Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social, Applied Science, and Technology in Home Economics (ICONHOMECS 2019)

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Analysis of Nutritional and Fatty Acid Composition of a Bowl of Meatball Soup in Malang, Indonesia

Rina Rifqie Mariana, Nony Aji Sunaryo
This study aimed at analysing the nutritional and fatty acid composition of a bowl of meatball soup sold by 5 bakso Malang restaurants in Malang, Indonesia. The analysis was performed according to the instructions for food and beverage testing outlined in the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 01-2891-1992....
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Sensory Evaluation Formula Hair Tonic Extracts Pandanus Amaryllifolius and Seaweed

Biyan Yesi Wilujeng, KP Octaverina, Mutiah, Dewi Lutfiati
This research was conducted to determine the panelists’ acceptance of 3 pandanus amaryllifolius extracts and eucheuma spinossum. Formula hair tonic extracts pandanus amaryllifolius and eucheuma spinossum consist of PG helm, Aquades, Alcohol 96%, methyl paraben, menthol, D-Phantenol, armotan, pandanus...
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Research on the Integration of Tsou Culture into Creative Board Game Design–an Example of Walk Around Laiji

Hsiu Ching Laura Hsieh, Yu Hsien Hsu
Aboriginal culture in Taiwan presents close interaction with societies in the time change that the living culture is seriously lost and gradually forgot. Tsou Laiji tribe, being surrounded by Han tribes, shows serious sinicization to result in the loss of local culture which is not acquainted by more...
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Exploration and Mapping Utilization of Bitter Melon (Momordica Charantia L.) and Its Culinary

Ummi Rohajatien, Wiwik Wahyuni, Aly Imron
Bitter melon and its culinary in Indonesia was known as vegetable and traditionally is also used as phlegm decay, febrifuge and appetite. The aim of the research was to identify bitter melon utilization as well as culinary processing as case study of great Malang area. The research was conducted using...
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Innovative Practice of Pazeh Community Participatory Aesthetics: An Example of Pazeh Culture Travel Map

Hsiu Ching Laura Hsieh, Chun Wei Liu
According to the field study on Pazeh community, located in Liyutan village in Miaoli County, Taiwan, it is discovered that the community presents rich ecology and landscape resources. Besides, the positive recovery of Pazeh culture in past years enhances the identity of the people and the promotion...
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Effect of Seaweed Powder on the Quality of the Pineapple-Chili Sauce

Mansoor Abdul Hamid, Tan Pei Shan, Mazarina Devi, Wolyna Pindi, Jahurul Haque Akanda, Hasmadi Mamat, Fan Hui Yin
This study was conducted to produce pineapple-chili sauce mixed with seaweed (Kappaphycus alvarezii) based on the best formulation, to determine nutritional composition of the control and the best formulation and to determine the effect on quality of this product. A total of 3 formulations had been developed...
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Integration of Tsou Culture into Innovative Poster Creation

Hsiu Ching Laura Hsieh, Po Chun Chan
With the globalization of the modern society, many school children continually absorb foreign popular culture while ignoring the value of their own culture, resulting in the gradual diminishing and disappearing of the rich and historical aboriginal culture. The research explores on the method of applying...
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Food Souvenirs Preferences by Domestic Tourists-Indonesia

Nonny Aji Sunaryo, I Nyoman Darma Putra, Made Heny Urmila Dewi
The presence of souvenirs in a tourist destination is important, because tourists consider buying souvenirs as an important part of the tourist experience. In tourist destinations there are usually various types of souvenirs, including crafts, food and craft products, but in general, food souvenirs are...
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Discussion on the Usability of Digital Mobile Museum Website: An Example of Pazeh Culture Mobile Museum Website

Hsiu Ching Laura Hsieh, Yu Quan Chen
To cope with the trend of global informatization, physical museums promote online digital mobile museums to establish the new model to interact with audience.The Pazeh, located in Liyutan village in Miaoli County, presents special Pazeh language, festival, and ecology. There is a physical Pazeh museum...
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Antioxidant Capacity Assay and Sensory Evaluation of Flavored Healthy Snack Composed from Nori of Green Grass Tree Leaves (Premna Oblongifolia Merr.)

