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Prasetyo Hartanto, Joko Suprapmanto
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Congklak Learning Media to Increase Student Learning Motivation in Class 2 Elementary School

Meisi Melaningsih, Mutiara Ananda, Samsul Pahmi, Merlin Kondologit
Congklak game is one of the traditional games that have developed almost throughout Indonesia. However, over time with the development of the era, this traditional toy has begun to be forgotten. Congklak is a game that can teach facts, skills, concepts, and mathematical principles. Congklak is also very...
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How Are Student Learning Results Impacted by the Model of Problem-Based Learning?

Joko Suprapmanto, Luni Anggraeni
The purpose of this study is to ascertain how the PBL model’s affects on student learning outcomes on energy source material in grade 4 SDN Sunggapan. The method used in this study is a quasi-experimental quantitative. The population in this study were 4th graders at SDN Sunggapan. The analysis of this...
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The Effect of Using Teaching Aids on Improving Student Learning Outcomes in Mathematics Lessons at Elementary School

Hirlan Maulana, Solihin Nurhayat Kolbi, Alda Rachma Heriyadi, Samsul Pahmi
This research is based on the thinking of students who think that learning mathematics is very difficult to learn. In fact, if the mathematics learning process can be integrated into the cultivation of concepts that provide students’ understanding of the concept of understanding the circumference and...
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The Effect of Using Ice Breaking on the Learning Motivation of Grade 4 Students of SDN Cibodas

Muhamad Sandi Hidayat, Dian Nasrudin, Yussannulfida, Samsul Pahmi
Background to this study is the low level of student motivation to learn as a result of dull teaching and learning activities. In actuality, student learning motivation plays a significant role in the process and has a significant impact on the outcomes. To respond to these problems, researchers conducted...
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The Effect of Use of Device on the Learning Outcomes of Class 4 Students at SDN Kadudampit

Pariz Alparuq, Nurani, Samsul Pahmi
The use of gadgets is included become a factor that affects learning outcomes, and gadgets can also have a negative or positive impact in the world of education, especially on student learning outcomes. Gadgets are sophisticated goods created with every information, social media, hobbies and likes, to...
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Student Centered Learning as a Learning Model in the Classroom to Make Transform a Critical Pedagogy

Teofilus Ardian Hopeman, Dian Nasrudin, Muhamad Sandi Hidayat
The learning process in the 21st century is designed in such a way as to facilitate students in learning. Through student-centered learning found 5 learning methods that suit student learning styles, including: Virtual Learning, Problem Based Learning, Project Based Learning, Challenge, Debate, Indicator...
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An Eye-Opening Experiences: The Interplay of Indonesian Migrant Workers Being a Worker and Student in Taiwan

Friska Ria Sitorus, Wolter Parlindungan Silalahi, Dhea Adela, Teofilus Ardian Hopeman
This qualitative study aimed to identify and examine the Indonesian migrant workers' experiences at an Indonesian government's community learning center in Taiwan. Most Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan are junior high school dropout students from the countryside who decided to be workers...
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Impact of Unprofessional Teachers in Implementing Learning in Class V Sdn Cikahuripan, Cisolok District

Siti Nuraeni, Dwina Nurfazriah, Nur Maulana Isra, Utomo, Yusuf Iskandar
The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of a teacher's unprofessionalism in implementing classroom learning. This research was conducted because of the low professionalism of a teacher in class V SDN Cikahuripan. Because in fact the teacher is someone whose job is to teach, guide and...
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The Practice of Child-Friendly Schools at the Elementary Level in Sukabumi Regency as Part of Efforts to Create Child-Friendly Districts

Santi Maelani, M. R. Gabby Ayu, Jeri Andrian, Teofilus Ardian Hopeman
Violence is a hot topic these days, not just in education, but in all areas. To solve this problem, the government introduced a child-friendly school policy. Child-Friendly School is committed to realizing children's rights and providing them with a quality education. The purpose of this study is...
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The Impact of Bullying on the Confidence of Elementary School Students (Case Study in Elementary Schools in Sukabumi Regency)

