Proceedings of the 2nd Progress in Social Science, Humanities and Education Research Symposium (PSSHERS 2020)

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The Influence of Work Culture and Work Quality on Service Quality:

Study at Padang City Government, West Sumatera Province

Aldri Frinaldi, Jumiati, Nora Eka Putri
This research aims to analyze the current state of knowledge about work culture and work quality on service quality that found in regional schema organizations in Padang city. The Research used a quantitative approach. The Sampling technique used purposive random sampling. The number of respondents in...
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The Effect of Nutritional Status, Playing Activities, and Physical Fitness on the Motor Abilities of Children of Kubu Jambi Province

Gusril, Wiladi Rasyid
This research aims to find whether the effect of nutritional status (X1), playing activities (X2) and physical fitness (X3) on the motor abilities. The research method used Path analysis. The populations of this research were the ethnic children in Kubu, Meranti Regency, Jambi Province. Samples were...
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Good Public Communications Are Key to the Success of Disaster Mitigation

Increasing Community Literation of Disaster Mitigation by Government Public Agency in Padang City

Rahmadhona Fitri Helmi, Nila Wahyuni, Yuliarti
Padang city is located in a disaster-prone area. The earthquake that hit the city of Padang on September 30, 2009, recorded 383 people who died due to the quake. Since then, the local government strives to reduce the death rate during a disaster by providing disaster information to the public. This study...
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E-Module Flipbook Model for Designing E-Learning Materials in Higher Education

Rifda Eliyasni, M. Habibi, Rahmatina, Nana Fauzana Azima
Learning in higher education must continue amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Face-to-face learning method is no longer applied to decrease the spreading of the corona virus. The government is suggesting that the system be transformed into emergency distance learning. That includes e-learning methods in addition...
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An Analysis of Students’ Hiragana Letters Mastery at Japanese For General Purpose Course of Universitas Negeri Padang

Rita Arni, Prisyanti Suciaty
This research was done due to the importance of Hiragana letters mastery by beginner Japanese students, especially students of Japanese for General Purpose Course of Universitas Negeri Padang. This is because the Hiragana letters are used in the teaching and learning process. The large number of Hiragana...
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The Role of Nagari Traditional Representative and Bundo Kanduang in Nagari (Village) Development

Rizki Syafril, Iip Permana, Artha Dini Akmal
Nagari Traditional Representative (KAN) and Bundo Kanduang are Nagari Society Institutions. Is a forum for the participation of the Nagari community which is the partner of the Nagari government. The Nagari government needs the involvement of KAN and Bundo Kanduang in making a policy or decision. KAN...
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Developing a Computer Based Test Application to Measure Braille Literation Ability for Special Teacher

Safaruddin, Johandri Taufan, Arisul Mahdi, Intania, Rahmahtri Silvia
This study aimed to develop an application that can be used to measure the literacy skills of special teacher in braille literacy. The method used research and development. This research was started from (1) collecting data and information; (2) planning; (3) development of product forms; (4) preliminary...
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Website Based Training for Choosing University Major to Reduce Career Indecision in High School Students

Zakwan Adri
More than two million high school students graduate per year in Indonesia. majority of them struggle to enter their favorite departments in universities with various options of majors. But, a number of students have the career decision difficulties to choose the relevant major. This study is aimed at...
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The Effect of Work Discipline, Organizational Climate and Career Development on State Civil Apparatus Job Satisfaction in the Ministry of Religion Office of West Sumatera

Syadzali Azizi, Syamsir, Dasman Lanin
This research goals to ensured the effect of work discipline, organizational climate and career development on job satisfaction of state civil apparatus in the Ministry of Religion of West Sumatra. This type of research is correlational with quantitative methods. The study population was all State Civil...
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Multidimensional Scaling Analysis: An Application to Positioning Cosmetic Brands