Budi Wibowotomo, Laili Hidayati, Susi Devi Hariyani
Nori is a popular Japan traditional food made from Red seaweeds and has unique characteristic is a crispy texture. In this research, Nori sheets was developed into flavored snack food, which are added with basic seasoning by different coating technique (greasing, dyeing, spraying) before dried with baking...
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Re-Create Systematized Interpersonal Skills Learning Models in Millennial Vocational Education and Training

Ita Fatkhur Romadhoni, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Any Sutiadiningsih, Nugrahani Astuti, Suhartiningsih
Systematized learning of interpersonal skills in the line of work students aims to re-create learning models that are consistently able to improve the flexibility to speak, socialize and build educated selections supported restricted data. This learning model was developed supported the study of the...
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Difference in Proximate Content Between Chicken Curry (Kandar Rice) and Chicken Curry (Padang Rice)

Mazarina Devi, Budi Wibowotomo, Laili Hidayati, Hashim Fadzil Ariffin
Indonesia and Malaysia have the same family, Malay. This has an effect on the same appearance. This study aims to determine the differences in the content of proximate (protein, fat, crude fiber, water, ash and carbohydrates) contained in chicken curry as one of the side dishes in the Rice and Chicken...
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Fortification of Moringa Oleifera Leaves on Traditional Cakes as Supplementary Food for Under Five Aged Children in Posyandu

Sri Subekti, Cica Yulia, Nisa Rahmaniyah Utami
Under five children are an age group of vulnerable where they are still vulnerable to a wide range of health and nutritional disorders because they are still in growth and development period. The decrease in prevalence of wasting in Indonesia is still not in accordance with national medium term development...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Teaching Factory Implementation in Preparing Work Competence in Era 4.0

Marniati, Lutfiyah Hidayati, Peppy Mayasari
Industry 4.0 demands accuracy, speed and minimizes errors in production activities. The Garment Teaching Factory (TEFA) at Vocational School is a part of the activities in the industry where the implementation involves Vocational School, Industry, Teachers and Students. The research model uses quantitative...
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Local Wisdom Values in Dowry of Indonesia’s Bridewealth: A Study of East Java Horseshoe Communities

Arita Puspitorini, Mutimmatul Faidah, Dewi Lutfiati, Octaverina K Prita
Indonesia, especially East Java Province, has diverse and iconic cultural customs that must be preserved by any stakeholder including but not limited to the locals. One of the customs is the practice of bridewealth and dowry. Dowry in East Java Province is distinctive from those from other regions and...
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Analysis of Acceptance Levels on Lunch Menu Among Students at SD Islam Tompokersan Lumajang

Budi Wibowotomo, Issutarti, Ria Nadia Avizena
The purpose of this study was to analyze the acceptance levels of lunch menu among students at SD Islam Tompokersan Lumajang include acceptance to the color, aroma, taste the food, the level of boredom and consumption levels lunch menu. Research design is used a descriptive quantitative research with...
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Developing the European Foundation for Quality Management for MSME Performance Measurement (A Case Study of MSME Managed by ‘Preman Super’ Community in Malang City)

Esin Sintawati, Rudi Nurdiansyah, Hapsari Kusumawardani
Preman Super, which stands for Perempuan Mandiri Sumber Perubahan (Independent Women as a Source of Change), is a community of housewives and informal workers which aims to empower the community members to become independent women. This community embraces MSMEs. The MSMEs run by the Preman Super community...
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Moringa Leaves Flour and Tengger Potato Flour as Composite Flour for GFCF Diets

Titi Mutiara Kiranawati, Budi Wibowotomo, Nunung Nurjanah
Composite flour ratio Tengger potato starch and flour made with the aim of Moringa leaves as a substitute for wheat flour containing gluten and casein to be used as raw material products GFCF (Gluten Free Casein Free). The experimental design use completely randomized design consisted of four treatments...
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An Investigation of Thermal Comfort of Woolpeach Modest-Fashion Products: A Case Study in Indonesia

Endang Prahastuti, Siti Zahro, Hapsari Kusumawardani, Siti Hasanah, Sri Wahyuningsih Hamar
Woolpeach is a type of fabrics made of 100% polyester with best-selling record in Indonesian market. Muslims form the largest population in Indonesian, and it is not surprising that they wear modest-fashion, usually made of woolpeach fabrics, in performing their daily activities. Therefore, this research...
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Culinary Model Innovation on Some Bitter Melon Cultivar (Momordica Charantia L.) Cultivar with High Pectin, Protein, and Diosgenin Characteristics

