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Application of Gibberellic Acid (GA3) and Coconut Water with Stratification on Morphological, Anatomical, and Germination of Cherry Seed (Prunus jamasakura)

Ika Fitri Ariyani, Solichatun, Suratman, Sugiyarto
Prunus jamasakura Siebold ex Koidz. (hill cherry) is included in the family of Rosaceae and used for ornamental plants. The dormant cherry seed has become an obstacle since it takes a prolonged time to germinate. Seed germination can be induced by the application of gibberellic acid (GA3) and coconut...
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Observations of Bali Cattle Carcass Size Based on Different Body Condition Scores at Kendari Slaughter House

Harapin Hafid
This study aims to assess the influence of the score on the body condition of Bali cattle that shall be slaughtered at Kendari city especially on a linear measure of the body and the percentage of the carcass. The study is done in four months from January to April 2021 at the slaughterhouse Kendari city...
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Observation of synergistic effect of End statin and cisplatin On Calu-6 cell

Xin Cheng, Qiuju Lin, Wenhui Li
End statin is an endogenous inhibitor of angiogenesis, specifically acting on endothelial cells, inhibiting its migration, inducing its apoptosis, thus inhibiting the forming of new vessels and tumor growth. But it is not clear about the synergetic mechanism, action characteristic and best regimen. This...
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Analysis and Evaluation of the Political Implementation of Land Against Sustainable Food Security in Indonesia (Islamic Economic Approach)

Hady Sutjipto, Tubagus Ismail
This study aims to analyze and critically evaluate the land policy for food security in Indonesia. This study explains descriptively about the implementation of the management of the policy now practiced in Indonesia. The method used in descriptive and quantitative approaches describes critically evaluating...
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Classical Enterotoxin Genes of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from the Raw Milk of Cows and Goats in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Desy Cahya Widianingrum, Sarasati Windria, Fatkhanuddin Aziz, Siti Isrina Oktavia Salasia
Milk is a highly nutritious food containing several essential nutrients. Consequently, it can be contaminated by pathogenic bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus. This study aimed to analyze the genes encoding nine classical enterotoxins of S. aureus isolated from cow and goat raw milk. A total of...
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Antagonistic Test of Dark Septate Endophyte (DSE) Against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides on Chili Plantation (Capsicum annuum)

Krisna Suzana, Apriwi Zulfitri, Muhammad Ilyas, Titik Kartika, Ikhsan Guswenrivo
Dark Septate Endophyte (DSE) is an endophytic fungus with dark, septate hyphae and has the potential as a biocontrol agent in controlling pathogenic fungi in plants. The purpose of this study was to determine the antagonism of DSE fungi isolated from chili roots against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides...
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Ultrasonography-Guided Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy for the Treatment of Kidney Stone

Hongyan Li, Hai Li, Yuanyuan Xing
We examined the surgical outcomes of minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy (MPCNL) in complicating urolithiasis.10 patients were hospitalized for MPNCL due to upper tract urolithiasis. Calyx puncture was performed in the prone position under ultrasonographic guidance. The renal access route...
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Characterization and Identification of The Key Residues Abound The Activity Site Tunnel of Trehalose Synthase from Pseudomonas Stutzeri Qlu3

Jing SU, Yunxiao ZHANG, Zhenzhen LI, Piwu LI, Lizhen HAO, Haijie ZHENG, Ruiming WANG
The conversion of maltose into trehalose has important applications in the manufacture of food and other products. The enzyme trehalose synthase (TreS) catalyzes the interconversion of maltose and trehalose with glucose as a byproduct. In this study, treS was cloned from Pseudomonas stutzeri Qlu3 genomic...
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The Phenotype Characters Stability of Hybrid Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai) ‘Maduri’ and ‘Putri Delima’

Dian Sartika, Alfi Fauzan Irsyad, Rizal Hermawan S. Budi, Wahyu Dwi Soemantri, Budi Setiadi Daryono
Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai) is one of the horticultural crops members of Cucurbitaceae family, which is known to have high economic value and public interest. Since the entry into Indonesia, the application of watermelon plant breeding has grown to produce new superior...
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Stakeholders Involved in Strategic Environmental Assessment Planning in Central Sulawesi

Abdul Rahman, Arman Maiwa, Muhd. Nur Sangadji, Nursalam, Mauludin Kurniawan, Muhammad Musbah
The assessment of strategic environmental planning is carried out with the involvement of stakeholders, and the context of stakeholder involvement is measured from various policy-making and implementation processes in sustainable development planning. This study examines the participation of stakeholders...
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Anticancer Activity of Oridonin Against Esophageal Cancer Cells Enhanced by Special Electromagnetic Field Treated Water

Jiang PI, Jin-huan JIANG, Hua JIN, Xin WANG, Yuan PENG, Ji-ye CAI
Oridonin, the main pharmacological active substance isolated from Rabdosia Rubescens, has been found to show anti-inflammatory, pro-apoptotic, neurological effects, and excellent anticancer activities. However, the clinical application of oridonin is still limited by its poor solubility. The special...
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The Study of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Shallots and its Relation to Farmers’ Behavior

(Srigading Village, Kapanewon Sanden, Bantul Regency)

Cicik Oktasari Handayani, Edhi Martono, Rika Harini
Shallot farmers in their farming often use agrochemicals intensively which can pollute their land and agricultural products with an increase in the heavy metal content in them. Based on this, this research was conducted with three objectoves. The first one is to determine the status of heavy metal contamination...
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The Study of Silica (Si) and Salinity on the Growth and Yield of Shallot Plant (Allium ascalonicum L.) in an Entisol Soil

