Proceedings of the 2019 3rd International Conference on Education, Management Science and Economics (ICEMSE 2019)

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Risk Evaluation of Terrorist Attacks against Important Chemical Industries in Urban Areas

Jiahao Yang
While terrorism is getting increasingly rampant all over the world, it is significant to identify risk and clarify possible damage mechanism for chemical industries. Aside from the national evaluation method of major danger source, we also consider judging the content of threatening against terrorists...
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The Impact of Equity Pledge on Investment from the Perspective of Financing Constraints

Jing Zhang
Taking the GEM listed companies in 2014-2018 as the research object; the investment of such enterprises is generally limited by internal cash flow. Then analyzing equity pledge of controlling shareholders in enterprises with financing constraints, there is a positive relationship between the degree of...
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Issues and Solutions Concerning Social Insurance in Shenzhen for Hong Kong and Macao Residents-from the Perspective of Talent Flow in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Bing Hu, Dan Yao
Whether Hong Kong and Macao residents employed in the Greater Bay Area can participate in social insurance and enjoy the social insurance treatment is a problem worthy of attention. However, previous studies on this topic remain largely outdated, fragmented, and theoretical. This study, taking Hong Kong...
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The Computer-Based Examination in China’s Higher Education: Policies, Advantages and Problems

Chanting Chen
China’s educational industry is undergoing the informatization process under the background of the scientific development, the big data application and the integration of international education market. This paper, based on previous situation, firstly reviews a series of educational informatization policies...
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The Evaluation of Children’s Walking to and from School Safety: A Case Study in Wuhan

Jie Shen, Shanlai Zou, Chen Liang
In recent years, the number of motor vehicles and the total mileage of roads have been increasing, which leads to traffic accidents occur frequently. Children are the most vulnerable group, so improving the safety of walking to and from school has become very urgent in urban development. Based on the...
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Research on Situation and Countermeasures of the Second Classroom Development of Tourism Education —Taking Study Travel in the Old Revolutionary Area in Jiangxi Province

Xiaoliang Chen
Modern study travel has gradually developed in Jiangxi province, an old revolutionary area, which is an important embodiment of the sustainable development of red tourism. It is also an innovative way for the tourism education industry to continuously carry out patriotism, revolutionary traditional education...
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Research on the Development Trend and Countermeasures of the New Business Mode of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism

Zhenyu Hu, Quan Xia, Zhiwang Ding
As an emerging industry with broad prospects, TCM Health Tourism has gradually become a new format of TCM culture and tourism industry. This paper has made an in-depth explanation of it from the aspects of government guidance, characteristic drive, supporting construction, brand building, bottlenecks...
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Continued Usage of Bike-Sharing Services: An Extended Expectation-Confirmation Model Analysis

Lianfeng Xu
Bike-sharing services follow the model of the sharing economy. The continued usage of these services exerts significant influence upon the shared-bike market. This research applies the expectation-confirmation model to the continued usage of shared-bike services. The model is extended based on the characteristics...
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Research on Market Demand of Solid Wood Furniture Based on Internet Survey

Shiyan Wu, Yi Feng
From the perspective of consumers' behavioral characteristics and their consumption habits, this paper conducts surveys from multiple dimensions to carry out market research on consumers' cognition and purchase intention of solid wood furniture. Through the analysis and processing of the survey results,...
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The Ways and Methods of Realizing Regeneration in Urban Neighborhoods —Taking Zhonglou Block of Taizhou City as an Example

Na Zhao
With the rapid development of economy, the construction of innovation-oriented city promotes the formation of new values and new civilization system, and the regeneration of urban blocks has become one of the important parts of the development of new urban space. In this paper, some ways and methods...
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A Study on the Effect of Exercise and Fitness on the Well-being of the Elderly

Tian-lin CHEN, Xia-chao XIE, Yong-fei CHEN
To investigate the effects of exercise and fitness on the four types of well-being (subjective well-being, psychological well-being, social well-being, and realization of well-being) of the elderly. Methods adopt the "Well-being Questionnaire" to select the elderly in Nanchang City as the research objects....
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Research on Optimization of Mausoleum Ruins Tourist Attractions Based on IPA Method —Taking Western Royal Tombs of the Qing Dynasty as an Example

