Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Arts and Humanities 2022 (IJCAH 2022)

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Slamet Setiawan, Wulan Patria Saroinsong, Muhammad Nurul Ashar, Chinun Boonrongrut, Rojil N. B. Aji, Yuni Lestari, Lillyana Mulya, Galih W. Pradana, Riyadi Riyadi, Azmil Mohd Tayeb, Lina Purwaning Hartanti, Hujuala Rika Ayu
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Civic Education Teacher’s Strategies in Developing Discipline and Responsibility Character After the Covid 19 Pandemic

Listyaningsih Listyaningsih, Harmanto Harmanto, Dhinendra Choirum Min, Alfi Shah, Azila Nurul Fitria
The corona virus (Covid-19) that has spread since the beginning of 2020 has had an impact on changes in various fields of life, including in the world of education. Learning activities in schools before the COVID-19 pandemic were carried out face-to-face. However, during the pandemic there was a policy...
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Social Alienation of Thinking Narrowness

Dominance Power Relations and Hegemony of Historical Learning as Social Studies Learning Resources

Agus Suprijono, Riyadi Riyadi, Wisnu Wisnu, Nuansa Bayu Segara, Chrisnawanto Nugroho
The purpose of the study was to analyze the meaninglessness of learning history in students. The meaninglessness of learning is a form of social alienation. The process of achieving research objectives begins with data collection through in-depth interviews and observation techniques. Interviews were...
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Critical Discourse Analysis of Economical History Content in Social Science Textbooks for Junior High School

Nasution Nasution, Septina Alrianingrum, Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji, Dinar Rizky Listyaputri, R. Ahmad Arif Wahyudi
The role of textbooks is very important because it has a significant impact on students. The purpose of this study is to analyse the National History Textbook in the Field of Economic History. The research method is using Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). The CDA research technique first determines...
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Reinvention of Learning System as a Strategy to Improve School Quality in Post-pandemic Era

Arifah Setyaningrum, Karwanto Karwanto, Bambang Sigit Widodo
This study describes the quality of improvement strategy reinvented by SD Muhammadiyah 1 and 2 Taman Sidoarjo through innovation of learning system in the post-pandemic era. In its learning system, SD Muhammadiyah 1 and 2 Taman Sidoarjo is not only focus on teaching religious values, but also balance...
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Development of Leadership Textbooks to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

M. Noer Falaq Al Amin, Tauran Tauran, Suci Megawati, Trenda Aktiva Oktariyanda, Marisa Tiffany, Muhammad Dikry Romdhonie, Dewi Widyaningrum, Umi Nur Habibah
One of the main subject in Public administration undergraduate program is leadership. There are many books about leadership, however not all of those existing leadership book develop based on high education student learning need The Leadership textbook is really important to support learning activity...
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Attacks on Medical Personnel in International Armed Conflict Situations in International Law

Elisabeth Septin Puspoayu, Dimas Agung Firmansyah
In the international armed conflict, one of the protected parties is a medical officer. Medical officers in international humanitarian law have legal protections that must always be respected and obeyed by the parties to the International Armed Conflict following article 24 of the 1949 Geneva convention,...
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The Authority of Regional Head Officials According to Law Number 10 Year 2016

Hananto Widodo, Intan Lovinsonya, Elisabeth Septin Puspoayu, Bacrul Amiq, Fridina Tiara Khanza, Madaniyah Anugrah Murti
This study aims to analyze two things. First, how the authority of the acting Regional Head according to Law No. 10 of 2016. Second, what are the legal implications of the authority of the acting Regional Head? The method used is legal research using primary and secondary legal materials and then analyzed...
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Redistribution of Land for the Plantation in Indonesia

Dita Perwitasari, Tamsil Tamsil, S. Indri Fogar, Mahendra Wardhana, Purnamawarni Gulo, Juwita Sascia Nuryasa
Farmers and fishermen have a very strategic position in fulfilling the food of the Indonesian people. So it is necessary to increase agricultural and fishery commodities. Agrarian conflicts and land disputes are one of the frictions that interfere with the effectiveness of agricultural and fishery life....
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Problems of Correctional Supervisors at Class 1 Surabaya Correctional Institutions in Carrying Out Their Duties

Pudji Astuti, Vita Mahardhika, Gelar Ali Ahmad
The Ministry of Law and Human Rights noted that 5061 inmates were released from prison. They were released through an assimilation and integration program to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Inmates who are released have to under the guidance and supervision of the Class I Surabaya Correctional Center...
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Portrait Handling Criminal Acts with Restorative Justice at the Police Institution

Emmilia Rusdiana, Taufiqul Hakim As’ad
The reason for the preparation of formal requirements in Police Regulation Number 8 Year 2021 concerning Handling Crimes Based on Restorative Justice is that there is compensation as a follow-up to the settlement of agreements on criminal acts. This study aims to analyze the compensation by the parties...
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The Urgency of Providing Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Centers in the Country of Placement