Ummi Rohajatien, Mazarina Devi, Mutiara K Titi
The culinary model of bitter melon that has developed so far has been directed towards functional food and is widely processed using conventional methods that are boiled, steamed or sauted. This conventional processing method is also taught to students of the Catering Education Study Program at several...
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Development of Skill Assessment Instruments Based on Food Sanitation Hygiene Principles in Learning Food Processing Practices for Vocational Students Catering Services Expertise Program in Malang City

Teti Setiawati, Lismi Animatul Chisbiyah
This study aims to produce skills assessment instruments based on the principles of food sanitation hygiene in learning food processing practices for vocational students in Catering Services Expertise Program in Malang City. The research approach uses development research (R and D) adapted from the procedure...
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Requirements Analysis on Design Assessment of Clothing Practicum Using Expert System

Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti, Agus Sunandar, Ahmad S Ashar, Asliza Aris, Titin Irzatul, Rizki Muhartiningsih
Evaluation of the women’s clothing practicum, to date, was still conventional. Although there were already pre-determined indicators for assessment on women’s clothing practicum, evaluation from the lecturers still contained subjectivity. These occurrences were caused by the fitting step in the evaluation...
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The Fitting Factor in Komarudin’s Pattern

Hapsari Kusumawardani, Siti Zahro, Mirenda Ekaning Setiawan
Fit is one of the important aspects to consider in wearing any model of clothes. It often brings customers with problems about choosing men’s clothes, especially in choosing formal clothes. The purpose of this study is to know the fitting factors in Komarudin’s Pattern focusing in shirt patterns. The...
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Quality of Arabushi and Katsuobushi from Skipjack Tuna, Bonito, and Yellowfin Tuna

Theresia Puspita
Keumamah is traditional food in aceh (likely arabushi or katsuobushi in Japan). The aims of the research are to determine best combination of frequency and time of smoking in the production of katsuobushi using different species of fish. This research Two Stage Nested Design used (species of fish and...
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The Implementation Production Unit Expertise Dressmaking Program in Vocational High School (SMK) Malang

Annisau Nafiah, Soenar Soekopitojo, Hakkun Elmunsyah
This study describes the operation of the production units Dressmaking Skills Program at vocational high school in Malang. This research is quantitative descriptive. The results showed that the production unit of the Fashion Design Expertise Program vocational high schools in Malang running very good....
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The Influence of Product Innovation on the Purchasing Interest of Handmade Fashion

Nurul Hidayati, Agus Sunandar, Nurul Aini
Product innovation is one of the key factors of one company’s success. Developing product by creating innovation on a product serves as a company’s attempt to develop its business. Product innovation acts a differentiation from other competitors’ product. It may attract the customers’ interest in purchasing...
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Determination of Effectiveness Traditional Cosmetics of Coconut Oil and Turmeric as Anti-Dandruff

Ria Andriani Mukti, Agus Ridwan Misbahuddin
Dandruff is a disorder that occurs on the scalp, can be experienced by men or women. Dandruff is a type of inflammatory disease in the scalp type of oily. Actually this disorder is mild but very disturbing and reduce the attractiveness of a person because the head and hair become dirty and result in...
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Functional Drinks from a Rhizome of Nut Grass (Cyperus rotundus L.) with Mixed Fruits

Mazarina Devi, Soenar Soekopitojo, Desiana Merawati
This research aims to get the technology of production process of the functional beverage of teki extract to obtain the formula of the functional beverage made of teki grass rhizome extract preferred by girls teenagers to cure the dysmenorrhoea problem. Such functional beverage is made of the extract...
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Developing Culinary Tourism: The Role of Traditional Food as Cultural Heritage in Bali

Ni Wayan Sukerti, Cokorda Istri Raka Marsiti
Bali as a tourist destination has a diversity of cultures, one of which is culinary arts that needs to be preserved in the current era of globalization. The purpose of this study is to describe: 1) the culinary classification of Bali; 2) material structure; 3) Balinese special spices; 4) examples of...
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Students’ Creativity After Joining Advanced Design Class by Applying Portfolio