Kharisun, Sisno, Mochammad N. Budiono, Rokhminarsi, Kiki Kurniasih
One of the problems encountered by coastal sandy land is the high concentration of salt which can cause limited water uptake, and ion poisoning to the plants. Silica is potential nutrient to solve salinity problem in coastal sandy land. The objectives of this experiment are to examine the effect of salinity...
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Meta-Analysis on the effectiveness of the Use of Prophylactic Antibiotics in Preventing Surgical Site Infection in Patients with Hernia Surgery

Heru Wijono, Febryza Kristin, Beryl Bayanaka Agustha Peerera, Fauna Herawati, Rika Yulia
The administration of prophylactic antibiotics in hernia surgery patients is currently controversial, with varying opinions regarding their necessity. The European Hernia Society guideline does not recommend prophylactic antibiotics in patients with hernia surgery, while recent studies found that prophylactic...
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Application of IoT Based Smart Farming in Sustainable Production and Improvement of Animal Genetic Resources

R. Rajendran, A. K. Thiruvenkadan, M. R. Kishore
Internet of Things (IoT) is a collective network of real-world objects with sensors and connectivity. Lot of data is obtained through the sensor and networks to analyse the behaviour of the subject involved. Smart farming involves monitoring and managing of animal farms using modern ICT and data tools...
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Analysis of Digital Book Integrated Local Culture as the Internalization of Character Education During Pandemic

Fitri Arsih, Heffi Alberida, Yosi Laila Rahmi, Nisrina Zakia Khalel
Digital books are one of the learning media that provide innovation in distance learning during the pandemic because they can be accessed easily. The digital book experience that is equipped with pictures, audio and video makes learning more interesting. Based on the results of the study it is known...
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Transurethral Flexible Ureteroscopic Holmium Laser Lithotripsy for Treatment of Kidney and Upper Ureteral Calculi

Fan-Ping Meng, An-Na Wang, Ji Gao
This paper aims at studying the efficacy and safety of flexible ureteroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy for treatment of kidney and upper ureteral calculi. Methods. The duration of operation, postoperative complication, postoperative calculus clearance rate of this surgery were analyzed based on 58 patients...
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Influence of Medicinal Plant Extracts on the Number of Columns of Strain Escherichia Coli

Valentina Skorbach, Yulia Kurkina
The effect of extracts of medicinal plants from the families Lamiaceae and Asteraceae on the growth and development of the bacterial culture of Escherichia coli is question for discus. The strain of Escherichia coli was chosen as the object of the study. Extracts of medicinal plants pippermint, salvia...
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Theoretical Studies on the Inhibitory Activity of Levofloxacin-thiadiazole HDACi Conjugates to Histone Deacetylases

Zi-Qiang Tang, Chang-Ning Liu, Yu-Sheng Liu, Hui Feng, Chang-Jun Feng
Electrotopological state indices (EK) of atom types is used to describe the structures of 19 conjugates (LHCc) of levofloxacin-thiadiazole HDAC inhibitor (HDACi) and related to the inhibitory activity (pWi, i=1, 6) of LHCc against histone deacetylases(HDACs, HDAC1 and HDAC6). The optimal two-parameter(E17,...
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Population Dynamics of Mites on Monoculture and Polyculture Systems of Calina Papaya During Dry Season

Retno Dyah Puspitarini, Aminudin Afandhi, Bambang Tri Rahardjo
Papaya is an important commercial crop in various industrial sectors. Calina is the predominant variety liked by many communities and growers in Indonesia because of its superior traits and relatively stable price. In its cultivation, phytophagous mites infestations tremendously decrease the yield of...
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The Relationship Between Normalized Difference Vegetation Index with Phytochemical Content of Pasak Bumi

Ahmad Jauhari, Yuniarti, Eko Suhartono, Rahman Noor
Understanding of the post geothermal plant growing conditions based on digital values on satellite images of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) relative to the amount of the phytochemical content of the plant may provide benefits for cultivation management in its growing place. The purpose...
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The Potential of Trichoderma spp. Endophytes as Biological Control Agents Against Ceratocystis sp. Causes of Acacia Stem Rot Disease in vitro

Fifi Puspita, Rachmad Saputra, Nur Hasanah
Ceratocystis sp. is an important pathogen in acacia plants. This pathogenic fungus causes stem rot disease which can cause the death of mature plants within 4 - 7 years with a disease attack percentage of nearly 80%. The common controlling technique is carried out by using chemical pesticides, for that...
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An Investigation of Spawn Growth of Pleurotus ostreatus in Heat-Tolerant Plastic Bags Using Rice and Corn as Substrates

S Afrida, K Willard, Lukman, Y Tamai
Indonesian mushroom farmers commonly produce Pleurotus ostreatus spawn in bottles. Bottles have several disadvantages: unsterilized lids, large weights, undetectable bacterial contaminations, and difficulties in removing the rest of mycelia around the edge of the bottle. Farmers rarely use plastic bags...
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Antioxidant Activity Evaluation of Agarwood Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk. Leaves Extract Using DPPH, FRAP and ABTS Assays

Aprilliani Prissilla Halim, Nastiti Wijayanti, Lisna Hidayati, Tri Rini Nuringtyas
Indonesia has been known to have large forest areas and rich in biodiversity, which could be the source of primary and secondary metabolites. Along with the technological development and research in medicine, agarwood, which was initially used only for topical body treatments, room fragrances, and religious...
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Plant Growth Prediction Model of Red Chili (Capsicum annuum L.) by Different Manipulation Environment

GMD Putra, L Sutiarso, AP Nugroho, Ngadisih, MSI Chaer
Several factors influence plant growth, including sun intensity, nutrient content, soil moisture, temperature, genes, and hormones. Many studies have been carried out in constructing plant growth models to simulate plant growth in different treatments. This study aims to develop a mathematical model...
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Research study on target treatment of ultrasound microbubbles with docetaxel on osteosarcoma

