Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Networks and Communication Technology (CNCT 2016)

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Methods of Collective Intelligence in Exploratory Data Analysis: A Research Survey

Piotr A. KOWALSKI, Szymon Lukasik, Piotr KULCZYCKI
This study contains a brief presentation of the basic tasks for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), namely: classification, clustering, reduction of data dimensionality and number of data instances as well as detection of outliers. Herein, solutions to the aforementioned problems incorporating a wide range...
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Dynamic Routing Mechanism in Network Simulation Based on Topology Perception Time Series

Lei-gang SUN, Yu-feng MA, Li-ju CHEN, Bo WU
A fundamental requirement for any routing mechanism in network simulation is to truly reflect the forwarding process of packet from source to destination in the simulated topology. In current network simulators, all the nodes know the information instantaneously when the topology changed, which is obviously...
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Simulation Oriented OWL-S Extension and Cloud Interaction

Zhi-hui JIANG, Jian-feng LU, Hui WANG, Yao-ping YU
In the field of cloud manufacturing, in order to evaluate cloud service composition better, simulation could be introduced into the process of cloud service composition. This job requires adding simulation information to the service description document. Besides, for achieving the simulation of cloud...
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The Characteristics of Compound Models Designed for Internet of Things

Jing SU, Fei MA, Bing YAO
In order to study the scale-free of more and more real-life networks, we design, construct a class of compound network models by the methods of graph theory for understand and try to simulate network models from Internet of Things (IoT), and we computed the parameters of models, such as: average degree,...
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A Cross-Layer Routing Protocol Based on Location Information for Multi-hop Wireless Ad hoc Networks with Directional Antenna

Tai-bin HUANG, Lei LEI
In multi-hop wireless ad hoc networks, communications with directional antennas can effectively improve the transmission range of the node. Most of existing directional routing protocols adopt the four-way handshaking mechanism which transmits and receives with directional and omnidirectional antennas...
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Method for Measuring the Internet Devices and Applications Based on the Features

Chuan GAO, Han-bing YAN, Zi-Xiao JIA
With the continuous development of the Internet, the security problem of the Internet is more and more serious. The security postures of the Internet devices and applications have subjected extensive attention of the growing number of Internet users. In this paper, we put forward a measurement method...
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Power Communication Optical Network Traffic Grooming Algorithm Based on Differentiated Services

Zhong-miao KANG, Xi-jie DONG, Hui-tong LIU, Liang-rui TANG
With the development of smart grid, the data service of large particle and IP in power communication network has been increasing, which has put forward a great challenge to the existing power communication optical network based on MSTP (Multi-Service Transfer Platform) technology and WDM (Wavelength...
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An Adaptive Algorithm of Data Network Traverse Based on Node Analysis

Yan XU, Yi ZHENG, Yu ZHANG, Hui LIU, Hao CUI, Hai-lin LIU
In this paper we describe a data network traverse algorithm. It traverses based on ternary tree and has Depth First Search (DFS) feature. The data network modeling employs three types of components: Line, Node and Intersection. Each type has typical data structure to connect other type. This algorithm...
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The Improvement of Network Performance by Using the Technique of PF-RING Zero-copy to Optimize Spark Streaming

Feng LIU, Zhan-rong LI, Yang GAO, Sheng-si LUO
Regarding the problem of lower utilization rate of broadband and data throughput in the real-time computations when Spark Streaming receiving and treating a large number of TCP packet, we proposed a technique of effective zero-copy of IO kernel and optimiazation of user protocol stack. By comparing and...
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Customized Service's Empirical Analysis And Exploration In LifeBased On Double O2O Mode-A Case Study Of 'Suning V Purchase'

Yi-peng LI, Di WANG
With the rapid development of the Internet economy, people's consumption level is getting higher and higher, the demand for customized services is becoming increasingly apparent. At the same time double O2O mode shine in the Internet Age. Based on the field investigation in Wuhan, this paper studies...
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An NDN-based Query Processing Framework for Networked Databases

Zhu-hua LIAO, Zeng-de TENG, Jian ZHANG, Yi-zhi LIU
Nowadays, massive databases have accumulated and networked in the large-scale and distributed networks, however, in which extensive data are still hard to be directly shared to or efficiently exploited by the users as many challenges and technical designs of query processing are arising in the networks....
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Hadoop-based Intrusion Detection Technology and Data Visualization for Website Security

Xiao-ming ZHANG, Yu-xin WANG, Ge-tong ZHANG, Guang WANG
Network attack becomes more popular today. It is still difficult to detect the intrusion activity accurately for users websites through traditional approaches. A kind of integrated system is designed and established for the website security analysis based on Hadoop system. The core components of hardware...
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SDNForensics: A Comprehensive Forensics Framework for Software Defined Network

