Proceedings of the 2018 8th International Conference on Management, Education and Information (MEICI 2018)

484 authors
Jiang, Guozhang
Teaching Reform of Mechanical Drawing Based on Flipped Class
Jiang, Jie
Research on Career Planning Curriculum System Under the Background of Applied Transformation in Private Universities
Jiang, Juan
Mechanical Model for Oblique Hole Drilling and Bit Life Analysis in Conventional Design
Jiang, Lihua
Design of Remote Grain and Oil Data Updating Based on .NET Platform
Jiang, Na
Application of Jurkevich Method in the Study of Optical Variability Period
Jiang, Nan
The Influence of Population Aging on Chinese Economy
Jiang, Shufeng
The Application of 3D Rapid Prototyping Technology in Improving the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability of College Students
Jiang, Wei
College Students' Ideological and Political Education from the Perspective of Innovation and Development Concept
Jiang, Yi
Research on 3D CAD Model Retrieval Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
Jiang, Yuehuizi
Strategies of Translating English and Chinese Trademarks
Jin, Dengchao
The Problems and Countermeasures of College Students' Off-campus Internships
Jin, Yanlong
Analysis of Academic Research Award Policy in Bohai University
Jin, Yehui
Innovative Research on Teaching Methods of College Chinese Course
Jin, Ying
A Translation Study of “A Tribute to King Teng’s Tower”from the Perspective of Dialogue Theory
Jin, Zhao
Research of the Use of Professional Teaching Strategies in Vocational Colleges
Jing, Chunyan
Cultural Translation in English Web Pages of Shaanxi Universities from the Perspective of Eco-Translatology
Jingke, Xu
A Study on the Talent Training Model Based on the Combination of Supply-Side Structural Reform and Engineering Certification
Kuang, Banghong
Research on the Model of Talent Cultivation and Cooperation between Industry and Education in Private Colleges from the Perspective of Regional Cooperation
Lai, Youbin
The Role of Practical Teaching in Agricultural Universities in the Training of Graduates Major in Mechanical Design
Lan, Tian
Research on the Innovative Training Mode of Compound Talents based on the Training of “Craftsman Spirit”
Lei, Kewei
Research on the Manufacturability Simulation System of PCB in Experiment
Lei, Li
Research on Local Intangible Cultural Heritage Education and Inheritance from the Perspective of Legalization
Lei, Li
A Study on the Legalization of Local Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection
Li, Bo
Research on Automatic Fire Monitoring and Recognition Technology Based on Digital Image Processing Technology
Li, Chao
Reform and Practice of Talent Cultivation Model of Food Engineering Based on “Excellence Program” in Perspective of Integration of Industry and Education
Li, Dan
Living Predicament and Improvement Strategies of 0-3 Year-Old Children Early-Education Teachers in Chongqing
Li, Deyi
A New Train Timetable Optimization Model Using a Lagrangian Relaxation Guided Heuristic for a Real-World High-Speed Railway Line
Li, Gongfa
Teaching Reform of Mechanical Drawing Based on Flipped Class
Li, Hejia
Design of Teaching Board for Principle of Pulse Width Speed Control System
Li, Jia
Study on the Method and Strategy of the Electric Energy Meter On-site inspection Based on the Electrical information
Li, Jiuchao
Research of the Use of Professional Teaching Strategies in Vocational Colleges
Li, Jiuchao
Application Of Simulation Case Method In Military Teaching
Li, Jiuchao
Research on Simulation Maintenance Training of Control System
Li, Jun
Study on the Integrated Curriculum of Science and Technology Education
Li, Lasheng
On the Teaching Quality Guarantee System of College and University
Li, Li
Inquiry on Self-narrative of Building an Interactive Platform between Teachers and Students Based on Blog
Li, Ning
Exploration and Practice of the Course System Reform of Ordinary Differential Equation
Li, Ning
Research on the Construction of High-Level Professional Teachers Based on "Double First-Class" Construction
Li, Peng
Reflections on the Important Role of Ideological Education in College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Li, Peng
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Practice of Student Community Based on Institutional Innovation
Li, Qianwen
Informationalized Teaching Design Promotes Effective Teaching of Theoretical Courses: Take "Clinical Diagnosis Technology" Course in Higher Vocational School as an Example
Li, Rongquan
The Reform of Multimedia Teaching in Veterinary Medicine Course
Li, Shuang
Mao Zedong's Class Analysis Method and Its Contemporary Value
Li, Tiebing
A Study on the Proportion of Professional Titles of Full-time University Teachers in Mainland China
Li, Tingting
Research on Automatic Fire Monitoring and Recognition Technology Based on Digital Image Processing Technology
Li, Wei
Construction of Evaluation Index system of Applied Undergraduate Course Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Li, Xiang
The Analysis of Two - Dimensional Animation Lens
Li, Xiaonan
Research on the Realization Path of Marxist Happiness View Education in Universities in the New Era
