Proceedings of the 2022 8th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2022)

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Xiangyang Zhang, Marcus T. Anthony, Hebin Ma
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Research on the Competitive Strategy of a Power Design Company Under the “New Infrastructure”

Mengjiao Li, Yuran Chen, Jian Zhao
This paper discusses the competitive strategy of A Power Design Company under the background of “New Infrastructure”, uses PSET and Porter’s five forces model to analyze Company A’s macro environment and industry competition structure, and analyzes the company’s internal resources and capabilities. After...
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Research on the Models of Precision Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study in China Power Industry

Li Ma, Rui Li
Based on the advantages and characteristics of the power industry, targeted poverty alleviation works of power companies are very important for China to win the battle against poverty, and, in the meanwhile, it also can effectively connect poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. In this article,...
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Effects of Food Materials on Emission Characteristics of Fine Particulate Matter in Cooking Process

Yang Yuan, Jing Liu, Neng Zhu, Zhiqiang Li, Chunlong Li
In this paper, the particle emission characteristics of vegetables, meat and vegetables plus meat were studied when stir-frying was used as cooking aspect. The particle size, quantity and distribution of different food materials under the same cooking conditions were analyzed through field tests. The...
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Impact and Countermeasures of Climate Change on Coral

Jingmin Sun
In recent years, with the destruction of the environment, climate warming has become one of the environmental problems that people pay attention to. This can lead to ocean warming, sea-level rise, ocean acidification and increased storm intensity. The results show that coral reefs are facing a great...
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Research on Comprehensive Risk Assessment of Coal Enterprises

Yiyong Tang, Wenxing Li
The Coal industry is an important part of China’s energy structure. It has created considerable economic benefits, provided huge employment space, and provided necessary fuel and raw material supply for other industries. This paper establishes a comprehensive risk evaluation index system for coal enterprises,...
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Study on Optimization Technology of Tapping Potential Mode for High-Efficiency Wells at Fault Edge

Yao-Guo FENG
In the early stage of M Development Zone, the dense well pattern data were used to carry out three-dimensional structural modeling. Because the breakpoints encountered by some wells could not be combined, the spatial distribution of faults was not accurate enough, and the well location deployment should...
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The Effect of High Calorie Food Intake and Systematic Physical Activity on Physical Health in Our General Population

Yuan Li, Ge Li
With the development of society and the progress of the times, people’s living standards have gradually improved, the problem of food and clothing has been solved, and how to eat healthy has become the mainstream of the diet of the times, but the improvement of diet has also brought obesity and concern...
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A Comparative Study of Li Bing’s Novels from the Perspective of Multimodal Discourse

Qiao Xiao Ying, Chen Yu
On the basis of two-dimensional construction of reality and fiction and Li Bing’s academic research, construction and dissemination in the 21st century, this paper takes Li Bing’s four novels as the research object. Through the comparative analysis of the covers, the beginning and multimodal ideographic...
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Study on the Problems in the Medical-Nursing Integration from the Perspective of Policy Tools

Yuqian Du
The 21st century is the era of aging population. With the growing number of senior people, the issue of population aging is gradually becoming a major social issue in China. China has a large base of elderly people and a rapid aging rate. The senior care model in China is changing from survival to development,...
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Applying PBL Teaching Model in College Business English Teaching

Xiangnan Qin
Traditional education methods have been difficult to meet the needs of students and society for business English talents. As a new teaching approach, Problem-Based Learning (PBL) has been widely studied and applied to the medical field. Based on the review of previous studies, this paper analyses the...
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The Application of the PBL Teaching Model in Chinese Primary School

Guohao Sun, Qixuan Zhuang
With the continuous curriculum reform, the traditional education model has gradually failed to meet the requirements of the new curriculum. The new curriculum model has a new definition of the diversity of curriculum, teachers’ roles and learning methods. For better meeting the requirements of the curriculum...
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Study on the Way of Disadvantaged Peasants Pursuing a Better Life

Taking the Policy of Replacing Coal with Gas in Rural Areas as an Example

Yunxia Song
The year 2020 marks the conclusion of the 13th Five-Year Plan for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. People have all moved out of absolute poverty and towards a well-off society. But in recent years, the government has issued a series of policies for rural farmers to pursue a higher...
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The Media Representation of Female Images in the New Media Era

