Proceedings of the 2013 International Academic Workshop on Social Science

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Grotesque and Gaudy World of Music, Indispensable Narrative Pen- Study on The Narrative Strategy of Modern Chinese Pop Songs’ Lyrics

Chunjing Zhang
Since the 1990s, the creation of pop songs’ lyrics has undergone a lot of changes, transforming from the past emphasis on inner expression to frequent use of narration. Thus, the grotesque and gaudy world of music, concentrating on creators ’narrative pen, unfolds vividly. Some important narrative strategy...
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Research on Color Aesthetic Synesthesia Driven by Adolescent Physical

Hui Zhu
Based on theoretical knowledge of color science, youth development, aesthetics, etc, adolescent physical characteristics have been analyzed, and the color aesthetic synesthesia concept has been put forward. The process and characteristics of aesthetic synesthesia between color and sex driven by adolescent...
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Analysis on Current Situation of Beijing Arts and Crafts Industry Exhibition Design

Jiang Li, Linxue Lv
The Paper summarizes the data of Beijing exhibition industry development in recent years, extracts arts and crafts exhibition conditions, uses the way of classification survey and comparative study to cut modern display design elements, analyze the structure and design representation demands of Beijing...
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On the Craft of “Mianrenlang”

Linxue Lv, Wei Zhang
“Mianrenlang” as a form of colored sculpturing is a very popular folk art, and it features refined techniques and vivid characterization. Among the multiplicity of schools in this line of art, it is unique and has been known at home and abroad before the liberation of China. This paper analyzes the techniques...
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On Hierarchical Development of Graphic Creative Thinking

Linxue Lv, Xilong Jiang
In the face of fierce competition and the future of the world, the teaching of art design should conduct all-round and cautious thinking and decision-making regarding how to improve the all-round quality and creative ability of students. The course of graphic creative focuses on the organic combination...
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Study on the Model of Participation of Students with Major of Art Design in Design Practice Projects of Enterprises

Wei Zhang, Jiang Li
Participation in design practice projects of relevant enterprises is not only the demand for effectively implementing practical teaching of art design major, but also the requirement of enterprises on applied professional talents. Cultivation of talents with major of art design or professional talents...
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A Group of Criterions on National Economic Security with Pass-through Model

Zheng Wang, Min Hu
The fluctuation of foreign exchange rate has a fatal influence on one country’s domestic economy, foreign trade, and the relations between international economies. In this paper, I prove the Pass-through Model of Tange(1997) and propose a group of criterions of national economic security including the...
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A Study on Stock Dividend of Chinese Securities Market

Xiaoguang Lu, Yanru Li, Licheng Qian
Based on related dividend theories, this paper uses the empirical data of Chinese securities market, constructs the sub-portfolios which consist of three samples including stock dividend, cash dividend and non-dividend and studies the return of these three types of sub-portfolios by co-integration model...
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A Game Theory Analysis on Local Governments’ Competition for New Energy Industries

Xiaoming Qiu, Ying Wang
This paper analyzes the ongoing game scenario of local governments’ efforts in developing new energy industries under a tournament-type performance appraisal system and draws two conclusions on the basis of chicken game and first-price sealed auction. The two conclusions are: (1) local governments’ competition...
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The Key Constraints of Innovation Strategies for Clustered Firms On the Perspective of Global Value Chain

Lei Wang, HongXin Yao
This paper draws on cluster innovation theory to recognize key factors impacting two types of innovation mode of clustered firms. An index system of the factors impacting clustered firms` innovation is provided on the perspective of micro (enterprise), medium(cluster and GVC), and macro (government)....
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The risk of trained employee loss and the avoiding strategies

Yingzhen Zhou, Xinghui Yang
Training is designed to improve the staff’s operational skills and overall quality. It can enhance the efficiency and the overall capacity of enterprises. The risks and benefits of training are co-existent. As the main risk bearers, enterprises should correctly understand the training, and actively deal...
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Research of Elevating Leadership of Corporation Based on Action Learning

Hong Gao
In this paper, we studied how to improve leadership. First , this article defined leadership operating mechanisms based on core capability of corporation, summarized the concept, connotation, method, principle and research theory of Action Learning. Second, this paper formulated the model of the mechanism...
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Optimal Policy for Deteriorating Items Ramp Type Demand with Shelf Life

