Proceedings of the International Conference on Islamic Education (ICIE 2018)

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Effectiveness of Dzikir Therapy in Improving Religious Commitment

Ulfiah Ulfiah
One of the challenges of future education is the continuity of value education. In order for the noble values that become the reference in behavior, can be transformed from generation to generation, especially in order to dismiss the negative impacts of social change, continuous efforts must be made...
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Prototype of the Arab School in the Kingdom of Sambas of West Borneo in the Early 20th Century

Erwin Mahrus
In West Borneo, of the fourteen sultanates that one existed, Sambas was the most dynamic Malay kingdom in its intellectual history. Sambas was once known as the "Terrace of Mecca" in West Kalimantan. It was due to the fact that this area has many scholars who once lived and studied for years in the Holy...
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Assessment Instruments Development of Islamic Values in Experiment with Natural Pectin as a Corrosion Inhibitor

Cucu Zenab Subarkah, Muhammad Minan Chusni, Asri Nuansa Qolbi, Mahmud Mahmud
Experimental activities should be complemented by an assessment instrument that requires learners in addition to scientific thinking can also develop values. This study aims to develop an assessment instrument of Islamic values on the experimental use of pektin from lemon peel as a corrosion inhibitor....
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Analysis of the Components of Knowledge Management on the Postgraduate IAIN Kendari

Ambar Sri Lestari, Shabrur Rijal Hamka
This study aims to describe the component analysis of Knowledge Management at Postgraduate IAIN Kendari that includes elements of people, process and technology. This research uses qualitative descriptive method, research respondents are students, Postgraduate lecturer at once Manager IAIN Kendari. Data...
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The Assumption Testing and Compatibility Model of Final Examination in Islamic Religious Education by Item Response Theory

Lian G. Otaya
This study aimed to examine unidimension assumption, local independency and parameter invariance and also compatibility of model at final examination in Islamic education subject by item response theory. Research Methodology used in this research is quantitative research with expose-facto approach. Data...
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Higher Order Thinking Skills at Moral Learning

Asep Nursobah, Uus Ruswandi, Andewi Suhartini, Tuti Hayati
Higher order thinking skills need to be owned by someone who lives in the 21st century, to deal with the constantly changing environment and complex challenges. Aspects of thinking skills are also needed to determine moral actions in the sphere of character. Such thinking skills include critical and...
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Development of Madrasah Teacher Professionalism by Strengthening the Khalifah Concept and Islamic Psychosocial Perspective

Syahraini Tambak, Amril M, Zuriatul Khairi, Desi Sukenti
The purpose of this study is to analyze the model of professionalism development of madrasah teachers by strengthening the khalifah concept and Islamic psychosocial in Madrasah Aliyah Riau Province. Putting the khalifah concept and Islamic psychosocial as a variable forecasters is one approach in developing...
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Plant Physiology with Mathematic and Art Religion Engineering Science and Technology Approach

Tri Wahyu Agustina, Nuryani Y. Rustaman, Riandi Riandi, Widi Purwianingsih
Penelitian ini bertujuan memperoleh gambaran peningkatan kemampuan mahasiswa menghasilkan produk laporan praktikum. Penelitian pada pembelajaran Fisiologi Tumbuhan yaitu praktikum pembuatan Kompos dan Akuaponik. Metode penelitian yaitu desain mixed embedded. Data utama berupa data kuantitatif yaitu hasil...
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Islamic Teacher Competency in Madrasah

Undang Burhanudin, Nurhamzah Nurhamzah, Saepudin Rahmatullah, Jamaludin Jamaludin
The subject of Islamic Religious Education in madrasah is a field of study which has some contents, such as; aqidah akhlak, al quran hadith, fiqih (jurisprudence), and history of Islamic culture. The main problem faced in madrasah today is still low competence of Islamic religious education teachers....
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Prophetic Bases of Islamic Moderation of State Islamic Higher Education (PTKIN)

Moh. Sulhan, Hasbiyallah Hasbiyallah, Dadan Nurul Haq
One of the elements of Indonesian Islam that plays a strategic role in developing Islam Indonesia rahmatan lil 'alamin is the State Islamic Higher Education or PTKIN. The dynamics of Islam in Indonesia increasingly reveals in the era of the 1960s and decades of the 70s when institutionally the Ministry...
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The Development of Hadith Expert Comparison Of Science Curriculum Of Hadith Ma’had Aly And PTKIN

Muhammad Munadi, Abdul Matin bin Salman
This study is a library research about the development of Ma’had Aly in Indonesia. The result of this study shows that Java Island still dominates the distribution of Formal Ma’had Aly while some islands like Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua don’t. Moreover, the current Ma’had Aly is still dominated by...
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Development of Inquiry Learning Model in Islamic Religious Education (PAI) Subject in Elementary School