Taking the Female Talents of Douyin as an Example

Xuan An
In recent years, video operation has always been one of the popular channels for new media operations. Highly interactive and decentralized new media such as Douyin and Snapchat have greatly changed the traditional layout of the media industry. With the improvement of women’s social status, the proportion...
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The Relationship Between Mental Toughness and Academic Achievement and Its Relevant Factors

Shuning Li
Mental toughness (MT) refers to an ability to recover, and even gain strength and growth, allowing individuals to adapt positively to their environment. MT has a positive and protective effect on overcoming adversity and achieving long-term goals. MT is closely related to good personality traits, such...
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View Changes About Gender in the Nearest Three Generations

Baoyi Zhang
In contemporary society, topics about gender start to appear more in people’s conversations. More and more successful individuals, representatives of females or famous people, contend to be feminism due to many gender inequality events emerged in our society, such as females being always downplayed in...
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Lack of Multiple Comments on Social Media Platforms

Yan Miao
In recent years, along with the increase of Internet users and the abundance of information access channels, the online interactions become easier and more frequent. Meanwhile, the psychology of user use under different information platforms has also undergone great changes. Along with these changes,...
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The Mediating Effect of Perceived Value on Online Reviews’ Purchasing Intention--Perspective of Prospect Theory

Jianhua Dai, Suoya Wang
Based on prospect theory, this paper studies the influence of online comments on consumers’ perceived value and purchase intention from the perspective of bounded rationality, analyzes the mediating role of consumers’ perceived value, understands the psychological changes of consumers, and enriches the...
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Regional Heterogeneity Analysis of Macroprudential Policy Responses

Tangle Zhou
The global financial crisis in 2008 made people realize that the role of monetary policy in maintaining financial system stability is limited. In that case, macro-prudential policy came into being. At present, there is a lack of related research on the evaluation of this policy effect. Given this, this...
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Disclosing the Truth

A Dilemma Between Instilling Hope and Respecting Patient Autonomy

Wenqi Ding
While medical ethics place a high value on providing truthful information to patients, disclosure of truth is far from being the norm between people, creating a moral dilemma between instilling hope and respecting patient autonomy. Through the review of relevant literature, an attempt to examine the...
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Comparison of Tourist Satisfaction Characteristics Based on Text Mining

Take Yunnan Minzu Village and Stone Forest Scenic Area as Examples

Xingkai Wen, Xinghao Jin, Liping Che, Jiaying Liu, Jun Lu
In order to promote the goal of building a number of world-class tourist attractions mentioned in the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 Vision of Yunnan Province, and to promote the recovery of Yunnan’s tourism industry, which has been hit by the new crown epidemic, this article uses the text based on...
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Exploration of the Survival Predicament of Contemporary Chinese Girls

Focusing on Fang Siqi’s First Love Paradise

Xin Liu
The suicide of literary girl Lin Yihan has drawn great attention to Fang Siqi’s First Love Paradise, in which Lin wrote a magnificent strong song about death and hope. This paper takes this as center to analyze Fang Siqi’s plight, and furthermore explores reasons form society, literature and psychology,...
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The Impact of Different Types of Educational Resource Input on Students’ Performance—A Case Study of Junior High Schools in Wuhan, China

Siwen Liu
The relationship between the input of educational resources and the output of student achievement is a critical basis for public education policymaking and a heated issue of debate in educational economics. This article examines the impact of human, physical and financial resource inputs on student grades...
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The Japanese Women Figures of Different Time in Different Television Drama

WenJing Liu
As a narrative language and a form of mass entertainment, television drama has a distinctly reproductive character, making it an important area of cultural studies. This study examines four Japanese urban dramas from 2012 to 2022 and explores the changes in the portrayal of women in them. The study found...
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The Effects of Legal Systems on Eminent Domain Practices in China and the US

Mingde Ju
Eminent domain is the act of a government to expropriate private property. Almost by definition, expropriation involves a conflict between the government and individual interests. Therefore, the laws pertaining to it have historically been the subject of controversy. China and the US have perhaps the...
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Boys’ Love Fiction and Boys’ Love Fan-Fiction: Origin and Division

