Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

1808 authors
Hu, Yuchuan
Modeling and Simulation of Large Synchronous Generator Excitation System with PSASP
Huai, Xiaoji
Design of a Single-phase Asynchronous Motor under the Wide Voltage and Realization of MATLAB Program
Huang, Bihui
Ball mill feeding based on fuzzy adaptive control system
Huang, Chaobing
Detection and tracking of multiple moving targets in complex conditions
Huang, Danjie
Real-time and Accurate Acoustic Indoor Localization With a Smartphone
Huang, Dechen
The Research of NC Programming Method Based on DXF File
Huang, Dengchao
A Topology Model with Energy- and Location-awareness based on the Laws of Internal Evolution of the Wireless Sensor Network
Huang, Fang
Harmonic Response Analysis of a Kind of Adjustable Hybrid Oil Film Bearing in High-speed Roll Grinder
Huang, Jiaoying
Study of Failure Analysis of Power Transistors
Huang, Jiaoying
Failure Analysis of Au-Al Wire Bonding to MOSFETs
Huang, Jincai
Higher Order Mechanical and Electric Fields for Arbitrarily Oriented Crack with the Physical Weak-Discontinuity
Huang, Jing
Application Research for Ultrasonic Flaw Identification Based on Support Vector Machine
Huang, Jipan
Development and Verification of A Small CMOS Digital Standard Cell Library Based on SMIC 130nm Process
Huang, Junjie
Study on Gallop Early-warning System of Transmission Line Based on Real-time Weather Information
Huang, Lei
Rough set theory in discretization method based on genetic algorithm
Huang, Lingfang
The Modification and Implementation of Campus Network Client
Huang, Maofang
Effects of Lactoalbumin Addition to Vulcanized Rubber Determined by RPA2000
Huang, Maofang
Effects of Ammonia/HTT Compound Preservative on the Preservation and Properties of Concentrated Natural Rubber Latex
Huang, Min
The design and implementation of UML-based students’ information management system
Huang, Ping
Cellular Antenna Location Optimization in Distributed MIMO Systems
Huang, Rui
Attitude control of short-range loitering missile based on ADRC
Huang, Wentao
Study on Influence of Excitation System Parameters on Transient Characteristics of Power Units
Huang, Xiuquan
Aeroelastic Stability Analysis of Compressor Blades in High-low Altitude
Huang, Yan-Bing
Automatic analysis technology for aviation equipment software requirements
Huang, Yifan
Real-time and Accurate Acoustic Indoor Localization With a Smartphone
Huang, Yin
Evaluation Technology for Wind Power Access in Regional Power Grid Based on PSD-BPA
Huang, Yingjun
Research on the Sealing Detection Technology for No Leak Detection Interface Specimen
Huang, Yongsheng
The Study of the Difficulty in Starting a Diesel Engine
Huang, Yuhua
SVH : A Lightweight Stream Cipher Based on Dual Pseudo-Random Transformation and OFB
Huang, Yuping
Control Strategy Research of High-frequency Position Response Servo System for Electromechanical Actuator
Huang, Yuping
Technology for Precise Position Control Strategy of PMSM
Huang, Zhanpeng
Implementation of Computer Graphics Algorithm Platform Based on Autodesk Maya
Huang, Zhi-Tao
Blind Doppler Rate Estimation for PSK Signal
Huang, Zihua
A Robust Estimation to Transmission Line Parameters Based on Huber Estimation with PMU data
HuangPeng, Q.Z.
