Proceedings of the 3rd Universitas Lampung International Conference on Social Sciences (ULICoSS 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Ryzal Perdana, Gede Eka Putrawan, Bayu Saputra, Trio Yuda Septiawan
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“Archivum Est Potentia” UPT Archives Lampung University: Implementation of Archives as a Source of Information and Collective Memory Lampung University

Purwanto Putra, Arnila Purnamayanti, Eri Maryani
The issue of organizing university archives continues to be in the spotlight. In general, what often happens is that the organization of university archives is still not running optimally. One of the causes is the lack of understanding of policy makers and the magnitude of the tasks carried out by higher...
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Toward the Legal Aspect on Developing Academics Intellectual Property Rights in University

Yunita Maya, Ria Wierma Putri, Tristiyanto, Orima Melati Davey
The existence of IPR development at universities is important because universities are recognized as a forum for intellectual works that are the object of TRIPS protection and IPR development at universities is fully supported by WIPO. In subsequent developments, HKI has become a source of capital for...
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The Effectiveness of Mediation as an Alternative of Civil Dispute Settlement

Rohaini, Dita Febrianto, Kingkin Wahyuningdiah, Yulia Kusuma Wardhani
The principle of simple, fast and inexpensive process is a very important principle in the implementation of procedural law. In practice, court dispute resolution processes fail to take into account common interests, tend to create new problems, are slow to resolve, costly, unresponsive, and create hostility...
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Analysis of the Impact of the Latest Use E-Form Policy for Individual Taxpayers (Experimental Study)

Yunia Amelia, Weddie Andriyanto, Kamadie Sumanda Syafis
The digitalization era in 2021 and 2022 demands convenience so that the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) transforms through the digitization of SPT which is contained in an electronic form (e-Form). E-Form must be used for all taxpayers who fall into the category of entrepreneurs and freelancers since...
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The Characteristics of Predatory Pricing Violations According to Competition Laws in Indonesia

Rilda Murniati, Sunaryo, Rohaini
The practice of predatory pricing as a trading business strategy to set a very low price for a product or service in the relevant market. There is no prohibition for businessman to set very low prices for goods/services as long as the selling behaviour has a purpose that does not violate the Law. In...
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The Implication of the Job Creation Law on Local Government Basic Service Affairs

Ade Arif Firmansyah, Nisa Gustiara, M. Shafa Abighail Gurmilang, Anik Dian Insani, Thalatin Actiani, Malicia Evendia, Andre Gunawan, Yangdinanty, Muhammad Reinaldi Akuan, Dita Febrianto, Afiliani Almira, Diaz Muh Hartawan, Gheandaru Ghifary Adishakti
With the adoption of Law No. 11 of 2020 on Job Creation, 80 sectoral laws were amended, 51 derivative regulations were drafted in the form of Government Regulations (47) and Presidential Regulations (4), and the direction of decentralization was changed. Changed to decentralization. The purpose of this...
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Government Policy Design to Improve Taxpayer Compliance in Paying Local Taxes in Bandar Lampung

Marlia Eka Putri A.T., Yuswanto, Nurmayani, M. D. Abiezzart Marga H.
Tax Compliance is a classic problem facing tax authorities around the world. Efforts to increase tax compliance have also been around for a long time to the attention of the tax authorities. The same goes for problems taxpayer compliance in Bandar Lampung City which is still low, for example, the case...
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The Necessary for Implementation Regional Foreign Cooperation by Local Governments

Yhannu Setyawan, Dewi Nurhalimah, Yeti Yuniarsih
Currently, the Indonesian government is actively encouraging regions to cooperate abroad. This is evidenced by the Regional Government Law and the Job Creation Act. However, this cooperation cannot be carried out immediately by the Regional Government itself, but the role of the state is needed. Foreign...
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Strategic Model for Increasing the Effectiveness of Local Government’s Legal Development in the Establishment of Local Regulations Based on Community Needs

Yhannu Setyawan, Yeti Yuniarsih, Dewi Nurhalimah, Dedek Irvansyah, Budiono
One sector that has escaped development is a technology that rises to various activities in the virtual world, both private and public interests, such as e-commerce, e-government, and e-court. These changes introduced new concepts, such as e-signature, e-payment, and e-litigation. It is necessary to...
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Independent Learning-Independent Campus in Higher Education: A Case Study of Student Perceptions

Bambang Riadi, Ryzal Perdana, Rian Andri Prasetya, Rahmat Prayogi
Several studies on student perceptions of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus program have been conducted. Not all phenomena, however, are explained. As a result, similar research is still worthwhile. To analyze the questionnaire data, we used a qualitative descriptive method. This study explains...
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The Planning of Education Human Resources Through the Improvement of Undergraduate Students in Primary School Teacher Education (PGSD)

Riswandi, Amrina Izzatika, Riswanti Rini
Education attempts to improve the nation’s intelligence and the quality of learning in higher education. The demands of the times have led to a change in policy, namely learning in higher education must be able to liberate students so that they can hone their abilities in various fields. Human resources...
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The Chemical Learning Effectiveness Based on Pelangiran Ethnoscience in Improving Students’ Scientific Process Skills Through Electrolyte and Non-electrolyte Material Solution

