Proceedings of the 3rd International Seminar on Education Innovation and Economic Management (SEIEM 2018)

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Research on the Curriculum Reform of Power Electronics Technology in Independent Colleges Based on Engineering Education Accreditation

Feng Liu, Zai-Ping Pan, Ze-Min Pan
This paper analyzes the current situation and existing problems of the teaching of power electronics technology in independent college, aiming at the target and positioning characteristics of the independent college. In view of the specific requirements of engineering education accreditation, the reform...
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Smart Classroom: An Improved Smart Learning Paradigm for College Education

Feifan Shen, Lingjian Ye, Xiushui Ma, Weihong Zhong
Smart learning strategies have proved to be effective for college education with the development of smart devices. However, most smart learning strategies pay extreme attentions to smart devices and ignore the in-classroom feedback of students. As a result, college students sometimes regard smart leaning...
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The Exploration of Research and Practice on Blended Learning Mode Based on “Internet +”

Chunshan Yang, Xiaofeng Li
In the era of rapid development of information technology, the progress of internet technology changes with each new day, undergraduate teaching should keep pace with the times. This paper is concerned with the exploration of undergraduate teaching of computer network in the era of “Internet +”. The...
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Research on Supporting Policies of Multi-pillar Pension System in China

Xiaoqin Wu
The multi-pillar pension system in China is unbalanced development. This paper analyzes the performance of the system arrangements of PPA and concludes that the system arrangements of PPA have positive effects on pension assets through analyzing the performance of Pension Protection Act (PPA) in the...
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Flexibility and Invisibility of Interpreters of Foreign Trade Business

Feifei Jiang, Zhiwen Feng
Interpreter’s invisibility not only refers to the interpretation strategy, but also refers to the invisible yet artificial traces during the interpretation performance. Interpreter’s performance will directly show in the interpretation tasks immediately. So the flexibility and invisibility is a major...
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An Analysis on the Current Situation, Risks and Countermeasures of China’s International Capital Flows

Yexia Sun
International capital flows become an important factor affecting a country’s financial risk. In China’s capital account, direct capital investment is basically liberalized, while financial investment is partially liberalized. Since the financial crisis, China’s capital flows have assumed new characteristics....
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A Study on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of Teachers’ Development after the Upgrading and Transformation of Secondary Schools —Taking the Original Zaozhuang Normal School as an Example

Wenli Zheng
After the original Zaozhuang Normal School was merged into Zaozhuang University, the teacher’s role changed. How to adapt to the transformed school education and teaching has become a serious practical problem for every former secondary normal teacher. Through the questionnaire and interview investigation...
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Study on Carbon Accounting of Power Enterprises in China

Yuting Qian, Jingjie Wang, Xiaoqing Yan
With the rapid development of the world economy since the 20th century, environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. Countries have also paid more attention to environmental problems and taken corresponding measures, especially developed countries. Carbon accounting emerged and provided...
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Analysis and Improvement Strategies of College English Teachers' Quality

Dan Li
College English curriculum requirements explicitly mentioned: College English curriculum should utilize advanced information technology extensively, to promote English teaching based on computer and network. College English teachers in the new century face great challenges. The quality of teachers is...
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The Relationship between Organizational Emotional Capability and Employee Innovation Behavior of S&T Enterprise

Shuwen Li
The primary aim in this study was to investigate the effects of emotional capability on employee innovation behavior. In this study, hierarchical Regression was used to research among multiple source questionnaires of 304 S&T enterprises. The results shows: organizational emotional capability has significantly...
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Role Orientation and Transformation of College English Teachers in the New Era

Dan Li
The traditional teaching method in universities needs transforming in technology so as to drawing students’ attention. What role should college English teachers play under the new model and how to operate in each teaching link are the main points of this paper. The development of modern education technology...
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Teaching Research on Exploratory Experiments in Science and Engineering Courses in Universities

Li-Xiu Li, Ji-Hai Liao, Ri-Fu Yang
Higher education is an important part of education and plays a key role in cultivating students’ innovative ability. Both with strong theoretical basis and practical ability for college graduates has been put forward in the modern society, and experiment can train these abilities in the university education...
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Research on Training Pattern for Computer Major in Colleges Serving the Needs of Talents