Shu-hui ZHANG, Xiang-xu MENG, Lian-hai WANG
Software-defined networking (SDN) is an emerging network architecture, which decouples the control and data planes of a network. Owing to its openness and standardization, SDN enables researchers to design and implement new innovative network functions and protocols in a much simpler and flexible way....
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The k-spined Cubes and Its Properties

Xin-Yun QIN, Dao-Yun XU
The diameter of hypercube and its properties is an important issue for improving thecommunication efficiency of interconnection network. A new variant SQ _n^k of the n-dimensional hypercube is introduced by a spinningfunction _k. In this variant, called k-spined cubes, neighbors of any node can be quickly...
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A SQLite Recovery Method for Various Primary Key and B+tree Reorganization

Jiang DU, Ming-jian LI
Free blocks and free pages have tremendous forensic potential. Based on analyzing layouts of cells which have different types of keys, the mechanism of deletion and free blocks coalescing, a new recovering method with byte level accuracy is proposed. First, aiming at multiple keys' types and rewriting...
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Efficient Content Delivery and Caching Scheme Using Network Coding in CCN

Yan LIU, Shun-zheng YU
Content Centric Networking (CCN) is a new network architecture around content dissemination and retrieval, which treats content as a primitive and routes content by name. Differently from the conventional content dissemination and retrieval of the CCN, we introduce a novel content delivery scheme based...
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An Application Based on Regular Expression

Jian-Ping DU, Ya-Shu LIU
Hypertext is the main format on the Internet, which has the characteristic of the non-continuity and simple formal standard. This paper researches how to extract information from hypertext by regular expression, gives the example on extracting weather information base on the web of Sohu, Sina and Tencent...
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Hauth:A Novel Approach for Network Visibility Protection

Xin WANG, Neng GAO, Ling-chen ZHANG
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a new paradigm that offers services and applications great power to manage network. Based on the consideration that the entire network visibility is the foundation of SDN, many attacks emerge in poisoning the network visibility, leading to severe host hijacking. Meanwhile,...
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Users Connection across Social Media Sites Based On Users'Relationship Vector

Zhou YAN, Shu-dong LI, Wei-hong HAN, Bin ZHOU, Wen-xiang HAN
The identification and association of multiple identities in different online social networks (osns) is an important problem, and also is the basis for many applications. At present, most of technologies try to solve this problem by matching the username of social networks or calculating the similarity...
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Effects of Different Attaching Positions of Human Body on Wearable Tag Antenna

Shuo CHEN, Song LI, Hong-zhe LIU, Fan LU, Jian MA
In this paper, a research on radio frequency identification (RFID) tag for body wearable is presented. Performances of tag and antenna are mainly focused on with the tag patched on human body. Results are available from simulation and measurement to reflect the change of wearable tag performance. A human...
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Delay Estimation Based on Compressed Sensing Subspace Pursuit Algorithm

Xue-dong LENG, Zi-lun ZHAO, Bin BA
In this paper, a novel method is constructed to estimate the time delay. The purpose of this article is to deal with the lack of measurement data in small sample (single snapshot) and low signal to noise ratio environment during wireless location. First, the sparse representation model of received signals...
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Online Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio

Wen-xiao WANG, Xue-mei BAI, Zhi-jun WANG, Bin GUO
Spectrum sensing is an essential part for cognitive radio which is used for directly or indirectly estimating the states of primary users (PUs) to find spectrum holes for second users (SUs). Nowadays, some online spectrum sensing algorithms have been proposed but most of them ignore the time complexity...
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The Relations Between Classic and Geometric Probability and Scale-Free Feature In Social Networks

Fei MA, Jing SU, Bing YAO
Probability and statistics have been proved to be strong and useful tools for recovering the topological properties in complex systems and networks all over the world. We recall the process of studying complex systems in the past decades and propose general evolution equation about the dynamical function...
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Autonomous Real-time Transmission Technology for Multiple Emergencies' Information

Fan WEI, Hui-jing GE, Xian-wei ZHANG
Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) is widely used in Emergency Management System(EMS) to assure requirement of safety in current society. When emergency appears, real-timely transmitting emergency information should be assured. But this requirement can not be satisfied by conventional approaches which are...
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Impact of the Amount of RF Self-interference Cancellation on Digital Self-interference Cancellation in Full Duplex Communications

Si LI, Hong-tao LU, Shi-hai SHAO, You-xi TANG
The self-interference to noise ratio in digital domain decreases as the amount of RF self-interference cancellation increases in full-duplex (FD) communications. The amount of digital self-interference cancellation decreases as the self-interference power in digital domain decreases. The impact of the...
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DOA Estimation Using Log Penalty under Large Arrays

This paper proposes a new direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation algorithm, which is suitable for the scenario that the number of sensors is large, and is comparable with the number of samples in magnitude. Instead of utilizing classical subspace technique, sparse-recovery-based approach with log penalty...
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Remote Monitoring and Control System for Wisdom Agricultural Greenhouse Based on Internet of Things Technology

