Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Art Studies: Science, Experience, Education (ICASSEE 2018)

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The Integration of Life and Art: Zhu Ming's Sculptural Arts

Jingyang Xia, Ting Li
In the history of Chinese art in the 20th century, Chinese and Western cultures have constantly collided with each other and been integrated. Integrating Chinese and Western art creation concepts was a natural choice for a generation of Chinese artists who have received the edification of Chinese and...
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Study on the Media Arts in the Postmodern Context “Symbiosis” Design of Media

Peng Sun
Under such a postmodern context, the boundary between arts and other disciplines and among arts becomes more and more blurry. Such changes have large impacts on the lives of people. Media arts including art itself also become not that pure. “Symbiosis” exists everywhere. The artistic exploration conducted...
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The Enlightenment of Chinese Traditional Creation View on Modern Design

Tong Wu, Yakun Guo
In the context of the development of modern design, this paper takes the traditional creation view integrate into modern design as the starting point, analyzes many problems arising from modern design in the process of industrialization. Based on this, it focuses on the relationship between traditional...
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Shame and Identity in Robert Walser’s “The Robber”

Yuan Gao
“The Robber” is a novel of the Swiss writer Robert Walser, written in his own unique “microscript”. The novel was discovered 12 years after his death and deciphered and published 4 years after then. This novel describes the situation of a writer who was marginalized by the society. The language, structure,...
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The Unique Role of Realistic Reproduction in Sports Poster Design

Shanshan Zhao
By studying the application and unique role of realistic representations in sports poster design, the cultural value and social influence of sports posters are fully exerted, especially in the prosperity and development of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, and thus the promotion of Chinese...
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Protection and Inheritance of Cantonese Opera

Yaomin Mei, Meitong Guo, Manxin Lin, Guangzheng Jiang, Jiawei Zhou, Hongkun Zhou, Jun Liu, Hongyu Su, Xiaodan Chen, Minggeng Xie
The development history and characteristics and current protection status of Cantonese opera were understood over a looking through relevant literature and materials. The necessity to protect Cantonese opera was analyzed from perspectives of its distribution regions and characteristics and development...
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Exploring the Attractive Factors of Mobile Tower Defense Games

Baoyi Zhang
Tower Defense (TD) game has always been a very popular video game. The purpose of this study is to explore the attractive factors of TD games and the relationship between these factors. The evaluation grid method was used to find the attractiveness of TD game, and the quantification theory type 1 was...
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Application of QR Code in Small Art Exhibition Taking the Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage Overseas as an Example

Dongying Dou
With the rapid development of information technology and mobile intelligent terminal, QR Code is more and more widely used. QR Code has the features of high information density, large data storage capacity, strong error-correcting ability and good secrecy, it can be used not only to identify objects,...
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Analysis on the Origin of the Dharma Protector Panjarnata (the Lord of Pavilion) and Its Artistic Features Taking the Thangka of Panjarnata Collected in the Potala Palace as an Example

Xiaodeji Ms.
As an important part of the Tibetan Buddhism, the Esoteric Buddhism has been keeping a mysterious color in the long history and has become enduring. Till now, people can find the relics or the picture or statue of the Buddha related to the Esoteric Buddhism, or musical instruments used by Buddhist, or...
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The Artistic Multidimensional Performance of Red and Green Porcelain in Jin Dynasty

Shandan Ms., Xiaosong Zou
Red and green porcelain is a glazed painted porcelain created in Cizhou kiln during the middle and late Jin Dynasty. It is a kind of multi-color porcelain which applies paintings with red, green and yellow colors on the already finished white porcelain, and then applies the second high temperature bake...
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Research on Protection and Renewal of Macao Historical City from the Perspective of Space Narrative

Hanmao Liu
The historic city is an important space of the city. It not only witnessed the rise and fall of a city, but also accumulated a complex and rich collective emotional and cultural spirit. Urban space narrative research tend to qualitative analysis rather than quantitative comparison, history of Macao city,...
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Modern Improved Design and Application of Decorative Artistic Design

