Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education and Technology (ICETECH 2021)

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Effects of Visual Learning Geometry Kits (VLGeo-Kits) on Students’ Level of Geometrical Thinking

Faridah Hanim Yahya, Henry Kurniawan, Norin Rahayu Shamsuddin, Rosita Mat Zain
Students’ poor performance in Geometry is due to their problem in visualizing. Therefore, teaching strategy for Geometry should be embedded with visualization techniques. Visual learning Geometry Kits also known as VLGeo-Kits, is a teaching approach that consists of 3-Dimension blocks, screencast video...
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Developing LMS Through Moodle in Teaching ‘Article Writing for Journal’ for Post Graduate Students

J. Priyanto Widodo, Joko Slamet
This study attempted to find out how much product development was required and how media such as Moodle for teaching ‘Article Writing for Journal’ at STKIP PGRI Sidoarjo may have evolved. This study was based on the R&D design from Borg & Gall theory, which was subsequently adopted in the research....
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Potential Yield Reduction of Sweet and Glutinous Corn Varieties Damaged by The Invasive Pest Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): Field Trial Scale

Anak Agung Ayu Agung Sri Sunari, I Ketut Sumiartha, I Wayan Supartha, I G Febri Mahaputra, I Kadek Wisma Yudha, I Wayan Eka Karya Utama, Putu Angga Wiradana
The aim of this study is to assess the extent of attack and the potential for decreased production of maize types in the field caused to Spodoptera frugiperda. This study was carried out on a large scale, with four treatments and six replications (10 systematic sample replications). Parameters observed...
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Review: Potential Effect of Black Garlic (Allium sativum L.) as Antioxidant

Pramudita Riwanti, Burhan Ma’arif, Miftah Zulfa Jannah
Black garlic is a fermented garlic product that is heated at a specific temperature and humidity are a certain time without additional treatment. Numerous studies have mentioned that black garlic extract exhibits several capabilities, inclusive of antioxidant, antiallergic, antidiabetic, antiinflammatory,...
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Developing New Patterns for Local Weaving Using a Mathematical Algorithm

Lawrence A. Eclarin, Ciriaco T. Ragual, Wilben Christie R. Pagtaconan, Lawrence John C. Tagata, Leonila Y. Rico
Abel Iloko is a loom woven cloth made by local weavers of the Ilocos region in the Philippines. Paoay is one of the few municipalities in the province of Ilocos Norte who still practice the weaving tradition. Commercialization, globalization and tourism development in the region have contributed to the...
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Ethnomathematics Activity in Tulungagungan Shibori Fabric Production

Ratih Puspasari, Setyo Hartanto, Moh. Gufron, Pradnyo Wijayanti, Mochammad Amirudin, Mega T. Budiarto
Tulungagungan Shibori cloth craft is one of the cultural heritages that is still preserved by the people of “Friends of UKM Tulungagung”. In the manufacture of Shibori Tulungagungan cloth, many interesting and varied geometric and abstract motifs are used. The purpose of this study is to explore the...
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The Effect of PBL Model with Technology-Based and Motivation on Student’s Entrepreneuraial Attitude of Economics Education Department at STKIP PGRI Jombang

Munawaroh Munawaroh, Nanik Sri Setyani, Lina Susilowati
The study aimed to The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of problem-based learning (PBL) with technology and learning motivation on students’ entrepreneurial attitudes. This study used a quantitative design. The population of this study was 206 students of Economics Education Department...
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Students’ Perceptions in Developing Fluid Dynamic Concept Inventory (FDCI) Assessment Based on STEM Literacy to Measure Problem-Solving Skills: A Need Analysis

Zainal Arifin, Sukarmin Sukarmin, Sarwanto Sarwanto
Assessment in learning is one of the important things in measuring student skills that are tailored to the abilities needed to face the challenges of the 21st century, one of which is being able to solve various problems. This study aims to determine students’ perceptions and needs for the initial study...
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Language Acquisition of a Mentally Retarded Student at SDLB of Tunas Harapan: Psycholinguistics Study

Heny Sulistyowati, Rukminingsih Rukminingsih
A mentally retarded student has an in elegancy function, communication abilities, and social skills that are below average. The goal of this study was to depict a mild mentally retarded student’s language acquisition ability at a special Elementary school for mentally retarded (SDLB) in Tunas Harapan...
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Assemble a Digital Magnetic Induction Gauge with Hall Effect Sensor UGN3503U and NodeMCU ESP8266 in Classroom Laboratory

