Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematics Education 2018 (ICM2E 2018)

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Preliminary Analysis On Development Of Mathematics Learning Tools Based Competence Profession In Trigonometry Topic For Vocational High School Majoring Of Information and Communication Technologies

Armiati, Hestu Tansil La’ia
This research is a descriptive qualitative research. The purpose of this research is to analyze the learning tools of mathematics at SMK. Methods in this research are the interviews, observations, and giving a detailed questionnaire. The results of this research indicate that: (1) learning mathematics...
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Analysis of the Improvement of Student’s Geometry Achievement Through the Application of Problem-Based Learning Model in Term of Mathematics Prior Knowledge

Elita Zusti Jamaan, Diana Nomida, Zulfiarti Syahrial
Most students had the lack of understanding in learning geometry. The aims of this research are to obtain the influence of analysis problem-based learning in developing student’s achievement of geometry and mathematics prior knowledge. The study design used a non-equivalent-control-group design. The...
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Model of Customer Lifetime Value with Two Customer and a Former Customer State

Dony Permana, Syafriandi, Nonong Amalita
A model of Customer Lifetime Value can be designed by a stochastic process of Markov Chain. In the model, there are several states that must be passed by a customer. Every two states have a transition probability as a representation of state moving probability by a customer. Transition from a state to...
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Using Learning Trajectory Real Function Based on Realistic Mathematics Education to Increase High Order Thinking Skills of The Students’ at SMAN 10 Padang

Arnellis, Ahmad Fauzan, I Made Arnawa
This research aim are to produce Learning Trajectories of material in real function based Realistic Mathematics Education and to describes the potential impact of its use in learning mathematics toward students at SMA 10 Padang on High Order Thinking Skills. The method is design research, which three...
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Determination of Sample Size on Logistic Regression for Sakernas Data in Jayapura Regency in 2015

Fadhilah Fitri, Bertho Tantular
Logistic regression can be used to analyze the relationship between the factors that affect the working hours whether it more, less or normal hours. The limitation of this research is to know the population with normal working hours in Jayapura Regency in 2015. To examine the number of normal working...
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Enhancing Students` Mathematical Problem Solving Ability Through Brain Based Learning Approach

Nurul Afifah Rusyda, Rusdinal, Fitrani Dwina
The aim of this research is to analyze whether the learning with BBL approach could increase students' mathematical problem-solving ability based on Mathematical Preliminary Skills (MPS). This research type is quasi-experimental with nonequivalent control group design. The population was all 7th-grade...
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Paper Development of Actuarial E-learning Based on Android Applications

Suherman, Defri Ahmad, Meira Parma Dewi, Heru Maulana
Nowadays, the rapid development of technology into mobile phones has changedthe lifestyle for humans. In addition, being a country that became a mobile phone users, Indonesia is also noted as a country with high internet usage. But this is not in line with the utilization of the use of mobile phones,...
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Public Transportation Users Segmentation Using CHAID Method

Fitri Mudia Sari, Rahmad Fadhillah, Asih Yuhesty, Siti Hariksa, Iva Agustina Sari, Irene Simanungkalit
Public transportation is one of the transportation media which is frequently used as an alternative if people don't bring or don't have the private vehicle. Nowadays, people in Padang city are frequently used "angkot" and "go-jek". The existence of these two transport gets the different response. The...
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Needs Analysis Development of Mathematics Learning Device Based On 21st Century Skills In Senior High School

Ali Asmar, Riry Sriningsih, Arnellis
The aim of study to analyze the needs the development of mathematics learning device on 21st century skills-based Senior High School in Padang City. The population of the study is high school students grade XI and Mathematics teacher in Padang city in 2018/2019. The sampling technique used purposive...
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Students’Ability in Analyzing by Using a Flow Proof to Solve Problems in Real-Analysis Lecture

Helma, Dewi Murni, Muhammad Subhan
Real analysis is one of subjects that help the students to experience critical-thinking processes. Students must understand mathematical definitions and theorems in order to solve problems and perform a process of analytical thinking, so that their analysis will be developed to the given problems. The...
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Poisson Distribution with Discrete Parameter