Kai-Wayne Chuang, Chien-Nan Lin, Chun-Hsiung Lan
In this article, we have studied the inventory and pricing strategies for deteriorating items with ramp type demand and shelf life. In practice, there are many commodity such as food, medication exist the shelf life expiration date. Therefore the shelf life expiration date has become an important research...
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Study on Digital Resources Sharing and Management System Integration in Cloud Environment

Jie-Jing Cheng, Zhi-Qin Chen
The purpose of this study is to present a new idea of digital resources sharing and management system integration with cloud computing to provide better service to users with cloud sharing. Looking at present new environment of digital resources utilization, this study researched establishment, solutions...
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Efficiency Analysis of China’s Economy Growth during 1981 - 2011-From the perspective of sustainable development

Pinsan Xiong
From the perspective of sustainable development and considering energy and environmental, this article applies Data Envelopment Analysis based on variable returns to scale to analyze the efficiency of China's economic growth from 1981 to 2011. From analysis we can know that (technical) efficiency of...
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The Growth and Expansion Path of BYD Company Limited and its Innovation Model*

Hong-mei Zheng, Cong-kun Yang, Tong-hua Mou, Fang Du
This article is themed with the study of the leap-forward development paths and independent innovation patterns of BYD, aimed to search for its main innovative elements and restraint factors that form various bottlenecks so as to provide the small-and-medium-sized private enterprises with experiences...
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Analysis of Competitiveness and Development Strategy of Rare Earth Industry in Jiangxi Province——Research based on improved "diamond model"

Jie He
There are many factors that influence industrial competitiveness in different industries or different stages of growth of the industry, and the decisive factors vary greatly. Based on Potter's "Diamond Model", this article is to build the theoretical framework of competitiveness analysis of rare earth...
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Matter Principle

Jijie Wang
Based on the dialectics of materialismand and the basic principle development of physical science, a model about force and matter existent fashion was promoted. The concept of Force Particle and its field was defined. Gravitation and repulsion force are thought induced by the impacting effect of Force...
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Interactive Effect between Economic Development and Ecological Environment Quality in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Based on EKC Hypothesis

Yudong Guo, Jie Yang
Based on the Environmental Kuznets Curve(EKC)hypothesis, this paper use the method of principal component analysis(PCA)to extract Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan’s ecological environmental pollution factors. Regression models was taken to verify the interactive effect between Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan’s economic...
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Institutional Change and Economic Growth:Evidence from China, 1978-2008

Shiyong Zhao, Shifeng Zhao
China’s economic growth since 1978 is a miracle. We argue that gradual and persistent institutional changes and policy reforms that have reduced distortions and improved incentives are the main reasons for the miracle. Specifically, liberalization, marketization, and privatization have intertwined to...
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Integrating Social Resources to Intensify the Vocational Guidance for Literal Arts Students in the College

Yi Wang
Under the circumstances of the current severe employment situation, colleges and universities are confronted with a bigger challenge in the vocational guidance of college students of literal arts. This paper, after analyzing the employment problems involving literal arts students in the college, aims...
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Consumer intention and marketing strategy of the network custom clothing research

Dong Yan, Zhen-zhen Li, Shou-Zhong Hu
The purpose of this article is to understand personalized consumer demand of apparel e-commerce.The paper introduces the main technical of network custom clothing , and qualitatively analysis problems in the characteristics of segment market consumption, the habits of shopping online, the demand for...
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Optimization Strategy of Internal Value Chain of Coal Preparation Plant Based on Cost Control

Jing-wen An, Xiu-ling Zhang
Coal-separating is the most important procedure in the coal industry with the highest value-added rate.It will have vital significance to the coal industry tooptimize coal preparation plant’s value chain, control its cost and improve its efficiency.Based on this,this article first establishes the coal...
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The Effects of Price Limits in an Emerging Market:Evidence from the Bursa Malaysia

Marzieh Khodavandloo, Zukarnain Zakaria
One type of circuit breaker is price limit, which is used in future markets and other stock exchanges of emerging markets in order to prevent markets from excessive volatility, market controlling, crash occurrence and to enhance the market stability. The range of price limits in most of stock exchanges...
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Efficiency of outsourcing in the public sector in the Czech Republic