Wiwit Pura Nurmayanti, Siti Arni Wulandya, Abdul Rahim
Positioning is one of the most powerful marketing concepts. The importance of knowing the position of the product because the positioning is part of the broader marketing strategy which includes three basic decision levels, namely segmentation, targeting and positioning. In statistics, a method that...
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Analysis of Public Transportation Development Plan for Sustainable Transportation in Padang City

Yuliarti, Yulia Hanoselina, Artha Dini Akmal
The many problems and impacts of transportation form the basis for the policy of developing a mass transit system in Padang City. The purpose of this research is to find out how people’s preferences for public transportation are used as a reference for planning the development of public transportation...
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History Textbook Development Based on Historical Thinking

Zafri, Hera Hastuti, Zul ‘Asri, Iqrima Basri
The need for textbooks in learning is the most urgent thing, including in history learning. However, until now there have been no textbooks that are a learning resource for students which are arranged based on historical characteristics itself, namely historical thinking. So far, historical thinking...
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Importance Performance Analysis and Servqual Analysis for Measuring Students Satisfaction Levels Towards Facilities in the Classroom

Zuhut Ramdani, Wiwit Pura Nurmayanti
If a university is to be qualified, it must provide the best for its students, one of which is in terms of facilities. What is meant by facilities here are all the needs needed by students to facilitate, expedite and support in learning activities in classroom. Students will feel satisfied with the facilities...
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Need Analysis to Development of Teaching Materials Based on Religious and Social Characters in Minangkabau Culture Course in Elementary Schools

Zuwirna, Elfia Sukma, Winanda Amilia, Mukhtadil Arya
Moral and ethical phenomena of students at this time are quite worrying, especially for parents and teachers. So many deviant behaviors are found, where the behavior is not in accordance with the religious values they profess and the environment and culture around them. This resulted in their character...
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The Implications of Technological Media Towards the Social Life

Field Study in Aikmel Community of Aikmel District East Lombok

Abdul Hafiz, Ahmad Tohri, Lalu M. Istiqlal
The development technologi information and comunication is what brings the most significant changes in social life. The purpose of this research is to determine the implications or effects caused by technology media on the social life of the community in the village of Aikmel, Aikmel District East Lombok...
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Dropout School Children in Coastal Communities

Abdurrohman, Nurun Sholeh, Hanapi, Baiq Liana Widiyanti
Education by various groups is still believed to be an escalator to raise one’s social status. Because of that education has a strategic position to break the path between poverty and ignorance. But this does not happen to coastal communities, remote on Gili Re. Where the number of children dropping...
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The Structure of Galombang Dance in Pariangan West Sumatera: A Reconstruction

Afifah Asriati, Desfiarni, Irdhan Epria Darma Putra
The aim of this article is to reconstruct the form and the structure of Tari Galombang (Galombang Dance) in Pariangan, Tanah Datar, Sumatera Barat. The reconstruction was undertaken due to several unique dancing elements tools which no longer be used. To reach the aim of the research, a qualitative study...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Student Interest to Continue Their Education to Vocational School

Ahmad Fathoni, Jamaludin, Hariadi, S Yuliana
The purpose of this study was to determine the interests and factors that influence it to continue their studies to vocational high school. This type of research uses quantitative methods. The population in this study were all grade IX students, totaling 250 students. Data collection techniques using...
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The Problems of Addictive Substance Abuse Among Young Street Singers in Minangkabau Community, West Sumatera

Lia Amelia, Khairul Fahmi
Young children work as street singers that have long been developing in Indonesia. They get income from their job for daily needs like food, cigarettes, glue, and even liquor, some of which contain addictive substances. The phenomenon of addictive substance abuse continues to increase and is concern...
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Decreased Anxiety Level of MTs NW Perian Students Through Spiritual Therapy and Game Engineering Techniques

M. Deni Siregar, dan Dukha Yunitasari
Earthquake shocks that shook the island of Lombok with an M = 7.0 that occurred leaving very high anxiety for the victims. Hundreds of houses and important facilities were destroyed, at the epicenter. This incident makes every school child prefers not to go to school because of despair in seeing events...
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Elaboration on Grammatical Errors of Descriptive Text by EFL Learners