Asnelly Ilyas, Z.Mawardi Effendi, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Azwar Ananda
Basic implementation of learning Islamic Religious Education (Law No.20 of 2003, PP No.5 of 2007). Researchers found problems in the implementation of learning PAI, the dominant was cognitive, and the learning method used tended to lecture, the lack of critical thinking, systematic, analytic development,...
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Al-Khawarizmi : Algebra Factory Method

Agus Hikmat Syaf, Riva Lesta Ariany, Tika Kalina Rachmawati
Many students find it difficult to understand the concept of algebra because it is abstract, so it is necessary that the abstract method of algebra become more concrete, one of the methods that can be used is Al-Khawarizmi method. This Research is intended to analyze students’ mistakes in working out...
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Microteaching Program Based on Islamic Values

Zainal Asril, Z. Mawardi Efendi, Eri Berlian, Jalius Jama
Microteaching is one of training concept that can be applied at various pre-service and in-service stage in the professional development of teacher, and also prepare the teacher to be professional teacher. The purpose of this research is to develop microteaching learning model for Education of Islamic...
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Confidence, Flexibility and Student’s Appreciation in Solving Mathematic Problems through Resource-Based Learning

Ehda Farlina, Intan Susilawati, Juariah Juariah, Rahayu Kariadinata
This study is a quantitative descriptive research that aims to determine the ability of self-confidence, flexibility, and appreciation of students in solving math problems through Resource-Based Learning. A saturated sampling technique was used to assign a sample of 115 students. The data used are PAM...
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Curriculum Model of Excellence Madrasah Ibtidaiyah in Indonesia

Yayan Carlian, Anas Salahudin, Ujang Dedih, Hariman Surya Siregar
The purpose of this research is to know the curriculum model from goal aspect, implementation procedure or content selection, and method aspect and evaluation of developed curriculum. The method used in this research is a qualitative approach using ethnographic method of case study. Technique of collecting...
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Improvement of Mathematical Lateral Thinking Skills and Student Character through Challenge-Based Learning

Wati Susilawati, Iyon Maryono, Tutut Widiastuti, Ridha Abdullah
the challenge relevance of lateral thinking and mathematical character that indicate geometry eternal issue is the most controversial mathematics branch, the difficult incomprehension source unit, at all levels of education. This research aims to improve the students’ ability of lateral thinking and...
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Development of Student Worksheet Based on a Scientific Approach for Rotational Dynamics Concept

Herni Yuniarti Suhendi, Diah Mulhayatiah, Endah Kurnia Yuningsih, Adam Malik, Resy Fauziah, Ryan Ardiansyah
Experience is divided into learning. Student worksheet is used as a medium to train students critical skills. The research design used is ADDIE approach. The ADDIE stage it uses Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Validation testing of some experts is a way to look at the feasibility...
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Using Case-Based Reasoning To Solve Water Purification Problems

Nita Andriani Safitri, Saepudin Rahmatullah, Yudi Dirgantara, Ida Farida
This study is based on the importance of students developing skills to solve daily life problems related to dirty water purification. Through case-based reasoning, students solve problems by applying basic chemical concepts. The application of case base reasoning is performed using one shot case study...
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Students’ Capabilities in Designing A Mathematics Lesson Plan (RPP) Based on Islamic Values

Asep Jihad, Yayu Nurhayati Rahayu, Ida Nuraida
Research on the development of Mathematics Education students' ability in designing the lesson plan of math based on religion (Islam) is motivated by the fact that the students who follow the micro teaching course besides have the ability to teach, also have to be able to make the lesson plan. The context...
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Environmental Management of the Islamic Perspective

Ara Hidayat, Hary Priatna
Environmental problems are currently inevitable. The problems are amplified by low level of public awareness about environment and the ever-increasing level of environmental damage done by irresponsible people. Education plays an important role in changing people’s paradigms about environment. People...
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The Model of National Character Education in Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School of Banyuanyar, Pamekasan Madura

Zainuddin Syarif, Abdul Gaffar
Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School of Banyuanyar is one of the oldest Islamic boarding schools in Pamekasan that had implemented the character building values. Therefore, the national character education was assumed had been applied too. Another proof is seen from the fatwa (instructions) or the policy...
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The Classical Book Teaching and Learning Model for Children Boarding House

