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A Method Based on Statistical Characteristics for Image Denoising

Lihua Sun, Enliang ZHAO
The median filter will cause fuzzy problems on edge details of the image when it is used to remove noise of an image. In this paper we discuss an improved median filtering method. Firstly according to the arithmetic mean we preliminarily detect signal points and suspicious noise points in the image,...
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Research on User-based Normalization Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm

Jie Dong, Jin Li, Gui Li, Liming Du
Under the circumstance of the big data, because of the low efficiency and low performance of analysis and calculation in stand-alone mode, the traditional recommendation algorithm is limited greatly, recommended time and recommended precision is difficult to guarantee. This thesis makes a improvement...
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Chaos Synchronization of a Class of Chaotic Systems via Linear State Error Feedback Control

Liming Du, Fengying Wang, Ziyang Han, Jie Dong
This paper studies the synchronization problem of a class of chaotic systems. The mentioned synchronization scheme consists of identical master and slave chaotic systems. By analyzing structural characteristics of nonlinear vector field of the error system, a new approach is presented to synchronize...
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Analysis of PID Control Effect for Nonlinear Systems with Related High Order Bounded Unknown Functions

Yafei Li, Dingxiong Zhang, YiDong Wang, Hong Wang, Junwei Lei
According to the nonlinear function of relative power function order, the uncertainty function is classified as one order relatively bounded and two order relative bounded and higher relative bounded situation. Then in view of the above three categories of uncertain nonlinear system, PID control law...
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A New Descriptor Kalman Filter

Yan Xu, Guosheng Zhang
Based on Kalman filtering theory in the time domain and Jordan decomposition theory for matrixes, descriptor systems can be changed into normal systems. Then an optimal descriptor Kalman filter is given. Compared with the previous results, it avoids the calculation of ARMA innovation model and white...
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Difference between Numerical Derivative and Physical Derivative Realization and Its Affection to Stability Analysis

Haibo Liu, Jinhuang Wu, Dingxiong Zhang, Hong Wang, Junwei Lei
A kind derivative algorithm is discussed and the difference of numerical derivative and physical derivative is analyzed. What is more important is that the first step error problem is proposed and its bad affection to the system stability is shown by using a first order system as an example. Also the...
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Integral Control and Dead Zoom Phenomenon Analysis for System with Unknown Bounded Function

Wenguang Zhang, LingLing Wang, Tian Lan
A kind of uncertain nonlinear system with unknown bounded function is analyzed. And a kind of common integral control is used to cope with the unknown function by taking example of a first order system. And by using of Laypunov stability theorem, we find that the system is stable but the unknown parameter...
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PID Control Parameters Design Analysis for First Order System

Junsheng Wang, Yingdi Hu, Haibo Liu, Hong Wang, Junwei Lei
The PID controller design and parameter choosing problem are analyzed in detail. Especially, seven good conclusions are proposed for the choosing of coefficient of PID controller design for a first order system. Also single P control and PD control effect and the reason of steady state error are studied...
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Adaptive Threshold Gesture Segmentation Algorithm Based on Skin Color

Chengyuan Liu, Jingqiu Wang, Ting Zhang, Dongsheng Ding
In gesture recognition systems, segmenting gestures from complex background is the hardest and the most critical part. Gesture segmentation is the prerequisite of following image processing, and the result of segmentation has a direct influence on the result of gesture recognition. This paper proposed...
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Infrared imaging simulation through anisotropic atmosphere turbulence

Dongjie Tan
Atmosphere turbulence often degrades image quality in long range infrared imaging system due to intensity fluctuations, distortion, and blur effects. In this work, long range infrared imaging through anisotropic turbulence is simulated, which combines the theoretical turbulence effects models of optical...
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Fuzzy Control for Dual-stator Toroidal Motor with Hybrid Excitation

Xin Liu, Yang Yang Wang
Dual-stator toroidal motor with hybrid excitation is a new-style motor, it integrates power and drive function. The mathematic model of the motor system was derived based on the operating principle of the motor. In order to improve the response characteristic of toroidal motor, a fuzzy self-tuning PID...
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Proposed Active-Standby Switch of the Digital Output for the Redundant ATO System

Jianming Zhang, Qingwen Luan, Zengwei Yan
By taking into account the hot standby structure of the redundant ATO system, the paper discusses the key technologies (including self-inspection feedback and fault clearing) for the digital output in the system and proposes a new method of the digital output in the redundant ATO system to discover any...
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Design and Implementation of Interference-Aware Channel Assignment Algorithm