Dina Fitria, Nonong Amalita, Syafriandi
Construction of distribution is an interesting work for statistician and mathematician. The most powerful distribution for discrete case is Poisson with a specified parameter, usually a constant. In this case, we study the Poisson distribution for which its parameter is also a discrete random variable....
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The Developed Mathematics Learning Tools Which Based on Professional Competency In The Phase of One to One Evaluation For Trigonometry Topic In The Major of Information and Communication Engineering of SMK

Armiati, Hestu Tansil La`ia
This article discussed the development of mathematics learning tools related to the ability of the students to solve the problem in mathematics. The study focused on the phase of one to one evaluation. In this phase, we interviewed one mathematics teacher and three students which divided into low, medium...
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Problem Solving Method On The Topic Of Fraction

Anggit Reviana Dewi Agustyani
The development of science about learning has offered a variety of learning methods that can be used to improve student learning achievement. One of them is a problem solving method that can improve problem solving abilities. However, reality in schools, teachers still prefer to use the expository method....
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Development of Mathematical Learning Devices Using Van Hiele Theory in Geometry of The Students In Grade VIII Secondary High School

Edwin Musdi, Nila Gusnita
This study was caused by lack of achievement mathematic students' in learning geometry. It can be understood from the observations and the results of daily tests of mathematics students in any of the material geometries in junior high school in Padang. More than 70% students have achievement geometry...
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Study of Some Mistakes from the Students in Calculus Course at Mathematics Department FMIPA Universitas Negeri Padang

Dewi Murni
In Calculus the majority of students have not mastered the material well. To make improvements to the mastery of students it is necessary to analyze the mistakes that they do a lot. The purpose of this study is to find out the materials that are difficult to understand and the form of mistakes that many...
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Analysis of Students’ Error in Understanding the Mathematical Problems

Fridgo Tasman, Isra Nurmai Yenti
Lack of students’ mathematical abilities can cause difficulties in solving mathematical problems. The difficulties can be seen from mistakes in mathematical representation on students’ answers. This study interested in analyzing error in understanding the mathematical problems and find out the causes...
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Bi-plot and Procrustes Analysis

Yenni Kurniawati, Luthfia Miranda
One of the AEC's vision is to support sustainable high economic growth by increasing trade, investment and employment creation; enhancing regional capacity to respond to global challenges. The aim of this paper to describe and explore the impact of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The Method is comparing...
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A Model for Tax Level Influence on Population Dynamics

Muhammad Subhan
Disparity and poverty is one important problem in most countries in the world. Taxation aims at meeting public needs and may be spent by government to overcome the economic problems. However, there is a dilemma about the level of tax that government’s stated. A mathematical model could give some understanding...
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Problems Analysis of Calculus Learning in Higher Educations

Khairani, Mukhni, Faizah Qurrata Aini
Calculus is one of course that is learned in college. It is an advanced mathematics subjects that had been learned by college students when they were in high school. College students must master calculus course in order to take higher courses which is an application of calculus concepts. But, in fact,...
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Similarity Measurement Of Segmented Image Using Euclidean Distance Method

Meira Parma Dewi, Silfinia, Dewi Murni
This research aim to measure the similarity of two image. The similarity measurement is used to get the original image of the segmented image. The query image is an image that suspected to get undergone a change. The query image must be segmented first before measuring process. The similarity measurement...
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Effectiveness of the Realistic Problem Based Learning Model Development Toward Communication Skills and Mathematical Disposition of Vocational High School Student

Rivdya Eliza, Ahmad Fauzan, Lufri, Yerizon
The effectiveness of Realistic Model PBLs is tested towards the communication skills and mathematical disposition of vocational high school students. For this purpose, it is used 2 × 2 factorial research design. The sample is determined by two stages of random sampling technique. From this research,...
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The Effect of Applying Holistic Mathematics Education (HME) Model Based on “Among System” Toward Character Values of Low-Grades Students

