Proceedings of the 2016 3rd International Conference on Materials Engineering, Manufacturing Technology and Control

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The Bloggers' Personality Traits Categorizing Algorithm Based on Text Features Analysis

Guohua Ou, Jingkai Li, Junjia Guo, Zhaoquan Cai, Mengping Lu
Nowadays, researches of blogs mining mainly concentrate on opinion mining, community mining, blogs recommendation system and so on, with little concentration on personalities mining. How to mine bloggers' personality accurately and effectively from the tremendous non-structural blog texts becomes a difficulty...
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Farmland WSN Incremental Deployment Strategy Based on Signal Attenuation Model

Dayong Liu, Chunjiang Zhao, Huarui Wu, Feifei Li
This article discusses the partition node incremental deployment method in the wireless sensor network, which is divided into partition structure deployment, incremental deployment nodes and node position adjustment. It suggests how the partition node incremental deployment method might influence the...
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Face Joint Alignment Using Local Method

Gang Zhang, Tang Sikan, Lian Qiang Niu
It is an under-determined problem that local methods are used for face alignment of an image, although good results can be obtained by using an auxiliary model or a priori information. In comparison, joint alignment using multiple face images of the same person has more advantages. In this paper, the...
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Effect on Spiral Bevel Gear Tooth Profile

Hongfang Liu
Machine spiral bevel gear tooth surface will be associated with the machine error in the event of a failure, the mathematical model with the use of the new method of calculation error based on better understanding of spiral bevel gears, the error theory and the law of error flank tooth surfaces calculated....
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Anti-addiction System Development Based on Android Smartphone

Xiafu Pan
Although the smartphone brings people more convenience and entertainment, many troubles are also caused, such as smartphone addiction problem. The smartphone gives rise to severe impacts on the life, study and work of users with poor self-control ability. Especially for those under age, smartphone addiction...
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Application of Genetic Algorithms in Graph Theory and Optimization

Qiaoyan Yang, Qinghong Zeng
There will be a lot of NP- complete problems in graph theory and optimization process, as the most important problem in scientific engineering computing, now it is generally used genetic algorithm to solve. Therefore, this article will mainly study the basic theory of genetic algorithms and graph theory,...
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Study on Open Source Software Based on Cloud Computing Platform

Long Zhu
With the constant development of science and technology and social progress, open source software provides the establishment of cloud computing platform for a lot of convenience and provides certain challenges for scientific and reasonable selection of application software. To analyze cloud computing...
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Study and Application of Big Data Mining Based on Cloud Computing

Jie Shao
With the constant improvement of Chinese economic development level, there have been constantly increasing researches on artificial intelligence and database field and the application of data mining in each field has been increasingly wide. However, with the increase of information quantity and data...
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Analysis on the Application of Zigbee-based Wireless Sensor Network in Industrial Monitoring

Xiaodong Zhang, Jing Yang
With the development of science and technology, large-scale enterprises add internal regulation equipment and necessary real-time monitoring. However, traditional circuit the wiring has followed can not offer network support and gradually reveals the incommensurate disadvantages. Communication network...
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Analysis of Manufacturing Process of Shaft Parts Based on Thermal Spraying

Guodong Wang, Fengfeng Jin
Thermal spray technology is one of the key supporting technologies of remanufacturing engineering, and it is an important technical means to realize the rapid recovery of the surface dimensions of the damaged parts, to improve the performance and prolong the service life. In this paper, the main shaft...
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Synchronous Optimization Design of Fixture Layout and Clamping Force Based on UG

Fengfeng Jin, Guodong Wang
In order to improve the accuracy and design efficiency of fixture, UG and ADMAS software has been introduced into the fixture design process, and the co-simulation function of software has been applied, and the fixture reasonable layout and the clamping force calculation and synchronous optimization...
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Research on Moving Target Tracking and Information Filtering in Complex Building Environment

Xiangyi Bu
An algorithm of target tracking based on information filteringBook and particle filter is proposed in this paper. Accurate foreground region through the fusion of neighbour-information is segmented and features of foreground are extract to build an initial template for particle filter. The experimental...
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Characterization of Classification, Function and Enzymolysis Mechanism of Cellulase

Di Chen, Qianqian Tang, Yuxian You, Yiwen Li, Siqi Zeng, Chaohui Feng, Hejun Wu, Aiping Liu, Cheng Li, Yuntao Liu
As the richest polysaccharide resource in the nature, cellulose has a great development and utilization value. An in-depth research into cellulase is the prerequisite linchpin to the development and utilization of cellulose. Therefore, this paper conducts a comprehensive summary and analysis of the classification,...
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Optimum Extraction of Polysaccharides From Fruiting Body of Catathelasma ventricosum Using Response Surface Methodology