Li, Xiaoyan
Analysis of Regional Openness in Shapingba District
Li, Xing
Exploration on the Operating Mechanism of "Four Wheel Driving" Mode for Cultivating Students Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ability in Applied Undergraduate Colleges
Li, Yaxin
Supply Chain Management of Aircraft Industry
Li, Yuanhong
Selection and Application of the Authentic Materials in Spoken-Chinese Teaching
Li, Zhuoqi
Research on Teaching Ideas and Teaching Methods of Flying Students' "World History"
Li, Zideng
Develop Students' thinking Ability In Math Class
Liang, Dong
Research on the Development Countermeasures of Wuhan Robot Manufacturing Industry
Liang, Rui
Research on Mixed Teaching of "Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology" Course Based on MOOC
Liang, Yuan
In the Background of Education in Modern Medicine, the Exploration of Education among Medical Students Was Carried Out
Lin, Chen
The Impact of School District on Housing Prices: Based on an Evolutionary Game Model
Liu, Bo
Design of Intelligent Home Planting System Based on Raspberry Pi
Liu, Bo
How to Improve the Dynamic Conditions of the Troops, According to the Army Grass-Roots Construction Program to Grasp the Level of Construction
Liu, Chang
Fractal Coding based Optimization Algorithm for Interframe Prediction of High-definition Video
Liu, Chang
The Study on Decision Tree Classification and Three-Step Search Algorithm Based Compression Technology for High Efficiency Video Coding
Liu, Chunling
Investigation and Analysis on Social Responsibility of Medical Students
Liu, En-qi
Design of Food Professional Talents Cultivation Scheme Based on OBE Concept
Liu, Hao
Exploration on the Ability Cultivation of New Engineering System in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Liu, Hao
Application of Attribute-based Encryption in Internet of Things
Liu, Jingchao
People-Oriented-Based New Ideas for College Students Management
Liu, Jingjing
Research on Supply Chain Optimization Strategy of Clothing Retail Industry under the Background of Big Data
Liu, Jingjing
Research on Strategies of Logistics Talents Training in Higher Vocational Education under the Background of Intelligent Logistics
Liu, Jun
Develop Students' thinking Ability In Math Class
Liu, Jun
Discussion On Micro-post Training
Liu, Li
Discussion on the Training Mode of Logistics Management Professionals in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on KAQ-CDIO
Liu, Lili
Deepening the Path Choice of Jilin Province's Economic and Trade Cooperation with the DPRK
Liu, Pengju
Internet of Thing Based Vehicular Network System and Application
Liu, Ping
Upgrading of competitive sports in Shaanxi
Liu, Qian
Frontier Public Service and Central General Transfer Payment in China:A Quantitative Study Based on Panel Data of 9 Provinces in 2000-2015
Liu, Qiong
Study on E-commerce Model of Featured Agricultural Products under the Perspective of Community Economy
Liu, Shan
Research on Collaborative Interactive Management of Major Infrastructure projects Technology Integration
Liu, Shizhu
Research on OEC Students’ Learning Interests through Data Collected From Online Learning Platform
Liu, Shizhu
Research on Academic Procrastination among OEC Students
Liu, Shoupeng
Training and application of SSP in Clinical Medicine Students
Liu, Suqin
Investigation and Analysis of Influencing Factors of Occupational Ethics Education for Students in Health Vocational Colleges
Liu, Xiangxiang
Application Research on Power Demand Side Management in Energy Saving Service for Consumers
Liu, Xingyu
On the Influence of Campus Culture on the Innovation-oriented Talents Cultivation
Liu, Xinyuan
The Problems and Countermeasures of College Students' Off-campus Internships
Liu, Yan
Adaptive Momentum Neural Learning for Anomaly Detection of Power Distribution and Consumption Load Data
Liu, Yuehua
Development Trend of Secretarial Work in the New Century
Liu, Yuehua
Reform of the Mode Training Professional Secretarial Talents
Liu, Zhao
The Connotation Definition of “Double-Qualified and Double-Ability” Counselor in Application-Oriented Universities
Long, Dong
Research on the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education and the Setting of “Micro Content” in Colleges and Universities Based on “Easy Class” Platform
Lu, Haibo
Numerical Approach Investigation of Projectile with Boattail
Lu, Haibo
Numerical Investigation on the Projectile with Base Cavity
Lu, Xiaofei
Basic Course Teaching and Management of Design
Lu, Xiaoxia
The Application of MOOC in Teacher’s Continuing Education
Lu, Yanyuan
Response of Anatomical Structure to Soil Drought in Old P. kangdingensis Cuttings of Section Tacamahaca Spach
Lu, Yanyuan
Response of Gas Exchange to Soil Drought in Old P. kangdingensis Cuttings of Section Tacamahaca Spach
Luo, Congbo
Research on Digital Image Processing Technology and Its Application
Luo, Lixin
The Robustness Study of Multiple Kernel Learning Approaches for VAD
Luo, Zichun
An Analysis of the Allocation Scheme for Taxi Resources Using GPS Data
Lv, Xuefei
Reform and Practice of Curriculum System Based on Applied Innovative Talents Training