Sunyono, Annisa Meristin, Ita Rosita
The purpose of this study was to illustrate the effectiveness of the implementation of Pelangilla Ethnoscience Chemistry Learning in improving students’ scientific process skills (SPS) through electrolyte and non-electrolyte solutions. The research method used is quasi-experimental with a pre-test and...
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Management of Educational Facilities and Infrastructure to Create Effective Schools in Elementary Schools in Lampung Province

Riswandi, Lungit Wicaksono, Mujiyati
Schools can be considered effective if there is well-organized management of facilities and infrastructure. This study aims to describe the management of elementary school facilities and infrastructure to create effective schools by using a mixed method. The utilized research design is sequential explanatory....
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Reinforcement on Students’ Scientific Literacy: Development of Worksheet Based Lynk

Sunyono, Viyanti, Ujang Efendi
This study aims to develop a valid, practical, and effective worksheet based Lynk to habituate students’ scientific literacy. Thiagarajan 4-D model (Define, Design, Development, and Disseminate) in Research and Development (R & D), were used as research method. This article reported the results of...
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Rational Choice Theory as a Concept for Optimizing Financial Software Empowerment and Digital Marketing for MSMEs in Bandar Lampung City

Lego Waspodo, Kiagus Andi, Nurul Riski Yanti
The new normal era is expected to be able to provide positive energy for the development of MSMEs in Indonesia. MSMEs actors must be able to prepare mature strategies and techniques to face the demands of change due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the optimal steps that can boost the existence...
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Omnichannel Integration Quality Analysis, Cross Buying Intention to Perceived Value, Study on Tokopedia Indonesia

Aida Sari, Mudji Rachmat Ramelan, Nuzul Inas Nabila
The development of multi-channel communication is getting new opportunities for business people. Communication that shifts from traditional to digital causes companies to anticipate conditions by creating various channels that can remain integrated with each other. In the rapidly changing digital era,...
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Adjustment in the Workplace: The Impact of WFH on Working Mothers in Indonesia

Mutiara Varent C. Kirana, Jeni Wulandari, Fenny Saptiani
Work from Home (WFH) has formed a new work culture in Indonesia since the Covid-19 pandemic. Positive and negative impacts are also felt during WFH. Especially for working mothers who are faced with domestic affairs and work in the same space and time. A study on 385 respondents of working mothers in...
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Analysis of Joint Liability Groups’ Performance Using Social Cohesion Approach to Sharia Savings and Loans Cooperatives in Indonesia

Amelia Pratiwi, Nurma Yulita
This study intentions to discover whether social cohesion significantly affects the performance of joint liability (tanggung renteng or TR) groups in sharia savings and loans cooperatives in Indonesia. The social cohesion dimension in this research includes peer selection and monitoring, peer sanctions,...
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Intention to Revisit Culinary Tourism

Roslina, Habibullah Jimad, Aida Sari
This study aims to analyze the intention of tourists to return to culinary tourism using the Theory of Planned Behavior, which was expanded by adding a memorable food experience (MFE) construct. The study used a survey method with non-probability sampling and a purposive sampling technique. The research...
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Restructuring Subsidised Housing Loans (KPR) Impact of Covid-19 on Bank BTN Bandar Lampung

Heri Kurniadi
Housing needs are basic human needs such as for living and socializing. House also functions as a place live a pleasant life, resort, family gatherings, and a social status. In providing mortgages, currently there are many financial institutions that provide home ownership services. One of them is the...
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Analysis of Student Intentions in Using Islamic Bank Products

Siti Maharani Chairunnisa
Islamic banks, which are one of the contributors to the national economy, have the potential to develop their existence. The existence of a large number of Muslim communities is an opportunity for the growth of Islamic banks. This study was conducted to analyze the intentions of students in Lampung Province...
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Shrimp Farming Business Ecology: Internet of People (IOP)-Based Digital Marketing

Diang Adistya, Iqbal Harori, Ahmad Efendi
This research was conducted with the aim of knowing the ecology of the exclusive vannamei shrimp pond business. Good ecology will have an impact on the yield of vannamei shrimp ponds. High yields will encourage increased marketing of vannamei shrimp. This is good and the results are increasing through...
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Post-purchase Experience During the Covid-19 Pandemic on Consumer Behavior in the New Normal Era

Mudji Rachmat Ramelan, Yuniarti Fihartini, Lis Andriani
The decreasing number of Covid-19 patients, which changed the status of the Covid-19 pandemic to endemic (the new normal), resulted in the government gradually loosening Covid-19 pandemic regulations. This further expands consumer access to conventional retail (offline shopping). Thus, the question is...
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Development of Tanggamus Robusta Coffee (Socio-ecological Approach)