Sicilia Sawitri, Wulansari Prasetyaningtyas, Rodia Syamwil, Taofan Ali Achmadi, Partini, Nur Qurota Ainina
Become a fashion designer, needs talent, creativity, and drawing skill. Each person has talent and creativity which brought when she/he was born, while skills can be obtained at school, in the community, from social media, and other. Creativity is an ability possessed by students with different levels....
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Management of Culinary Tourism Products in Gunung Kidul Districts

Anggi M.J. Saputri, Yulia Arisnani Widyaningsih
Gunung Kidul is one of the districts in Yogyakarta. In Gunung Kidul there are many tourist potentials, such as nature tourism and culinary tourism. Natural attractions include beaches, caves, mountains, ponds, hills, tourist villages. While culinary tour includes sego abang, a variety of fish dishes,...
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Understanding the Purchase Behavior of Young Indonesian Hijaber on Fashion Product

Indarti, Yuhri Inang Prihatina, Imami Arum Tri Rahayu, Li-Hsun Peng
The interest in understanding the relationship between Islam and consumption has been increased recently. Indonesia is a country where more than 80% of the population is Muslim, has a great Muslim market potential especially in Islamic fashion. The purpose of this study is to explore the involvement...
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Chemical and Organoleptic Properties Analysis of Breadfruit Leaves (Artocarpus Altilis) Herbal Tea with Cinnamon and Clove Addition

Febrina Lutfiani, Budi Wibowotomo, Mazarina Devi
Herbal tea is a functional beverage made from herbal ingredient steeping which be dried besides tea leaves.Breadfruit leaves is a herbal ingredient that can be utilized to herbal tea product. Breadfruit herbal tea is a functional beverage made from the steeping of dried breadfruit leaves that contains...
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Interest of S1 Fashion Design Program Students in 2015 for Following Fashion Show Activities in Malang City

I Gusti Ayu Revina A.P, Idah Hadijah
Fashion show is one of the activities that was held in out of campus. This activity can increase students experience in fashion industry. The purpose of the study was to describe students interest to participate in fashion show activities. This study used descriptive with quantitative approach. 61 students...
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The Role of Vocational Education in the Acceleration Preparation of Skilled Labor and Government Policy Standardizing Indonesian Labor in the Framework of ASEAN Economic Community Application

Wiwik Wahyuni
The progress of a nation and country cannot be separated from the progress of education field, because education is an integral part and cannot be separated from the process of preparing human resources quality, firm and skilled. Vocational education is an education which prepares learners to work in...
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Balinese Fusion Food as Local Culinary Tourism Products

Ni Made Suriani, Risa Panti Ariani
The purpose of this research is to make Bali fusion food as a local culinary product for tourist. Data obtained from the Vocational School teachers and chef from the hotels on the results of student practice, then discussed to obtain an assessment according to certain criteria. These criteria, including...
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Modified Cassava Flour Utilizing as a Wheat Flour Substitution in Chochochip Cookies

Risa Panti Ariani, Luh Masdarini
The purpose of this study is to create Chocochip cookies using local ingredients thus support food security. Mocaf is used as the main substitution of wheat flour in chocochip cookies. Mocaf made from surrounded dried cassava. The characteristics of a mocaf are similar to wheat flour, but the protein...
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The Development of Adobe Flash-Based Learning Media in the Material of Night Party Dress Making

Nur Endah Purwaningsih, Lutfie Dwi Radinda, Nurul Hidayati
Development of adobe flash-based learning media on material for making party dresses tonight is motivated by the technological developments that exist today. Technological developments allow teachers to explore learning media more broadly, one of which is by utilizing computer technology. The purpose...
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The Development of Adobe Premiere-Based Learning Media in Moodboard Making Material in SMKN 3 Malang

Ari Aprilia, Nurul Aini, Sri Eko Puji Rahayu
This development research is aimed to create a product in a form of video tutorial media in fashion design subject. This media is focusing on the material of casual fashion moodboard making in accordance with the basic competency 3.6, 2013 curriculum. This media is produced in a form of compact disk...
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The Effect of Basil Leaves (Ocimum Basilicum) Addition to Contents of β-Carotene, Calcium Levels, and Hedonic Test of Basil Leaves Biscuits