Ari Prasetyaningrum, Maman Asrobi
The research was conducted to know and to sort the kinds of grammatical errors in text made by the participants in descriptive genre. The error classifications followed the concept of Corder. Designed as qualitative study, the study took the second term learners of study program in English education...
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Determinants of Side Kick Ability Athlete of Tarung Derajat

Nissa Aldani, Alnedral, Nurul Iksan
The aim of this study was to examine the impact of leg muscle strength and leg muscle explosive power on Tarung Derajat side kick ability through reaction speed. This study enhances the existing literature regarding the effect of leg muscle strength and leg muscle power on the side-kick ability of Tarung...
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning to Enhance Students’ Independence Learning in the 21st Century

Pahrudin, Li-Wei Liu, Muhamad Ali
The research aims to evaluate the effectiveness of cooperative learning through lesson study in enhancing the students’ self-learning in the twenty-first century. Classroom action research is the type of this study. The sample of this study was 24 students. The class is divided randomly into five small...
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Development of Interactive Multimedia to Improve Letters Recognition for Children with Dyslexia

Arisul Mahdi, Safaruddin, Monica Rumapea, Johandri Taufan
This article discusses the development of interactive multimedia to improve the recognition of letters in dyslexic children. The background is the prevalence of dyslexic children who are quite a lot in elementary schools and the symptoms can even be found in children in early childhood education. This...
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Building Spiritual Values in Organizational Culture

A Study in a Chinese Indonesian company in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia

Charoline Cheisviyanny, Sany Dwita, Herlina Helmy
This research aims to explore the spiritual values in organizational culture built by a Chinese Indonesian company in Padang and how it build those values. The values consist of compassion, open-mindedness, cooperation, innovation/creativity, and respect for diversity. It was an interpretative case study....
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Changing Function of the Forest and Exploitation in East Coast Sumatra in Colonial Period

Azmi Fitrisia, Ernawati, Zul Asri
This article discusses the changes that occurred in the forests of the east coast of Sumatra during colonial period. An important question in this article is why has it been a change to the functioning of the forest?. What has the consequences of the change? This study uses the basic methods of history:...
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Lecturers’ Perspective on Inclusion: Inclusive Education Service for Students with Disabilities in University

Mega Iswari, Armaini, Zulmiyetri, Irradhiatul Jannah, Safaruddin, Rahmahtri Silvia, Irdamurni
The purpose of this study was to analyze how lecturers’ perspectives are on the inclusive education model in higher education. This research used a qualitative descriptive method which was conducted on 32 lecturers consisting of four universities in the city of Padang. Each lecturer is asked to fill...
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Development of Educative Snake Media to Improve Career Planning Ability Through Group Counselling

Marfuatun, Dewi Yulianti, Muhammad Sajidin
This research produced a product in the form of educational ladder snake media which is useful and will be used by BK Madrasah Tsanawiyah Teacher, Nahdlatul Wathan No. 1 Talun, the main target of using this media to improve students’ career planning skills. This type of research is Development which...
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The Use of Youtube to Increase the Students’ Autonomous Learning in the Online Learning Situation

Dedi Supendra, Winanda Amilia
The implementation of online learning insisted the students obtain learning materials from various digital media by applying a self-directed learning approach. Youtube as one of the emerging video-based technological applications gives people opportunities to access information from several resources...
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Analysis of Student Playing Activity Based on Education Domain in Public Schools of Padang City

Gusril, Willadi Rasyid, M. Sazeli Rifki, Anton Khomaini, Tjung Hauw Sin
This study aims to reveal the playing activities of Padang City Elementary School students and analyze the playing activities of students based on the educational domain. The population of this study was students of the Padang City Elementary Schools. There were 200 students as a sample taken by using...
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Read Fast Through Skimming Techniques on Class 3 MI Hamzanwadi No. 1 Pancor Lombok Timur

