Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education: Current Issues and Digital Technologies (ICECIDT 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Alexander Volodin, Iana Roumbal
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ICECIDT 2022 during April 14–15, 2022 online. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description of the...
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Innovative Pedagogy: Problem-Oriented Project Learning in Higher Education

Natalia Sergeevna Titova, Margarita Popova, Hans H. K. Sønderstrup-Andersen
Modern innovative pedagogical activity in higher education requires from professors not only scientific development, applied methods but also their implementation in practice. The authors of the article consider applying psychological and pedagogical technology, which consists of the application of problem-oriented...
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The Use of a Comparative Analysis of the Connection Between Ancient and Modern Chinese Languages in the Process of Teaching Students Chinese Characters

Aleksandr Egorov, Maia Egorova, Tatiana Orlova
The oldest monuments of the Chinese language are the inscriptions on the bones and tortoise shells, which were used for fortune telling, as well as inscriptions on bronze vessels. Previously, the original scientific basic work concerning some features of the archaic writing and syntax of the ancient...
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Blindness and Fashion: Teaching Personal Stylists and Image Consultants to Work with Visually Impaired People

Tatiana Belova
This study is devoted to the issues of accessibility of fashion for people with visual impairments. We discuss the experience of teaching personal stylists to work and interact with visually impaired people within the “Blind Fashion” project. The project was aimed at helping the blind participants select...
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Value Implication, Core Content and Practical Strategy of Strengthening Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture Education in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Dan Wang
As the main part of college education learning, college students undertake the important responsibility of inheriting and promoting the excellent traditional Chinese culture. The research mainly includes: First, the value implication of strengthening Chinese excellent traditional culture education in...
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The Grades and Educational Attitude: An Investigation on Cognition Status of Puppy Love Between Teachers and Students—Taking a High School in Sichuan as an Example

Junying Lu
In China, studies about puppy love have been getting more attention, especially in high schools. In the past, it was believed that puppy love had a negative impact on students’ academic performance. However, many research on puppy love lack data support. Therefore, the paper combines qualitative and...
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Research on the Construction Path of Professional Dynamic Adjustment Mechanism in Higher Vocational College

Shuang Wang, Yuhan He
The transformation and upgrading of industry puts forward new requirements for the cultivation of technical and skilled talents in higher vocational colleges. The specialty setting and adjustment of higher vocational colleges should not only serve the development of regional industrial structure, but...
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Analysis on the Application of Micro-blog in College Education and Its Enlightenment

Xiaoqing He
Micro-media has built the “micro-era” in the field of media today, leading the public to participate in media interaction in a very personalized way and express their own opinions. Among them, micro-blog, as one of the latest auxiliary platforms for higher education, has a high degree of fit, high popularity...
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The Cultural Trend of School-Based Curriculum Development in Primary Schools of Ethnic Areas

Wenjing Luo
The integration of school-based curriculum in primary schools of ethnic areas into the community sense of the Chinese nation has its specific historical background, and the cultural trend of the development of the school-based curriculum in primary schools in ethnic areas is to establish the consciousness...
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The Value Implications of Online Education in Universities in the Post-epidemic Era and Practice Progression

Xiaoyin Li, Jia Wang
With the effective control of the domestic epidemic, the researchers have entered the post-epidemic era, which means that the lifestyle will change to “epidemic normalization”. The integration of “online and offline” education will be the trend of university education. The purpose of this paper is to...
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Ethical Review of Teacher-Student Interaction in the Perspective of Smart Education and Exploration of Pathways

Xiu Wen
Humanity is moving from the information age to the data age, and the integration of modern information technology and education, such as 5G, big data and artificial intelligence, has given rise to a more profound core of smart education in addition to the knowledge-driven form of education - that is,...
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Multimodal Teaching of Japanese Newspaper Reading

Hongli Xu
With the deepening of teaching reform and the development of network technology, single teaching mode has been difficult to adapt to the needs of modern teaching. As a kind of teaching theory, multimodal teaching believes that students should be stimulated to participate in language learning through...
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Subconscious on the Psychological Crisis Intervention of International Students

