Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks (WCSN 2016)

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Sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR Super-resolution Imaging Method Based on 2D-FISTA Algorithm

Ming Zhou, Peng-Cheng Xu, Zhao-Hui He, Qing-Hua You
The traditional Sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR imaging method has the problem of low imaging quality and large computational complexity. In view of the above problems, this paper studies a sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR imaging method based on two-dimensional fast iterative shrinkage threshold...
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Blind Identification of Space-time Block Coding (STBC) Using Single Receive Antenna over Frequency-selective Fading Channels

Hong-Wen Lin, Ke-Yuan Yu, Zhao-Gen Zhong, Shuai Liu
Blind recognition of STBC is an important issue in the non-cooperative context. However, the research on blind recognition over frequency-selective fading channels has been rarely reported. This paper introduces a novel and efficient algorithm for the frequency-selective fading channels to classify STBC...
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A New RF Power Amplifier Linearization Method

Zhong-Yang Mao, Xiao-jun Wu, Fa-Ping Lu, Min Fan, Chuan-Hui Liu
For the weakness of the existing predistortion algorithm, when large amplitude component in the modulation signal which is more than the voltage in saturation will be limited, leading to predistortion algorithm become invalid, and a new joint RF power amplifier (PA) linearization method is proposed....
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A New Research of Delegation Agent Model Based On RBAC

Ping Zhang, Nian-Feng Shi, Hong Jiang
This paper proposed a advanced delegation agent model based on roles, which was QRBAC(Quick Role-Based Access Control) based on the model of RBAC(Role-Based Access Control). By means of introducing the model's system architecture and defining element of QRBAC, the model has a great application values...
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A ZigBee Distributed Address Assignment Mechanism Based On Prefix Codes

You-Meng Li, Can Ma, Yi-Kui Zhang, Li Xu
In ZigBee networks, a tree topology is often used to construct a wireless sensor network for data delivery applications. However, the distributed address assignment mechanism provided in the ZigBee specification make inefficient use of the address space, which may cause the orphan problem. In this paper...
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CPRS Algorithm for Streaming Media Encryption and Its Functional Analysis for Wi-Fi Security and Rapidity

Dan Cai, Xiao-Yong Ji, Jia-Ming Pan
In order to ensure the security of the wireless network, Wi-Fi Alliance uses stream cipher algorithm RC4 to encrypt data in the security protocol WEP/WPA. RC4 is a fast algorithm but easy to break. To solve the problem, WPA2 is proposed which uses block cipher algorithm to improve the anti-crack ability...
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The Remote Wifi Investigation of Network and Forensics System for Police Based on Raspberry Pi

Yang Liu, Dian-Jie Lu, Xing-Yue Li
This project brings forward the design of the remote WiFi investigation of network and forensics system for police based on Raspberry Pi. It can realize remote control in a few hundred meters away, and aim at the traffic data in the suspects' WiFi networks to gather the evidence. The contents of the...
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Self-interference Cancellation in Co-time and Co-frequency Full Duplex System

Yu-Ting Yang, Nan Chen, Chang-Hua Zhu
It is of particular importance to use the limited spectrum resources efficiently since they are non-renewable. The spectrum efficiency can be doubled theoretically with the Co-time Co-frequency Full Duplex (CCFD) technology. Existing research results show that CCFD is achievable under the condition of...
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An RF-based Method for Passive Localization of Targets in Wireless Networks

Zhi-Yong Yang, Ming Gao, Lin-Lan Liu
Device-free means targets not carrying any device. Localization and tracking of device-free targets has attracted much attention due to its potential applications where the targets are not cooperative, such as safe guard system. In this paper, we propose a simple Line-Of-Sight (LOS) model and Hierarchical...
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Simulation on Denoising Method for Fiber Optic Gyroscope Signal

Ping Sun, Zhi-Lu Zhang, Xiang-Jin Wang, Zhe Li
Fiber Optics Gyroscopes (FOGs) are widely used due to their low cost. This paper proposes a simulation on denoising method for FOG signal. Hybrid Kalman filter algorithm are applied to denoise the FOG signal in both static and dynamic conditions. Single axis and three axis FOG signals with different...
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Mobility Management Requirements for Diverse 5G Wireless Networks