Asma Azzahra, Ari Wahyuni, Siti Hartianti Pratini, Teofilus Ardian Hopeman, Sona Minasyan
Bullying is an act of bullying from one or more people caused by lustful impulses that whisper within themselves as if they are more significant and more powerful than other people who are considered weaker in a community with the aim of getting self-satisfaction by injuring, intimidating, and even harassing...
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Instrument Preparation the Effect of SETS Approach Based Learning on Students Learning Motivation

Siti Sarah, Siti Maria Ulfah, Sendy Firdiasari Yusuf, Joko Suprapmanto, Teofilus Ardian Hopeman
As a result of SETS, students are more eager to study course material because it connects to real-world situations encountered in daily life, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the knowledge they possess. SETS can also inform students that technology impacts the environment and society as...
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The Effect of the STEM Method Using Animated Videos in Theory Solid Figure on Student Learning Outcomes

Elvaini Aulia Risnanda, Samsul Pahmi, Puji Lestari, Muhamad Rifqi Maulana
This study discusses the specific problems found in observations at SDN 3 Cikidang conducted by researchers. The main problem found is the use of learning media that is less than optimal so that children do not understand the learning material for building space. Another problem found is that the available...
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From Sukabumi to Amsterdam 1883 the Spreading Sundanese Culture Through Parakan Salak Tea Plantation Exposition

Icuh Komala, Hirlan Maulana
The tea plantation in the Parakansalak Sukabumi region dispatched workers to Amsterdam in 1883 to participate in De Internationale Koloniale en Uitvoerhandel Tentoonstelling. The Sundanese ethnicity, which was the local culture of the colony's region, was highlighted by the plantation owner, Mr...
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Urgency of Implementation of the Independent Curriculum in Elementary School

Kohar Pradesa, Aulia Rahma
The curriculum is one of the important elements in the learning process. Although the curriculum was initially considered to have met the targets and expectations, along with the development of the times, various shortcomings and obstacles emerged that demanded the government to make curriculum improvements...
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The Needs Analysis Development of Subject-Specific Pedagogy (SSP) Blended Learning Based on Multiple Representatives in Chemistry at SMA Negeri 3 Kupang Timur

Maria Yuliana Panie, Sri Mulyani, Sri Retno Dwi Aryani
This study is intended to analyze the needs of subject-specific pedagogy blended learning multiple-representative based in chemistry learning at SMA Negeri 3 Kupang Timur. The subject of this study is all students of the 11th grade majoring in natural science and the chemistry teachers at SMA Negeri...
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The Need Analysis of Augmented Reality-Based Chemistry Module Development on Electrolyte and Non Electrolyte Solutions at SMA Kristen 3 Kalabahi

Amehsti Mooli, Sentot Budi Raharjo, Budi Hastuti
This research was conducted with the aim of analyzing the need for augmented reality-based chemistry module development on electrolyte and non-electrolyte solutions at SMA Kristen 3 Kalabahi, in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This study uses a survey methodology with a qualitative approach. Data obtained...
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Bibliometric Analysis: Inclusive Mathematics Education Research

Edi Supriyadi, Indah Puspita Sari, Ahmad Lutfi Fauzi, Mahmudin, Jarnawi Afgani Dahlan, Didi Suryadi, Elah Nurlaelah, Tatang Herman, Rani Sugiarni, Dadang Juandi
Regarding the topic of how inclusive mathematics educations can be implemented in schools, there has been a scarcity of published research. They have investigated inclusive education promotion and strategy in mathematics classrooms. On the basis of information extracted from 136 Scopus online database...
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Development of Influence Instruments Between Parents’ Parenting Patterns and Learning Habits on Students’ Learning Achievements in Class V Even Semester

Nuraeni, Syahna Apriani Syihabudin, Intan Agustiani, Joko Suprapmanto, Dhea Adhela
This research tries to establish the connection between parental parenting and study habits on the educational success of even semester class V students in Cisaat District, Sukabumi Regency for the 2021/2022 academic year. This Ex Post Facto research is the method used, and the majority of the study's...
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Do Rewards and Ice Breakers Have an Impact on the Learning Process?