Juraj Nemec, Beata Mikusova Merickova, Sumpikova Marketa
Outsourcing internal services to private for-profit and non-profit firms is one of the most prevalent types of alternative service-delivering arrangements. The relevant literature proposes that outsourcing may, but need not, improve cost-effectiveness and the quality of service delivery. The efficiency...
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Practical Development of Non-performing Assets Securitization In China and Other Countries

Ang Li, Meng Liu
From 1970s, there are always financial crisis over the world, brings a lot of uncertainties to the economy development of every country, especially the increases risks of commercial banks. These unstable economy situations result in the weakness of financial structure, so that commercial banks no matter...
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Analysis on Social Management Innovation from the Perspective of Grassroots Democratic System

Xuehai Hu, Chen-chen Zhang
the democracy at the grassroots level is a important composition of Chinese characteristic socialism democratic politics. Democracy at the grassroots level in our country after reform and opening up has been rapidly developed, which can ensure the effective performance of people's political rights and...
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An Analysis on the Adaptability of the People’s Livelihood Policies

Fangmei Yu, Guoqing Shi
The adaptability of the people’s livelihood policies is a prerequisite to achieve policy objectives. To analyze the adaptability, it is not only to explore the coordination between the policy and the policy environment, but also to judge mutual adaptability between it with various stakeholders, policy...
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Biological pollution control technology boost ecological civilization construction

Shanshan Luo, Xiaodan Wu, Yun Li, Yuhuan Liu, Yiqin Wan, Yunpu Wang
China is the largest and fastest developing country in the world. Its rapid economic growth has led to rapidly increasing energy consumption and serious pollution. Jiangxi province is the most important livestock and poultry base. Along with the economic development and the improvement of people's living...
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Value Study on the Application of Cross Docking Strategy in Recall Reverse Logistics

Zhihong Zhang
The recall of defective products becomes more and more common in Chinese markets. To make the recall activities more efficient, it is applausible to try new methods of controlling the cost of reverse logistics. Introducing cross docking strategies in the recall reverse logistics has great theoretically...
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The Research and Application of Art Price Index

Danting Chang
Art price index is an important reference for art investment. Art price index calculated by using a similar method of stock price index can’t reflect the actual art market situation because of their different trading mode. The application literature reports about calculating art price index by using...
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The Property Right Analysis And The Contract Governing About The Group Events Of Flight-delay

Xue Lin Wang
The group events of flight-delay reports out the fact that when the time property rights can not be bounded completely, the passengers and airways always "look for a rent" in community field. In my opinion, to control the group events of flight-delay we should remove the community field or control the...
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Effects of high performance work systems on employee performance: psychological contract breach as mediator

Xiaomei Zhu, Huanqing Zhou, Lingwei Kong
Based on the thorough review of the past research on high performance work systems and psychological contract, this paper examines the relationship among high performance work systems, psychological contract breach and employee performance, using data of 630 employees. Results show that high performance...
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New Emergence Mechanism Caused by Human Fuzzy Rationality

Ihor Lubashevsky, Arkady Zgonnikov, Dmitry Parfenov
A new emergence mechanism related to the bounded capacity of human cognition is considered. It assumes that individuals (operators) governing the dynamics of a certain system try to follow an optimal strategy in controlling its motion but fail to do this perfectly because similar strategies are indistinguishable...
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Research on the GARCH model of the Shanghai Securities Composite Index

Dancheng Luo, Yaqi Xue
GARCH model can be used to describe the characteristics of returns fluctuation, which can forecast the returns and risk of financial assets. This paper makes use of GARCH model and its hybrid models, such as GARCH-M model, E-GARCH model, T-GARCH model and I-GARCH model, to the empirical research on the...
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Research on Reconstructing of Our Country’s Listed Companies’ Independent Director System

Qiutao Shen
Due to the listed companies in China a dominant equity structure, which contributed to the implementation of the independent director system far did not play its due, and urgently needs a reformation in system. As a new idea for independent director system, this paper discussed the necessity the independent...
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Rapid Development Framework of Supply Chain Knowledge Management Based on Mining Association Rules

Yudong Guo
Supply chain management is the typical representative of" horizontal integration" management ideology, realize the knowledge sharing among the supply chain member enterprises is the key to victory in the fierce market competition. Associations rules is top ten algorithm and an important data mining model...
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New Industrialization Development Tendency and Its Level Measure—Empirical Studies of Chongqing Municipality