Dan Fei, Yang Li, Guoqing Sui
To investigate the therapeutic effect of target treatment on osteosarcoma cells through ultrasound micro bubble imaging with docetaxel. Methods The osteosarcoma model of Sprague-Dawley rats was established by implantation of tissue mass of UMR-106 cell line on the back. The model rats were randomly divided...
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Characteristics of Leaves Anatomy of Some Syzigium (Myrtaceae)

Moralita Chatri, Civil Eka Mella, M Des
In identifying a plant species, anatomical characteristics of vegetative organs such as leaves are needed to complete taxonomic data and increasing group understanding within a taxa. The aimed of this research to determine the cross-sectional characteristics of leaves and stomata characteristics of three...
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Effect of Swamp Irrigation Pattern and Sorghum Extract Concentration on Sorghum Seed Sprout

Edi Susilo, Nanik Setyowati, Uswatun Nurjannah, Riwandi, Zainal Muktamar
Sorghum extract has an allelopathic potential to control weeds. Allelopathy is the suppression of a plant’s growth by a toxin released from a nearby plant of the same or another species. One factor determining plants’ contribution to releasing allelochemicals is abiotic stress, such as drought. This...
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Partial Substitution with Heat-Moisture Treated Sweet Potato (Ipomoea Batatas L.) Flour to Wheat Flour Affecting Physicochemical and Organoleptic Characteristics of Pan Bread

Wilbur Donald Raymond Pokatong, Febiana Christy
Bread products including pan bread are widespread as staple food. Wheat flour is the main ingredient used. However, Indonesia must import wheat flour, and demand increases every year. To reduce wheat flour dependency, partial substitution of wheat flour with a local crop e.g., sweet potato might be done....
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Smallholder Farmers Market Options Within the Emerging Agri-Food Value Chain

Shaf Rijal Ahmad, Kodrad Winarno
Agriculture in Indonesia is facing challenges in the mid of agri-food value chain transformation. The transformation allows farmers to grow, however this also presented more barriers particularly for smallholder farmers with unfavorable characteristics. Unfortunately, these farmers are dominating agriculture...
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Micropropagation of Ten Genotypes of Sugarcane Mutants on Media Containing BA and Thidiazuron

Sukendah Sukendah, Ragapadmi Purnamaningsih, Rossyda Priyadarshini
Mutation induction in sugarcane by gamma irradiation has produced 10 mutant clones. Each mutant clone needs to be reproduced before further release. Multiplication of mutant clones is done in-vitro to produce true-to-type mutant sugar cane seeds. Four in-vitro media containing BA (Benzylaminopurine)...
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Profile of Antigen Excretory-Secretory Schistosoma Japonicum in the Development of Elisa Method to Detect Schistosomiasis in Indonesia

Samarang, Made Agus Nurjana, Malonda Maksud, Sri Murtini, Fadjar Satrija
The development of ELISA method to detect patients with schistosomiasis in Indonesia is a detection of the antigens that are derived from the peripheral vessels in the blood serum. This research is conducted in the Napu Plateau of Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The goal is to develop ELISA...
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Evaluation of Soil Characteristics on Coffee Land in Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi

A. Assa, Jamilah Jamilah, A. Pratama, R. Wahyudi, Mamang, A.N. Amalia, D. Indriana
The soil chemical properties were important factors influencing growth, productivity, quality, and coffee flavour. The research aimed to evaluate the soil characteristics of coffee land at different growing altitudes in Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi. The soil samples were collected in June 2019, within...
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Community Participation and Stakeholder Intervention in Sustainable Ecotourism Development on Lawu Mountainside, Indonesia

Agung Wibowo, Dimas Rahadian Aji Muhammad, Eny Lestari, Ravik Karsidi
Ecotourism is unique in that it promotes environmental conservation, environmental education, welfare for the local community, and respect for local culture. Ecotourism development will inevitably have an impact on community life, bringing significant change to ecological, economic, social and cultural...
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Environmental Concerns are not at Cross Purposes to Farm Justice/Food Security

Cynthia Rice, Buddhi Gyawali, Marion Simon, Whitney Maynard
Hunger in America is unimaginable. There appears to be food everywhere, just buy it. Unfortunately, many sections of our country have subsets of the population without the means to buy, store and prepare nutritious food. From Appalachian hollers to inner city neglected areas to homeless and disenfranchised...
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Analysis of the Genetic Structure of the Populations of Marsh Frog (Pelophylax Ridibundus) in the Impact Territories of the City of Belgorod on the Basis of Microsatellite Markers of DNA

Eduard Snegin, Anatoliy Barkhatov, Elena Snegina
On the basis of SSR-method the genetic structure of marsh frog populations (Pelophylax ridibundus) in the urbanized area of Belgorod and its suburbs was studied. The data obtained indicate a high level of genetic variability in the populations studied. The heterozygosity level was equal to He=0.731±0.027,...
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The Role of Rice, Corn, and Soybean Farmers Households in Banten Province: Gender Perspective

Asih Mulyaningsih, Aida Vitayala S Hubeis, Dwi Sadono Djoko Susanto
Indonesia is an agricultural country, so the people mostly work as farming. Development of farmers in rural areas does not recognize gender status, all of them in the household also work to fulfill their daily needs.This research uses quantitative methods which are strengthened by qualitative data. The...
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Assessment of Wood Biomass Productivity from Anthocephalus macrophyllus Forest Plantation for Energy Production