Rui Liu
The decorative art movement was a great event in the history of modern design in the world. Decorative art also played its important role in contemporary design. Nowadays, the field of design and the major of decorative art design in design education turned to darkness. How to develop the decorative...
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Study on the Woodblock New Year Pictures of Zhuxianzhen Town

Hong Nie, Mengyao Ran
Zhuxianzhen woodblock New Year Picture has a long history and is the leading and source of Chinese woodblock New year Pictures, which is the living fossil of Chinese Folk Wood New year Pictures. Zhuxianzhen’s woodblock New Year Pictures originated from the Han and Tang murals, evolved from ancient peach...
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Application and Research of Color in the Facade Design of Elementary School Buildings

Chao Huang
Color is the most important information symbol for human visual stimulation. It has a very important impact on architecture, especially in primary elementary school buildings. The color environment of the elementary school building refers to the main place and space for pupils to grow up and accept education....
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Public Art Design in the Urban Memorial Plaza Under Cultural Inheritance

Xiaojuan Hui
This paper takes public artwork design as the main body to study how public art in the urban memorial plaza reflects the memorial significance, and at the same time serves as the carrier of urban cultural inheritance and development. The public art design is set when the original site reflects the memorial...
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Study on the Color of Auspicious Dolls in Yangliuqing Wooden New Year Paintings

Beibei Yang
Yangliuqing New Year painting is the first of the four Chinese New Year paintings. Among them, the auspicious doll New Year paintings are the most influential and well-known category. The use of colors can reflect the aesthetic taste of the Chinese people and an expectation for the future. This article...
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Research on Art Intervention in the Construction of Community Culture in Fujian and Taiwan Taking Tugou Village and Zengcuo’an as Examples

Zhixiong Huang, Xiangbo Sun
Objective: art intervention is an emerging way of cultural construction in community building. Through the comparative analysis of two successful cases of art intervention in community culture construction in Tugou Village of Taiwan and Zengcuo’an of Xiamen, this paper explores the patterns and rules...
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The Dachas of Russian Finland in the Cultural Landscape of the Baltic Coast of the First Third of the XX Century Problems of Study, Preservation and Use

Svetlana Levoshko
The article formulates the problems of research, promotion, preservation, and use of the dacha architecture of the Gulf of Finland within the boundaries of the Karelian isthmus. The features of the architectural and artistic identity of the cultural landscape of the Karelian isthmus, called "Russian...
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The Research of the Leisure Agriculture Park Based on Horticultural Therapy

Yufan Ding, Hong Zhang, Yan Feng, Lei Lei, Panpan Cao, Xiaoyu Ming, Xiaofang Yu
As a medical method integrating treatment, rehabilitation and vocational training, horticultural therapy is same as other treatments like music therapy and art therapy all belonging to the category of occupational therapy. Horticultural therapy is for people who need physical and mental improvements,...
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Form Bionic Design Research Based on Product Semantics

Mengqian Liu, Wanyu Zhang
This research is to fulfill the visual and psychological requirements through modern design, to analyze the inner connection between product semantics and form bionic design, and to solve the innovation and containment which is the shortcoming during the product design. Extract the main representative...
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Integrated Cross-disciplinary Approach to Dating the Architectural Heritage Objects Based on Abkhazia and Chechnya Architectural Monuments Dating back from 2nd to 11th Centuries

Victoria Pishchulina, Vladimir Kotlyar, Alkhas Argun
Results of research on development of complex techniques of chemical, petrographic, Xray phase and X-ray diffraction methods of medieval lime mortars studying are presented in the article. 12 samples from New Afon, Abkhazia and one from v. Khoy, Chechnya, have been studied. Results of analyses have confirmed...
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Changes in the Idea of a Soviet City in 1960s — Early 1970s

Yulia Kosenkova
The article analyzes one of the critical points in the history of architecture and urban planning of the late Soviet period. The article reveals the structure and the content of the creative problems that were discussed in 1960s – early 1970s in the context of growing professional and public dissatisfaction...
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Suprematic Architecture — Commitment to Excellence, Back to the Basics