Jingchi Zhang
As one of the inspired foundations of Chinese Boys’ Love fictions, Chinese fanfictions have commons and similar origin as those danmei (Boys’ Love) fictions, but the progress of the popularization and influence of the two fictions on Chinese literature, subculture, and targeted groups are slightly different...
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Students’ Satisfaction Towards Online Education During COVID-19 Pandemic

Based on College Students in China

Marian Han Bao, Yanwan Li, Yuqian Li, Qianya Nie, Yuhan Xue
The developing technology surely improved the way of learning and the education system. In 2021, Chinese government announced a report about the Big Data strategy and the online development of China. The report revealed that the national digital teaching system had been improving. The number of online...
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Follow the Purple Bunny: A Brief Analysis of Five Nights at Freddy’s Narrative

Yujie Ji, Yixuan Zhao
The purpose of this paper is to briefly examine narratives of the indie horror game franchise: Five Nights at Freddy’s, created by indie-game developer Scott Cawthon. Despite the franchise’s creative gameplay mechanism, what truly captivates its huge fan base is its cryptic story and how creatively these...
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The Ideological and Political Teaching Reform of the Course “Introduction to Electronic Commerce”

Yan Wang
In order to achieve the goal of comprehensive education, it is an inevitable trend of education reform to integrate ideological and political education into curriculum teaching. This article starts with the ideological and political teaching of the course “Introduction to Electronic Commerce”, and discusses...
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An Overview of the Latest Outbreak Data from World-Wide Regions and the Reasons for the Increase of Infections in the UK Since Omicron

Qinfang Lu
Since the beginning of COVID-19, 10 vaccines have been introduced, but the virus is mutating at the same time. Although more new cases are being confirmed, which may be caused by a higher transmission rate of the virus, some countries are planning to or have already lifted their precautionary measures....
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Research on the National Image Communication Mechanism of China’s Foreign Vaccine Aid

Social Network Analysis Based on Recipient Country Coverage Texts

Yimeng Yang, Ziqiao Su, Fengyu Yang, Jiaming Mao, Chang Liu
The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the world and many developing countries are facing shortages of vaccines and other supplies. China has carried out a large number of foreign vaccine aid activities based on the humanitarian spirit and the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. Based...
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The Formation and Impact of Female Gender Stereotypes

Tian Bai
Women have been under much pressure due to constant evaluation of their appearance and discussions of their achievements and careers from externals. The standard of an excellent woman has been debatable over time. Should women follow the appreciation of others or abandon the men’s perspective? The prejudice...
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Analysis of the Basic Causes and Main Effects of Britain’s Exit from the EU

Based on the Specific Agenda of Brexit

Yafei Meng
After more than four years, Britain will finally exit the European Union in December 2020, which is called a world political earthquake. Britain’s exit from the EU is not a coincidence, but has deep political and cultural roots behind it. Combing the history before and after Britain’s exit from the EU,...
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The Influence of Intergenerational Inheritance of Family Enterprises on Enterprise Performance Under the New Economic Form

Yingqing Yang, Yuan Chen
Nowadays, family enterprises in China are developing rapidly, making great contributions to China’s economic growth, increasing employment, stabilizing people’s livelihood and other aspects. However, there is also such a phenomenon: whenever the family business is passed on from generation to generation,...
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Reconstructing the Charitable Donation System of Listed Companies -- Focusing on the Charitable Value of the Third Distribution Theory

Peng Cheng
As one of the important responsibilities to safeguard the rights and interests of the third party, improve the social image of the company and ensure the positive social cognition of investors in the process of corporate governance, social responsibility has the characteristics of arbitrariness, non-systematization...
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Racial Gap in College Admissions

Taking Harvard University as an Example

Mengze Jiang
College admission is highly related to senior high school students, which would have a great influence on students’ whole lives. Therefore, equality in college admission is important. In this paper, the author applied the research methods of quantitative research, qualitative research, analytical research,...
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The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Academic Achievement

Daxuan Qi
Generally, parents have a strong influence on student’s academic achievement. However, the relationship between family and student academic achievement remains unclear. On this basis, in this paper, the role of socioeconomic status and parenting style is investigated in accounting for the student’s academic...
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Analysis of Trump’s Foreign Policies

