Proceedings of the 2019 4th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2019)

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Study on Performance Evaluation on Supply Chain System of Manufacturing Enterprises Based on AHP-DEA Model

Qian Ming, Zhijun Feng
A typical manufacturing enterprise supply chain system is a complex system, which is composed of interconnected subsystems. The efficiency of resource allocation, operation characteristics and coordination degree of between subsystems in different subsystems has a great impact on the overall performance...
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A Preliminary Study on the Management of intangible Assets in Enterprises

Yuntian Jiang
Intangible assets are the standard to measure the comprehensive quality of an enterprise. If an enterprise wants to be in a competitive position, it must manage its intangible assets effectively and systematically. However, the traditional concept of "tangible assets are assets and intangible assets...
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Campus Loan Risk Prevention under the Context of "Internet +"

Yan Li
In the context of "Internet +", the application of campus loan is born, and the emergence of campus loan also accords with the law of market development. However, in real life, there are still many risk problems in campus loans, which gradually deviate from its original anticipated development direction...
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Research on Innovation Mechanism of Network Loan Clustering Based on CAS Theory

Rongzhen Xu, Meiqi Wang, Mengke He
Small scale and large number of online loan companies provide new channels for financing of small and micro enterprises from the perspective of cost and risk. However, China's online loan industry has been in a state of loose and disorderly, with frequent problems. This paper discusses the current dilemma...
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Evaluation of Financial Competitiveness of the Listed Insurance Companies

Dongchuan Lin, Wen Shao, Miao Xu, Ying Chen
This paper through the combing of the relevant literatures of financial competitiveness of enterprises, combined with the financial characteristics of the insurance industry, build an index system to evaluate the financial competitiveness of listed insurance companies. Through the method of factor analysis,...
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The Status Quo and Improvement of Cooperation in Industry, University and Research in Hotel Management

Qiong Ma
The marketization of the economy provides a new opportunity for the development of various industries. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's catering and tourism industry, hotel management has a broader development space, so the hotel management profession has attracted more people's...
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A Study on the Inverted U-Shape between Time Pressure and Job Satisfaction

Xiang-hong Que
Time pressure generally affects the work and life of employees. This paper conducts a questionnaire survey of 166 employees of Guangzhou hotel and catering enterprises to explore the impact of time pressure on job satisfaction.The results show that the time pressure at work has an inverted U-Shape effect...
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Research on Development Strategy of DYLS Bank Based on DELPHI-SWOT Hybrid Analysis Model

Jiaming Wang
In recent years, the competition in the banking industry has intensified. How to choose an effective development strategy in an increasingly competitive environment is an urgent problem. Taking DYLS Bank as the object, according to the external macro environment of PEST model, the industry competition...
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Solvency Analysis of Chinese Railway Construction Listed Companies

Zhi-hua Chang
Railway is not only related to transportation and business but also a basis of public’s living quality, getting government focused and policy supported. With the economy growing, railway construction business is focused by investors. Many firms have difficulties such as high asset-liability ratio, the...
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Market value management and company M&A performance——Taking Donghua Software as an example

Jing Yang
Market value management refers to the goal of listed companies based on their own market value information, using a variety of business methods to achieve company value, shareholder value maximization and value creation, value management maximization and value realization. A good market value management...
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Innovation Research on the Cultivating Path of Financial Talents from the Perspective of Policy Tools

Yang Yang
The major social contradictions in the new era have been transformed. The lack of financial talents that meet the requirements of market changes has become an important obstacle to the development of financial industry in the new era. How to innovating the ways and methods of cultivating financial talents...
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Analysis on the Ecological Management Path of Xi'an Section of the Ring Road of Qinling Mountains Northern Foothills

Jue Wang
In recent years, Xi'an has achieved remarkable results in the forest vegetation, green ecological agriculture, greening of ring roads, energy conservation and emission reduction and pollution prevention and control projects in the Qinling Mountains northern foothills. However, there are still many contradictions...
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The Development Course of Chinese Public Cultural Services