Han Liu, Zuwen Cao, Qinghua Huang, Zhibo Zhou
This paper measures the new industrialization level and its development tendency in Chongqing by analytic hierarchy process and grey correlation degree analysis through a specially-constructed evaluation indicator system. As the study demonstrates, the city's longitudinal new industrialization development...
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Study on the Strategy of Young Retirees' Human Resource Development

Dan Li
Under current retirement policy, a large number of Yong Retirees' HRD do not continue to be developed and human resources are idle or waste. In the view of this, firstly,this article analyzes the retirement policy and the present situation of young retiree human resources development and the conclusion...
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Agent Commission and Coordinated Pricing For Online Group-Buying Channel

Hailin Su, Qian Dake
Group-buying on the web is a new network selling mechanism which is developed and popular in decade. This paper constructs a online group-buying channel with sellers and agents to analyze price coordination. In Online group-buying channel, agents affect the sellers' group-buying price by commissions,...
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Research on Catch-up of China Telecom Manufacturing from Perspective of Industrial Transfer and Organization

Yaozhong Chang
Present researches on the catch-up of China telecom manufacturing have research gaps that they were not put in the background of international industrial transfer and domestic industry policy to comprehensively and clearly depict catch-up mechanism on basis of industrial economic theories. In this paper,...
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A Study of Relationship between Individual Benefit and Tourism Impact Perceptions for Residents from Historical & Cultural Metropolis of China

Yingzhi Guo, Xiaoming Li, Qiulin Wang, Chun Zhou
On the basis of literature review and the social exchange theory, this study directed at the residents’ tourism correlation of tourism destinations, the utilization of tourism resources, the participation in local decision-making, the attitude to environmental protection, the perception of individual...
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Ralationship of Government Agricultural Public GoodsInvestment and Rural Households’ Input

Zheng Li, Jun Yang
This paper modified the classic household utility model by introduce two new variables, which were government agricultural public investment and rural households’ farmland input. It analyzed the relationship of government agricultural public investment and rural households’ investment in recent 15 years....
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The application of e-commerce in small and medium-sized enterprise purchasing management

Yongxia Zhang
The small and medium-sized enterprises play an irreplaceable role in building a harmonious society, promoting economic development, increasing employment opportunities, promoting independent innovation, optimizing the trade structure,But duing to its small scale, limited funds, general procurement cycle...
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Study on Patent Strategy of High & New Technology Enterprises Cluster

Jian-long Wu, Hong-qi Wang, Li Tian, Yu Guo
Patent strategy has become an important strategic means to elevate independent innovation capability and international competitiveness of high & new technology enterprises cluster. Thus, based on connotation analysis of patent strategy of high & new technology enterprises cluster, the paper designs influencing...
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Study on the competence of Biology Pharmacy Industry in Xi'an High-tech Zone

XingLi Sun, Yingqi Liu, Su Yang
Based on Michael Potter's " Diamond Theory ", the paper takes biology pharmacy industry in Xi'an High-tech Zone as research object and constructs an evaluation system of industry competence. In addition, the paper applies factor analysis to deal with data. Based on the results, the paper extracts five...
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The research on Business Process Reengineer internal influencing factors

Xuemin Sun, Li Zuo, Jing Zhu, Kuo Zhang
In the worldwide, the actual effect of BPR project is not satisfactory. The internal influencing factors can not be ignored. So, through literature review and basic analysis based on the implementation pattern of four stage model, the model of enterprise internal factors which influence the effect of...
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Employee Relationship Management in Labor Dispatching Organization, Based on the Theory Z -The Study of Migrant Workers Employment

Rui Sun, Romero Ricardo
With a large number of farmers and migrant workers employed in urban corporations, i.e. manufacturing, construction, catering and other industries, a great contribution was made to the modernization of China and the economic development of cities. However, due to limitations of existing systems, imperfection...
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The Research on Enterprise Organization Constructer Reforming Based on Internal Marketing

Jing Zhu, Li Zuo, Xuemin Sun, Kuo Zhang
In the face of fierce competition, enterprises begin to build customer-oriented operation conception to meet customers' changing demands. The study suggests that enterprises can build such a kind of culture by taking internal marketing management activities. Otherwise, internal marketing can be regarded...
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Research on the Performance Evaluation of Innovative Method Training and Popularization in Zhejiang Province