Siswanto Siswanto, Bunai Bunai
This research purposes to describe a background of choosing classical book teaching and learning model to children boarding house at Maktab Nubdzatul Bayan al-Majidiyah Palduding Pagantenan Pamekasan Madura, classical book teaching and learning model applied to santri, and the implication of teaching...
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Educational Values of Madrasah PUI

Andewi Suhartini, Jaja Jahari, Asep Nursobah, Hasan Basri
Religious organizations of the Union of Muslims (PUI) in Indonesia have an important influence in coloring education, especially in West Java. Proven schools and madrasah PUI spread especially from early childhood, basic, secondary and higher education. As the ultimate value of the PUI organization is...
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Design of Arabic Learning Media Based on Compact Disc for Madrasah Tsanawiyah

Rini Rini
Arabic learning in the madrasah Tsanawiyah still uses textbooks as a learning material. Meanwhile, the progress of the era demands the development of language learning media that is more contemporary, so it does not seem boring for students. The existing learning modules are still in print, and there...
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Digital Transformation Prospects in Islamic Higher Education: Opportunities, Challenges and Its Impacts

Mulyawan Safwandy Nugraha, Dadang Sahroni, Aeni Latifah
According to the World Economic Forum, a Fourth Industrial Revolution is now building momentum, characterized by a fusion of technologies that blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. Indonesia faces demographic bonus demands and rapid technological developments to produce...
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The Importance of Exclusive Breast Milk and Complementary Foods in the Perspective of Islam

Sri Maryanti, Meti Maspupah, Asrianty Mas’ud, Sri Hartati, Dede Trie Kurniawan
Breastfeeding in the Islamic religion is a very importing. In the Qur'an mentioned, the period of breastfeeding in the teachings of Islam is two years. Word of Allah, Mothers shall suckle their children for two full years, that is for those who want perfect breastfeeding, (Surah al-Baqarah: 233). It...
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The Potential of the Senses in Al-Quran as the Basic Elements of the Human Physic and Its Application in Learning

Sawaluddin Sawaluddin, Munzir Hitami, Zikri Darussamin, Sainab Sainab
The Quran explains, that the physical aspect, the human has, that form which can be in the form of the body senses. This research aims to analyze the potential of senses in Al-Quran contained in the human self as the basic elements of the human Physic and its application in the Study of Islamic religious...
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Integrative Education Paradigm Based on Local Culture (Analysis of Contextual Interpretation of Qur'anic Verses on the Purpose of Human Creation)

Anwar Mujahidin
The Qur'an is one of the sources of science in the perspective of Islamic epistemology. The Qur'an provides a paradigm such as the values ​​and the concepts about an object in a field of science. Integrative education is conceived to provide solutions for a partial education system, running independently...
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Case Study: The Optimization of the Functions of Islamic Religious Education in Ponorogo

Ju’subaidi Ju’subaidi, Winantu Kurnianingtyas Sri Agung
This article discusses the evaluation of supervision program as the main duties of Islamic Religious Education Supervisor at School. These duties include academic and managerial supervision conducted by Islamic religious education supervisors throughout Ponorogo schools. In this case, Ponorogo was chosen...
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Islam, Local Knowledge and Preservation of Land (A Case Study in Cijambu Village, Tanjungsari-Sumedang)

Agus Widana, Hariman Surya Siregar, Asis Saefudin, Hilman Mangkuwibawa
The environmental problem faced by humanity cannot be separated from habitual tradition (sunnatullah) which has the natural phenomenon. Human as a leader (khalifah) on the earth should carry out good deeds and keep away from corrupt deeds. The environmental damage is generally caused by human actions,...
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Evaluation of Teacher Performance to Quality Learning in Madrasah Aliyah (A Comparative Study between Madrasah Aliyah Model and Non-Model Madrasah Aliyah in West Java)

Qiqi Yuliati Zaqiah, Dadang Suhendar, Novy Maryani
Teacher performance evaluation needs to be done at an educational institution with the aim to see the quality of teachers as the key determinant of success of an educational institution. Qualified teachers in turn are expected to improve the quality of learning. The purpose of this research is to know...
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Optimizing the Instructional Implementation of Islamic Education and Characters Based on the 2013-National Curriculum

Ujang Dedih, Dadan F Ramdhan, Nanang Kosim
This study aims to describe and analyze the implementation of learning Islamic Education and character in SMAN Bandung on the implementation aspect, the level of effectiveness of the 2013 curriculum of learning Islamic education and character in the curriculum 2013. The theoretical framework used in...
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Model of Islamic Education Curriculum Development to Improve Students’ Creative Thinking