Saba Qasim Jabbar, Dheyaa Jasim Kadhim, Raed Abduljabbar Aljiznawi, Naseer Hwaidi Alkhazaali
Mobile users increased demand for access to mobile communication services is accelerating the technological development towards the integration into the various modes of wireless access communications with respect to coverage, QoS assurance, implementation, operational costs supported features, etc....
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Smart Helmet with Emergency Notification System-A Prototype

Sasirekha S., Joe Louis Paul I., Swamynathan S., Y. Gokul., P. Kirthana.
Motorcycles have higher rates of fatal accidents than any other automobiles in India. Hence, wearing a helmet alone is not sufficient to prevent accidents and save victims. Helmet wearing alone is not sufficient to save the life of a motor cyclist. The solution proposed in this work to address this life-threatening...
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An Improved Algorithm for Indoor Location

Xiao-Feng Liu, Dong-Xu Zhang, Si-Qi An, Xu Sun
In order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of indoor location, an improved algorithm of indoor location is proposed in this paper, which is much easier and faster to achieve by a common hardware. The proposed algorithm based on the isosceles triangle layout is much more convenient to extend the...
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A Web Page Classification Method Based on TCP/IP Header Features

Di Huang, Xin-Yi Zhang, Qi-Wei Tang
Web page classification has wide applications. Due to various types of web pages and vast amounts of network traffic, it is difficult to classify web pages by deeply inspecting the content of each packet. This paper presents a learning-based classification method according to TCP/IP header features....
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A Weak Signal Detection Method Based on Double Time Difference of Arrival Collaborative Mechanism

Jia-Xu Yu, Zheng-Bo Sun, Qing He, Xin-Xin Ouyang
Considering the weak signal of partial radiant point, the traditional TDOA(Time Difference of Arrival) detector cannot meet the requirement. A weak signal detection method based on double time difference collaborative mechanism is proposed. In this thesis, the double time difference collaborative detector...
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File Tracking Method and System Based on Life Cycle Tree

Guang-Yu Gu, Xiang Cai, Shu-Juan Zhang, Qing Yi, Kun Ding
There are many difficult challenges, such as variety, quantity, distribution etc. in the unstructured data tracking management, which lacks an effective file tracking management solution. In this paper, based on the storage mechanism of HBase, we propose a data life cycle tree storage structure, and...
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The Accessible Interactive Mode of Traditional Printing Based on Two-Dimensional Code

Lu-Na Mao, Xiao-Jie Huang, Zhi Yu, Wei Wang, Sheng Zhou
There is a serious barrier to the interaction between the visually impaired and traditional printing, so this paper proposed a new accessible interaction on the basis of the existing application Voiceye. The whole process is uploading editable text information that corresponds to paper material to the...
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Design of Power Quality Monitoring System Based on Wireless Network

Ke-Li Duan
In order to improve the real-time power quality monitoring, this paper presents a power quality monitoring system based on ZigBee, mainly comprising three parts, these are the monitoring system of power quality, composition data communications and monitoring center. Power system operation of power quality...
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A Distributed Solution for Fair Bandwidth Distribution among Data Flows in Wireless Networks

Ji-Yu Chen, Shi-Ping Chen
In wireless networks, it is important to ensure fairness among data flows in their access to network bandwidth. Providing end-to-end fairness in mobile networks is particularly challenging. This paper proposes a packet tagging and prioritized scheduling scheme that achieves fairness under network dynamics,...
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A Remote Monitoring and Decision-Making System for the Vehicle Rental

De Long, Jian-Jun Yi, Fei-xiang Xu, Xiao-Ming Zhu
Vehicle rental service is being developed greatly in recent 10 years. A remote monitoring and decision-making system is proposed in this paper. This system can help the lessors to supervise their vehicles in real time. It also facilitates the customers to acquire the real time status of the rented vehicle,...
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A Time-Slot Routing Protocol for Smart Home