Siwen Zhou
The purpose of this study is to find out the existing problems in the mausoleum sites, scenic spots, the level of tourists' satisfaction, and put forward the optimal research plan according to the existing problems. The approach’s basic data are obtained through questionnaires. Likert method is used...
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Research on the Information Management System of University Student Status Archives

The management system for student status archives information is designed in this paper with taking the information of student status archives as the research object, and combining with the background of current archives management as the current research situation. According to the actual situation...
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A Probe into the Path of Ideological and Political Education and Practice of Minority College Students in the New Era

Zhiwang Ding, Yibin Huang, Hongjuan Li
The younger generation is the main force in Chinese state construction and development. Our country can be strong only if our youth are prosperous and powerful. College students of ethnic minorities as part of the younger generation are not only essential component of the younger generation, but also...
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Research on Patent Distribution of Three Main Chinese Medicinal Materials Such as Panax Notoginseng, Erigeron Breviscapus and Rhizoma Paridis in Yunnan Based on Industrial Chain and Technology Chain

Yaxue Chen, Chuan Qin, Lina She
The herbal medicine planting patents in Yunnan Province are retrieved by means of INCOPAT patent database and the layouts on patent number, industrial chain and technology chain of Panax Notoginseng, Erigeron Breviscapus and Rhizoma Paridis are analyzed in this paper. The layout strategies about the...
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Analysis of Characteristic Between-class Exercise Choreography in Primary School under the Background of Tibetan Dance Inheritance in Ganzi —A Case Study of Characteristic Between-class Exercise of Boarding Primary School in Guza District

Lihan Fan
The characteristic between-class exercise of primary and secondary schools requires movements, and the arrangement of music cater to the theme characteristics, which not only needs to meet the requirements of sports, but also has the role of assisting the cultivation of campus culture. By inheriting...
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The Influence of Cultivating Professional Learning Interests on Educational Mode in the Construction of New Engineering

Zhichao Liu, Yufeng Yan, Yuan Hu, Wenbo Jing
In order to promote the development of the "new engineering" of the major of measurement and control technology and instrumentation in Changchun University of Science and Technology, the "student-centered" education concept is implemented, and the teaching reform based on the "interest group" teaching...
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Quality Education of Political Thought in Mathematical Modeling

Zheng Gao, Xiaojing Tao, Yubin Pan
Mathematical modeling provides students with rich and real materials for patriotism and national conditions education, and it is also an effective way to publicize national policies and an important means to cultivate students' dialectical materialist worldview. In addition, mathematical modeling has...
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Cultivating New Types of Agribusiness in Sichuan: Realistic Problems and Policy Suggestions

Ge He
This paper aims at analyzing realistic problems and putting forward policy suggestions cultivating new types of agribusiness in Sichuan province. To achieve it, field surveys were applied and the results found performance has been achieved in cultivating new types of agribusiness while there are still...
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Object-oriented Programming Course Reform Using Python Language in the Background of Artificial Intelligence

Yongcheng Wu
Using C++ or Java as the describing language is the traditional way of teaching of object-oriented programming (OOP). Currently with the rapid development of AI and Python programming language, teaching OOP using Python become more and more important and suitable. In this paper, firstly the disadvantages...
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The Conception and Implementation of Teaching Reform on Ancient Chinese Medical Literature —A Case Study of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine

Jine Lv
According to different majors and teaching objects, the research group of ancient Chinese medical literature in our university has carried out special discussions on teaching of ancient Chinese medical literature in order to simplify teaching contents, reform teaching methods and means and increase the...
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Some Countermeasures Worthy of Discussion in the Regulation of Campus Loan —Based on the Theory of Economy and Finance

There are some measures to be discussed in the regulation of campus loans. If there is no distinction between right and wrong, it will hinder the healthy development of Internet finance on campus. If students' consumption needs are met indiscriminately, their irrational consumption needs will be encouraged....
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Research on the Transformation and Upgrade Path of Automobile Manufacturing Industry —Taking LiuZhou City as an Example

Feng Wei, Shanshan Song
LiuZhou, which takes automobile as its pillar industry, is currently facing the problem of lowering the overall industrial output value due to the decline in automobile production and sales. Whether the automobile manufacturing industry can successfully transform and upgrade is the key to its economic...
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Curriculum Design and Teaching of Practical Training Course for English Majors Based on Six-T’s Approach and Production-oriented Approach