Lixia Wen
With the characteristics of growing number of international students and increasing diversified countries, cross-culture adaptation problem, resulting from the unique cultural differences, attracted more and more attentions from psychologists. Furthermore, mental health education is becoming an important...
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Analysis on the Countermeasures to Improve the Anti-frustration Ability of College Students’ Organization Members

Chengcheng Yin
Student organization is an important carrier to promote the all-round development of college students. As members of student organizations, when facing more tasks, they should not only have good communication and organization ability, but also improve their anti-frustration ability. With the development...
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Git-Based Distributed Collaborative Learning: Theories, Tools and Features

Zhihong Yang
In recent years, Git-based distributed collaborative learning platforms have been increasingly used in classroom teaching, learning management and knowledge sharing in the field of education. To understand the phenomenon of Git-based distributed collaborative learning, this paper first sorts out the...
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Research on the Current Situation of Middle School Teacher Management System in Ethnic Minority Areas—Taking Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture as an Example

Chun Dai
As an important part of teacher management, school management system provides a strong guarantee for the normal operation of school teaching order and the improvement of school teaching quality, teachers’ teaching ability and teachers’ quality to a great extent. Therefore, this paper analyses the current...
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Research on the Reform of Management Service of Disabled Students in Colleges and Universities Under the Concept of Inclusive Education

Henghuai Chen
Nowadays, China’s disabled population base is huge, and the development of education for the disabled is not optimistic. It is true that the education model for the disabled mainly includes general education and special education. Under the profound influence of inclusive education, the state pays more...
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Nine Year Compulsory Education Development in China

Analysis and Recommendations

Maojia Sun, Weijia Sun
China’s education system has continued to reform and develop over the decades, bringing many benefits to Chinese education. This is because many of China’s education policies have shaped the Chinese education system as it is today. It reflects the fact that this is a global trend in education. But education...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of College Students’ Intention to Change Majors Based on Professional Commitment

Weijia Sun, Tongrui Zhang
At present, it is very common that the phenomenon of students’ professionalism transfer in universities. In this study, to deeply explore the influence factors of university students’ intention of transfer professionalism, a new survey scale was designed based on the survey scale of university students’...
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The Application of Implicit Stratified Teaching to English Reading Teaching in Junior Middle School

Qin He, Guojing Chen
Under the current teaching system in China, teachers are still adopting the same teaching contents, teaching objectives, teaching activities and the same evaluation methods to all the students in one class. This will probably make high-level students feel that the classroom is not challenging, and lower-level...
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Research on Wealth Management Education of College Students

Fengwei Zhang
Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s economic development has entered a fast lane, creating a blue ocean of wealth management business. Carrying out wealth management education for college students, cultivating their “high financial quotient” and paying attention to the training of...
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Research on the Teaching Model Focusing on Micro-courses in Sports Mixed Teaching Under the Club Model

Ahiti Tulaf, Shengqian Gan
This paper mainly summarizes the application of sports club teaching in China and foreign countries, the policy basis and significance of sports mixed teaching, as well as the problems in sports teaching and specific solutions using mixed and micro-course trinity teaching.
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The Teaching Path of “Will” in Poetry

Taking “Jiangnan” and “Lang Tao Sha” as Examples

Tian Liu, Donglian Xu, Xuyang Wang
The “will” in “poems expressing wills” has two connotations of emotion and ambition. In the teaching of ancient poetry, where does “will” come from? How can teachers lead students to deeply grasp “will”? Teachers can “read” through “demonstrating reading”, “reading together”, “self-reading”, and “performing...
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The Construction of Online and Offline Blended Teaching Course Quality Evaluation System

Chuanyu Peng, Yan Liang
Due to the in-depth integration of the Internet and information technology in the educational domain, the way about “teaching” and “learning” has changed, and the mode of online and offline blended teaching is increasingly appearing in university teaching. Establishing a reasonable and effective evaluation...
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Research on the System Technology and Integration Path of Smart Education