Cihan Zhang
Since Trump took office in 2016, U.S. foreign policy has undergone a series of drastic adjustments, causing shocks in U.S. relations with the world. During his four-year term, Trump launched a global trade war, “exited” from various multilateral cooperation mechanisms, built a border wall, reshaped the...
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The Effects of Diglossia on Cognitive Ability

Taking Cantonese-Mandarin Speakers as an Example

Keyi Liu, Luyao Zhu
There are many dialects in China. With the popularization of Mandarin, it is common to see more and more people in China can speak both Mandarin and other dialects. The linguistic relativity hypothesis holds that language affects cognitive processes. Through literature review, this article analyzes the...
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The Construction of the Legitimacy of Public Policy in the Internet Era

Li Tiange
Public policy is an important topic in political science research. A good public policy must have legitimacy, and where does legitimacy manifest itself? Especially with the advent of the Internet era, a major structural change has taken place in modern society. The diversification of society has impacted...
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Tracking and Safety Control for Car-Trailer System with Optimization

Boshen Yang, Tianyi Zhang
This Study aims to develop an automatic car-trailer system tracking and safety control model and optimize every parameter related to improve traffic safety. The authors proposed a car-trailer system tracking and safe control model. Kinetics, dynamics, and simulation code are established for both tractor...
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Exploring Style Reproduction from Metaphor Translation in Yu Hua’s Brothers

Shuxian Gao
The presence of abundant novel metaphors in Yu Hua’s Brothers is a significant stylistic marker of the book. Its English translation accurately reproduces the style of the original and has been widely acclaimed ever since its publication. What strategies could the translators adopt to convey the original...
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The Exploration of the Differences in Working Memory Ability Between Monolingual and Bilingual Children

Xinyi Qian, Yanhuan Wang, Youzhi Yao
The purpose of this study is to explore whether bilingual children perform better in working memory tasks than monolingual children. A total of 60 Chinese monolingual and Chinese-English bilingual children from a kindergarten in Huainan participated in this experiment. The results indicated that monolingual...
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“5G + Era”: An Analysis of the Potential Tension and Development Trend of Smart Radio and Television

Shuai Zhang, Xiaochen Li
The application of new media technology provides new potential energy for the development of radio and television industry. Based on the 5G + Era, this research makes an in-depth analysis of the development prospect and potential tension of smart radio and television by combining the methods of literature...
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The Mystery Behind Predator-Prey Cycles in a Glass of Water

Haihui Yan
Ecological models such as predator-prey cycles are one of the most fundamental ecological phenomena. The original theory proposed by Alfred J. Lotka has frequently been used to describe the dynamic of biological systems. A variety of deterministic mathematical models indicate that these variations are...
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Rethinking the Role of Secularism in the Discipline of IR and the Chinese Experience

Kexin Huang
Secularism is credited with establishing the modern European state system, and this has aided in the formation of the discipline of International Relations. This resulted in the discipline overlooking the fact that not only religion continues to play a big role in Christian-majority countries, but also...
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The Development of Asian Characters’ Stereotypes of Ethnic Identity and Cultural Representation in American Films

Kexin Dong, Lixuan Sun, Xinjie Zhang
The paper discussed the stereotypes of Asian people developed in American films. Besides, it also talked about the impact of stereotypes and how people should deal with the impact of existing stereotypes. In order to solve this question, the paper used the qualitative method. To evaluate the creation...
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Research on the Transmission of Excellent Chinese Traditional Culture in the Construction of Animation Courses

Yan Zhao
As a new path of foreign cultural communication for countries around the world, animation education has its own unique cultural existence value and significance. This paper focuses on Chinese culture on art disciplines, cross-fuses digital media technology, and carries out an all-round and multi-course...
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Cluster B Personality Disorders and Its Treatment from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Perspective

Yuxuan Cai, Jingyuan Huang, Hongyao Liang
Cluster B Personality Disorders are characterised by overly emotional, impulsive behaviour, reduced empathy and unstable relationships with others. Four personality disorders are included which are Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder and...
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The Influence of Modernity on Juvenile Delinquency

Erben He, Hongtao Yin, Xinyue Zhou
The research background of this paper is based on the post-modern tide of juvenile delinquency, which aims to explore what factors affect the fluctuation of juvenile delinquency in the process of modernity. This will bring broader results and significance to research in this field. Some viewpoints elucidate...
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Analysis on the Film A Beautiful Mind