Arinto Nugroho, Dimas Agung Firmansyah, Farah Dinda Dzakiyah Ashilah, Evita Permatasari
The state must provide job opportunities for all its citizens, because all citizens have the right to a decent life and their rights must be protected. However, in Indonesia there are still few available job opportunities, so many Indonesians choose to work abroad or can be referred to as Indonesian...
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Delivery Business Owner Responsibilities in Damaged Goods Caused by the Employees Based on the Indonesian Consumers’ Protection Law

Taufik Hidayatul Rahman, Desi Apriani, Zulherman Idris, Puti Mayang Seruni
The increase in the amount of users of goods delivery services has brought potential losses to the consumers. Human error such as, damaged goods, lost goods, wrong shipping addresses, etc. may increase, along with the increasing delivery of goods every day. This research aims to find out how the Business...
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Legal Protection for Consumer’s Rights in the Ordering House to Developer

Ariyani Ariyani, Abd Thalib, Surizki Febrianto, Nur Aisyah Thalib
This study aimed to analyse the responsibility of the developer to the buyer due to default/breach of contract matter, and legal protection of consumer’s rights for no promise in ordering house to developer in full fill it. This research uses the type of literature study, or doctrinal, while the survey...
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Legal Protection of Bank Confidential Security After Constitutional Court Decision Number 64/PUU-X/2012

Putra Kubando, Rosyidi Hamzah, Yusri Munaf, Sridevi Ayunda
Bank confidentiality regulations is intended to protect customer confidentiality and ensuring data confidentiality related to customer deposits, especially regarding their financial condition. The Indonesian regulation on maintaining customer confidentiality is regulated in Article 40 Paragraph (1) of...
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The Fulfillment of Human Rights of Disabled Person in Surabaya City

Iman Pasu Purba, Rahmanu Wijaya, Ahmad Nizar Hilmi, Irma Lianna Nabilah, Alifia Widianti
The Indonesian government’s real commitment to realizing Human Rights for its citizens is contained in Presidential Regulation Number 53 of 2021 concerning the National Action Plan for Human Rights (RANHAM) with four focus groups, including children, women, persons with disabilities, and indigenous peoples....
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Juridic Review of Different Religion Divorce on Islamic and Catholic Religions

Budi Hermono, Nurul Hikmah, Astrid Amidiaputri Hasyyati
The Supreme Court’s decision Number 1400K/Pdt/1986 provides the basis that interfaith marriages can be requested for a court order as a registration application at the Civil Registry Office. The verdict is for couples of different religions who want to get married in Indonesia and register their marriages...
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Implementation of the “Sippadu 2.0” in Terms of Public Service Innovation Successes

Trenda Aktiva Oktariyanda, Ngukup Cahyo Achmadja
The government and public sector organizations must be able to meet people’s expectations in providing fast, accurate, affordable, and innovative services in welcoming the Industrial Revolution 4.0 as well as in emergencies such as the Covid-19 pandemic which we may not know about in the future. One...
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Building the Capacity of Village Apparatus in an Intergovernmental Network Approach

Muhammad Farid Ma’ruf, Moh. Mudzakkir, Dewi Widyaningrum
The consequences implementation of Law No. 6 of 2015 concerning Villages, is the strengthening of the authority of the village government in managing activities and development in the village. The wider authority in managing village government requires a good level of competence for village officials...
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Bojonegoro Local Wisdom as a Source of Social Sciences

Sukma Perdana Prasetya, Ketut Prasetyo, Riyadi, Heny Rachmawati, Putri Nabilla, Armawati Hidayati
Each region has unique potential and can be used as an interesting dish if the local culture can be explored and maximized in its form in a culture in the form of regional culture that has artistic value or performing arts. In the field of culture, Bojonegoro Regency has a lot of local cultural wisdom...
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Rural Teenagers Reorientation Toward Technology in Gresik, East Java

Muhammad Ilyas Marzuqi, Ali Imron, Moch Anan Charismadeyanto
Nowadays, the use of internet and technology is getting more massive. Kominfo and APJII in 2010 found that there were 40 million of the internet user in Indonesia and 64% of them were adolescence. Early adolescence is characterized by emotional instability and weak self-regulation and control. This condition...
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Bonek Dare to Write: Preaching Bonek’s Positive Activities through Journalism

Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji, Agus Trilaksana, Septina Alrianingrum, Esa P. B. G. G. Patridina
In Indonesia, there are many football fan communities. Among them are bonek, namely a group of rabid supporters who support the legendary club Persebaya Surabaya. When we talk about bonek, what often comes to mind are supporters who are identical with violence and get a negative label. In fact, if traced...
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“My Treasure from Piles of Garbage”: Benowo Surabaya Scavengers in the Study of Daily Life

Wisnu Wisnu, Artono Artono, Esa P. B. G. G. Patridina
This study discusses a new perspective on writing Indonesian history by presenting a model of the History of Daily Life. This theme is interesting to be raised because the previous historical writing model presents more historical writing that is ruler-centric. The objects that will be studied are the...
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Banking Business Credit: Choice Between Riba or the Need for Business