Hong-ru LI, Fu-yin BIAN, Shi-hao GU, Xiao-Bai LI
The application of agricultural greenhouses is more and more extensive, while the air temperature and humidity and other environmental factors in greenhouses need to be regulated carefully by people as yet. This article designed a monitoring and control system for greenhouses to adjust the factors automatically,...
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Application of Algorithm of Smoothing Pseudo-range with Carrier Phase to DRTS System

Hong-Jiao MA, Fei-Fei YAN, Zhi-Jun HOU
The algorithm of smoothing pseudo-range with carrier phase and its application to the dual ranging and time synchronization (DRTS) system are introduced. The calculation and analyses of the measured data show that the application of the algorithm of smoothing pseudo-range with carrier phase to the DRTS...
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Research and Implementation of RDP Proxy Proxy-based Audit System

Xiao-Liang ZHANG, Xiao-Yu WU, Wu-Xia ZHANG
Using the Windows RDP protocol developed by Microsoft Inc to connect and operate the remote machines which base on the same system become a trend. However, the RDP has caused many security problems. It is necessary to design and implement a audit system to ensure the system's security and guarantee the...
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An Inductorless Variable-Gain Transimpedance Amplifier Design for 4GHz Optical Communication using 0.18-æm CMOS

Lee Bai Song, Tan Yung Sern, Bharatha Kumar Thangarasu, Kiat Seng Yeo
This paper presents a novel variable-gain inductorless transimpedance amplifier (TIA) design using Global Foundries 0.18-æm CMOS technology which is suitable for high speed optical communication. A modified-RGC (M-RGC) preamplifier stage is used to reduce the input impedance through cascode and parallel...
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A Cross-Coupled Ka-Band GaAs-pHEMT Based VCO

Kai Men, Lee Bai Song, Bharatha Kumar Thangarasu, Qiong Zou, Kiat Seng Yeo
A cross-coupled GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) based Ka-band voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is reported in this work, by using commercial OMMIC 0.13 m depletion-mode power pHEMT (D01PH) process. The simulation of the proposed VCO demonstrates an operating frequency...
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Physical-Layer Secure Transmission Method with Random Sparse Array

Min WU, Meng WU
With the characteristics of narrow scanning beam and high spatial resolution, sparse array becames a research hotspot. However, it can produce higher side lobes which leads to the information leakage easily. A physical layer secure transmission method based on sparse array was proposed in this paper...
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Application of LDPC Erasure Correcting Codes in High Mobility Satellite Communication

Yao-Wen WANG, Dao-Xing GUO, Xiao-Kai ZHANG
Providing reliable broadband satellite communications in high mobility environments has attracted considerable attentions in the past few years. One of the biggest challenges is caused by the large Doppler frequency shift due to the rapid relative motion between the transmitters and receivers. The shift,...
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An Iterative Algorithm for Linear-Phase Paraunitary FIR Filter Banks with Impulse Responses of Different Lengths

Li CHEN, Hai-tao DENG
In this paper, a new design algorithm is presented for paraunitary filter banks with extended filter length. Equal-length filter banks are designed where the filter length is not restricted to integral multiples of the number of channels. Filter banks with unequal length are also studied. In the new...
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Joint Beamforming and the Artificial Noise Security Scheme Based on Successive Convex Approximation in Multi-relay Cognitive Network

Xian-zhong XIE, Xiang-yu XIE, Shu TANG, Jiu-jiu CHEN
To solve the transmission problemof physical layer security(PLS) in relay cognitive radio network (CRN), this paper investigates the PLS transmission scheme of multiple relays CRN, which contains two pairs of secondary nodes without direct link each other. Compared with the model that consists ofa pair...
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A Broadband Multi-layer Dual-polarization Slot Antenna Based on Differential-feed

Jin-dong LI, Ge GAO, Run-dong ZHENG, Ji-bin LIU
In this paper, a broadband dual-polarization slot antenna based on differential-feed at X band is proposed. By adopting wide round slots, the antenna inherits a good advantage of broad band. And the multi-layer structure achieves a good isolation between the two ports. In order to improve the high cross...
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Design and Experiment of Adaptive Anti-saturation and Anti-jamming Modules for GPS Receiver Based on 4-antenna Array

Jian-feng TAN, Run-dong ZHENG, Ming-tuan LIN, Pei-guo LIU, Ji-bin LIU
Antenna array with adaptive beam forming technique is an effect way for GPS receiver to suppress the ambient interference, which, however, would be malfunctioning due to the saturation problem in radio frequency (RF) front or intermediate frequency (IF) front caused by the strong interference. To tackle...
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Radiation Analysis of Antenna Array with Synthetic Functions