Yongming Hong
Smart education is the product of the integration of technology and education, and is a new form of education in the context of the internet of everything. Taking educational technology as theoretical basis, on the basis of analysing the definitions and functions of smart education, education and technology,...
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Research and Practice on the Reform of “Teaching-Learning-Examination” Multi-linkage Practical Teaching Mode

Chunguang Wei, Jian Qin
Practical teaching is an indispensable part of teaching in higher vocational colleges. In order to solve the problems in the practical teaching link, such as low efficiency of classroom teaching in the experiment link, outdated teaching methods in the comprehensive practice link, unreasonable assessment...
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Building a Good Relationship Between Teachers and Students on CLT

Xiaoyan Li
The theory of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) has been widely applied in western countries. How it can be applied in our college English teaching has become a focus of domestic Communicative Language Teaching researches. This paper analyzes the strategies of applying Communicative Language Teaching...
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Diversity and Practice: The Educational Function of Film for Secondary School Students and Its Modes of Engagement

Haoyu Wang
Film is a very popular and enjoyable form of artistic expression for secondary school students. Also, film art is an important carrier for aesthetic education, moral education, ideological education, emotional education and mental health education for secondary school students. Secondary school students...
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A Case Study of Formative Course Evaluation by Diary Approach

Yan Shen
To collect off-line out-of-class data on student engagement in learning has always been a challenge in formative course evaluation. This paper attempts to use the diary approach to collecting off-line data for formative evaluation of an EFL course and, by doing so, to understanding student engagement...
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Dilemma and Breakthrough: Problems and Countermeasures of Ideological and Political Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Feng Dai
Ideology and politics in courses refers to a new curriculum concept that fully excavates, develops and refines the educating factors, values and spiritual concepts contained in professional courses to educate, guide and lead people by refining the educating factors, values and spiritual concepts contained...
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Exploration on the Path of Integrating Ideological and Political Education into the Physical Education Curriculum of Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Fostering Character and Civic Virtue

Junjun Yang
With the gradual deepening of the reform of the education system, it is necessary to implement the education policy of the all-round development of morals, intelligence, physical fitness, work and aesthetics in the new era. Students with all-round development of “morals, intelligence, physical fitness,...
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Research on “Courses for Ideological and Political Education” Teaching in Law Majors

Taking Xi Jinping’s Thought on the Rule of Law as the Core

Lei Zhang, Jing An
In the teaching reform, law majors should deepen the idea of “Three-aspect Education”, give full play to the educational function of law courses, implement the fundamental task of fostering character and civic virtue in all aspects of the training of professionals of law majors, integrate “Xi Jinping’s...
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Research on Innovation and Development of Ideological and Political Education in Tibet-Related Areas Focusing on Xi Jinping’s Thought on the Rule of Law

Jing An
The requirements of ideological and political education in Tibet-related areas are great unity and grand coalition and solve the problem of the will of the people and strength, providing a profound understanding of the importance and necessity of ideological and political education in Tibet-related areas...
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The Curriculum Reform of Digital Media Technology Major Under “1 + X” Certificate System

Jinrong Zhou, Tianguo Tang, Haibo Zhang, Zhen Hu, Juan Yang
Under the strategic goal of building a powerful cultural country, the digital creative industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy. With the continuous development of 5G, 8K and other media technologies, the era of all-media and media convergence has entered a stage of in-depth development,...
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Design and Analysis of Ideological and Political Lessons in College English Courses—Taking “Experiencing English Basic Goals, Fourth Edition, Volume 2” as an Example

Wenyi Xia, Lingfei Yang
From the perspective of curriculum ideology and politics, all disciplines of higher education shoulder the mission of strengthening the concept of “three comprehensive education” and realizing the fundamental task of “strengthening moral education and cultivating people”. As the most basic public course...
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Distinction and Examples of Morpheme, Morph and Allomorph in English Linguistics Teaching