Xue Xing
Application-oriented talents are urgently needed in the field of computer science in recent years. However, there are weak links in teaching mode of computer science in the current technological development background. This paper puts forward the application-oriented teaching concept and applied teaching...
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Analysis on the Auction Mechanism of State-owned Land Considering Security Housing Factors

Xuefeng Zhang, Shuping Wang
After 2008, there are some new forms of state-owned land auction in China, such as Limited Housing Price Auction (LHPA), Limited Land Price Auction (LLPA) and Limited Land Price Auction with Security House (LLPA-SH). This paper discusses the implementation of the Limited Land Price Auction with Security...
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Research on the Construction of Full-Time Distance Live Broadcast Teaching System

Zheng Gao, Yubin Pan
In this paper, a new system frame of distance live broadcast teaching is constructed, the teaching method of "five simultaneous" is given, and the organization mode of "trinity" is established, which can provide high quality education for the students in the backward mountainous areas and realize the...
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Online and Offline Collaborative Management in O2O Services

Zhong Wu
In order to solve the problem of the existing imperfect O2O service management method, this paper proposes an online and offline O2O services collaborative management method. It constructs prices collaborative method, discusses quality collaborative method, considers channels collaborative method, and...
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On the Cultivation of Humanistic Quality of Medical Students

Ying Wang, Tingting Chen, Yu Zhang, Linlin Wang, Min Chen
with the continuous development of economy and culture, the society demands more and more on the professional quality of medical students. Medical students are the reserve force of medical and health undertakings in China. The level of comprehensive quality of medical students is directly related to...
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What is the Impact of Financial Outsourcing Costs in a Perfectly Competitive Market? —An Empirical Analysis Based on Empirical Data of Small and Medium-sized Board Listed Companies

Yue Qi, Qin Yue, Yang-yang Si
This paper makes use of the panel data of 100 listed companies in China's small and medium-sized listed companies in the four years from 2012 to 2015, and empirically analyzes what factors under the special supervision system in China affect the financial outsourcing expenses actually paid by listed...
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Research on the Path of Cultivating the Socialist Core Values of College Students in the New Era

Di Xi
Socialist core values are the value orientation of the development of socialist social sciences and an important part of Xi Jinping's theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and the value core of Marxist guiding ideology. In the new era, the ideological and behavioral of college...
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Implications of Output Functions on College English Teaching

Dongmei Wen
For a long time the importance of output has been underestimated in second language acquisition. With the constant emergence of some researches and investigations, the situation has been greatly improved. Among the researchers, Gass and Skehan explained the important roles which output play in second...
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A Probe into College English Listening Instruction in Independent Colleges in Response to CET-4 Reform

Yingying Gu
This thesis paper aims to explore several approaches adopted in college English listening instruction in independent colleges in order to adapt to the reform of listening comprehension in CET (College English test)-4. As is known to all, listening is one of the most difficult skills when it comes to...
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Can the Elder’s Migration Increase the Probability of Migrants Giving Birth to a Second Child?

Zaifang Jing, Yanmin Dong, Xiaoli Yang
This paper adopts a binary probit regression model to examine the influence of the elder’s migration on migrants’ behaviour about giving birth to a second child using data from the 2015 Chinese Migrant Population Dynamic Monitoring Survey of the National Health and Family Planning Commission. The results...
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On Teaching of TCM English Major: Problems, Solutions and Prospects

Mengyuan Chen, Li Ma
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a unique treasure of Chinese nation. It has widely been accepted in China but not precisely spread and promoted in foreign countries. Traditional Chinese English Major has been set in some of the colleges and universities to direct professional translation talents...
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Discussion on Integrating Medical Humanities Education into Medical Anatomy Teaching

Li Ma
With the change of medical model from "biomedicine" to "bio-psycho-social medicine", medical education is required to adapt to this change, strengthen humanistic education and cultivate "doctor sincere" talents. Based on the analysis of the current situation of humanistic education in medical colleges...
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Research on Relationship among Comprehensive Experiment, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Economics and Management

Wei Wang
The existing practical teaching resources are effectively utilized and integrated, and various professional sharing application platforms are established. The campus resources are utilized to establish the entrepreneurship and innovation training in the school, and the practice training is conducted...
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Research on Achieving the Ways of Efficient International Marketing English Course Teaching under the TPACK Framework