Siqi Zeng, Yiwen Li, Di Chen, Qianqian Tang, Yuxian You, Aiping Liu, Chaohui Feng, Cheng Li, Yuntao Liu
Response Surface Methodology (RSM) is employed to optimize the polysaccharides extraction technique of Catathelasma ventricosum. This experiment adopts extraction temperature, extraction time and feed liquid ratio as the influencing factors. The polysaccharides extraction amount of Catathelasma ventricosum...
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Preparation of carboxymethylated polysaccharides from mycelia of Catathelasma ventricosum and their antidiabetic properties

Yiwen Li, Yuxian You, Qianqian Tang, Siqi Zeng, Di Chen, Qing Zhang, Aiping Liu, Chaohui Feng, Cheng Li, Yuntao Liu
Theahoroacetic acid method under the alkaline condition is adopted to conduct carboxymethylation modification of catathelasmaventricosum polysaccharides (CVPs) to obtain carboxymethylationcatathelasmaventricosumpolysaccharides (cCVPs). In order to improve the acquiring rate (A) and degree of substitution...
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Data Processing Method in the Application of the Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Xiaoling Xu
Mathematical modeling is a process to analyze and solve problems, as training students' mathematical contest in modeling ability of solving practical problems more and more get the attention of the colleges and universities. Numerical processing method is not only applied in the process of the model,...
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Recovery of Lithium Using a novel amide-neutral phosphorus-based extraction system with response surface methodology optimization

Lianmin Ji, Lijuan Li, Dong Shi, Jinfeng Li, Defang Xu, Xuexue Song, Zhiqi Liu, Feng Nie, Zhongmin Zeng, Fugen Song
Tributyl phosphate (TBP) is a popular neutral organophosphorus extractant, but its high concentration may result in severe corrosion of equipment. In this study, lithium was extracted using a novel system comprising N,N-(2-ethylhexyl)-3-oxobutanamide/TBP/sulfonated kerosene/FeCl3. A series of saturated...
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Identification of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Strains by means of HPLC fingerprinting

Yiling Tian, Yunzhe Zhang, Hui Shi, Wei Zhang
The objective of this study was to identify Vibrio parahaemolyticus by HPLC, a simple, rapid, and reliable HPLC method. For the HPLC methods, an established for the fingerprints of Vibrio parahaemolyticus was performed on Strict extraction and reversed-phase HPLC conditions. An Agilent C18(4. 6 mm ×25...
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Determination of deoxynivalenol in grain sorghum by chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay

Zhenzhen Chen, Lixin Zhu, Renrong Liu, Wei Meng, Na Wu, Fanfan Yang, Kaihong Li, Yifan Lang
A chemiluminescence enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (CLEIA) with enhanced chemiluminescent was developed for the detection of deoxynivalenol (DON) in grain sorghum. Assay conditions, including concentrations of antibody and enzyme conjugate, Na+ (NaCl), organic solvent (methyl alcohol) and pH were...
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Development of a chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay for the detection of aflatoxin M1

Yifan Lang, Zhenzhen Chen, Lixin Zhu, Renrong Liu, Xuemei Qiu, Kaihong Li, Fanfan Yang, Na Hu
An indirect competitive chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA) for detecting aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) was developed. In the experimentation, antigen coated concentration, antibody dilution proportion, pH value and ionic concentration of the buffer were optimized to obtain the best reaction condition....
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3D Surface Reconstruction of Spinal Ultrasound Images Based on 2D Contour Line

Wang Jiang, Junhua Zhang
Methods of 3D reconstruction of medical images mainly included surface and volume reconstruction at present. In the experiment of 3D ultrasound reconstruction for spine of people, the result using volume reconstruction was unsatisfactory because of the ultrasound images' characteristic. So, we brought...
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Research and application of multi hydracid multilevel hierarchical acidification

Zhixiang Zhu, Wenying Zhang
M31 block of sandstone reservoirs, with strong heterogeneity and poor physical property, belongs to ultra-low permeability reservoirs, and the reservoir permeability is around 9mD. The clay mineral content exceeds 5%, and the daily water capacity can't meet the requirements of injection allocation. Reservoir...
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An Analysis of the methods of solving the finite sequence of convolution sum and circular convolution

Huajun Chen, Lina Yuan
The calculation of finite length sequences of convolution sum and circular convolution plays a significant role in the courses of "signal and system" and "digital signal processing".This paper mainly introduces three kinds of the methods of solving the finite sequence of convolution and and circular...
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Energy Efficiency about Collaborative MIMO Technology