Dukha Yunitasari, dan M. Deni Siregar
This study aims to determine the effect of skimming techniques in improving speed reading in grade 3 MI No 1 Pancor students in East Lombok. The method used in this study is the Classroom Action Research (CAR) method. This Classroom Action Research was carried out in two cycles, each cycle consisting...
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Development Instructional Design with TPACK Integrated Inquiry Learning Model to Improve Student Problem Solving Skills

Edy Waluyo, Nuraini
Instructional Design with TPACK integrated Inquiry Learning is an instructional design developed by integrating technology, pedagogical knowledge and subject matter knowledge about what and how the subject matter is taught. This study aims to develop a instructional design using the discovery learning...
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Need Analysis in Learning Media of Digital Engineering Practices

Hamdani, Rahmat Hidayat
The practice is an important factor in improving student skills in learning. However, so far the learning media are not supported so that learning activities are not smooth. The purpose of this research is to describe the level of need for learning trainers that need to be developed for the Digital Engineering...
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An Analysis of Student’s Critical Thinking to Improve the Higher-Order Thinking Skill of Undergraduate Pharmacy Students

Hartini Haritani, Yuyun Febriani, Arief Rafsanjani, Muhlisun Azim
The learning process in the 21st century must be contextual and require the Higher-Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) to prepare students in their life situations. The aim of this research is to analyze the students’ critical thinking skill in improving HOTS of undergraduate pharmacy students. This student’s...
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Analysis of Implementation of Historical Thinking Construct in Historical Learning

Hera Hastuti
There are many methods, models, strategies, and media that have developed rapidly for learning in recent decades, but none of them have been able to make historical learning achieve its maximum objectives In essence, history has a learning approach that rests on historical treasures itself, namely historical...
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Identification of Sports Talent (Using Sport Search) in Students of State Middle School

Herman Afrian, Didik Daniyantara, Karno Dinata, Mahfuz
Knowing the talents of school students has an important role in creating sports achievements, especially in Aikmel District and Indonesia in general. To find out the talents of school students, it takes a way to identify good and effective sports talents. At this time a good and effective talent scouting...
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Public Service Model for Indigenous People on the Kerinci Inland Ethnicity

Ilham Ari Prasetyo, Dasman Lanin
The objective of this study is to examine the public service model for indigenous people in the Kerinci ethnic inland in the tourism sector. This model is designed with the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) which has internal (employees) and external (public) customers. This model has used equtiy...
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Community Social Adaptation Strategy to Face Earthquake with Tsunami Potential Disaster Hazard in Red Zone Area

Ketaping Village, Padang Pariaman District, West Sumatera Province

Khairul Fahmi, Lia Amelia, M. Hidayat
The study of earthquake and tsunami threats state that the number of their occurrence probability and their impact risk which is come up are four from a scale of five in West Sumatera. This research is important to do because the magnitudes of the probability and impact that are caused by them, hence...
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Application of Cooperative Learning Type Stad and Hands on Activity to Student Achievement and Learning Activities

Laxmi Zahara, Bq. Siti Maryam
This research applies STAD Cooperative Learning Type with Hands on Activity to improve student learning outcomes and student learning activities on the subject of elasticity and Hooke’s law in class XI SMAN 1 Selong in the 2019/2020 academic year. This research is a classroom action research. Data collection...
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Can Science Develop Creativity in Early Children?