Luyin Cheng, Minling Chen, Qianna Fu, Minghua Zhou
In order to exam the innovative training and popularization effect in Zhejiang province, firstly we constructed an evaluation index system. It’s from the perspective of performance and includes three big aspects of economic, technological and social profit. Then we applied AHP to determine the weight...
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Fair trade The relationship between study abroad Chinese students and the United States

Mollie Dollinger
Despite China’s 20th century education system largely avoiding Western influences, the past 30 years has seen a reemergence of China’s willingness to send students abroad. China’s push to internationalize their higher education system stems from the need to alleviate the domestic competition for enrollment...
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The International Competitiveness of Computer and Information Service Trade between China and India

Saifang Wang
Based on the statistics published in UNCTAD, this paper measures the international competitiveness of computer and information service trade between China and India by using the four analytic tools such as TC, IMS, RCA, and NEPR Indicators. The results show that there are huge differences between the...
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Analysis on the Basic Theory of the Executive Guarantee

Mei Bai, YuTao Wang
Executive guarantee system as an important civil enforcement regime, to guarantee its use to compensate for the lack of credit, with the protection of the claims of creditors, equity the debtor and stakeholder interests, maintain the function of the implementation of the order of stability. This paper...
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Empirical Study on turnover intention of operation and management talent

Xueying Dai
To manage and retain talent has apparently become important factors influencing the enterprise’s survival and development. Compared with other talents, enterprise operation and management talents have a small quantity, but their intellectual capital contribution rate is higher and they are more sensitive...
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The investigation of the competitiveness of tourism industry in Romania

Xiaowen Wu, Xuemeng Guo
Romania is a raising tourism destination in EU in recent years. For the purpose of providing suggestions and reminding for the government of Romania, this article is a report which uses secondary data with multi-dimension description to discussion and analyze about the manifestations and existing problems...
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Study of SME Technology Venture Investment Mechanism

Hongxin Li, Mengchun Ding, Guojing Pei
From the microscopic point of view of enterprises, this paper defines the relevant concepts of the mechanism of SME Technology Venture Capital, and puts forward the six mechanisms of financing mechanism, investment mechanism, regulatory mechanism, risk control mechanism, the mechanism of return and exit...
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Using Transaction Cost Theory to Evaluate Outsourcing Decision-making in the Tourist Hotel Industry

Han-Shen Chen, Tsuifang Hsieh
This study with tourist hotels as focus, applied transaction cost theory to establish a pattern of integrated relationship learning and aims to (a) identify the theoretical relationships between relationship learning, relationship trust, and relationship performance, and (b) verify the degree to which...
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Equalization of Basic Public Services in Government Responsibility Inquisition

Ping Wang, Ya'nan Shi
Since the reform and opening up, China's economic development has maintained a sustained growth, but the result of economic growth did not upgrade the balance in the whole national survival and development. The income gap and development imbalance are growing in realistic society. Facing the reality,...
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An Empirical Study of the Hindrance Factors of E-commerce Development in Small and Medium Enterprises

Hongda Lu
This article summarizes and reviews some Chinese and international factors that hinder the e-commerce development of Chinese small and medium enterprises (SMEs) based on an empirical research from a new perspective. This study shows that the hindrance factors are multi-fold, and that the hindrance force...
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A Proposed Theoretical Model for Mobile Commerce Acceptance

Hongen Ji
as the intelligent mobile device terminals, such as smartphone and tablet, more and more pervasive and affordable, mobile commerce has become the hottest issue around the world. User acceptance is one of the key fundamentals for development and success of mobile commerce. Build on the Unified Theory...
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The Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Sports Industry and National Economy

Tie Li, Cuiyu Luo, Xiaoyan Zhang
With the rapid development of sports industry in China, it has becomed the green industry in the development of national economy, and has been a new force in expanding domestic demand. This paper gives quantitative empirical analysis through the establishment of regression model, and the results show...
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An Empirical test of influence of corporation control and shareholding on development investment in electronic information industry by panel data model and cross-section data model

Yaozhong Chang
Present researches indicated that control and shareholding of corporation influence operator’s conduct for long term efficiency significantly, but there is research gap of lacking empirical test. Thirty six enterprises with different shareholding structure in electronic information industry in China...
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Group Purchase Strategy Research Based on Channel Game