Ruoshan Xiao
In the history of film, most biographical films are based on businessmen or artists, rather than scholars, but in 2001, a film called A Beautiful Mind changed this situation. It won the Academy Award for Best picture that year. The film is based on John Nash, a Nobel Prize-winning economist who developed...
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A Brief Introduction and Evaluation of Typical mRNA Vaccine, Inactivated Vaccine, Vectored Vaccine, Sub-unit Vaccine for COVID Protection

Kehan Jiao
Standing on the shoulders of giants, based on the achievements of previous researchers, scientists and vaccine developers started the most rapid vaccine development process ever since. The central topic of this paper is to introduce and evaluate four kinds of COVID vaccines created to deal with the epidemic...
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Research on Theater, Film and Television Performance Teaching in Art Colleges and Universities Under the Background of New Liberal Arts

Jin Zhigang
In the 1950s, the expert delegation of the former Soviet Union assisted China’s Central Academy of Drama in establishing the performance teaching system. In the following decades, the Stanislavsky system was used as a means of performance teaching in almost all Chinese art colleges and universities,...
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A Study on the Effect of Trademark Law in Curbing Malicious Squatting of Trademarks

Zexi li
Malicious squatting of trademarks is a serious social phenomenon in the field of trademarks. Therefore, the Trademark Law regulates the examination of trademark registration applications, the obligations of trademark agencies, and the legal consequences of malicious squatting. In order to achieve the...
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Risks and Challenges for Management in Media Production

Mingyang Li
In the age of digital media, the production of media products has become easier and faster, but the management of the media production process has become more complex than simpler. This paper will analysis what are the key points to management from media production perspective by the methods of literature...
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A Seemed-Like Love Story - The Revolutionary Nature of Feng Yun Er Nv

Qingyang Zhou
The 1935 Shanghai left-wing film Feng Yun Er Nv used the story model of triangle love, in which the choice of the hero reflected his patriotic political orientation, and as well the appeal to anti-aggression fight that the filmmakers aimed to convey. By scrutiny towards the political background and the...
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Exploring Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ TPACK Development and Student-Centred Beliefs

Bohan Liu
While technology becomes progressively important in mathematics classrooms, teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) attracts attention, and teachers’ beliefs are regarded as a barrier to integrating technology in teaching. To remedy the shortage of investigations about the correlation...
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An Exploration of the Identity of Contemporary Chinese Hanfu Enthusiasts On Chinese Social Platform Weibo

Yirong Xie
In contemporary China, the Hanfu Movement was initiated to revitalize traditional Chinese clothing and culture. The purpose of this thesis was to examine hanfu’s agency in self-expression. This article examined the self-presentation of hanfu bloggers on Weibo, suggesting that hanfu items provide a diverse...
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Research on Central Air-Conditioning’s Patent Strategic Layout of Gree

Kexin Zhang, Limin Fan
Based on the patent search results of Gree’s central air-conditioner from the Patsnap global patent database, this paper takes Gree’s central air-conditioner patent strategy layout as the starting point, applies theories of corporate innovation, intellectual property(IP) management and IP audit, analyzes...
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Borderline Personality Disorder: A General Overview

Nok Sze Wun
Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a personality disorder marked by unpredictable behaviors, emotional instability, and self-injurious conduct, which typically begins in adolescence. BPD patients are difficult to treat. The majority have had child sexual abuse, and roughly a quarter have experienced...
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Research on the Trend of Gender Discrimination in the New Media Era

Zhou Qianyi
In this new way of communication, there are more and more debates and discussions on gender roles. Based on the criticism of physiological gender in people’s stereotypes, the discussion of gender roles puts forward the problem of judging the differences between men and women from the perspective of thinking...
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On the English Translation and Its Communication Effect of Cultural Intangible Heritage in Zhejiang Province from the Perspective of Communication Theory

Minya Weng, Junfeng Xin
High-quality English translation of intangible cultural heritage(ICH) in Zhejiang Province will facilitate the external communication of Zhejiang culture. From the perspective of communication theory, this paper takes English translated texts of several national ICH texts as examples and analyzes the...
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Suicide from Media Portrayals and Reality: Analysis of Netflix’s Serial 13 Reasons Why