Panpan Cao
In the process of learning morphology, students have difficulty in understanding terms such as morpheme, morph and allomorph, they feel confused about the differences between these terms and other terms like phone, phoneme and allophone, and they are totally at a loss about the different types of allomorphy....
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Retrospect and Prospect: Interpretation Based on the Research Status of Ideology and Politics Education in Higher Vocational English Courses

Daiqiong Liu
With the all-round implementation of “the Great Ideological and Political Education”, the researches on the ideological and political education of higher vocational English curriculum are blooming. At present, the relevant researches were few but achieved good results which included the connotation of...
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Research on the Score Evaluation of Clinical Practice Assistant Physician Qualification Examination for Candidates of Chongqing Medical and Pharmaceutical College

Ruyue Shao, Zhuoxin Shi, Yu Zhang, Yuanjuan Yang, Xiaojuan Zhang, Li Tan
Objective: The purpose of this paper is to study the results and pass rate of the clinical practice assistant physician qualification examination of candidates in Chongqing Medical and Pharmaceutical College, explore the countermeasures to improve the pass rate of the clinical practice assistant physician...
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Research on Effects of Writing English Diary on Speaking Skills of Students Majoring in English

Zhiqiong Huang, Liaoyan Fu
Through questionnaire survey, this thesis tries to ascertain the current situation that the speaking skills of English-major students are less than satisfactory and to analyse the reasons. It proposes a solution of keeping writing English diaries, through which students can learn a large number of useful...
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The Absence and Reconstruction of Primary School Moral Education from the Perspective of Inclusive Education

Qiqing Tang
As an important content of modern school education, moral education is related to the question of what kind of people the education cultivates, so it has always been the focus of school education work. With the development of inclusive education, special children enter general schools for study and life....
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Research on the Development of Preschool Education in Sichuan Province Under the Three-Child Policy

Yue Lei, Can Wang
From the comprehensive opening of the second-child policy to the opening of the three-child policy, preschool education in Sichuan Province has been continuously reformed, developed and improved. At present, Sichuan preschool education still has problems in the distribution of resources, teacher education...
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Exploration on Curriculum Ideology and Politics of Science and Engineering Based on “Interdisciplinary Concept”

Yanbin Zhang, Zhixiong Chen
In order to carry out curriculum ideology and politics, it is necessary to strengthen moral education and cultivate people, but not to apply the same pattern. Therefore, it is required to combine the characteristics of carrier courses with ideological and political education scientifically and artfully....
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Mining Analysis of Online and Offline Teaching Modes in Colleges and Universities Under the COVID-19 Epidemic

Wenxi Liao, Yangli Liu, Yang Lei, Song Luo
Based on the big data sample of online teaching and questionnaires in a university in Chengdu before and after the epidemic, this paper analyzes and comes up with the advantages and disadvantages of online teaching and online and offline combined teaching, summarizes the impact of changes in teaching...
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Realistic Dilemmas and Practical Paths for Poverty Alleviation Through Education in the Post-poverty Era

Yajie Han, Huishu Chen
Poverty alleviation through education is the fundamental solution to poverty alleviation. With the introduction of relevant development plans and development programmes, the cause of poverty alleviation through education has made great progress. In the post-poverty alleviation era, as the poor population...
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Analysis on the Method of Accurate Connection Between Supply and Demand in Political and Theoretical Courses in Military Academies

Hongxin Yan, Ting Wei, Yi Zhang
Accurate thinking points out the direction for the development of ideological and political education. Accurate ideology and politics provide a theoretical basis for the accurate connection between supply and demand of political and theoretical courses in military academies. This paper discusses the...
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A Comparative Study of Mathematical Modeling of Senior Middle School in China, German and the United States

Yanwei Peng
This study compares the contents of mathematical modeling in senior high school mathematics curriculum standards of China, Germany and the United States from five aspects. It is found that all countries attach more importance to mathematical modeling, but they have their own characteristics. The content...
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Developing Translation Competence in the Process of Translation Teaching in the Digital Age

