Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Science, Technology, and Modern Society (ICSTMS 2020)

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The Analysis of Presuposition on the Conversation of Acehnese and Javanese Ethnic in Gampong Geudubang Jawa, Langsa City

Desy Irafadillah Effendi, Ramdan Afrian, Ayu Suciani
This study aims to describe the dominant presupposition found in the Acehnese and Javanese tribes in Geudubang Jawa Village, Langsa City. This study used a qualitative research approach producing written descriptive data. Data in this study are drawn from conversations of the Acehnese and Javanese tribes...
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Anticancer Pre–Screening of Sansevieria masoniana C. Using Brine Shrimp Lethality Assay

A. L. Mawardi, A. R. S. Siregar, Elfrida
A lot of detrimental side effects on cancer treatment, causing lately, the focus of cancer treatment now shifted toward natural products such as medical plants. Sansevieria masoniana C are medical plants which have a high antioxidant content. This study aimed to evaluate the anticancer potential of Sansevieria...
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Intralingual Translation Ability by Students of Sharia Law-Economics Against Popular Scientific Words of Sharia Economics

Allif Syahputra Bania, Najihatul Faridy
Popular scientific words in Sharia economics must be understood carefully so that the concept of learning can be absorbed by students as a determinant of the quality and ability of students in global competition. Therefore, students must master the intralingual translation of popular scientific words...
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Design of A UV Chamber Prototype With an Internet of Things-Based Control System

Fazrina Saumi, Fitra Mulyani, Halimatussakdiah, Rachmad Almi Putra, Juniar Afrida
A brief summary A UV-Reactor prototype in the form of a UV chamber with an Internet of Things-based control system (IoT) has been successfully developed. The UV chamber that was constructed is 180 cm in length and is made up of three main parts: two control rooms and one sterilization room. The sterilization...
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Design of a Microcontroller-based Data Acquisition System for Measuring Sprint Speed in Athletes

Johaidah Mistar, Madhan Anis, Nirmala Sari, Ida Ratna Nila, R. A. Putra
It has been developed a microcontroller-based athlete sprint speed data acquisition system. The infrared sensor has two components that act as start and stop, after which the signal is forwarded to the Nodemcu microcontroller and interpreted as a millisecond time variable. The signal is sent to the user...
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Effect of Breeding and Digital Marketing Systems on Profitability of Grouper Fisheries in Langsa City

Muslimah, K.M. Z. Basriwijaya, F. Alham
The opportunity for grouper development is quite large, this is influenced by several factors, including the availability of cattle in large numbers and of relatively good quality, the availability of sufficient animal feed, the availability of food land, relatively easy access to marketing, adequate...
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Conversion of Palm Oil to Biodiesel Using TiO2/Monmorillorite (MMT) Composite Catalyst from Aceh Tamiang Bentonite

Ida Ratna Nila, Nirmala Sari, Rachmad Almi Putra, Rahmawati, Teuku Andi Fadlly
The main objective of this research is to produce TiO2/Monmorillorite (MMT) composites as a biodiesel catalyst characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD). In addition, to see the percentage of biodiesel production, it will be characterized using Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). TiO2/MMT composites...
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Synthesis of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil Using the Sulfated Montmorillonite

Puji Wahyuningsih, Tisna Harmawan, Rahmatul Fajri, Rachmad Almi Putra
One of the important factors in biodiesel production is a catalyst. The purpose of this research is to characterize sulfated montmorillonite and its application as catalyst for synthesis of biodiesel from waste cooking oil. Synthesis of sulfated montmorillonite using sulfuric acid as activator and its...
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Utilization of Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Waste to Fuel Oil by the Pyrolysis

Nurmasyitah, M. Jahari, H Saputra
The increasing number of residents causes an increase in the volume of waste, especially plastic waste. Pyrolysis is the process of breaking down complex polymer structures to become simpler through a thermal (heating burning) process without using oxygen. Liquid smoke can also mean the result of cooling...
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Performance Investigation of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger as Energy Conservation in the Air Conditioning System

Fazri Amir, Samsul Rizal, Rudi Kurniawan, Hamdani Umar, Razali Thaib
Population and economic growth affect the total energy demand and Air Conditioner (AC) electrical systems and economic growth. Energy conservation is needed to reduce the total energy used. Heat pipe heat exchangers (HPHE) are implemented to recover waste energy in air conditioning systems. This study...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles (Ag NPs) Using Sargassum sp. Extract as an Antibacterial in Woven Fabrics

A Wiraningtyas, Ruslan, P A Mutmainnah, E Rohaeti, K Budiasih
The purpose of this study was to synthesize silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) using Sargassum sp. extract. Synthesized Ag NPs are used as antibacterial agents in woven fabrics. Sargassum sp. mixed with distilled water (1:4 w/v) then heated in the microwave for 1 minute with various power level at 60; 70...
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Effects of Novelty Seeking, Destination Image, and Perceived Value Through Satisfaction on Revisit Intention to MICE Destinations

Nursiah Fitri
Revisit intention to MICE destinations and recommending them to other people can help tourists to come back and bring profit to the MICE destinations. This study aims to: 1) Analyze the effect of novelty seeking, destination image, and perceived value on satisfaction of tourists in MICE activities. 2)...
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Mapping of Zones and Evacuation Routes for Disaster Overflow of the Krueng Langsa River