Wei-kang YU, Hu YANG, Yan-lin XU, Xiang LIU, Da PENG
Synthetic basis functions method(SBFM) is introduced to analyze the electromagnetic properties of large periodic arrays. Compared with the traditional method of moment (MoM), SBFM uses fewer high order basis functions which significantly reduces the number of unknowns, contributing to higher efficiency...
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Research on Integration of Quality Testing based on Communication Technology

Meng-qing LI, Yan JIANG, Yu-lin WANG, Xiang WANG, Ru-shu PENG
This paper prosposes an integration research to apply advanced communication technology in quality testing, including three aspects: integration of inspection function based on equipment, integration of inspection equipment based on interface communication, and integration of inspection unit based on...
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Broadband Dual-Polarized Stacked Patch Antenna with High Isolation

Jia-yi REN, Hu YANG, Xiang LIU, Xian-bin LI, Jun-ru GONG
In this paper, a wideband dual-polarized stacked patch antenna at S-band with high port isolation is presented. By adopting the structure of H-shaped coupling slots placed in "T" configuration, the proposed antenna achieves dual polarizations and high port isolation, and the impedance bandwidth is significantly...
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Identifying Complete Individual Trajectories Using Multi-day Cellular Network Data

Yang ZHAO, Tong-yu ZHU
Individual Trajectory is the foundation of traveling behavior analysis. Cellular network data contains sufficient spatio-temporal information, which is widely used for trajectory analysis nowadays. However, we found in practice that most of the users' records are incomplete and fragmented. This is because...
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Power Splitting and Power Allocation for Energy Harvesting Multi-antenna Relay Networks in the Presence of CSI Errors

Zhi-hui LIU, Ye MIAO, Zi-jing CHENG
Adaptive power splitting and power allocation can provide a substantial performance gain in energy-hungry multi-antenna relay wireless networks when perfect channel state information (CSI) is available at relay. In the case when only imperfect CSI is available, the performance may significantly degrade,...
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An Improved Evaluation Method for Optical Flow of Angle Error

Zhen CHEN, Ren-zhi QIN, Cong-xuan ZHANG, Ding-ding KONG, Xuan SHANG
To address the challenge of evaluating modern optical flow computation technology, this paper proposes a corrected evaluation methodology for optical flow of angle error based on the popular Middlebury benchmark. Firstly, a corrected evaluation benchmark is proposed based on the Middlebury benchmark....
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An Improved Evaluation Method for Optical Flow of Endpoint Error

Cong-xuan ZHANG, Ling-ling ZHU, Zhen CHEN, Ding-ding KONG, Xuan SHANG
A corrected evaluation benchmark is proposed based on the Middlebury benchmark. The major contributions of the presented benchmark include the following: error metrics of endpoint error are modified, and the corrected metrics can decrease the detrimental influence of human factors and reflect the actual...
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Research on High Speed Parallel Blind Equalization Algorithm

Hao LI, Zhi-gang WANG, Hou-jun WANG
The paper presents an efficient high speed parallel blind equalization algorithm suitable for multi-mode signals in wireless communication system. The parallel algorithm combines the idea of coordinate transformation on the basis of the classical CMA. It converts a multi-mode signals into a constant-mode...
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Band Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Preliminary Study

Yihui LI, Gaoxi XIAO
In this letter, we propose a novel sleep-wakeup mechanism, named band coverage scheme, for wireless sensor networks, with the objective of achieving high energy efficiency and high successful rate of event/intrusion detections in an area with a relatively large width. Unlike the classic barrier coverage,...
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A Concurrent MAC Protocol based on Local Synchronization for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Directional Antennas

Ya-nan XU, Lei LEI
Using directional antennas is an effective method to improve the bandwidth utilization in wireless ad hoc networks. However, what remain unaddressed, are the new challenges with MAC protocol design induced by the directional transmissions, such as deafness problems, new hidden terminal problems etc....
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Performance Comparison of Different Types of Receivers in Indoor MIMO-VLC Systems

In this paper, we compare the performance of non-imaging receiver (NImR), imaging receiver (ImR) and imaging angle diversity receiver (ImADR) in an indoor multiple-input multiple-output visible light communication (MIMO-VLC) system, in terms of area spectral efficiency (ASE). Analytical ASE expressions...
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Tri-frequency Microcosmic Fractal Dipole Antenna with PBG Structure Used for 2G, 3G and 4G Systems

Basing on the requirement of the second generation, the third generation and the fourth generation mobile communication systems, a tri-frequency microcosmic fractal dipole antenna is designed with a novel PBG structure. A sample of this antenna has been tested after simulation analysis and discussed...
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Vector Deviation for Recognition of Radar Target Intention

Dong YAN, De-cun BIAN, Jin-chang ZHAO, Shao-qing NIU
Radar data were used to develop judgement rules for target intention by analysis for known targets. For the eigenvector with corresponding dimension established by the known target, the standard vector determined by the air target vector with the known intention was adopted as the judging criteria. Matlab...
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MIMO Radar Transmit Beampattern Design with PAR constraint in a Spectrally Crowded Environment