Dorothy R. H. Pandjaitan, Nurul Husna, Ernie Hendrawaty, Aripin Ahmad
Coffee is very popular with Indonesian people. Indonesia itself is the fourth largest coffee18 producing country in the world. Lampung is also the largest coffee producer in Indonesia with robusta coffee. Coffee also has a relatively high economic value, so it plays an essential role in the Indonesian...
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Strengthening Sustainable Economic Concept Through Village-Owned Enterprises

Dewi Ambarwati, Rachmad Safa’at, Siti Hamidah, Rachmi Sulistyarini
One of the government’s priority programs to improve the national economy is strengthening rural economic institutions. Village-Owned Enterprises are economic institutions established by the village by taking into account the characteristics of the village’s natural resources that are used to realize...
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Legal Protection of Online Loan Customers

Kasmawati, Riza Amalia, Maroni, Muhammad Febriyan Saputra
Online loan customers have increased every year. This increase was due to the ease of submitting a loan application process. However, not a few take advantage of the convenience of these online loan products unwisely. Therefore, this study aims to determine how is the legal protection for online loan...
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Bank Capital Buffer Model and Monetary Policy Approach to Non-performing Loans in Indonesia

Muhammad Husaini, Nurbetty Herlina Sitorus, Emi Maimunah
The economic and monetary crisis will greatly affect the economic growth of a country. In practice, there are many conditions and factors that can make the provision of credit detrimental to the banking sector. Therefore, the monetary and banking authorities has made various efforts to avoid systemic...
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The Role of Political Connections, Cash Holdings, and Public Ownership in Improving Lq45 Company Performance on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Mahatma Kufepaksi, Hidayat Wiweko, Ririn Nafisa Ulfa
Successful companies would manage their performance very well. Previous research found that there are many factors affecting the company's performance such as dividend policy, financing policy, investment policy, size of the firm, intellectual capital and so on. This study aims to determine the...
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Impact of Covid 19 Towards the Sustanaibility of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Bandar Lampung City

Erlina Rufaidah, Dwi Haryono, Annisa Yulistia
Lampung Province’s economic growth during COVID-19 has decreased by 1.67%. Nite that Bandar Lampung City as an economic center in Lampung Province has many Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) which are certainly affected, especially production and income. The purpose of the study is to...
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Compiling Variables of Development on Shrimp Export Competitiveness Index

Tety Rachmawati, Nuzul Inas Nabila, Fahmi Tarumanegara
This study aims to compile the variables for the development of the shrimp export competitiveness index. The existence of a shrimp export competitiveness index is very important to measure the ability of shrimp products to compete in the international market. The shrimp export competitiveness index can...
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The Implementation of Multi-purpose Financing Agreement Between PT Commerce Finance (PT CF) and Loan Recipients on the E-Commerce Shopee Platform

Dewi Septian, Wati Rahmi Ria, Kingkin Wahyuningdiah, Raineven Sailano VC
Based on data compiled from the databoks site, Shopee is an e-commerce that is in the first place, with the largest number of visitors in Indonesia in the fourth quarter of 2020, reaching 129,3 million. At the beginning of 2019, Shopee innovated by creating the Shopee PayLater program which requires...
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Spatial Autocorrelation and Convergence of GDRP Per Capita in Java and Kalimatan Island

Ida Budiarty, Zulfa Emalia, Akbars Jayusman
This research aims to analyze the spatial autocorrelation of GRDP per capita between provinces in Java and Kalimantan. The second objective is to analyze whether there is Absolute Beta Convergence and Conditional Beta GRDP per capita between provinces on Sumatra Island and Kalimantan Island. The analytical...
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The Role of Ppkn Students in Disseminating the Values of Nationalism Through Social Media in the Globalization Era

Abdul Halim, Nurhayati, Berchah Pitoewas, R Reynal Ardhani
The use of social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Tiktok so far has only been for entertainment and a means of communication. There are many activities on social media but only a few create content related to nationalism, patriotism, causing a lack of nationalism values among Indonesian society...
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Utilizing Book Creator as a Digital Module to Improve Student Listening Skills in Elementary School

Muhisom, Febra Anjar, Destiani, Deviyanti Pangestu
Listening learning is one of the most important language skills of the three other aspects of language, i.e., speaking, reading, and writing. More than 40% of a person's daily activities are listening. This skill requires a factor of intentionality, seriousness, and understanding so that the information...
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Needs Analysis on Digital Smart Books for Indonesian Language Education General Courses in the Era of Independent Learning

Ayu Setiyo Putri, Heru Prasetyo, Munaris, Bambang Riadi
The results of this study indicate that the development of digital smart books for general Indonesian language education courses is essential to increase student motivation to learn at the University of Lampung. The needs analysis illustrated the results that digital smart books for general Indonesian...
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Loneliness with Problematic Internet Use Among College Students

Vanessa Luna Maulida, Fitri Ayu Kusumaningrum
Students should avoid problematic internet use because it negatively impacts various life aspects, including academics. This study aimed to determine the relationship between loneliness and problematic internet use among 168 female and 27 male students aged 18–25. It used quantitative methods with the...
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Students’ Perspectives on Digital Communication in Online Learning During Covid-19

