevance of the article is in the study of these processes. Novelty of the article is in the attracting of the detailed analysis of the relationship between...
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The Question of Interpretation of Images in the Voynich Manuscript (XV century) and those by Maxim the Greek in Manuscripts and Iconography of XVI - XVIII centuries

Galina Volgireva
A brief description of the Voynich manuscript, its structure and sections, methods of determining place and date of its creation, life and oeuvre of Maxim the Greek as the presumable author of the manuscript. The article presents an attempt to determine the language of the manuscript and to interprete...
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How to Trace the Works of Masters

Xiaojie Zhang
Tracing is a very common word in art field. In the foreign history of art, tracing is a main method and means to learn painting techniques, use and inherit excellent tradition for reference. The simple copying can not be called tracing. First, a copier shall know learning needs, select appropriate excellent...
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Unique Expression of the Concept of Time and Space in Wu Qiang New Year Paintings

Jinmin Liu, Ye Li
As an ancient folk art form, Wu Qiang new year paintings carries people's ideology and unique folk culture in a specific historical period, which also contains a unique expression of the ancestors about time and space. Artists to express their understanding of time and space through the plants, animals,...
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Modern Reconstruction of Mesoamerican Musical Culture Elements in Educational Process

Vladimir Lisovoi
The tendency to use interdisciplinary methods in the reconstruction of elements of ancient musical cultures characterizes the musicological and musical approaches in Northern and Latin America and the Europe countries in the XX-th century. Scientific reconstruction’s method is based on special musical...
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Synthesis of Artistic Forms in Park and Garden Design

Tatyana Mamontova
This article deals with the role of artistic forms and their synthesis in landscape design. The author also elaborates on the issues of symbols and semantics in landscape design.
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Objectives of Design-Education for Sustainable Development

Marina Pankina, Svetlana Zakharova
This article discusses the possibilities of design in order to form an ecological culture. Design can be a link and a catalyst for solving environmental problems in inseparably systems of a «man-society-nature». Design can solve problems of sustainable development and of harmonic coexistence of nature...
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Study on the Application of Traditional Calligraphic Art in Graphic Design

Yaojie Guo
Calligraphy is the model of Chinese traditional art, but it needs case study to better integrate it into the graphic design, apply it in graphic design, and thus reflect the cultural connotation of graphic design works, enhance and improve the graphic design to the international level. In this way, we...
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Design Methods and Steps for Landscape Sculpture of Commercial Pedestrian Street

Shanshuang Li
The "Design Methods for Landscape Sculpture of Commercial Pedestrian Street" mainly makes a systemic introduction for the design method and design process for landscape sculpture of commercial pedestrian street. Through the narration of survey stage, composition stage and final expression and production...
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Inspiration from the Structure of Calligraphy in Modern Format Design

Shujuan Sun
Calligraphy is a Chinese traditional culture with broad and profound content. By studying combinational relationship and rules of each part of Chinese characters, we found that a lot of theories are similar with those of modern format design. Therefore, the author tries to find the theoretic rules from...
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Thinking on Professional Education of Fashion Design in China Discussion on Education Mode of Fashion Design and Market Demand

Xiaoyan Yang
The lack of original design due to our poor design level is the bottleneck of the international-level clothing brands and designers in our provincial and national clothing industry. Colleges and universities are cradles to cultivate fashion designers. Their teaching modes and teaching ideas directly...
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Fashion Representation of Henan Opera Art in Two-dimensional Animation

Lina Shang
Fashion Representation of Henan Opera Art in Two-dimensional Animation
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Significant Study on Artistic Characteristics of Clothing Design in Pastoral Style

Li Wan
In recent years, with the improvement of people's material and spiritual life, our previous dressing ideas are now in the melting-pot. More and more people are eager to show their self-consciousness and spiritual pursuit to the surrounding environment through their own fashion image. Therefore, it makes...
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An Interpretation of the Chinese Architectural Design Elements in Qing Dynasty’s Costumes

Na Li
This article makes a systematical analysis of the Chinese architectural elements designed in Qing Dynasty court dress in the perspective of historical research and the appearance, aiming at making a depth interpretation of the blending of Chinese architectural design elements and the Qing Dynasty costumes....
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Impact of Modern Packaging Art on Traditional Aesthetic Ideal

Xiaoli Fan
Along with development of market economy, people’s living standard is continuously improving, aesthetic idea has changed dramatically, and people have higher requirements for packaging art. Only packaging art has continuous innovation keeping pace with the times and meet people’s increasing material...
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The Simplicity in the Teaching of Human Anatomy for Artists

Bao Liu
After the brief introduction of “Simplicity” proposed by Gombrich and Arnheim, this paper makes an overall thinking and summaries on the methods of simplifying body parts in the teaching activities of human anatomy for artists. The simplicity in the teaching of human anatomy for artists is proposed in...
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Study on the Trend of Realistic Production of 3-D Digital Animation Movie