Rahmatul Hayati, Ahmad Fauzan, Mega Iswari, Afriva Khaidir
This research aimed at developing holistic mathematics education (HME) model based on “among system” at low grades. This research focused to explore the effect of applying HME model towards students’ character values. This research was a designed research followed by quasi experiment, which was done...
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The Improvement of Mathematical Problem-Solving Ability Through the Application of Problem-Based Learning Model on Students in Class VIII.1 SMPN 16 Solok Selatan

Yerizon, Denita Dikarina
The cause of the lack of mathematical problem-solving ability of students in grade VIII.1 SMPN 16 Solok Selatan was because the learning model was still concentrated on the teacher. One effort that can be done to overcome this problem was to apply the PBL model. The objective of the study was to describe...
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Validity Of Learning Devices Based On ARCS Model To Improve Mathematical Critical Thinking Ability

Irwan, Vivi Afdarni
The aims of this development is to know the characteristic of mathematics lesson devices with ARCS model based to improve mathematical critical ability in grade X SMA which valid. The learning model is the ARCS model consisting of attention, relevance, confidence, satisfaction. The purpose of the ARCS...
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Validity of React Model Based Learning Devices to Improve Mathematical Communication Ability

Lara Yulia Sastri, Edwin Musdi, Hardeli
This study aims to produce learning tools based on the REACT model to improve students' valid communication skills. Learning tools developed in the form of Learning Implementation Plans (RPP) and Mathematics Student Worksheets (LKPD) in grade VIII SMP. The learning model is a REACT model consisting of...
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The Development of Mathematics Learning Tools Based On Flipped Classroom with Web Support to Increase Mathematical Problem Solving Ability

Rahmat Ilahi, Ahmad Fauzan, Ellizar
This study aimed to produce a mathematics learning device based on flipped classroom with WEB support that was valid, practical and effective to increase mathematical problem solving abilities. Learning tools developed were learning video, WEB, lesson plan (RPP), worksheets of learners (LKPD). The development...
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The Influence of Mathematical Learning Material Based On Model-Eliciting Activities (MEAs) Approach To Improve Mathematical Creative Thinking Skill Of Students Of Grade X Of Senior High School Padang

Irwan, Saddam Al Aziz
This paper discussed the effect of the learning tools to improve the creative thinking ability of high school students. This research used Plomp’s model. Research subjects were 3 students in one to one stage, 9 students in small group stage, and 32 students in field test stage. The data were collected...
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Developing Trigonometry Mathematic Learning Based On Multiple Intelligence Theory

Irwan, Lilik Putriani, Dony Permana
The aims of this research is to produce trigonometry mathematic learning based on multiple intelligence theory that validity, practically, and effectiveness. The learning that includes base on lesson plan (RPP) and learner’s worksheet (LKPD). This development model used in the research is the Plomp’s...
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Effect Of Thinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving Type Cooperative Model On Student Problem-Solving Ability

Sri Hayatun Nufus, I Made Arnawa
This study aims to determine the effect of type cooperative model Thinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving on students' problem solving abilities. This study was a quasi-experimental study with the randomized group only design. The research subjects were students of SMPN 1 Sungai Tarab district in the 2018/2019...
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Variable-Group Selection on Estimated Metabolites of Curcuma aeruginosa Related to Antioxidant Activity by Using Group Lasso Regression

Rahmat H.S, Hari Wijayanto, Farit Mochamad Afendi, Bagus Sartono, Rahma Anisa, Dewi Anggraini Septianingsih
A metabolite may be expressed on a group of variables in mass-spectrometry experiments. Evaluation on metabolite effects should consider this group. Group lasso regression can be used to evaluate these groups. It shrinks some regression coefficients to zero by intermediate penalty on OLS loss function....
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The Effectiveness of Realistic Mathematics Learning Model Based on Mandailing Culture in Teaching of Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Ability