Xiao Tian, Nan Chen, Xian-Deng He
By adopting ad hoc technique, the routing protocol of data network can be realized in smart home system. Due to the features of low moving speed, less number of nodes and high data rate, few present ad-hoc protocols are suitable for smart home data network. In order to make up the deficiencies of present...
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Fast Single Image Haze Removal Method based on Atmospheric Scattering Model

De-Wei Huang, Ke-Xin Chen, Jian-Qiang Lu, Wei-Xing Wang
In this paper, we propose an effective and efficient method to remove haze from a single input image. We first remove fine details from the minimum channel of RGB channels by a low-pass filter and then use it as a rough estimation of the transmission map. Then, we refine the rough estimation by using...
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Hardware Accelerating Design Of Image Matching With FNCC Similarity Measure Algorithm

Xiong-Bo Zhao, Song-Ling Wu, Liang-Liang Liu
Similarity measure is a usual image processing algorithm, which is decisive for the quality of image registration. And Fast Normalized Cross Correlation(FNCC) is one of the most common similarity matching algorithm. However, it is computationally intensive and very time consuming which limits its application....
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R/S Analysis in Mobile Social Networks

Wei Zheng, Kang Zhao
In this paper, a R/S analysis method based on clustering coefficient time series is presented to testify the mobile social networks (MSNs) is fractal and organized. It is found that MSNs are fractal in the scale of clustering coefficient. Then use the Hurst exponent to make some simple forecasts if the...
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A New Approach for Single Image Haze Removal

Jian-Qiang Lu, Wei-Xing Wang, De-Wei Huang, Ke-Xin Chen
We require the system for haze removal can process in real-time and have an accurate result. However, the existing algorithm can hardly meet the two requirements which we discuss above. In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm which is using the minimum channel in R, G, B and the difference of the...
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A Fire Monitoring Cloud Platform Based on Internet of Things

Fei-Xiang Xu, Jian-Jun Yi, Long De, Xiao-Ming Zhu
Based on the research of existing fire monitoring system, a fire monitoring cloud platform for monitoring building fire protection equipment status using Internet of Things (IoT) technology is proposed in this paper. The cloud platform consists of three layers: sensing communication layer, cloud computing...
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Green Video Streaming in LTE Networks: A Client-Side Method for Power Efficiency of Mobile Devices

Jing-Yu Zhang, Yuan-Yi Chen, Xiao-Dong Meng, Chen-Tao Wu, Li-Ting Xu, Riaz Ali
Nowadays mobile data traffic is soaring gradually year by year, the total monthly mobile data traffic (includes uplink and downlink) has come to more than 3,500 Petabytes and the growing trend is continuing. Video streaming demand is the significant contributor of cellular network data traffic, it accounted...
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A Variable-Parameter Coding Scheme Based on LDPC

Ling Zhao, Zhong Li, Man-Jie Zhu
The paper proposes a channel coding system with both error correction performance and security performance. The implementation of security performance is to construct a cluster of parity check matrices with the same structure and to replace check matrices constantly in the coding process, which can be...
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Design of Servo Motor Control System Based on POWERLINK Fieldbus

Dang-feng Pang, Jiang Wang, Li-Qiang Wang, Sheng-Li Lu
With the continuous development of science and technology, the servo motor control system based on real time industrial Ethernet is now more widely applied in the field of industrial automation than ever. This paper expounds the design of a servo motor control system based on POWERLINK Industrial Ethernet....
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LEACH Algorithm Improvement Based on Cluster Head Selection

Min-Sheng Tan, Chen-Cheng Wang, Miao Guo, Ting Xiang, Qun-Zhong Peng, Yang-Wei Li
In order to solve the problem of LEACH Algorithm cannot guarantee the larger residual energy node absolutely were elected as cluster head , and it consumes large amounts of energy for double counting of cluster head election, at the same time, the influence of the node distance for cluster head election...
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An Trust Model Based on Grey Relational Analysis and Cooperative Computing in Opportunity Networks