Qing-lin ZHAI, Yu-xi WANG, Wei LI
Considering the fact that the electromagnetic spectrum is becoming more and more crowded due to the increasing demand for both military and civilian wireless services. A novel MIMO radar transmit beampattern design scheme with PAR constraint in a spectrally crowded environment is proposed. Different...
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Multi-antenna Enabled Cluster-based Cooperation in Wireless Powered Communication Network

Li-na YUAN, Su-zhi BI, Ming-quan ZHONG, Hui WANG
In this paper, we consider a wireless powered communication network (WPCN) consisting of a multi-antenna hybrid access point (HAP) that transfers wireless energy in the downlink to wireless devices (WDs), and receives the information transmissions from the WDs in the uplink. To enhance the throughput...
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Availability Analyses of Virtual Satellite Network Attachment Point Constructed by Satellite-fixed Footprints Technique

Zhen-ning ZHANG, Bao-kang ZHAO, Wan-rong YU, Zhen-qian FENG, Chun-qing WU
Virtual satellite network attachment point approach is explored to hide the mobility of satellites from the mobile endpoints in the highly dynamic NGEO satellite network. In this work, a mathematical model for the satellite-fixed footprint technique and a new evaluation criterion are introduced to analyze...
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A Novel CPW Fed Dual-band Microstrip Antenna

Feng-rong LI, Ting WANG
In view of the low gain and single frequency operation of common microstrip antenna, a novel dual-band microstrip antenna which is fed by microstrip line is proposed in this paper. Using software HFSS to simulate and optimize it, the antenna can work at two bands which are 3.25-3.35GHz and 4.31-4.42GHz.The...
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An Improved Algorithm of Narrow-Band Interference Rejection Based on Time-Domain Adaptive Filtering in DSSS System

Rui-Jun WANG, Shi-Guang HAO, Shu-Yun LI, Sheng KE, Shuai WANG
In Direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) communication system, the auto-correlation of Pseudo-Noise Code is weak while the auto-correlation of Narrow-Band Interference (NBI) is strong, so that the NBI is more predictable than the DSSS signal. The principle of time-domain anti-interference is the auto-correlation...
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Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Study of Inverse Heat Conduction Problems of Heavy Plate Laminar Cooling Process

Wen-hong LIU, Jun-lin WANG, Jian YANG
The performance of hot rolling steel plates depends on the cooling process after hot rolling. One important point of improving the technology of controlled cooling after rolling is understanding the effect of process parameters. Heat transfer coefficient is a significant physical parameter during the...
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Ultra-low Noise Differential Pre-amplifier Design and Its Noise Floor Measurement

Xiu-hui Ni, Yi Zheng, Yan Xu
This paper describes a differential amplifier which is based on the discrete/op-amp combo design, the noise performance test method and the test results are also given. Experiments shows that an ultra-low noise amplifier are achieved, the Bipolar input amplifier's input equivalent noise density is less...
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Image Encryption Based on Embedded ARM System and Lorenz Chaotic Algorithm

Qi ZHANG, Hao-ran SUN, Qun DING
This paper proposed an image encryption method based on embedded ARM system and chaos algorithm. It can ensure the security and confidentiality of the image information on the embedded device. It used the three-dimensional Lorenz chaotic system encryption algorithm, due to the special nature of the chaotic...
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A Novel Structure to Realize Memory Cell Fluctuation Under Voltage Control in Ising Chip

Zhi WANG, Shu-ming CHEN, Jian ZHANG
New computing architecture utilizing the noise of integrated circuit to realize indeterminate computing has been proposed previously to solve combinatorial optimization problems. But the solution accuracy of realizing indeterminate computing with circuit's noise performed significantly worse than that...
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A Scalable Equivalent Circuit Model for Gan On-Chip Transmission Lines

Ming-hui ZHANG, Wei-liang HE, Han-sheng WANG, Lu TANG
This paper presents a scalable equivalent circuit model of GaN on-chip transmission lines. The equivalent circuit model is derived and verified to characterize the frequency-dependent parameters at a range of DC to 40 GHz accurately. Characteristic function approach is utilized to extract all the model...
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The Design of MLX90621 Based Intelligent Lighting Control System

Hui-jiao WANG, Meng-meng LIU, Cong-cong SHI
Intelligent light control are expected to be used in many aspects ranging from public places to private house. Combining light control with people's position offers new research interests. This paper presents an interactive intelligent lighting control system, which can light the lamps by people's position....
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A Configurable Tool for Generating and Managing Reusable Simulation Model

Hai-bo MA, Yi-ping YAO
How to generate a new suitable reusable model from previous reusable model is a key issue in model reuse. Traditional model reuse focus much on how a specific function model to be reused in new applications, however, lacks consideration about reusability efficiency of reusable simulation models of the...
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Designing and Evaluating a Guiding and Positioning System for Indoor Navigation