Study of MSME Entrepreneurs in Surabaya and Sidoarjo

Diyah Utami, Pambudi Handoyo, Fransiscus Xaverius Sri Sadewo, Mutiah Mutiah, Fakhrial Fakhrial
This research started from the interest of researchers to see the reluctance of some people to the assistance program offered by the government in the form of bank credit. The reluctance is because credit contains elements of usury, which is contrary to Islamic spiritual values. But, on the other hand,...
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Juminten’s Revolution

Critical Discourse Analysis on the Struggle of Women Migrant Workers Through Social Media

F. X. Sri Sadewo, M. Jacky, Farid Pribadi, Refti Handini Listyani
Life as a TKW (women migrant worker) is not an easy thing. First, being a TKW is not the initial goal of her life. The agricultural revolution has marginalized them from rural life. Success stories from the surrounding environment and supported by minimal material support forced them to work abroad....
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Mundjidah Wahab’s Victory Factor in the 2018 Jombang Regional Head Election

Agus Machfud Fauzi, Moh Mudzakir, Novi Fitia Maliha, M. Arif Affandi, Silkania Swarizona
The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) carried out in Jombang Regency in 2018, led to Regional Head Candidate Mundjibah Wahab being elected as Regent in the 2018 Pilkada. He as deputy regent could beat his running mate, Regent Nyono Suharli Wihandoko. The purpose of this study is to explore the...
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Autopoeisis of Local Media in East Java in the Era of Information Disruption

Awang Dharmawan, Putri Aisyiyah Rachma Dewi, Favian Daffa Gusma
Information disruption in the digital era creates two sides, namely opportunities and challenges. The speed of access to information and interactivity encourages all to become sources of information, even the phenomenon of influencers on social media that can create personal media such as podcasts, YouTube...
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Public Participation in Social Media: Content Analysis on Comments Section of @Surabaya

Gilang Gusti Aji, Galuh Gita Indrajayani
This study aims to look at the form of public participation in the digital era and focus on the relationship between the Government of Surabaya City with the public. The object of this research is the comments submitted on Instagram @surabaya, which the Public Relations of the Surabaya City Government...
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Marketing Communication by Businesses in the Cerebral Palsy Community

Mutiah Mutiah, Diyah Utami, Tsuroyya Tsuroyya, Vinda Maya Setianingrum, Fitri Norhabiba
The cerebral palsy family community is a group of parents who have children with brain paralysis. In this community they have a variety of activities aimed at therapy so that it can stimulate their child’s motor, sensory and cognitive abilities. Members of this community are very active in participating...
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Exploring Media-Management Resilience in Pandemic Situation

Putri Aisyiyah Rachma Dewi, Awang Dharmawan, Favian Daffa Gusma
Media management is a key element in the organization of mass media. Media management also maintains a balance between the dual functions of the media, as a news-business and as a social institution. The media is required to be able to become a source of livelihood for all its workers and bring profits...
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Brand Resilience of Local Tourism in the Pandemic Era

Puspita S. Sukardani, Trenda A. Oktariyanda, Fenina Wulansari, Qurri A. Zumroti
The outbreak of global pandemic in 2019–2021 has affected the survival of brands in business and tourism due to the social restrictions. One of the most impacted brand is local brand, including the Kampoeng Batik Jetis, a tourist village located in the city of Sidoarjo, one major city in East Java, Indonesia,...
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Community Empowerment and Participation in Brantas Watershed Management

Pudji Astuti, Rr Nanik Setyowati, Anam Miftakhul Huda
The size of the Brantas River Basin in the management of the Watershed. The research method used in this article is descriptive qualitative research. In the context of research with a qualitative approach, interviews with informants were conducted. Determination of informants is based on knowledge, experience,...
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Improvement of Tourism Branding in Jember Regency

Anam Miftakhul Huda, Puspita Sari Sukardani, Tsuroyya, Danang Tandyonomanu, Awang Dharmawan
Sidomulyo Village is a Village Tour in Silo District, Jember Regency which has many natural tourism objects. The main problems faced by partners are (1) as a village that has many tourism objects, Sidomulyo Village does not yet have a branding for the Village Tourism, (2) some tourism objects in Sidomulyo...
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Training in Making Promotional Videos as MSME Product Marketing Media

Mutiah, Gilang Gusti Aji, Vinda Maya Setianingrum, Putri Aisyiyah, Vialentina Khifinanda Safira
Micro, small and medium enterprises in Taman Sub-district, Sidoarjo Regency are productive small business activities. They produce many products including types of food, beverages, and handicrafts. Their products have the quality that can compete in the market, these products are accommodated and sold...
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Video Profile Cinematic as Media Branding and Promotion of “Batik Ciprat” Rumah Kinasih

Vinda Maya Setianingrum, Muh Ariffudin Islam, Diastian Vinaya Wijanarko
One of the uniqueness of Batik Ciprat is that it was created by people with disabilities, which include mental disabilities, people with mental disorders, sensory deaf, speech, blind, and physically disabled people. In this case, a way is needed to introduce and promote products, both commercial and...
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Designing Surabaya Heritage Theme for Hopscotch Playmat of Kampoeng Dolanan