XiaoLiang Feng
This paper aims at maximizing system throughput by making use of multiple radios and multiple channels. This paper designs and implements a centralized channel assignment algorithm (IACA algorithm) in our Wireless Mesh Network test bed. This paper finds that IACA can improve system throughput by 5 to...
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Entropy Method based Evaluation for Spectrum Usage Efficiency of International Mobile Telecommunication Systems

Liqin Wang, Tan Wang, Zhaojun Qian, Wei Li
Currently the radio spectrum resource has become increasingly scarce. Evaluating the usage of frequency bands with existing radio services, strengthening management of allocated resource and improving the spectrum utilization have been becoming an important way of improving spectrum management level....
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Trafficability of rigid wheel with bionic lug on sand by 3D DEM

Guifen Zhou, Songsong Ma, Dianlei Han, Gang Luo, Fang Liu, Rui Zhang
Numerical simulation has significant advantage in analyzing the interaction between rigid wheel and lunar soil simulants and designing the lunar vehicle wheel under complex circumstances. The computer aided design software CATIA and 3D Discrete Element Method simulation software PFC3D were combined by...
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Application Research of Data Mining Technology for Financial Prediction

Wei Su
Financial prediction is an important research direction of financial data mining. In addition to general common characteristics, nonlinear, non-stationaryand dynamic, financial time series is also of some other characteristics, such as high noise, non-normal, rush thick tail, etc. As a result, the financial...
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Design Research of the Insurance Business Management System Facing Mobile Terminals

Wei Su
Insurance plays a very important means of economic compensation in the path of economic development and construction in our country. In the aspect of the comprehensive development of society it has played a positive effect. At the same time, the insurance industry itself also made great development....
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Internet environment under the Asset Securitization Financing Model

Yufei Xin, ZhongLin Sheng, Kang Liu
Asset securitization is the last decade of the largest and fastest growing international financial sector financial instruments and means of financing in infrastructure construction using asset securitization financing of this new model has the reach advantage of other modes, to solve China's infrastructure...
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Solar Radiation Assessment In China And Validation Of McClear Model (article retracted)

Chao Liu, Christophe Vernay, Shuiming Shu
This article has been retracted for copyright reasons.
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Effect of citric acid on toxicity of graphene towards freshwater algae (Chlorella pyrenoidosa)

Chuntong Guo, Pingping Song, Xuesong Cao
With the increasing in production and application, graphene will inevitable be released into the aquatic environment and have impacts on aquatic organisms. In this work, we investigated the toxicity of graphene to algal cells (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) in the presence of dissolved organic matter. The results...
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An adiponitrile additive electrolyte based on lithium difluoro (oxalate) borate for lithium batteries

Shiyou Li, Dongni Zhao, Ruimeng Chen
Adiponitrile (ADN) as a promising solvent is widely used in high-voltage system. However, its effect on the graphite is not so ideal, for the reason that thermal instability at low potential and lower lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) energy (-0.02223 eV) of ADN result in the reduction decomposition...
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Excellent stability of Al-doped LiMn2O4 prepared by a sol - gel method

Liping Mao, Songli Du, Shiyou Li, Zhengzhi Ren
LiAlxMn2-xO4 (x = 0.00, 0.05, 0.10, and 0.15) is synthesized successfully using a sol - gel method at 700 for 10 h in air. X-ray diffraction (XRD) results indicate the LiAlxMn2-xO4 has a good crystallinity. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images show tiny distinction about the morphology and size...
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Electrochemical properties of iron substituted lithium manganese phosphate prepared by sol-gel method

Qiuping Zhao, Xiangfei Li, Shiyou Li, Yuqin Tian
Olivine LiMn0.4Fe0.6PO4 (LMFP) materials were synthesized by the modified sol-gel method with the addition of sucrose as an additional carbon source. Electrochemical properties of LMFP were advanced. The materials doped possess high reversible capacity of 107.4 mAh-g-1 at 0.2 C-rate and excellent cycling...
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Investigation of the benefits of pulse current for the additive manufacture of Ti-6Al-4V

Guangsen Chen, Zhenshu Ma, Changmeng Liu
In order to reduce the heat input in arc additive manufacturing, pulse current was adopted. Single-layer beads and multi-layer walls were deposited by direct current and pulse current. The morphology, microstructure and mechanical properties of forming components were analyzed. Experimental results exhibited...
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The Research on Running Characteristics of A New Type of Radiant Air Conditioning Combined with Fresh Air System