Jian-Bo Xu, Dan-Ping Shou
The existence of selfish nodes and malicious nodes pose a significant threat to the complex environment of opportunistic network. In order to improve the transmission security in bad environment, a multi-dimensional trust model GRATM(Grey Relational Analysis Trust Model) based on gray relational degree...
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A New Designated Verifier Proxy Signature in Standard Model

Li-Hong Guo, Hai-Tao Wu, Qing Yang
Proxy signature schemes have been suggested for use in a number of applications, so the security of proxy signature scheme is more and more important. However, at present, almost all the proxy signature schemas were proven secure in the random oracle model, which has received a lot of criticism. Recently,...
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Finite Element Method on Contact Problem of Non-newtonian Fluid Material

Lu-Lu Ma, Lei Hou
In this paper, we use finite element method to study contact problem of non-Newtonian fluid material. We focus on Cauchy equation which describes the velocity changes in the flow field. The space domain is discrete by Lagrange interpolation function with 16-point bicubic elements. The time domain is...
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Fast Parallel Compositon of Dunhuang Murals based on Matrix Tearing

Ming Chen, Yong-Chao Wang, Lei Zhao, Duan-Qing Xu
In this paper we have developed a robust scalable hybrid scheme for Fast Parallel compositon of Dunhuang murals based on Matrix Tearing. The large cost associated with solution of partitioned linear systems, which is required to perform the matrix-vector multiplication, was avoided by presenting a scheme...
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Joint Cooperative Diversity and Network Coding for Wireless Video Streaming

Gang Wang, Zhi-Yi Qu, Yong-Wen Li
The letter introduces random linear network coding (RLNC) based cooperative diversity transmission scheme to guarantee reliable wireless video streaming transmission. For Rayleigh block fading channel, RLNC assisted direct communication method increases packet reliability at high signal-to-noise ratio...
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Research on Traffic Monitoring Method of Elevated Road Based on DSP+FPGA

Rong-Bao Chen, Tian-Ze Fei, Ben-Xian Xiao, Peng Jiang, Dun-Hong Wang, Qian-Kun Zhang, Yu-Bing Pu, Ya-Feng Wu
Along with the development of the urban rapid transit, the overhead traffic monitoring, and according to the traffic situation in a timely manner to make all kinds of control, management, and induced measures is one of the development trend of urban intelligent transportation. In this paper, the video...
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A LDPC-Coded Distributed Alamouti Space-time Relay Cooperation Scheme over Rayleigh Fading Channels

Lei Tang, Wei-Wei Liu, Tian-Yu Wang
An efficient distributed Alamouti Space-time coded relay cooperation scheme is proposed over a Rayleigh fading channel, where structured irregular systematic low-densityparity-check (LDPC) codes are employed. In the known channel state information (CSI) scenario, a concatenation of combiner and joint...
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An Embedded Secondary Contention Window for In-Band Full-Duplex Enabled WLAN

Wen-Nai Wang, Xin-Meng Wang, Wei Wu
In-band full-duplex wireless techniques have provided an attractive opportunity to double both spectrum efficiency and network throughput. A shared wireless channel permits two sets of directional paths, one called by primary and the other by secondary, onto which two different pair of wireless stations...
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Analysis of Inter-Satellite Terahertz Communication Link

Yuan-Ming Ding, Shan Gao, Xin Shi, Hao Wu
The domestic and foreign status of terahertz wireless communication is introduced, and the paper analyzes the feasibility of ultra high speed short range and high speed long range inter-satellite terahertz communication. The capacity of inter-satellite terahertz communication system under the ideal additive...
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A Performance Optimization Model for Voice over IP Networks

Yao Lu, Rui Wang
In order to provide the same or better service quality in the Internet than traditional circuit-switched telephone network, there exist a number of issues to be dealt with that have hampered it in the Internet. These need good network planning and capacity management algorithms. The network performance...
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Optimal Slot Allocation Method for ITE Systems