Yuan WANG, Weidong HUANG, Henry Been-Lirn DUH
Mobile devices such as smart phones have gained their popularity for the purpose of information acquisition in recent years. In order to provide users with the information in indoor environments, several indoor mobile guiding systems have been developed. Most of the systems focus on how to offer qualified...
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A Hybrid Real-time Video Streaming Remote Surveillance System Based on Mobile Robot

Zhi-jie XU, Geng WANG
Recently, robot is more often introduced to warehouse cargo monitoring and surveillance thanks to rapid industrial automation. In the process, real-time video streaming system plays an important role. Improved accuracy of monitoring causes higher requirements for real-time, stable and efficient video...
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A Method for Automatically Implementing FPGA-basedPipelined Microprocessors

Yu-xiang ZENG, Han WAN, Bo JIANG, Xiao-peng GAO
This paper presents a method of automatically generating the Verilog implementation of pipelined micro-processors. Based on the RTL descriptions of instructions, all types of hazards in pipelining are addressed optimally, especially in avoiding redundancy, reducing resource utilization and improving...
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An Application of Mobile Crowdsensing Techniques: Multiple Physiological Parameters Detection System

Liu-bin LI, Liu WANG, Song MA, Kai LI, Guan WANG, Yu-hua CHENG
Mobile crowdsensing serves as a critical building block for the emerging Internet of Things(IoT). Smartphones is a typical example of mobile sensing device. In this paper, we will introduce an application based on mobile crowdsensing[1], which is multiple physiological parameters detection system. Elderly...
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Charging Operation Management System of New Energy Vehicle

Rong HE, Li-wang MA, Shuai WANG
According to the fact that new energy vehicle charging facilities is in the promotion stage now with the imperfect operational management and the poor users' experience, a charging operation management system for new energy vehicle is achieved. The system unifies management of charging stations / piles,...
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Study on Solving On-line Decision Making System of Power System Based on Big Data

Qi-yan DAI
The development of power big data technology provides the new opportunity for solving the problems in many technical fields of electric power system. This paper discusses the accuracy and implementation issues for solving on-line decision making system based on power big data. First, we elaborate the...
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Network Situation Awareness Model Prediction Method Based on Genetic Optimization Support Vector Machine

Wei-peng CHEN, Zhi-gang AO, Yi-qiang TU, Xing-dang KANG, Zhen-nan ZHAO
The support vector machine model is based on the network security situation has strong randomness, is affected by many factors, and the number of types of network security incidents is uncertain, the reference sample is small, the prediction model of need "intelligent", according to SVM forecast algorithm....
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Viewpoint Ranking Method Based on PageRank in Group Discussion

Jian ZHOU, Ning DU, Li-juan SUN, Fu XIAO
Real-time display viewpoint ranking information in the divergent discussion process, has a great significance in group discussion of Hall for Workshop of Meta-synthetic Engineering. Since divergent discussion has the characteristics of continuity and randomized complexity, a viewpoint ranking method...
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Improved ESPRIT Algorithm Based DOA Estimation for Multi-target Tracking

Liu-yang GAO, Song CHEN, Zhi-min WANG
ESPRIT algorithm is one of the main algorithms for DOA estimation, which is a basic problem in multi-target tracking. This paper proposes an improved ESPRIT algorithm for multi-target tracking, and takes simulation analysis of the performance of DOA estimation of the SNR and sub-array spacing, then compares...
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An Overview of the SCV Simulator for Vehicular Networks

Jihene REZGUI, C,dryk DOUCET, Phillipe ALEXANDRE
The increasing number of vehicles on roads brings more risks associated with vehicular travel. In fact, 50 million victims of accidents with personal injury on the roads are reported around the globe every year. Therefore, it is important to have new technologies that enhance active safety and ensures...
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The Improved LEACH-C Protocol with the Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Yun-sheng GE, Jie KONG, Kun TANG
LEACH-C routing protocol chooses the cluster head by simulated annealing algorithm, although the simulated annealing algorithm can optimize network communication distance, however, the convergence of annealing algorithm is very slow. Improved LEACH-C uses the cuckoo search algorithm to optimize network...
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Fluorescence Microscopic Image Three-dimensional Reconstruction Based on Space-variant Point Spread Function

Three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of fluorescence microscopic images is a challenging topic in the image processing, because the imaging system is very complex, and the point spread function (PSF) continuously varies along the optical axis. Generally, the more exact the PSF is, the higher the reconstruction...
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Image Super-resolution Reconstruction based on Deep Learning and Sparse Representation

Qian LEI, Zhao-hui ZHANG, Cun-ming HAO
This paper addresses the problem of super-resolution(SR) image reconstruction based on sparse representation and deep learning. we approached this problem from the dictionary learning. Firstly, in order to realize the correspondence between the sparse representation coefficients, we proposed the method...
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Pre-Warning System for Sudden Events in Public Based on Pedestrian Behavior's Understanding from Surveillance Video