Yury Volchok
Unique character of suprematic art is rooted in the perception of its author (founder) — K. S. Malevich which developed to become the belief that it is necessary to create a suprematic method — the way of targeted movement towards perfection, constructed as a mental projection from the surface “painted...
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The Cosmological and Ethical Aspects of Musical Modus: Ontological Approach VS the Semiotic Approach

Anastasia Medova
The paper dedicates cosmological and ethical aspects of the musical modus. In the musicology, the notion of modus is referred to the certain modes and rhythms which have the sense of spiritual states and cosmic phenomena in some cultural traditions (ancient Greek, medieval Indian, Chinese, Russian)....
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Scientific Views of the "Dance Macabre" in Treatises of the First Half of the XIX Century

Andrei Sapsuev
The work is devoted to one of the most popular genres of tanatological themes — Dance macabre (Dance of Death). The XIV century witnessed the appearance of images, poetic texts and musical compositions embodying the image of dancing death. However, in the XVII and XVIII centuries, interest in this topic...
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Mirror as a Pre-screen Image in Tennyson’s Poem “The Lady of Shalott” and Pre-Raphaelite Illustrations

Anna Nikiforova
The relation between screen culture and images in Alfred Tennyson’s poem “The Lady of Shalott” as well as in Pre-Raphaelite illustrations and paintings to the poem are analyzed in the article. The image of the Lady represents a total dependence on a magical “screen”, which in itself is a mirror. The...
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The Golovanov Case in 1928, Poputchiki Recent Archival Findings

Elena Artamonova
Sergei Vasilenko (1872-1956) has been perceived as a conformist and inconsequential Soviet composer among his colleagues and in post-Soviet Russia. As a result of Vasilenko’s formal obedience many facts about him have been either misinterpreted in publications or kept under wraps until recently. Thus,...
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Mystery of the Concept: S. I. Taneyev’s Choruses, Op. 35, to Words by K. D. Balmont

Galima Lukina
Op. 35 for male chorus based on Balmont’s poetry is probably the most mysterious and little-explored one within Taneyev’s artistic heritage. Basing on the analysis of the already published choirs of the cycle and archival drafts the author proposes the original version of the composer’s interpretation...
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Pitched-sound Grammars in the Sharh-iadvar (Commentary to “Сircles”) of Abd al-Kadir al-Maragi (1353-1435)

Giula Shamilli
This article examines Abd al-Kadir ibn Gaybi al-Hafez al-Maragi’s (1353-1435) Sharh-iAdwar (Commentary to “Сircles”) treatise on music which reflects on the six hundred years of scientific experiences in music theory since al-Farabi up to the beginning of 15th century. Analyse discovers two description...
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Reception of G. Rossini's Opera “Guglielmo Tell” in Russian and Soviet Musical Culture

Marina Raku
Staging history of the most famous European operas on the Russian stage and especially their perception by the public is the one of the little-studied problem. In the meanwhile European opera culture and first of all its most important examples have aroused constant interest by the performers, were very...
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Nikolay Diletsky’s Four-part Сoncertos: the Unknown Pages of Russian Baroque Music

Natalia Plotnikova
Music of the mid-17th-early 18th century is a little-known and poorly studied part of Russian culture. The manuscripts found in the archives during the last decades have modified our notions about the artistic heritage of the greatest composers of that time. In 2013, the present author discovered 36...
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Some Features of Libretto and Musical Composition in “L’amour de loin” by Kaija Saariaho

Natalia Saamishvili
The article is dedicated to the opera “L’amour de loin” by the famous Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, recognized as a masterpiece of contemporary musical theater. The libretto, written by the French writer of Lebanese origin Amin Maalouf, is based on the legend of troubadour Jaufre Rudel and his distant...
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Style Features of Late Romantic Musical Texture