Yingning Hu, Xuan Yao, Weiming Zhong, Yan Wang, Shanshan Hu, Chaojian He
The aim of the article is to comprehensively test and explore the running performance of a new type of radiant air conditioning combined with fresh air system by simulating the climate that summer is hot and winter is warm, which is developed by the laboratory research group. The test results show that,...
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Shock-wave synthesis of alveolate graphene

Yazhu Lan, Pengwan Chen, Chunxiao Xu, Jianjun Liu
In this paper, glucose and RDX as raw material, alveolate graphene was synthesized by shock wave in the detonation chamber. The results of TEM, HRTEM, SEM and XRD showed that alveolate graphene was synthesized in the wall of the detonation chamber. The ratio of RDX and glucose was an important role for...
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Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Air Pollution Analysis

Weichen Yang
Aiming at air pollution in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, this paper carries out modeling analysis, considering different season pollutant composition and regional distribution differences; a kind of effective approach that analyzed air pollution relationship in the region is determined. In order to simplify...
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The Study of Multi Machine Equivalent Model Of Wind Farm Based On The Wind Speed

Qing Liu
With the rapid development of wind power technology, the size and number of grid-connected wind farms increase rapidly. Equivalent modeling of wind farms is the basis of the research on grid operating characteristics after wind power is connected to the grid. Long-distance transmission of large-scale...
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Analysis of electrolytic process parameters based on orthogonal test method

Ning Sun, Daolin Jiang
In the process of electrolysis of rare earth metals, there are many factors that affect the final electrolytic production. These process parameters are usually determined by the workers in the factory according to their own experience, there is no statistical analysis of the scientific data to the final...
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Research on the influences of high salt water on CaCO3 dissociation

Xiaoyu Weng
For the consideration of wastewater zero discharge,many coal-fired power plants reuse the reverse osmosis concentrated water and chemical drainage in the desulfurization system ,but studies of influence to the CaCO3 dissociation by highly concentrated saline wastewater are rare. This paper analyzes negative...
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5G Mobile Communication Technology

Huajun Chen, Lina Yuan
The fifth generation(5G) mobile broadband system will be able to achieve to increase the rate of flow up to 1000 times, enhance the number of connected devices about 100 times and the peak rate of 10 GBPS,guarantee the user experience rate about 10-100 Mbps,smaller time delay and higher reliability,and...
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3D Substation Modeling Based on BIM Technology in China

Xiaoqiang Hu, Baojian Zhao, Chenglei Sun
The application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in managing the electric power construction project has not only become possible due to popularization of the technology, but also become necessary as the electric power project's size and complexity increases. In this paper, an electric...
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A Multi-outputs DC Power Module

Fengchen Li, Dongguang Zuo, Longtao Hu
In order to meet the requirements which a variety of DC power supply of a certain test equipment, a voltage stabilizing module which can provide a variety of DC voltage is designed. The voltage stabilizing module comprises a power supply switch, a DC/DC switch power supply, a DC/DC isolation module,...
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A Method for New Energy Electric Vehicle Charging Hole Detection and Location Based on Machine Vision

Hui Zhang, Xiating Jin
A new method based on machine vision is designed for electric vehicle charging hole detection and location in order to solve the low efficiency, space limitations or leakage risk in artificial charging operation for electric vehicle and to realize the automatic charging based on robot. The method enable...
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Constraints of Developing Natural Gas Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) Systems

Ke Li
The Chinese government has put forward specific demands for the development of natural gas distributed energy, but there are still a number of constraints in the development process. This paper describes the technical principles of natural gas CCHP systems, analyzes its positive role, and demonstrates...
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Pulse Train Controlled PCCM Buck-Boost Converter

Ming Qin, Fangfang Li
In order to reduce the impact of the decrease of inductor current during the freewheel switch on the pulse of next cycle, this paper puts forward a novel control scheme of pulse train (PT) according to the working character of the pseudo continuous conduction mode (PCCM) Buck-Boost converter. The novel...
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Expectation and Review of Control Strategy of Wind Turbines Yaw System

Jiatong Song
In recent years China's wind power industry has developed rapidly. Yaw system is an important part of the wind power generation system. Its effectiveness not only affects the wind energy capture efficiency of the system, but also related to the safe operation of the wind power system. In this article,...
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Simulation Analysis of Run Vibration on Vehicle-mounted Optics Image Stabilization System

