Proceedings of the 2018 Symposium on Health and Education (SOHE 2018)

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Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment Using mHealth

Martin Potančok, Martin Antoš
The number of patients with diabetes has been rising steadily. Statistics show a worldwide increase from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014 [1]. Most diabetics in the world suffer from type 2 diabetes. Successful treatment requires greater motivation from patients due to its symptoms. Currently,...
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Study and Practice of Project-Driven Integrated Curriculum Design Teaching Mode

Zimei Su, Yan Wang, Chunyu Yu, Huijuan Yuan, Haibin Wu
Curriculum design being an important practice teaching link in engineering specialty training program, is an important way to cultivate students' ability of theory to practice. The teaching mode of project-driven integrated curriculum design is studied in this paper. Taking measurement and control technology...
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Stress and Self-Control as Predictors of Mobile Game Addiction Among Chinese University Students

Xiao Han, Mengjun Li, Ziqi Jiang, Zhouzhou Zhou
The main purpose of this study is to discuss the behaviors of using mobile games and the causes of mobile game addiction among Chinese university students. Based on uses and gratifications theory, stress and self-control, these three aspects were used to analyze the motivations of mobile games use among...
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Dilemma and Strategy for All-English Teaching in the Process of Higher-Education Internationalization

Shiru Zhang
Higher-education internationalization is introduced. It’s stated that all-English teaching is the necessity and future direction. This paper analyzes three kinds of dilemma in the process of high-education internationalization: of the fording students, the difficulties in the all-English teaching, and...
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The Present Situation and Investigation of the Pension Service System in Xi 'an

Libing Liu, Hong Bai, Mengdi Wu, Xujing Xie, Qingyu Fan, Jiu Cheng, Rui Meng, Jiao Meng
Objective: To investigate the status quo of pension service system in Xi'an, analyze the existing problems and propose corresponding countermeasures. Method: The elderly and pension service institutions in Xi 'an were studied. Results: Survey showed that about 63% of the elderly in Xi'an are mainly home-based,...
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The Feasibility Study of the School-Based Curriculum of Wushu Rank System on Junior High School

Haidan Li, Rui Xiao, Sheng Chen
In this paper, using the literature and logic analysis method, combining the concept with Wushu Rank System, school-based curriculum, school-based curriculum of Wushu to definition the school-based curriculum of the Wushu Rank System: based in the school, through the secondary development of Wushu course,...
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A Brief Analysis of the Integration of Ideological and Political Education in College English Class

Yumei Tan
Chinese government pays much attention to the students’ ideological and political education. As an important public basic course in the universities and colleges, College English is widely learned by the students. College English is not only a foreign language learning course, but also has the responsibility...
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On Traditional Chinese Culture: Common Rhythmical Point Between Traditional Opera and Classical Dance

Peiyan Chen
The spirit and techniques of Chinese classical dance stem from traditional Chinese opera. Chinese classical dance is an integral part of the Chinese nation’s traditional culture for its unique charm, and classic “Shenyun”, which means the lingering charm of dancers’ posture, as the essence of Chinese...
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Characteristics Analysis of External Treatment of Chinese Medicine for Constipation

Rui Zhang, Mingsan Miao
Constipation is a common digestive tract disease. It is mainly manifested as difficulty in defecation, less defecation, accompanied by or without defecation. The etiology is complex and diverse, and the treatment factors are also very extensive, which seriously affects people's lives and health. At present,...
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Analysis of Characteristics of Chinese Patent Medicine Containing Radix Rehmanniae Preparata

Mengfan Peng, Baosong Liu, Ming Bai, Mingsan Miao
Radix Rehmanniae Preparata tastes sweet, tepor-natured, meridian tropism kidney and liver. It is the medicine for nourishing the liver and kidney, not only nourish the blood and nourish yin, but also nourish the essence and fill the marrow. In this paper, the authors summarized the Chinese patent medicines...
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Analysis of Dosage Form of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Mingsan Miao, Huiyuan Huang
This paper traces the history of traditional Chinese medicine treatment formulations, introduces the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment dosage forms and modern commonly used external treatment dosage forms, and puts forward the external treatment of traditional Chinese...
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Analysis Characteristics of Treating Chronic Prostatitis with External Therapy of Chinese Medicine