Oksana Sheludyakova
In the article by O.I. Scheludjakova the texture as the leading aspect of development of late melos is investigated. Peculiarities on different levels of relationship among melody and accompanying voices, rhythmic and modal organization, pattern, and harmony are reduced. The texture is analyzed as method...
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Essence and Strategies of Grasping the Emotional Tone of the Dance

Shu Jia
In the dance works, emotion is an important issue which cannot be ignored by every performer. Only by accurately grasping the emotional tone of the dance can the emotion be transmitted to the audience through accurate body movements. In order to explore the way to grasp the emotional tone of the dance,...
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The Magic of Sound Chaos: East Slavonic "Borona" (Harrow) Ritual

Olga Pashina
The article focuses on the ritual “harrow”, well documented for the Eastern Slavs. It is enacted by the participants as the simultaneous performance of all calendar song genres with strong seasonal association, which are known in the tradition. Folk singers believe that the performance of ritual songs...
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A Study on the Operas of Jan Cikker

Olga Sobakina
Jan Cikker (1911–1989) is one of the renowned composers of Slovakia and special place in national culture is held by his operas, which remain a fairly rare phenomenon for the music of the XX century. Jan Cikker’ style is distinguished by the clarity of idea, bright imagery, and inclination towards lyricism....
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Research on the Cultural Value Enhancement and Guarantee Mechanism Construction of Art Projects of College Associations

Wenchong Xiao
College association is an important platform for the growth of college students, the main camp for the construction and development of campus culture, an important window for foreign exchanges of colleges and universities, and an important carrier for colleges and universities to realize the function...
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Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality: Georgy Sviridov’s Russia Cast Adrift

Richard Louis Gillies
This article presents an overview of research on Georgy Sviridov’s 1977 vocal cycle Russia Cast Adrift undertaken during the writing of my doctoral thesis (awarded by the University of Manchester in July 2018). The discussion focuses on Sviridov’s response to bucolic and religious themes in Esenin’s...
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Study on the Constructivist Utopia of Vsevolod Meyerhold

Vadim Shcherbakov
Meyerhold was always fascinated by the concepts of art changing and creating life. He was deeply concerned by the Russians’ headfast unwillingness to obey the slow course of evolution. The director’s experiments in establishing the performance as a mass meeting and his concept of monumental revolutionary...
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Study on Architectonics of Cultural Medium

Violetta Evallyo
Screens and multimedia installations are widely used in various spheres of culture: from exhibition grounds and virtual museum guides to entertainment projects. Multimedia projects are, in fact, the leading genre of media industry in the socio-cultural environment. First of all, these are immersive performances,...
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Study on the Formation of Copyright in Music in Germany and in Russia

Yana Ferran
The article is devoted to the question of the formation of Russian and German copyright of musical works. It considers the system of privileges as a source of copyright, presents the chronology of the emergence of copyright laws in Russia and Germany in the XIX century. The work also includes an analysis...
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The Influence and Transformation of Advertising Media in the Era of Mobile Network over Its Traditional Forms

Shu Zhou, Jie’en Guo
After entering the 21st century, the era of mobile Internet began, and this technology has been applied in all walks of life. Precision marketing is the biggest change of mobile Internet advertising compared with traditional media. This article analyzes the connection of the mobile network advertising...
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The Academic Edition of Musorgsky’s Complete Works: Scholarly Problems and Practical Solutions

Yevgeniy Levashev, Nadezhda Teterina
Edition of the Complete Works of Modest Mussorgsky was made twice in the XX century. None of the projects was completed. Scientific and methodological principles. Pavel Lamm is currently in need of serious adjustment. Music and verbal materials of the author’s versions of “Boris Godunov” create an opportunity...
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Research on the Advantages of Production and Communication of Online Short Films in China

Wenjia Tang
An online short film is a form of art in a new media era which combines traditional film art and the rapid-developing Internet technology. With the growing influence and spread of online short films, relevant discussions emerge as the times require. It is because of the uniqueness of the new media platform...
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Research on Classification and Knowledge Construction System of Digital Media Art