Rong Zhang
The main purpose of teaching translation is to help translation trainees develop their translation competence to meet the requirement of translation tasks. Traditional translation teaching practice has focused on the sub-competences such as language competence, textural competence and cultural competence,...
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The Innovation of Disaster Prevention Education in Chinese Universities

Fei Zhou
There are relatively few practical courses of disaster prevention education in Chinese colleges and universities. Most of the disaster prevention education just stays at the theoretical level. Therefore, college teachers and students’ awareness of disaster prevention is weak, and once they encounter...
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Practical Research on the Mental Health Education in Colleges and Universities During the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Lanlan Meng
Since the spring of this year, the COVID-19 epidemic in China has had a significant impact on the educational management of college students. In order to ensure that the epidemic doesn’t enter the campus, colleges and universities have adopted closed-off management or relatively closed-off management...
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A Study on College English Teaching Strategies Based on Contextual Adaptation Theory

Yinping Tong
According to Vershueren’s adaptation theory, language is characterized by variability, negotiability and adaptability, and the process of language use is the process of people’s continuous adaptation to language. The classroom teaching process of college English is also a communicative process. Therefore,...
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Research on the Teaching of Building Intelligent Dynamic Skin Design

Haiying Li
Compared with the traditional static building skin, the intelligent dynamic building skin can sense the changing external climate environment, adjust the state of the skin to improve the indoor physical environment, and achieve the role of energy saving. It is one of the effective technical means to...
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General Situation and Challenges of the Education of Area Studies as a Discipline in China

Leyan Fan, Jie Li
This paper reviews the history, feature, achievements and challenges of area studies in China since 1960s. Over the past 60 years, it has witnessed three stages of tangible development, while manifesting its own distinctive characteristics. Until now, it has contributed significantly to China’s foreign...
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The Continuing Education of Archival Professionals in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Archives Planning During the “14th Five-Year Plan”

Xiuqin Wu, Tong Wang
Based on the “14th Five-Year National Archival Undertaking Development Plan”, this paper analyzes the current composition of archival professionals in colleges and universities by listing a table, discusses the necessity and feasibility of continuing education for archival professionals in colleges and...
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Research and Practice on the Cultivation of Talents in Applied Environmental Design Combining “Art” and “Engineering”

Yaqin Lei
The cultivation of talents in applied environment design combining “art” and “engineering” is an important step to explore the educational model of innovative applied high-quality talents. With the combination of art and engineering technology, it is necessary to meet the development of the times and...
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Practical Dilemma and Development Strategy of Online Teaching of “College Physical Education” Against the Background of Informationization

Shuangyan Shi, Fei Dai
In the context of the information media era, how teachers and students use the Internet to carry out physical education has become the focus of college physical education teachers. This research uses the methods of literature materials, case analysis, interviews and other methods to study the practical...
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Research on the Intellectual Education Evaluation in the Comprehensive Quality Assessment of College Students in the New Era from the Perspective of Modern Intelligence View

Xiaoxiao Shen
Intellectual education has always been a central link in the cultivation of college students’ comprehensive quality, but the evaluation of intellectual education has disadvantages such as homogenization, unification, and staticization, which leads to the tendency of only scores in the evaluation of comprehensive...
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Exploration on the Construction of Research-Oriented Study Groups in Colleges and Universities Against the Background of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”

Yuqing Zhang
The ability of innovation and entrepreneurship is an important manifestation of students applying what they have learned and promoting the transformation of discipline practice ability. This paper introduces the overall objective, team construction, activity mode, and achievement, reflection and prospect...
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School-Based Curriculum Construction of Local Music and Dance Appreciation of Musicology Major in Colleges for Nationalities

A Case Study of Sichuan Minzu College

Min Qiu
The purpose of school-based curriculum construction of musicology major in colleges for nationalities is to seek curriculum construction suitable for the characteristics of colleges for nationalities on the basis of national and local curriculum construction. Local music and dance resources and teaching...
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Strategy Analysis on Optimizing Teachers’ Performance Evaluation Mechanism in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on PDCA Concept