Xu-yao Lin
The choice of the transaction mode is the result of buyers and sellers’ game. Whether the group purchase transactions can exist and be developed well depend on whether the earnings of buyers and sellers can be effectively balanced. The conditions which form the stable group purchase transaction can be...
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Evaluation of the Transportation Resources Allocation Efficiency Based on the Production Frontiers

Rong-yu Wu, Hongchang Li
Reasonable allocation of transportation resources is an important support and guarantee of the development of transportation. And the efficiency of transportation resources allocation is an important basis of transportation resources distribution. We could analysis the distribution of transportation...
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China and Latin America: building a mutually beneficial strategic alliance Focus: China–Venezuela

Chirinos Adriana
The economy of China has experienced considerable continued growth during the last few decades. It has reached a Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 10,45% in average (Annual percent change - A%c) during the last 10 years, while the world has reached 3,83% in the same period of time. This is...
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Empirical Analysis on Monetary Policy Efficiency in China

Wan Jieqi, Gui Cheng, Tao Xu
As an important indicator to test the effectiveness of monetary policy, monetary policy efficiency has long been discussed. In this paper, we adopt the stochastic frontier analysis (SFA) based on translog function to measure the Chinese monetary policy efficiency from 1998 to 2011. Our empirical results...
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A Review of Knowledge Inertia:How can we explain the hindrance on individual innovation

Ping Wang, Xue-wei Yang
Knowledge, as power and a resource, has been much more important for both organizations and individuals. Therefore, one of the necessary issues for enterprises is to manage knowledge properly and efficiently. However, individuals may have their natural inertia when facing problems in the utilization...
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Research on Influencing Factors of M&A Performance in China’ Listed Companies——Based on the Perspective of Property

Fanglu Gao, Shuxian Tian, Lei Hu
This paper studied the differences of mergers and acquisitions’ performances between state-owned and private enterprises using the factor analysis, following this was the regression analysis of the factors affecting the performance of M&A from the perspective of government intervention. The empirical...
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Analysis on the Relationship Between the RMB Internationalization and the Capital Account Openness

Qinglong Zhang
The benign interaction between the Renminbi(RMB) internationalization and the capital account openness is conducive to steadily push forward the RMB internationalization. The paper studies the relationship between the RMB Internationalization and the capital account openness from three aspects of the...
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Brand Equity Valuation: an Optimized Interbrand Model which is Based on the Consumer Perspective

Yizheng Jia, Wensong Zhang
Because of the concept of the brand equity is defined ambiguously in the scientific literature and defined from different perspectives, there are a variety of methods. The goal of the paper is to build an optimized Interbrand model which is based on the consumer perspective of brand equity. In this paper,...
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The Research on Application of Business Intelligence in Mobile E-commerce

Lixin Gan, Wei Tu, An Wang
Mobile e-commerce (m-commerce) is not only the application of the superimposed E-commerce by mobile terminal. Characterized by flexibility, simplicity and convenience, it is popular with the consumers and brings new development opportunities for e-commerce enterprises. In order to solve the problems...
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The Research Framework of the New Energy Companies Increase the Efficiency

Shihong Zeng, Chen Ma
The paper introduces the needs of China developing new energy. The new energy industry is likely to become the engine of the new round of industrial revolution, which is mainly due to new energy accords with human aspirations on reducing excessive consumption of resources and protecting environment of...
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Study on Financing Efficiency of China's cultural Industry

Shihong Zeng, Mimi Hu
Based upon DEA model, this paper conducts an empirical study on the finance support efficiency of public companies from culture industry during the period from 2009 to 2012, and at the same time, by applying Logit model, analyses the factors that have impacts on the financing efficiency of culture industry....
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Research on Competitiveness of Automotive Product Innovation in China

Xuetao Li, Longmao Yan
In this paper, the author firstly constructed an evaluation index system of competitiveness of Chinese auto industry innovation, and determined the weights by the use of AHP method, and then uses fuzzy evaluation method to calculate and quantize the competitiveness of innovation. Finally, through comparing,...
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Does Regional Education Inequality affect China’s Economic Growth

Tongwei Xie
The research results of this paper show that: educational inequality would have negative impact to the economic growth. If the education inequality rises by 1%, the China’s economic growth rate would decline by 0.066%. And education inequality also really has important influence to economic divergence...
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A Review of Job Embeddedness:Conceptual,measurement,and relative study conclusions