Asidigisianti Surya Patria, Nova Kristiana, Martadi, Amalia Rizky Novitasari Said, Aliya Indri Rohanindya
Kampoeng Dolanan Surabaya is a community that actively introduces Indonesian traditional games. This community is located in the Kenjeran Village area, RT 04 RW 02, Simokerto Village, Simokerto District, Surabaya. The Kampoeng Dolanan community often conducts roadshows to promote traditional games outside...
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Analysis of Twitter Users Sentiment of the Phenomenon of Using Online Loan Services

Nofy Afifah Anggrahini
Online loans (pinjol) are common in Indonesian lives in recent years. Easy requirements and only need to be done via a smartphone does not mean that the loan is free from flaws and dangers. Today’s social media can be a reflection of people’s thoughts on a phenomenon or event and knowing public sentiment...
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Public Response to Student Demonstration Behavior 2022

Nur Jannah
The involvement of students in demonstrations is a response to socioeconomic and political conditions that are felt to have not been able to prosper the people. Some time ago, it was the talk of netizens on social media, especially Twitter about the discourse of students throughout Indonesia who carried...
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Clover Traders and Economic Geographic Perspective in Surabaya Area

Rindawati, Ita Mardiani Zain, Mawar Setya Ningrum
This study aims to identify the existential strategies implemented by clover traders as actors in the informal culinary sector in the city of Surabaya. This study focuses on clover basket coping strategies from the perspective of economic geography. The method used is a qualitative descriptive research...
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Social Construction of Muslim Students on Gender Equality

Salma Salsabila, S. Salma Qotrunada
This research departs from issues related to gender equality which has been a problem that has been highlighted, especially in Indonesia. So far, there are many pros and cons in the community when discussing gender issues, especially related to gender equality. The socio-cultural construction of society...
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Mainstreaming Religious Moderation in Preventing Radicalisms in Contemporary Indonesia: A Case of Muhammadiyah

David Efendi, Bachtiar Dwi Kurniawan, Alam Mahadika, Moch Edward Trias Pahlevi, Azka Abdi Amrurobbi
This research will narrate Muhammadiyah’s response to stemming Radicalism. Muhammadiyah’s response offers a Moderation program to combat Radicalism. Post-reform, it experienced radicalization in ideological forces. This form of Radicalism is not only within the scope of religious ideology but also included...
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The Rise of “Polygamy” Campaign in Contemporary Social Media

Lutfiyah Alindah
Albeit polygamy is culturally accepted in Indonesia, it remains a controversial issue. Local perception to this topic relates to the cultural and religious interpretation. While many people use social media of Facebook as a space for expression, such campaign on polygamy arise and widespread in this...
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Questions on the Impact of Social Sciences and Subaltern Representation in Third World Countries

Wahyudi Akmaliah
Throughout Spivack’s work as a theory and using self-reflectivity as method, this article examines the representation of scholars’ problems from the developing country that studied the subalternity by proposing Indonesia’s case through the two figures. There are myself as a former researcher at human...
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Social Media and Green Movement: Investigating the Influence of GreenPeaceID’s Twitter on Environmental Issues

Alim Bubu Swarga, David Efendi, Febriana Andiani Putri, Anjas Rizky Pratama
Social media in providing and disseminating information is crucial in the rapid flow of information and technological sophistication. The absence of distance and time constraints makes the use of social media a vital alternative to providing massive and more effective dissemination of information. In...
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Framing Analysis The News of Social Funding Covid-19 Corruption Case on Online Media

Favian Daffa Gusma, Gusti Ayu Yulia Dewi, Fathir Rofi Ghaniyu, Awang Dharmawan
Media always using framing when reporting an incident. Framing depends on the value that media held and what issues that media want to up. In the case of corruption of social assistance funds carried out Juliari Batubara, the punishment has been released by the court. Lots of online news media report...
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The Application of Elaboration Likelihood Model in the @campaign_id Account for Millennials to Take Social Action

Fitri Norhabiba, Mutiah
Social platforms in Indonesia that are engaged in the social sector are spreading. Movements for social change initiated by young people and their actions are easy to find, which has moved many young people. The @campaign_id account is one that has an active social movement and regularly provides information....
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A Documentary Design of Coffee Farmers’ Resistance Through Grassroot Movement

Danang Tandyonomanu, Anam Miftakhul Huda, Puspita Sari Sukardani, Tsuroyya, Gilang Gusti Aji
This study aims to develop a documentary film related to the resistance of coffee farmers in Jember, Indonesia. This documentary is expected to provide history education of the village community struggle in keeping and taking advantage of the plantation for the community’s economy. Data were collected...
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Leisure Time for Kartu Indonesia Pintar Kuliah (KIP-K) Students During Holidays in the Post-Pandemic Period

