Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

1808 authors
Gou, Shuang
Six-legged Walking Robot’s Gait Planning and Kinematics Analysis under the Environment of Concave Ground
Gou, Xingfei
Effect of powdered activated carbon particle size on the flow field in membrane filtration system
Gu, S.Y.
The Ultra-hard Honing Oilstones
Gu, Weidong
CloudTCast: A Video Distribution Solution Based on Cloud and Tree-based ALM
Gu, Yuefeng
Application of Electric Information Acquisition and Analysis Platform in Energy Saving and Reducing Loss
Guan, Binglei
Application Research for Ultrasonic Flaw Identification Based on Support Vector Machine
Guan, Fei
Experimental Study on the Noise Distribution Law in Sound Field of the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Near Wake
Guan, Shuwei
Analysis and Application of Torsion Impact Tool in Igneous Rock
Guan, Weili
Digital Display Design of Ethnic Clothing of Nanling
Gui, Hongxing
Effects of Lactoalbumin Addition to Vulcanized Rubber Determined by RPA2000
Gui, Hongxing
Effects of Ammonia/HTT Compound Preservative on the Preservation and Properties of Concentrated Natural Rubber Latex
Guo, Fei
Research of Augmented Reality based on Unity3D
Guo, Jianfeng
Effects of Lactoalbumin Addition to Vulcanized Rubber Determined by RPA2000
Guo, Jiang
Map Building Method Based On Improved D-S Evidence Theory For Mobile Robot
Guo, Jilian
The Estimating Method of Military Aircraft R&D Cost Based on Hierarchical Partial Least Squares Regression
Guo, Kai
Thermal stability and Anti-Corrosion analysis of alloy coatings on Overhead Ground Wires
Guo, Kai
Effect of shot blasting on Aerial Aluminum Conductor corrosion behavior
Guo, Liang
Research on Multifunctional Float-assisting, Bulletproof, Puncture-proof Composite Clothes
Guo, Qiyong
Brain network for Chinese character processing and brain computer interface
Guo, Rui
Design and Implementation of Scenic Area Information Service System based on Semantic IoT
Guo, Shuang
Fabrication and photocatalytic properties of porous crystalline titanium dioxide film co-doped with Fe and Si by PEO
Guo, Tao
Effect of Explosive Properties on the Energy Distribution of Blasting Seismic Waves in Carbonate Rocks
Guo, Wei
Application of static tilt adjustment evaluation method in optical recording
Guo, WeiLian
Research on a novel Dual-Base Transistor (DUBAT) in 0.5 m Standard Si-base CMOS Process
Guo, Weijia
Fuzzy Controller Considering of Historical State of Error
Guo, Xiao
Research on Method to Determine the Business Function of Logistic Support Informational System for Equipment
Guo, Xiuli
Research status and development trend of Urea-SCR technology
Guo, Xiwei
Design of laser detection instrument of a certain type of missile
Guo, YaRu
Noise Distribution of the Internal Combustion Engine
Guo, Yangkuan
Research on measurement regions for Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines based on DBSCAN
Guo, Yanliang
The Pig Food Intake Measurement System Based on TinyOS and WSN
Guo, Yong
The research on the technique of geospatial information service component
Guo, Yuanshen
Design of the Experiment System for Intelligent Low Oxygen Culture Box
Guo, Zhijun
Study on Drop Test of Electric Vehicle Battery
Guo, Ziang
A Mining Algorithm of Frequent Items in Data Streams Based on Apache Storm
HU, Fang Feng
Research on Hamilton Graph Determining Algorithm
Han, Baozhong
Research on EPDM Matrix Nonlinear Insulation Composites
Han, Baozhong
Research on Effect of Modified Semi Conductive Material on the Space Charge Behaviour in XLPE
Han, Dan
Design and Implementation of Personalized Network Teaching Management System Based On the JSP
Han, Gang
Field test research for optimization design under condition of complex Soil Stratum
Han, L.