Huajun Chen, Lina Yuan
Main energy consumption of wireless sensor nodes is used to send and receive data. To take measures to reduce sending and receiving energy consumption of nodes plays an important role in decreasing energy consumption of the whole network. Researches show that: under the requirements of the same throughput,...
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Contour Extraction Based on Deformable Model and Dynamic Programming

Cheng Zhao
In this paper, a new model for extraction of active contours of the quasi-circular targets in a given image which is based on edge detection and dynamic programming(DP) is proposed. In order to guarantee the detected closed contour approximating to the real contour of the target as well as possible,...
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A hybrid ant colony optimization algorithm based on MapReduce

Ming Cai, Yongan Zuo
The traditional ant colony optimization(ACO) had defects in long searching time and convergence in local optima solution. To solve the problem, a hybrid ant colony optimization algorithm(HACO) was proposed in this paper. Two modes in HACO are defined that are DefaultModel and EliteModel. In order to...
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A New Kalman Filtering Method to Resist Motion Model Error In Dynamic Positioning

Chengsong Zhou, Jing Peng, Wenxiang Liu, Feixue Wang
Against the disadvantage of traditional kalman filtering which is susceptible to the influence produced by the motion model error, this paper proposes a new kalman filtering method which can resist the motion model error. This new method uses the standardized residuals of the predictive position errors...
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An Improved Single Sign-On Model: Design and Implementation

Degang Sun, Hui Deng, Rui Mao
The application of single-sign-on is a technology which aims to manage the access control of the internal systems of enterprises. The traditional single-sign-on models cannot simultaneously meet the requirements in implementation, manageability, system pressure, and security. In this paper, based on...
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An Improved Decoder Motion Estimation Algorithm in Distributed Video Coding

Cunying Chen, Hua Zhang
This paper focuses on the theory of side information generation, and puts forward an improved scheme based on unsupervised learning of motion vector which improves system's performance. The scheme generates and optimizes side information through the introduction of rate control at the encoder and EM...
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Evolving Fuzzy Classification System by a Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Yunhui Zhu, Jun Sun
This paper discusses how to construct a fuzzy classification system (FCS) effectively and accurately. In the FCS, the initial fuzzy rules are optimized with a quantum bit which has many unique advantages such as small population size, fast convergence, short training time and strong global search ability....
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IOT-based Seat Belts Intelligent Monitoring System

Yeqiang Lu, Hongyan Chen, Bing Zhang
Seat Belt Reminder Device as one of effective way to improve the rates of belt wearing, which be installed in every coach, but the SBRD only reminders the driver and the front passenger, while ignoring the rear passengers. The annual passenger vehicle accident reports show that there are always some...
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Information security defense method of electric power control system based on digital watermark

Chao Zhou, Yajuan Guo, Wei Huang, Haitao Jiang, Bin Li, Jinming Chen
This paper presents a network attack authentication method based on digital watermark technology, CRC16 as watermark is added to the original data, combined with the simulation model of the method of performance analysis. It is proved that the method can detect false data in real time conditions, provide...
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Design of speech recognition system based on LD3320 chip

Lei Wang
Speech recognition technology is a key to voice control technology, through speech recognition enable computer can read the speech command vocabulary, and can be through voice control realize control on all kinds of home appliances in the home, the system combines ld3320 chip ICRoute company, voice control...
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Research on speech recognition algorithm based on HTK toolbox

Lei Wang
Speech recognition technology is a allow the machine to understand human language and speech recognition algorithm is to achieve this function, the system by using HTK toolbox to design a speech recognition system, and in-depth research and Simulation of correlation algorithm, has completed the speech...
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Effects of intake temperature on performance and operation range of an HCCI engine fueled with n-butanol

Gang Li, Junjian Wang, Chunhua Zhang
To investigate the effects of intake temperature on the performance and operation range of HCCI engine fueled with n-butanol, the 2nd cylinder of a water-cooled, naturally aspirated diesel engine with 2-cylinder was modified to operate on HCCI combustion mode. The indicated mean effective pressure (IMEP),...
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The virtual design and simulation of gypsum block molding machine

Yang Gao, Yumin He, Baohui Zhu, Wanying Cheng
In this paper, the model-box system and demolding mechanism of gypsum block molding machine are designed using 3D modeling software. Then the movement simulation of gypsum block molding machine is completed. This is helpful to shorten the design period and improve the performance of product.
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Study of Substation Equipment State Monitoring System and Integrating Platform

Xiaohui Xu, Ruixiang Fan, Benren Pan, Jianbo Xin, Danna Wang
An information architecture of state monitoring substation equipment system is proposed based on IEC 61850 and IEC 61970. A substation equipment state monitoring and integrating platform (CMIP) supporting the unified information model and unified communication interface is designed and implemented. In...
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Multi-dimensional neural network and its application in fault diagnosis of analog circuits