Qianyue Yang
The release of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix has led to controversy regarding its influence on teen audience, which is this series’ major target audience. Due to teenagers’ susceptivity about environment, and their relatively fragile mental stability, this subject – media and teenager’s well-being -- worth...
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The Violation of Adolescent Female’s Rights in Today’s Social Media

Xi Cheng, Yutong Liu, Sihan Yang
At present, the infringement of social media on underage women cannot be underestimated. Girls are not only easy to be cheated and deceived on the Internet but also easy to disclose their personal privacy. Social media can even hurt women over sensitive issues. This paper explores the infringement of...
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Analysis on the Needham’s Question

The Impact of Political Rent-Seeking and Creative Destruction on Western Economics

Jiacheng Xue
Needham’s Question is probably the most critical discussion in the 20th century, regarding why western economies exceeded Eastern countries in terms of macroeconomics. This report will analyze this discussion from both macroeconomic and microeconomic perspectives. Firstly, Western economies were the...
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Information and Communication Technology Facilitated Parenting for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Jieru Bai, Xuelian Chen, Yining Zhu
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has become an important resource of child-rearing. More and more new parents are reported to adopt online platforms to seek parental support. Multiple researchers have reported positive effects of interventions in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder...
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Research on Curriculum Assessment Model Construction of Preschool Education Specialty Based on Ability Cultivation

Chuanshuang Hu, liang Liu, Zhonggui Xin
The undergraduate preschool education major has its own complex characteristics, and the graduates it trains must have solid theoretical knowledge and excellent practical ability. There are many ways to achieve this goal, among which curriculum assessment and process assessment are important components.
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Research on the Causes of “Feminism” Becoming Negative on Chinese Weibo

Dezhi Yang
In Today’s China, the discussion about gender conflict on social media is becoming increasingly heated and affecting social harmony and gender equality. This essay uses McLuhan’s 2 media theories (The medium is the message & Global village) to discuss why “feminism” becomes negative on Chinese Weibo....
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New Evaluation Method of Animation Image Transfer

Dixin Li
Today, many animation industries need to use landscape migration technology. However, the evaluation metrics after landscape transfer are not particularly accurate, which leads to some failed landscape transfer images being used in the final animation pages. People are reluctant to see that phenomenon....
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Chinese Animation: An Effective Vehicle for Enhancing Cultural Confidence of University Students

Based on a Questionnaire Survey Among More Than 2,000 Undergraduate Students

Ruiying Zhu
Cultural confidence of contemporary college students relates closely to the construction of socialist cultural power and the realization of the Chinese dream. In today’s society, however, many college students lack cultural confidence, which should be attached to great importance. Compared with the current...
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Production of English Monophthongs: A Preliminary Study

Tianle Zou, Suqiu Hong, Man Zhang
Phonetic is the basic carrier of language, and monophthongs are the main component of vowel system and the basis of diphthong pronunciation, which play a crucial role as the most basic unit in the sound of all languages. English learners’ perception and production of second-language (L2) vowels is affected...
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The Dilemma of China’s Education Policy

An Analysis of the Double Reduction Policy

Yue Zhang
This paper analyzes the dilemma of China’s education policy. Its main problem remains the unevenness of educational resources, with the double reduction policy as a case study focusing on the economic and social sustainability issues associated with education policy. By focusing on the drawbacks of the...
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An Overview of COVID-19 and Ongoing Development of Vaccines

Zihan Geng
Coronavirus disease 2019 (abbreviation: COVID-19), is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus type 2 (abbreviation: SARS-CoV-2). The first known patient of the disease was diagnosed in late 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China, and the disease...
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On the Balance of China’s Educational Development from the Perspective of Cultural Reproduction

Tianying Zhao
Bourdieu’s theory of cultural reproduction has significant implications for the study of educational inequality between urban and rural China. Firstly, the article analyses the impact of economic capital, which mainly includes an analysis of the income gap between urban and rural areas leading to different...
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Factors Influencing the Learning Motivation in Online Course of Second Language Teaching

Yao Yang
With the development and widespread of online courses in English as Foreign Language (EFL) classes and the outbreak of COVID-19, the learning motivation of online courses plays a significant role in second language learning. Since the 1990s, researchers have done plenty of studies of learning motivation...
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Effects of Dietary Fiber on Diet and Intestinal Microflora

