Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Advanced ICT (ICAICTE 2014)

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Information and Communication Technologies in Philology Education in Russia

Tatiana Arkadjevna Zolotova
The article considers the main forms of ICT (information and communication technologies) used in Philology education in Russia and presents the experience of development and use of traditional (folklore) culture database as a virtual excursion with game elements in the process of education of Bachelors...
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Relational Algebra Interpreter

Tamim Alkhalifah, Denise De Vries
Relational Algebra is a procedural language that defines database in terms of algebraic expressions. It is used to explain query execution and optimization in a relational DBMS. However, the tools available to teach the concepts of Relational Algebra are limited. Most of the tools that teach database...
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Non-Gromov hyperbolicity of asymptotic Teichmuller spaces

Jinhua Fan
In this paper, we prove that the asymptotic Teichmuller space of Riemann surfaces of analytically infinite type with the asymptotic Teichmuller metricis not Gromov hyperbolic.
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Efficient Analysis of Cloud-based enterprise information application systems

Hua Yi Lin, Meng-Yen Hsieh, Yu-Bin Chiu, Jiann-Gwo Doong
This study concentrates on introducing IaaS (infrastructure as a service) cloud computing infrastructure into the physical server for an enterprise. We build several virtual machines to simulate the system architecture on a high computing power server. The virtual machine is implemented on windows server...
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Cloud service for development of virtual interactive environments

Valeriya Gribova, Leonid Fedorischev
The article presents main ideas, the architecture, and information and software components of the software system for development and maintenance of virtual interactive environments. The aim of the new approach is to simplify the process of creating this kind of software and to involve in the process...
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A Survey on Key Distribution Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks

He Liu
in this paper, we propose the criteria and classifications of key management schemes in wireless sensor networks, and provide a survey on the key distribution management schemes including basic key pre-distribution schemes, polynomial based key distribution schemes, location based key distribution schemes...
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Building Virtual Experiment Platform in the Curriculum of Network Operating System Using Virtual Machines

He Liu, Runze Wan
The curriculum of Network Operating System is one of the core courses in computer network specialty. According to the characteristics of the curriculum and cultivation target of the practical talents, this paper discusses how to use VMware in the teaching process to build the network teaching platform....
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Study on Service-oriented Manufacturing of Aviation Equipment Industry

Liangqing Feng, Dali Huang, Chao Xia
Under the background of service economy, with the integrative development of the manufacturing and services, the service-oriented manufacturing emerges as the times require. The high-end equipment industry is an important measuring standard for the level of manufacturing industry development, whose transition...
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A Multi-Perspective Methodology for Detecting Low-Quality Contents in Social Medi

Otto K.M. Cheng, Raymond Y.K. Lau
Despite many incidents about fake online consumer reviews have been reported, very few studies have been conducted to date to examine the credibility of online consumer reviews. One of the reasons is the lack of an effective computational method to deal with the huge number of online reviews which are...
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3D printed acoustic camera for electric motor diagnostics

Maciej Orman, Pawel Rzeszucinski, Cajetan T. Pinto
This paper focuses on the aspect of performing acoustic analysis for the purpose of electric motors diagnostics. The measurements are performed in noisy industrial environment with the use of a dedicated acoustic camera build by ABB. The acoustic camera comprises a set of microphones arranged in a pre-defined,...
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Research on the LGS SAW sensor coated with AlN film

Lin Shu, Yu Wang, Bin Peng, Xingzhao Liu
In this work, SAW resonators with high temperature piezoelectric LGS substrate have been studied. A layer of AlN piezoelectric film is deposited on the SAW devices. The influences of the AlN film on the characteristics of the SAW device have been explored. The simulation results show that the resonance...
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SMART Pressure Regulation In Main Oil Pipeline

Dmitry P. Starikov, Evgeny A. Rybakov, Evgeny I. Gromakov
Regulation with help of simultaneous using of pump and valve in applying to main oil pipeline pressure control is researched in the article. An energy efficient mode for this system is being calculated. Article describes an algorithm and an idea of economic pressure stabilization.
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Advanced algorithms of extruded plastic fiber control for 3D printers