Mengfan Peng, Baosong Liu, Mingsan Miao
Chronic prostatitis (CP) is one of the most common diseases of adult males and urology, which affects the physical and mental health of patients severely. Currently the treatment of chronic prostatitis has entered comprehensive treatment era. External therapy plays an important position in comprehensive...
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Research on the Influence of Land Circulation on Farmers' Agricultural Mechanization Level

Jiquan Peng, Caofeng Wei, Dongfang Li, Haitao Wu
Based on the perspective of inward land circulation and outward land circulation, this paper uses the field survey data of 1,682 farmers in Hubei Province to analyze the impact of land circulation on agricultural mechanization of farmers. The results show that "inward land circulation" will significantly...
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The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Disability Trajectory of the Elderly in China

Jun Li, Hongman Wang
Using data from the Chinese Longitudinal Health Longevity Surveys of 2005, 2008 and 2011, the authors analyzed the impact of socioeconomic status (SES) on disability trajectory (DT) by multivariate logistic regression and a group-based model. Analysis shows that three types of DT exist for elders: Type...
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Temporally Regularized Non-local De-noising and Its Application to Cardiac Longitudinal MR Images

Chaolu Feng, Junchi Lu, Dazhe Zhao
Longitudinal image analysis has become a hot research topic due to the progress of medical image processing and analysis. However, noises generally exist in most of medical images, which will negatively affect statistical characteristics of the image intensities and therefore weaken the contrast between...
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Rethinking of Social Work Practice Teaching

Long Xia, Wenjing Luan
Social work is a practical major. At present, there are such problems as lack of practice funds, lack of professionalism of off-campus practice units, and unclear responsibilities between university and practice units. To this end, both schools and practice units must coordinate and cooperate with each...
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Jiashe’s Status in Patriarchal Clan System and His Subtle Relationship With Jiazheng in Hongloumeng

Guofu Xu
The new school about Hongloumeng holds the idea that the characters in the fiction are real historical figures, so they can find out some clues via the mutual supporting by the novel and history in some ways. In this view, they always draw fraudulent conclusions. They deliberately exaggerate the similarities...
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Three-Society Linkage Action Strategy Applied to Lonely Family Service

Long Xia, Ru-xuan Zhao
A special social group of "bereaved parents" was created by the implementation of the family planning policy in China in the 1970s, which are confronted with many difficulties, such as lack of economic support, lack of life care and lack of spiritual comfort, at any time on the verge of collapse.Through...
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The Analysis of the Problem About Application-Oriented Talent Cultivation of Shandong Colleges in the View of Supply-Side Structural Reform

Mingming Wang
The main purpose of this study is to determine the meaning of the supply side structural reform and applied talents, and to comb the existing problems of the training of Applied Talents in Shandong colleges and Universities under the view of the structural reform of the supply side. This paper uses literature,...
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The Value of Traditional Chinese Painting Appreciation Course of College and University in the Context of Visual Culture

Ling Kong
In contemporary times, we are surrounded by images. The visualization of contemporary culture highlights the visual sense of the image, which changes the way of viewing the traditional painting art.Elite art meets mass culture. In this context, traditional Chinese painting appreciation course has encountered...
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The MPAcc Talent Development Features Research Based on Regional Economics

Jun Dai, Danfeng Wen
Where does the MPAcc talents cultivation features come from? This paper is devoted to solve this issue by exploring the requirements of Hubei Province economical development for the senior accounting talents and the hotspots of the local macro economic reforms, such as ‘Hubei Free Trade Area’ and ‘Hubei...
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A Case Study on Mixed College English Teaching Model Under the Guidance of Smart Education

Zhenyu Yang
In recent years, as a concrete example of smart education, the mixed teaching model has been widely adopted in colleges, in particular in college English teaching. Inevitably, a series of problems and contradictions are arising in the course of its implementation. This paper aims to introduce a case...
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The Gene Expression Profile of AIDS Patients with Tuberculosis Based on Bioinformatics Analysis

Yong-hong Ma, Jiao Tan, Ming-juan Shi, Jing Lei, Rong-qiang Zhang
Objective To analyze the differentially expressed genes in peripheral blood of AIDS patients with TB and explore the biological regulatory mechanism and network of key proteins, providing new evidence for early diagnosis and clinical treatment of AIDS patients combined with tuberculosis. Methods Microarray...
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The Application of Variation Translation in Song Dubbing