Ahmad Mukhdlor, Muhammad Taufiq Haqiqi, Muhammad Taufan Tirkaamiana, Wiwin Suwinarti, Rudianto Amirta
Antocephalus macrophyllus is one of the fast-growing species widely planted in an industrial forest plantation in Indonesia. Since its cultivation has been mainly expanded, the interest to explore A. macrophyllus wood for further utilization to produce various valuable products is also growing. Nevertheless,...
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Feed Digestibility and Rumen Fermentation Characteristic in Growing Goat Fed on Diets with Urea-Limestone Mixture Supplementation and Different Nitrogen to Non-Fiber Carbohydrate Ratios

Muhammad Ainsyar Harahap, Limbang Kustiawan Nuswantara, Eko Pangestu, Fajar Wahyono, Joelal Achmadi
The study examined the effect of limestone-urea mixture (LU) supplementation with different nitrogen (N): non fiber carbohydrate (NFC) ratio in the diet on feed digestibility and rumen fermentation characteristic in growing goat. Twelve Jawarandu local male goats with body weight average of 20.83±7.42...
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Auxin and Cytokinin Effect on In vitro Callus Induction of Maize (Zea mays L.) Srikandi Putih

Muji Astutik, Bambang Suhartanto, Nafiatul Umami, Nilo Suseno, Miftahush Shirotul Haq
Maize plant (Zea mays L.) can be an alternative for sustainable forage because easy to obtain and can be cultivated in the dry season. Increasing plant biomass is needed to maximize maize plants as a forage crop through genetic mutations. Callus production by tissue culture is one of the planting materials...
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The Mechanistic Study on the Effect of Acacia concinna and Cymbopogon nardus on Lipid Metabolism

Wijitrapha Ruangaram, Eisuke Kato
Obesity is one of the most concerning health problems globally. At the moment, medicinal plants have been widely studied in order to assist in the treatment of obesity instead of the developed drugs. From our previous study, Thai medicinal plants were tested through screening methods regarding anti-obesogenic...
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The Carrying Capacity Analysis For Food Agriculture: Case Study In Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi

Irwan Lakani, Muhd Nur Sangadji, Selvy Mozin, Zulkifli, Hauris Pati, Rostiati, Reinal Putalan
This study aims to analyze the carrying capacity of agricultural food land, which will help determine rice sufficiency in Donggala Regency. That information can also be used for evaluating and planning sustainable management of agricultural food land in Donggala Regency. The research was carried out...
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A New Method to Identify Housekeeping Genes and Tissue Special Genes

Jixian Rao, Wei Liu, Hongwei Xie
Despite thedetection methods of HK genes and TS genes were various, without the standard database, we could not judge which one was the best classifier. In this paper, we built a standard database of HK genes and TS genes, reviewed and evaluated the existed methods. By analyzing the features of HK genes...
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Effects of Total Flavonoids of Rosa Chinensis on Focal Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion Model in Mice

Xiaoli YAN, Huisu WU, Xiaoyan FANG, Minsan MIAO
To observe the effects of total flavonoids of Rosa chinensis on focal cerebral ischemia reperfusion model in mice, Method: Nimodipine group, cerebral collaterals group, large, medium and small doses group of the Rosa chinensis total flavonoids were administered with corresponding drugs; Sham operation...
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Addition of Trehalose of Duck Egg Yolk-Tris as an Extender Medium on Buffalo Frozen Semen

Tinda Afriani, Yolanda Marta Pela, Jaswandi, Elly Roza, Adisti Rastosari, Anna Farhana
This study aimed to determine the effect of adding trehalose of duck egg yolk-tris extender medium on the quality of frozen semen at buffalo. The design used was experimental a Randomized Block Design (RBD) method with 4 treatments and 4 replications as a group. The addition of trehalose (T) with several...
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Investigation of Listeria Phage Endolysin Cell-wall Binding Domain (CBD) Surface Display in Escherichia coli

Shan-Na Liu, Timo M. Takala, Justus Reunanen, Ossian Saris, Per E. J. Saris
Cell surface display of target proteins has been widely used in biotechnology and industry. In this study, cell-wall binding domain (CBD) from Listeria phage endolysin A500 was fused with anchoring domains of YadA and OmpA, respectively, in Escherichia coli, aiming at binding of E. coli cells to Listeria...
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A Device Based on Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for detecting ECG Signal in Motion Artifacts

Liangguang Peng, Tong Bai, Yu Pang, Guoquan Li, Zhangyong Li
Since the detection of electrocardiogram (ECG) is significant for monitoring the stress and diseases of Policeman and current methods for monitoring ECG in motion have drawback of low accuracy, a system for monitoring ECG signal is presented within this paper. The conductive silica gel is used as the...
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Potential of Xylanase Thermophilic Bacteria in the Pulp Biobleaching Process

Irdawati, Nilam Devinda Putri, Syamsuardi, A. Agustien, Y. Rilda
Xylanase enzyme is an extracellular enzyme that has the ability to hydrolyze xylan to xylose. Xylanase can be produced by thermophilic bacteria and is a natural xylanase that is active and stable at high temperatures and alkaline pH, so it has the potential to be used in industrial and biotechnology...
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Antibacterial Effects of Crude Lectin Fraction Bioactive Compound of Red Macroalgae P. palmata and H. glandiforme from Southern Coast Java Island, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

C Anam, E Chasanah, B P Perdhana, ND Fajarningsih, N F Yusro, D Praseptiangga, A Yunus
Lectins or carbohydrate-binding proteins, are widely distributed in nature and also good candidates in such prospecting of algae. It may have been considered that binding specificity of lectins to some carbohydrates provokes to produce many unique biological activities, including cell agglutination,...
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An Open Dataset of Labelled Tropical Crops