Cycle Life Prediction for Rechargeable Battery based on Accelerated EODV Multi-phase Model: A Case on Nickel Hydrogen Battery
Hui, Bing
Field test research for optimization design under condition of complex Soil Stratum
Ji, Cun
The Application of the Optimal GM (1, 1) Model for Heating Load Forecasting
Ji, Feng-zhu
Overview of Quantum Key Distribution
Ji, Jianhua
The optimized schemes of optical labels about DB and PPM over POLMUX-CSRZ-DQPSK payload in 100Gb/s OLS network
Ji, Ling
The Application of Joint Optimization Method using GA for Load Forecasting
Ji, Nianjing
Cu2ZnSnSe4 Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Method with Different Heating Technologies
Ji, ShengPeng
The Application of Wavelet Transform in Real-time Data Compression of Power System
Ji, ShengPeng
A realization of load balancing based on distributed real-time database isomerism cluster
Ji, ShengPeng
Research on real-time data processing technology for Internet of things
Jia, Chuanliang
Study on Operation Risk Assessment of Electric Power Enterprise based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Jia, Hui
Effect of powdered activated carbon particle size on the flow field in membrane filtration system
Jia, Li
The Quality Evaluation Method Research on Cloud Cover Image Based on Statistical Analysis
Jia, Ling
Application of GM(1,1) Model Based on Residual Error Correction in Athletic Performance Prediction
Jia, Ling
Athletic Performance Prediction Model Design Based on Grey BP Neural Network
Jia, Shi-Cheng
Shellac nanofibers prepared using a modified coaxial electrospinning with a Triton X-100 solution as the sheath fluid
Jia, Shizhun
The Research on Security Reinforcement of Android Applications
Jia, Wentong
The Estimating Method of Military Aircraft R&D Cost Based on Hierarchical Partial Least Squares Regression
Jia, Xinmiao
Application of Power System Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Wavelet Analysis
Jia, Yuliang
Application of Power System Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Wavelet Analysis
Jiang, Aimin
Effects of Ce on Extrusion Alloy Phase and Mechanical Properties of ZM21 Magnesium Alloy
Jiang, Aimin
Effects of Ce on As-cast and Extrusion Microstructure of ZM21 Magnesium Alloy
Jiang, Bin
Thermal circuit model parameters identification of oil-immersed transformer based on PSO algorithm
Jiang, Fangchun
Research on the Controllable Confidence Regression
Jiang, Hao
Study on the Online Monitoring System and Fault Diagnosis Technology of Intelligent Circuit Breaker
Jiang, Hongwei
Artificial Bee Colony algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem
Jiang, Jinzhuo
Stress Response Analysis of Metallic Thin-walled Stiffened Structure under Thermo-acoustic Loadings
Jiang, Jun
The Development and Application of Power System Relay Protection Technology
Jiang, Lizhi
The electromagnetic field simulation and analysis of curved radiator
Jiang, Na
A Simple Method of Ship Dynamic Trimming Optimization
Jiang, Qingshan
A New Decision Tree Ensembles Method for Fake Apps Detection in Android Platform
Jiang, Shan
Fracture mechanism of magnesium alloys at room temperature
Jiang, Shufeng
Secondary Reduction Algorithm Based on Grid and Curvature Method
Jiang, Ting
Triples Anomaly Detection Security Model Based on Decision Tree
Jiang, Tingting
A Navigation Method for Land Vehicles Based on DR with Computer Vision Aided
Jiang, Wei
Preparation of ZnO photocatalysts and study on photocatalytic degradation of antibiotic wastewater
Jiang, WenGong
Intelligent bus temperature measurement system based on Zigbee networks
Jiang, Xing-jian
The applications of computer simulation technology in tennis serve technique
Jiang, Xinze
Application of Electric Information Acquisition and Analysis Platform in Energy Saving and Reducing Loss
Jiang, Yan
Construction of Geographical Information Collection System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Jiang, Ying
Modeling and Simulation of Segmented Primary Linear Induction Motor
Jiang, Yubao
Structural Analysis of Cylinder Head Based on Fluid-solid Coupling Simulation
Jiang, Yuchao
Function of Ant Colony Algorithm in Path Optimization of Urban Fire Truck
Jiang, Zhaohui
Improved retinex image enhancement algorithm based on bilateral filtering
Jiao, Xiangquan
Study of tungsten deposited on amorphous Si, Si (111) and SiO2 using direct-current magnetron sputtering
Jiao, YongBin
Simulation and Optimization of Back Pressure Control for Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Unit with Unity of Three Towers
Jin, Beibei
Online K-Means Algorithm for Background Subtraction
Jin, Dahai
A Method of Tainted Data Detection Based on Static Code Analysis
Jin, Dahai
Log System Based on Software Testing System Design And Implementation
Jin, Dun
Numerical Simulation of Winglet to Optimization Design
Jin, Dun
The calculation and analysis of the trailing vortex influence in the flight of aircraft
Jin, G.
Cycle Life Prediction for Rechargeable Battery based on Accelerated EODV Multi-phase Model: A Case on Nickel Hydrogen Battery
Jin, Hongjun
The Design and Implementation of Network Video Surveillance System based on ASP.NET
Jin, Hua
Integrated Optimization of Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem and Equipment Maintenance Plan
Jin, Jiong Xing
Research on Hamilton Graph Determining Algorithm
Jin, Nan
The Design Of High-precision, High-capacity, Multi-channel Synchronous Data Acquisition System Based On STM32
Jin, Xin
Research on Some Topology Model of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Complex Network Theory
Jin, Xin
Development of Multi-functional Electronic Power Assisting Device of Substation Equipment
Jin, Xing
Research on Method to Determine the Business Function of Logistic Support Informational System for Equipment
Jin, Xing
Impact study of electrode and discharge in shock tube act to the shock flow
Jin, Zhengping
Quickly Identifying FFSN Domain and CDN Domain with Little Dataset
Jin, Zhengping
Real-time Calculating Over Self-Health Data Using Storm
Jin, Zhengping
A text classification model constructed by Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Deep Learning
Jin, Zhengping
The Application of the Context-Aware Access Control Model
Jin, Zhengping
An Android Malware Detection Method Based on Feature Codes
Jin, Zhengping
An Improved Graph-based Recommender System for Finding Novel Recommendations among Relevant Items