Lili Song
In order to effectively improve the teaching and research level of teachers, some universities have established specialized teachers’ performance evaluation mechanism in accordance with their actual conditions. With the implementation of the performance evaluation mechanism, the work efficiency and quality...
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Research on the Practical Paths of Ideological and Political Education of College English in the Era of New Media

Shunling Wang
Colleges and universities in China are presently carrying out in-depth ideological and political teaching and research in various disciplines, and college English teaching is no exception. In the age of new media, the ideological and political teaching of college English has encountered unprecedented...
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The Digital Literacy Education of College Students Under the Digital China Strategy

Jialian Wang
This paper analyzes the current situation, significance and predicament of college students’ digital literacy education under the digital China strategy, proposes innovative paths to optimize digital literacy education from the perspective of improving college students’ digital awareness, expanding their...
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Research on Acceptance Psychology of Online Learning by College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yang Wang, Pingqing Zhang
The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has changed our learning style. Most countries, including China, have adopted online teaching to cope with the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on teaching. Although China’s COVID-19 pandemic is under effective control, COVID-19 pandemic will have a profound impact on education...
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Research and Practice of Digital Media Art Design Talent Training Mode Against the Background of “New Liberal Arts”

Taking Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai as an Example

Yong Li, Mingming Zong
By analyzing the professional development characteristics of digital media design in the context of new liberal arts, this paper proposes the positioning and construction ideas of digital media art major. It also expounds the pace of reform in the construction of new liberal arts and the professional...
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Application of SPOC in Online and Offline Blended Teaching Mode in Universities in the Post-pandemic Era

Dongqing Pan
SPOC (small private online course) is getting more and more attention from universities because of its high degree of integration with undergraduate education, individualized teaching, and students’ intrinsic learning ability. In terms of design ideas, it is necessary to enrich learning resources before,...
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Blended Learning in International Trade Course (Bilingual): Teaching Design and Implementation

Fen Liu, Laiying Deng
In the digital era, the integration of modern information technology and education has brought new opportunities to the development of international trade teaching in vocational colleges. Teachers can make full use of multi-media to create blended learning environment which has the advantages of both...
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The Evaluation System of Labor Education Courses in Higher Education Institutions in the New Era

Jia Wang, Bo Sun
Labor education curriculum in the new era has the comprehensive education value of shaping virtue, increasing wisdom, strengthening physical fitness and cultivating aesthetics, and the connotation of labor education becomes an important way to stimulate the fighting spirit and the upward mobility of...
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Reflections on the Development of General Education of University

Xinlian Zhang
General education has become a key issue in the reform of higher education in China. However, the reflection on the question of what kind of people are cultivated in universities and the search for the orientation of universities are far from over, because with the development of general education, general...
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Research on Blended Teaching Practice of Literature Theory Under the Concepts of PBL and OBE

Taking the Students Majoring in Literature of Kashi University as an Example

Zainahan Abuduo, Bo Yang
This study is mainly on the blended teaching of literature theory online and offline under the concepts of outcome-based education (OBE) and problem-based learning (PBL).
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Research and Practice on the Construction of High-Level Professional Groups in Vocational Colleges

Taking the Major of Financial Services and Management as an Example

Jinming Lai
In 2019, the State Council issued the “National Vocational Education Reform Plan” and the Ministry of Education issued the “Opinions on Implementing High-level Vocational Schools and Professional Construction Plans with Chinese Characteristics” documents, requiring concentrated efforts to build a group...
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Construction of “Dual-Qualified” Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of the Integration of Industry and Education

Shaoqin Lu
Teachers are the first resource for the development of vocational education and the key force to support the national vocational education reform in the new era. Strengthening the construction and training of “dual-qualified” teachers in higher vocational colleges is of great significance to the improvement...
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The Impact of Negative Language Transfer on English Writing of College Students: A Case Study

Houqing Liu
In the recent 20 years, a lot of research efforts have been made about the negative transfer of Chinese language in English writing. The research subjects of them were mainly college students and high school students. The hot topics include error analysis, learners’ characteristics, thinking mode, teaching...
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The Cultivation of Innovation Ability of English Majors for Comprehensive English Course in Colleges