Dezan Zhao, Jun Xing, Zhisen Wang
when a man classifies an object, he makes a comprehensive judgment after a plurality of feature extraction and classification. Based on the phenomenon and in accordance with the theory of one-dimensional neural network, the concept and theory of multi-dimensional neural network is put forward , which...
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Study on static and dynamic characteristics of metal helical spring

Shengwen Deng, Maoru Chi, Chaotao Liu
In order to study the static and dynamic characteristics of metal helical spring ,a finite element model of the spring was set up by using Ansys, An experiment was designed to validate the result, the results of the experiment and the Ansys proved that the static stiffness of metal helical spring is...
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Air Pollutant Source Location based on Zigbee Wireless Network and Optimized Least Square

Chengxiang Yin
This paper proposed an air pollutant source location system with the combination of the wireless sensor network (WSN) technology based on Zigbee wireless network and an optimized least square method. The system, which can realize the coarse location of the possible air pollutant sources, is illustrated...
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Solar Shadow Positioning Algorithm

Wanqiao Wang
How to confirm the photographing location and the photographing date is an important aspect of video data analysis. Solar shadow positioning technique is a method to confirm the photographing location and date through analysis of solar shadow changes of objects in videos. According to the image-forming...
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The study of Pt-based anode catalysis for formic acid full cell

Tangbo Wang, Yanfang Sun, Xiaojing Ji, Jiwen Li
The mechanism of the catalysts for electro-catalysis of formic acid fuel cell is introduced,the recent advances of the Platinum(Pt)-based anode catalysis and the influence of the catalytic activity of formic acid fuel cells are analyzed, providing direction of selecting the potential Pt-based anode catalysts...
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A Low-Cost Intelligent Mobile Indoor Environment Monitoring System

Peng Liu, Mingjie Wang, Wenkai Dong, Shengqian Jiang, Yanli Wang, Quan Zhu, Bing Li, Xin Chen
Indoor air pollution is a serious problem that harms people's health. Indoor environment monitoring system could make contribution to detecting and improving indoor air quality. However, besides the high cost, the existing air quality detectors also get tricky problems with real-time monitoring and autonomous...
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Synthesis and Aggregation Behavior of N-benzyl-N-hexylacrylamide Terpolymer

Bin Xu
Amphiphilic polymer of N-benzyl-N-hexylacrylamide terpolymer were synthesized using free radical micellar polymerization method. Apparent viscosity, fluorescent probe and DLS was employed to study the aggregation behavior of P(AM-NaA-BHAM). The critical aggregation concentration (CAC) of P(AM-NaA-BHAM)...
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Facile construction of novel organic-inorganic hybrid microspheres for enzyme immobilization

Jun Ma, Shuo Liu, Yanhui Chen, Jian Li
In this research, a novel and facile method for preparing organic-inorganic hybrid microspheres was developed by a synergy of membrane emulsification and biomimetic mineralization. The gelatin solution (water phase) was extruded through a Shirasu Porous Glass (SPG) membrane, and mixed with the liquid...
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Real-time monitoring system of bus seat belt based on the GPRS network module

Yeqiang Lu, Jingjing Guo, Hongyan Chen
In view of the bus seat belt wearing not in place for the current, using modern detection technologies and single chip microcomputer (SCM) systems,designed real-time monitoring system of bus seat belt based on the GPRS network module.The information transmission between the bus data and the host is realized...
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Wireless sensor network node localization algorithm based on chicken swarm optimization and multi-power mobile anchor

Peng Chen, Yongyi Mao
In order to enhance the statistic accuracy, a new algorithm based on chicken swarm optimization(CSO) and mobile anchor was established in WSN. Firstly, the distance measurement information of unknown nodes was acquired based on different power signal, which was launched by anchor moved in target area....
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Wireless Location Technology Of Gauss Particle Filter Under NLOS Environment

Linkai Yan, Yongyi Mao
In cellular wireless location, the non line of sight (NLOS) error can seriously affect the accuracy of the position estimation of the mobile station. A Gaussian particle filter localization algorithm (Gauss-PF) is proposed, which is based on the Gauss transform. In this algorithm, the high precision...
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Design of Annotation system of Russian Speech Corpus Based on Crowdsourcing

Yanzhou Ma
Transliteration annotation in Russian speech recognition corpus has been always a problem which is difficult to resolve due to its time consuming, low efficiency and difficulty in personnel and quality control. This paper presents a technology based on crowdsourcing, designs the crowdsourcing platform...
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Effect of Vibration Parameters on Properties of Polypropylene in Dynamic Plasticizing Process

