Proceedings of the 2016 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Medicine (EMCM 2016)

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Research Progress of TCM Treatment of Chronic Bronchitis in Remission Stage

Hongjun Teng, Hongying Sun, Yu Shi
Chronic bronchitis is a common and frequent disease of respiratory system in the clinical; its main manifestation is the chronic non-specific inflammation of trachea, bronchial mucosa and surrounding tissue; its etiology is complex, associating with infection, allergies, genetic, immune dysfunction and...
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A Glimpse to the Differences between Chinese and American Family Education from the Film A Grandson from America

Chunxia Zhang
Education is a systematic project, including family education, school education and social education. Family education is very crucial. China and America occupy an important position in the world as great powerful countries. China is the largest developing country. America is a highly developed capitalist...
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Discussion on Construction of Network Teaching Platform Resources

Keying Jiao
With the development of era and the innovation of the society, people pay more and more attention to the reform and innovation of the education. The network teaching platform as the new teaching mode of the university. Through analyzing the construction of network teaching platform in the colleges, understand...
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Application Study on Optical Fiber Network Technology in Communication Engineering

Li Li
With the development and progress of society, electronic information technology has made great progress where rapid development of optical fiber technology adds a thick and heavy color. Compared with traditional network technology, optical network technology has advantages of large capacity, fast speed,...
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Research on Real Estate Industry Cost Stickiness and Its Influencing Factors

Yuemei Wang
The research on cost stickiness behavior is mainly about sales & administrative cost and manufacturing industry, lacking studies on particular niche business. Therefore, the real estate industry paid highly attention was chosen as the research object and an empirical analysis of cost stickiness behavior...
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Application and Exploration of Blended Learning Mode in the Teaching of Database Course Design

Peini Shang
This paper analyzes the problems existing in the current teaching of the course design of database principle and then the blended learning theory were analyzed. Finally, many methods of hybrid learning theory, such as network teaching system, flipped classroom, MOOC and so on, were applied to the teaching...
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Training Translators under the College English Course

Ping Qiu, Na Hu
It's worthwhile to probe into the college English translation course mode, since the training of translators in universities has been unable to meet the needs of market.Nowadays, teachers begin to explore how to cultivate the reserve force of translation talents in college English teaching. This article...
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Network Development Under the Condition of Network Supervision and Network Ethics

Deng Tian
With the rapid development of Internet, it also brings a lot of ethical and social problems. If we do not regulate the development of the network and ethics, it is bound to affect the healthy and orderly development of the network. Through the analysis of the influence of network ethics on the development...
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The Talent Cultivation Mode Reform and Graduates' Employment of Bohai University

Xiaoshu Wang, Le Wang
This paper introduces the reform of talent cultivation mode in Bohai University, which including divide students into research orientation and practice orientation, implement complete credit system, separate teaching and examination, implement excellent talent training program, implement ISEC program,...
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High-Contact-First Immunization Strategy on Complex Networks

Fuzhong Nian, Longjing Wang, Tong Liu, Ke Wang
Different from traditional immunization strategies, which suppose that the contact frequency of all nodes is same, in this paper, a new immunization strategy was established based on the principle of 'High-Contact-First'. The different link with different weight describes the relationship between different...
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On the Task-based Language Teaching Method in the English Classroom

Zhen Zhou
The task-based language teaching method is the further development of the communicative language teaching method (CLT) and has become the focus in the foreign language teaching field. TBLT attaches great importance to creating a natural language study environment, providing communicative opportunities...
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Research on Hand-Held Insulation Tool Detection Alarm Device of Power Operation

Nan Li
In the power operation, according to safety regulations, the staff must wear insulated gloves. However, in practice, the staff is easy to overlook, therefore, to improve security, we have developed a hand-held insulation tool detection alarm device. Method: Device using k60 microcontroller, microcontroller...
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Research on Cultivating Top Students in Flipped College English Classroom

Xixiang Ke
Much attention is focused on the study of flipped classroom. This research is conducted among top students with the purpose of confirming the effect of flipped classroom. It found that flipped classroom does not merely implies learning by oneself, even if objects are top students, teachers are expected...
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The Connotation and Strategy of College Students' Leadership Training