E N Lydia, E Mutia
The flooding of Krueng Langsa river occurs every year. The floodwaters submerged people’s homes around the river. Every year SAR teams and communities have difficulty evacuating. This is due to the lack of flood zoning maps and evacuation routes. To reduce the risk of flooding overflowing in the Krueng...
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Pole Level Mangrove Analysis as a Conservation Effort of the Coastal Mangrove Forest of Langsa City

Andri Yusman Persada, M. Taufik Rahmadi, Ayu Suciani
Mangroves are ecosystems that play an important role both ecologically and economically. One of the mangrove forests in Indonesia is The Coastal Mangrove Forest of Langsa City. Human activities and over-development can lead to a decline in the area and reduce mangrove diversity in the future. The purpose...
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Enhancing Senior High School Students’ Scientific Attitude Through Problem Based Learning

Indah Wulandari, Muhammad Syukri, Murniati
Problem based learning has a very important role in the world of education. Through this model students are hoped able to develop various skills including their scientific attitudes. However, many teachers still use conventional models during the teaching and learning process in the classroom. The purpose...
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The Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Manganese Cobalt Ferrite (Mn1-xCoxFe2O4) Based on Natural Iron Sand and Used for Pb Ion Adsorption

N S Asri, E A Setiadi, Nurmadinah, M Addin, A P Tetuko, A Basyir, Rahmaniah, P Sebayang
The manganese cobalt ferrite (Mn1-xCoxFe2O4) of x = 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75 have been synthesized to determine the structure and magnetic properties to be used as an adsorbent to remove Pb ions from aqueous solution. The material was prepared using the co-precipitation method and the removal process was...
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Production of Biodiesel Through Transesterification of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Using Montmorillonite Nanoparticles (Nano-MMT) as Heterogeneous Solid Catalyst

Tisna Harmawan, Windi Ani, Putri Andani, Teuku Andi Fadlly
Biodiesel is an alternative energy that is environmentally friendly and has properties similar to diesel oil. One source of vegetable oil that can be used as raw material for biodiesel is Crude Palm Oil (CPO). In the CPO, there are various types of fatty acids such as palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic...
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Google Forms as Worksheets to Foster Students’ Learning Interest and Autonomy During Online Mathematics Learning

Roni Priyanda, Nishbah Fadhelina, Iden Rainal Ihsan
The Covid-19 pandemic demand change in education. Various online learning activities are arranged and presented so that learning continues to run effectively. In general, the aim of this research is to analyze the student worksheet assisted by Google forms (GF) during online mathematics learning. There...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Fe-ZIF-8 by Utilizing Waste Filtrate as Solvent

Rahmatul Fajri, Yulida Amri, Ratna Ediati
Fe-ZIF-8 has been successfully synthesized using filtrate as a solvent with two repetitions. The temperature used in the synthesis of Fe-ZIF-8 was room temperature (25-30°C), with a molar ratio of Zn (NO3)2.4H2O and 2-methylimidazole=1:4, while FeSO4.7H2O added was 5% of the amount of Zn (NO3)2.4H2O....
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Bussines Analysis of Cattle Aceh at Langsa District

KMZ Basriwijaya, Rozalina, Siti Balqies Indra, Cut Gustiana, Hanisah
The study aims to analyze the income of Aceh cattle breeders. The research method used survey methods and farmer income analysis on various business patterns in Langsa City. The results showed that the Aceh cattle business was quite profitable. There was a difference in income in the Ace h cattle business,...
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Characteristics of Riverbank Communities in Dealing With Floods

Eka Mutia, Ellida Novita Lydia, Firdasari
Floods are one of the natural disasters often experienced by people in Indonesia, especially those who live on the riverbank. The riverbank areas are identified as slum settlements that have irregular settlement patterns. People who live in flood-prone areas have a high level of danger and have different...
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Role of Leading People Plantation Commodities in Increasing Community Income and Environmental Preservation in River Areas Langsa District

Hanisah, Kiagus Muhammad Zain Basriwijaya, Karnelis, Layli Fitriana
This research was conducted to examine the role of leading community plantation commodities in increasing community income and environmental preservation in the Langsa area, Langsa Regency. The research method uses descriptive analysis and location quotient (LQ), with secondary data from the 2008-2014-time...
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Big Data Spatial Geographic Information System (GIS) on Mapping Distribution Point Shelter Garbage

Ahmad Ihsan, Khairul Muttaqin, Rizalul Akram, Nurul Fadillah
Garbage is a problem that continues to grapple in people’s lives, especially in urban areas. Therefore, good waste management is needed. To manage waste, of course, people need correct, accurate and timely information regarding the implementation of waste management. To find out the location of the waste,...
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Design and Modelling of Graphene Field-Effect Transistor for Ultrasensitive Detection in Biosensor Application

Anis Amirah Alim, Reena Sri Selvarajan, Azrul Azlan Hamzah
The coronavirus disease is a pandemic attack and gravely weakening the ability of the global health community. Early rapid detection of a device has become the golden strategy to contain the virus due to no specific drugs or vaccines. Conventional methods to detect this disease are still involved with...
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Analysis of Problem in Utilizing School Laboratories in the Chemistry Learning