Evgeny A. Rybakov, Dmitry P. Starikov, Denis Y. Berchuk, Denis V. Zhuravlev
This paper describes methods and algorithms of setting plastic fiber extrusion unit. The scope of this article is automation of plastic fiber manufacture for 3D printing with implementation of advanced PID-algorithms, adaptive algorithms via the control vector redundancy.
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Level Based Clustering Hierarchy Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

Lei Han, Lin Qiao, Can Lv, Xuelu Yu
This paper presents a level based clustering routing scheme to solve these problems. There are many routing protocols for Wireless Sensor Network in the literature, while this paper studies the Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) protocol, which is a well referred protocol for WSN, and put...
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The Empirical Study on Shandong Province’s Level Measurement and Dynamic relationship of Integration of Informationization and Industrialization

Silang Guo, Yanhua Diao
In this paper, based on the materials between the years of 2001-2012 in Shandong province, we estimated the level of the fusion between informationization and industrialization, calculated the integration index, and quantitatively reflected the integration development level of the fusion between informationization...
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Evaluating ICT use in Saudi Arabian secondary schools

Sami Alshmrany, Brett Wilkinson
In the recent past, ICT has been incorporated in several educational institutions globally as an effective tool used in facilitating high quality teaching. It is unfortunate that developing countries such as Saudi Arabia have not yet been able to enjoy the various advantages of the usage of ICT in teaching....
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Managing m-learning application development: Roles and Responsibilities

Amir Dirin, Marko Nieminen
in this paper we reveal m-learning applications’ engaged role-players in various phases of User Centered Design (UCD) framework for m-learning application. Additionally this paper elaborate the contribution of role-players to m-learning application at the design and development phases based on UCD framework...
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Teaching Taxation: A Comprehensive Method

Tao Zeng
In this paper, I have shared the method that has been used in my tax classes. The method is a comprehensive method, to the extent that in classes, I use tax cases including court cases and real world cases, and share empirical results from my tax researches in my teaching. The purpose of using such a...
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Exploration and reformation of teaching methods for “Software Engineering” Course

Xiao-jun Tang, Ying Lu, Na Liu
Traditional teaching method does not work well for teaching SE. Without hands-on experience, the methods and concepts are difficult for students to apply in industrial-scale software development. This paper proposes four approaches, i.e., case-based teaching, project-based training, integrated practice,...
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Instance of Practical Engineering Application for Professional Education

BiYing Ren, LiQiang Zhu, Shihong Zhang
The experiment was divided into parts, one is about the concentration of exhaust gas when heating potteries, the other is about the content while heating without potter inside catalytic combustion furnace of natural gas. The potteries used for decorating by catalytic combustion furnace are more fine...
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Instantiating Abstract Knowledge to Deepen Students’ Understanding

Dong Hua, Ce Zhang, Jun Bai
This paper explores the importance of instantiating abstract knowledge to students’ learning. It takes the course of Computer Organization as an example and presents some practice-tested methods and real cases of abstract knowledge teaching, aiming to discuss what a college teacher should do to effectively...
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Teaching Design Practice of Microlecture Based on Knowledge Point

Xinhe Gong, Weiwen Zhu
This paper has promoted the teaching design mode of microlecture based on the knowledge point by learner-centered. By using smart technology and various format of resources including mobile learning, it has formed the knowledge network at multi-level and overall coverage that adapted to diverse learning...
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Analysis and thinking on current situation and training strategy of professional teachers in secondary vocational education

Yuan Gao, Yimin Li, Qiuping Chen, Yongfa Qin, Jiping Zhou
As the state has made great financial investment and showed strong policy support for secondary vocational schools, vocational education development has entered a new historical stage. An in-depth research has been made about the present status of professional teachers in secondary vocational education...
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Research on innovative personnel training mode of Interdisciplinary graduate

Keyong Shao, Huizhen Zhang, Weijian Ren, Li Yang
Interdisciplinary graduate education is conducive to optimizing the knowledge structure of graduate students for fostering graduate creative ability, to strengthen the discipline construction of graduate education for fostering the cultivation of innovative talents. At present our country university...
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Study On the Background of Differentiated Postgraduate Education in China

Ying Xing, Feifei Yue
This paper analyze the international implementation of differentiated education exemplified by Japan, United State and France, then analyze the differentiation of teaching resources and culture of colleges and universities in China, as well as the quality, character, background and occupation objective...
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Research on the application and training of intercultural communication competences in German teaching