Marzuki Ahmad, Yulia Pratiwi Siregar, Nisah Ayu Siregar
The purpose of this research was to know the effectiveness of realistic mathematics learning model implementation based on Mandailing culture by teaching of students’ mathematical problem solving ability in junior high school. The type of research was development research used 4D model, they were define,...
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Building the Learning Path of Mathematical Creative Thinking of Students on Geometry Topics by Implementing Metacognitive Approach

Kms. M. Amin Fauzi, I Wayan Dirgeyase, Agus Priyatno
Prior knowledge becomes the most crucial thing that allows students to connect all existing information so that they can construct new knowledge through assimilation or accommodation processes. The aims of this research is to (1) analyze students’ initial knowledge of what they miss or forget so they...
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Analysis of Mathematical Representation Ability of Grade VIII Senior High School

Hilman Hady, Dadan Dasari, Al Jupri
Mathematics recently have a substantial influence on other disciplines and have important role in various life. In other words, several of problems can be formed in the form of mathematics and it can be solved based on mathematics principles. Mathematics at school is expected to help the students to...
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Improving Students` Reasoning and Communication Mathematical Ability by Applying Contextual Approach of The 21st Century at A Junior High School In Padang

Rafki Nasuha Ismail, I Made Arnawa
The reasoning and communication ability in learning mathematics junior high school still low. This indicated from the result of TIMMS and PISA. The aim of this research determine the improvement of student’s reasoning and communication ability of mathematics SMP 7 Padang whose approach contextual teaching...
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The Practicality of Independence Worksheet In Preparing Mathematics National Examination Integrated Constructivism Approach Completed Modified Crossword Game For 6th Grade Student In Elementary School

Syelfia Dewimarni, Lili Rismaini, Zakirman
Mathematics is one of subjects which included in national examination. Preparation is needed to face it by doing more exercises and having complete teaching material to make students easier to review their lesson independently. The fact is many students do not have worksheet and a set of lesson material...
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Improvement Of Activity And Learning Mathematics Results Through Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) In Student Grade V 14 Ganting Dodok Sulit Air

Mudjiran, Wirda Ningsih, Yerizon
Research to increase activity and learning outcomes approach mathematics with Realistic Mathematics Educations (RME) in the fifth grade students of SDN 14 Ganting Dodok Sulit Air. This research is a research type of Class Actions Research. The subjects of the study were the students of grade V SD N 14...
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The Effectiveness Of Mathematical Learning Tools Based On Thinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving (Tapps) Towards The Problem Solving Ability Of Grade X High School Students

Sunarti Yola Sri Widuri, Edwin Musdi
The purpose of this research is to know the effectiveness of mathematical learning tools based on Thinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving (TAPPS) towards the problem solving ability of grade X high school students. TAPPS’s technique is applied by using student’s worksheet. The trial is done on 32 grade X...
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Mathematics Learning Tools Development Based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) to Increase Students Problem Solving Ability in Senior High School

Reni Septriwati, I Made Arnawa, Atmazaki
This research is a development research using Plomp model which consists of three phases that are initial investigation phase, development and assessment. Devices developed RPP and LKPD based Problem Based Learning (PBL) to improve problem solving skills. Learning devices are tested in high school class...
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The Influence of PACE Learning Model on Mathematical Problem-Solving Ability

Siti Ambarwati, Ahmad Fauzan, Ahmad Fauzi
The aims of this research to determine effect of PACE learning model on mathematical problem-solving ability. The research method used is quasi experiment. The research’s subject was 64 students at grade 8 SMPN 1 Pariaman, Indonesia. Data were collected through problem solving test and then analyzed...
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Development of Learning Tools Mathematics Based Problem Based Learning (PBL) for Improving Mathematical Problem Solving Ability of Grade VII Junior High School Students

Nunung Septriani, I Made Arnawa, Ermanto
Problem solving ability is one of the important abilities for students. But in fact problem solving ability is still low. Problem Based Learning (PBL) is one of the models that can develop problem solving abilities. Learning tools is one important component in learning. The Learning Tools used has not...
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Development of Student Worksheet Based Contructivism Approachment to Improving Mathematical Problem Solving Ability