Xiuzhen Xie
The quality improvement of Business English Majors in applied universities directly affects the quality of talents training jobs and the construction of specialised characteristics. At present, Business English Majors haven’t a clear understanding of the international marketing professional courses,...
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Construction of the "Last Mile" Service Quality Evaluation Index System for E-commerce Logistics ——Analysis of Questionnaire Based on Consumer Perception

Yuan Hong, Dongdong Chen
The “last mile” of logistics is in the terminal link of the logistics supply chain, which restricts the development of the logistics industry. Studying this link is of great significance for improving the logistics operation level and logistics service level. The “last mile” is also the only part of...
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Evaluating the Rationality of Land Share of Housing Value in China’s Urban Housing Market —Based on International Comparison and Risk Analysis

Xiaoping Zhou, Zhenyang Qin, Duo Chai, Song Zhao
Land share of housing value is an important indicator linking land market and housing market. However, few studies have comprehensively discussed the rationality of China's land share of housing value. This paper first defined the rationality of land share of housing value as being consistent with international...
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On the Current Status and Countermeasures of the Investment Mechanism of China’s Cultural Industry

Shuting Jing, Rui Huang
As one of the pillar industries of the national economy, the culture industry plays a vital role in promoting the prosperity of socialist culture. The effective operation of the culture industry investment mechanism serves as the basis for the sustainable development of culture industry. By analyzing...
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The Research on Development Status of China’s Consumer Finance under the Background of Financial Technology

Ping Chen, Hongyan Wu
By analyzing Sino-American consumer finance, the developmental gap and causes for the gap are found out. SWOT analysis clearly shows that financial technology brings development opportunities and challenges to consumer finance. By aiming at the above-mentioned analysis, this paper proposes several measures...
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Experience and Reflection on Cultivating Graduate Students' Innovative Ability in the Course Teaching of Group Theory

Yi Jin, Peng Zhao
The cultivation of innovative ability is the core goal of postgraduate education and the course teaching is very important for the realization of this goal. This paper summarizes and reflects on the construction process of high-quality graduate course of group theory in physics of Shandong Province,...
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Research on the Status Quo, Problems and Trends of Yunnan Province Flower Products Export ——Under the “One Belt One Road” Background

Cheng Chen, Dandan Zhu
This paper takes the "Belt and Road" as the research background to study the current situation of the exportation of flower products in Yunnan province, including its scale, market, transportation, trade barriers, etc. and then analyzes the problems and challenges in the exportation. "Belt and Road"...
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The New Innovative Talent Training Mode in the Perspective of Collaborative Innovation in Engineering Colleges

Xingyuan Huang, Lan Lan, Yangyang Si, Yunfang Guan
How to apply the concept and model of collaborative innovation to all aspects of talent cultivation, solve the bottlenecks and problems that have long plagued the cultivation of innovative talents, and improve the quality of personnel training is an issue that many universities in the country are trying...
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Clear Research on Key Points of Cost Accounting Teaching Based on Enterprise Practice

Yanli Li
Cost accounting plays an important role in practical work, making cost accounting course the core course of relevant specialties. In order to help learners apply the knowledge of cost accounting to practice, there are several key points in the teaching process of cost accounting that should be clearly...
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Study on the Relationship between Children’s Thinking Styles and Their Ways of Raising Questions

Zongjin Yuan
Ability of raising questions represents the development level of reflection of children, which has huge impact on children’s physical and psychological development. This study explored the relationship between children’s thinking styles and their ability of raising questions, with 180 kids aged between...
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Study on the Promotion of Rural Tourism in China's Ethnic Minority Areas ——Taking Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as an Example

Yongzhen Zhou
China's rural development must be supported by industry, and the industry must give play to the comparative advantages of the countryside. The industry featuring agriculture and rural areas is suitable for the development of China's rural industry at this stage. Therefore, the development of rural tourism...
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A Study on the Connotation of Tourism Resources