Yan Liu, Chuanbo Li
The Polypropylene samples were molded by novel hydraulic vibration injection molding machine. The effects of vibration amplitude and frequency on physical and mechanical properties of PP and power consumption in the plasticizing process were studied. The results show that in the case of imposing vibration...
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The Surface Fine Structure Contact Deformation Mechanics and Experimental Verification

Xingchen Li, Qiang Zhang, Yiyong Huang
In order to realize the high efficient seal performance, according to the model that is completely deformed to contact substrate everywhere between hard substrate and soft substrate in Presson contact mechanics, the complete contact condition is advanced. Two gaskets with micrometer size surface fine...
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Telemetry Data Transmission Method Based on Wireless Multi-Hop Network

Zhida Li, Ping Song, Chuangbo Hao
This paper proposes a telemetry data transmission method based on wireless multi-hop network. This method is based on a transmission network constituted by several wireless nodes and adopts modified ZigBee wireless communication protocol. In this method, the telemetry terminal and the gateway will coordinate...
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Analysis of Plant Height Measuring Method Based on Line Laser

Yangyang Li, Ping Song, Yayu Zhai
Laser has the characteristics of good monochromaticity, excellent coherence, well directivity and high brightness. With the features of non-touching, not easy to damage the surface, wide adaptability of materials, simple structure, strong anti-interference ability, and measuring fast, Laser ranging is...
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Types and modeling of intercalation in alluvial fan reservoir-A case study of Guantao Formation in the Du 84 Block, Shu-1 area, Western Sag of Liaohe Depression

Yuanchao Zheng, Tailiang Fan, Zhiqian Gao
The Western Depression of the Liaohe Basin is the major exploration area of the Liaohe Oilfield, and the production formation of Guantao in Du84 block of the Shu-1 area contains extra heavy oil with a depth of 530-640m. Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) method had been applied to the development...
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The Frame Structure Design of three Lifting Point Dummy ROV

Xingwei Guo, Jie Song, Zhenzhong Liu
Research the depth of 3000m Work-Class ROV as mock object and develop a ROV for land test. This device is set three lifting point in the top. The rope connecting the front two lifting point is fixed, the rope connecting the rear lifting point change the length by motor. All of those lifting point are...
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The design of dummy ROV electric-drive seven functions manipulator

Zaiyu Chen, Meina Guo, Zhenzhong Liu, Lianyu Zhao
With the deepening of the Marine development, underwater constructing often need to use the ROV. In order to verify the construction scheme, ensuring construction efficiency, the staff will use ROV or Dummy ROV on land to simulate construction. As the main body of the ROV, the manipulator is the execution...
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A New Security Reinforcement Technology of Mobile Application

Chao Zhou, Yajuan Guo, Wei Huang, Jing Guo, Haitao Jiang
Android platform has gradually become the most popular mobile terminal operating system, while the number of software applications based on which is also quite amazing. At the same time, the security threats are also increasing, and the degree of threat is gradually deepening. Therefore, we need to create...
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Detection and Control of Abnormal Behavior in Controlled Network System

Wenxin Qiao, Yu Lu, Liyun Chen, Changsheng Wang
This paper introduced the concept, the classification and the control principal of network behaviors, discussed the concept, composition and structure, and the behavior control of the controlled network system, then proposed the detection and control model of abnormal behavior in controlled network system....
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Key technology of GLCC control system design

Bin Zhou, Jinjun Cheng, Xin Liu
Aiming at the key problem of GLCC multiphase flowmeter control system design, this thesis proposes a kind of gas-liquid separation task handed to the VxWorks, and adoptes liquid level fuzzy control by using of the theory of fuzzy mathematics to ensure the full separation of the gas-liquid. The technology...
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A Data Preprocessing Optimization Method based on Sliding Time Window in Communication Alarm Events

Wengang Chen, WenWei Chen, Bing Fan, Runze Wu, Yanru Wang, Junli Fan
In communication fault analysis, mining history alarm data to acquire correlation knowledge has become an inevitable trend. Owing to low efficiency of traditional alarm preprocessing methods, a new preprocessing optimization method is proposed. The quality of alarm sequence partition is evaluated by...
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Vibration Control Research for Four Edges Simply Supported Rectangular Thin Plate

Hailin Guo, Shouzhu Hu, Guoxing Zhu, Fei Song, Changli Liu
In this paper, the vibration of power machinery on the deck which is simplified to forced vibration of four edges simply supported rectangular thin plate was studied. The theoretical model of the system is built based on the vibration properties of deck using four-pole parameters method. For analyzing...
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Research on Identification of the Crack on Rotor Shaft