Firma Pradesta Amanah, Homsatun Nafiah, Masfa Maiza
The emergence of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic has changed the learning paradigm in Indonesia which has thoroughly led the shift from traditional to digital communication. Digital communication is the process of sharing or getting information mediated by electronic device. Basically,...
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Speaking Learning Based on Local Cultural Wisdom

Novita Nurdiana, Dian Shafwati, Heriyanto
This study was conducted to examine how the process of applying local cultural wisdom-based speaking learning takes place and to identify the values of local cultural wisdom that appear in learning. This type of research is called descriptive qualitative research. In collecting the qualitative data,...
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The Hijrah Phenomenon in Indonesia: A Case Study Among Students in Public and Private Universities in Lampung Province on Sumatra Island

Mualimin, F. Ade Imelda, Ryzal Perdana, Susilo
Students born during the digitalisation era, which is characterised by rapid advancements in information technology, are influenced by the news revolution, which encourages them to be highly engaged with information via social media and inexpensive internet access. As a result of the emergence of this...
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Factors that Influence Delay Time in Loading and Unloading Goods at Warehouses: Case Study at Century Total Logistics Sdn Bhd

Hazlin Jamari
Warehouse is an important part for logistics and supply chain management. Receiving and delivering are the scope and job function of a warehouse for incoming and outgoing material flow. Incoming shipments are brought to the warehouse, unloaded at the receiving docks, and put into storage. The objective...
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A Decline Earnings at the Empty Depot: Case Study at JP Logistics Sdn Bhd

Hazlin Jamari
Empty Depot is one of the most important container storage at JP Logistics Sdn Bhd (JPL) and contribute profits to the business of logistics. Scope of work at Empty Depot are storing an empty container, maintenance services, repairing the damage container and clean dirty containers. The aim of the research...
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Development of Management Information System and Web-Based Village Education Center in East Lampung

Hasan Hariri, Rini Marpaung, Fanni Rahmawati, Bayu Saputra
The rapid development of science and technology indirectly requires people to be able to adapt to technology and also be able to harmonize it to create new opportunities by forming an innovative, competitive and creative generation. The information system is a combination of several components that are...
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Application of the Constructivistic Method in the Lampung Bronze Music Course at the Music Education Study Program, University of Lampung

Erizal Barnawi, Agung Hero Hernanda
Problems often occur in the learning process of music students due to lack of experience in information knowledge, whether playing traditional Lampung musical instruments directly or watching them in the realm of performances. As a result, students often find it difficult to learn the Lampung Bronze...
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Development of Dance Learning Media - Based on Interactive Video for Children with Special Needs

Nabilla Kurnia Adzan, Afrizal Yudha Setiawan
Dance for students with special needs has a function as a stimulant for kinesthetic intelligence and motor development of children. In addition, dance for children with special needs can also be used as a therapeutic medium because of its pleasant characteristics through body movements. So it is important...
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Burden Sharing as the Effort in Bridging Locality and Internationalization: The Penetration of Kampung Batik Laweyan into Global Market

Hermini Susiatiningsih, Nurdien Harry Kistanto, Muhammad Faizal Alfian, Khairunnisa Andini Damayanti, Safriska Desna Putri
Globalization of information, culture, products, and services move faster and easier, influencing the firm adjusts to uncertain conditions. Adapting to globalization is critical for the firm to sustain a business environment.Kampung Batik Laweyan is a community engaged in the garment industry sector....
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Good Governance in International Relations: Integrity Management and Locality in Nasrafa Painting Fabric, Jebres, Solo

Hermini Susiatiningsih, Satwika Paramasatya, Muhammad Faizal Alfian, Safriska Desna Putri, Khairunnisa Andini Damayanti
This study discusses the correlation between local values in international relations, especially in applying the concept of Good Governance. An optimal and collaborative system can help establish the right conditions for industries to build domestic and international cooperation. This system is reflected...
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Development of Problem Based Learning Modules on the Theme of My Country’s Richness to Improve Learners’ Writing Skills Grade 4 Elementary School

Sugeng Widodo, Pargito, Astuti Aryaningsih
Development of Problem-Based Learning Module on the Theme of My Country’s Richness to Improve Students’ Writing Skills of 4th Grade Elementary School. This study aims to realize the product development of the thematic module based on Problem-Based Learning on the theme of the richness of my country and...
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Legal Framework of Inventory Policy of Lampung Indigenous Culture as a Traditional Cultural Expression

Nenny Dwi Ariani, Rohaini, Sunaryo, Harsa Wahyu Ramadhan
Indigenous peoples of Lampung have a lot of heritage of Traditional Cultural Expressions in the form of verbal expressions, sounds and movements whose existence has not been identified. There is a need of legal framework to carry out an inventory of the culture of the Indigenous Peoples of Lampung as...
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Senior High School Students’ Argumentation Skills: Implementation of the Scientific Approach at Different Levels of Accreditation