Dini Fajria Trisna, Hendra Syarifuddin, Ratnawulan
Student worksheet was an important component in learning. Student worksheet used by teachers not yet to be seen developing students' problem solving abilities. Constructivism approach is the learning approach which can trigger the students to build their own knowledge. This research is a development...
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Development Mathematics Teaching-Instrument Learning Using Open-Ended Approach To Improve Mathematics Communication Ability And Independent Learning Student

Metha Husya Notika
This study aims to disclose the development process and describe the characteristics of mathematics learning tools using an open-ended approach in improving mathematical communication skills and learning independence of learners in seventh grade that meet valid, practical, and effective criteria. This...
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Development Of Guided Discovery Learning Mathematics For Student’s Reasoning Ability Class X SMA/MA

Yerizon, Zulmen Suhendri, Ratnawulan
The mathematical ability of Indonesian students is still very low compared to other countries. One alternative to overcome the problem is by creating learning instructional that allows students to learn well. Most of learning instructional developed today do not accommodate the students learning styles...
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Learning Device Practicality Based on Guided Discovery Learning

Yerizon, Meisa Kurnia
Mathematics learning purposes for student is having the capability or skill to solve a mathematic’s problem, as a mean for students to sharpen accuracy, logical, critical, analytical, and creative reasoning so that problem was not a problem anymore for students. For optimal learning process, it is necessary...
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Validity of Mathematics Learning Devices Based on M-APOS Theory to Improve The Problem Solving Ability of Students Class VII Junior High School

Yerizon, Layla Fadhilah, Armiati
This study aims to produce a valid mathematics learning devices for class VII junior high school. The developed devices are learning plan and student’s worksheets based on M-APOS approach. The development model used in this research is a Plomp model consisting of 3 phases, that is preliminary research,...
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Validation of Intructional Learning Based on M-APOS Approach to Improve Students' Reasoning

Yerizon, Hayati Nufus, Armiati
The purpose of this research is to develop the instructional learning based on M-APOS approach to improve students' reasoning abilities valid. This research is a development research. It is consists of three stages: the initial investigation stage, development stage, and assessment phase. The result...
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Mathematics Learning Tools Development Based on Guided Discovery Model to Improve Students’ Problem Solving Ability

Marta Siska Putri, Hendra Syarifuddin
The purpose of this study was to create a valid, practical and effective learning tools based on guided discovery to improve the mathematical problem-solving ability of grade VII students of SMP / MTs. The developed learning tools are Learning Implementation Plans (RPP) and Student Worksheets (LKPD)....
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The Influence Of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) Approach On Students’ Mathematical Communication Ability

Reri Seprina Anggraini, Ahmad Fauzan
Mathematical communication ability are one of the learning goals, but in reality, student’s communication ability are still weak. This research aims compare mathematical communication ability between the students who taught using RME approach and who were taught using conventional approach according...
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Development of Napier’s Bones Equipment for Improving Student Learning Outcomes in Multiplication Counting Operations at Grade III SDN 13 Sitiung Dharmasraya Regency

Ratnawati, Piki Aprizal, Kelik Purwanto
The development of grade 3 Elementary School (SD) students are including the concrete operational, to understand the concept of mathematics students need props. One of them is the Napier’s Bonesss (Tulang Napier). The purpose of this research is to develop the props. Napier’s Bonesss is multiplication...
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Student Worksheet Based on Contextual Teaching and Learning in Linear Equation System Materials of Two Variables

Armiati, Arnilawati, Edwin Musdi
This research was derived from the low ability of students’ problem solving. One of the factors was the students didn’t understand the problem of mathematics related to real life and the development of learning media like students’ worksheet had not been optimal yet in school. From that case, one of...
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Developing Learning Instrument Based on Guided Inquiry Using CRA Sequence To Improve Students’ Problem Solving Skill

Izzatur Rahmi, I Made Arnawa
This research aims to produce mathematics learning instrument that valid and practical. It is caused by lack of mathematics problem solving students. This type of research was the Research and Development (R&D). This research developing a learning instrument that includes lesson plan and student’s worksheet...
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Preliminary Phase Research Development of Learning Device Based On Problem Based Learning to Improve Mathematical Communication Ability Eighth Grade Students of Junior High School