Shouzhu Hu, Hailin Guo, Fei Song, Guoxing Zhu, Changli Liu
In the present research the crack identification in rotor systems is proposed based on Holospectrum. The purpose of the research is to detect not only the crack location on a rotor shaft, but also the crack type and the angle between two cracks on a rotor shaft. 3D Holospectrum is introduced to detect...
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Virtual Reality Technology Application in motion simulation of Roofbolter

Fan Yang, Sicong Yuan, Xiangkui Jiang
Aiming at the virtual movement emulation's design scheme of the jumbolter , the jumbolter's digital model is built by the 3D modeling software PRO/E5.0,the research combined the jumbolter with virtual reality technology. Jumbolter simulation virtual environment was simulated by means of 3 dimentional...
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Segregation Behavior of Super Paramagnetic Fe3O4 Nanoparticles in Solution Flowing in Gradient Magnetic Field

Lina Gao, Ping Wu, Bin Wang, Han Ren, Shiping Zhang, Li Wang
Oxygen and nitrogen molecules in liquid air may segregate in gradient magnetic field, which has potential applications in medicine, industry and other fields. According to the segregation behavior of magnetic nanoparticles in gradient magnetic field, magnetic drug carrier particles can be directionally...
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Design and Implementation of Torque Sensing System of Intelligent E-bike

Xiadong Zhang, Yunfei Li, Juncheng Jia
Aiming at the difficulties in developments, high cost of torque sensing system of e-bike, a novel torque sensing system based on sensitive sensing component has been proposed. The signal acquisition component which includes a torque sensor based on a sensitive strain gauge, an electrical signal processing...
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Optimal control algorithm of safe Island defense model in distribution network with distributed generation

Qinggang Zhao
With the development of technology and people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more clean energy for power generation, such as wind power, photovoltaic power generation and so on. This type of energy is renewable and pollution-free, but it is intermittent,reliability and stability is...
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A radar echo signal detection algorithm in low signal-to-noise ratio

Xiangju Li
According to the problem of radar echo signal detection in the low signal-to-noise rate, an improved detection algorithm of fractional Fourier transform detect signal after wavelet filtering is proposed. Because of the low detection performance of fractional Fourier transform in the low signal-to-noise...
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Research of Fuzzy PID Elevator Control System Based on PLC

Hongji Jin
This paper first introduces the necessity of the trend of development and technological change, through introduce the latest developments in AC speed regulation technology on development of elevator technology. Compared with the PID controller and fuzzy PID controller anti-interference ability, the fuzzy...
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Research and application of electro hydraulic proportional synchronous control system based on PID algorithm

Gang Wang
The electro-hydraulic proportional speed synchronization system is studied, and the system physical model is built by the advanced modeling and simulation software AMESim, and the dynamic characteristics are simulated and analyzed. In order to improve the response time, steady-state accuracy, stability...
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The AF protocol of cooperative communication system

Lina Yuan, Jing Gong, Huajun Chen, Yiwang Huang
Wireless communication system using cooperative transmission technology, at the receiving node by combining data samples from multiple independent fading channel, can effectively resist the influence of channel fading, obtain diversity gain, and improve the transmission reliability of the system. The...
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A high-resolution method for estimating the azimuth of infrasound signals

Liang Meng, Xihai Li, Dingxin Chen, Tingting Yang
The work described herein discusses the application of a high-resolution frequency wavenumber method-the Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC) method which is different from the traditional frequency wavenumber (F-K) method for detecting and estimating the direction of travel (DOT) of infrasound. Synthetic...
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Investigation on the Flow Structures in the Tip Region for a Transonic Axial Compressor Rotor

Tianye Ji, Xie Fang, Youjun Wang, Tao Yi
The effect of flow structures in the tip region on the stability of NASA Rotor 37 has been examined with numerical simulation. Stall inception mechanism of Rotor 37 is presented firstly with principal focus on the tip leakage flow behavior, passage shock wave and leakage flow vortex. Detailed survey...
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Research and analysis of residual stress measurement of ram casting in gantry machine center

Rong Wang, Xinmeng Sui, Deqiang Wei
Ram is one of the key component of high-end CNC machine tools, which casting residual stress will affect its machining accuracy, quality and performance of machine seriously. This paperutilizing blind hole method to measure residual stress of ram cast-ing,the results show that: the screw mounting face...
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The present situation and the future of air preheater in power

Luping Liu, Longsheng Zou
This paper analyzed source and proportion of waste heat resources in power, and expounded characteristics and utilization way. It also indicated of rotary air preheater in the advantage position of waste heat utilization, but was some shortage. Finned heat transfer was enhanced a development direction,...
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The research on the change of the development Index in high concentration polymer after polymer flooding