Bin Zeng, Rui Wang
To achieve better performance and bandwidth in the mobile communication, some vendors have already introduced LTE service. The following issues concerning LTE such as performance estimation, throughput analysis, quality of service, voice/data integration are of great interest for deep research. Therefore,...
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Improvement in the Noise Characteristics of Optical Frequency Comb Based on Injection Locking

Jia-Xing Xie
Radio over fiber (ROF) systems are attractive solutions for broadband wireless access network due to its capacity for supporting high speed data rate transmission. And optical heterodyning is a promising method to generate microwave signals used in radio over fiber systems. Beating of the different modes...
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Novel Asymmetric U-Shaped Slot Antenna with WLAN Application

Qiang Chen, Hou Zhang, Tao Zhong, Xue-Liang Min, Lu-Chun Yang
A novel asymmetric U-Shaped slot antenna with WLAN application is proposed and fabricated. The proposed antenna consists of an asymmetric U-shaped slot and an inverted L-shaped slot which are designed to applied to WLAN devices, in addition, fed by a coplanar waveguide (CPW) Furthermore, Good agreement...
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Design of Bandpass Filter with High Selectivity Using Stepped Impedance Resonator

Xue-Liang Min, Hou Zhang, Tao Zhong, Qiang Chen
In this paper, a novel bandpass filter (BPF) with high selectivity and great out-of band suppression is proposed by using stepped impedance resonators (SIR) and defected ground structure. The measured 3-dB bandwidth of the proposed BPF is 2.62-2.72GHz; the maximum simulated insertion loss is 0.4 dB within...
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Personalized Differential Privacy Preserving Data Aggregation for Smart Homes

Xin-Yuan Zhang, Liu-Sheng Huang, Shao-Wei Wang, Zhen-Yu Zhu, Hong-Li Xu
The aggregation of residents' private data drives improvements in the smart homes, however it comes with compromising on privacy. Hence, privacy preservation has become an increasing requirement for residents. Since users might have different privacy requirements, and their privacy requirements might...
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Hybrid Data-Aided and Code-Aided Carrier Synchronization Schemes for Burst-Mode Communications

Jin-Hua Sun, Jing Cheng
For burst communication systems, high estimation accuracy and large estimation range cannot be achieved at the same time at low signal to noise ratio(SNR), a hybrid data-aided(DA) and code-aided(CA) carrier synchronization scheme is proposed. Firstly, the synchronization parameters coarse estimation...
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New PIC Scheme for Multi-Carrier DS-CDMA

Guo-Xiong Xu
This paper explores a new parallel interference cancellation (PIC) scheme for multi-carrier DS-CDMA. For the PIC scheme, frequency diversity technique and the linearization of soft decision function are used to simplify the complexity and improve the system performance. The theoretical analysis over...
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Multiple Powers Allocation Strategy under Sensing/Transmission Frame Structure in Cognitive Radio Networks

Dao-Yuan Ren, Shou-Yi Yang, Fang Wang, Liu-Jie Ji
In the traditional opportunity spectrum access cognitive radio system(OSA), the state of the primary user is assumed to be constant during the entire frame duration, the secondary user accesses licensed band with proper power only when primary user is detected idle. In fact, the state of the primary...
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Intelligent Access Control System for Vulnerable Group Based on Bluetooth Low Energy

Qi-Lu Hong, Ai-Jun Zhang, Yin-Hong Su
Nowadays, intelligent application has been widely used which has an ever-increasing effect on our daily life. However, some applications are too complex to operate especially for vulnerable group. This article aims at designing an use-friendly door lock for vulnerable group when they are home. Bluetooth...
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A New Discriminative Tracking Method Applied in Multi-rotor Unmanned Aircraft

Gang Wu, Xiao-Qin Zeng
Aiming at difficulties for vehicle tracking on the specific scenes such as fast motion, rotation, drastic illumination and scale change, a new discriminative tracking algorithm for moving vehicles is proposed in this paper. We incorporate low-rank sparse representation and dictionary learning with the...