Lei Yu, Yuan Tian, Fengjiao Xu
Colleges and universities have the important responsibility of cultivating all kinds of high quality talents and leaders for the society. At present, many colleges and universities are exploring the different mode and way of Cultivating College Students' leadership. We find that the Students' leadership...
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Analysis of Carbon Emissions and Productivity of China's Construction Industry Based on Panel Data

Dong Zhai, Yajun Pang, Jiayi Wen
The paper analyzes the panel data of construction productivity, energy intensity effect of construction industry, energy structure effect of construction industry, R & D intensity, foreign capital ratio and capital intensity as explanatory variables to obtain the carbon emission factors of construction...
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Analysis of Talent Training Scheme for Electrical and Mechanical Professional of Higher Vocational Colleges

Miao Shang, Jiabin Li
At present our country has built the world's largest education system, and our country implements the big powers to the human resources from people. Our country needs from human resource country to strong human resources. The mechanical and electrical professional training mode of Higher vocational colleges...
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Study on the Green Construction Supervision Based on Evolutionary Game Theory

Zhongfu Qin, Wei Wei, Min Qin
Under the green construction policy, this paper analyzes the game relationship between construction enterprise and supervision department, and sets up a green construction supervision evolutionary game model based on the replicated dynamic equation. By means of Jacobin matrix and other nonlinear system...
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Leading Cadres' Natural Resources Assets Departure Audit

Lin Tian
The third Plenary Session of 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee put forward strengthening the leading cadres to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, promoting the establishment of the responsibility system of responsibility for environmental damage, promoting the development...
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Study on the Construction of Teaching Ability Development System of Young Teachers in Public Security University

Liqu Song
Public Security University is the cradle to cultivate ready police officer and defenders for the republic. Both the teaching quality of the university and student quality depend on the wide teachers of the public security university. At present, young teachers have occupied half of the public security...
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Research on Experiential Learning of Distributed Flip SPOC Model

Yanxia Sun, Jinke Wang
MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which is a kind of open-access online course that allows for unlimited participation, while (Small Private Online Course) is not only a MOOC supplement, but also the product of MOOC, which is an integration innovation of traditional teaching method. In this paper, we...
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Design for Environmental Three-Dimensional Parking Equipment

Min Zhang, Songling Zhang, Jia Jin, Pengpeng Wang
In this paper, a kind of environmental three-dimensional parking equipment was designed, which was flexible, easy to assemble, disassembled and portable. As a result, the vertical and transverse movements of the parked vehicles were realized in need. Easy assembled and removable steel structure was used...
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Conception of Information Construction for Numerical Control Training Base

Dongfang Hu, Jianwei Guo
Based on the analysis of the DNC technology, with reference to the modern enterprise workshop production operation mode, and research from the domestic some college training base construction experience. Summarizes related network communication key technology. Elaborated under the network environment....
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Self-regulated learning Behavior Research of College English Teaching in Perspective of Internet

Xinzhuo Jiang, Jiang Liu, Jing Li
In this paper, the writer demonstrates the influence of Internet on the self-regulated learning behavior of college students on basis of summarizing the literature and focusing on the specification. It is found that college English teaching mode based on the internet is beneficial for the promotion of...
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Synthesis of 4-Chloro-N, N-Dimethyl Pyridine Car Box Amide

Yongli Duan, Zhimin Li, Qidong Tang, Rui Li, Shan Xu
Sorafenib (1) in the medical field to show the potential biological activity. Literature on the majority of tumor cells have a high biological activity, such as lymphoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer. However, some synthetic route of Sorafeni has disadvantages, such as low product yield and complicated...
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Measuring the Spatial and Temporal Diffusion of Urban House Prices---Taking the Case of 18 Cities in East China

He Wang, Chenyi Ma
Based on spatial vector auto-regression model, this paper analyses the spatial and temporal diffusion of urban house prices in East China and examines the impact of price fluctuation of Shanghai and Hangzhou. The results shows that assuming Shanghai as the price diffusion center city, more than half...
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[WITHDRAWN] A New Algorithm of Detecting Community Structure Based on Clustering