Dongwei Li, Huiyan Chen, Guoquan Ren, Jun Han
Vibration, especially at the circumstances of accidental falling down, always cause great damage to vehicle-mounted optics image stabilization system. Therefore, during the process of designing vehicle-mounted optics image stabilization system we need to consider how to reduce the harmful influence of...
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Research on Control Strategy for Battery System of Photovoltaic Power System Based on Bi-directional DC/DC Converter

Xin Li, Pu Xie
Independent photovoltaic system needs energy storage in order to balance the power and improve its instability of power generation. A scientific control strategy can combine the PV cells to the battery system organically. The lithium-ion battery can be the bridge to achieve this target. This paper presents...
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How to Understand PM2.5

Bowen Wei
In view of the factors that affect PM2.5, we set up two models. Multiple linear regression models were used in the establishment of internal factors. Consider that there are too many external factors, we adopt the dimension reduction method, using the principal component analysis method. Through the...
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Methane release analysis on gas hydrate at the Okhotsk Sea slope based on SONIC technology

Hechao Zang, Zhili Hua, Bo Liu
This paper studies the case of the methane release of the Okhotsk Sea slope, It is made a large scale acoustic sweep focusing on the east slope of Sakhalin Island based self-developed software SONIC. Detecting and judging the location of undersea methane gas leaks (GF),reisen and seabed, surveying morphological...
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Optimization Strategy of Load Control Based on Power Consumption Efficiency

Ruixiang Fan, Benren Pan, Jianbo Xin, Xiaohui Xu, Nayan Yu
In the paper a two-stage management scheme is proposed. At the first stage, the yardstick competition is applied to optimize the electricity energy rationing model to realize maximum energy consumption efficiency. At the second stage, the objective of load control is to achieve the maximum of energy...
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Comprehensive assessment of Power Demand Side Management (PDSM) based on PCA-fuzzy synthetic evaluation

Zhu Xu
Integrated with the characteristics of comprehensive assessment, comprehensive evaluation index system of power demand side management (PDSM) is established. A quantitative evaluation model of PDSM implementation is proposed. In the model, index weight is calculated through principal components analysis...
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Strategies of Adding Hot Water when Bathing

Yiming Li, Qiming Chen
To keep the water temperature even throughout the bathtub and as close as possible to the initial temperature without wasting too much water, we establish a mathematical model of the temperature of the bathtub water in space and time to determine the best strategy the bather can adopt when bathing. On...
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Densification Technology of Al2O3/Fe Metallic Ceramic Materials Prepared via Powder Metallurgy Method

Jie-Guang Song, Yu-Jun Zhou, Rui-Hua Wang, Shi-Bin Li, Shi-Yuan Yu, Yao-Qi Li, Ning Wang, Xiang-Yun Huang, Jin-Yun Cheng
Metallic ceramic materials while maintaining the excellent properties of ceramic materials, but also have the advantages of a metal material, is an important new engineering materials. Iron-based composite applications broad, but not high abrasion resistance, wear-resistant engineering parts for such...
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Analysis of Main Factors of PM 2.5

Zhuo Chen
Anti- haze masks sell pretty well in recently years in north China. But it isn't a good thing. It means many cities in the northern China are under great pollution of PM2.5. Reducing the PM2.5 concentration and controling haze weather effectively are imminent.
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A Thin, Angle-insensitive, Broadband Microwave Absorber Based on Metamaterial

KeTao Zhou, Jin Pan, Rong Pan
In this paper, we have presented a simple model for making thin, angle-insensitive, broadband metamaterial absorber in microwave frequency. The proposed structure consists of a square loop imprinted on a aluminum-backed dielectric substrate. Numerical results show that a -10dB absorption bandwidth from...
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Review on waste heat utilization technology of circulating water in power plant

Ning Dong
Circulating water in thermal power plant as a unit of the cooling medium, takes a lot of heat and released into the environment, not only causes environmental pollution but also makes that the resource utilization rate of thermal power plant is not high. Through the water source heat pump technology,...
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Smart Home Smoke Detection and Relay Contract based on STM32

Hao Yin
This paper discuss the smoke sensor and the relay control in the smart home.STM32 is used as the central part of the whole system and LwIP protocol is also applied to transfer data. The system uses the MQ-2 smoke sensor detect the concentration of combustible gases in air, and uses the SRD-05VDC-SL-C...
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Grouped and Segmented Equalization Strategy of Serially Connected Battery Cells

Haolin Li, Guojing Dong, Qingliang Hong
The imbalance of serially connected battery cells can easily lead to overcharge and over discharge, which can not only shorten the life of the battery pack but also reduce the energy efficiency. In this paper, aimed at the merit and demerit of existing measures, a new balancing method based on grouping...
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High-precision tension control method for starting and stopping of optical fiber winding based on trajectory planning