Farid Pribadi, Esa PBGG Patridina, Agung Stiawan, Eka Puji Astuti, Elisa Diaz Agustina
One of the efforts to improve student achievement is to be given space to participate actively and productively, both on campus and during lectures. Students who are recipients of the Indonesia Smart College Card Scholarship (KIP-K) are one type of student that is interesting to study about how to use...
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Absorption of Carbondioxide (CO2) on Jl. Dr. Ir. H. Soekarno Road (MERR) Surabaya

Muzayanah, Eko Budiyanto, Nugroho Hari P, Aida Kurniawati, Tri Sasongko, Adis Aditya
Middle East Ring Road (MERR) Surabaya City or Jl. Dr. Ir. H. Soekarno Surabaya is the main arterial road in the East Surabaya area. This road including the national road in the East Surabaya area. The function as a national road causes this road section to become one of the most populous roads in Surabaya....
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Environmentally Friendly Waste Management in South Surabaya

Dian Ayu Larasati, Bambang Hariyanto, Avidh Zulkhan Mahmud
Until now, the waste problem has always been one of the main issues in every Regency/City. Waste management is an integral part of the sanitation management of settlements. Where the sanitation conditions of good and healthy settlements are determining the degree of public health. Therefore, to create...
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Youth Voters’ Views on the Phenomenon of Money Politics

Maya Mustika Kartika Sari, Agus Satmoko Adi, Mi’rojul Huda, Warsono
In postmodern society, the symptoms of political participation and the nature of democratic freedom have resulted in the phenomenon of money politics in election contestation. This can not only appear in political organizations and communities but also develops in other communities that have no political...
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Assistive Technology in Improving Daily Living Activities of Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Nika Rizki Nur Prawitasari, Asri Wijiastuti, Budiyanto Budiyanto
This study aims to describe the impact of assistive technology on the self-development ability of children with intellectual disabilities. The method used in this study is a literature study with research data sources obtained from relevant literature such as scientific articles and books. The data collection...
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Transformation of Higher Education Curriculum in Indonesia: Effectiveness of Application in the Accounting Department

Ambar Kusumaningsih, Mariana Mariana, Merlyana D. Yanthi, Rohmawati Kusumaningtias
Since 2020, the Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, State University of Surabaya, has used the MBKM curriculum. To implement the new curriculum, the accounting department runs the Lecturer Exchange Program in collaboration with six universities. The purpose of this research is to...
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The Role of School as a Protective Factor in Built Youth Resilience

Rahmasari Diana
School is the second environment after the family that can provide a protective function for adolescents to avoid the evil influences of the environment. The school has a substitute function when the family environment cannot provide positive support and attention. However, not all cultures see the critical...
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Upper Body Range of Motion Correlation Toward Elementary School Students’ Manipulative Skill

Muchamad Arif Al Ardha, Nurhasan Nurhasan, Kolektus Oky Ristanto, Chung Bing Yang, Wei Jhe Lin, Ainun Zulfikar Rizki, Rizki Satrio Utomo, Andika Bayu Putro, Sauqi Sawa Bikalawan
This study aimed to evaluate the correlation between upper body range of motion toward manipulative skills. The upper body range of motion variables was arm flexion, arm extension, arm abduction, and arm adduction. The manipulative skill variable was ball throwing velocity, measured by a speed gun. The...
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Prepare a Roadmap for Community Service in Education

Mochamad Nursalim, Wagino Wagino, Bambang Dibyo Wiyono, Supriyanto Supriyanto
This study aims to develop a community service roadmap that meets the acceptability criteria: usability, feasibility, and accuracy. This research is development research with research procedures referring to the ADDIE. The data obtained were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively to measure the usefulness,...
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Group Guidance Guide with Surabaya Cultural Values for Students

Denok Setiawati
This study aims to produce a guide for Surabaya culturally charged groups that meet the acceptability criteria: usability, feasibility, accuracy, and decency. This type of research adapts Borg&Gall’s development research with the procedure up to the 7th stage. The field test is two guidance and counseling...
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Group Guidance with Local Values to Improve Understanding of the Typical Words in Surabaya

Denok Setiawati, Eko Darminto, Najlatun Naqiyah, Evi Winingsih
The purpose of this study was to test the level of students’ understanding before and after the implementation of group guidance which burdened the local strength of Surabaya. This type of research is experimental research with one group pretest-posttest design. The sample of this study was 10 people...
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Development of Virtual Science Laboratory as an Alternative Learning Media

Farida Istianah, Mintohari Mintohari, Suryanti Suryanti, Julianto Julianto, Nadia Lutfi Choirunnisa
One of the skills needed in the elementary science learning process is science process skills. Science process skills will be carried out well if facilitated by a laboratory. As we all know, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is undoubtedly challenging to make students able to meet face-to-face in the...
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Sports Coaching and Management Internship Experience and Performance

Rowena Tolledo Albao
Internships are increasingly becoming an essential component of educational preparation. The study evaluated sports coaching and management internship experience and performance of Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences (BSESS) students at Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology....
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Virtual Reality Development for the Physically Disabled