Intan Putri Kania, P. Resnawati Febriani, Fitria Nurulaeni, Kornienko Elena Vladimirovna
The purpose of this research is to know the impact when teacher gave rewards and ice breakers on the learning process. The methodology that we used in this study is Literature Review by collecting various data sources from 10 scientific articles. The results of our study, concluded that giving rewards...
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Analysis of Readiness Face to Face Learning After Covid-19

Leni June Murliani, Fitriani Setiawan, Fitria Nurulaeni
In the era of the new normal, the educational community has an opportunity to assess and improve the quality of education. In this regard, the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Indonesia is gradually improving, resulting in a new policy on the implementation of limited face-to-face classes. In line with...
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Teacher’s Effort in Improving Student Learning Discipline Post Covid-19

Risma Rahmawati, Reni Tania, Nurindah Juliandari, Utomo, Jeanne Sauce
The purpose of this study is to evaluate teachers’ attempts to enhance student learning discipline following covid-19. The methodology employed in this study is the literature review method, which adopts a qualitative approach. The study’s findings show that teachers can take a number of steps to enhance...
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Teacher’s Perspective on Implementation of Independent Curriculum in School of Activator

Ujang Syarip Hidayat, Septiana Putri Juariyah, Aulia Rahma
The goal of this research was to gather data, identify, and analyze the teacher’s perspective on implementing the Independent Curriculum of the school of activator where the presence of the Independent Curriculum led to various responses and responses from education stakeholders. The researcher uses...
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Digital Governance and Its Impact on Society

K. Rajesh Kumar, Ch. Praveen, Aulia Rahma
The purpose of this study is to determine the governance and its impact on society, This research uses a qualitative approach with primary data has been collected directly with questionnaires from respondents belonging to the study the main sources of secondary data for this study are E-Governance Reports,...
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Implementation of Online and Offline Learning with Continuous Guidance Method in Class 1 SDN Sukamanah 2

Joko Suprapmanto, Debi Lisana Shidqi Aliya Wakan
The goal of this study is to help teachers at SDN Sukamanah 2 in 2022 become more proficient at conducting both online and offline learning by providing guidance using the consultation approach. The issue in the study is that teachers were not competent to provide both online and offline instruction...
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The Study of Hadith in the Philosophy of Scientific Perspective

Ahmad Suganda, Ridhawati, Aramdhan Kodrat Permana, M. Ridwan Fauzi, Cece Abdulwaly
As part of Islamic studies, hadith studies have an important role, especially in ensuring the authenticity of hadith and providing a proportional understanding of hadith. Therefore, this article will focus on deciphering the study of hadith from the perspective of the philosophy of science. By using...
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Development of an Independent Curriculum at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah

Comparison 1947 Lesson Plan Curriculum with the Independent Curriculum

Rasyid Ridlo
Discussion The development of an independent curriculum listed in Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 56 2022 as a Guide to Curriculum Implementation in the context of Learning Recovery (Kurikulum Merdeka) as a complement to the previous curriculum. In the same year, the Minister of Religion...
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Teachers and Technostress During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Modification of Technology Acceptance Model

Rina Anindita, Lucia Lukito, Lia Amalia
This study intends to investigate how instructors’ intentions to use e-learning tools during the Covid-19 pandemic are influenced by technostress and other factors. The study used a modified Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) that took generation into account as a moderating variable and included behavior...
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The Role of Employee Engagement Towards Innovative Work Behavior Through the Mediation Role of Creativity on Millennial IT Worker

Rina Anindita, Rheinhard
This study is aimed to convey the role of Employee Engagement to promote Innovative Work Behavior through Creativity of Employees of Information Technology industry. Data was collected by means of online questionnaire through electronic communication media to 183 millennial employees of the Information...
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Character Values Education in the Hajj Ritual Practices