Jofrishal, Haris Munandar
School laboratory facilities are one of the supporting facilities in the teaching and learning process. Laboratory conditions must be the suitability with the standards set by the government. The purpose of this study was to analyze the problem of the students in laboratory use in chemistry learning....
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Vehicle Speed Calculation Using Weigh-in-Motion Sensor Based on Fiber Optic

Mefina Yulias Rofianingrum, Bambang Widiyatmoko, Rini Khamimatul Ula
Weigh-in-Motion technology has been used to monitor the traffic load volume and prevent road damage. It has the potential to minimize problems of overloading practice. WIM technology has made it possible to measure a vehicle’s weight without stopping. However, the vehicle speed is an important issue...
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Design of Real Time Weather Season Based on the Internet of Things

Wan Alamsyah, Eka Mutia, Yulina Ismida, Adawiyah, Rachmad Almi Putra, Ida Ratna Nila
A study has been successfully conducted entitled the design of early detection of floods based on the Internet of Things. The purpose of this study was to design and build a prototype of an Internet of Things-based flood detection system, and to understand the processes and workings of IoT-based flood...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Manganese Ferrite (MnFe2O4) Nanoparticles by Coprecipitation Method at Low Temperatures

Vivia Anggraini, Rachmad Almi Putra, Teuku Andi Fadlly
Research on the synthesis and characterization of manganese ferrite nanoparticles with the coprecipitation method at low temperature has been carried out. The purpose of this study was to the determine the effect of low temperature on the microstructure of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles. The synthesis of nanoparticles...
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Numerical Analysis in Development of a Cross-Sectional Model of the “C” Profile Cold-Formed Steel SNI-1729:2015

Sugiharto, Gatot Santoso, Rachmad Hartono, Bukti Tarigan, Toto Supriyono, Asep Cardiman, Ibnu Malik Badriansyah
Lightweight structural steel profiles are often called cold-formed steel profiles-steels are formed by means of cold rolling of thin steel sheet so that the mass of steel profiles are extremely light. Because it has a thin plate thickness and mass of very light steel profile lateral stiffness is relatively...
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Detection of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) With an Electronic Nose (E-Nose) Instrumentation System

N. Sagita, R. A. Putra, Rahmawati, M. Yakob
An Electronic Nose (E-Nose) device has been designed to detect asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) through breathing air. This tool consists of hardware and software. E-Nose It consists of a gas sensor that can respond quickly to the elements volatile organic compound (VOC) contained...
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Design and Manufacturing of Cutting Motion Control System on 3-Axis Router Machine for Wood Carving

Sugiharto, Rachmad Hartono, Gatot Santoso, Toto Supriyono, Muhammad Gia Pratama, Nizar Darmawan, Irfan Feriawan
The carving profiles on wood surfaces could be made automatically by feeding a cutting tool on the trajectory profile carving will be formed. The cutting tool motion trajectory adjusted to the desired profile path by controlling the tool motion in both rotational and translational motion in the x, y,...
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Digital Literacy Ability and Professionalism Towards Lecturers’ Competencies in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Dhian Rosalina, Muhammad Rizqi Zati, Muhammad Nasrul Kahfi Lubis
This research examines the teaching competence of lecturers at Samudra University in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 based on the perspective of students’ perceptions as the main stakeholder and is the user of educational services. The objectives of this study are 1) To determine the effect...
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Effectivity of Hand Sanitizer Cempaka Flower Extract (Michelia champaca L.) on the Growth of Staphylococcus aureus

Sri Jayanthi, Nuraini, Setyoko
Hand sanitizer is an antiseptic material that can reduce the contamination of normal flora bacteria on human hands. One of the plants that contain antiseptics that can sterilize human hands from bacteria is the cempaka flower plant (Michelia champaca L). This study aims to determine the effectivity of...
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Tulak Bala as an Outbreak Prevention Within Sharia-based Community

The Practice and Views

Abdul Manan, Kamarullah, Rahmad Syah Putra, Saprizal, Cut Intan Salasiyah, Muhammad Arif Fadhilah
The ritual of Tulak Bala (warding off calamities) has been carried out by Acehnese people from generation to generation to prevent bad lucks or disasters upon their life. The objective of this qualitative study is to discover the practice as the existence of COVID-19 considered one of the disasters....
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The Application of the Conceptual Change Learning Model Combined with Predict-Observe-Explain to Overcome Student Misconceptions on Chemical Bonds

Grafiddin Rahmat, Hasan Muhammad, Rahmatan Hafnati
A misconception is a concept differing from experts’ explanation, resulting in confusion among students. This study aims to apply the conceptual change learning model with a combination of predict-observe-explain to overcome students’ misconceptions about the concept of chemical bonds. The research method...
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Development of Podcasts as Teaching Materials for Students of Higher Education in the Pandemic Covid-19

Faiz ‘Urfan, Ayu Sekar Ningrum, Kronika Br. Ginting
The Covid-19 pandemic has driven many universities in Indonesia to conduct online learning. However, the implementation of online learning has encountered many obstacles, one of which is the uneven network quality and the low purchasing power of students for internet packages. This has an impact on decreasing...
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The Effects of Building Openings on Airflow