Zhonglin Guo, Jianhui Zhao, He Xu
The paper suggests a tension control method based on angular speed trajectory planning to improve tracking angular speed of fiber supply axis and precision of controlling optical fibre tension during the course of starting and stopping of optical fibre winding. First, kinematic trajectory of fibre extraction...
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Design and implementation of a 2.45GHz circularly polarized microstrip antenna for wireless energy harvesting

Chuang Hu, Yawen Dai
Based on the microstrip patch antenna radiation square chamfer, thereby introducing perturbation, single-fed microstrip antenna in circular polarization. High-frequency structure simulator HFSS antenna work at 2.45GHz of antenna design and simulation, the antenna has a circular polarization characteristics,...
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Methods review of recycling mercury from waste mercury chloride catalyst of PVC production

Zinan Xie, Xia Wang
Serious pollution of waste gas, waste water and waste residue are generated by calcium carbide-based polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production in China, especially the mercury pollution on account of using a mass of mercury chloride catalyst (HgCl2). This study introduced main methods and techniques which...
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Highly Stable Mesoporous Ge@C Sphere Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries

Chen Cheng, Jing Xu, Kai Xie
The Mesoporous Ge@C sphere has been designed via a modified St”ber method and an in-situ solution deposition. Compared with the pure Ge nanoparticles, the as-synthesized Mesoporous Ge@C sphere nanocomposites show much better cycling stability and rate capability. That as-prepared anode material can maintain...
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[WITHDRAWN] Small Amplitude Hunting Instability of High-speed Train Diagnosis Method Based on Modified Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition, Shannon Entropy and Least Square Support Vector Machine

Yunguang Ye, Jing Ning
To monitor the state of small hunting instability for the train at a high speed, aiming at the problem of mode splitting of ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD), a new methodology which combines modified ensemble empirical mode decomposition (MEEMD), Shannon entropy feature and least squares...
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Electrochemical deposition of ZnCO2O4 nanosheets on Ni foam for supercapacitor applications

Bingjun Guo, Haicheng Xuan, Yangyang Hao, Yuekui Xu
This study describe the method of electrochemical deposition to create ZnCO2O4 supported on nickel foam for capacitor applications. Using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and other electrochemical methods to of sample materials demonstrates the nanostructure and chemical performance of substances grown...
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Prediction in sustainable development capacity of water resources

Yu Guo
In accordance with the variation, this paper divides the indexes for sustainable development of water resources into five categories. And the appropriate forecasting methods to predict the direction of the data in future is given, to lay the foundation for further study of changes in sustainable development...
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Reliability Assessment of Wind Power Growth Planetary Gear Train Based on Dynamics

Chunguang Wang, Shuai Yue
From the reliability point of view, the main failure modes of load-split wind power growth planetary gear train are determined by failure mode and effect analysis method. The engineering practice and typical stress and intensity distribution are considered, the probability distribution of random variables...
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The rotor fault prediction based on support vector regression and phase space reconstruction

Xiao Han
Support vector regression (SVR) is a popular machine learning method that develops these years and has been widely used in the prediction field. But the input feature vectors largely affect the accuracy of the forecast er-ror, so the feature vector choice has been the hot issues of attention and research...
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Research on Sample Dataset Balance Method of SVM Based on GA

Xiao Han
SVM was widely used in fault diagnosis, and achieved good results. However, the unbalance between normal sample datasets and fault sample datasets made it very difficult to establish a proper diagnosis model. For ac-tual diagnosis, the normal samples are usually more than the fault ones, and it will...
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The solution to water shortage in Ukraine based on Multi-objective programming model

Bo Dong
Proposing solution to clean water shortage is of great importance to all citizens of the world. In this paper, we do a research on water conditions of Ukraine, which indicates that a perfect intervention plan for solving the problem of water shortage is needed. We provide the solution on the two aspects,...
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Path Planning for Robot Based on Improved Artificial Potential Field

Guoqing Qiu, Ting Niu, Qianqian Kou, Cheng Liu
Aiming at the disadvantages of the traditional artificial potential field method, target is not reachable and the robot is easy to fall into local minimum point, the paper proposes an improved potential field function of arti-ficial potential field, a formula factor is added to the repulsive force field...
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Micro-video Data-Acquisition System Design