Nina Permata Sari, Muhammad Andri Setiawan, Eklys Cheseda Makaria
Today society needs people who are not only smart but also creative as a form of actualization towards a dignified nation, therefore the writing in this article collects various literacy sources and includes all available written and digital sources related to how to develop creativity through science....
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Revised Community of Inquiry as a Theoretical Foundation for understanding Students’ Blended Learning Experiences

Sangeeth Ramalingam, Harwati Hashim, Melor Md Yunus
Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) is one of the buzzwords that changed many facets of a human being’s life. Great emphasis is placed on the revolution in industries including education sector due to IR4.0. IR4.0 provides the opportunity to integrate more technology and innovation in teaching and learning...
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How Children’s Creativity During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Eklys Cheseda Makaria, Nina Permata Sari
This study was conducted to describe the creativity of early childhood and how to develop children’s creativity during the Covid-19 pandemic. The method used is descriptive qualitative literature. Obtaining data was compiled, analyzed, and concluded. The results show that the creativity of early childhood...
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Increasing Academic Self-Efficacy Through Group Guidance in Class VIII Students of SMP Negeri 25 Banjarmasin

J Ririanti Rachmayanie, Eklys Cheseda Makaria
Academic self-efficacy is a determining factor in students’ academic performance in school. The reality that occurs in the world of education, especially in Indonesia is that students get a lot of pressure, especially in academics. The academic value demands that must meet the minimum completeness criteria,...
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Development of Tennis Learning Module Based on Blended Learning in Faculty of Sport Science, State University of Medan

Hariadi, David Siahaan, Ade Ros Riza
Modules as teaching materials that are systematic, interesting and can be used independently are expected to be a solution to the problem of the lack of teaching materials in Tennis course in Sport Science Faculty, State University of Medan. Students with different learning speed and skills ability learn...
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Sports Test Model to Measure Athlete’s Physical Fitness Through the Application

Iyakrus, Arizky Ramadhan
The purposes of this study are develop the test model, determine test model effectiveness, and measures the physical abilities of South Sumatera athletes. The method that used in this study is development research methods with a test model to measure the physical ability of athletes using the application....
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Differences of Athletes’ Blood Lactic Acid Levels Before and After 1500 M Run

Darni, Wilda Welis, Rosmaneli
The high intensity of training and competitions that athletes in various branches undergo exercise often carries a high risk of injury and fatigue. Efforts to recover from fatigue are required after athletes undergo training and competitions so that the athlete’s body is back to normal. This study aimed...
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The Effect of Exercise Variations in Improving Students’ Volleyball Forearm Pass Ability

Yuni Astuti, Zulbahri
This research was conducted due to the students low ability in volleyball forearm pass technique at the Physical Education and Recreation Study Program. Therefore, many students had to repeat the test in the midterm and final semester exams. The research aims to determine the effect of exercise variations...
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Development of Lectora Based PJOK Digital Learning Media on Floor Gunning Materials (Artistic)

Zulbahri, Yuni Astuti
This research is based on the development of lectora-based digital learning media in the subject of Physical Education, Sports and Health with floor exercise (artistic) material. The research objective was to produce a digital-based learning media product for PJOK, making it easier for students and students...
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Development of Assistive Devices for Blind Sprint Athletes

Albadi Sinulingga, Novita, Joni Tohap Maruli Nababan
The purpose of this research is to develop a tool for sprint athletes to set the direction in implementing the training program. This study uses the research and development method of Research and Development, namely the research method used to produce certain products and to test the effectiveness of...
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Differences in Hemoglobin Levels Before Menstruation and Post Menstruation Students of Sport Education Department Faculty of Sport Science University of Padang

Eldawaty, Desi Novita Sari
Initial observations made by researchers in the field, many female students majoring in Sports Education experienced a decrease in blood hemoglobin levels after menstruation, this interfered with the learning process and the student’s daily activities. This study aims to see the differences in hemoglobin...
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Dam’s Reviews in the Development of Tirta and Recreational Tourism

Gede Eka Budi Darmawan, Made Agus Wijaya, Ni Putu Sri Wahyuni
The Titab-Ularan Reservoir that has been established by the Government of Buleleng Regency as an Artificial Tourism Destination for Titab-Ularan Reservoir, but to date the potential for tourism, recreation and natural tourism has not been developed involving the active participation of communities in...
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Differences in the Effect of Training Methods and Training Motivation on VO2Max Capacity of Football Association Players in Sungai Bengkal Village, Tebo Regency