Case Study: Type 36 Low-Income Housing Unit

Lestari, Syaiful Muazir
Airflow is a variable that affects indoor air quality, including health and comfort. It can be obtained by various aspects including openings in the building. This study aims to see how the openings in the type 36 housing unit affect the airflow in it. Type 36 housings are buildings intended for people...
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Factors That Influence the Interests of Households in Medicinal Plants Farming in the Covid-19 Pandemic Situation

Aflahun Fadhly Siregar, Salsabila, Ade Firmansyah Tanjung
Utilization of available yards is one effort that can be done to cultivate the plants, especially medicinal plants during the Covid-19 pandemic. Various kinds of medicinal plants can be planted in the available yard, such as ginger, temulawak, turmeric, piper betle, lemongrass, and others. The products...
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Conservation Identifications on Wooden Structures of the Traditional Dwellings in West Kalimantan

Zairin Zain, Jawas Dwijo Putro
The province of West Kalimantan has many cultural heritage buildings that spread across 12 districts/cities. Those cultural heritage buildings come from three ethnic groups who live in the scattered settlements of West Kalimantan, namely Malay, Dayak, and Chinese. Both historic and traditional buildings...
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The Tradition of Bejamu Saman as New Kinship Media in Gayo Lues, Aceh

Sabri Gusmail, Fifie Febryanti Sukman, Prasika Dewi Nugra
This research aims to describe the new kinship system that exists in Bejamu Saman Tradition in Gayo Lues, Aceh province. A tradition held to celebrate post-harvest, Eid al-Fitr, or Eid Hajj. Saman is the main presentation in these activities and carried out to forge ties between the two villages. Making...
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The Prospect of Cultivating Maggot (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) to Build the Village Economy and Reduce Household Waste

Rusdi Faizin, Teuku Athaillah, Nurul Munawarah
Unconsciously, garbage and household waste are increasingly piling up and will continue to grow. The result will be a serious problem for the environment and public health. Maggot has two benefits at once, to act as a waste bioconversion agent as well as animal feed containing high protein. The purpose...
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The SWOT Analysis for the Development of Clove Plants (Syzygium Aromaticum) in Teupah Barat Sub-District, Simeulue District

Teuku Athaillah, Raidayani, Ogin Sanjaya, Bagio
The aim of this research is to determine the right strategies for the development of clove plants in Teupah Barat Sub-district, Simeulue District by using SWOT analysis Determining the right strategy for the development of clove plants in Teupah Barat Sub-district will make Teupah Barat Sub-district...
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Isolation and Evaluation of Endophytic Fungi from Paddy (Oryzasativa) for Antifungal Activity Against Fusarium sp.

Fitriani, Vivi Mardina, Fadhliani
Fusariumspis one of pathogenic fungi that cause wilt disease in paddy. However, they can be control by endophytic fungi which isolated within paddy plant itself. This study aims to isolate and evaluate the type of endophytic fungi from rice plant that have the potential to inhibit the growth of pathogenic...
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Implementation of E-Learning Method in Earthquake Learning

Rahmati Ismail, Myrza Akbari
The research objective was to explore the application of e learning-based learning in earthquake learning, to determine the effect of e-learning learning on the quality of student learning and to see the effectiveness of learning using the e-learning method. This type of research is quantitative with...
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Effect of Ration Fortification from Tofu Waste, Crabs and Curcuma Longa on Feed Intake, Feed Conversion and Organoleptic Properties of Broiler Chicken Meat

B A Fajar, K A Putri, A Y Persada
The ration is an important factor in determining the success of a business in raising broilers. The provision of appropriate rations will have an impact on feed use and meat quality. This study aims to determine the effect of ration fortification on feed consumption, feed conversion and organoleptic...
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Capital Development in the Mawah System (Provit-Sharing) in Arongan Lambalek, West Aceh District

Raidayani, Jelliani, Khori Suci Maifianty
The purpose of this research is to analyse the return of investment to the financier and analyse the profit to financier and breeder/beneficiaries. The analysis model used is by analyse the investment return in microeconomics related to the percentage and descriptive statistical analysis that describes...
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Improve Student Skill to Solve the Social Issues Through Problem Based Learning

Jalaluddin, Kamaliyansyah Walil, Siti Manyang Sari, Juli Firmansyah
This research aimed at examining the effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning in improving the elementary school students’ skill in solving social issues in Social Science subject. The participants were the fourth-grade students of SDN 10, Banda Aceh. The research was an action research with qualitative...
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The Effect of Tripolyphosphate (TPP) Volumes on the Synthesis of Chitosan Nanoparticles Using Ionic Gelation Method

Y Amri, R Fajri, Fitriani, P Novitasari, M Zulfajri
The effect of different volumes of tripolyphosphate (TPP) on the synthesis of chitosan nanoparticles (NPs) was evaluated. The synthesis was performed using the ionic gelation method with a 0.5% chitosan solution and 1% TPP. A particle size analyser (PSA) was used to obtain the size of the chitosan NPs...
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Cashless Transactions and Retail Fraud