Yusi Teng
It is very common to stress on language rather than culture in the process of German language learning in China, and cultural differences are ignored, so that misunderstanding and conflict are often inevitably occurred. In this paper, the concept of culture and intercultural communication will be illustrated...
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Value-added Evaluation of College Students' English learning efficiency based on Hierarchical linear model

Su -ran Kong, Li-hui Jiang, Guang-li Li, Hui-chuan Wang
“Value-added evaluation” is widely applied to school efficiency evaluation of primary and secondary school. But there are few applications of college students’ evaluation. Firstly, null model of College students' English learning efficiency has been established based on Hierarchical linear model in order...
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Using Innovative Web Tools to Empower Language Learners

John Paul Loucky
Whether in ELI or TESOL programs in English-speaking countries, or in their home countries, English language learners (ELLs) have special needs for programs that can help them to overcome low levels of L2 vocabulary and other barriers to their success. Though technology has great potential to help language...
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Evolution of Agricultural Support Policy in South Korea

Zheng Gu
This paper reviewed the key agricultural support policies in South Korea. By using the fundamental definition and assessing method from OECD, the research studied the relation between agricultural support level and the output of agricultural production. The aim of the paper is to discuss the effect of...
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An Empirical Study into the Impact of Entrepreneurial Failures on Subsequent Entrepreneurial Intention

Yingwen Li, Hong Du
As entrepreneurial activities are becoming more and more popular in China these years, considering the relative low success rate of entrepreneurship, it is of great importance that we study the influence of entrepreneurial failure on entrepreneurs’ future entrepreneurial intentions and decisions. This...
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Views on marketization reform direction of China's interest rate and exchange rate

Chaozhong You
Economic reform is the core of deepening the reform of our country nowadays, and this paper will focus on the marketization reform direction of China's interest rate and exchange rate. This paper starts from domestic and international economic environment, facing the marketization reform of China's interest...
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Knowledge Management under the Background of Enterprise Bankruptcy

Dingming Yu
Knowledge management, as one of the main activities of enterprise management, can create value for an enterprise and so should be performed throughout the whole operation cycle of an enterprise. However, it is easily overlooked when an enterprise enters into the bankruptcy stage, which consequently causes...
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WEEE-CLSC Pricing Strategy Study Based on the Government Regulation

Wei Dong, Ju Yanyan
This paper establishes a WEEE-CLSC pricing model considering the influences of government regulations, obtaining the optimal operating strategy and profit for the member enterprises based on game analysis method, as well as the consumer surplus and social welfare. The result shows that, the higher of...
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Research on the Urbanization Quality of Xiangyang City

Jie Li, Yan-Yang Zhu, Xiao-Zhou Sun
As a sub-central city in Hubei province, currently the urbanization of Xiangyang is in the accelerated development stage, and the improvement of urbanization development quality (UDQ) is critical in this process. Using the analytic hierarchy process, this work constructed an evaluation system of comprehensive...
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Empirical study on city-Industry Integration development based on Coupling system Model a case of nanchang

Bo Deng, Wenyan Liu
the Integrated development of new industrialization, and urbanization is the inevitable requirement of China's economic development. In recent years, the problem of City-Industry disconnection become increasingly prominent.this paper combined the Chenery - Syrquin Industrialization and Urbanization Development...
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New Wave of Democratization: The Case of Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions

Mohd Irwan Syazli Saidin, Wan Kamal Mujani, Azyati Azhani Mazuki
In recent years, the world has witnessed a dramatic change in Middle Eastern political landscape with the collapse of several long-serving dictators from Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya. They were the former presidents of these countries who, in the unfolding of history, had been ousted by their own...
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An Implementation of Vehicle Management System on the Cloud Computing Platform

Hua Yi Lin, Meng-Yen Hsieh, Yu-Bin Chiu, Jiann-Gwo Doong
This study attempts to exploit high-speed computing capability of cloud computing and smart phones to achieve vehicle management system running on golf carts. Our research use smart phones or tablet as car machines that provide an application of location-based services on the mobile device with GPS (Global...
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Quantitative Management for Portfolio Human Resource Change

Jun Ma, Yonghu Yang, CuiLing Zhang
This document explains and demonstrates how to manage the change of the people in portfolios management with quantitative data references to achieve the main idea of multi projects management of overall profits increase within acceptable risks.
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A Research on The Nature and Function of National Social Capital