Jasmansyah, Beni Kurniawan, Muhammad Ridwan Fauzi, Dadan Abdul Kohar, Jeanne Sauce
Students with commendable character is one of the goals of national education. The process of making students with positive character requires a process continuously. In addition, various innovations, approaches and learning strategies so that students who are intelligent and with character can be achieved....
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Illocutionary Acts in Courtroom Proceedings: The Contexts of Local Courts in the Philippines

Jerson S. Catoto
Courtroom proceedings gives a lucid picture of the utilization of discourse in the judicial entities. This qualitative study employing content analysis aimed at determining the common illocutionary acts found in the contexts of local courts in the Philippines. Each of the speech acts presented the different...
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The Female Echo Boomers Generation Behavior as an Outcome of Social Media Marketing Activities: The Mediation Roles of Relationship Quality and Perceived Value

Puspita Margareta, Unggul Kustiawan
The social media has an increasing role as an effective apparatus for companies in implementing marketing activities. This research aims to explore the inducing factors of purchase intention consumer, either directly by social media marketing activities or mediated by the relationship quality and perceived...
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Embedding Ecological Awareness Through Ecopedagogy Approach in Social Learning Elementary School

Dhea Adela, Joko Suprapmanto
The purpose of this study is to determine the extent of the implications of learning on the formation of character education that one aspect of the attitude of environmental care. The subjects of this study, which employs the qualitative method, are the pupils of fourth class in social learning. This...
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The Effect of Servant Leadership on Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Turnover Intention and Work Performance in Indonesian Air Companies

Ramadhon Putranto, Unggul Kustiawan
The purpose of this article to analyze the effect of servant leadership on organizational citizenship behavior, turnover intention and work performance both directly or through the mediation of perceived organizational support, job embeddedness and job satisfaction in the aviation industry in Indonesia....
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Challenges in Quality of Education in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of Pakistan

Zohaib Hassan Sain, Aulia Rahma
This study is entirely based on exploratory research to identify “difficult situations related to schooling in Pakistani higher education institutions”. Exploratory research methods are used to reach research goals in a much shorter time and at a lower cost. Pakistan has faced many challenges in education...
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What Happened After Customer Experiencing Buying Food Online?

Ajeng Kusumawati, Unggul Kustiawan
Globalization, economic growth and technological development has been increasing the importance of e-commerce. In current decade, e-commerce technology has been developed in the level it had the ability to connecting customer and e- commerce interface in real time. One of the service interfaces is operating...
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Islamic Character Education Through Religious Activities

Dedi Junaedi, Fenty Setiawati, Kusoy Anwaruddin, Muliyawan Gumilar, Rasyid Ridlo
This study aims to determine the program of Islamic character education through religious activities at the Hayatan Thayyibah Integrated Islamic Boarding School, among them relating to Islamic character values through religious activities; the program Islamic characters education; implementation; evaluation;...
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Implementation of Educational Values Kirab Gunungan Ceremony in Selo Indigenous People

Dhea Adela, Fitria Nurulaeni, Teofilus Ardian Hopeman
This research is motivated by the importance of instilling awareness of the preservation of the natural environment. The inheritance of the values of the local cultural wisdom of the Selo indigenous people, Central Java is one of the efforts to inherit the noble values of students to maintain the balance...
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The Influence of the Driving School and the Principal’s Leadership on Teacher Performance

Ayi Abdurahman, Hesri Mintawati
Good and ever-increasing teacher performance is the goal of every institution of education because it will directly affect the growth of the education society as a whole, so efforts to improve teacher performance should be a special concern because of the central role of teacher performance in begetting...
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The Effect of Strict Parenting on Elementary School Students’ Interest in Learning Mathematics

Samsul Pahmi, Nanang Priatna, Abdul Gofur, Andini Hukma Salmin, Risa Rahmawati, Sri Wahyuni
The high role of parents in influencing students' internal conditions in learning certainly requires special attention. Learning difficulties in mathematics allow parents to apply a strict parenting style. However, parenting errors can actually reduce interest in learning. The application of the...
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Comparison of the Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) Model and Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) on Student Achievement at Electrical Engineering Course Subject