Citra Dewi, Erlina, Zulkarnain, Syukriy Abdullah
This study focuses on the role of cashless transactions in mediating the relationship between these factors and local government spending fraud. Researchers conducted literature searches, observations, and interviews with respondents and obtained baseline data through the distribution of questionnaires....
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Analysis of Shopping Consumer Preferences Online and Offline Stores in the Pandemic Time of Covid-19

Cut Nizma, Dina Arfianti Siregar
At the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, people were encouraged to stay at home to avoid Covid-19 transmission and shop online. However, in reality the traditional markets are still crowded with people to shop for their daily needs. This study tries to find answers to how consumer preferences for shopping...
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Acceptability and Test the Levels of Protein in a Biscuit With the Substitution of Milkfish Flour (Chanos Chanos Forskal)

Zidni Ilman Navia, Adi Bejo Suwardi, Seprianto
Biscuits are a form of a very common and community-favoured dry snack. Other nutrients, such as protein, may increase the nutritional content of biscuits that are dominated by carbohydrate sources. Fish is a type of protein that’s rich. The aim of the study was to determine the protein content and acceptability...
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Millennials’ Use of Terms of Endearment in Casual Conversation in Digital Communication

Yusnita Febrianti, Teuku Muhammad Ridha Al Auwal
Modern forms of communication have made it possible that relationships are not determined by physical proximity. Technology advancement opens the opportunities for members of society to construct relationships over a long distance by means of online chatting platforms. Among the many platforms is WhatsApp,...
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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technology Uses Parabolic Reflectors for Seawater Desalination

Muhammad Amin, Teuku Azuar Rizal, Syamsul Bahri Widodo, Fazri Amir, Diki Wijaya, Sudi Alperius Tumanggor
The sun is an abundant and never-ending energy source, and the conversion is relatively easy, cheap, not influenced by economic, political conditions and pressures from developed countries. Langsa City receives an average annual solar radiation intensity of up to 600 W/m2. One way to get this massive...
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Experimental Research on Utilization of Motorcycle Exhaust Heat Using Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) For Mobile Phone Chargers

Teuku Azuar Rizal, Khairul Hamdi Lubis, Muhammad Amin
In most vehicles with a combustion engine, about 65% of the remaining combustion energy dissipating as heat. Heat is a form of energy release from the combustion process in the combustion chamber channeled through a motorized vehicle’s exhaust. The exhaust heat has the potential to be reused as a source...
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Netizens’ Responses to a Famous Indonesian Youtuber Video of Changing Religious Beliefs on YouTube Social Media

Lala Nur Pratiwi, Hafied Cangara
The ability of a new media user is seen as a new way of communicating; netizens now have the power to respond directly to information received through social media. This study discusses the response of netizens to videos of Deddy Corbuzier’ religious converts on YouTube social media. This study aims...
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Design and Development of Electronic Nose (E-Nose) to Detect Gastric Diseases (Gastritis and Dyspepsia) Through the Respiratory Tract

Muhammad Yakob, Dona Mustika, Miranda, Nirmala Sari, Rachmad Almi Putra
In this study has been designed an E-Nose system that serves as a respiratory aroma or smell detector in gastric patients. The gastric is a digestive organ found in humans that are susceptible to diseases. Gastric disease detection is carried out using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method. Artificial...
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The Effect of Micro Friction Stir Spot Welding Parameters to Cu-Al Dissimilar Joint

Suwarsono, Hakam Muzakki, Ikrom Millaily, Ahmadi
Dissimilar welding or joining dissimilar metals using welding process, Micro welding or welding process for joining metals less than 1 mm, have unique problem difference of thermal properties from metals lead to melting processes and thin of metal affected easy to filed (hole). Welding parameters affected...
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Identification of Subsurface Temperature Distribution of the Geothermal Manifestation Area in Lokop Indonesia

Fajriani, Dona Mustika, Wan Alamsyah, Rachmad Almi Putra
Geophysical studies have been conducted to see the distribution of temperature below the surface of geothermal areas. Temperature spread measurements are performed using temperature sensors designed with microcontrollers so that data can be read and sent to servers with an Internet of Things (IoT) approach...
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A Technology to Improve Learning Outcomes During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Sukirno, Dini Ramadhani, Ary Kiswanto Kenedi, Ronald Fransyaigu, Asnawi, Bunga Mulyahati
The background of this research is the learning outcomes of students in primary school teacher education decrease, so that needs some efforts to improve it during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study aims to improve the learning outcomes of students of primary school teacher education by using Schoology...
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Mathematical Connection Ability of Elementary School Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ary Kiswanto Kenedi, Dini Ramadhani, Sukirno, Ronald Fransyaigu, Asnawi, Bunga Mulyahati
The background of this research is the need to associate the mathematics mastery ability of elementary school students during the Covid 19 pandemic, including the mathematical connection ability. This study aims to determine the mathematical connection ability of elementary school students during the...
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Analysis of Chemistry Lab Readiness for Practice in High School

A Case Study

N Nurhafidhah, M Mauliza, H Hasby, M Yakob, S Alvina
This study aims to determine the readiness of the laboratory in the implementation of the chemistry practicum. This research is a descriptive research, with survey method. Research using the techniques of data collection via the question form, observation, and interviews. Data analysis technique used...
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The Effect of Additional Zinc Oxide (ZnO) in Polymeric Foam Composites on Impact Strength