Rui Yu
Digital media art is a combination of art and technology, a rapidly developing interdisciplinary subject combining art and technology, and the fusion of computer science, technology, art design and multiple disciplines. Although digital media art is currently developing at a high speed, the professional...
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A Study on Functional Translation of Proper Nouns in Traditional Chinese Opera

Guangtao Cao, Linrong Qiu, Jiexin Wu
Chinese Opera has a glorious history. Because of language barriers, discrepancy of drama culture and dramatic performance systems, it is still quite difficult to appreciate Chinese opera in actual cross-cultural overseas context. This paper collects and translates a part of proper nouns of Chinese operatic...
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Research on the Emotional Appeal of Advertisement Design About Youth Consumer Groups

Cun Shang, Kyung Ho Lim
The youth group has the characteristics of focusing on emotion, individuality and pursuing fashion. The paper discusses the expression of emotional appeal in advertisement design in the youth consumer groups. By analyzing the unique characteristics of consumer psychology to the youth consumer groups,...
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Research on Visual Communication in Cultural and Creative Industry — Taking Taiwan as an Example

Shuluan Fu
The cultural and creative industry originated in the United Kingdom in 1979. After decades of development, it has become an important industrial development model in the world economy, and it is one of the key fields of China's creative economy construction. Taiwan's cultural and creative industries...
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Aesthetic Reflection of Neutral Tone of National Mode in Accordion Music Composition Taking Dai People’s Water-splashing Festival as an Example

Rong Xing
In the 1960s and 1970s, more excellent works with the basis of mass social music culture were presented under the condition of concentrating on the composition of national traditional style. It is on the premise of such rich and productive composition that the author observes the relevant style of accordion...
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The Soundtrack for Alexei Balabanov’s Movie “Morphine”: Cruel Romance with the Passing Epoch

Daria Zhurkova
The article studies the specific features of interaction between music, plot and a recreated epoch in Alexei Balabanov's movie "Morphine". The author analyzes in detail the meanings, which the old-time romances playing in the background bring to the cine-narrative. Firstly, we can see direct plot parallels...
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Spiritual Salvation of Cultural Variety Shows in New Media Environment Taking The Readers as an Example

Desheng Wu, Shuang Liang
With the development of spiritual civilization, the content of over-entertainment in variety shows is increasingly inconsistent with the real needs of the audience. The content of the program re-advocates to help the audience find "hope" that they really want in the deep heart, and to find the long-term...
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Historical Evolution and Cultural Reflection of Variety Show of Chinese Television Culture

Min Luo, Qun Xie
In recent years, Chinese television has created a trend of “Cultural Variety”. Chinese Poetry Conference (the 2nd Season), Readers and Everlasting Classics have become “faddish” programs in succession. By teasing and summarizing the historical evolution of cultural variety shows in Chinese television...
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Study on the Way of Telling the Chinese Story to the Outside World by TV Documentaries in the New Era Taking the Third Season of "Tales from Modern China" as an Example

Juncheng Wang, Qi Guo
How to talk about the Chinese story to the outside world is how to improve the external communication effect of the Chinese story and grasp the impact of overseas markets, politics and the overall environment on this issue. As an important medium for carrying Chinese stories, the TV documentary, in recent...
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“Bacchante” and Women’s Empowerment in the Old and New Era By Comparison Between “Le Baccanti” and “Venus in Fur”

Hanhang Chen
Greek Myths, not only are full of fantasy, but have greatly realistic, which provide western culture with different kinds of prototype and culture motif. Greek Myths have a profound impact on western psychology, literature, film and many other fields, which often show human nature by interpreting and...
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Analysis on the Blooming of Pop Culture from Chinese Fantasy TV Drama Series "Xiang Mi Chen Chen Jin Ru Shuang"

Shu Li
This article is to analyze the genre of Chinese fantasy TV drama series and the author takes the blockbuster named “Xiang Mi Chen Chen Jin Ru Shuang” as an example. It is aimed to discover why are audiences obsessed with fantasy dramas? Why we have two levels of differentiation toward a drama series...
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An Overview of Research on Film Grading and Censorship in Major Countries of the World