Guixia Li
This paper reviews the historical process of public cultural service in China since 1978 from recovery, orderly development, in-depth development to prosperity and development, and analyses the development characteristics of public cultural service in various stages. Public cultural services are public...
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The Relationship Between Transportation Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth ——Based on Provincial Spatial Panel Data Model

Shaojie Hou
Based on the synergistic effect of multi-dimensional factors on China's regional economic growth, this paper studies the relationship between China's transportation infrastructure investment and economic growth by using spatial panel econometric methods and provincial panel data from 2001 to 2017. Empirical...
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Research on China's business environment evaluation system based on the World Bank

Jie Zhao
At a time when global competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the construction of “business environment” has become the focus of attention of all countries in the world, and it is an important indicator for conducting investment and financing activities. Therefore, the institutions and systems for...
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Study on the Pattern of Oil and Gas Industry Stock Idle Land Use — from the Perspective of Linkage between Urban-land Taking and State-owned Rural-land Giving Policy

Jing Wang
The purpose of this study was to explore an effective way to solve the problem of oil and gas industry stock idle land use. Methods of documentation, case analysis and qualitative analysis were used. The results indicated that: oil and gas industry had accumulated a large amount of stock idle land outside...
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Analysis of Real Estate Market and Regulation Policy Recommendations - Based on Game Theory and Rational Expectation Theory

Jiawen Zhang
In recent years, China's real estate prices have risen rapidly, and the government has frequently introduced policies to regulate it, but real estate prices remain high. This paper analyzes the internal mechanism of the formation of high housing prices and the phenomenon of “more regulation, more growth”...
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The Influence of the Corporate Executive Self-Monitoring Personality on the Characteristics of the Inter-Organizational Social Network

Cong Wang
Based on the review of the research on self-monitoring personality and the construction of social network, this paper is about the relationship and the influence mechanism of the self-monitoring personality on the inter-organizational social network, which combine the personality analysis in the psychology...
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Research on Micro-marketing Strategy of China Time-honored Brands

Yuncui Zhang
China Time-honored Brand is a treasure of Chinese traditional culture, and it have received extensive social recognition because of their distinctive national characteristics and profound historical and cultural connotations. However, in recent years, the marketing status of some Time-honored Brand enterprises...
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Initial Leading Advantages in Firm Competition: A Co-evolutionary Perspective

Jie Liu
How to survive in the firm competition and make customers arrive at the maximum satisfaction are the important issues in the marketing. Attempting to discuss these issues dynamically, an evolutionary perspective is highlighted and mathematical co-evolutionary models are provided about firm competition....
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Research Status and Prospects of Tax Preference and Enterprise Innovation

Ting Ting Zheng, Hong Wang
Innovation is the new engine driving China’s economic development. Tax preferences are an important means for the government to stimulate enterprises to innovate. In order to fully understand the research status of tax incentives and enterprise innovation at home and abroad, this paper firstly conducted...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of Agricultural Products E-Commerce Development in Heyuan City

Chunyan Lv
Agricultural product e-commerce is the key and difficulty of Internet + agriculture, and it is also the only way to develop modern agriculture and increase farmers' income. In recent years, agricultural product e-commerce in Heyuan city is developing fast and has become a new bright spot of the rural...
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Research on the Influencing Path of Employee's Technological Innovation Activities on Shaping Enterprise's Innovation Culture

Wenli Bao
This paper uses exploratory research methods to construct research models, determine the dimensions of variables, put forward research hypotheses, form a questionnaire, conduct research on enterprise technicians, and verify research models and hypotheses. Empirical results show that the creative activities...
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Study on the Effect Path of Different Equity Backgrounds on the Volume of Transaction of P2P

Lulu Li
This paper uses 403 P2P platforms’ data from January 2014 to June 2018 in China, and uses the mediation effect model to analyze according to the different equity background. It is found that the P2P platform can increase volume of transaction in the case of venture capital, state-owned enterprises, listed...
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Research on the Tax Risk of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Based on Life Cycle and Its Countermeasures

Qi Wu
With the rapid development of the market economy and increasingly fierce competition among companies, tax risk has become a problem that companies must pay attention to. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), due to small scale, backward production technology, and low quality of management, it...
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Research on the Relationship between Corporate Brand Equity and Firm Performance