Ping Wang, Xi Ye
Job embeddedness is a relatively new theory in turnover research, it provides a broader perspective for organization to retain employees. However, domestic researchers need a further understanding on the content ,measurement and other research conclusions of job embeddedness. Based on the literature...
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WRM Integrated Value Management of Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Ming Fang, Jing Luo, Yujun Wang
This paper explores the management ideas/tools underlying Well and Reservoir Management (WRM) for Oil & Gas exploration and production. WRM is an integrated management which covers the whole chain of Oil & Gas exploration and production from subsurface Reservoir Management to Well, surface facilities,...
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An empirical test of motivation and effect of industrial technology policy in China's electronic information industry

Yaozhong Chang
Industrial policy theory indicates that industrial policy, especially technology policy, is designed to intervene economic imbalance and reduce bottleneck to optimize resource configuration and exert economic potential, but research gap is short of empirical test. In this paper, empirical test is done...
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An empirical test on character of indifference curve of cross-layer goods under condition of low income

Yaozhong Chang
In Goods’ indifference curve, income expansion path represents optimized consumption bundle under different income level, the character of which under low income has research gaps. By econometric method of Chow test for predictive failure, consumption payouts of three need layers for four income grades...
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Biao Wang, Chunxiang Wu, Rong Wang
If enterprises want to keep good benefit in the increasingly competitive circumstance, the best way is effective marketing. Thus, the scientific marketing strategy is particular important. In this paper, through the establishment of marketing decision model and simulation, enterprise can find each period...
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Research on Integration and Interaction of Southern Fujian Culture Creative Industry and Quanzhou Tourism

Caizhen Hong
Quanzhou has achieved great success in tourism industry in recent years, however, problems exist in that tourists staying time is short, the income structure is unreasonable, and the tourism industry chain is imperfect. The problems indicate that Quanzhou has lacked creative tourism product design based...
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Developing Private Equity Investment Fund to Promote Money Liquidity into Real Economy Effectively

Shuangqing Pan
Private equity investment fund is an advanced financial tool which blends of capital, management and other elements, and it has promoted the development of the world economy. In Quanzhou city, it is effective in promoting liquidity into the real economy, create national pilot zone for comprehensive financial...
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A Preliminary Study of Agricultural Outward FDI and Modes

Yi Lu, Ru Qian, Hao Tao
At the background of accelerated process of globalization in the worldwide, and the industrialization and urbanization in the nationwide, China has to pay more efforts to increase agricultural Outward FDI and choose the suitable mode considering the determinants influence factors. A comprehensive analysis...
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The Research on Post-Olympics Economic Downturn Effects

Tiansheng Xu, Xiaoying Liu, Longxin Chen
The paper explains the different causes of the economic downturn effects after Olympics in each organizing nation, analyzes the host country's main stock index reaction to economic situation after Olympics and shows the trend and rule in stock market. In the end, it analyzes the highest growth of each...
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Compare Auto- finance Product Pricing Model

Xuetao Li
Automotive financial services product development, innovation and design technology is the basis for auto finance industry and the basic means of survival, based on the trend of China's legal and policy environment, the automotive market characteristics and behavioral characteristics of consumer psychology,...
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Exploring service innovation mechanisms of health cloud service: Aperspective ofactivity theory

Chen-Tong Chang, Wen-Hong Chiu, Chi-Tsung Huang, Hui-Ru Chi, Hung-Chia Lin
This study is a case study of Show-Chwan hospital of Taiwan. Based on a perspectiveof activity theory, this study develops an innovation model of health cloud services (HCS) and explores the evolution of the model. Thisstudycollected the related secondary data of the case between 1995 and 2012andin-depth...
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On the Soft Power of Folk Culture in China’s Modern Economy

Ning Yan, Ke Su
Culture is playing an increasingly promoting role in the development of modern economy. How to correctly perceive and reasonably exploit the soft power of culture is an epochal proposition in China’s economic progress. In terms of improvement of modern enterprise motivation system, application of new...
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The history and development trend of China’s sports industry policy