Jade Chattergoon, Fazeeia Mohammed, Kimberley Gillette, Brittany Peters, Patrick Hosein
Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are particularly susceptible to the detrimental effects of Climate Change. Issues such as food security have been given increased attention over the last few years and this has sped up with the transportation and logistical issues faced during the COVID pandemic....
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Lipase Production of Aspergillus aculeatus MS. 11 Using Solid State Fermentation on Rubber Seed Press Cake

Maya Nurjanah, Miftahul Ilmi
Lipase is an enzyme that has various use in industrial sector. However, the enzyme production cost is considerably high mainly due to expensive fermentation substrate. Therefore, it is necessary to develop effective media formulation to increase production of lipase enzyme without reducing the amount...
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Antibacterial Effect of Methanol Extracts from Edible Rhizomes Against Salmonella typhi ATCC-422

Alma Yulvita Pebriana, Eva Marliana, Ritbey Ruga
This research was conducted to determine the antibacterial effect of methanol extracts of four edible rhizomes namely temu putih (Curcuma zedoaria), temu ireng (Curcuma aeruginosis), temu giring (Curcuma heyneana) and temu kunci (Boesenbergia pandurata). The extracts of temu putih, temu ireng, temu giring...
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Opportunities for Using of Eleutherococcuses Fruits as a New Food Raw Material

Ekaterina Solomonova, Nikolay Trusov, Tatiana Nozdrina
The purpose of study is to identify possibilities of using fruits of eleutherococcuses Eleutherococcus senticosus Rupr. & Maxim. аnd Eleutherococcus sessiliflorus Rupr. & Maxim., which are undergoing introduction tests in arboretum of N.V. Tsytsin Main Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Science,...
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Research Advances of AP2/ERF Transcription Factors

Lei Wang, Yao Sun, Yao Li
The AP2/ERF transcription factor family is one of the largest transcription factor groups in plants and it plays very important roles in growth, development, biotic and abiotic stress response. In this study, we summarized the research advances on AP2/ERF transcription factor involved in plant growth,...
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Sensitivity to Erosion Based on Morphometry and the Erosion Rate in Blongkeng Watershed

Faizal Nur Fahmi, Ambar Kusumandari
The Blongkeng sub-watershed is one of the sub-watersheds in the Progo watershed and is located on the north-west slope of Mount Merapi. This sub-watershed is considered a priority because it plays an important role in the entire Progo watershed system. The existence of vegetation damage and land degradation...
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Sustainable Livestock Practices

Norsida Man, Siaw Shin Yee
Livestock farming is a strategic industry and has very important potential for the further development of agribusiness. It plays an important role in providing protein food for most of the global population besides uplift the rural livelihoods and economies in many developing countries. As the populations...
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Wet Season Forage Production of Leucaena leucocephala cv Tarramba Planted in a Multiple Rows Configuration on Sandy Vertisol Soil at Naibonat, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara-Indonesia

Debora Kana Hau, Tony Basuki, Twen O Dami Dato, J. Nulik
An experiment was conducted to measure forage production of Leucaena leucocephala cv Tarramba planted in a multiple rows of live fencing model. Plants were arranged in 8 rows which planted 2 meters from the main live fence of 1ha land. The plants were cut at of 1m height and then again at +30cm from...
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Time-Dependent Cellular Injuries Induced by Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate and Dihydrate Crystals

Jian-Min WANG, Ling-Hong HUANG, Jian-Ming OUYANG
Objective: This study aims to compare the cytotoxicity and adhesion difference between oxalate monohydrate (COM) and dehydrate (COD) crystals and African green monkey kidney epithelial cells (Vero). Methods: Through the detection of cell viability, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) release amount, expression...
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Response of Coffee Berry Borer (Hypothenemus hampaei) to Alcohol-Based Attractants on Coffee Crops in Banjarnegara, Indonesia

Rostaman, Budi Prakoso
Coffee berry borer (CBB) or Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari is a major insect pest on coffee crops in Indonesia. This pest could be controlled by using attractants that are placed in insect traps. The aim of this study was to examine the number of trapped CBB in alcohol-based attractants that were placed...
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Rats Development of Contactless Thermal Detector for Animal: Comparison of Three Sensor Types

Ridi Arif, Koekoeh Santoso, Dhani S. Wibawa
One of the important physiological parameters is body temperature, and the increased level is an early indicator of infection. Therefore, it is necessary to develop temperature detection in animals using contactless methods and with precise results. This study aimed to compare 3 types of IR sensors for...
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Biocontrol Delivery System of Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma harzianum Formulated with Graphite and Silica Nano Particles to Control Phytophthora infestans in vitro

Luciana Djaya, Hersanti, Tohidin, I Made Joni, Anissa Rahma
A novel biocontrol delivery system by using graphite was proven effective in controlling bacterial plant pathogens. In this study, a consortium of biocontrol agents, consisting of Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma harzianum, was formulated in graphite added with silica nano particles (NPs). B. subtilis...
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Benzyl Amino Purine (BAP) Growth Regulator Application and Shoot Origin Stem Lai (Durio kutejensis) Against Growth Durian (Durio zibethinus Murr) Grafting Seedlings

Syamad Ramayana, Bambang Supriyanto, Widi Sunaryo, Susylowati Susylowati, Sabeth Adiastie
This study aims to determine the concentration of Benzyl Amino Purine (BAP) and the exact origin of scion shoots to optimize the growth of durian (Durio zibethinus Murr) grafting seedlings. This study was arranged in a completely randomized design (CRD) consisting of two factors with four replications....
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Test Taker Characteristics and ICT Variable as Predictors of Academic Achievement in Computer Based Test

Eteng-Uket Stella, Ezeoguine Ebere Pearl
The study investigated test taker characteristics and ICT variables as predictors of academic achievement in computer-based test. To direct the study, five research questions and five null hypotheses were developed. The study used a multiple prediction design within a correlational research design. All...
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Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea) Plants Nutrient Content and In Vitro Digestibility at Different Harvest Ages at the Second Defoliation