Yuan-zhi LIANG
Surveillance video records the situation of pedestrians in public. If some sudden event such as a robbery or someone gravely ill, guards or managers can get this by watching and understanding pedestrians behaviors from surveillance video in time. In this paper, we propose a system to warning the guard...
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A New Method for Feature Extraction and Image Classification Based on PCNN and Image Quality

Yuan-zhi Liang, Rong Ma
Considering that PCNN is in accordance with human vision, so it has a good performance in image binaryzation and segmentation, the PCNN-based methods have advantage in feature extraction and image classification. In this paper, we propose a new method for feature extraction and image classification based...
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Research on Fault Diagnosis Technique of Spacecraft Payload

Qun WEI, Fei GAO
This paper elaborates the fault classification and different fault processing methods of spacecraft payload in orbit. The advantages and disadvantages of diagnostic method based on knowledge are analyzed. According to monitoring requirements on orbit management of spacecraft, a hybrid diagnosis model...
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A New Method for Construction of Orthomorphic Permutations with the Highest Degree

Zi-dong LU, Xue-jia LAI
Orthomorphic permutation is proposed in 1942, which is a special permutation with many good cryptographic properties. Orthomorphic permutation has similar structure with a one-way function used in hash functions called Davies-Meyer construction. However, the algebraic degrees of previous constructions...
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Exploiting Document Boltzmann Machine in Query Extension

Li-ming HUANG, Xiao-zhao ZHAO, Yue-xian HOU, Ya-ping ZHANG
Most work related to query extension (QE) adopted the assumption that terms in a document are independent, and multinomial distribution is widely used for feedback documents modeling in lots of QE models. We argue that in QE methods, the relevance model (RM) which generates the feedback documents should...
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Autonomous Optical Navigation for Spacecraft in Earth Departure Phase

Fu-peng HE, Sheng-ying ZHU, Ping-yuan CUI
With the development of navigation technology, the interplanetary missions have made large progress in the past decades. In order to accurately estimate the states of the spacecraft and correctly deliver the spacecraft to the predetermined orbit, deep space autonomous navigation system is investigated....
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Extraction and Feature Analysis of Mouse Trabecular with Active Contour Model Based on Micro-CT Images

Shu-yue CHEN, Ying LI, Kai-bin CHU
To solve the non-uniformity of micro-CT image with CV(Chan-Vese) model and the influence of location of initial contour curves on segmentation speed in the LGIF(Local and Global Intensity Fitting) model, K-LGIF(K-means-Local and Global Intensity Fitting) model was proposed through adding K-means clustering...
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Decision Support Systems for Predicting Erectile Dysfunction

Hsuan-Hung LIN, Po-Chou CHAN, Ming-Huei LEE, Yung-Fu CHEN, Yung-Kuan CHAN, Wei-Sheng CHUNG, Dah-Jye LEE
Men with ED generally complain failure to attain or maintain an adequate erection during sexual activity. The prevalence of ED is strongly correlated with age, affecting about 40% of men at age 40 and nearly 70% at aged 70. A variety of chronic diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular...
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Goods Logistics Management Based on the Line Of Transport Operators

Yi-peng LI, Chun-yan XIE
The supply chain management based on electronic commerce has gradually become the mainstream management mode of the enterprises. Logistics management is very important in the whole supply chain management. It is the link between suppliers and manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors, vendors and...
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The Study of Consumer Purchase and Forward Intention in WeChat E-Commerce Marketing

Jia-Jia MENG, Wen-Jun LIU
In the context of Wechat marketing, this study investigated antecedents and boundary conditions of consumer purchase and forward intention. The results indicated relationship intensity, brand image and dispositional trust have positive effect on consumer purchase and forward intention; the effects are...
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Using Immune Genetic Algorithm to Optimize BP Neural Network and Its Application

Peng-fei LIU, Qun-tai SHEN, Jun ZHI
It proposes a target classification and recognition method based on immune genetic neural network algorithm. Immune genetic algorithm is adopted to optimize the initial weights and thresholds of BP(Back Propagation)network. Respectively use traditional BP neural network algorithm and immune genetic neural...
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Research of Semantic Similarity Algorithm Based on the Knowledge of Medical Domain

Li-quan HAN, Zheng-chao XU, Xiao-bo WANG
With the development of medical information technology, the research and application of medical big data has become an important direction of data research. The semantic similarity evaluation between medical domain knowledge is an important part of the understanding of medical large data, which can effectively...
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Pattern Recognition Method of PD Signals Based on Fuzzy Clustering