Xinhuan Zhan
History of the sports industry policies in China have roughly undergone three stages. In the history, sports industry policies in China has met a sery of problem, such as the policy goal is hollow, unspecific and undefined; the policies lack pertinence. The reasons for the problems in the policies of...
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Research on Assessment of Cold Drink Brand Competitiveness in Perspective of Consumers

Tao Meng, Yancai Zhang, Fengbiao He
The article discussed the competitiveness of brand in cold drink industry by the construction of brand competitiveness assessment index system. In the perspective of consumers, from three dimensions such as brand awareness, brand reputation, and brand loyalty, eighteen items were designed. After the...
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Study on the early-warning platform of dairy industry damage in China

Yanfei Bai, Fang Liu, Zhongwei He
Industrial damage attaches great importance to all countries in the world. It is one of the most important duties of a government to ensure the healthy development of domestic industries. The objective of this study is to achieve informatization of China’s dairy industry. Analytic hierarchy process (AHP)...
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A Research on the Model of Student Loan Repayment Based on a Sinking Fund

Mingfa Zhou, Qiong Wu, Jinliang Wang
This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a debt fund on the repayment of student loan. Based on these analyses, on one hand, we discuss the mode of equal fraction repayment of the total amount of the loan principal and its interest in each term. This mode yields great flexibility...
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The Competitive Tennis reserve personnel training drivers and management of social in china

Kaiqiang Guo, Chenchu Long
Our Competitive Tennis reserve personnel social culture as a social in The form of private capital investment, it’s the Competitive Tennis in China's development opportunities in the times and the characteristics of the times. this paper use for literature, research of Competitive Tennis reserve personnel...
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Early-warning Analysis for Carrying Capacity in Nandaihe International Amusement Centre Based on Fuzzy Inference and Gray Forecasting

Xiuping Yang, Erchao Li
Nandaihe international amusement centre spot as an example is analyzed in this paper. The paper presents a method based on fuzzy inference and gray forecasting, indexes of tourism environment carrying capacity in scenic spots is established, extract fuzzy rules based on historical data, simulate the...
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Circular Polarized Antenna Design for RFID Logistics Label based on Ultra High Frequency

Jing Wang, Rongquan Ma
This paper discloses a circularly polarized antenna, ultra high frequency radio frequency identification tag includes: Based on a cylindrical shell, the shell is composed of a casing and a casing, wherein the upper shell is arranged on the inner side of a clamping groove; an antenna control module, are...
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Period Incentive Research on the Construction Phase of PPP Project

Kan-kan Xu, Jin-xian Zhao
The inherent characteristics of PPP financing mode demands that the participants of the project cooperation with each other and form a community of interests. In construction phase, the project company cooperates with the contractor under the mode of general contracting; meanwhile their game relationship...
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The Policy Framework for the Economy Development of Mountain Valley Areas in Beijing

Junhong Chen, Mei Zhu
it has great significance for achieving the construction goal of Beijing Mountain Valley Areas’ Economy (MVAE) by innovating management policies and mechanisms. Based on self-organization theory, a policy framework model of MVAE development was developed and established in this paper. Moreover, this...
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Relying on the development zones to promote the development of Hebei coastal areas

Xiaodong Zhao, Xingguo Li, Weiwei Wang
Base on the comprehensive review of the development progress of Hebei coastal development zones, by comparing the real-time data of Hebei coastal development zones (Qinhuangdao, Tangshan, Cangzhou) and Shandong coastal development zones (Yantai, Weihai), it turns out that there are some development bottlenecks...
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Research on the measurement of logistics industry agglomeration

Yanhui Han, Qinglun Zhong
Logistics had become an important source of growth in China. Some part of this rapid logistics industrial development could be attributed to the industrial agglomeration in the country. Understanding logistics industry agglomeration and its driving forces is critical for the formulation of logistics...
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Research on The Management of Municipal Solid Waste in Harbin City

Linlin Xuan, Min Ling
There are many problems in China’s municipal solid waste management. The continuous growing urbanization in China is testing the current functions and management systems of the cities’. In this paper, the main purpose is to study this problem and propose some correct solutions This article makes studies...
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Analysis on the Development Strategy of Data Industry in Hebei Coastal Areas——Taking Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone as an example

Xingguo Li
Data industry is one of the new industry supported and developed by nation during the 12th Five-Year Programme period. Hebei coastal areas took the lead in introducing data industry development planning, constructing the data bases in the country and occupying the initiative of development. Although...