Nafiatul Umami, Wardi Wardi, Renata Lukman Nisa, Bambang Suhartanto, Nilo Suseno
This study aimed to determine the butterfly pea nutrient content and dry matter and organic matter in vitro digestibility with different harvest ages, fertilized with NPK at 80 kg/ha dosage. This study used butterfly pea, which was cut at different ages in the second defoliation. There were four treatments,...
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Analysis of Land Availability and Needs with Potential Agricultural Land-Development Within Santan Watershed and Marangkayu, East Kalimantan

Akhmad Sopian, Sigit Hardwinarto, Muhammad Sumaryono, Marlon Ivanhoe Aipassa
The development of population at the Santan watershed area over the years tends to increase, increasing the food and settlement needs. Therefore, there is a need to balance the needs and availability of land. The study aims to determine the potential of agricultural land by assessing land availability...
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Yield Potential and Morphological Characters of Promising Sweetpotato Clones Rich in Anthocyanin and High Dry Matter Content

F.C. Indriani, J. Restuono, W. Rahajeng, M.J. Mejaya
The contribution of sweetpotato to the national economy is quite large with increasing export volume. Sweetpotato frozen were exported mainly to Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Singapore. The role of superior varieties is quite large in increasing the production of sweetpotato. Purple sweetpotato which is...
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Hematology Profile of Female Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus (Linnaeus, 1758)) with Diet Variations

Naila Nabila Rahmani, Ayu Aziza Ar Rachid, Laksmindra Fitria
Guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus (Linnaeus, 1758)) is a rodent other than rats and mice that are commonly used in biomedical research because of its physiological similarity to humans. To meet the requirement as a standard laboratory animal, the care management of GP needs to be controlled, one of which...
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Profile of FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra Red) and Comparison of Antioxidant Activity of Coffee with Tiwai (Eleutherine americana Merr)

Bernatal Saragih, Maulida Rahmawati, Arif Ismanto, Frederic Morado Saragih
Coffee consumption is increasing and it has become part of people’s lifestyle, so there is a need for an innovation in coffee making with the addition of local ingredients such as tiwai onions. This study analyzed the chemical profile using FTIR and the antioxidants of coffee, tiwai and their mixtures....
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Antimicrobial Activity of Some Essential Oils Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Anmol Srivastava, Vivek Kumar, Vishnu Agarwal
The emergence of multidrug resistance in bacteria due to overuse of antibiotics is becoming an important health concern in recent years, which requires development of novel alternatives to fight against these bacteria. Essential oils (EOs) are secondary metabolites that have different components and...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Adherence to Anti-Retroviral Treatment among HIV/AIDS Out-patients at the Dinoyo Public Health Centre

Annisa Lazuardy, Yosi Irawati Wibowo, Adji Prayitno Setiadi
There is an increasing prevalence of HIV/AIDS cases in Indonesia, particularly in Malang City, a tourist and educational destination. This study aimed to identify the characteristics of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) as well as to analyze their adherence to anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment and the...
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Implementation of Online and Independent Learning for Prospective Teacher Students

F. Yanti, Lufri Lufri, Yuni Ahda, Festiyed Festiyed
Education-related information technology is still developing and provides improvements to the learning process, such as strategies for teaching knowledge to students and new forms of learning media. Students and teachers alike need to be more adept at using the internet and new technology. Using computer...
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Effects of Propranolol on Osteoclasts Cultured in Vitro

Xiaojuan LI, Xiaorui XIE, Jin REN, Liling REN, Jian CAO
Objective: To study the effect of propranolol on osteoclasts. Methods: (1)propranolol at the doses of 10-2 µmol/ml, 10-3 µmol/ml, 10-4 µmol/ml, were added into the osteoclasts for coculture for 72 h, then tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) and toluidine blue staining was used to detect the effects...
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Outer Membrane Protein (OMP) Profiles of Brucella abortus Local Isolate by SDS-PAGE Procedure

Tri Handayani, Dadang Priyoatmojo, Afi Candra Trinugraha
Brucella abortus is a Gram-negative, facultative intracellular bacteria of the genus Brucella that common cause of brucellosis in cattle. The Outer Membrane Protein (OMP) is an essential organelle of Gram-negative bacteria to fulfil several some many tasks and is crucial as a protective antigen. Sodium...
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Study Of Recalcitrant Behaviour OfArthocarpus integer

Esty Puri Utami, Abubakar Ibrahim, Evayusvita Rustam
Arthocarpus integer or cempedak is an indigenous fruit with a distinctive taste and smell. Cutting seeds on water content observations need to be considered because the seeds contain sap that can affect the observation results. A. integer seeds are classified as recalcitrant seeds, so the handlers must...
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Identification of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for Small Ruminant Health and Adaptation

Md. Rasel Uzzaman, Zewdu Edea, Rabiul Islam, Kwan-Suk Kim, Mulumebet Worku
Production of small ruminant animals has increased globally in part because of increasing demand for meat and milk. According to the UN’s Food and agricultural organization (FAO), the estimated world’s population will approach 10 billion by the year 2050. Furthermore, the economic status of people in...
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Sustainability status for the remaining rice fields in the Air Manjuto irrigation area, Bengkulu, Indonesia

Dodi Hardiansyah, Satria Putra Utama, Elsa Lolita Putri, Muhammad Faiz Barchia
Aim of this research was to determine sustainability indices based on ecological, economical, socio-cultural, technological and institutional dimensions, and their leverage analysis for the remaining rice fields in Air Manjuto irrigation area, Mukomuko District, Bengkulu Province. The research was conducted...
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Exploration and Research on Relieving Feedback Inhibition for Aspartate Kinase form Corynebacterium Pekinense by using Site-Saturation Mutagenesis and High Throughput Screening