Zhi-Gang REN, Wei LI, Wen-Jie JIN, Yao CHE, Song-Lin ZHOU, Dian-Chun ZHENG, Lan-Xiang HE
Fuzzy clustering is a technique which adopts the fuzzy mathematics method to build up faintness relations on the basis of signal features. In this paper, two methods adopting fuzzy hierarchical clustering and fuzzy equivalent matrix method for distinguishing the partial discharge(PD) signals are demonstrated...
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Research on Improved IPSO-LSSVM Method and Its Application

Peng-fei LIU, Qun-tai SHEN, Jun ZHI
It adopts support vector machine which is applicable for small sample prediction and constructs the prediction model. It is based on analyzing characteristics of particle swarm optimization and support vector machine. The improved IPSO-LSSVM prediction model shall be used to predict the development cost...
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Industrial Big Data Platform Based on Open Source Software

Wen YANG, Syed Naeem Haider, Jian-hong ZOU, Qian-chuan ZHAO
Deep integration of industrial system and information technology triggered the fourth industrial revolution-Industry 4.0 which based on cyber physical system and Industrial Big Data. Although many researchers have discussed the basic concept of industry 4.0 and Industrial Big Data, as we known no literatures...
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Research on Expert System for Hydraulic Support in Fully Mechanized Mining Based on FTA

Xiu-cai GUO, Ren-jun Wang
According to the problem that the fault of the hydraulic support was difficult and the recognition rate was low, the fault diagnosis method was put forward based on the FTA fully mechanized coal mining hydraulic support. This method was integrated with fault tree diagnosis technology and expert system....
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Analysis of students' e-learning behavior based on Bik-Means clustering algorithm

Li-xian Zhao, Rong Li, Jun-min Ye, Zhi-feng Wang, Xun Bin, Da-xiong Luo
With the development of education technology, the number of E-learning users rises dramatically. How to evaluate and classify students through their learning ability and how to provide personalized guidance to students become valuable research points. Work in this paper based on the open source e-learning...
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A Way to Evaluate the Site Classification by Chinese Seismic Design Specification From VS30data of NGA

Mei-Li SUN, Xia-xin TAO, Rui ZHI
On the basis of Vs30 and Vs20calculated from shearwave velocity profiles of 732 boreholes, a formula to estimate Vs20 from Vs30 is presented in this paper by reference to a recent suggestion, an iterative process to estimate rough overburden thickness is suggested based on two formulas for the average...
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Quantitative Risk Assessment Method Based on Risk Theory of Subway Station

Bao-qian DAI, Jin ZHANG, Yang-fan ZHOU, Tong WANG
With the development of economy and the improvement of society in China, the problem of traffic jam in cities is increasingly serious. The subway is an effect way to reduce the traffic jam in big cities, such as Beijing. This article takes subway station of Beijing as the main study subject. Through...
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Damage Identification of Space Trusses Based on the Modal Strain Energy and Wavelet Transformation

Yong ZHANG, Gong-fa CHEN, Jian-bing Lš, Zhao-feng Xš
To demonstrate the applicability of damage identification methods, wavelet analysis is used in damage detection of space trusses. For a single identification method may not be sensitive to structural damages in multiple locations. A damage identification approach based on the modal strain energy and...
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The Impact of Population Growth on the Future Air Traffic Demand in Singapore

S.M. Phyoe, N.Y. Nguyen, S. Aneeka, Z.W. Zhong
Forecasting air traffic demands is important when planning for the future density and capacity of a Flight Information Region (FIR). There are many factors that affect air traffic demand such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), air fare, service level, travel time etc. Our previous study analyzed the relationship...
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An Improved Matrix Perturbation Method for Modified Structures

Zhong-hai XU, Zhong-yuan NIU, Jian-zhao ZHANG, Rong-guo WANG
In this paper, an improved matrix perturbation method for modified structures is presented. First we construct an iterative format on the basis of the matrix perturbation theory. By introducing a pair of initial eigensolution, we can obtain the natural vibration mode of the modified structure, and then...
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Get Rid of Data Disaster: An Active-active Model with VRN Network for Smart Grid DFS

Jun YU, Xi-gao LI, Heng-mao PANG, Min BU, Lin QIAN
Data storage security issues are expanding to global area, while "Internet+" Smart Energy is prospering in high speed. Therefore, the security backup for the distributed file system (DFS) has become the key factor in the construction of smart grid in electric power. However, due to remote data synchronization...
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The Subway Ticket System's Design and Research Based on Internet

Peng-yuan SUN
With the new technology development of Internet & mobile payment and intelligent cities construction deep going, the city's network subway transportation system is occurring a great renovation. Directing at the passengers' transfer needs, the paper does investigation, summarizes its basic characteristic,...
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Temporal Compressive Video Reconstruction Using Gaussian Scale Mixture Model

Xiao-hai HE, Mao-jiao WANG
Compressive sensing has been used to acquire the information in high-frame-rate video using low-frame-rate compressive measurements. Under the framework of coded aperture compressive temporal imaging, we propose a video reconstruction algorithm using Gaussian scale mixture model from temporal compressive...