Yun Xiang
Song dubbing, a special branch of literary translation, refers to the translation of songs that can be sung. Variation translation is the translation activity of the translator adopting alternative and flexible means to meet the specific needs of certain readers under certain conditions. Song dubbing...
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Task-Driven Teaching in Tax Accounting course Based on Virtual Platform

Ziang Yang, Tianqi Yang
This article explores how to use virtual platforms to develop innovative teaching activities in applied college. Take Tax Accounting course as an example, we discuss how to use “Forster tax declaration system” to develop “task-driven” teaching activities, including curriculum design, teaching strategies,...
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The Impact of Ankle Injuries on the Football Skills Performance of Amateur Teenaged Football Players

Li Li, Jia Han, Nan Yang
Backgrounds: Football players often get their ankles injured in the sport, which is believed to be one of the important factors that affect football players’ sport career. However, to date, the effects of these injuries on football players' sports skills have not yet been thoroughly investigated. The...
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Research on the Infringement Identification of the Specific Name for the Well-Known Commodity??"Taking the Case of Lost in Thailand as an Example

Haiyan Qi
In the case of Lost on Journey and Lost in Thailand, the audience suddenly realize that they are not series. Meanwhile, the case also let people know that the specific names for well-known commodities have great commercial value and it is also an important right protected by law. Strengthening the protection...
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Analysis of Phonetic Fossilization in Chinese Students’ English Interlanguage Based on Conceptual Integration Theory

Xuexin Du
The American linguist Larry Selinker proposed the concept of interlanguage in 1972, after which scholars have conducted extensive research on the pronunciation, vocabulary, syntax, discourse and pragmatics of interlanguage from different perspectives. This paper analyzes the result of a phonetic test...
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How to Be a Qualified University Student Majoring in Civil Engineering

Ruijun Suo, Qinghui Suo
The university education is the basis for being a professional civil engineer and how to study effectively during the university education is important for the students. This paper suggests that students should focus on time management, knowledge review and computer software while studying.
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Research on Innovation of Ideological and Political Education against the Background of “Internet +”Era Research on Innovation of Ideological and Political Education under the Background of “Internet +”Era

Guidong Zeng
With the rapid development of the society, ideological and political education in universities against the background of “Internet +”Era is facing both challenges and opportunities. The networked development trend of human society not only enriches the content of ideological education in universities,...
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On Promotion of Teaching Through Scientific Research in Colleges and Universities

Fang Liu
Teaching and scientific research are the two main ways of training higher education personnel. This is also an important feature of higher education different from other levels of education. Teaching as the main responsibility of colleges and universities directly influences the recognition of students...
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The History and Current Situation of the Development of Urban Management Major in China

Ya-juan Sun
The development of urban management specialty can be divided into three stages: germination, start and rapid development; the distribution of professional geographical distribution is not balanced; the colleges and universities carry out professional construction according to their own subject advantages...
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Study of Cultivation for Entrepreneurial Talents of Undergraduates in Applied Subjects

Wei Guo
The state department is pushing a further push towards entrepreneurship and innovation, the implementation opinions of the general office of the state council on deepening the reform of education innovation and entrepreneurship in institutions of higher learning, aiming to close the education with technology,...
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Research on Project Teaching and Flipped Classroom in Universities

Xiaojing Dong
Project teaching is a new teaching mode,which is driven by task and oriented by project, which is becoming an effective means of practical teaching. As the emerging of new ideas and technologies,information technology and curriculum integration become increasingly advanced. Using network to transfer...
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Study on the Curriculum of Sports Law for the Major of Physical Education in China

Jianxin Gao
With the announcement of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on comprehensively promoting major issues of rule by law, China's strategy of administering...
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Research on the Content of “Explore the Regular Patterns” in Elementary Textbooks

Yan-chun Zhang
The content of "explore the regular patterns" in primary school mathematics has unique teaching value, and teachers' teaching should be based on the overall grasp of curriculum standard and teaching material.. The paper takes the version of Southwest Normal University Press as an example to show the...
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Study on the Psychological Strategies and Techniques of Social Support for the Healthy Care Elderly