Siska Desy Fatmaryanti, Umi Pratiwi, Yusro Al Hakim, Sriyono, Raden Wakhid Akhdinirwanto, Murhadi Murhadi
To support the understanding of magnetic induction and its application to technology, this research will develop IoT-based teaching aids. This study aims to provide an alternative experiment that can provide direct experience to students about the strength of the magnetic field. This study uses the ADDIE...
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Survival Strategy of Creative Industrial Enterprises Jombang District Perspective Inheritance Economic Activities

Cahyo Tri Atmojo, Munawaroh Munawaroh, Fahimul Amri
The creative industry existence has some significant impact on unemployment amount.One creative industry is beads, or manik-manik, in plumbon gambang Gudo District, Jombang Regency. It started in the 1988s and is still surviving by maintaining local wisdom in economic activities, especially production...
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Investigating Students’ Problem-Solving Approach in the Concept of Electrostatic Force

Triwiyono Triwiyono, Albert Lumbu
The purpose of the study was to investigate students’ problem-solving approach in the concept of electrostatic force. The study was conducted from February until May in the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic year by using qualitative approach of case study design. The population of this study...
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The Seawater Intrusion Indication Base on Resistivity Study on Merauke Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia

Virman, Endang Hartiningsih, Rahmat Indrajati, Karl K.W. Meak
Seawater intrusion has a serious impact on the availability of fresh water for the population. Indication of seawater intrusion in several locations in Merauke Regency, Papua, showed by fluctuations of water quality in resident wells from fresh water into brackish water to salt water. The purpose of...
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Analysis of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) on Simple Harmonic Motion Concept Using Virtual Laboratory Based on VBA Excel Study in Physics Education Students of Universitas Cenderawasih

Muhammad Akbar, Indah Slamet Budiarti
Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) is one of mastery skills owned by students in higher education to meet the challenges of 21st century. Virtual laboratory based on VBA excel is an application that can help to preserve learning during 21st century and pandemic era. The aim of this study was to analyze...
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Exploration of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates as a Bioindicator of Water Quality in Nogosari River, Pacitan Regency

Sri Utami, Etikumami Fajar
This study aims to explore the diversity of aquatic macroinvertebrates in the Nogosari River and study the physico-chemical parameters. The research sample was taken using a plot with a purposive random sampling method. Each station is installed 3 plots and each Plot measuring 1m x 1m. Data analysis...
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Profile of Visual Thinking of Mathematics Teachers Candidates in Designing STEM-Based Learning

It can be said that STEM is the actualization of thematic learning. Prospective teachers in general and prospective mathematics teachers in particular need to learn to design STEM-based learning. This paper provides an overview of visual thinking of prospective mathematics teacher students in designing...
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Developing Teaching Material Charged with Quran Values to Improve Metacognitive Knowledge

Fatma Masitah, Dadan Rosana
This research aims to: (1) develop a teaching material charged with Quran values to improve metacognitive knowledge for high school students. (2) knowing the effectiveness of the developed teaching materials. This research used research and development methodology that using the 4D model, namely (1)...
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Quantifying Impacts of Climate and Land Use Change on Groundwater Hydrology and Sustainability of the Quaioit River Watershed

Julius Jimenez, Nathaniel Alibuyog, Virgilio Julius Manzano, Bethany Grace Calixto, Reynold Caoili, Carlos Pascual
Water plays a vital role in our daily activities. As the world’s population increases, water demand increases. Water is subject to pressure due to land use and climate changes. Groundwater, tagged as the most reliable alternative resources is in no exemption and must be studied with proper technology...
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Bioactive Compounds Profile of Alkaloid on Elaeocarpus sphaericus Schum Seeds by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Cicilia Novi Primiani, Pujiati, Mohammad Arfi Setiawan
Elaeocarpus sphaericus Schum with the local name genitri has medicinal plant properties. Therefore, this study aims to identify the diversity of alkaloid compounds in genitri seeds using the Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) method. The Extract Purification through Solid Phase Extraction...
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Revealing Students’ Environmental Habits on Electricity and Water Usage in Their Daily Life