Liang Du
In order to study the change principle of development biddingafter polymer flooding,the coefficient of drag and residual resistance factorare measured by flow test, and the reasonable injection rate is obtained by the injectability evaluation experiment.Oil displacement experiment is carried out in different...
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Clustering Boundary Detecting Algorithm for Each Cluster

Kun Wang, Baozhi Qiu, Xiangdong Shen
Detecting the boundary of each cluster in a data set is a tough problem for many existed boundary detecting algorithms. In order to solve that problem, a clustering boundary detecting algorithm based on KNN and RKNN named CBDEC(Clustering Boundary Detecting Algorithm for Each Cluster: CBDEC) is proposed....
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The simulation and analysis of effect of vacuum eutectic welding parameters on void fraction of solder joint

Tiansheng Pang, Zhaohua Wu
The vacuum eutectic solder joint is widely used in the advantages of large thermal conductivity, small thermal resistance and so on. But the void ratio of vacuum eutectic solder has a great influence on the thermal conductivity, and the smaller the void ratio is, the greater the thermal conductivity...
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Vulnerability chain assessment for multiple vulnerabilities

Deqiang Qiu, Sujuan Qin
The dangers of a single vulnerability can be assessed by the CVSS, but in some cases, comprehensive harm of several vulnerabilities is 1 + 1> 2. So evaluating multiple vulnerabilities that are not just many single vulnerability assessments, but also integrated many complex situations. This paper studies...
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Decomposition of electricity consumption of Shandong province based on LMDI method

Fuqiang Li, Huiru Zhao, Xiaoyu Han, Nana Li, Yuou Hu
In this paper, we decompose the electricity consumption changes of the whole industries of Shandong province in 2006 -2012 into activity effect, structure effect and intensity effect, using LMDI method. The results show that the expansion of economic volume mainly attributes the electricity consumption...
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Construction Costs and Transmission Efficiency Comparison of AC and DC Distribution System

Xiaodong Yuan, Dan Liu, Qiang Li
According to the DC and AC distribution system with the classified load, the maximum transmission capacity is calculated. The price of the main devices in the distribution system including DC breaker, DC converter, etc. is analyzed. Taking the proposed 10kV AC, ±7.5kV DC and ±15kV DC distribution system...
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Multi-criteria Comprehensive Optimization of CCHP System

Xudong Wang, Jiancheng Yu, Ling Jiang, Yan Qi, Yingqiu Wang
Based on the study of combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP), this page constructs penalty function under the constraints of energy saving and emission reduction. It is a overall optimization system combining energy saving effect, emission reduction effect and economic effect in CCHP system in the...
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A Fault Location Method for Multi-terminal Transmission Lines Based on Multiple Current Measurements and Phase Comparison

Yuanyuan Zhang, Yongli Zhu, Meng Zhang, Ning Zhang
Due to the defects of existing fault location methods for multi-terminal transmission lines, such as the fault branches judgement algorithms are too complex to implement, a new fault location method based on phase comparison is presented. In this method, transmission lines are classified into branch...
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A Study on Computerized Simulation of difference between CPM and CCPM

Fan Zhang
The constant delays of projects demonstrate that traditional project planning methods may adopt an inefficient way to manage uncertainty. To tackle problems in traditional project system, CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management) was introduced by Goldratt(1997) to identify both task dependence and resource...
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A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based On Conditional Entropy Trust Model

Yitao Wu, Xingming Zhang, Xiaofeng Qi, Erning Xiao, Liang Jin
The traditional collaborative recommendation algorithm doesn't take the non-linear dependence between users into consider, which is not accurate enough in prediction. The collaborative filtering algorithm based on entropy can measure the nonlinear characteristics of users, but it can't reasonably describe...
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Analysis of thermal environment of Existing Residential Building Envelope Energy-saving in ECOTECT simulation

Suxian Zhang, Bo Feng
Currently existing residential buildings energy-saving are include two ways: reform of building envelope and reform of building heat metering system. The study of building envelope energy-saving technical measures includes: wall insulation, window glazing, roofing insulation, However energy-saving for...
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Design of high performance firewall based on multi-core network development platform

Wei-wei Zhang, Ming-gang Dong
The rapid development of network applications has brought great challenges to the design of the firewall. In order to improve the processing performance of the firewall, the design method of high performance firewall based on RMI multi-core network development platform is proposed. The hardware design...
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A task scheduling algorithm based on Qos

Junwei Ge, Qingling Wang, Yiqiu Fang
The key problem of task scheduling is to give optimal matching schemes for tasks and resources. In the scheduling process, users pursue high quality and service providers favor high yields, so the high efficiency must be considered in the process of task scheduling. The author puts forward a task scheduling...
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Virtual Network Embedding Based on Complex Network Theory