Taufan Arif Adlie, Samsul Rizal, Nurdin Ali, Syifaul Huzni
Zinc Oxide (ZnO) is a relatively soft material with an approximate hardness of 4.5 on the Mohs scale. Its elastic constant is smaller than that of the relevant semiconductor. The purpose of conducting this research was to determine the effect of zinc Oxide on the impact strength of polymeric foam composite...
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Impact Loading on Material Composite Polymeric Foam Reinforced by Bagasse Fibers

Zainal Arif, Husaini, Nurdin Ali, Sri Mulyati
Bagasse is produced of waste from the processing of sugar cane into sugar. This waste is wasted a lot, so it is necessary to treat this waste to become a composite material to increase its economic value. At the same time, it can overcome the handling of waste products. Impact loading test on the composite...
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The Impact of Learning and Thinking Styles on the Learning Outcomes of High School Students

A Putri, Yusrizal, Evendi, A Halim, Elisa
Based on the results of the analysis of previous studies, it shows that learning styles affect student learning outcomes, as well as thinking styles. However, there is no data which dominantly affects learning outcomes, learning styles or thinking styles. Through this study will be studied the influence...
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Increasing Science Process Skills and Scientific Attitudes Through the Application of Search, Solve, Create, and Share Learning Models to Static Fluid Materials

Lissa Zikriana, Mursal, Muhammad Syukri, Ibnu Khaldun, Elisa
The purposes of this study was to determine the improvement of science process skills and scientific attitudes towards the search solve create and share learning model. The method used in this study was an experimental pretest-posttest control group design with random sampling technique. Data collection...
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The Use of an Old Set Top Box for Education TV as Home Learning Media

Rizki Wahyudi, Ayu Suciani, M Taufik Rahmadi, Desy Irafadillah Effendi, Z. Soedirman
The Covid-19 outbreak has spread globally and entered Indonesia since March 2020. Since then, a Work from Home (WFH) system has been implemented and is required to carry out online learning for every educational institution. Online learning is a new challenge for educators, students and parents, where...
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Level of Effectiveness of Using Zoom Meeting Application as a Learning Media on Students of IAI Muhammadiyah Sinjai

Irwan Setiawan, Muhammad Farid, Jeanny Maria Fatimah
This study aims to (1) Knowing the level of effectiveness of the use of the zoom meeting application for students of the Faculty of IAI Muhammadiyah Sinjai and (2) Knowing what factors affect the effectiveness of using the zoom meeting application in the online learning process for IAI Muhammadiyah Sinjai...
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Sustainability Analysis of Beef Cattle Farm Business in Langsa Baro Subdistrict, Langsa City

R Mastuti, Nurhaliza, F H Saragih, Muslimah, M Fuad
This study aims to analyse the sustainability of beef cattle farming business in Langsa Baro Subdistrict, Langsa City. The location of the study was determined deliberately (purposive sampling) with the consideration that Langsa Baro Subdistrict is the sub-district with the largest number of farmer groups...
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The Effectivity of Search, Solve, Create, and Share (SSCS) Learning Model on Improving the Critical Thinking Skills of Students in SMA 9 Banda Aceh

A R Handayani, Muhibbuddin, Muhammad Syukri, Elisa
Critical thinking skills are fundamental abilities that every student should have in order to manage their behaviour and academic problems. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of the application of the Search Solve Create Share (SSCS) learning model on students’ critical thinking skills....
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Why Do Millennials Use E-Wallets?

A Case Study in Jakarta

Vita Briliana, Wasisto Ruswidiono
The purpose of this study is to better understand the influence of the use of mobile communication technology, local culture, and Millennial satisfaction, in the context of purchasing interest that involves local street food. A questionnaire distributed to Millennials who shop through a mobile application,...
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The Synthesis of CuO-Based Nanofluids as a Cooling Media

A Review

A Esmawan, G Antarnusa, I H Lilmuttaqin, M A Ramadhan, N Chusniah
Nanofluids have received significant attention due to their increased thermal characteristics. This increase was due to the addition of nanoparticles in the basic fluid. This research uses literature study method. Based on the literature study that has been done, the thermal conductivity of water and...
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Adaptation of Primary Service Functions of Public Health Centers as Early Handling of Covid-19 on a Community Scale

M. Ridha Alhamdani, M. Nurhamsyah, Dian Perwita Sari
In recent months the world has been faced with the Covid-19 outbreak. The existence of this virus has a severe impact on aspects of human health and well-being. In Indonesia, primary health facilities include The Public Health Centres have a fundamental role in controlling and preventing the spread of...
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Environmental Intelligence Concept in Indigenous Knowledge

Zukya Rona Islami, Ramdan Afrian, Faiz ‘Urfan
The higher the level of community intelligence, the better the management and conservation of the environment in the community. the concept of environmental intelligence is expected to already exist. This is evidenced by the success of our ancestors in maintaining the environment. But the progress of...
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Monitoring System for Soil Moisture and Lighting in Decorative Plants

Chicha Rizka Gunawan, Desy Ramadani, Fazri Amir
Soil and light are very influential factors in farming activities, so you must pay close attention to getting the desired crop yields. However, many still have not produced maximum plants because many people still use manual technology in farming. One way to take advantage of technology is to monitor...
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“Whatsapp & Google Classroom?”