Akhmad Sukri, Muhammad Arief Rizka, Marheny Lukitasari, Elly Purwanti, Gito Hadiprayitno
This study aims to (1) reveal the environmental habits of students in daily usage of electricity and water and (2) examine how demographic factors influence students’ environmental habits. This research is conducted through a survey of 1.347 students from universities in Indonesia. This study uses a...
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Potential Benefits of Combination of English Language Teaching and STEM

Sumani, Agung Budi Kurniawan
Application of a foreign language for subjects in STEM could benefit both the foreign language and the other discipline competence. Therefore, this study aimed to describe the potential benefits of the combination of English language teaching and STEM. The qualitative research approach was used in this...
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Underpinning EFL Students’ Speaking Skill Through Affective and Social Language Learning Strategy at University in Indonesia

Fitra Pinandhita, Gunarhadi, Mohd. Hanafi bin Mohd Yasin, Munawir Yusuf
This study focuses on how students reveal the affective and social strategy. There were 27 students in the 6th semester of English education study program at Universitas PGRI Madiun, Indonesia. The results show that the male is 22,2% and female is 77, 8%. The students’ perspectives towards the affective...
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The Quality Test of Fermented Ginger Drink (Ginger Ale) Produced from Various Types of Indonesian Ginger

Pujiati, Ani Sulistyarsi, Nur Fajri Prafitasari
The pandemic due to the spread of COVID 19 is a worldwide problem. Many attempts to increase immunity were made. Consuming spices and herbs is proven to increase immunity and nourish the body. A spice that is often used and very popular during the COVID 19 pandemic is ginger. This study aims to determine...
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Error Analysis in Apraxia of Peech Among 3 Sisters: A Neurolinguistic Study

Dwi Setiyadi, V Teguh Suharto, Yusuf Musthofa Ali Nurdin Hijr
In the village, mistakenly calling people names is common. Even those considered normal as these misconducts occur in old people. In fact, it is experienced also by arguing mothers even young ones. This misconduct is so be called apraxia of speech. This study aims to describe (1). The symptoms of someone...
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The Thinking Process of Class IX Students of Junior High School in Solving Problems Geometry

Wiwin Sri Hidayati, Lia Budi Tristanti, Nurwiani, Jauhara Dian Nurul Iffah, Syarifatul Mafulah, Faridatul Masruroh
The purpose of learning mathematics emphasizes the ability of students to think. This article describes the thinking process of class IX junior high school students in solving mathematical problems, especially the material of spatial structure. Researchers describe 2 types of thinking processes, namely...
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The Advantage and Impact of CIRC-Typed and Problem-Based Cooperative Learning Models on Students’ Mathematical Argument

Lia Budi Tristanti, Toto Nusantara
Mathematics learning in undergraduate education level mostly used group discussion and problem-based approach. Hence, every undergraduate student should have good argumentation skill. However, they often felt difficult to construct and propose their mathematical arguments. Therefore, this study applied...
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Scientific Approach in Learning History for the Internalization of Character Values

Yudi Hartono
This research aimed to design a historical learning model with a scientific approach to internalize character values. The method used was Research and Development. The research was conducted in the Senior High School of Surakarta, Central Java. The data were collected through interviews, observation,...
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Onion Storage and Dryer

Solimar F. Moradas, Elmer S. Sealongo
The constructed Onion Storage and Dryer was assembled. Intended to store onion bulbs for household consumption. A developmental approach was utilized. A model determines requirements and parameters, design, prototype, testing and implementation, refinement and maintenance. The constructed storage and...
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Graduate School Services: Basis for an Improvement Plan

Jocelyn L. Absolor, Joel C. Ferrer, Imelda N. Binay-an
The study aimed to determine the students’ level of satisfaction on the services of the Graduate School of Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College along professional services, school facilities, and learning environment. It further determined the profile of the respondents in terms of age, sex, civil status,...
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Production, Phytochemical Characterization and Acceptability of Wines from Green Seaweeds (Halimeda macroloba, Caulerpa sertularioides and Caulerpa racemosa)

Hilario S. Taberna, Aaron Paul P. Puljanan, Ruperta D. Cezar, Noel S. Quidato
Seaweeds are tagged as the medical food of the 21st century due to its being rich in bioactive substances, minerals and vitamins. Seaweeds could be processed as wine and could be used as a medicine or a delicacy. The bioactive substances inherent to the seaweed and responsible for its various medicinal...
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The Uncovering Environmental Knowledge of Senior High School Students about the Local Potential Area Based on Reviewed from Gender and Grade