Jin Xi
According to the relationship between corporate brand equity and performance, it can provide reference for the positioning and management methods of brand assets in business decision-making. Based on the data of China's electronic consumer enterprises from 2014 to 2015, this paper proposes a regression...
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Research on China's rural land market reform with the perspective of modern property right theory

Yuan Tian
agricultural land market reform is the key to China's land system reform, but also to promote the overall planning of urban and rural strategy of an important breakthrough. From the aspects of urban-rural overall economic planning strategy, the development of socialist market economy, the improvement...
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A Brief Analysis of Government Failure on Environment and its solution

Guanhua Dong
The main reason for China's environmental problems lies in the existence of market and government failure on environmental management. The the main methods of market mechanism to solve environmental pollution are Pigou means and Coase means, the government’s methods to solve environmental pollution are...
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Research on the influence of China Nets Union Clearing Corporation on third-party non-interest payment business

Yuguo Yang
Since the People's Bank of China advocated the implementation of the China Nets Union Clearing Corporation Platform, third-party payment institutions began to transform their business and developed non-interest business. Based on the data of 14 months of iResearch, this paper studies the factors of the...
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Application of Optimal Stop Rules in Stock Selection

Min Jiang
In this paper, the optimal stopping rule is applied to stock selection for the first time, and the applicability of the optimal stopping theory in different industries is studied. The purpose is to analyze the applicability of the optimal stopping in the securities market and provide another efficient...
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Study on improving the linkage mechanism of urban public emergency response

Yifan Xu
in the management of modern cities, the establishment of high-quality and efficient urban emergency linkage mechanism management system, can effectively respond to the public events in the city, in a timely manner to deal with and respond to these events, at the same time, effectively control the adverse...
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US Stock Market Efficiency: EMH or AMH?

Canyu Huang
This paper adopts a forecasting method to shed light on efficiency of the US stock market using the S&P500 index in the past 30 years. Daily data is grouped into 30 subsamples. The modified Diebold-Mariano (MDM) test is used to compare the forecasting performances of the random walk model and the Autoregressive...
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Research on enterprise’s financial management based on big data and cloud computing

Rui Guo
Along with the development of information technology such as the Internet of things, big data and cloud computing era has come. Big data and cloud computing technology in the application of enterprise financial management, the enterprise financial management concept, methods and organizational structure...
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The Competencies Gap for HR Professional Self Inspection of Small and Medium-Sized Micro-Enterprises

Yu-Shen Fang
Human resources major is the key personnel of the company gatekeeper, and it is also an important role for enterprises to cultivate talents for sustainable development. This study conducted a semi-structured interview with 20 current Human resources staff who advanced studies. The rooted theory was used...
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Exploration of the Path of Creating An Urban Cultural IP: A Case Study of “ZUI Xi’an” City Marketing Campaigns

Jun Yu, Youxiang Gao, Xijing Zhang
As an ancient city with a history and culture of over thousands of years, Xi’an is frequently exposed on various media recently, as the Xi’an government constantly creates new cultural IPs with characteristics of Xi’an, such as Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional, World Xi’an Entrepreneurs...
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Countermeasures on the Upgrading and Transformation of the Traditional General Merchandise Industry in the Internet age

Xuejun Zhao
As a traditional industry, the general merchandise industry has formed a complete industry chain and management model. With the rising of the Internet and e-commerce, people's lifestyles and consumption behaviors are gradually changing. Although department stores have undergone some changes in market...
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Research on Asset Allocation of Insurance Companies Based on Mean-Variance Model

Wenhui Li
As a debt-based financial institution, the core work of insurance company management is asset allocation, and portfolio planning is one of the key links in the company's asset allocation. Starting from the Markowitz’s Mean-Variance Model, combined with the regulatory requirements of China's insurance...
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A Study on the Internet Banking Behavior of Enterprises and Their Influencing Factors