Ting Liu, Xiao He
Countries in the world have adopted legal measures to conduct film classification and censorship. Whether in the birthplace of the film or in the flourishing place of film development, film censorship and classification as an institutional tool can not only protect the legitimate rights and interests...
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The Movie World in Woody Allen’s Eyes

Lu Zhang
Woody Allen is a representative of Hollywood's "literary directors", research on whose work has mainly concentrated on analysis of the narrative structure and urban culture of his films in recent years. For example, The Space Narrative of Woody Allen's Films by Dai Bojun, Daily Narrative of Woody Allenby...
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Analysis of the Intelligent Form of Traditional Art Exhibitions from the Perspective of Digital Media

Xiangying Chen
In the context of the integration of intelligent technologies and digital media, in this paper, the author has studied the intelligent form of traditional art exhibitions, taken the classic cases and development status of intelligent exhibitions at home and abroad into account, and sorted out the technical...
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Study on the Oriental Aesthetic Value of “Eternal Love” Under the Receptional Aesthetics of Film

Juan Qian
Receptional aesthetics is a new methodology proposed by RH Jauss in literary studies in the 1960s. On this basis, in the early 1970s, he combined the filmology of receptional aesthetics together with audience study, opened the prelude of film receptional aesthetics research and he proposed a very unique...
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“Dying to Survive”: Reflection on Realistic Themes and Its Artistic Presentation

Jie Hang
The film Dying to Survive constructs the growth of a civilian herofrom the perspective of the contradiction between leukemia patients and high-priced cancer drugsthrough the artistic processing and adaption of real events but retains the core part of its positive values. In addition, itsmature audio-visual...
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The Development Research of Digital Technology in Russian Theater Stage Design

Ying Zheng
Stage art design is a creative part of drama integrated art as well as an integral part of art design and modern human design system. In the era of rapid development of informatization, profound changes have taken place in people's ideas and concepts. Advanced science and technology have broken the boundaries...
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Research on the Aesthetics of Current Chinese Three-dimensional Animation Based on Engine Animation

Yiran Fan, Yidong Liu
Because “mechanical cinema" has affinity with three-dimensional animated movie, it should be called "engine animation". As a result, the game engines itself pursuits of the realistic and lifelike technology become as the transcript of the Chinese "engine animation" producers. In the context of post-modernity,...
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The Communication Path of Film and Television Art in the Context of Micro-era

Sheng Huang
The Micro-era provides a variety of communication paths for film and television art works. How to select and develop these communication paths has become another problem in the development of the film industry. In order to strengthen the development of film and television art for the propagation path,...
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Interactive Future of Museum Encouraging Youth Group to Engage with Museum

Yongkang Xing, Qianhong Cheng
With digital technology rapidly spreads out in recent years, there is a graduate trend that people are losing interest in engaging with cultural facility such as visiting museums especially youth group. This paper starts from describing this social phenomenon and discusses the reasons lead this trend....
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Shadow, Existence and Individuation Interpreting Japanese Film"The Low Life" from the Perspective of Analytical Psychology

Bo Wu, Wenjing Yao, Jiawei Gao
From the perspective of analytical psychology, this paper interprets and analyzes Japanese film "The Low life" from the dimensions of the core concepts of analysis psychology-individuation, shadow, the acceptance and transformation of shadow. It outlines the psychological meaning of “People’s search...
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Study on Educational Potential of Art

Maria Tarasova
Since the contingency factor in education forces the researchers and practitioners from around the world to unite their efforts in scheming as many educational strategies as possible, it is important to outline the project of building the higher education program on art culture ideals. Art can be an...
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Problems of Professional Musical Education Development in the Global Informatization Process

Olga Sizova
The article deals with the problems of professional music education development in the context of the global informatization process. The study outlines ways of solving the problems by means of information systems in the sphere of "Music education and art" in professional training of teachers-musicians....
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Peculiarities of G. Ginzburg’s Pedagogical Principles Formation in the Context of His Performing Work