Dina Maulina, Neni Hasnunidah, Ismi Rakhmawati
This study was aims to analyze the argumentation ability of students at the high school level in Lampung Province at different levels of accreditation. Methods of this research was used ex post facto. This research will be conducted in all high schools in Lampung Province. Determination of sampling using...
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Fostering Harmony Between Religious People: Study on FKUB Bandar Lampung

Joni Putra, Ade Imelda Frimayanti, Rima Yuni Saputri, Aryan Danil Mirza. BR
The development of multi-channel communication is getting new opportunities for business people. Communication that shifts from traditional to digital causes companies to anticipate conditions by creating various channels that can remain integrated with each other. In the rapidly changing digital era,...
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Deconstruction of Customary Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Progressive Law

Candra Perbawati, Nabila Firstia Izzati
Deconstruction of Customary Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a term used to describe a model of understanding the customary rights of indigenous peoples based on the concept of progressive law. The paradigm used to examine the deconstruction of customary rights arrangements of indigenous peoples in this...
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Regulatory Mechanism for Enforcement of Sanctions for Criminal Offenses for Children Under the Age

Budi Rizky Husin, Gunawan Jatmiko, Muhammad Farid
The childhood phase is a period of growth and development both physically and psychologically.Every child who is at this time is at the level of time to get the desire for something without considering the consequences of that decision.So in this case, the child has the potential to be a legal subject...
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Didactic Value in the Tradition of Excise as a Lampung Folklor Inventory Strategy

Iqbal Hilal, L. Khoerotun Nisa, Kahfie Nazaruddin, Villa Lathifah, Hendri Firmansyah
This study aims to describe a series of activities and didactic values contained in the cuak mengan in the Lampung community, especially the Lampung Pepadun indigenous people in the North Lampung area. The method used in this research is a qualitative method. Data were collected through observation,...
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When Do Articles on Decentralization and Human Rights in Indonesian Constitutions Matters?

Andy Omara, Gunawan Tauda
Decentralization and human rights are two principles that are often included in a constitution. Conceptually, decentralization provides better opportunity for local governments to develop their regions based on their best knowledge on the ground. The constitutionalization of Human rights is a balance...
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Self-concept and Future Orientation in Adolescents with Divorced Parents

Fildzah Ridha Shabrina, Fitri Ayu Kusumaningrum
Adolescents with divorced parents need to have a future orientation to successfully transition into adulthood. Therefore, this study aims to determine the relationship between self-concept and future orientation in adolescents with divorced parents. The hypothesis states that a positive relationship...
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Ecocide in the International Law: Integration Between Environmental Rights and International Crime and Its Implementation in Indonesia

Melly Aida, Abdul Muthalib Tahar, Orima Davey
Environmental damage is a challenge faced in realizing environmental sustainability. Exploitation of the environment that causes the value of the benefits of an environment to be lost is considered a crime that robs people of the rights they enjoy from their existence. Ecocide is defined as a form of...
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A Review Towards Global Crime Governance in Overcoming Trafficking in Cultural Property

Iwan Sulistyo, Sari Mulyani, Selvi Diana Melinda, Gita Karisma, Hasbi Sidik
As a continuation of last year’s preliminary research which was presented at the 2nd Universitas Lampung International Conference on Social Sciences (ULICoSS) 2021 and has also been published in its international proceedings, this research focuses on a specific issue, reviewing the implementation of...
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Legal Construction of E-Participation and E-Petition Institutions to Guarantee Public Participation in Pandemic Times

Zulkarnain Ridlwan, Marcellino H. Nugroho, Yusdiyanto Yusdiyanto, Muhtadi Muhtadi
Ineffective forms of public participation occurred in Indonesia during Covid-19 pandemic. A condition triggered by the unavailability of an indirect (online) public engagement mechanism, when direct involvement (hearing meetings, public consultations, demonstrations) is limited by pandemic. This study...
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Effectiveness and Efficiency of Divorce Mediation

Siti Khoiriah, Dwi Pujo Prayitno, Dewi Septiana
After publishing Regulation Supreme Court Number 1 of 2016 concerning Procedure Mediation in Court is set faith good as one determinant in determine succeed whether or not mediation. Mediation is a solution process more disputes fast and cheap, as well could give more access big to the parties find satisfactory...
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Lampung Polda Effort in Management Spread of Hoax News Related to the Prevention and Transmission of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Depri Liber Sonata, Aisyah Muda Cemerlang, Deni Achmad
Coronavirus Disease 19Also known as Covid-19, it is a group of viruses from the Coronaviridae subfamily Orthocronavirinae and the Nidoviral order. Viruses in this group cause disease in mammals and birds, including humans. Coronaviruses cause respiratory infections in humans. Virus-hit Indonesia imposes...
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Communication Strategy Through SWOT Analysis as a Solution for the Sustainability of Beggars and Street Children in Bandarlampung City

Tina Kartika, Andy Corry Wardhani, Abdul Firman Ashaf, Karomani, Nina Yudha Aryanti
The problems of beggars and children are increasingly varied and increasing in Bandar Lampung City. The problem of beggars and street children must be minimized immediately, if not resolved it will have an impact on the cleanliness of the city, inconvenience for drivers and pedestrians and city security....
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Analysis of Student’s Learning Style in Online Learning