The Effect of High Temperature Coolant and Lubricant on Cutting Process
Han, Ning
Drug Distribution Analysis of Controlling the Ebola Epidemic Based on the Intelligent Systems
Han, Tao
The Research of NC Programming Method Based on DXF File
Han, Wanjiang
Data mining and analysis based on online teaching platform
Han, Wenxin
Application of Electric Information Acquisition and Analysis Platform in Energy Saving and Reducing Loss
Han, Xiao
Online Traffic Congestion Prediction Based on Random Forest
Han, Zhe
Development and Application of the Special Tools for the Cleaning of Screw Fittings
Hang, Yu
A design and implementation of Pulse-Measure instrument based on Microcontroller
Hao, Yanzhong
A Gray Level Image Detection and Segmentation Algorithm Based on Average Intensity Project and Shift Gaussian Model
Hao, Yilong
Classification of transient power quality disturbance based on S-transform and fuzzy KNN
He, Chengshuo
Application of Electric Information Acquisition and Analysis Platform in Energy Saving and Reducing Loss
He, Chuan
Analysis on the Optical Fiber Transmission Maintenance and Management in Communication Engineering
He, Chuan
The Study on the Effect Factors of Single-mode Fiber Optical Signal Transmission Time Delay
He, Chuan
The Study on the Application of EPON Technology in Optical Fiber to the Home Broadband Access Network Design
He, Chuan
The Study on the Digital Optical Fiber Communication Access Network Technology and its Application
He, Dan
The application of Virtualization technology in Grid Computing
He, Guo
Design of Non-contact Height Detecting System for a Marine Diesel Engine
He, Jin
The Application of Intelligent Voice Analysis Technology in the Customer Call Center of Telecom Operators
He, Jinlian
The design and research of logistics structure system based on computer network
He, Jun
Modeling and Simulation of Large Synchronous Generator Excitation System with PSASP
He, Jun
Study on Influence of Excitation System Parameters on Transient Characteristics of Power Units
He, Ning
The Method Study of A kind of Data Driven Pressure Sensor’s Real Time Fault Diagnosis
He, Peng
Energy storage station and Distributed power Synergistic dispatching management system
He, Shiwei
Research on Earning Warning of Railway Freight Based on Support Vector Regression (SVR)
He, Wenli
Information system of the rare endangered plants in Poyang Lake watershed
He, Xiang
Screening Method Research on Main Water Polluters of Liao River in Jinzhou
He, Xiang
Diagnosis and Assessment of Metallurgical Industry Wastewater Treatment Technology of Liaohe Basin
He, Xiang
Screening Method Research on Main Water Polluters of Liao River in Fushun
He, Xiao-gang
Overview of Quantum Key Distribution
He, Yunlai
Traffic Organization and Control Strategy of Expressway Tunnel Group
He, Zeyu
Research on Elevator Energy Feedback based on Active Inverter
He, Zhirong
Analysis of the Reinforced Retaining Wall Seismic Dynamic Response and its Ground Motion Parameter Tensor
Hong, Ao
A Novel Radon Transform and AR Model in Crack Detection
Hong, Guang
A kind of crane loading and unloading simulation based on finite-state Machine
Hong, Tingyu
Research of Augmented Reality based on Unity3D
Hong, Ying
Study on Term Weight Calculation Based on Information Gain and Entropy
Hou, Jili
Study of Longkou Oil Shale Pyrolysis Behavior with Bitumen as the Intermediate
Hou, Jili
Comparison analysis of pollutant emissions factor for Lantan combustion instead of raw coal
Hou, Xilu
Synthesis and photoluminescence characteristics of Eu3+ doped Bi4Si3O12 red emitting phosphor
Hou, Xingzhe
Research and Experiment on Field Warning Device of Non-contact Type
Hou, Ying
An Eliminating Brightness Differences Algorithm for Lunar Surface Image
Hu, Hao
A protocol anomaly detection method based on optimized hidden Markov model
Hu, Hefei
A Hierarchical Resource Allocation Algorithm for Satellite Networks Based on MF-TDMA
Hu, Lanxin
Research on the Behavior Data Collection based on Mobile Location
Hu, Mengjie
The application of LM-BP Neural Network in the Circulating Fluidized Bed Unit
Hu, Mengsha
The Development of Sulfate Scale Inhibitor for RO System
Hu, Minhui
A Modeling method for Reconfigurable Processor Performance Analysis
Hu, Qi
The analysis of a precast sheer wall building
Hu, Qiumei
Analysis of the information management level optimization of the information security in E-commerce
Hu, Sanqing
Caution on causality analysis of ERP data
Hu, Sicong
Study of Failure Analysis of Power Transistors
Hu, Tieyu
Numerical Simulation of Winglet to Optimization Design
Hu, Tieyu
The calculation and analysis of the trailing vortex influence in the flight of aircraft
Hu, Tieyu
The pitch and yaw motion coupling research on bionic arm
Hu, Weihua
A Mining Algorithm of Frequent Items in Data Streams Based on Apache Storm
Hu, Xiao
Video Face Recognition based on External General Dictionary
Hu, Xing
Simulation on the plunge stage in refill friction stir spot welding of Aluminum Alloys
Hu, Yang
Research on Multi-service Unified Bearing Electric Power Communication Access Network
Hu, Yinghui
Planar Near-field Scanner System Error Analysis
Hu, Yishuang
MPPT Algorithm Based on the Perturbation and Observation with Variable Metric