Junwei Ge, Ruizhi Yuan, Yiqiu Fang
How to effectively map the virtual network in the network infrastructure is a huge challenge in network virtualization. In this paper, for the first time, we evaluate the global network node weight according to the betweenness centrality based on random walks, then introduce cluster coefficient theory...
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An effective solution of TCP Incast problem

Junwei Ge, Zhibin Zhao, Yiqiu Fang
Have sketched the current main mitigation methods for TCP incast problems in cloud computing data center networks,an effective method is put forward simultaneously, and the method is verified by NS2 simulation experiments.Analysis results show that this method can really alleviate the TCP incast problems,...
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Structural Design of Nozzle Based on Hybrid Laser/Water-jet Scribing Technology

Yuhong Long, Tanggao Feng, Jiading Bao, Youqun Tong
In order to research the effect of nozzle geometric parameters on the jet flow performance in processing a thin and sensitive material. A design of two nozzles with different structure has been proposed for hybrid laser/water-jet scribing technology. In this paper, computational fluid dynamics (CFD)...
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Research on Resource Scheduling based on Improved Mutation Operator in Cloud Computing

Junwei Ge, Fangfang Sun, Yiqiu Fang
With the increasing development of cloud computing,task scheduling problem become a crucial aspect.There are many scholars research on resource scheduling problems,but load balancing and scheduling in how to balance time and cost is still not achieved satisfactory results.Genetic algorithm(GA) has strong...
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Design and implementation of logistics public information platform

Li Li, Jie Li
Targeting with problems of high total cost of social logistics and low level of modern logistic service in China,this paper develops public logistics information platform. The system structure of logistics public information platform is given. The information service interface, a third party integration...
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A dynamic searchable encryption CP-ABE scheme in cloud storage

Yi Jiang, Hao Feng
In this paper, we constructed a dynamic searchable encryption CP-ABE scheme (DSE-CP-ABE) which is based on ciphertext index. The scheme combined the existing ciphertext strategy of access control scheme, extended inverted index structure, and introduced the trusted third party, which not only realized...
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The Different Physiological Responses of Natural and Stationary Low Temperature on White Clover (Trifolium repens L.)

Qiu-Jie Yan, Jin Cai, Yan Li, Zhi-Bin Liu
Plants initiate lipid peroxidation or accumulate proteins to repair cell membrane damage caused by low temperatures. However, a stationary low temperature simulation cannot accurately explain plant tolerance to naturally low outside temperatures. Our study showed that there was a strong negative correlation...
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Research on the influencing factors of knowledge sharing in online virtual community

Deyang Yue, Huan Zhang
Knowledge sharing is a new phenomenon which appears with the development of Internet and virtual community, accompanied by members of the community the exchange and communication in the virtual community, knowledge sharing more and more attention. On the social identity theory and social network theory...
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Privacy-preserving Communication for Vehicular with Multi Receiver Conditionally Anonymous Ring Signcryption

Qian Wang, Mingxing He, Xiao Zheng
In this paper, we propose a privacy preserving protocol based on multi - receiver conditional anonymous ring signcryption. The sender can not only send the same message to the selected multi-receiver and only selected users can correct to decrypt the message, but also receiver reality validate the identity...
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Diffusion Model Based on Cellular Automata and Its Application

Jiaoyan Ai, Sizhi Wu, Zongming Wei, Haiyang Xu, Gang Liu
We adopt cellular automata, a kind of complex system modeling method which achieves macro-emergence through local transition rules, to build a diffusion model. We realize parallel computation of the model with MATLAB's matrix processing and develop a GUI for model running. Through adjusting the diffusion...
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Research And Implementation of Iterative MapReduce Based On BP Algorithm

Yu Yang, Longjun Zhang
The Error Back Propagation is iterative, the way of implementing it using the iterative MapReduce framework is presented. To solve the shortage of the traditional MapReduce framework in iterative program, the iterative MapReduce framework has added a transmitting module. Through the simulation of the...
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Design and Implementation of Office Automation System based on Web Service Framework and Data Mining Techniques

Huang He
Smart mobile devices, the application of the social network media and the information behavior main body of increasingly frequent activity, has produced in these types of equipment, media and behavior diversity, complex structure, a large number of unstructured data and semi-structured data quantity...
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The Research on Fault Diagnosis for Gas Recovery of Single Coal Bed Methane well Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimizing Support Vector Machine

Yu Miao, Jianhua Yang, Wei Lu
As a new type of energy, coal-bed gas plays an important role in the national resource structure. This paper introduce the principle and process of gas recovery of single coal-bed methane well, according to the analysis of faults occurred in the system of gas recovery of single coal-bed methane well,...