Anggy Pradiftha Junfithrana
This study aims to determine how big the difference between the use of the Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) learning model and the Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) type of cooperative learning model by comparing the learning outcomes of students at level XI of the Audio Video Engineering...
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Justice of Indonesia’s Juvenile Offenders: Rights Formal Education Access

Nuchraha Alhuda Hasnda, Endah Pertiwi, Ujang Badru Jaman
All parents want their children to have a higher standard of living and therefore a better life than they especially had, the hope of the entire nation and the hope of the general public. Children should have appropriate needs from an early age. Fulfilling the rights and responsibilities of children...
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The Influence of Literacy Culture on Reading Interest of Elementary School Students

Siti Nurhasanah, Mohamad Najib, Ruknan
The quality of Indonesian society is significantly impacted by the current low reading interest among students since they are unable to keep up with global scientific and informational changes, which in turn influences how backward the Indonesian people are. Reading and writing well, enhancing knowledge...
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Constraints of Cultural Transfer in Teaching Indonesian Language as a Foreign Language (BIPA)

Lina Herlina, Aulia Rahma
This study aims to describe and explain what obstacles are encountered in cultural transfer in teaching Indonesian Language as a Foreign Language (BIPA). A qualitative research method with a descriptive approach is used in this study. The results show that the barriers to cultural transfer in teaching...
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Teachers’ Perception in Integrating Information and Communication Technology for Effective Learning

Jasmansyah, Irfan Sofian, Nani Nafisah
Technology is a 21st-century human masterpiece that has fundamentally altered many facets of life, including education. ICT-based media must be used in order to make learning more efficient and enjoyable. 30 teachers were chosen at random to participate in this survey study. The results are: The quality...
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Character Education in Schools: Methods of Implementation

Mohamad Najib, Siti Nurhasanah
The Purpose This Research is to describe strategies to create character education in madrasas. As a party organizing education, both the government and the private sector. Therefore, collaboration between the school and family is a must. In other side, schools must also be able to create the character...
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Increasing Student Learning Activity with Using the Learning Model Picture and Picture in Class IV Rambay Kulon Elementary School

Joko Suprapmanto, Lastri Setiawati
This classroom action research aims to increase the activeness of students in grade IV at SDN Rambay Kulon. The results of my observations during PPL at SDN Rambay Kulon which was held on May 29, 2021 and June 3, 2021, it turned out that there was one class, namely class IV, whose student activity was...
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The Influence of Teacher’s Teaching Style on the Studies Science Lesson Result of Elementary School in Cibadak District

Joko Suprapmanto, Cantikka Silvana Putri
The influence of teachers’ teaching methods on science learning outcomes in elementary schools in the Cibadak District is the topic of this study. This study’s goal was to ascertain how the teacher’s methods of instruction affected students’ learning of science. Ex-post facto quantitative research is...
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The Impact of the Principal's Leadership Style and the Organizational Culture of the School on Teacher Performance in SMAN 1 Cicalengka in Bandung City, West Java

Yusuf Iskandar, Andri Ardhiyansyah, Heliani, Ujang Badru Jaman
Organizational culture, which has the potential to have an important role in the success or failure of a business, has an impact on the long-term teacher performance of the organization. Organizational culture can improve performance and productivity, even when change is difficult. This essay uses quantitative...
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The Effect of Leadership, Supervision, and Work Motivation of the Principal on Teacher Professionalism at SMA Yadika Cicalengka, Bandung Regency

Yusuf Iskandar, Andri Ardhiyansyah, Heliani, Ujang Badru Jaman
In early adolescence education, formal education, number one school, and secondary education, the principle project of the trainer is to educate, teach, guide, direct, train, and examine students. Educational degrees are held by teachers. Therefore, the progress of society and the personal growth of...