Pengli Lu, Chaohui Gou
The node intimacy based on information centrality which Fortunato proposed is established, the node intimacy matrix of the network is also established, and the idea of clustering the intimacy matrix of nodes is chosen in this paper. Thus, a new algorithm of detecting community structure based on clustering...
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Eternal War in Software Security: A Survey of Control Flow Protection

Bowen Tang, Huan Ying, Wei Wang, Huabin Tang
Software security is the cornerstone of computer system security. Among all the elements consisting of software security, control flow protection is undoubtedly the most important one. Once the process's control flow is hijacked, attacker can manipulate it to implement a variety of malicious acts and...
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Research on Client-side Defense Techniques of Cross-Site Scripting Attack

Xuyang Wang, Mingyang Xu
The Cross-site scripting (XSS) is among the most serious and common threat in Web application today. The main purpose of XSS is to steal the user's sensitive information, as its behavior is to send user's sensitive information to a third party without the user's authorization,we can get the XSS attack...
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Discussion on the Reform of Foreign Language Teaching in College

Lu Sun
To train the students to fit into the need the information society and the environment talents, and to deepen the reform of university foreign language teaching, information technology to enhance foreign language teaching is a general trend. So the traditional approach "teaching - learning" in foreign...
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Discussion on the Countermeasures to Optimize the University Personnel File Management

Chaohua Deng
University personnel files are formed during the higher education activities, including facultys', research specialists', instructional assistants', university administrators'. With the continuous expansion of the scale of higher education, the grow in number of faculty and staff and the increase of...
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The Impact of Phonics Instruction on Pre-school Learners' Development in English Language Course

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
Phonics is one important part of language learning and it contributes to language literacy through involving learners understanding the relationship between letter form and speech sound. It's made evident that younger learners are shown the ability to learn a foreign language in many researches and thereby...
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Comparative Analysis of the GIS-based Trophic States of Lakes and Reservoirs in Shandong Province

Baohua Zhou, Zhanhong Liu
According to the relationship between water quality parameters and trophic state index, as well as on the basis of the dividing lakes and reservoirs into four regions, the regional differences of water quality parameters is analyzed by using ArcGIS software, and the parameters include total nitrogen...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Women's Buying Behavior of Infant Milk Powder

Liang Chen, Xiaoyan Wu
This paper, which is from feminist perspective, studies the factors that have influences on young mothers when they choose infant milk powder; meanwhile, it verifies the relationship between some individual conditions (such as income, age, etc.) and their purchasing behavior. In particular, this paper...
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On the Production-education Production-based Construction of Teaching Materials on Animation in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yanchai Zhang, Wenfeng Li, Yingbin Fu
Production-education integration is an important means and effective channel, through which the "win-win situation" and harmonious development of schools and enterprises can be implemented. The Animation Major of Hainan College of Vocation and Technique is taken as an example in this paper, in which...
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The Application of Cloud Computing in the Management of Digital Archives in Colleges and Universities

Yingle Yao
Based on the demand of integration and sharing of digital archives resources, this paper analyzes the fit and advantage of cloud computing and digital archives resource management, and puts forward a new idea of sharing and sharing digital archives resources in the cloud computing technology that make...
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Study on the Response of PM2.5 Pollution to Land Use Change Based on GIS

Ping Zhang, Liang He, Yajuan Zhou, Peishu Huo, Wenbiao Tian
PM2.5 pollution is harmful to human health and ecological environment, and effective control of PM2.5 pollution has important practical significance for regional sustainable development. This paper analyzed the impact of land use change on PM2.5 pollution based on Geographic Information System (GIS),...
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Computer Network Security Analysis and Research

Limei Cui
In today's era is the era of information technology rapid development, with the constant progress of the society, the network technology is in constant development, now the network is essential in our daily life people less a thing. Using the network, at home the whole messy, never leave home can know...
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Research of the Construction of Bilingual Teaching Staffs in Chinese Colleges and Universities

Xiuling Liu
At present, the global development trend of higher education in all countries is the development trend of international higher education, and the competition among countries is mainly reflected in the competition of high-level compound talents and comprehensive national strength. In order to adapt to...
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Does Environmental Information Disclosure Increase the Firm Value and Investors' Confidence