EFL Students’ Perceptions on Online-Based Learning Amid the Covid-19

Irma Dewi Isda, Merina Devira, Purwati
This study aimed to investigate the EFL students’ perceptions on online based- learning amid the Covid 19 using WhatsApp and google classroom applications at the first semester unit two of the English department Universitas Samudra. This research was conducted as descriptive quantitative method. The...
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The Role of the Family Environment in Building the Environmental Care Character of Geography Education Students

Fitria Mustika, Rahmiati, Nurhaslita Sari, Fadilah
The family environment has an important role in shaping the character of the environmental care character of students. This study aims to determine the role of the family environment in the formation of the environmental care character of teacher education students. This is quantitative-descriptive research...
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Innovation of Learning Materials Based on Aceh Local Culture Character Education

Asnawi, Ronald Fransyaigu, Bunga Mulyahati, Ary Kiswanto Kennedi, Dini Ramadhani
The development of learning materials is needed so that the availability of learning materials is in accordance with the needs of students, curriculum demands, target characteristics, and demands for solving learning problems as well as the advantages of local culture. This study aims to describe the...
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Local Content Curriculum and Standardized National Examination in Indonesia

Fadlia, Rahmiati, Surya Asra, Teuku Mahatir
This article explores the impact of national versus state initiatives in curriculum. In Indonesian context, the notion of local context curriculum and standardized national examination in Indonesia is being debated. The Local Curriculum Content and the national examination is not in line as a studied...
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Technology-Based Character Education Through the “Moodle” Application

Ronald Fransyaigu, Ramdan Asnawi, Ary Kiswanto Kennedy, Bunga Mulyahati, Dini Ramadhani
Distance learning or online learning is a challenge in implementing character education during this pandemic outbreak. Students become role models and figures who become role models. The use of digital technology in online learning also makes students vulnerable to being exposed to negative content which...
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Acceptance of E-Learning Media in Quantum Physics Learning Based on the TAM Model

A Halim, I S Vandhini, H Saputra, F Herliana, Irwandi
The aim of the research was examining more deeply about the acceptance of e-learning media in quantum physics learning from a student perspective. The research sample involved 27 students majoring in physics education at the University of Syiah Kuala who were taking quantum physics courses. Data collection...
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Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Profiles Students on the Material of Three Variable Linear Equation Systems

Yenny Suzanna, Faisal, Srimuliati, Iyana Maulida
Higher order thinking skills (HOTS) of students in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 are a priority. The research objective was to determine the HOTS profile of students in solving math problems on the material of three-variable linear equations. The research was conducted using qualitative methods....
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The Student Responses to the Use of Automatic Screencast (SOM) in Online Learning

Jelita, Fenny Anggreni, Mazlan
This study investigated students’ responses and obstacles on the application of Screen-Cast O Matic (SOM) for an Online Learning Environment (OLE) because of health protocol for Covid-19 Pandemic in Kota Langsa. The study employed a descriptive qualitative approach to describe the advantages of SOM in...
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The Impact of Language Socialization on Ethics in the New Normal Condition During Covid-19

Allif Syahputra Bania
The Covid-19 period made the implementation of lectures combined between online and offline where this was held to prevent crowds of campus academics from flocking to campus. Based on observations, it was found that many students who come to campus with various academic needs still do not care about...
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Antioxidant Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Some Sansevieria Plants

T. M. Sarjani, A. L. Mawardi, E. S. Pandia, A. R. S. Siregar
Sansevieria plants are known as ornamental plants that are able to ward off free radicals in nature, this plant allegedly potential as antioxidant. This study aimed to determine the antioxidant activity of three etanol plant extracts from Sansevieria genus, Sansevieria trifasciata, Sansevieria green...
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The Impact of the Implementation of the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Regulation Concerning the Prohibition of Trawls and Seine Nets on the Production and Income of Traditional Fishermen in Aceh Province

Salman, Puti Andiny, Maulana Rahman
The impact of the implementation of the minister of marine affairs and fisheries regulation concerning the prohibition of trawls and seine nets is based on the decreasing number of fish resources that can threaten sustainability, so it is necessary to prohibit the use of drag nets and drag nets The purpose...
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Principal Management in Strengthening Character Education

Novi Yulianti, Yusrizal, Nasir Usman
The principal who acts as a leader in forming and managing character education strengthening should be carried out to the maximum, which is full of responsibility and sustainable. The purpose of this research is to determine the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation in the application...
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The Role of Academic Supervision Variables, School Culture, and Work Motivation on Teacher Performance Senior High School

Marzuki, Murniati, Yusrizal
This study aims to determine the effect of academic supervision variables, work motivation, and school culture on teacher performance. The research method uses a mixed-method approach to sequential explanatory models. The research subjects were 106 teachers and 53 high school students in one district...
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Principal Managerial Competencies in the Implementation of Inclusive Education