Yangzi Sun
English competences, as well as practical skills of applying the language, should be equally treated as the focuses of the cultivation of application-oriented talents majoring in English. Apart from courses focusing on language competences, such as reading, listening, speaking and writing, practical...
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Reasons and Countermeasures of Accounting Information Distortion of Listed Companies in Our Country

Shujun Sheng
Accounting information disclosed by listed companies is an important basis for investors, creditors, the public and internal managers to make investment decisions on financial status and operating results and improve operation and management. Its authenticity is the most basic principle to measure the...
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Vigorously Developing Multi-element Contract Capital Rural Model

Gang Fu, Manxue Luo, Lufei Tang
Social capital to the countryside is not only an indispensable condition for the sustainable and coordinated development of rural economy and society, but also the fundamental solution to the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and an important force to promote rural revitalization. After...
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Research on New Rural Construction and Traditional Village Protection Based on Evolutionary Game Theory

Jing Wang, Xiaozhou Liu, Zhenyu Zhou
By investigating the current situation of traditional villages which have been listed in the list of traditional villages, and analyzing the application conditions of evolutionary game between new rural construction and traditional village protection, the evolutionary game model is constructed. Based...
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Research on Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode of High School Mathematics under the Background of “Internet +”

Fenghan Chen, Fengtong Wen
In order to improve students' autonomous learning ability, they should start by changing the classroom teaching mode. Under the background of “Internet +”, the new teaching mode of "flipped classroom" breaks the traditional teaching mode and teaches in the way of "learning before teaching, learning after...
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The Significance of Mind Mapping in English Teaching in Independent Colleges

Xiu-juan Zheng, Chun-ying Li, Xiao-yan Xiong
This paper focuses on the application of mind mapping to English teaching in Independent Colleges, emphasizing the role of mind mapping in consolidating English word memory. With the aim to heighten awareness of the capabilities of the method, this article lays particular emphasis on how to help students...
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Research on Teaching Method of Discrete Mathematics Course against the Background of Mobile Internet

Xue Xing, Jia Li
The basic course of computer science and technology major in colleges and universities mainly refers to discrete mathematics, which is more complex. Students often feel that the course is boring and difficult to be theoretical. In view of the dispersion of the knowledge points of the course, the teaching...
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The Connotation, Objective and System Construction of the Classified Cultivation of Undergraduates —Taking Economics and Trade Major as an Example

Lingyan Meng
Classified cultivation is the task and necessary choice under the popularization of higher education. This paper adopts normative analysis, empirical analysis, expert interview and field investigation to analyze the connotation of classified training mode of undergraduate talents and proposes the talent...
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Interprovincial Comparison and Improvement Path Selection for Scientific and Technological Innovation Ability in Liaoning

Lingyan Meng
In the past five years, the scientific and technological innovation ability of Liaoning has declined year by year. Using literature research, field research, comparative analysis and expert interviews, this work analyzed the current situation of Liaoning's scientific and technological innovation ability...
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Evaluation and Development Suggestions on Agricultural Eco-tourism Resources in the Northeastern Chongqing

Qiong Wang
To better develop agricultural tourism and eco-tourism in Northeastern Chongqing. This study used AHP method to construct step evaluation model of agricultural eco-tourism resources, invited experts to determine the weight of the indicator of each level and calculated the comprehensive scores by fuzzy...
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Analysis on the Evaluation of Solfeggio and Ear Training Courses

Chao Song
Based on the existing problems in the evaluation of Solfeggio and ear training courses, this paper, combining the theoretical and practical significance of Solfeggio and ear training courses, analyses the basic path of evaluation of Solfeggio and ear training courses from the orientation of curriculum...
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Analysis on the Cultivation Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents in Local Universities —Taking Qingdao Huanghai University as an Example

Jixin Liu, Fengju Hu, Xiangwei Zang, Shuangfeng Han
Innovation and entrepreneurship education play an important role in the transformation and development of colleges and universities. Therefore, in recent years, most universities in China have carried out innovation and entrepreneurship education. In the process of carrying out innovation and entrepreneurship...
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Reform and Practice of the Engineering Drawing Course Based on OBE Concept