Yu Wang
With the development of tourism in China and the world, the research on tourism resources has received increasing attention. the study of tourism resources focuses on the formation, characteristics, classification and evaluation of tourism resources, as well as the development, utilization and protection...
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Challenges and Strategies of the International Dissemination of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yao Song
In the globalized age, TCM international dissemination is confronted with rigorous challenges derived from cultural conflicts on the way to its internationalization. This essay has made a detailed analysis of the factors obstructing its international communication---shortage of professionals, cultural...
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Research on English Classroom Teaching from the Perspective of Ecological Linguistics

Lide Wang
From the perspective of eco-linguistics, this study regards the language teaching and learning process as a micro-ecological system, conducts a comprehensive and dynamic investigation of English teaching, and studies the interactions among various elements of the system among learners, teachers, language...
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Analysis of Moral Risk and Reverse Selection in Tobacco Regulation

Shen Shen
Due to the particularity of regulation of tobacco industry, Chinese tobacco monopoly Bureau (Company) is prone to moral hazard and reverse selection under the asymmetric information. This paper analyzes causes and effects of moral hazard and adverse selection through the information economics model,...
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Research on the Evaluation Index System and Countermeasures of Chongqing Graduates' Employment Quality

Jingjing Lu, Xiaoqin Li, Yuzhu Wei, Chang Liu
In order to solve the problem of low employment quality of college students today, this paper collects data from questionnaires answered by college graduates in Chongqing, and uses SPSS software to conduct principal component analysis and factor analysis of survey data. It is concluded that: (1) The...
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Construction of Entrepreneurship Education System for Logistics Management Majors Based on Big Data Mining

Duan Zheng
Based on the theoretical analysis of entrepreneurship education for logistics management specialty, this paper uses SWOT-PEST analysis method to analyze the entrepreneurship education environment for logistics management specialty, and constructs an entrepreneurship education system for logistics management...
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Research on Training of Logistics Management Professionals Based on Brain Science

Duan Zheng
The application of brain research results in teaching is the general trend of educational development. On the basis of the research of brain science and education neuroscience, this paper puts forward the demand for the training mode of logistics management professionals. The training practice of logistics...
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Design and Implementation of Virtual Laboratory for Computer Assembly

Hui Zhang, Shixing Zhang
The course of computer assembly has many problems, such as the high loss of hardware equipment, the shortage of funds, the slow updating and the potential safety hazards. It is particularly necessary to develop a virtual experimental environment. This paper elaborates the requirements, design and implementation...
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Research on Performance Management System of Electric Power Enterprise Based on BSC

Shipeng Zheng
With the deepening of China's power market reform, the electric power enterprise are facing increasingly fierce external competition. This paper wants to find a way to improve enterprise internal performance management systems, performance assessment and enhance competitiveness. Based on the overview...
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Research on the Implicit Evaluation in “Sina Weibo” Discourse

Zhipeng Liu
As an emerging social media, microblog has quickly become a popular communication platform since its birth. There are a large number of implicit evaluation resources in microblog, which explicitly or implicitly reflect the author's views and attitudes. Microblog media expresses its opinions by using...
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Feasibility of Using WeChat to Promote College English Listening and Speaking Course Teaching

Yonggang Zhao
This paper aims to analyze the feasibility of using WeChat for college English listening and speaking courses. Based on the changing background of the times, the article analyzes the dilemma of the traditional listening and speaking course teaching, the advantages of the combination of WeChat with listening...
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Non-homogeneous Construction of Xi'an Science and Technology Education Town

Yan Zhao, Bo Xing
In 2017, “the Guidelines for the Establishment of Characteristic Towns (Trial Implementation) of Xi'an” announced that the first 35 Characteristic Towns was beginning the construction in Xi'an. At present, under the background of the strategy of building “Big Xi'an” and “innovation and entrepreneurship”,...
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Research on Internet Financial Supervision System

Yue Zhu
With the development of information technology, the finance capitalizes on the internet and constantly creates new financial models, which constitutes the generalized Internet Finance. Without changing the nature of finance, the Internet Finance just improves its efficiency through the combination of...
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On the legal Regulation of Data Transaction

Yue Zhu
With the implementation of the national big data strategy and the development of Internet and cloud computing, the big data deeply penetrated various industries. The circulation of data resources becomes the objective demand of social development. At present, data transaction is in the explorative stage...