Firlia Rahmi, Murniati, Nasir Usman
This study is aimed at determining the principals’ managerial competence in implementing inclusive education. The principal’s managerial competence is the ability to manage all the resources and potentials contained in the school effectively and efficiently. The results showed that the planning carried...
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Transformational Leadership Style of Principal in Improving Teachers Performance Motivation

Mizanna, Cut Zahri Harun, Nasir Usman
Transformational leadership of school principals is one of the important factors in increasing teacher motivation in schools. The transformational leadership used by the principal has a very big influence in managing his leadership in terms of increasing teacher work motivation. The better the transformational...
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Educational Financing Management to Improve the Quality of Education

Nurliana Hamsahtun Siregar, Murniati, Bahrun
One of the ways to improve the quality of education is through effective financial management. The paper argues that one of the main factors that can ensure educational quality in Indonesia is the responsible, wise, and proper use of funds. The purpose of this study was to determine the planning, using,...
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Principal Management in Implementation of the School Literacy Movement Program

Yanti Fazri, Cut Zahri Harun, Nasir Usman
The School Literacy Movement is a strategy implemented by the government that aims at improving students’ reading skills which are applied from elementary to high school levels. The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview of the management of the principal in the implementation of the School...
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Design of E-Nose for the Detection of Tuberculosis (TB) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Using the Method Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

Rosdiana, Rachmad Almi Putra
Design research (E-Nose) has been carried out for the detection of Tuberculosis (TBC) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) using the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method. Purpose of this study is the first to determine the function of E-Nose in detecting Tuberculosis and COPD, the second...
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Optical Properties of Fe3O4/Chitosan and Its Applications for Signal Amplifier in Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor

I. P. T. Indrayana, M. T. Tuny, R. A. Putra, N. I. Istiqomah, Juharni, E. Suharyadi
The Fe3O4/chitosan nanocomposite is one of the attractive functional materials. It can be applied as active material in a sensor system for an instant Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) based sensor. This research aimed at investigating the optical properties of Fe3O4/chitosan and its effect on the SPR...
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The Principal Management in Improving Teacher Performance in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in SMP Banda Aceh

Susi Lailiana, Murniati, Khairuddin
This study aims to reveal the principal’s efforts in improving teacher learning in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. Principal management in improving teacher learning must be following the learning objectives of students. Thus, good management is needed from the principal to improve teacher performance....
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Thermal Energy Analysis of Desalination Double Slope Passive Solar Still

Jandri Fan HT. Saragi, Tambos August Sianturi, Jhon Sufriadi Purba, Wawan Septiawan Damanik
Solar distillation is a method of thermal desalination in which water is evaporated using solar energy and the separated water vapor is condensed again as pure water. This is a good practical alternative in offering a renewable energy source that is used to produce clean water in areas where there is...
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A Flood Water Level and Risk Analysis in Langsa River Aceh Province

Y. Ismida, F. Isma, H. Fajri, A. Zevri
Langsa river that crosses the city during high rainfall often experiences flooding around the river’s border. This is due to the river which is not being able to accommodate the excess discharge so that the overflow of water has a negative impact on the facilities and infrastructure around the river....
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The Potency of Legetan warak (Adenostemma lavenia) and Kersen Leaf (Muntingia calabura) Extract as a Candidate for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Herbal Medicine

Dyah Iswantini, Bagaskoro Tuwalaid, Trivadila
Lung inflammation is a normal response in COPD patients that are usually treated using anti-inflammatory drugs. Most anti-inflammatory drugs work to inhibit the activity of cyclooxygenase which produces inflammatory mediators. This study aims to examine the anti-inflammatory potency of legetan warak...
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The Analysis of Communication Strategies of North Luwu Regency Government in Socio-Economic Recovery After Landslides and Flash Flood

Muh. Taufik Rahmansyah Abdullah, Hafied Cangara, Arianto
After the natural disaster of landslides and flash floods that occurred in the North Luwu Regency area, it had destroyed 6 sub-districts (Baebunta, Sabbang, South Baebunta, West Malangke, Malangke, and Masamba Sub-districts), apart from causing casualties, these events have hampered the socio-economic...
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Inhibition Against Xanthine Oxidase Enzyme by Andrographis paniculata, Orthosiphon aristatus, and Salacca zalacca Fruit Water and Ethanolic Extracts as Antigout

Trivadila, Ade Laskar Julian, Sekar Ilma Tiarani, Siti Sa’diah, Dyah Iswantini
Gout is a joint disease caused by the accumulation of uric salt crystals that causes an acute inflammatory response, or the accumulation of these in soft tissue (cartilage). Cat’s whiskers leaves (Orthosiphon aristatus), bitter herbs (Andrographis paniculata), and snake fruit (Salacca zalacca) are native...
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In Vitro Inhibition Against Angiotensin Converting Enzyme by Sonchus arvensis Water Extract and Fractions as Antihypertension

Trivadila, Lufthiah Hasnah Iramani, Novriyandi Hanif, Sekar Ilma Tiarani, Min Rahminiwati, Dyah Iswantini
Hypertension is a condition in which a person has an elevating in blood pressure above normal, resulting in an increasing in morbidity and mortality. One mechanism of treating hypertension is by inhibiting the formation of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). Sonchus arvensis, known as tempuyung, widely...