Tangmei Yuan
Use all A-share listed companies of main board market in 2012 as samples, this paper investigate the influence of environmental information disclosure behavior on the firm future market value and investors` confidence in capital market. The research conclusion indicate that: (1)The listed companies`...
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Building Intelligent Precise Logistics Service System by Key Technologies of RFID in the Internet of Things

Guofang Kuang, Zhenfang Song
This paper describes the analysis and research of new intelligent precise logistics system. The development of intelligent logistics is precise, intelligent, integrated and collaborative features. Then this paper discusses the application and prospect of RFID key technology in intelligent logistics....
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Brief Talk on Reform of College English Teaching and Improvement of Students' Application Ability of Language

Yan Yan
In order to meet the needs of modern society for the cultivation of talents, college English education pays more attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive application ability of language. The goal of college English teaching is to develop students' ability to use English language comprehensively....
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Synthesis of 4-chloro-6-methoxy-2-methyl-3-nitroquinoline

Lei Zhao, Fei Lei, Yuping Guo
4-Chloro-6-methoxy-2-methyl-3-nitroquinoline (1) was synthesized from 4-methoxyaniline through three steps including Cyclization, Nitrification and Chlorination. The structure of the target product (1) was confirmed by 1H NMR and MS. This method started with cheap raw materials was of simple experimental...
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An Improved Image Segmentation Method based on Shannon Entropy and Biogeography based Optimization

Mengqing Feng
For the purpose of improve the effect of multilevel thresholding image segmentation, a new evolutionary optimization algorithm based on the science of biogeography for global optimization has been bring in namely Biogeography based optimization (BBO). In this paper we propose an improvement to BBO. In...
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An Intelligent Safety Analysis Model of International Trade in China and Its Application

Hongyan Zuo
An intelligent analysis model of international trade safety in China was developed based on fuzzy least squares support vector machine(FLS-SVM). The application results revealed that the intelligent analysis model is valid for improving the analysis accuracy of the data with noises or outliers and its...
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Synthesis of N-methylthieno [2, 3-d] Pyrimidin-4-amine Thienopyrimidine

Huajun Lei, Min Wang, Jiaqian Han, Zhou Lan
Thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine is a key intermediate in many biologically active compounds such as GDC-0941 and BKM 120. In this work, a rapid synthetic method for compound (4) was established. The compound (4) was synthesized from the commercially available methyl 2-aminothiophene-3-carboxylate and formimidamide...
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Technology Using Neural Network Optimization Path in Packet Switching Network

Shoubai Xiao
How to find the optimal path between two nodes has been one of the most difficult problems in the internet. In this paper, a method of finding the optimal path based on neural network technology is proposed, which solves the problem of finding the optimal path by adjusting the weight of the neuron. The...
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Thought on Practice Teaching of Vocation Education Based on Modern Apprenticeship

Zhiguo Meng, Haiyan Wang
Modern apprentice system is a hot spot in the field of vocational education. The research aims to strengthen the cooperation between the school and enterprises, to solve the problems such as model of joint training practice, management, teaching, training and other issues. The modern apprenticeship which...
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A Comparison Study of Sino-American Parenting Education from the Perspective of Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

Xiaqing Liu, Mingyun Chi, Xiaohui Dun
Parenting education is an indispensable part for the education. Parenting education reflects the value and culture. This paper first explores the relationship between culture and parenting education and divides parenting into four dimensions, namely, harsh parenting, tiger parenting, easy-going parenting,...
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The Application of Computer Technology on Teaching Management in Colleges and Universities

Da Yang, Shijun Li
The modernization of teaching management is the inevitable developing trend of the current teaching management with the development of science and technology and the continuous expansion of teaching in colleges and universities. The teaching management personnel should constantly update management concept....
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Research on Texture Mapping of Geological Models

Jixin Tan, Jianxun Chen
Texture mapping of 3D models is an important problem in realistic graphics. However, there are few methods that are put forward to solve texture mapping of models constructed from nature scenes for the reason that those 3D models are difficult to parameterize to 2D. This paper proposes an algorithm for...