Peizi Tian
There are many microorganisms in the human body, among which intestinal microbes are the most diverse and abundant. Intestinal flora refers to the general name of the microbes living in the intestinal tract, mainly composed of firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, proteobacteria, actinobacteria and other bacteria....
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The Effectiveness of Acceptance Commitment Therapy on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Meiling He, Pucong Liao, Hui Pan
Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) has been found promising in treating obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). However, there is a scarcity of systematic reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of ACT and its duration of effect. This study aims to make a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of...
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Smart City: An Innovative Understanding of Modern Society Under Sustainable Development

Qinyilin Wang
Smart City has been viewed as a popular trend to describe urban development goals in modern society. It has multiple attributes such as the urban construction of artificial intelligence (AI), ecological environment protection, individual sustainable development and green economic growth. A full understanding...
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Her Movie’s Enlightenment and Gender Ideologies from the Female Characters in Marvel Films

Huiqin Li
Recently, with the rise of her economy, the status of women has changed partly. Industries begin to value the influence of females and consider the benefits of female consumption, film as well. By inculcating feminism by some women movements, films also have to be constantly reconsidered and renewed...
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Research on the Internal Mechanism of Self-Disclosure Intention in Social Media: Based on the Perspective of Observational Learning

Yang Qian, Diao Yajing, Liang Yao, Ge Shilun
With the rapid developments of various online social media, more and more users like to post their lives and work on social media, and the disclosure of self-information on social media has attracted widespread attention from scholars. Whether it is foreign Facebook, YouTube, or domestic WeChat and Weibo,...
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The Influence of Empathy on Prosocial Behavior of Children

Yuanhang Song
The development of prosocial behavior in children is one of the most important issues in child’s psychological process, but the study of prosocial behavior is a complex and extensive field. Empathy is the basis for prosocial behavior and it is closely linked to the development of human social behavior....
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The COVID-19 Hate Crime Act: Anti-Chinese Sentiment and Xenophobia in Times of Austerity

Chu Li
On March 16, 2021, the fatal shootings that took place at three massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia, targeting women of Asian descent took away 8 innocent lives. However, this is only one of the tragic incidents that caused racial animus occurred during the pandemic. An upsurge of anti-Asian sentiment...
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Study on the Interior Design of the Leisure Space in Guantang Village of Lishui Under the Background of the Rural Revitalization

Yun Sun
In the new era, with the transformation of China’s social contradictions and the establishment of the National Rural Revitalization Administration, it not only means that the state attaches great importance to the rural revitalization, but also reflects that the people’s desire for a better life and...
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Reform and Research on Talent Training for Artificial Intelligence Major Under the Background of 1+X Certificate

Desheng Zeng, Shuanglong Pang, Lihua Chen, Xiaodan Chen, Pinzhang Xie, Yufang Tang, Cui Shao, Jianhua Fang, Huahai Chen
With the implementation of the “National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan”, our school took the implementation of the “1+X” certificate system pilot as an opportunity to carry out in-depth construction and reform of the artificial intelligence technology application major and build a platform...
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On Translation Competence and Its Acquisition

Ying Wang
Translation Studies has yet to build up a generally accepted definition and model of translation competence. As a matter of fact, the concept of translation competence has been defined in several manners. As detailed models for linguistic competence have been developed, componential models for translation...
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Comparative Analysis of Modern Chinese and Western Culture Based on Several Literary Works

Yanjun Chen
In Modern China, early 18th century Ireland and modern England, this paper analyzes the collision between Modern Chinese and Western literature under their distinct cultures, specifically to focus on the works of Revolutionary Chinese Modern writer, Lu Xun, A Madman’s Diary (1918), and What Happens after...
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Combining Virtual Idols and Mainstream Media in the Context of Integrated Media —Taking the Case of Luo TianYi for Example

Yufei Zhang
The fusion of two-dimensional and three-dimensional has been a hot topic in recent years. As the first phenomenal virtual singer in China, Luo Tianyi is also gradually becoming the new favourite of major mainstream media. Using Luo Tianyi as an example, this paper examines the degree to which virtual...
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Study on the International Communication Strategy of Chinese Film and Television