Li Fang, Longyang Wang, Chunlei Liu, Zhirui Zhang, Chen Chen, Weihong Min
This research investigated the aspartate kinase (AK) of Corynebacterium pekinense (CpAK). The amino acid residue A297, which is closely related to feedback inhibition, was selected for site-directed mutagenesis, high-throughput screening, and enzyme kinetic analysis. In this research, the enzyme activity...
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Psychological Response of Students to the Material and Process of Learning in Biology Instructional Methodology Course

Rahmadhani Fitri, Lufri Lufri, Relsas Yogica, Arief Muttqiim
Psychological responses from students to learning in each course are significant. This psychological response can be in the form of students’ perceptions, interests, and attitudes towards the material and learning process in a course. This study discusses how psychological responses include perceptions,...
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Consumer Perceptions of Sate Bandeng Attributes

Meutia, Tubagus Ismail, Ahmad Bukhori
One of the potential processed fishes that characterizes Banten souvenirs is sate bandeng. The purpose of this study was to analyze consumer perceptions of various attributes of sate bandeng as a typical gift from Banten Province. The number of respondents taken were 150 people by organoleptic tests...
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Gut-associated Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) in Apis nigrocincta (Smith)

C A Lombogia, M Tulung, J Posangi, T E Tallei
Honeybees are the world’s most important pollinator of food crops. Besides, they also produce honey, which is very beneficial for human health. Therefore the health of honeybees is essential to note. One aspect that contributes to the health of honeybees is the balance of the gut microbiota. Lactic acid...
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Effects of Various Drying Methods on the Physicochemical Properties of Telang Flower (Clitoria ternatea L.)

Endah Puspitojati, Novia Aristi Rahayu, Nur Fatimah, Bambang Sudarmanto
Telang flower is a biopharmaceutical horticulture commodity known as a functional food source since it contains rich nutrients. The drying methods influence the physicochemical properties of this flower. This study aimed to investigate the physicochemical properties of telang flowers using the sun and...
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The Use of Humic Acid-Coated Biochar (Bicomat) and Plant Spacing on Paddy Plant Production and the Reduction of Heavy Metal Content

Amir Hamzah, Rossyda Priyadarshini, Astuti
This study aimed to find out the use of Bicomat doses and spacing to increase crop production and heavy metal reduction. It was carried out in paddy fields in Karangploso Subdistrict of Malang District from April to July 2022. The study used a Randomized Group Design (RGD), 2 factors and 3 repetitions....
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In Vitro Digestibility and Rumen Fermentation of Sargassum sp. Seaweed with Different Drying Methods and Palatability in sheep

Agustinus Paga, Ali Agus, Kustantinah Kustantinah, I Gede Suparta Budisatria
This study aims to determine the digestibility and rumen fermentation of seaweed flour from Sargassum sp. with different drying methods on the weaned thin tail rams. Seaweed flour Sargassum sp. were made with three drying methods, namely sun-drying, 550C oven and -200C freeze dryer. Rumen fluid from...
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Effect of Carnosine on Physico-Chemical and Antioxidant Activity Properties of FSG-CaCO3 Composite Films

Li-Hui Wang, Le Zhang, An-Jun Liu
For the sake of developing fish skin gelatin and CaCO3 composite films with antioxidant activity, different concentration of carnosine was added to it. In addition, the mechanical properties, optical properties, surface topography, anti-microbial activity, antioxidant activity and preservation effect...
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Bioinformatic Analysis of Strawberry PTOX Gene

Xiran Wang, Jiangang He, Haoru Tang
PTOX has always been known as a key factor of defense response in plant testa. Recent studies show that The plastid terminal oxidase (plastid terminal oxidase, PTOX) is a nuclear encoded, plastid located plastid quinoxone oxidoreductase (plastid quinone oxidase). PTOX is the terminal oxidase of the plant...
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Ways of Medication Administration Improving for Treating Pregnant Women with Acute Respiratory Viral Infection

Irina Spichak, Yuliia Murashko, Olga Vladimirova
The article presents the results of the research aimed at Medication Administration improving for pregnant woman with acute respiratory viral. During this social research a medical and social portrait of woman with acute respiratory viral was developed, the analysis of satisfaction and preferences in...
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Mealybugs (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) Associated with Dragon Fruit in Indonesia

Dewi Sartiami, Nelly Saptayanti, Edy Syahputra, Warastin Puji Mardiasih, Desmawati
Mealybugs were recorded on dragon fruit, Hylocereus undatus (Family: Cactaceae) in Indonesia. The present of certain mealybug species on dragon fruit has become quarantine concern in country where the mealybugs species is absent. The objective of this study was to identify mealybugs species associated...
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Biochemical Changes of Liver and KidneyAfter Bone Graft Implant from Black Devil Snail (Faunus ater) Shell Material

Erwin Erwin, T. Fadrial Karmil, Teuku Zahrial Helmi, Nuzul Asmilia, Muhammad Isa, Wahyu Eka Sari, Budianto Panjaitan, Sugito, Hathalia Y. Utari, Azzalia N. Diva, Astri Wulandari
Biochemical changes in blood can be used as an indicator in liver and kidney disorder. This study aims to discover the changes of serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT), serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase (SGPT), creatinine and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels after the implant of black devil...
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Synthesis and Performance of A Novel Penetration Enhancer

Qin WU, Lei TANG, Haimin SHEN, Hongxin SHI
Preparation and percutaneous absorption of 2-methyl-2-perfluoro-2'-methyl-3'-oxoca- proyloxyl ethoxycarbonyl ethylmethyldipolyethoxylsilicane (V) were investigated. V was synthesized from 2-perfluoro-2'-methyl-3'-oxocaproyloxylethyl methacrylate and methyldichlorosilicane by hydrosilication, then by...
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Effect of Initial Inoculum Level of Cowpea mild mottle Carlavirus on Mottle Disease Development and Yield of Soybean

Mimi Sutrawati, Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat, Bonny Purnomo Wahyu Soekarno, Ali Nurmansyah
Cowpea mild mottle virus (CPMMV) was reported causing systemic mottling, chlorotic blotch, and leaf malformation on cowpea from several tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and South America. Recently, CPMMV infection was reported from several soybean growing areas in Indonesia with high incidence. The...
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Anti-inflammatory Activity Test of Pacing Putih Flower (Costus speciosus (J. Koenig) Sm.)