Sujarwanto Sujarwanto, Budi Purwoko, Beni Setiawan, Kartika Rinakit Adhe
Children with special needs experience physical, mental-intellectual, social, and emotional limitations that affect growth and development. Children with special needs in Indonesia are estimated to be between 3–7% under the age of 18 years, with the most category being Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral palsy...
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The Block Building Bandura’s as the Basic for Career Development

Evi Winingsih, Kartika Rinakit Adhe
Careers in the 21st century are increasingly diverse and challenging for the current generation. This raises new challenges in the career field, especially in school. How can guidance and counseling teachers provide appropriate services from a career theory point of view? What is the content to watch...
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Identifying Teaching Skills of Indonesian Prospective Elementary Teachers with Microteaching Technology 2.0

Neni Mariana, Ulhaq Zuhdi, Natasha Anne Rappa, Susan Ledger, John Fischetti
As prospective elementary school teachers, students in the department of elementary teacher education (PGSD) are equipped with the basics of teaching skills through microteaching courses. However, in Indonesia, no microteaching courses utilize technology to help students develop their teaching skills....
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Augmented Reality in Improving Photographing Skills in Educational Technology Students

Hirnanda Dimas Pradana, Andi Kristanto
The digital era has penetrated all sectors of the world except education. Augmented reality-based media is one of the products in the digitalization era. Augmented reality can help students in their learning activities. Photographing skills are one of the competencies for students of Educational Technology,...
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Ape Taktor to Increase the Ability to Recognize the Concept of Number Symbols in Early Children

Sri Widiyanti, Sri Setyowati, Mallevi Agustin Ningrum, Firda Ashlikhatul Kirom
One of the principles of learning for early childhood is at the age of 5–6 years, namely being active, creative, and fun, which can be realized by using educational game tools (APE). In the use of educational game tools, there is an element of fun learning because children will play while learning. APE...
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Developing Busy Book for Children Mitigation Preparedness

Muhammad Reza, Melia Dwi, Dewi Komalasari, Mega Silvia
Learning activities for flood disasters must be integrated into learning programs in the education sector. This research aims to determine the development process and feasibility of busy book media as a mitigation lesson for children aged 5–6. Media busy book “Super Kid Respond to Flood Disaster” contains...
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Short-Term Memory Ability Through Traditional Games

Kartika Rinakit Adhe, Mallevi Agustin Ningrum, Mochamad Nursalim, Sujarwanto Sujarwanto
Memory in early childhood is a part of development because it is closely related to children’s cognitive abilities. This study aims to determine the impact of traditional games on children’s short-term memory. Short-term memory in this study was used because all activities were repeated in early childhood....
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Copyright Awareness and Management in Flexible Learning: Challenges and Initiatives in the New Normal

John Joshua Federis Montañez
This study aims to determine the level of awareness of the Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology teaching personnel in terms of Copyright ranging from basic and advanced knowledge, Open Educational Resources (OERs) to Creative Commons (CCs). The survey, case study, and action research...
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Impact of Ice Breaking Learning Activities on Children in Neuropsychological Perspective

Dewi Komalasari, Sri Widayati, Mochamad Nursalim, Sujarwanto Sujarwanto
The purpose of this study was to analyze the impact of ice-breaking learning activities on children from a neuropsychological perspective. Neuropsychological perspective in early childhood studies, where a child has a surplus of energy. This causes children to be active and energetic, so children need...
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Development of Android-Based Social Stories in Teaching Social Behavior for Children with Autism

Novi Isniawati, Siti Masitoh, I. Ketut Budayasa
Children with autism have obstacles in social behavior. The application of media can be used for children with autism who have obstructions in social behavior and other children with special needs who have barriers in social behavior. This study aims to develop android-based social media stories which...
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National Qualification Framework (NQF) to Promote Quality in Higher Education: Perspectives of English Educators in ASEAN Countries

Silfia Asning Tias, Waraporn Tongjean, Soe Soe Win
The qualification Framework has been widely researched for the past two decades. Implementing a National Qualification Framework (NQF) aims to ensure Quality, thus promoting the accountability of the educational program in a country. This research explores the perspectives of English educators in ASEAN...
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Pre-school Teachers’ Burnout: Examining the Relation to the Quality of Student-Teacher Interaction

Karina Dewi Masitha, Novi Anggraeni, Wulan Patria Saroinsong
Educators play the most crucial role in children’s academic formation and social and emotional development. Teachers often face stress and challenges, which make them prone to burnout. High levels of burnout cause severe damage to children’s development and learning achievement and can damage relationships...
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The Effect of Work-Based Learning Training Model on the Creativity of Training Participants at Job Training Center Bojonegoro

Ristanto, Rusijono, Fajar Arianto
The importance of human resources is based on the fact that human resources are the essential elements of every company. Human resources can determine the advantages of a company because human resources are goal makers, innovators, communication, creativity, and strategy for the company. This study aimed...
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Nadhom Irsyadul Murid: Strategy Formation of Changed Behavior for Students Cottage Boarding School