Zhengzheng Liu, Hai Ji, Sanxing Cao
In recent years, more and more studies about micro-video emerged with the increasingly rapid development of micro-video. This Micro-video Data-Acquisition System gives a method that how to obtain the structured da-ta and the unstructured data of the micro video, and the system has got data of micro-video...
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Study on Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Risk Analysis

Tianxiao Nan
The water conservancy and hydropower engineering is built to make full use of the amazing power of water, while there exist variety kinds of risks in the process of the system building and operation. Based on the anal-ysis of the definition and structure of water conservancy and hydropower engineering,...
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Membrane Separation Technology for Wastewater Treatment and its Study Progress and Development Trend

Jianwen Gao
This paper introduced the definition and characteristic of membrane separates technology. Stated several con-ditional methods such as micro filtration, reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, nanofiltration, electro dialysis, liquid membrane, etc. Prospected the development of membrane separation technology.
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Thermodynamic Studies on Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitrification by Chlorine-based Composite

Yunyang Wang
This paper studied the reaction mechanism and got the overall reaction equation based on the experimental study and the analysis results of desulfurization and denitrification by chlorine-based composite. And studied the chemical and thermodynamic properties of simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification...
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The Development and Research of the Thermal Material

Biyao Yuan
The year 2016 has witnessed the booming of the thermal material in the field of clothing. Scientists are trying to explore three prime means to make the idea that materials themselves can spontaneously produce heat and warm into reality, including hydrophilic material, solar-energy storage material and...
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The study of phenolics content in the emblica fruit wine

Minjie Li, Ya Xiong
Emblic fruit wine rich in alcohol, phenolics. This experiment adopts the reverse high performance liquid chro-matography (HPLC) method for emblic leafflower fruit wine representative of phenolics gallic acid, quercetin content determination of study; And the emblic leafflower fruit forint phenol method...
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Hydrogen sulfide gas drilling site online spectra monitor Feasibility Study

Guoliang Li, Mingzhu Chen, Mengjie Gao
Through the hydrogen sulfide and other common small molecular gas near infrared absorption spectrum analy-sis, propose that analyzing spectral absorption peak at a wavelength of hydrogen sulfide 1.578um neighbor-hood undisturbed common gases and water vapor from small molecules, which can be used for...
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The Application of Post-Stack Geostatistics Inversion in the Prediction of Narrow Channel Sand Body

Jianhua Huang
Aiming at the big difficulty in predicting the inner front narrow channel sand body, by the example of P group reservoir of the G oilfield, we have discussed the application of post-stack geostatistics inversion in the prediction of narrow channel sand body. During the process of application, combing...
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Study on Synthesis and Properties of Multi-amine Imidazoline as Asphalt Emulsifier

Xiangjun Kong, Chengduo Qian, Yan Lin, Weiyu Fan
Two kinds of multi-amine imidazoline E1 and E2 are synthetized as asphalt emulsifier by the long-chain organ-ic acids and polyethylene polyamine. The purpose of adjusting the mixing time of asphalt emulsion and aggre-gate can be achieved by controlling the head group number of hydrophilic group. The...
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Storage stability and its relationship with microstructure of SBS modified de-oiled asphalt

Ming Liang, Shisong Ren, Weiyu Fan, Xue Xin
SBS modified hard asphalt was prepared by de-oiled asphalt and radial SBS at 170 by high speed mixer. The samples were evaluated by conventional properties and fluorescence microscopy. Conventional properties showed that SBS drastically improve the high temperature stability and low temperature crack...
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Analysis of several ferroelectric materials

Donghui Wang
Nowadays, ferroelectricity materials are widely used. Many researchers have put effort into it to make further exploratory. This template explains and demonstrates several ferroelectricity materials. It includes piezoelectric materials, BaTiO3 ceramics and multi-material iron. We take their nature and...
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Study on Joint Driving Characteristics for Powered Exoskeleton Based on All-Joints Driving Model

Mingkui Zhang, Wenming Cheng, Fang Liu, Huaixian Li
In order to study the changing characteristics of the driving torque, the driving power and the driving energy of all joints for the powered exoskeleton in the squat stance, multi-rigid-body system dynamics model of the powered exoskeleton was established based on the somatic structure characteristics...
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Transmission-type Window of HFCVD Diamond Film for Microfocus X-ray Tube

Lei Zheng, Huarong Liu, Junting Wang
Operating the microfocus X-ray source at high power is required to achieve high temporal resolution. Howev-er, the thermal loading of the anode focal spot is a limiting factor in determining the maximum power of an x-ray tube. In this paper, a transmission window based on polycrystalline diamond, for...
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Modeling and kinematic simulation of the telescopic sleeve anti-swing device based on Adams depend on crane rotating