Madaniah Fathirah, Eva Marliana, Ritbey Ruga
The anti-inflammatory activity of pacing putih flower (Costus speciosus (J. Koenig) Sm.) was tested. This study aims to determine the anti-inflammatory activity of the ethyl acetate fraction and methanol-water fraction. The method used was inhibition of protein denaturation using bovine serum albumin...
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Comparison of Sorghum Straw (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) Digestible Quality With and Without Indigofera (Indigofera sp) By In Vitro Technique

Armina Fariani, Gatot Muslim, Anggriawan Naidilah Tetra Pratama
The purpose of this research was to study the comparison of sorghum straw (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) digestible quality with or without Indigofera (Indigofera sp) by in vitro analysis. The sorghum were added at 5% dry matter to 100% sorghum straw (T0), 70 % sorghum straw + 30 % Indigofera (T1) and...
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The Abundance and Distribution Patterns of Echinoderms in the Intertidal Zone of Nglolang Beach, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta

Laras Nur Janah, Alfiah Niky Rizkyta, Afifah Nur Hidayah, Muhammad Berliando Gavintri, Nadya Salma Salsabila, Salma Dewi Pratita, Zaenab Nurahmah, Rury Eprilurahman
Echinoderms are marine animal invertebrates that can be found from the intertidal zone to the deep sea. Nglolang Beach is dominated by rocky coral basins substrate with the presence of macroalgae which refers to the abundance of marine organisms such as Echinoderms. This research reports a study of the...
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The Effect of Cinnamon Extract (Cinnamomum burmanii L.) Addition Towards the Characteristics of Soy Milk Ice Cream

Melanie Cornelia, Aurelia M. Tunardy, Wenny S. L. Sinaga
Generally ice cream was made from cow’s milk, resulting in high calorie and fat. Soy milk was used as an alternative for cow’s milk which had several advantages, but soy milk contains beany flavor that some people did not like. Cinnamon (Cinnamomum burmannii L.) extract has a unique aroma and flavor...
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Sustainable Food and Agriculture Strategy in Kulon Progo Regency based on SWOT and Spatial Analysis

Irwansyah Sukri, Rika Harini, Sudrajat
Changes in the use of agricultural land to non-agriculture are threats to food security. For this reason, a strategy is needed so that food agriculture in a region can be sustainable. This research aims to make recommendations for sustainable food and agriculture (SFA) policy strategies in Kulon Progo...
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Effect of Protein Supplementation from Spirulina platensis on Javanese Thin-tailed Sheep Weight Gain

Endang Baliarti, Yosef Tubagus Raka, Lies Mira Yusiati, I Gede Suparta Budisatria, Muhsin Al Anas
The study aims to assess the average daily gain (ADG) of Javanese thin-tailed (JTT) sheep with protein supplementation from Spirulina platensis. This study used ten female JTT sheep (5-months-old and average body weight of 13.66 ± 2.31 kg) and divided them into two groups. The first group (control) was...
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The Local Food Innovation of Aren Beras Kencur as a Healthy Drink

Herayati, Yeyen Maryani, Agus Rochmat
Aren or Enau (Arenga pinnata Merr) is one type of palm plant which grows well in tropical areas, especially in Indonesia. The main product of the palm plant is sap which is the result of tapping from male flowers which is used as palm sugar and natural sweeteners. Palm sugar has antioxidant activity...
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The Effect of Coconut Coir Waste as A Mixture of Planting Media in A Natural Greenhouse

Gagassage N. De Side, Sirajuddin H. Abdullah, Joko Sumarsono, Asih Priyati, Diah A. Setiawati, Reza K. Nurrohman
The nutritional content of cocopeat does not fully meet plant needs, so it needs to be combined with other organic materials such as manure. In addition, the relatively large porosity of cocopeat will affect plant productivity. This study aims to evaluate the nutrient content of cocopeat and the evapotranspiration...
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Research on Intracranial Pressure Changes of Craniocerebral Injury Caused by Cudgels

Hong-fa CHANG, Zhen-jiang LIU, Peng XIA, Yong-min YU, Dai-qin TAO, Hong-wei LI
Objective To research intracranial pressure change rules of craniocerebral injury through experimentation on animals. Method According to the difference of the hit parts, the animals are divided into three groups to collect the intracranial pressure changes through data collection system andpressure...
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Mechanisms of Biotherapy Effect of Shenfoweikang Herbs on Gastric Carcinoma Cells

Xiao-Ping Wang, Huan-Ping Lin, Qiao-Xia Wang, Bing Xu, Xuan Qu, Bao-Ning Qi, Na Chang
To explore the biotherapy effect of Shenfoweikang herbs in treatment of gastric cancer, BALB/C mice were grafted with a mouse gastric adenocarcinoma cell line MFC as the experimental model. The mice were divided into four groups. Mice in the experimental groups received different doses of Shenfoweikang...