Rimma Ulyanova
The article reveals the problems in the sphere of musical pedagogy and performance. Theoretical works in the sphere of general and musical pedagogy and piano performance are presented. Research of G. Ginzburg’s performing art based on archive materials was carried out. Pedagogical principals of the outstanding...
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The Analysis of Educational Measures for Higher Vocational Students' Vocational Values

Haiyan Liu, Liansheng Yang
Occupational values, working as one of the value judgments for people in occupational career, are the yardsticks to measure the significance and importance of occupations. And it also reflects people’s perceptions, attitudes, pursuits, and longing for careers. The professional values play an important...
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Research on Education Cooperation and Cultural Exchange Between Chinese and Russian Design Specialties in Heilongjiang River Basin

Yuyun Wang, Hui Ma
In order to give full play to the resources and geographical advantages of the Heihe University in the border, promote the sharing of high-quality resources, expand the space for international exchanges and cooperation and deepen the connotation of cooperation, this paper analyzes how Sino-Russian cooperation...
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Research on the Practice of Sino-Russian Cooperation in Applied Talents of Design Major Taking the Design Department of Heihe College as an Example

Luyang Wang, Yuyun Wang
This paper takes the design department of College of Fine Art and Design in Heihe University as an example to illustrate how to transform the applied talents of design major, and how to carry out the Sino-Russian cooperation in running schools, and summarize the experience to promote the construction...
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Exploration of the Teaching of Digital Illustration Course

Shu Zhou, Jie’en Guo
With the advancement of digital technology and the rapid development of digital graphic business demand, the courses of art majors pay more and more attention to the arrangement of digital illustration courses. As a connection course between basic courses and professional courses, as well as a practical...
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Exploration on the Teaching of Public Art Photography Course in Digital Photography Age

Shu Zhou, Jie’en Guo
The development of digital photography has revolutionized the curriculum of today's colleges and universities. It is not only the important curriculum in professional colleges, but also one of the most popular public elective courses in colleges and universities. In the current teaching process, according...
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The Influence of Music Training on Children's Cognitive Ability

Jie Liang
By analyzing the influence of music training on children's language ability, spatial reasoning ability and mathematics ability, this paper points out that learning music cannot improve the cognitive ability in all aspects of human beings. It is clarified that the degree of improvement of human cognitive...
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The Influence of “Cynicism” on College Students of Contemporary Art and Its Performance

Renfei Wang
Cynicism is infiltrating colleges and universities and affecting the ideas and behaviors of art students taking the “information explosion” and the rapid development of “art examination economy” as a carrier. The improvement of understanding the “cynic” phenomenon among art college students and the enhancement...
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Discussion on New Ideas of Architectural Art Teaching in Multimedia Era Under the Framework of Aesthetic Education

Yan Huang
Under the framework of aesthetic education, teachers are unequivocally committed to the aesthetic literacy improvement project of architectural students. In addition to cultivating students' artistic foundation and improving their performance ability, it is more important to make full use of and extensively...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Art Courses in Colleges and Universities Taking the Clothing Materials Course as an Example

Chenwei Qie
According to the requirements for the teaching reform and innovation of art courses in colleges and universities in China, this paper takes the "Clothing Materials" course of fashion design major as an example to establish an application-oriented teaching system of "theory learning plus market research...
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Research on the Music Education for the Whole People

He Chang
Music education for all is a popular music education method aimed at improving the music literacy of the whole nation. In contrast, European countries such as France and Austria are very specific in this regard. Music is regarded as a basic education subject and cultivated from an early age. Starting...
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The Status Quo and Development Strategy of "Computer Music Production" Course in Ordinary Normal Colleges and Universities

Yan Zhao
The course "Computer Music Production" has received more and more attention from colleges and universities in recent years. It is a compulsory course for students majored in music. However with the quick updating of computer in technology, it is necessary to follow the trend of the times and rely on...
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Research on the Method of Improving the Innovation Ability of Industrial Design Students Based on Design Competition