Aan Hasanah, Qiqi Yuliati Zaqiah, Yeti Heryati
This study aimed to develop a curriculum model of Islamic education to promote students’ creative thinking. The subject of the study are elementary school students in Bandung, Indonesia. To collect data, the study employed test, observation, interview, and model trial to measure four aspects of students’...
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Building Academic and Pedagogic Cultures: A Case Study at Departement of Social Studies Islamic University in Indonesia

Mohamad Liwa Irrubai, Tatang Ibrahim, Rusmawan Rusmawan, Dede Rohaniawati
Teaching staffs in Islamic universities have an important role in realizing democratic values. The classroom is a space of freedom to think dialogue and reflect values. In the fact, teaching staffs do not have the maximum role in realizing the academic culture. The duty of teaching staffs in Indonesia...
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Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani's Approach Assessing the Transmitter Shia Qualifies the Tsiqah in the Book Tahdzib Al-Tahdzib

Khairil Ikhsan Siregar
The scholars of critics hadith differ when judging the transmitters by praise respectively which are then categorized in the level of al-jarh and al-ta'deel, then from the commentators the scholars of critics hadith determine the qualifications of the transmeters of hadith. The question explored in this...
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The Face of Al-Quran on Islamic Education Curriculum in Indonesia

Heri Khoiruddin, Ade Nandang, Heris Herwaman
The success of Rasulullah in changing the behavior of Arab society, was influenced among others by the coming of the Koran. The verse that descended on Mecca was in accord with the needs of the people of Mecca at that time. The periodization of the coming of the Koran is the stage of teaching in Islamic...
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Comparative Analysis from Experimental Psychology: Application of Behavior Modification Methods for Children with Down Syndrome Based on Islamic Value

Asti Meiza, Diah Puspasari, N Kardinah
The Holy Qur’an Surah An Nisa verses nine said that people must fear to let their child in weakly future even though they were special needs child. Statistics said that the presence of special needs kids have increased, particularly Indonesia. This research subjects are children with Down Syndrome. Down...
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Inheritance Model-Based Character Values of Local Wisdom

Nurhamzah Nurhamzah, Tedi Priatna, Aan Hasanah, Payiz Zawahir Muntaha
This study aims to: 1) know the inheritance of local cultural values in Kampung Adat Pulo Garut (Kampung Adat); 2) know the model of character inheritance in Kampung Adat; and 3) know the values of characters that can be implemented as a base forming the character of the nation. So these findings can...
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Spiritual Leadership Values and Practices: An Analysis in Islamic Higher Education

Zakiyulfikri Ali, Hariman Surya Siregar, Siti Nuraeni Muhtar, M. Rendi Aridhayandi
This study presents an analysis on spiritual leadership values and practices in Islamic higher education. The aim of this analysis is to explain the phenomena and implications of spiritual leadership values and practices in Islamic higher education as seen through the lecturers. The research questions...
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Education Values in Local Wisdom Awik-awik to Enviromental Conservation in Lombok Indonesia

Mohamad Liwa Irrubai, Idrus Affandi, Nana Supriatna, Dede Rohaniawati
This paper describes the education values on local wisdom Awik-awik Sesaot Village, Narmada District, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara and how the history of birth, content/material, implementation, and education values contained in the local wisdom Awik-awik Sesaot village. This research is a qualitative...
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Efforts to Increase Students’ Participation in Islamic Early Childhood Education Research at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta

Yuyun Yulianingsih, Heri Hidayat, Aam Kurnia, Siti Aisah
This research is motivated by the strategic objectives of the Directorate of Islamic Higher Education of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in 2015-2019, namely "Quality, Relevance and Competitiveness" in the implementation of Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi. The improvement of...
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Polyculture Strategy: Integration of Islamic Values, National Character, and Local Wisdom in Science Learning

Dindin Nasrudin, Idad Suhada, Chaerul Rochman, Imelda Helsy, A. Heris Hermawan
The approach of science learning in Islamic schools is not only directed to master the concept and its application. However, science is used as a medium to foster positive character, increase faith in the creator, relate well to others, and maintain harmony with the environment. The purpose of this research...
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Analysis of Ability Profile of Mathematic of Chemical Education Students’ on Chemical Question Solving

Sari Sari, Tika Karlina Rachmawati, Muhammad Ali Ramdhani
The purpose of this study is to find correlation between mathematic ability to chemistry learning outcomes of students of Chemical Education Study Program. This research used mixed method (Quantitative-Qualitative Mixed Method) with quantitative descriptive research design. The population of this research...
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Strengthen Students’ Character through Inquiry Based Termochemical I Experiment