Ming Zou, Weilun Huang
The purposes of this paper are to study the behavior of enterprises’ internet banking (EIB) and their influencing factors by using literature analysis and questionnaire survey. The results show that EIB average frequency of Chinese interviewees is 4.0 times per month and their monthly amount of EIB is...
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Analysis and Forecast of Resource-based City GDP Based on ARIMA Model

Hao Huang
As an important indicator to measure a country or region, GDP is often used to measure the level of economic development of a country or region. Doing a good GDP forecast is beneficial to the real-time and adjustment of government policies, and has important theoretical and guiding significance. This...
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Evolutionary Game and Alliance Management Analysis of tacit knowledge flow in Enterprises

Yuguo Yang
Combined with the evolutionary game theory, this paper analyzes the factors and mechanisms that affect the tacit knowledge flow by using the replicator dynamics equation, and concludes that the degree of tacit knowledge flow in enterprises is determined by the cost of tacit knowledge dissemination, the...
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The Influence of High-tech Product Complexity on The Technological Innovation of High-tech Industry

Lingqiu Wang
With the global new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation ready, scientific and technological innovation in response to the common challenges of mankind, to achieve sustainable development plays an increasingly impotent role. High-tech industry is a highly concentrated technology...
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Spatial effects of financial scale and financial structure on technological innovation of enterprises

Yang Xin
What is the spatial effect of the financial scale and the development of financial structure on the technological innovation of enterprises across the provinces? Spatial econometric model was used to analyze sectional data of 31 provincial administrative regions in mainland china. The results show that...
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Research on the Issuance Management of China's Local Government Special Bonds

Chunyan Zhang
China's local government special bond issuance management has been strictly regulated by the central government in terms of method selection, rulemaking and underwriter qualification. According to the income equivalence theorem, the amount of income that local governments receive for bond issuance depends...
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Research on the Interactive Relationship between Agriculture and Logistics Industry in Guangdong Province from the Perspective of Supply Side Reform

yan Fang
To study the interaction between agriculture and logistics,selecting agricultural output value data and logistics industry data from 2000 to 2017 in Guangdong Province, this paper makes an empirical analysis of these two industries by using Eviews 6.0 and based on Co-integration theory, it is concluded...
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Reconstruction of Confucian culture in East Asia under the Perspective of "The Belt and Road"

Jian Yin
The proposal of the "one belt and one way" initiative shows China's courage to be bold and bold. The formation of Confucian culture in East Asia has its inevitability in terms of production mode, social system and life style. Confucian Culture is the Cultural Basis of Constructing Regional Community....
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Research on regional technical innovation capability

zilong Mu
Regional technological innovation ability is the key to determine the level of regional industrial development and the strength of economic growth. This paper studies the classification characteristics of technological innovation capability in different regions. Factor analysis and cluster analysis are...
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Analysis of the Impact of New Fixed Asset Investment on Total Factor Productivity in Information Industry of China

Degen Zhao
This paper selects the provincial panel data from 2006 to 2015, uses DEA-Malmquist method to measure China's total factor productivity, and then makes an empirical analysis with investment of the whole society in new fixed assets in information transmission, computer services and software industry. This...
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Economic impact assessment of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway on small and medium-sized cities along the economic circle of Yangtze river delta

Yihang Li
Up to now, domestic and foreign scholars have not reached a consensus on the impact of high-speed railways on regional economic development. Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway is a high-speed railway with great influence in China, so this paper selects the small and medium-sized cities along the Beijing-Shanghai...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between RMB Exchange Rate and Sino-US Trade Imbalance

Xinying Liu, Rui Li, Hui Cai
With the development of Sino-U.S. trade, the trade friction has also intensified. Due to the continuous expansion of China's trade surplus, the United States believes that the serious undervaluation of the RMB is the main reason. The paper constructs an empirical analysis model, selects quarterly data...
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Analysis of Digital Economy Concepts and Measurement Methods at Home and Abroad

Hao Dong
This paper summarizes the characteristics and measurement methods of digital economy by reviewing the development of digital economy. By comparing and analyzing the measurement methods of digital economy, the paper finds out the existing problems and provides suggestions for the scientific measurement...