Cheng-Hong Li, Pei-Yuan Luo, Xiao-Hong Wang
Physical capital, financial capital, human capital and social capital of a country together constitute the national capital, which determines a country's overall strength and competitiveness. Through the study of elements and formation of the national social capital and the analysis of its nature and...
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Analysis of the Role of Cultural-Creative Industries to Regional Development Using PLS Path

LuJie Fan, Jiangxue Yu
With the accelerated process of globalization and the knowledge economy, cultural -creative industries in many countries or regions become the pillar industries reflecting the comprehensive competitiveness and economic and social development. Through the use of PLS path analysis, multidimensional perspective...
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A Comparative Study between Single-Pass Algorithm and K-means Algorithm in Web Topic Detection

Ting Xi, Jufang Li
As with the extensive application of the Internet, the explosive growth of information and unprecedented enthusiasm of users, the monitoring and management of Web content is becoming more and more imminent. Although traditional Single-Pass algorithm and K-means algorithm each has shortcomings, they are...
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Experiment measurement and research of bidirectional reflectance distribution for cement and asphalt surface

Ningjuan Ruan, Kecheng Pan, Kun Xing, Huajun Feng, Qi Li
In remote sensing imaging, there are two factors, which cause differences in radiation under different imaging mode, the first reason is the atmospheric transmission, and the second reason is difference of reflection in ground objects. For the atmospheric transmission, a lot of atmospheric transport...
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The Change and development of Competitive Sports Intelligence Under the Backdrop of Informatization

Ping Yue
The constant development of information technology promises the extensiveness, professionalism and comprehensiveness of the sources of the competitive sports intelligence data; and the analyzing of the competitive sports intelligence also makes it turn from artificial experience analysis to the direction...
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Fuzzy self-tuning PID on The Liquid State Ammonia Nitrate Storage Tank temperature control system

Yue-sheng Wang, Jun-qiu Qu
In the current Liquid State Ammonia Nitrate Storage Tank System, the traditional PID temperature control is used mostly. By controlling the flow of heating steam valve, the outlet temperature of the liquid state ammonia nitrate storage tank can be controlled. However, during the production process, much...
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The Management Thoughts Of Salt Merchants Jiang Chun

Songai Han, Xingzheng Xiao
During the Ming and qing dynasties, because of "Ye Qi Reform" making the rise of the liang huai salt merchants, jiang chun, a anhui merchant, was the typical representative of this period. The process of the rise and fall in liang huai salt industry, contained many management thoughts. Great salt merchants...
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The Pathway Study of Moulding Children with Healthy Personality in the Modern Horizon

Jian Kang, Jianwei Han, Jianxin Jiao
The core of family education is to cultivate children with healthy personality. With healthy pesonality, children could have correct self-consciousness, harmonius relationship and good mood controlling ability. Parents should take a pathway to educate their children with healthy personality from building...
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Role of Biomass Energy in Promoting the Coordinated Development of Agricultural Modernization, Industrialization and Urbanization

Yang Song
With the continuous development of China's economy and society, the separation phenomenon of agricultural modernization, industrialization and urbanization are getting increasing serious. Facing this situation, this article cites Sichuan Province as an example. Through the implementation of the core...
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Study on idle land in China's rural areas

Yunshu Li
For the current situation that there is a large number of idle lands in China’s rural areas, this paper puts forward that under the depth analysis of the detriments and reasons of the Idle land in rural areas ,we need to endow rural village collectives with greater power, especially for the rights of...
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Evaluation Index System and Method for Collaborative Innovation Between Service-oriented Manufacturing Model and Aviation Industry

Wenchuan Li, Liangqing Feng
Collaborative innovation between service-oriented manufacturing model and aviation industry is the inevitable choice and important strategic measure for improving aviation manufacturing industry’s comprehensive competitiveness, and now the research of evaluation index system and method for aviation industry...
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Developing of Wire Rope Security Evaluation and Management System

Dongdong Wang, Can Liang, Wenjie Bai, Quan Duan
On the basis of the running wire rope security and information management process, combined with the methods of acoustic emission nondestructive testing, security evaluation to running state of wire rope was realized. Moreover, wire rope information and users information were brought into management...