Fikri Maulana Nurdiansyah
This study examines the use of Nadhom Irsyadul Murid teaching materials to improve and educate new students’ behavior or sound morals at the Assholach Islamic Boarding School. The research design used a qualitative descriptive approach with a field research model which aims to understand the phenomenon...
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Pedagogical Modification in Instilling Moral Values Prompted by COVID-19 Pandemic

Ratna Sari, M. Nurul Ikhsan Saleh, Anita Aisah
Changing the learning technique in school from traditional classrooms to online or blended learning classes is difficult for teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Particularly for kindergarten teachers. This study intends to examine the kindergarten teacher’s methods, challenges, and benefits for cultivating...
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Lesson Study as Innovation in Learning Literacy Supervision at Elementary School

Aminah Nudiya Lissholati, Rusijono Rusijono, Sri Setyowati
Supervision is an activity that is planned to assist teachers and school staff in carrying out their work effectively to improve the learning process. Teachers are one of the determining factors for high or low-quality educational outcomes. Various efforts can be made to improve the quality of literacy...
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Anti-bullying Programs in Indonesia: An Integrative Review of Elementary Schools

Vicky Dwi Wicaksono
Cases of bullying that occur in elementary schools are increasing and are enough to attract the attention of world education and psychology experts. Various efforts have been made to reduce the number of bullying behavior. One of them is by creating an Anti-Bullying Program in schools. The purpose of...
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Overcoming Procrastination; Cognitive Restructuring to Support Positive Behavior Change

Siti Ina Savira, Fadhillah Nur Lathifah
The present study is aimed to describe the implementation of cognitive restructuring to support positive behavior change in a procrastinator. A single case study is reported by observing a subject as she is introduced to the cognitive restructuring technique. The intervention is conducted in three stages;...
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Academic Anxiety Levels Students with Disabilities in University “X”

Onny Fransinata Anggara, Satiningsih Satiningsih
Various challenges and obstacles experienced by people with disabilities in the educational environment in recent years are still experiencing difficulties in achieving their goals, especially in terms of education. This study is to determine the level of academic anxiety of students with disabilities....
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Students’ Academic Stress in Hybrid Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Riza Noviana Khoirunnisa, Ira Darmawanti, Damajanti Kusuma Dewi, Hermien Laksmiwati
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrating a decline in incidence in Indonesia, hybrid learning started to be used. Students exposed to this learning change have academic challenges that lead to academic stress. Students who experience academic stress report feeling overwhelmed, impatient, distant, easily...
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Efficacy of Subsidy Quota Usage to Support Learning in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Misran Rahman
This study aims to describe the efficacy of free quota used by students at Gorontalo State University in learning activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. The description overviews the learning type during the Covid-19 pandemic, an application used by lecturers and instructors during learning activities,...
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The Implementation of Organization Diagnosis in Vocational High School

Umi Anugerah Izzati, Oliviea Prabandini Mulyana
This study aims to determine how effective the implementation of the Vocational High School Organization is, in terms of goals, structure, leadership, relationships, rewards, and mechanisms. This research method uses descriptive quantitative. Data collection techniques through questionnaires. The results...
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Contribution of Understanding Job Description and Workload with Readiness to Change in Employees

Meita Santi Budiani, Riza Noviana Khoirunnisa, Damajanti Kusuma Dewi, Shintya Devina Putri Santoso, Nabila Athifa Wediana
This study aims to determine the influence of understanding job descriptions and workloads on employee readiness to change. Individual understanding of the responsibilities that must be carried out in an organization, agency, or company is essential to be considered by employees, especially in the face...
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Reading Comprehension in EFL: An Overview

Kusumarasdyati Kusumarasdyati
This paper provides a general overview of reading comprehension in English as a foreign language (EFL). Reading comprehension is defined as the process of constructing meaning from the printed text, involving cognitive and social factors. There are three types of reading processes: bottom-up, top-down...
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Analysis of Implementation of Mechanical Engineering Internship Work Practice

Rachmad Syarifudin Hidayatullah, Maniarti, Titie Winarti, Wahyu Dwi Kurniawan, Maisarah Azizah
One of the curriculum’s contents always exists is internship, fieldwork practice, or dual system education. Internship Job Training or in Indonesian Magang Praktik Kerja (MPK) is a learning process given to students in the workplace (experiential learning) which is carried out for 1 semester (6 months)....
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Srikandi Street School and Critical Education for Female Street Children

Rr. Nanik Setyowati, Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji, Ali Imron
Various problems that are often experienced by street girls when working on the streets are such as verbal violence, physical violence, psychological violence, and sexual violence. This study aims to describe the educational empowerment of female street children who are not sheltered through the Srikandi...
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Student’s Technology Acceptance of Technomarketing Tools in Entrepreneurship Activities in Integrated Islamic Boarding School

Ika Diyah Candra Arifah, Achmad Kautsar, Hafid Kholidi Hadi, Salma Nabila, Muhammad Aditia
Entrepreneurship education aims to train students for innovative, brave life skills, an entrepreneurial spirit (rather than an employee mindset), advanced persons, and a higher quality of life. The content of the craft and entrepreneurship classes in entrepreneurship education is aimed at considering’...
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Student Perceptions of Learning During the Implementation Curriculum of the Independent Learning Independent Campus

Wahyu Dwi Mulyono, Gde Agus Yudha Prawira Adistana, Danayanti Azmi Dewi Nusantara
The Curriculum of Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) aims to produce students who have competencies according to the interests and talents of these students and the needs of the world of work. The MBKM curriculum provides greater opportunities for students to study outside the campus thereby...
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How's the Self-concept and Adaptation-Interaction Challenges of Generation Z in the Workplace?