Guangdong Han, Haiquan Chen, Wenhua Li, Shanghai Wang
For offshore crane in the operation process, due to the suspension of lifting wire rope belongs to the flexible parts and wind, wave and ocean environment. These cause the load swing. A new type of offshore crane tele-scopic sleeve anti-swing device was proposed. It uses the casing of the rigid constraints...
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Tunnel Robot Obstacle Avoidance Control Based On Ultrasonic and Vision

Xiaorui Hu, Xiaolong Zhou, Xiaoxue Guo, Xinpin Li
Knowing the distance information of the obstacles is good for planning process path for mobile robot. Based on ultrasonic and machine vision range finding principle, we design a mobile robot multi-sensor ranging system, the measurement of 0 ~ 200 cm distance obstacle, measurement error is less than 1%....
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Design of a new Type of Artificial Reef

Shaojie Jiang, Wei Wu, Linglong Zong
Because of over fishing and environmental pollution, global fisheries resources is declined shapely, many natu-ral fisheries were severely damaged. At present, marine ranching construction has been developed rapidly in the coastal countries, and has obtained the good effect. Artificial fish reef is the...
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Research on Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Tunnel Mobile Robot Based on Visual Navigation

Xiaolong Zhou, Xin Wan, Xiaoxue Guo, Xinpin Li
With the development of science and technology, the mobile robot has been widely concerned at home and abroad. Great potential for mobile robot applications. Applications include automatic driving, unknown field exploration, industry and agriculture production automation, dangerous environment no work,...
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Research Progress of the Modified Wood Powder for 3D printing

J.S. Zhang, Y.T. Yang, Z.K. Qin, J.J. Luo, W. Gao, S.L. Wei
3D printing leads to the changes in manufacturing process, and the research and development of 3D printing supplies is considered as the core competitiveness of this technology. In this paper, it reveals the wood pow-der modification by establishing performance index of impulse process model to realize...
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A Live-working Robot with a Fast Line up And down Function

N.C. Ou, W. Li, L.F. Li, S. Zheng
In this paper, mainly research on a Live-working robot in power transmission line, it composed with Live-working robot unit and operation platform. The operation platform use to support the whole robot line up and down. Under the action of machine, insulation winch and the rope concerted action in order...
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[WITHDRAWN] A Single Band E-Shaped Patch Antenna with Defective Ground Structures for ISM Band Applications

C Aruna, A Keerthanai Priya, A Ameelia Roseline
A single band E-Shaped Patch antenna with Defective Ground Structures (DGS) was proposed. The overall dimension of the antenna is (32*31.5*1.64) mm. This antenna produces bandwidth ranges from (2.3 to 2.5) GHz, which supports ISM band application. This provides reflection coefficient about -32dB respectively....
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Design and Fabrication of a Leak Proof Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Mold for manufacturing Fiber Reinforced Plastic Laminate using Product Design Approach

Mr Madhav Murthy, K Mallikharjuna Babu, P Martin Jebaraj
A polymer composite material is a two phase material made up of a matrix and reinforcement. The constituents must be considered appropriate proportions for the desired properties in the final laminate prepared. Compared to other manufacturing methods of making polymer matrix composites, Resin transfer...
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A Critical review on friction stir based processes

M Puviyarasan, L Karthikeyan, C Gnanavel, K Dhineshkumar
Friction stir based processes are solid state processes which significantly contribute to joining/processing of materials and surface property enhancement. It replaces conventional joining/processing techniques owing to their unique features such as reduced distortion, reduced porosity defect, reduced...
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[WITHDRAWN] Boosting Relevance Vector Machine Learning Algorithm Based on Noise Self-Detection

Wangchen Qin, Fang Liu, Quan Qi, Mi Tong
AdaBoost is an ensemble method to construct a strong classifier with linear combination of base classifiers, which has been applied to relevance vector machine (RVM) for performance improvement. However, the combination of the RVM and AdaBoost can be overfitting in dealing with the noisy data sets because...
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Internet of Things, Internet, Big Data and Airport Services Make Smart Airport Based on O2O and Humanism

Qi Qi, Zhu Pan
This paper analyzes the reason why the civil aviation enterprises attach great importance to service quality, but the passengers are not much satisfied. And then it puts forward a scientific solution based on humanism and interconnected intelligent equipment. The paper also defines the concept of a smart...
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Theoretical Analysis and Simulation of Buffer Cylinder for Anti-Water Hammering