Ruijing Liu, Zhenggang Shi, Yiting Zhu
China has undoubtedly risen as a world power in recent decades, mainly by its constantly increasing economic strength and diplomatic importance worldwide. However, in terms of soft power, China has been lagging. Among all types of soft power apparatuses, the film and television (TV) industry in China...
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Barriers to Disney Live-Action Movie Mulan: A Study Among Chinese Audience’s Attitude Towards Mulan (2020)

Siyang Chen, Yue Gao, Junhong Ruan
This article puts Mulan (2020) as the starting point, analyzing the different thoughts of the movie from the west and the Chinese to show the different cultural cognition given by different nationalities and the Chinese’ reaction on how Disney dealt the difference in the movie. Previous scholars mainly...
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We, Contemporaneity, Bygone: A Re-examination of Halbwachs’s Concept of Collective Memory

Ye Mao, Chen Rong
Looking back on the early exploration process of academic memory research and exploring the path of the proposed collective memory theory, that is, sociologists need to investigate the social construction of memory and the game and hegemony process of power behind it, and pay attention to the multiple...
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Design and Practice of Hybrid Course Support Guarantee System Based on Learning Power Model

Min Li, Dandan Li
To promote the “learning-centered, teaching-led” classroom teaching reform, promote the integration of information technology and the teaching process, requires vigorous promotion of hybrid course construction.The questionnaire survey shows that there are problems of unclear construction goals, weak...
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Japan’s Changing Perception of East Asia from Mid-19th Century to Mid-20th Century

Michelle Chiang
The 19th century marked the collapse of the Confucian order in East Asia that had been maintained for centuries ahead. Amongst the chaos stirred by the unconstrained force of Western imperialism, Japan alone secured not only its independence but rose to become the new order of the Eastern hemisphere...
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The Influence of Poor Government Control on the Financial Crisis

Junjie Ran
The financial crisis always makes detrimental impacts on a national economy or even global economy, and the causes of the financial crises are various. Moreover, most of the time there is not only one factor that will contribute to the occurrence of financial crises, usually there are combined factors....
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Visualization of Modern Warfare with Chinese Chess

Zixuan Wang
Some models visualize different warfare, such as dynamic images online, and real combat models. Although there are people comparing warfare and international relation with a game of chess, rarely have models appear. International relations are just like chess, where nations compete on a huge platform...
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A System Review on the Influence of Children’s Second Language Skills on Their First Language Reading Level

Jiani Xu
In the context of globalization, research on the effects of bilingualism on cognitive functioning is one of the hot topics in psychology and linguistics. Previous studies on bilingual processing have shown that native language skills can influence second language acquisition, but studies on the effects...
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Structural Metaphor in the Preface and Text of Lu Xun’s A Madman’s Diary

Li Mengqian
In Lu Xun’s Madman’s diary, the preface and the text belong to two different discourse systems: the traditional discourse represented by the etiquette of “cannibalism” and the “Enlightenment” discourse represented by anti-feudalism. The relationship between tradition and enlightenment is reflected through...
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The Predicament and Countermeasures of the Career Development of Study Trip Tutors in Primary and Secondary Schools

Ruiyun Li, Jiajue Fang, Xiaoyan Yu
Incorporating study trips into primary and secondary education teaching plans is not only a supplement and improvement to China’s current education model, but it is also a change from traditional teaching methods. Carrying out study trips and practical education activities can effectively promote the...
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Review of Mindfulness Uses, Influencing Factors and Application

Kexin Li
Mindfulness is the practice of consciously focusing your attention on the present moment, without assessment, and is a skill developed through meditation or other exercises. Mindfulness stems from Sati, an important element of the Buddhist tradition, which is based on Zen and Tibetan meditation techniques....
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“Honeycomb”: The Endogenous Power of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance

Nan Chen, Xiaodong Huang
Dynamics of the transmission of intangible cultural heritage has been a major concern in recent years. With the administrative and production dynamics mechanisms facing questions and practical difficulties, how to explore and stimulate the endogenous dynamics of intangible cultural heritage conservation...
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The Study of the Influence of Social Media on Post-Truth Era

Yan Su
With the development of network technology and information society, social media has become a popular platform that users in increasing numbers choose to use. As a new way of life, it changes the way people think and behave. Social media also continues to exert a greater influence. Therefore, this paper...