Siti Nurhidayati, Endang Susantini, Safnowandi Safnowandi, Fida Rachmadiarti, Khaeruman Khaeruman
This research aims at (1) describing students’ environmental knowledge based on local potency in West Nusa Tenggara Province, (2) analyzing students’ environmental knowledge in terms of gender, and (3) analyzing students’ environmental knowledge in term of level or grade. This survey research is analyzed...
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Virtual Mobility: The Lived Experience of Exchange Students in a Higher Education Institution in Asia

Annabelle B. Francisco
The COVID-19 Pandemic has paralyzed the internationalization efforts of higher education institutions worldwide by hindering the physical mobility of the students, yet, the Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College in the Philippines found a way to take the challenge an opportunity instead to internationalize...
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Rainwater Harvesting Practices and Utilization in the Island of Malangabang Philippines

Joel A. Ciriaco, Carmen L. Cruzata, Catherine L. Sumaculub
Water supply is a problem to humanity. In fact, with the increasing population of the world, the need and demand for water is growing that includes rainwater which is significant to every living specie including the environment, (Sadia Rahman, 2014). With this, rainwater harvesting came into being to...
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Thought (Episteme) System About Women in Trilogy On Rara Mendut Novel by Y.B. Mangunwijaya

Siti Maisaroh, Muhammad Saibani Wiyanto
The study aimed to describe the system of thought (episteme) about women in the trilogy of the Rara Mendut novel by Y.B. Mangunwijaya. The method used the archaeological knowledge of Michel Foucault. The data source of this research is the novel trilogy of Rara Mendut by Y.B. Mangunwijaya, consisting...
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Does Centella Asiatica Have Antiaging Activity in Skincare Products?

Gabriella Chandrakirana Krisnamurti, Dewi Ratih Tirto Sari
This study provided the mechanism of two main compounds of C. asiatica to prevent aging processes by computational analysis. Castilliferol and castillicetin were retrieved from PubChem database, matrix metalloproteinase or MMP involved MMP3, MMP9, and MMP12 also taken out from protein data bank (PDB)....
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The Implementation of Scramble Learning Model to Improve Civics Education Learning Achievement of MIM 1 Jombang Students

Firman Firman
A teacher’s success in creating a conducive classroom must be supported by his skills in managing the classroom, learning media, and learning models. Teachers use the learning model to increase learning motivation, students’ learning attitudes, critical thinking, social skills, and attain optimal learning...
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Information System Management of Posyandu Activities Based on Web-Based Integrated Line Messenger at Posyandu Anggrek II, Purwosari Village

Nugroho Dwi Saputro, Rahmat Robi Waliyansyah, Mega Novita, Vina Azhari Putri
At this time posyandu information reports are still in manual form which are still written in different books, so their use is relatively inefficient and the archives of posyandu data reports are piling up at the posyandu head. Delivery of information on Posyandu schedules and regular monthly counseling...
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Assessment of Water Quality in Downstream Watershed for The Realization of Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Rizky Muliani Dwi Ujianti, Althesa Androva
Watersheds, especially downstream areas, are very important areas for the life of aquatic ecosystems. This downstream area is a coastal area which is a transitional area between land and ocean ecosystems. Several previous studies have shown that this area is polluted from industrial waste and domestic...
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Effectiveness of VAR (Virtual Augmented Reality)-Based Educational Games in Trigonometry Learning in University

Noviana Dini Rahmawati, Achmad Buchori, Arif Wibisono
The development of technology today is very demanding of a teacher to be able to develop effective media in the learning process. Trigonometry learning is one of the courses in higher education that requires a virtual understanding of concepts. Therefore, it is very important to have fun virtual media...
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The Development Digital Book Media with Learning Model Contextual Teaching And Learning to Improve Student Mathematical Economic Problem Solving Skills

Achmad Buchori, Agnita Siska Pramasdyahsari, Siti Kholifah
This study aims to determine the development process, practicality, validity level, and media effectiveness digital book with CTL (learning model Contextual Teaching and Learning) to improve students’ mathematical economic problem skills. The research method used is R & D research using the ADDIE...
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Effectiveness of Environment-Based Biology Instructional Model to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking skills in High School