Y W Ningsih, M Devi, T M Kiranawati
Biscuits are one of the products with many peoples liked. With advances in technology, biscuits can be added with vegetables to improve their nutritional content. The biscuits was increase with basil leaves puree are expected to help meet the deficiency of β-carotene, calcium levels in breastfeeding...
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Development of Soil Batik Based on Consumer’s Needs

Irma Russanti, Yulistiana, Mein Kharnolis
Each Indonesia region has special characteristics of Batik motifs made by the local craftsmen and designers. However, the technical manufacturing is still conventional and less effective, especially the natural coloring process using soil. This study aims to develop a formulation of soil batik design...
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Bridal Make Up Jembrana Regency, Bali Province

Ni Ketut Widiartini, Kadek Hermayani
This study aimed at describing the bridal makeup of Agung Jembrana, the meaning and of the bridal makeup of Agung Jembrana. This study employed descriptive qualitative research. The research location of this study was at LKP W & W Asri. This study used observation and interview method for collecting...
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Implementation of Learning Teaching Factory Clothes SMK N 3 Malang

Nur Cahyaningrum, Hery S.I Agus
This research was conducted to evaluate the Teaching Factory learning in the boutique fashion skills program at SMK N 3 Malang. The research method used is a descriptive approach. The main subjects in this study were the teacher managing the Teaching Factory and the head of the Boutique Clothing expertise...
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The Effect of Problem-Based Learning and Critical Thinking Skills on Students’ Learning Outcomes of Vocational Schools

Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Nur Badriyah, Euis Ismayati, Ita Fatkhur Ramadhani
Critical thinking skills are one of the important 21st century competencies. Vocational High Schools should develop critical thinking skills of their students in every learning process. Its graduates do not only require hard skills which are generally easily obsolete. More important skills are soft skills,...
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Improving Human Resource Through School-Industry Cooperation Program to Face Industry 4.0

Elis Nur Unsudah, Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti
Facing the industrial revolution 4.0 Human resources (HR) must be well prepared, including graduates of Vocational High Schools (SMK) who are dealing directly with the industrial world. Developing and revitalizing vocational education or vocational schools is one of the efforts to prepare quality human...
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Study of Rice Analog from Cassava–Soybean and Processed Product

Sri Handajani, Lilis Sulandari, Niken Purwidiani, Beta Seftiyany Zamroh
The purpose of this study was to determine the level of preference of panelists on rice analog which is processed into steamed rice, savory rice and fried rice, as well as its nutritional content. This experimental research method was carried out in 3 stages, namely to obtain a standard recipe, find...
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Effects of Pegagan (Centella asiatica (L.)) Powder Addition on Chemical Substances of Pegagan Sticks

Laili Hidayati, Mazarina, Devi Issutarti
The purpose of this study is to analyze the chemical contents (protein, fat, crude fiber, water, ash, and carbohydrates) of sticks made of Pegagan powder. Data were analyzed using ANOVA and continued with DMRT Test if there were differences. There were 70 Panelists in this study. The results showed that...
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Ethics and Aesthetic Appearance of Kebaya Indonesia

The popular Indonesian women’s national dress is a traditional Indonesian cloth and Kebaya, although in addition there are Baju Kurung, Baju Bodo and Kemben, which each type has its own aesthetic. To complement the fashion, it is usually combined with milineris scarves, handheld bags, fans and slippers,...
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Critical Thinking Skills and Problem-Solving Level of Malang Culinary Program Vocational School

Yuyun Nailufar, Teti Setiawati, Rina Rifqie Mariana
Critical thinking skills and problem-solving are the ability to analyze an information that can be used to be a learning material that can help to solve a problem. This study aims to describe critical thinking skills and problem-solving level in students of Culinary Program Vocational School in Malang....
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Development of Guided Inquiry Learning to Improve the Ability of Makeup Design Using Corel Draw

Dindy Sinta Megasari, Ita Fatkhur Romadhoni, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Setya Cendra Wibawa
The purpose of this study is to improve student skills in determining ideas that will be developed to design using corel draw. This research was conducted in the students of cosmetology study program at home economic department state university of Surabaya with a total of 30 students. Characteristics...
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The Special Dishes Philosophy of Sayut Ceremony in Argosari Village