Jun Dai, Xiaoyan Yuan, Renli Li
Through the analysis of China's industrial policies for the rehabilitation and the analysis of psychological needs and characteristics of the healthy care elderly, it is found that there is a general lack of social support for the elderly in our country. This article discusses the necessity of providing...
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Research on the Coordination of National Fitness Resources in the Old Revolutionary Area of Jiangxi

Baoyan Fu
In the construction of new socialist countryside, the development of rural ecological background, through empirical analysis of Jiangxi rural cooperative revolutionary national fitness sports resources, find out the revolutionary groups and administrative villages in the health sports resources demand...
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Research on Career Planning and Development of College Counselors

Rui Tang
The construction of college counselors is an important means to strengthen and improve the ideological and political education of college students. It has a special mission and is of great significance. The career development plan of the tutor is closely related to the professionalization and professionalism...
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Geoscience Discipline Construction Against the Double-Class Background: A Case from China University of Geosciences, Beijing

Yinhong Wang, Li Wan
Combined with the specific meaning and construction background of the double-class colleges and universities, this paper discusses the construction and development of geoscience discipline of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) (CUGB). Based on the predominant specialties of geology, and geological...
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Study on the Intellectual Property Management in Colleges and Universities at New Stage

Li Wan, Yinhong Wang
At present, colleges and universities have been regarded as an important force for the knowledge creation and high-tech innovation, so they should pay full attention to the intellectual property management in the research process of the science and technology project. In order to strengthen the intellectual...
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Study on the Talent Cultivation Under the Double-Class Construction of Colleges and Universities

Yinhong Wang, Li Wan
Double-class construction refers to the construction of the world-class universities and first-class disciplines. Under the background of the double-class construction, the main tasks of colleges and universities include the talent cultivation, the scientific research, the social service, and the cultural...
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A Study on the Negation Effect in Classical Chinese Aphasia

Shiwen Feng, Hanqing Zhao, Xiang Su
Negative expression is common in natural languages but takes on different forms from one language to another, thus giving rise to different patterns in negative sentence comprehension. The current studies on negative sentences focus on the negation effect. However, whether the processing of negative...
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Research on Public Satisfaction of Urban Management Based on AHP-fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Yunxi Chen, Peng Wang
In urban management, public satisfaction represents a certain degree of management level and management effectiveness. In order to improve the public satisfaction of urban management, this paper studies the existing problems of public satisfaction in urban management in Xi’an and builds a comprehensive...
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Research on the Correlation Between Intelligence Level and Psychological Indicators of College Students

Jianlong Qian
In this paper, 32 college students from the physical and non physical education major of Jianghan University are studied. The research methods of literature, questionnaire, experiment and psychological measurement are used to study the correlation of mental indicators of College Students' intelligence...
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Analysis of the Motifs of Animation Film “Coco”

Xuexin Du
The release of the American Cartoon Film Coco has caused an upsurge and has received excellent box office income and reputation in the world including China. The film tells of the bizarre experience of the Mexican boy Miguel on the Day of the Dead. Its great success has benefited from the accurate grasp...
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How to Tell an Impressive Chinese Story? ---A Critical Thinking of Chinese City Promotional Films in English

Yan-Yu Zhang
Many Chinese cities have shot their city promotional films in foreign languages. However, there exist problems in these films due to cultural differences and intercultural barriers. In the outcome, some films fail to identify themselves as a unique Chinese city and in film narration, quite a few cities...
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Title Study of Prevalence of Hypertension and Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior Toward Hypertension of Prison Inmates in Jinan

Dongying Sun, Jian Wang, Anli Leng
Objective To survey the prevalence of hypertension and knowledge,attitude and behavior towards hypertension of prison inmates in Jinan and provide scientific basis for strategies and methods in comprehensive prevention and control, health education and health promotion. Methods All detainees in Jinan...
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Study on Flipped Classroom Applied in Economy and Management Courses in Higher Vocational Education

Xiaojing Dong
Higher Vocational Education is named as higher vocational skills education. Its essence is social vocation, higher vocational students will be able to successfully engage in different and many kinds of vocations,after they learn their courses.How to cultivate higher educational students high-quality...