Ory Fatromi, Arsil
The problem in this study is the low VO2Max ability of football union athletes in Sungai Bengkal Village, Tebo Regency. Many training methods can increase a soccer athlete’s VO2Max. Among them are interval training methods and continuous training methods, as well as training motivation. The purpose of...
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The Effectiveness of the GAG Training Model in Improving the Basic Technical Skills of Soccer Passing

Aldo Naza Putra, Ridho Bahtra
The research purposes to determine the effectiveness of of the GAG training model on improving the skills of passing football. This research method is Quasi-Experiment. The sample in this study were SSB PSTS players aged 6-9 years. The data was collected by conducting tests using instruments of basic...
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The Effects of Chocolate Milk and White Milk on the Hydration Status After Playing Tennis

Yogi Andria, Andri Gemaini
The main problem when the author makes observations on tennis players at the State University of Padang is that many players do not pay attention to the intake of fluids consumed after playing tennis. It is feared that it can slow down the post-training recovery process to return the body to its previous...
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Development of a Physical Rehabilitation Therapy Model for Functional Ankle Instability with Strengthening Exercise and Proprioceptive Exercise Methods

Donal Syafrianto, Arif Fadli Muchlis
Functional ankle instability is a subjective feeling experienced by a person in the ankle that feels unsteady after a history of repeated injuries to the ankle which results in proprioceptive and neuromuscular deficits as well as decreased sports performance to end one’s career in certain sports due...
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Analysis of Anthropometric and Biomotor Components on the Performance of FIK UNP Basketball Athletes

Nugroho Susanto, Windo Wiriadinata, Muhammad Sazeli Rifki
This study aims to determine the development of anthropometric and biomotor components of male basketball athletes of FIK UNP in 2020. This research is an ex post facto research. The data collection technique used was the measurement test. The research subjects of all male basketball athletes of FIK...
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Relationship Between Knowledge and Attitudes of Pregnant Women with Participation in Pregnancy Exercise at Puskesmas Pariaman

Maidawilis, Sandra Dewi, Yesi Maifita
According to the WHO (World Health Organization), WHO estimated that every years more than 585 thousand mothers die during pregnancy or childbirth. Pregnancy exercised was one of the promotive and preventive effort to reduced IMR and AKI. Childbirth is a monumental time for a woman. The research objective...
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Reducing Asthma Symptoms Through Swimming: A Case Study of 8-12-Year Old Children in Padang

Hb Bafirman, Khairuddin, Syahrastani, Elsayuniarti, Asep Sujana Wahyuri
Objective: This study aims to examine whether swim training is effective in reducing asthma symptoms and can increase the Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR) and Vital Capacity (VC) in children who experience asthma symptoms. Sports training have been proven in improving lung function and asthma control...
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The Effect of Togok Tendency Towards Placement of Service in FIK UNP Students

Indri Wulandari, Muhammad Arnando, Aldo Naza Putra, Dessi Novita Sari, Haripahlawanis, Hilmainur Syampurma, Frizki Amra
This research is a correlation study which aims to see how much influence togok flexibility has on the placement of service for sports education students at the Universitas Negeri Padang. The data was collected using a test survey with test and measurement techniques. Sampling was done using techniques...
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Utilization of Interactive Multimedia in Improving the Quality of Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

AB Sarca Putera, Nurlizawati
The study examines the interactive multimedia development by using Android systems. The interactive multimedia development is an important thing that supports online learning, as is happening now. Media in process of teaching and learning is an important element to deliver information to be more interesting...
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The Validity Analysis of Economic Enrichment Book Based on Minangkabau Culture for Senior High Schools

Armiati, Dessi Susanti, Rose Rahmidani
This study aims to produce an economic enrichment book based on Minangkabau culture for class X Senior High School. Development activities have been completed based on an analysis of teachers and students needs. For book development, the ADDIE design (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implementation and Evaluation)...
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E_Newspaper Literacy-Based Learning Model to Optimize Students’ Critical Thinking/Problem Solving in Higher Education Institutions