Yerizon, Remmi Adi Putra
Based on the preliminary analysis carried out in SMP Negeri 5 Kerinci, obtained information that mathematical communication ability students have not achieved optimally. One contributing factor is the unavailability of learning device that can facilitate students to improve mathematical communication...
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Development of Mathematics Lesson Equipment Based On M-APOS Model to Improve Creative Thinking Skill on Grade X Students at Senior High School

Shelvia Mandasari, I Made Arnawa, Atmazaki
Lesson plan and student worksheet were an important component in the process of learning. The M-APOS model was one of the learning model which can trigger students to construct their own knowledge and able to connect all of the knowledge with the subject before. This research is developmental research...
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Developing A Learning Trajectory for Teaching Set in Secondary Grade

Yulia, Ahmad Fauzan, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Yerizon
This study aimed to develop a learning trajectory (LT) for teaching sets using Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach and to investigate its influence on student ability. The LT was developed through a design research which consisted of a cyclic process of preparing for the experiment, conducting...
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Effectiveness of Developing Mathematical Learning Device Based On Open Ended Approach To Improve Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability Of Junior High School Students

Suci Kurnia Wati, Edwin Musdi
The purpose of this study is produces learning tools that valid, practical, and impact on the ability of creative thinking mathematical students with approaches of open-ended. Flow the development of used is development model Plomp. Devices that will be developed is Lesson Plan and Student Worksheet....
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Learning Tools Based On Connecting, Organizing, Reflecting And Extending (Core) Models For Class VIII Small Classes Valid

Sulis Ulianty S, Ali Asmar, Budhi Oktavia
The purpose of this research is to discuss the learning tools based on the Connecting, Organizing, Reflecting and Extending (CORE) model for junior high school student, grade VIII. The development of learning tools is lesson plan and student worksheet by using model of Plomp. The subject of this research...
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Developing Learning-Based Problem-Based Learning to Improve Problem Solving of Students in Grade VIII

Yerizon, Suci Permata Syafermi, Budhi Oktavia
This research aims to develop Problem based learning media to improve the mathematical problem-solving abilities of students. The Learning media developed in this research in the form of RPP and LKPD. This research used to research and development (R & D) method by following Plomp Model which begin with...
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Development Of Learning Devices Based On Constructivism Approach To Improve Mathematical Communication Skills Of Grade VIII Junior High School

Siti Zulaika, Hendra Syarifuddin
This research originated from the ability of mathematical communication and the activities of learners who have not developed optimally. Not developed ability of students is caused by lack of learning tools that can support the improvement of mathematical communication skills and the activities of learners....
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Improvement of The Ability of Creative Thinking Mathematically Using Geogebra Assisted Think-Talk-Write Model

Machdalena, Sufyani Prabawanto, Al Jupri
Mathematical creative thinking skills of Indonesian students are still not satisfactory, which is seen when students do the problem of reasoning in solving non-routine problems. One of the alternative solution to overcome the problem is through the implementation of GeoGebra assisted Think-Talk-Write...
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Learning Practices Learning Based Approach M-Apos to Improve Communication Capability Mathematic Participants Grade VII of Junior High School

Yerizon, Basman Abdullah, Armiati
The ability of mathematical communication is the ability that must be possessed by learners in math. At present the mathematical communication skills in Indonesia are still relatively low, this is evidenced by several studies that have been carried out for students' mathematical communication skills....
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Analysis of Introduction to Development of Mathematics Learning Devices Based on Professional Competence in Vocational School of X in Field of Tourism

Armiati, Eka Fatma Yanti, Ahmad Fauzi
This study discusses the development of professional competency-based mathematics learning tools in hospitality expertise programs and tourism services in class X Vocational High Schools (SMK). The tools developed are in the form of Learning Implementation Plans (RPP) and Student Worksheets (LKPD). The...
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Practicality of Math Worksheets Based on Guided Discovery on Class VII Junior High School