Nursidin Nursidin, Rusman Rusman, Laksmi Dewi
This study aimed to obtain the information about the effectiveness of the Environment-Based Biology Instructional-Model that improve student’s critical thinking ability in high school. The research design was a pretest-posttest group. It used Quasy Experiment. The population was 223 students in the tenth...
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The Impact of Seaweed Farming on Marital and Reproductive Role Satisfaction

Evaline L. Apura
Seaweed farming has materialized as the most pertinent livelihood strategy among coastal areas. This livelihood is mostly participated by couples to augment their income for family’s subsistence. This descriptive-correlational research was conducted to determine the impact of seaweeds farming to the...
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Development of Example non Example Learning Devices with Visual Thinking Approach in the Set Material of 7th Grade SMP

Fatriya Adamura, Wasilatul Murtafiah, Winda Oktasari Budiyanti
This research is a development research that aims to determine the development of example non-example learning devices with a visual thinking approach on the set material of VIIth grade SMP with validity and practicality tests. The type of research used in this research is Research and Development (R&D)...
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English as a Medium of Instruction: The Case of Technology-Related Classrooms

Ranec A. Azarias
English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) has been an emerging global phenomenon giving birth to various studies. Reviewed studies revealed a dearth of studies on multilingual and technology-related classroom settings. In such lights, this qualitative case study was conducted to describe the used of EMI...
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The Analysis of Students’ Attitudes Construction Based on Pancasila Profile to be Integrated with Teacher’s Lesson Plan in Junior High School in Pandemic Era

Diah Puji Nali Brata, Edy Setiyo Utomo, Sukardi Sukardi
This study aimed to investigate the construction of Pancasila-profile-based attitude reinforcement integrated into lesson plan by teachers for junior high school students during online teaching. It used descriptive-quantitative approach. The sample of this study consisted of 278 junior high school. The...
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Phenotypic and Molecular Diversity of Native Chicken Genetic Groups in the Philippines

Jeremy Christian Q. Santiago, Hazel H. Achuela, Don Carlo R. Batara, Peter James I. Gann, Elmer C. Vingua, Renee Christopher C. Cacho, Ma. Joy Theresa T. Agcaoili, Roylesther S. Aguinaldo, Ryan Dave Q. Calventas, Luis Augustus G. Palafox, Benito B. Balneg, Mary Cris H. Calpito
The present study aims to evaluate the phenotypic and genotypic diversity of the 230 heads of chicken which were randomly sampled from the six native chicken genetic groups (Bolinao, Boholano, Darag Camarines, Paraoakan, and Zampen). The data on qualitative traits of the native chickens were tabulated...
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Corporate Social Responsibility: Costs and Revenue

Diyah Santi Hariyani, Titik Purwati, Wasito Wasito, Nanik Ermawati, Maratul Azizah
The purpose of this research is to find out if the cost for Partnership and Community Development Program (known as PKBL in Indonesian abbreviation) as the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities on state-owned enterprises’ revenue. The object of this research is the SOEs Banking...
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Lived Experiences of College Instructors With Meager Salary: A Phenomenological Study

Cynthia M. Carino
This study explored the experiences of College instructors with a meager salary. This qualitative research focuses on the phenomenology method as it aimed to understand and explain the lived experiences of the respondents. Purposive sampling was used to determine the participants. To gather relevant...
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Adopting Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication (SCMC) into Second Language Classrooms

Atsushi Miura
The content of this article is based on the recent practice of adopting text-chatting, a form of synchronous computer-mediated communication (SCMC). The benefit of text-chat in second language acquisition has been focused on computer-assisted language learning (CALL) research and second language acquisition...
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The validity of the Argumentation - Flipped Learning (AFL) Model to Increase Critical Thinking Skills for Students of Junior High School in the Covid-19 Era

Raden Wakhid Akhdinirwanto, Ashari Ashari, Arif Maftukhin, Siska Desy Fatmaryanti, Eko Setyadi Kurniawan
The purpose of this study was to determine the validity of the argumentation-flipped learning (AFL) model to iincrease students critical thinking skills in the Covid-19 era. The validity that was reviewed was the content validity and construct validity of the AFL model and its learning tools consisting...
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Action Research: CPA Math Word Wall Group Competition to Improve Conceptual Understanding in Algebra Problem Solving Activities