Feng Zhang, Weiwei Wang
This paper takes industrial design competition as one of the methods to improve students' innovation ability, straightens out the relationship between design competition and design teaching, summarizes its application rules in industrial design teaching system, and proposes corresponding solutions to...
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The Role of Art Education in the Improvement of Employment Competitiveness of Deaf College Students

Fang Lan
As the special education flourishes, deaf college students have become an important part of higher education in China. The smooth employment of deaf college students is not only an embodiment of education level in colleges and universities (institutions), but also related to the family happiness of deaf...
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Literature Appreciation and the Cultivation of Humanistic Quality of College Students with Hearing Impairment

Qin Liu
Literature appreciation is a required course of liberal education for college students with hearing impairment. The interpretation and comprehension of this paper is closely associated with the world outlook, outlook on life and values of college students with hearing impairment and involves the improvement...
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Status Survey on Art Therapy in Special Education Schools

Mei Zhang
In this survey, the author, mainly adopting the questionnaire method and the interview method, investigates the current situation of the implementation of art therapy in 16 special education schools in Sichuan province. The survey results show that there is a disproportion between male teachers and female...
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Research on the Docking of Pre-service Training of Music Teachers and Basic Music Education in Ningxia

Henghui Ma
Located in the northwest inland area in China, added with many special objective reasons of regional location, geographical environment and aggregation of ethnic minorities, Ningxia’s economic society and cultural education relatively lag behind other areas in China. Through the survey and analysis,...
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The Promotion of Russian Music Culture on Harbin Music Education in the 20th Century

Qi Wang
Russia has rich historical and cultural heritage and unique ethnic characteristics, especially in the field of music. Due to the geographical location, Russia and China have very close links in politics, economy, culture and art, and Russia has an obvious influence especially on China's culture and art....
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Research on the Cultivation of Students’ Innovative Ability in the Basic Teaching of Visual Communication Design

Bailin Xiao
As an important part in the three core fields of art design, specialty of visual communication design contains the content of traditional graphic design subject. This field has been expanding along with technological and scientific progress, development of new media technology, and development and application...
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Research on the Practical Teaching of Music in Comprehensive Universities

Chunyan Tan
As the social demand for talents gets diversified and multiple, the students of music in comprehensive university are facing severe challenges. In order to make clear the demand of social development, this paper make detailed analysis of the current domestic and foreign practical teaching courses and...
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An Analysis of the Importance of Traditional Zheng Tunes in the Teaching of Zheng in Colleges and Universities

Ying Liu
With the development of society and the improvement of economic level, people are paying more and more attention to the learning of art, and the learning of musical instruments is becoming more and more popular. Zheng is an important musical instrument in ancient China and is loved by more and more people....
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The Study of IE Curriculum Construction and Implementation Based on Fashion Industry

Weiwei Wang
This paper mainly describes the content of construction and implementation of clothing IE curriculum from the construction of talent training objectives, the formulation of curriculum standards, and the practice and innovation of teaching models based on the demand characteristics for clothing IE talents...
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Comparative Study of Chinese and Australian Art Design Education Taking Visual Communication Design as an Example

Dapeng Zhou
Through the comparative study of the major of advertising design& production in department of visual communication in the college of art design of Guangdong Industry Polytechnic and the visual communication major in the college of art and design and architecture (MADA) of Australia's Monash university,...
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Exploration and Practice of School-enterprise Cooperative Education for Art Design Specialty Taking the International Jewelry Academy of a Higher Vocational College in Yunnan as an Example

Yan Yu, Yuxian Liu
Taking the International Jewelry Academy run by the mode of school-enterprise cooperation as an example, the thesis analyses the urgent need for school-enterprise cooperation in education of art design specialty in higher vocational education, and puts forward innovative practices and enlightenments...
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Deepening the Curriculum Construction and Practicing the “Big Class” of Primary School Art

Weibing Qiu
In recent years, China has invested more and more heavily in basic education, not only in the construction of traditional cultural courses, but also in the construction of art classes in primary schools. It has extended the original art and music courses and introducing related art types such as film,...