Yerizon, Muthia Rahmi
Mathematical communication ability is one of the abilities that students must possess. With the communication skills, students can interpret their own ideas both verbally and in writing and can communicate their mathematical thoughts to others well. One of the efforts offered to support the improvement...
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Validity of Mathematics Learning Devices Based on Quantum Teaching to Improve The Problem Solving Ability of Students Class XI Vocational School

Irwan, Riza Silfia
This study aims to produce a valid mathematics learning devices for class XI vocational school. The devices developed are learning plan and student’s worksheets based on quantum teaching. The development model used in this research is a Plomp model consisting of 3 phases, that is preliminary research,...
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The Influence of Open-Ended Approach to Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability of 5th Grade Students Elementary School in Padang

Ranny Rasyidah Sabrina, Mega Iswari, Yerizon
Mathematical creative thinking ability of elementary school students in Padang is still low. This is due, among other things, to the learning that is still dominated by the teacher, students are still focused on the way taught by the teacher and have not been able to solve the problem properly and creatively....
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Development of Worksheet Mathematics Student Based on Inquiry to Improve Critical Thinking Ability

Armiati, Ranny Putri Yoma
This research originated from students' low critical thinking skills. The low ability of critical thinking mathematically is due to the unavailability of the Student Worksheet that can support the improvement of students' critical thinking skills. The learning process has not been able to help students...
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Development of Mathematics Learning Instrument Based on Problem Based Learning to Improve Students’ Mathematical Critical Thinking Skill of Student in Class X Vocational High School

Pil Gafur, I Made Arnawa
The analysis result of preliminary research conducted at Vocational High School 6 Padang revealed that students’ mathematical critical thinking skill has yet to be made optimum. One of the reason is the unavailability of learning device to facilitate students to improve their mathematical critical thinking...
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Mathematical Model of Cytomegalovirus with Vertical Transmision and Mortality Factors

Meli Seprina, Muhammad Subhan, Riry Sriningsih
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a virus belong to herpes family that has incurable infection. The virus attack human immunity which affect miscarriage on pregnant women and fertility of married couples. The goal of this research is to analyze the dynamics of CMV transmission. We make a mathematical model in...
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The Effectiveness of Learning Device With Model Eliciting Activities (MEAS) to Improve Critical Thinking Ability

Utari Oriyenta Mulia, Ahmad Fauzan, Irwan
This research aims to determine the effectiveness of learning device with Model-Eliciting Activities (MEAs) in the form of Lesson Plan and Student's Worksheet. This is a design research and using Plomp with the subject was 36 students class X SMA Negeri 10 Padang. The results that presented here are...
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Development of Learning Instrument Based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) for Improving the Mathematical Problem Solving Ability of Class VII Junior High School

Siska Putri Permata, I Made Arnawa, Novia Juita
Problem solving ability is one of the mathematical ability has an important role in the success of students. But in reality the student's ability to solve the problems of mathematics remains low. For that we need a model of learning characteristics and steps to develop problem-solving abilities, one...
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Analysis of The Patient Queue System at The Puskesmas Lubuk Begalung

Helma, Siti Aisyah
Long queues at a service facility result in a buildup of customer numbers, so service time increases. This condition is often found in public service facilities such as services at the puskesmas, one of which is the Lubuk Begalung Health Center. The results showed that the queue model at the Lubuk Begalung...
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Mathematical Reasoning Ability Through Learning Design Based on RME on The Flat Face Three Dimensional Object

Fadhilati Salma, Ahmad Fauzan
This study aims to look at the mathematical reasoning ability through the application of learning flow on the topic of flat face three-dimensional object using the Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach. The learning flow applied contains real problems which are the starting points for building...
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Effectiveness Learning Instrument Based On Meta-Cognition Approach For Improving Higher Order Thinking Skill