Guolai Yang, Mingxue Li, Guixiang Bai, Meilin Xu
Aiming at the serious water hammer problem produced by check valve when the pump stops unexpectedly, an optimal method of using buffer cylinder to quick close check valve to reduce water hammer pressure is proposed. Through studying found that water hammer pressure is proportional to flow rate. And the...
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Fault Diagnosis of Vehicle Engine Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Neural Network

Chuanxiang Du, Xiuling Wei
Due to the nonlinear relationship between vehicle engine fault characteristics, traditional methods can not accurately describe the correlation characteristics between different features, it is very difficult to achieve accurate diagnosis of vehicle engine fault. In order to improve the accuracy of vehicle...
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Monitoring and Analysis of Vehicle Engine State Based on Data Mining Technology

Xiuling Wei, Chuanxiang Du
the state of vehicle engine is influenced by many factors. The changing characteristics are very complex. The current model can not get high accuracy vehicle engine condition monitoring results. In order to improve the monitoring precision of vehicle engine state, a vehicle engine state monitoring model...
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Design of a High-Performance Ultra-Wideband Monocycle Pulse Generator

Qi Yin, Zhongming Pan, Zhuohang Zhang
A high-performance ultra-wideband (UWB) monocycle pulse generator is described in this paper. The pulse generator circuit is mainly composed of avalanche transistor, step recovery diode (SRD), Schottky diode (SD) and microstrip lines. The proposed circuit solution utilizes the avalanche effect of avalanche...
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The Impact of Climate Change on Yemen's National Stability

Bojian Zhang
In this paper, we have developed an FDS that is a measure of national vulnerability. From the FDS, we can judge whether the fragile state of the country is fragile or vulnerable or stable. We use Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) to construct an evaluation model to evaluate the vulnerability and...
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Summary of Evaluating Inertial Gyro Storage Life Based on Accelerated Life Test

Huizhi Li, Shaoguang Wang, Chen Huang, Xihui Mu
In this paper, the life evaluation of inertial gyro components of information-based ammunition control system is carried out by using accelerated life test. The present research situation of accelerated life test technology is discussed, and the basic principle, shortcomings, the general process of evaluating...
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Design of Image transmission and Display System Based on ZYNQ

Ran He, Zili Chen
Aiming at the problems of high cost, large volume of the PC image transmission and display system, poor backend portability, transmission delay of the image transmission and display system using network camera, an image transmission and display system of IP network camera based on SOC was designed. The...
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Research on the seismic simulated vibration test machine for the aseismatic performance of elevator

Xiao Lv, Dingdong Zou, Lei Zhang, Ligui Kang, Jingjie Yuan
In view of the running safety in elevator under earthquake, several damage forms of elevator are presented and its analysis model is set up. Then some earthquake protective measures for elevators are proposed. In order to inspect the seismic behavior of the elevator, the seismic simulated vibration test...
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Research and Application of Data Mining in Chronic Diseases

Yuliang Shi, Jun Tao
In recent years, with the acceleration of people's pace of life, the number of chronic diseases in China is increasing. The attention and investment of the country to the medical industry is increasing year by year. At the same time, with the maturity and perfection of data mining technology, many countries...
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Summary of weak signal detection and processing methods

Wei Liu, Zhenshu Ma, Huagang Sun
Weak signal detection is a multidisciplinary application of detection methods,which through the use of different methods to study and analyze the statistical properties of signal and noise, and use a variety of signal processing methods to analyze and process the input signal. Weak signals can be detected...
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Research of Structural Reliability Analysis Based on Nonlinear Weighted Response Surface Methodology

Mingren Xu, Zongjie Cao
Response surface method(RSM) is one of the effective methods to solve the reliability problem of implicit structure. In this paper, a new weighting method is proposed based on the response surface method to solve the nonlinear problem. The weighted design method is used to determine the design point...
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Experimental Study on Random Vibration Fatigue S-N Curve of GH188 Alloy Under High Temperature Environment

Chao Qu, Hongwei Zhou, Xuefeng Zou
A random vibration fatigue test system developed by the company was used to conduct a random vibration fatigue test at a temperature of 25? /450? for a typical plate element of GH188 alloy, and the random vibration fatigue median life of S-N curve of GH188 superalloy at a temperature of 25?/450? was...
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Impact of Community Opening on Road Traffic

Lin Chen
This paper aims to analyze the effect of open community system on road traffic. Based on the evaluation index system of the impact of community opening on road traffic, a space-time dynamic analysis model of vehicle traffic capacity is established to describe the urban road traffic situation. Firstly,...