Galuh Catur Wisnu Prabowo, Annisa Meristin, Hardini Anggun
Research on learning styles during the Covid-19 pandemic and several related studies are very important because of the greater learning loss in students. Student learning style is one of the factors that are hypothesized to affect the mastery of student concepts, especially during online learning. The...
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Integrating Virtual Class Unila with Online Multimedia Platforms in Case-Based and Project-Based Undergraduate ESL Classes

Fajar Riyantika
Implementing learning management system and multimedia platforms has been common practice in this era of online-learning. This study investigates the integration of Virtual Class Unila, an online learning management system, and some multimedia platforms such as YouTube, Quizziz, HTML5, and Google Meet...
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Service Performance Analysis of Halal Tourism Based on CHSE Protocol in New Normal Era in Lampung Province

Toni Wijaya, A. Rudy Fardiyan
Halal tourism in Lampung is still in the introduction stage when viewed from the product life cycle. Lampung Province has great potential, but has not been managed optimally due to a lack of operational budget from the government, some tourist facilities seem inadequate, still lack facilities, cleanliness,...
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Leaders and Legacy: A Study of the Values of Lampung University in Indonesia in 1998–2019

Nanang Trenggono, Dhanik Sulistyarini, Andy Corry Wardhani
The success of an organization can be explained through the performance of the leader. The University of Lampung (Unila) as an organization experiences good and bad times in the context of ranking among universities in Indonesia. In 2019, the decline of Unila’s ranking to its lowest point has prompted...
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Russia’s Conflict with Ukraine: In the Perspective of International Law and Its Influence on Indonesia’s Development Policy Strategy

Desy Churul Aini, Bayu Sujadmiko
The conflict that currently grabs the world’s attention is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This conflict stems from tensions between Russia and Ukraine that have started since 2014. Russia, which invaded Ukraine after President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech and declared Russian special operations...
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Democracy Challenges in Lampung Province: Young Voter and Religious Approach in Eradication of Vote Buying

Fatikhatul Khoiriyah, Ahmad Syarifudin
Money politics has given rise to unhealthy competition for election participants and has been identified as a cause of increasing corruption. In Indonesia, more specifically in Lampung Province, money politics has always colored the election of regional heads, both governors, regents, and mayors. Serious...
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Juridical Review on Empowerment of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Creating Powerful and Independent Business

Sunaryo, Kasmawati, Rilda Murniati
The existence of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in Indonesia is a necessity and cannot be denied its role in the national economy. This is due to the large number of MSME entities with a fairly large contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the ability to absorb 97 percent of the...
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The International Health Security and National Parliamentary Election: The COVID-19 Elections in Southeast Europe and their Outcomes

Boško Picula
In many respects, the year 2020 is unique in human history. The global crisis caused by the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus put almost every country on the planet in an unimaginable situation of combating the pandemic and reasonable attempts to preserve the entrenched models of living and working. This...
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Pepper Diplomacy: Lampung International Network in the Bargaining Position of the Banten Sultanate

Rinaldo Adi Pratama, Suparman Arif, M. Syaiful
During the colonial period, Lampung had become the leading pepper supplier for the Sultanate of Banten, which made Banten develop into a prosperous area with the primary income of pepper. At the end of the 12th century, Zhao Rugua, a writer from China, already mentioned Sinto or Sunda, which is none...
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The Plantation in Lampongsche District in the XIX–XX Century

Yusuf Perdana, Ali Imron, Yustina Sri Ekwandari
Plantation or Landbouw in Lampung District is one of the exploited sides on the island of Sumatra by the colonials. The plantation originated from the Dutch colonial government, various plantation commodities were very advanced and of high quality. Various types of plantation commodities found in the...
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Achievement of Development Performance in Central Lampung Regency in Achieving the Target of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Aman Toto Dwijono, Kris Ari Suryandari, Maulana Mukhlis
Regional development can be assessed, one of which is the ability of the region to realize development goals, both goals or targets as mandates from higher levels of government as well as goals or targets in the Regional Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) in the area. The purpose of this study is to...
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The Dynamics of Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Problem (Regulation and Protection Based on Job Creation Law and International Civil Law)

Ria Wierma Putri, Kasmawati, Naek Siregar, Yunita Maya Putri
The high unemployment rate in Indonesia encourages people to choose as migrant workers or Pekerja Migran Indonesia (PMI). The government seeks to stimulate the domestic economy to provide new job opportunities in the community. Based on this situation, the Job Creation Law was drafted, which resulted...
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Teachers’ and Students’ Perception Toward Competency of Undergraduate Medical Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rika Lisiswanti, Oktadoni Saputra, Oktafany, Rozi Gustiana, Drisnaf Swastyardi
Background: The Covid-19 pandemic has become a worldwide disaster. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all sectors of life, including medical education. Medical student competence was decreased during online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study aims to explore the perceptions of teachers...
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Dynamic Governance: Educational Transformation Through the Merdeka Belajar Policy “Sekolah Penggerak” in Lampung Province