Yerizon, Nadia Alkhaira, Budhi Oktavia
HOTS improvement has become one of the priorities in 2013 curiculum cause of this skill important to improvement international competitiveness. So it is necessary study with learning instrument base on meta-cognition approach to improvement HOTS. Purpose of this research was to know effectiveness learning...
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The Influence of Brain Based Learning Approach to Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Abilities in Class V Gugus IV Kecamatan Padang Utara Padang City

Sufyarma, Misra Susila, Yerizon
The purpose of this study was to determine whether mathematical problem solving abilities of students who get learning using the Brain Based Learning (BBL) approach are higher than students who get conventional learning. This type of research is Quasi experiment. The study population was students in...
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Analysis Validation of Math Learning Devices Based on Guided Discovery Method to Improve Problem-Solving Ability of Grade VII Students of Junior High School

Susanti, I Made Arnawa
This research is research of development by using modified Plomp model, without including implementation phase. The device developed is RPP and LKPD. However, in this paper only focused on the validation test process through test validation constructs , language and content on the development of the...
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Application of Time Series Box-Jenkins Method (ARIMA) to Forecast The Highest and Lowest Stock Prices of PT.Semen Indonesia,Tbk.

Hasanatul Iftitah, Dewi Murni
Stock is one of the investment instruments in demand today. Investors must be smart in making a decision to sell or buy stock in order to avoid losses. For that, investors need the highest and lowest stock price predictions as a basis for consideration in making decisions. PT. Semen Indonesia, Tbk is...
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The Development of Hypothetical Learning Trajectory (HLT) Based on Problem Based Learning Topic Class VII SMP/ MTS

Armiati, Stefina Maximovna
The aim of this study is to produce a valid, practical and effective PBL-based learning tool to improve the solving mathematical problem ability of seventh-grade students of SMP/MTs. The learning tools developed are teacher books and student books. This research is a development research using Plomp...
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Professional Competency-Based Mathematics Learning Devices In The Mechanical And Automotive Engineering Program High School

Armiati, Roli Maizendra
This study discusses the development of professional competency-based mathematics learning tools in mechanical and automotive engineering expertise programs in class X Vocational High Schools (SMK). Learning tools developed in the form of Learning Implementation Plans (RPP) and Student Worksheets (LKPD)....
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The Influence of Learning Device with Core Model to Improve Problem Solving Ability of Student Class VIII of Junior High School

Indartia Yuana Arizal, Edwin Musdi, Syahrul Ramadhan
The aims of this research is to know effect of learning device based on CORE models (Connecting, Organizing, Reflecting, and Extending) to mathematical problem solving ability at the level of junior high. This research is a quasi experimental with subject of students class VIII SMPN 12 Padang. The instrument...
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Preliminary Analysis Developing Learning Materials of Ordinary Differential Equation Based on Discovery Learning

Yarman, Ahmad Fauzan, Lufri, Armiati
Student’s understanding on Ordinary Differential Equations lecture are low. It can be seen on previous examination held. They are not familiar in interaction of constructing the concept. They just listen what the lecturer told. Anticipating this condition, we use Discovery Learning model. In this research...
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An Am-Supermagic Decomposition Of The Cartesian Product of A Sun Graph And A Path

Antik Estika Hader, M. Salman. A. N
In this paper, we defined m be a positive integer, graph Am is a graph where V(Am) = {vi,vi,vi|i = 0,1,...,m} and E(Am)= vivi+1,vivi+1| i = 0,1,...,m-1}∪{ϖιϖι,ϖιϖι|ι = 0,1, .., μ}. Λετ ν βε αν ιντεγερ ατ λεαστ 3, α συν γραπη Σν ισ α γραπη ωηερε ς(Σν) = {ϖϕ,ϖϕ| ϕ = 0,1, ..., ν−1} ανδ Ε(Σν) = {ϖϕϖϕ+1(μοδν),...
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Application of Connecting Learning Model-Organizing-Reflecting-Extending on The Ordinary Differential Equations Course

Yarman, Ahmad Fauzan, Lufri, Armiati
One of the basic abilities expected by each student in the Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) course is the understanding of the ODE concept. But the reality shows that students are still weak in understanding the concept. This indication is seen from student learning outcomes that are still relatively...