Dessi Susanti, Nurzi Sebrina, Armiati, Rose Rahmidani
The aims of this research are: 1) To design a learning model for the Introduction to Accounting course based on E_Newspaper Literacy to optimize students’ Critical Thinking / Problem Solving Skills in higher education institutions, 2) To produce a valid learning model for the Introduction to Accounting...
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Blended Learning Model for Deaf Students on Developing Critical Thinking in Higher Education

Iga Setia Utami, Setia Budi, Nurhastuti, Afdhil Hafid
The use of technology in learning can develop skills and provide separate learning support for children with special needs such as deaf children who are enrolled in higher education institutions. One of the skills that can be realized with the involvement of technology is critical thinking, which is...
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The Development of Minangkabau Song Animation Media on the Mother Tongue Development of Early Children’s

Indra Yeni, Irdhan Epria Dharma Putra, Vivi Anggraini, Andriana Tanjung
In present day times, little youngsters are near different advancements, so they are inexperienced with the neighborhood culture. This affects their mom’s language capacity, and the kid more acquainted accompanied by the subsequent language such as Bahasa Indonesia and English. As indicated by field...
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Training Module Development of Emotional Intelligence of the School Principal Based on Contextual Teaching

Jasrial, Syafril, Rifma, Y. Santoso
This paper aims to explain the results of research on the training modules development of emotional intelligence of principals’ based on the contextual teaching and learning (CTL). Through this research was produced a material training for emotional intelligence for principals using modules that designed...
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Governance Model of Badunsanak Campaign in the Election of the Regional Heads in West Sumatra

M. Fachri Adnan, Hasbullah Malau
The background of this article presents the conceptual governance of campaigns with the thought of electoral good governance in Regional Head Elections, so that regional head election campaigns are safe, peaceful, democratic, open, and avoid conflict. Although efforts have been made to anticipate conflicts,...
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Utilization of Techno-Ecological Agricultural Models for Increasing the Carrying Capacity of Food Land in the Padang City

Rahmanelli, Ratna Wilis, Sugeng Nugroho, Helfia Edial
Techno-ecological agriculture seeks to combine the strengths of ecological agriculture with technologically advanced agriculture, so that a more productive, efficient and quality agricultural model with less risk and environmentally friendly will be formed. Population growth will encourage people to...
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Optimizing the Vision and Mission of Schools in Learning Leadership Based on Action Learning Schools

Sulastri Sulastri, Syahril Syahril, Nelfia Adi
Vision and mission are the ultimate goals that serve as guidelines for school activities and serve as the basis for the strength of quality service to students. However, many schools only make the vision and mission merely exist but do not become meaningful guidelines for the delivery of education. This...
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Stress and Work Engagement: Meaningful Work as Mediator

Tuti Rahmi, Efi Fitriana, Diana Harding, Hendriati Agustiani
Background: Work engagement is the antecedent of various outcomes, for instance, performance and well-being. Employees can deeply involve when they have an excellent level of work engagement at work. They become more productive that impacts the organization’s benefits and has a positive effect on them....
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Conceptual Model of Expert System-Based Smart Learning: Preliminary Analysis

Sukardi, Yeka Hendriyani
Based on the observations, there were still some obstacles faced by students when they want to develop their skills, where students only become passive recipients, so that the motivation of students to learn is reduced. Moreover, in the pandemic today, where learning is carried out by online, it hampers...
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The Analysis of Solution Focused Brief Counseling Contribution in Reducing First-Year Students Academic Stress Symptoms

Zadrian Ardi, Daharnis, Neviyarni, Ifdil
Various contributing factors influence the success of the learning process. Stress is one of the big problems experienced by students, especially first-year students. Students in the first year who live separately from parents tend to experience stress resulting in stressful conditions. Life changes...