Diana Martalia, Soenar Soekopitojo, Titi Mutiara Kiranawati
Tengger ethnic inhabiting the Argosari village and still adhere to customs and culture of their ancestors. One such firm stance is applies their sayut ceremony and serving their special dishes. The research has the objective to dig deeper into the dish identification, processing techniques, and philosophies...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Student Learning Difficulties Toward Physiology Anatomy Lesson at SMK Negeri 3 Tangerang (Case Study Class X of Cosmetology at SMK 3 Tangerang)

Eti Herawati, Lilies Yulasti, Diah Ayu Hapsari Purnomo
This study aims to determine factors that cause learning difficulties to anatomy and physiology subjects lesson by class X student cosmetology Programs at SMK Negeri 3 Tangerang in Academic Year 2016/2017 with a survey method. The populations were 64 people from class X students and Data collection tool...
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Tenun Goyor: Exploration Concepts of Tegal Local Tourism That Begin to Forgotten

Wesnina, Nurbaity A Esty
This research aims to find and explore one of Tegal local knowledges which began to be forgotten; Tenun ikat sarong goyor Tegal, regarding the motifs which consisting of meanings, colors, source of inspiration; the manufacturing process, as well as the occasion based function of ikat sarongs goyor. By...
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Development of Diploma 4 Fashion Design Curriculum

Ratna Suhartini, Yulistiana, Urip Wahyuningsih, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Elizabeth Titik Winanti, Euis Ismayanti
The development of the fashion design D4 curriculum is the development of the 2018 Fashion Design D3 curriculum. Development of the curriculum follows the 2018 Director General of Higher Education regulations, namely increasing the level of Diploma 3 program to Diploma 4. Increasing levels from level...
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The Application of Sanitation and Hygiene Practice of Production Units to Enhance the Entrepreneurship Readiness to Produce Quality Food Products for Vocational High School Students of Culinary Program

Diana Evawati
The present study aimed at analyzing the application of the sanitation and hygiene in practical activities by the vocational high school production units in the catering service program as the competency of entrepreneurship readiness to produce food quality and safety. The study employed a qualitative...
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The Effect of Blended Learning on Learning Activities and Student Learning Outcomes in Basic Trimming Subjects at SMKN 8 Surabaya

Fitria Hansyah Fatmasari
The process of learning practice felt very less. Practices that exist in learning using mannequinand using the model. One of creation in learning practice is blended learning. Learning process that combines face- to-face learning with online learning. Learning activities for students of SMKN 8 Surabaya...
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The Development of Legha Sumenep Madura Bride Wedding Dress

Iut Nur Aini, Amat Nyoto, Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti
The aims of this study is to develop Legha Sumenep Madura bridal wedding dress. This research uses research and development methods. The method used is the ADDIE model development method. The results of this study are Based on the ADDIE development analysis, there are five parts of Legha wedding dress...
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Development of Digital Learning Media for Renewable Energy Subject Based on Concepts Understanding of Electrical Engineering Department’s Students State University of Malang

Yuni Rahmawati, David Anggara Putra, Siti Sendari, Wahyu Sakti, Toru Matsumoto
The aims of this research and development are: (1) Designing and Building digital learning media for renewable energy; (2) Designing and buliding simulations based on concepts understanding renewable energy; (3) Evaluating the feasibility of digital learning media and simulation Renewable Energy. This...
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning Approach Application Toward Students’ Learning Outcome

Aly Imron
The recording teaching learning process showed that students tended to be passive because of the inappropriate teaching method so that it affected activity and motivation to perform his skill in their language actively in the class. Choosing method to rise the students’ activity is a must. It dealt with...
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Analysis of Acceptance Levels on Lunch Menu Among Students at SD Islam Tompokersan Lumajang

Budi Wibowotomo, Issutarti, Ria Nadia Avizena
The purpose of this study was to analyze the acceptance levels of lunch menu among students at SD Islam Tompokersan Lumajang include acceptance to the color, aroma, taste the food, the level of boredom and consumption levels lunch menu. Research design is used a descriptive quantitative research with...