Xiaoyan Li
Contemporary college students are living in a rapidly changing society. They have to get ready for adapting to this rapidly changing world. Cultivating contemporary college students’ innovation for professional knowledge and social problems is helpful to deepen their understanding and rational use of...
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Raising Language Awareness of EFL Learners in Student-Centered Classroom

Ruixia Huang
EFL learners in the same context might have different outcomes in their English behaviors. The reasons might be quite complex but one important reason is that different learners have different levels of Language Awareness (LA), and higher level of language awareness contributes to more learning. The...
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Derivational Morpheme or Inflectional Morpheme—A Case Study of “-ing” or “-ed” Word Ending in English Linguistics Teaching

Panpan Cao
The learning of morphology plays a very important role in students’ language learning. However, in the learning process, students feel very confused about inflectional and derivational morphemes and couldn’t distinguish their types especially when it comes to the “-ed” or “-ing” word ending. To help...
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Transition from Cognition to Critical Thinking: Exploring New Approaches of Teaching British and American Literature to Chinese English Majors

Yonggang Miao, Yuping Jia
In view of the current situation in China that students’ English skills are generally improving, the focus of teaching British and American literature should change from language skills and literary knowledge to critical thinking and literary research. First and foremost, the ideological function of...
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Identification and Distinction of Root, Stem and Base in English Linguistics Teaching

Panpan Cao
Based on the author’s observation and confusions of undergraduates in ethnic minority college, it is found that most students are not able to distinguish such terms as root, stem and base in specific words. They do not know to what level they should analyze the root, they feel confused about the stem...
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Study on the Popularity of Phonics Among Chinese Elementary Students and Its Implications for EFL Teachers

Xiaojuan Liu
This paper, based on the previous knowledge, involves phonics’s definition, its strengths and weaknesses and its history at home and abroad. Author of this paper summarizes the practice and research about phonics in Chinese elementary schools, and she put her main efforts in the explanation reasons for...
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Study on Production and Application of PPT Slides in Classroom Teaching of a Chinese EFL Teacher

Xiaojuan Liu
With the aim exploring how the PPT slides used in advanced English theoretical class, a case study was conducted. Professor A’s assessing English writing class was observed and recorded on the spot. Two types of interviews were made among different subjects for different purposes. Three professors (B,...
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Reconstruction of the Continuing Education Curriculum System for Chinese College Teachers in the New Era

Wenli Song, Zhipeng Li, Ruizhu Yang, Tao Zhang
College teachers shoulder the sacred historical mission of cultural inheritance, talent cultivation, social material and spiritual wealth creation and serving social needs in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. This paper uses scientific research methods such as literature review and...
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Exploring the Challenges and Paths of Teachers’ Information Competence Development in the Context of Online Education

Xinjie Xu
With the prevalence of “Internet+” and the impact of the new pneumonia epidemic, online education has gradually become an important part of the education market. However, at the same time, many teachers are facing challenges such as unclear awareness of role change, low level of information literacy...
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Open Education Empowers the Construction of Learning Cities Based on Internet Plus

Pinyi Zhu
The open education based on Internet Plus provides the necessary foundation for the construction of a lifelong education platform, helps the Open University to build a “lifelong education platform with advanced technology, powerful functions and universal service”, and increasingly becomes an accelerator...
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Research on the Construction of Learning Cities Empowered by the Integrated Development of Open Education and Vocational Education

Shuang Jiang
Open education and vocational education boast their own characteristics in terms of education objects, school running and teaching models. And the intersection is the talent training, which boasts complementary advantages in serving the universal lifelong learning and skill society construction and promoting...
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Analysis on the National Identity Education of Hong Kong University Students in Zhuhai Universities

Mingchao Li
National identity is the confirmation of the internal unity between the state and the individual, including political identity, cultural identity and many other elements. Combining theory with reality, this study conducts an attribution analysis on the status quo of national identity for Hong Kong university...