Peng Li
With the rapid development of computer hardware technology, 3-D digital animation movie becomes more expressive with all kinds of forms. In terms of the figures’ characteristics, there are mainly two trends of animation production. The first one is exaggeration and abstract represented by America. The...
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Development Pattern of Traditional Chinese Arts and Crafts under the Reform and Opening up Policy (1988~1998)

Jinling Li, Shuangqing Hou
Chinese traditional arts and crafts act as the unique carrier of the material, spirit and system culture in the process of creation history. It has distinctive brand of the times in the heritage, evolvement, transition and innovation. From 1988 to 1998, it is a period of adjustment and integration of...
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Application of the "Unconscious" of Psychoanalysis in Design

Hongyan Yu, Haifeng Dai
The theory of the "unconscious" is one of the key elements of psychoanalysis, which, ever since its appearance, has been spreading rapidly into other fields of social sciences, such as literature, philosophy, art, etc. Mr. Naoto Fukasawa, the Japanese master of design, proposed the concept of "unconscious...
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Research on Cultural Heritage and Industrial Development of Southern Shandong Folk Arts and Crafts

Lijuan Feng
Southern Shandong folk handicraft is famous for its long history and colorful manifestations in Shandong. It carries Southern Shandong people’s yearning for a better life and pursuit for the truth, goodness and virtue, and reflects Southern Shandong people’s attitude to life, aesthetic emotion and art...
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Research on the Design Strategy Integrated of Street Furniture from the Perspective of City Image

Yang Wang, Pingqing Zhang
With the acceleration of urbanization, great changes have occurred in city construction. The original city characteristics and memories are disappearing, and city image problems have become increasingly prominent. City administrators address much concern on the large-scale building and squares while...
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Analysis on Chinese Traditional Cultural Elements in Modern Logo Design

Xiaowei Zhang
A logo is a symbolic communication mark which employs simple and concise images for the expression of specific connotation and the dissemination of specific information. Logo design is widely used for company’s image advertising. Modern logo design is commonly inspired by Chinese traditional cultural...
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Discussion on the Influence of Public Figures in the Dissemination of Public Service Advertising

Yanchuan Huang
With the development of society, in recent years, a series of social contradictions have become increasingly prominent, such as resource problems, environment problems, problems on carrying forward traditional culture and protecting citizen’s legitimate rights and interests. The public service advertising...
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Design of Cultural Products Based on Artistic Conception of Poetry

Shangshang Zhu, Zhenzhen Yu
In the era of the experience economy, the core of designing shall be the emphasis on consumers’ self-experience during usage. A good product design, therefore, shall not only express specific physical functions, but also contain a cultural connotation, reflecting the social spirit and personality ideal,...
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Research on Artistic Characteristics of Network Animation Short Films in New Digital Media Era

Yu Wang
Digital media era taking computer technology as carrier has rapidly developed since the 1980s. Changing industrial science and technology brings great convenience to people’s lives and it constantly becomes focus of attention. Along with quick and widespread popularity of the internet, network technology...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of “Two-Dimensional Animation Production”

Hongjuan Sun
"Two-dimensional animation" is a course with High maneuverability for students of innovation and practical ability. But if using traditional teaching methods, that is, teachers prepare lectures according to materials, teaching textbook chapters follow the order to explain the basic theory and applied...
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Study on the Application Misunderstandings and Countermeasures of the Traditional Culture of the Central Plains in the Emerging Cartoon Culture Industry

Hui Li
In recent years, Chinese cartoonists have been awakened to the consciousness of nationalization but are catering to the market and seeking quick success and instant benefits. In the case of lacking cultural connotation for support, there exist some misunderstandings that lead to predictable results....
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Exploration on the Application of Henan Traditional Residential Doors & Windows Decoration Art in Modern Indoor Design

Fuyan Yu
By inheriting the aesthetic sense and pursuing the ideals and spiritual demands of Chinese cultural tradition, traditional residential door & window decorative art is a material carrier of national culture and an important symbolic language of traditional architectural design. It provides inexhaustible...
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Discussion on Automobiles and Automotive Advertising from the Perspective of Semiotics Illustrated by the Case of Date My Car

Zhiying Cheng
Date My Car is an online program which is sponsored by iQIYI in 2012. It aims at letting people make friends through the media of cars. Women from 20 to 35 years old as well as men over 20 years old with their cars are all qualified for participation. In the program, the female guests may infer the male...
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Analysis of How to Use the Graphic Creation in Posters Design

Mengmeng Zhou
Varieties of graphic creation have become the most important method in the posters. isomorphism, heterogeneous, symbiosis and incomplete graph, all of them can create newfangled graph. Also made the audience's visual novelty. Thus creative posters are constituted. From exception to strangeness is the...
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Subject Research Overview of "Study on the Influence of the Patronage of 'South Central' Folk Kiln Guild in Ming and Qing Dynasties on Ceramic Design"