Mailani Fadilah, Prahastiwi Utari, Mahendra Wijaya
Research on Generation Z is more specific about self-concept and adaptation interaction in Generation Z carried out in the workplace. This article is to determine and describe the effect of the post-millennial (Generation Z) in the future and to explain self-concept in generation Z employee communication...
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Learning Evaluation Based on ICT

Agung Listiadi
The specific objectives to be achieved are to produce the instructional material in the form of validated and tested evaluation tools that are limited to the subject and have been tested in learning that can be used as a try-out student, able to increase motivation and study habit and able to overcome...
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Comparison of Academic Performance in Face-to-Face and Distance Learning

Pasca Dwi Putra, Ivo Selvia Agusti, Pebri Hastuti, Andri Zainal
The development of the Covid-19 pandemic is now starting to improve. The decrease in daily cases made all activities return to normal, including the education sector. The government provides opportunities for blended learning where lectures are conducted face-to-face and remotely. This study aims to...
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Factors Affecting Academic Dishonesty: Empirical Study on Distance Learning

Revita Yuni, Hendra Saputra, Ivo Selvia Agusti, Pasca Dwi Putra
The Covid-19 pandemic forces us to do distance learning to suppress the spread. However, there are problems, and one of them is academic dishonesty in providing sources of information, compiling references, doing assignments, and other academic violations. This research aims to determine the effect of...
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Implementation of CIPP Model as an Evaluation of Achievement Development Programs in Petanque Sport

Abdul Hafidz
The purpose of this research was to analyze the process of implementing the East Java petanque sports achievement development program in terms of context, input, process and product. This type of research includes the CIPP model evaluation research with quantitative and qualitative approaches. The subjects...
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Application of Tracer Study for Alumni Mapping and Reorientation of Graduate Profiles

Fendi Achmad, Z. Syariffuddien, Endryansyah Endryanyah
The Electrical Engineering Education Study Program is one of the study programs within the Faculty of Engineering, State University of Surabaya. The Electrical Engineering Education Program must always develop itself based on real data. One of the data bases in the development of the Electrical Engineering...
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Exploration of Leading Villages as a Guide Source for the Activities of Student Independent Project

Sukma Perdana Prasetya, Sarmini Sarmini, Agung Stiawan, Ali Imron, Amirah Sutisna Putri, Shinta Aulia Putri
This study aims to explore and describe the excellent potential in Maospati District which can be used as a source of guidance for the Social Sciences Education Student Independent Project. This research is qualitative research that is thinking inductively. The approach used by the researcher is an interactive...
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Quality Analysis of Vocational Program Management Services

Nasution Nasution, Harti Harti, Andre Dwijanto Witjaksono, Nugroho Hari Purnomo, FX Sri Sadewo, Wasino Wasino, Moh. Mansor Noor, Faridatul Lailiyah
Education has a vital role in supporting the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs). First, education is chosen as a pioneer in human development and second, education as a means to increase awareness, knowledge, and self-development. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a program...
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The Value of Education in Teenlit for Language Learning

Darni Darni, Octo Dendy Andriyanto
Literary works have a strategic role in shaping the character of students through the content of educational values. Teen stories (teenlit) always present a typical story in line with the development of the reader’s age. The values of education are closely related to the value of fighting, the value...
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Program Learning Outcomes Level Achievement in the Mathematics and Basic Sciences Group Course

Bellina Yunitasari, Grummy Wailanduw, I. Made Arsana, Aisyah Endah Palupi, Akhmad Hafizh Ainur Rasyid, Aris Ansori
The Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) is the expected achievement at the level of knowledge, skills and essential abilities of each student after they graduate. The Mechanical Engineering study program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Surabaya has formulated 10 PLO study programs that students...
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The Development of Vocabulary in Kursbuch Netzwerk A1: Textbook for German Learning Level A1

M. Kharis, Kisyani Laksono, Suhartono Suhartono
Vocabulary is the basic part of a language, especially for a foreign language like German. The more vocabulary means the better is someone at communicating. Mastery of vocabulary as material for one’s communication should be developed throughout life because language is always evolving. Related to this,...
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The Development of “Archives Portal” Application for Vocational Program

Pudji Rahaju
Currently, with the restructuring of the bureaucracy and the issuance of the Regulation of the Minister PANRB Number 17 of 2021 concerning Equalizing Administrative Positions into Functional Positions, it has an impact on the realignment of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN). Equalized functional positions...