O Sobandi, S Sari
The 21st century skills needed is a quality of character, and basic literacy in order to realize the gold generation in 2045. Strengthening of the characters on all levels of education is to strengthen moral values, morality, and the personality of students by strengthening the character education integrated...
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Investigating Tamyiz Method for Learning Kitab Kuning within 100 Hours: An Educational Management Perspective

Supiana Supiana, Badrudin Badrudin, Farhan Farhan
Kitab Kuning (Islamic book used as a source of learning in pesantren) was considered difficult by santri (students at pesantren. There are many method to learn kitab kuning and one of them is Tamyiz method. This method is expected overcome difficulties in reading Kitab Kuning. It serves as key strategies...
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Window Shopping Learning Model on Islamic Education and Creative-Collaborative Skill Improvement

Mumu Abdurrohman, Dindin Nasrudin, Aep Saepurrohman, Irfan Ahmad Zein, Imas Kurniati
In the modern era, Islamic Education (IE) for adolescents does not have to use a dogmatic approach. Creative efforts are needed to make religious learning not only effective but also enjoyable. This research would like to reveal the results of qualitative analysis of the IE's learning process by using...
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Development Model Islamic Education of Basic and Intermediete Level Pesantren Based (Islamic Boarding School)

Mohamad Erihadiana, Jaja Jahari
This study tried to describe an integrated school education model developed at this time. Through this research can be designed and developed based education model pesantren (boarding school) as a renewal of modern pesantren education system. This study used a qualitative approach naturalistic using...
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The Development of Madrasah Laboratory in Islamic Higher Institution: A Case Study in Indonesia and New Zealand

Tedi Priatna, Dindin Jamaluddin, Aan Hasanah
This study was conducted based on several factors. Firstly, a fact that there are no models for madrasah laboratory (Islamic School) with national standards. Secondly, a need to have a standardized laboratory models of madrasah with the uniqueness of each Islamic Higher Institution. And the last, a need...
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Holistics Paradigm in the Development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

Zubaedi Zubaedi
This article discusses the holistic paradigm in the development of EQ, and SQ. This article is written on the assumption that the perfect man (Insan kamil) is a human being that develops all the potential or intelligence, both physical potential, spiritual, and intellect (IQ, EQ, and SQ). This study...
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Accreditation-Based Education Quality of Madrasah Diniyah in the Regional Autonomy Era

Cecep Anwar, Ida Rosyidah, Wawan Setiawan, Ea Cahya Septia Mahen, Ade Aisyah
This study describes the curriculum, the state of the teacher, students, infrastructure, learning process and the condition or improvement of the education quality in Madrasah Diniyah Takmiliyah Awaliyah (MDTA) in Sukabumi after accreditation. This study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive analytical...
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The Hadith Perspective on Educational Funding

Maslani Maslani, Ratu Suntiah, Yasniwarti Yasniwarti, Ujang Dedih
Educational funding is the provision of the necessary financial resources for the administration and management of education. The purpose of this study is to analyse and find the hadith perspective on educational funding. The analysis used in the discussion of this article is a qualitative analysis with...
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The Implementation of Religious Humanistic Pedagogy to Building Student Character

Anas Salahudin, Yayan Carlian, Dede Rohaniawati, Neng Gustini, Hilman Mangkuwibawa
This study presents the concept of humanistic-religious pedagogy to developing the character of students and application in learning. Pedagogic as a science that especially educates children is very strategic given to be studied, either by a teacher at the elementary level of education of elementary...
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Training and Maintenance of Use of Kefir Milk for Healing Degenerative Disease Symptoms of Tanjungsari Elderly Muslim

Neneng Windayani, Tuti Kurniati, Yulia Sukmawardhani, Milla Listiawati, Nurhamzah Nurhamzah
The dedication of Lecturers to the Society aims to improve the quality of health of the assisted elderly through the utilization of milk kefir based on the resources potential of Tanjungsari region, socialization and community empowerment, especially the elderly in the manufacture and usage of household...
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Developmental Psychological Analysis of the Hadith of Prayers for Children

Acep Komarudin, Erihadiana Erihadiana, Teti Ratnasih, Asep Andi Rahman, A. Mujahid Rasyid
The aim of this study is to explore the early command of prayer for children in the study of depelopment of psychological. This research is carried out by analyzing prophet tradition about the beginning of the command of prayer for the child and analyzed by using the depelopment of psychological perspective....
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Character Education through the Obligation to Wear Santri’s Dress

Muhammad Sulthan Mazaya, Hilda Ainissyifa
Dress is a part of the wearer identity, which is believed that wearing a certain dress will affect the wearer’s behavior and can reflect the wearer’s emotion, which at the same time can affect the other people’s emotions. This study is aimed at discussing the impact of wearing typical dresses of santri...