Fuxin Liang, Junxia Yan
As an important research perspective in art history, "art patronage" has been formed and developed in recent years. Enlightened by this perspective, "Study on the Influence of the Patronage of 'South Central' Folk Kiln Guild in Ming and Qing Dynasties on Ceramic Design" introduces "patronage" into the...
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A Research into the Design Strategies for Public Seating in a Windy Environment

Ding Zhou, Yuqing Zou, Jiabei Jiang
Public seating, as one of the most important urban infrastructures, has been widely installed throughout cities. Little prior research has paid attention to the influence of the natural environment on public seating services and citizens. Based on quantitative data collection statistics from public seating...
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Time Features of Public Service Advertising Poster of Image

Yun Ding
After a certain relation between advertising and photography is established, photography has developed to use image as an art language to convey idea, emotion and public behavior, while previously it is designed only for products introduction. In contemporary art, it has become an independent art language....
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Thinking on the Future Development of Chinese Modern Art Design

Chuangye Ma
The designers link their abstract ideas in the brain with real objects, and then show them with the most visual way, which we usually call art design. Whether it is environmental art design, industrial art design, fashion art design or others, designers see the nature of things through the phenomena,...
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Research on Bunu Yao’s Clothing Taking Du’an and Dahua Yao Autonomous County as Example

Chen Chen
The Yao is an important part of the 56 nationalities in China, and Bunu Yao is an important branch of Yao, mainly distributed in the region of Hechi, Guangxi. With the accelerated modernization process nowadays, Bunu Yao people still maintain the customs and traditions of their nation, which makes great...
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Research on How to Cultivate an Excellent and Profound University Culture From the Perspective of Building a Cultural China

Xin Gao
University culture, which embodies the spirit of a university, determines what a university will be as well as its quality. Therefore, a culturally-loaded university has far more positive influence on the society than other social organizations. Hence, to develop the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics...
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Designs Guided by Ideology

Ying Han
Throughout the history of design, human beings have gained deeper and deeper understanding of natural and social relations. With the advancement of technologies and skills, products designed have taken a new appearance of attracting diversity, which facilitate the development of society. This paper,...
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Research on Mobile Phone Games Communication Content of New Media Based on Mobile Internet Platform

Yajie Sang
Along with the development of mobile Internet technology and the enhancement of the functions of the mobile terminal, mobile phone as a terminal with the largest user groups, is used more frequently and widely, and has gradually began to play a new role in the dissemination of information and entertainment....
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The Specific Methods Study of Landscape Rebirth Design of Coal Mining Wastelands Under the Theoretic Direction of Modern Landscape Planning

Fuyan Yu
This essay, with the methods of document research, field survey, analysis and summary and others, makes a conclusion of the key element of coal mine wasteland rebirth, establishes the basic principles of landscape design, discusses and summarizes the specific methods of landscape rebirth design. In the...
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Analysis on House Furnishings of Ming and Qing Dynasties and Their Cultural Characteristics

Dejun Wei
The traditional Chinese house furnishing shows dignified magnanimous artistic conception which has become a great characteristic of the East. This paper paid great attention to China’s house furnishings of different areas in Ming and Qing dynasties and their cultural characteristics were analyzed and...
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Eco-Topia: Design 4.0 and the Construction of E-Image City

Yan Wang, Xinzhe Li, Xirui Li
Design is, by nature, a creative activity in which human beings are looking deep into their living ideal. In a historical review, the revolution in design has been constantly lifting people’s aspiration for a real-life Shangri-La. If we name the empirical design Design 1.0 of the handicraft era, the...
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An Analysis on the Gardens Reflecting Democratic Revolution in the Republic of China

Xiaohui Zhang
Gardens concentrically demonstrated Chinese traditional arts, up to the Republic of China (1912-1949), because of continuous wars and warlord regime, many traditional gardens are damaged. But the upsurge of democratic revolutions drove the establishment of public gardens objectively, highlighted its...
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Historical Changes in Modeling Language Features of Henan Yuzhou Jun Porcelain

Haihong Xie
Starting from modeling language features of Henan Yuzhou Jun Porcelain, the thesis tries to give a comparative research on Jun Porcelain’s model, color, texture and so on. Furthermore, as for Jun Porcelain’s historical status, artistic value, aesthetic value, manufacturing technique, time feature, development...
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Introduction of “Eight Broken” Painting

Qixiong Qiu
"Eight broken" is a kind of special pattern in the long history of Chinese painting, not subject to any one of the traditional Chinese paintings classification, such as the painting of landscapes, flowers and birds, figures and so on. It integrates textology, antique, super realism, collage art, and...