Vina Karmilasari, Anisa Utami, Muhammad Farhan Agustino
Various issues of disparity in the quality of education between regions, inadequate teacher competence, and various other educational problems still continue to haunt education in Indonesia. In order to overcome these various problems, The Ministry of Education and Culture has published 17 episodes of...
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Analysis of the Implementation of the Indonesian Migrant Family Guide Program

Ani Agus Puspawati, Khozin Asrori, Meiliyana, Laila Rahmawati, Dona Raisa Monica
The high number of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) who work abroad ultimately has a negative impact, namely the parenting pattern for children who are left to work abroad to become less than optimal. UPT BP2MI Bandar Lampung provides an idea as an alternative solution to overcome these problems in the...
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Needs Analysis of Disaster Mitigation Learning Design Based on Information Literacy in Efforts to Increase Disaster Self-awareness of Early Childhood

Renti Oktaria, Purwanto Putra, Andi Windah, Nandi Haerudin
At the Early Childhood Education level, to introduce the concept of disaster mitigation learning, it must be integrated into contextual learning so that it is easy for children to understand and very meaningful. Furthermore, the role of school principals, educators, parents and partners/communities is...
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Contrastive Analysis of Indonesian Morphosyntax and Languages for Foreign Students University of Lampung (Design of BIPA Teaching Materials)

Sumarti, Iing Sunarti, Ali Mustofa
The presence of international students in a university can increase the reputation of the university globally. Likewise, at the University of Lampung, increasing the number of international (foreign) students is one of the main priorities in the preparation of the 2020–2025 strategic plan with the theme...
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Construction of Regional Law in the Development of Village-Owned Enterprises Based on Reinventing Government

Ahmad Saleh, Malicia Evendia
The Village-Owned for Enterprises (BUMDes) as a village-run business institution has a strategic role in efforts to improve the village economy. But unfortunately, there are still few villages that are able to optimize the role of BUMDes, so that many BUMDes are “suspended” and do not develop. The strengthening...
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Retrospecting the Legal Implications of Omnibus Law on Job Creation to the Decentralization

Martha Riananda, Malicia Evendia, Ade Arif Firmansyah
The existence of the Job Creation Law in essence not only has an impact on the community, but also on the implementation of regional autonomy. The emphasis on regional autonomy is strongly influenced by central policies that can change the scope of regional authority, including the job creation law....
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Tourism Potential of Water Catchment Areas Against Work Force Absorption in Bandar Lampung City

Rifka Yudhi, Davin Nael Alexander Ginting, Ati Yuniati, Aulia Fashiha Rasidin
The background of this research is the growth and development of tourist attractions in the Water Catchment Area (DAS) in Bandar Lampung City such as Lengkung Langit, Pintu Langit, Kampung Vietnam and so on. On the one hand, this is an opportunity space for business actors to create employment opportunities...
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Strengthening Indonesian Heritage Culture Through National Wisdom-Based Digital Encyclopedia

Nurhayati, Febra Anjar Kusuma
Currently there are no teaching materials in the form of digital encyclopedias, especially those related to national identity based on Lampung local wisdom which provide an overview and instill an attitude of preservation of culture and values of Lampung local wisdom. The existence of this research aims...
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Challenges of Geographical Indication in Indonesia: A Study from Lampung Province

Ria Wierma Putri, Yunita Maya Putri, Dorothy R. H. Pandjaitan
Law No. 20 of the Year 2016 on Trademark and Geographical Indication (GI) recognizes GI as a sui generis system in Indonesia. GI is a method for promoting Indonesia's distinctive geographically related products in the international market. Hence, GI certification is essential to provide legal protection...
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Developing Problem-Based Learning Models to Build Critical Thinking Skills for Grade Five Students of Elementary School

Dwi Yulianti, Herpratiwi, Fitriadi, Sa’adah, Vika Nadia
Learning is both a process and a product. The results of the needs analysis at SDN Lampung Selatan and Bandar Lampung showed that teachers and students needed learning and LKPD that facilitated critical thinking skills. The appropriate learning to meet these needs is PBL and LKPD-oriented LKPD. To meet...
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Ngumbai Lawok Tradition as a Form of Environmental Sustainability of Fishing Communities in Tanggamus Regency

Sumargono, Winda Pitriani Parhamah, Murniyati
This research discusses the existence of local wisdom in the form of the Ngumbai Lawok Tradition in Tanggamus Regency, which is an activity of coastal communities as an expression of gratitude to God for the favors they receive while scavenging at sea. The quality of the natural environment today is...
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Law Enforcement of Corruption in the Misuse of Village Fund Allocations (Study in the Legal Area of ​​the North Lampung Resort Police)

Eddy Rifai, Maya Shafira, Deni Ahmad, Nurul P. Mahardika, Afifah Maharani
This study examines law enforcement against perpetrators of criminal acts of corruption in misappropriation of Village Fund Allocations (ADD) in the jurisdiction of the North Lampung Police. The specific goals to be achieved is to analyze how law enforcement against corruption crimes in misappropriation...
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Development of an Android-Based Color Detector for Chemistry Experiment in the Classroom