Heru Kurniawan, Supriyono Supriyono, Tursilowati Tursilowati, Iswati Jeni Kustiningsih
This Classroom Action Research (CAR) aims to overcome the low understanding of algebraic concepts and anxiety by applying the CPA math word wall group competition. CAR is carried out in 3 cycles. CAR is imposed on 32 7th grade students of SMP N 12 Purworejo. The research instrument used observation sheets...
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Analyzing the Effect of Leadership, Teamwork and Employee Involvement on Employee Performance: Study at PT Attaraya Jaya Perkasa Madiun

Tatik Mulyati, Novy Rachma Herawati
PT Attaraya Jaya Perkasa has a vision to become a national private company as a general contractor, which excels in the construction service industry. The goals of this study to determine the effect of leadership, teamwork, employee involvement on the performance of employees of PT Attaraya Jaya Perkasa....
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Development of Scientific-Based Electronic Science Modules to Improve Student Learning Outcomes in Knowledge Aspects During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Alifia Kurnia, Sukarmin Sukarmin, Widha Sunarno
This study aimed to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of scientific-based science modules on vibration and wave materials to improve learning outcomes of knowledge aspects. This type of research is Research and Development which uses a 4D model which includes define, design, development, and...
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Silver Nanoparticles Synthesis from Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) Peel Extract and Its Potential as Antiseptic Mouthwash

Lisa Fatiha, Zaraswati Dwyana, Eva Johannes
This study examines the potential compounds dragon fruit peel extract (Hylocereus polyrhizus) which are synthesized into silver nanoparticles, then used as the antiseptic mouthwash. The synthesis process is carried out using the Green Synthesis Nanoparticle method, which utilizes natural materials as...
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Balok Anti-Asap (Balas) With Biochar as an Air Purifier to Reduce Air Pollutant from the Home Industries of Brem in Kaliabu Village, Madiun Regency

Nia Eka Mayasari, Ardiana Ayu Anjarwati, Dyanita Tyananda, Cicilia Novi Primiani
Home industries of brem in Kaliabu Village, Madiun Regency is still carried out traditionally by burning wood, and it’s resulting particulate matter, CO gas, NO2, SO2 and O3. The air quality index in Madiun Regency is 16.1 g/m2. Exposure to air pollution can reduce visibility and lead to health problems,...
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Students’ Perception Towards English Course in Asynchronous Online Learning Through Whatsapp During Covid- 19 Pandemic

Muh. Fajar, Anisa Irma Larasati
The Government of Indonesia makes policy by implementing learning with online system through several online platforms. This study raised the topic about students’ perception of English course during online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic with the online Whatsapp platform used by grade 8 students...
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Covid-19 Period: Is it the Right Time to ‘Open the Door’ of De-Grading and De-Testing?

Dwi Rosita Sari
World is not yet healing. Covid-19 pandemic has already altered many aspects of life, including in education field. Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture has already set and implemented a vivid scenario towards online learning for students. Since every single aspect in education reach new adaptation,...
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Improving the Quality of Student Learning Through the Application of Portfolio-Based Learning

Rifa Nurmilah, Yulia Effrisanti
This Study aims to describe student activities in the learning process with portfolio-based learning, and to determine student learning outcomes by applying portfolio assessment. portfolio-based learning as a consideration for the progress of the learning process so that students are able to see the...
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Financial Ratio Analysis for The Financial Performance of Soes in IDX 2017-2019 Period (Case Study PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk

H Sidanti, R M Zahri, E W Sari, M Asmike, W D R Putri
The purpose of this study is to analyze state-owned airline companies listed on the IDX regarding the financial performance of the 2017-2019 period. The data used in this study is secondary data obtained from the annual financial statements of PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk on the IDX for the 2017-2019...
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Identification of Student’s Critical Thinking Skills on Cryptogamic Based on Digital Argumentation Performance through Online Learning

Marheny Lukitasari, Risma Ristanti, Jeffry Handhika, Wasilatul Murtafiah, Akhmad Sukri, Rusdi Hasan
This study was conducted to identify students’ critical thinking and argumentation skills based on digital argumentation (DA) performed through eLMA-based online learning. The research method was descriptive qualitative. The data collection technique in this research was digital argumentation which was...