Andrian Saputra, Lisa Tania, Tasviri Efkar
This study aims to develop an android-based color sensor for chemistry practicum and demonstration in front of the class using colored chemicals. The materials used are cardboard boxes, laptops as light sources, test tubes and smartphones for testing the Lambert-Beer experiment and titration apparatus...
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Initial Requirements for Android Based History Learning Media Development in Australian and Oceania History Courses to Support Distance Learning

Yustina Sri Ekwandari, Valensy Rachmedita, Nur Indah Lestari
The purpose of this article is to identify the initial requirements for the development of Android-based history learning media to support distance learning. Qualitative descriptive methods were used in this study. According to the results of interviews with lecturers, digital-based learning media is...
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Legitimacy and Directions of Student Movement in the Intervention of Hill Land Function Transfer in the City of Bandar Lampung

Bendi Juantara, Reka Aryana, Darmawan Purba, R. Sigit Krisbintoro
Bandar Lampung City has experienced an increasingly major modernization touch over the past ten years. Unfortunately, this transformation has significantly contributed to the disintegration of the spatial plan agreed with stakeholders. The hill land has now absolutely vanished and changed its use as...
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Potential Development of Village Tourism Industry Based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

R. Sigit Krisbintoro, Denden Kurnia Drajat, Darmawan Purba, Wenti Agustina, Bendi Juantara
A key strategy in promoting village independence is the application of information and communication technology (ICT). ICT utilization programs, however, sometimes only reach the district or sub-district level because villages are frequently treated as objects. ICT is useful for processing data that...
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Application of Digital Literature Based on Video, Website and Peer Tutoring on Student’s Academic Literature Skills

Komang Winatha, Suroto, Tedi Rusman
The rapid development of the world of information communication and technology (ICT) has made the use of the internet a basic need. This can be seen from the activities of the world of education, especially in higher education which cannot be separated from digital devices such as the use of gadgets...
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Optimization of the Use of Video Conference as an Effort to Improve Critical Thinking Students of FKIP University of Lampung

Fanni Rahmawati, Rahmawati
The development of the world of information communication and technology (ICT) which is so rapid at this time cannot be separated from the world of education. As technology continues to advance, so does the world of education that follows. The number of learning media based on digital devices such as...
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Implementation of Restorative Justice on Criminal Acts of Parent Abuse Against Birst Children

Aisyah Muda Cemerlang, Tri Andrisman
The criminal justice system in Law Number 11 of 2012 concerning the Juvenile Justice System is required to prioritize a Restorative justice approach. So in criminal law, there is a system called Restorative Justice or diversion. Restorative justice is the settlement of criminal cases by involving the...
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Educational Problems on Legundi Island in Pesawaran Regency, Lampung

Marzius Insani, Myristica Imanita, Syaiful M, Resti Nurmaya, Dimas Aditia
Educatinal Problems on Legundi Island in Pesawaran Regency, Lampung. Education in a nation is a milestone for the progress or sustainability of a nation. With education, it is hoped that it can give birth to the next generation of the nation with intelligent and quality individuals, which means a generation...
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Developing a Project-Argumentative Learning Model with Blended Learning Approach for Junior High School Students

Neni Hasnunidah, Dina Maulina, Ismi Rakhmawati
Project-based learning was becoming popular during at the end of school from home since Covid-19 pandemic. Although much research about project-based learning has been published, discussion in the learning process was still limited especially on argumentation. This study aims to integrate model of project-based...
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The Role of the Village Towards Sustainable Development Goals

Siti Khoiriah, Candra Perbawati
The village is the smallest territorial space in the government structure in Indonesia, where the number of villages in Indonesia is 74,961 which has very varied potentials and problems. It can be seen from the high poverty rate, low education, and lack of health facilities in the village. This will...
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Food Security in Aceh, North Sumatera, Riau, and South Sumatera

Moneyzar Usman, Arivina Ratih, Heru Wahyudi
Food security is a condition that must be achieved by every region in any part of the world because this condition will help people to live better, healthier, and more productive. This study aims to determine the factors that increase the probability of achieving food security. The secondary data comes...
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Causal Modelling of Economic Growth: A Review of Four Key Variables Using SAS

Ukhti Ciptawaty, Tiara Nirmala, Annisa Yulistia
In an effort to understand the elements that contribute to economic growth, the theory of growth has evolved over many years in the economic sector. Alternative human capital measurements, fiscal policy, the amount and nature of public and private investment, monetary policy and inflation, as well as...
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Error Correction Model on Determinants of LQ-45 Index

Thomas Andrian, Ukhti Ciptawaty, Yenni Agustina
The JCI and the forces influencing it are examples of long-term economic phenomena, and the ECM model is the ideal model to evaluate these economic variables. The Combined Portfolio Price Index (JCI), which measures the success of the Indonesian portfolio market, performs well [1]. All portfolio price...