Zhanlong Cao, Jing Jin, Li He, Hongxia Wang
Engineering drawing course is a basic course of non-mechanical specialty. This course plays an important role in cultivating students’ engineering and innovation ability. According to the concept of OBE, the course not only introduces the concept of result-oriented but also permeates the concept of engineering...
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Research on the Forest Resource Assets Appraisal and off-office Audit

Huishui Su
In order to implement the construction of ecological civilization, leading cadres off-office audit of natural resource assets comes into being. The forest resource assets appraisal and off-office audit, acting as an important part of natural resource assets, are important areas for conducting leading...
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Research on the Strategies for Improving the Effectiveness of College English Listening Teaching

Ge Zhang, Chunying Li
The aim of this study was to make students participate actively in class, and improve the effectiveness of aural English teaching. Improving the effectiveness of College English listening teaching is not only the focus of teachers’ attention, but also the hope and desire of students. However, for a long...
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Research on the Vertical Management Mode of Five-year Majors in Colleges and Universities

Wenjie Liu
At present, there are some five-year majors in Chinese universities, which usually have distinctive professional features and a longer training period. Therefore, there are many contradictions and differences between these five-year majors and the existing four-year majors. This paper discusses the working...
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Research on Physical Education Curriculum New Model Based on Physical Education Cloud Computing

Nian Li
To make the physical education (PE) curriculum model more intelligent, a new PE curriculum model based on PE cloud computing was investigated. The basic framework of cloud computing and "PE education cloud" were discussed. The operation mode of "PE cloud" was designed, including registration, data entry,...
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Research on the Impact of Intelligent Decision-making System for Voluntary Filling in College Entrance Examination on Senior High School Students

Yinghui Wang, Yizhen Liu, Li Liu
College Entrance Examination is one of the keys to change the fate of our own life. So it would become very important for senior three students to fill in voluntarily. Most of the candidates are difficult to choose their own specialties and colleges according to their own characteristics, and the adjustment...
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An Analysis on Urban Labor Market Integration of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region from the Perspective of Labor Wage

Ruqing Xu
The coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region focuses on the integration, especially on the unified labor market. From the perspective of labor wages, the article uses the average real wages of urban staffs and workers among the 13 cities in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region from 2004 to...
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Research on English Learning Model of Higher Vocational College Based on Superstar Platform Learning System —Taking Superstar APP as an Example

Baomei Huang, Chunzhong Yu
To investigate the influence of hybrid teaching mode on multiliteracies ability of higher vocational students’, the paper makes the empirical study of English design learning model using Superstar Platform Learning System. It is integrated into design learning concept, which includes three-stage of “before-class...
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Construction and Research of Experimental Teaching Platform for Applied Undergraduate Universities in the New Media Environment

Shuangyuan Li
Applied undergraduate universities focus on cultivating students' practical ability, and new media technology should be used to improve teaching environment, teaching quality and resource utilization rate. By analyzing the characteristics of new media technology and combining the practical situation...
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Thoughts on Salary Reform in the Digital Age

Tingfang Wang
This paper mainly analyses the content, necessity and trend of salary change under the background of AI and big data in the current digital economy era. By using literature research and interdisciplinary research methods, this paper explores the salary reform scheme in the digital age from the aspects...
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Application of Management Decision Virtual Simulation in Financial Forecasting of Thermal Power Plant

Shuliang Liu, Yue Zhou
The article takes the financial forecasting status of thermal power generation enterprises as the research background, applies the idea of virtual simulation of management decision to the financial forecast of thermal power enterprises, and realizes the simulation of future financial forecast of thermal...
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Literature Review on the Budget Slack

Shujun Sheng
Budget, one of the significant mechanisms to allocate the organizational resources, affects the cost and performance of the organization through the advanced allocation with resources. However, budget slack, as the unexpected behavior of budgetary management, has undoubted effects on the organization....
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Competency Dimension of University Presidents: Balancing Academic Freedom and Social Responsibility

Yunlan Wang, Ling Ye
In today's increasingly close relationship between universities and society, it is not feasible for universities to "work behind closed doors" or to pander to society blindly. As the basic dimension of university presidents' competence, it is very important to balance academic freedom and social responsibility....
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The “Alienation” of University President's Ethics

Yunlan Wang, Dandan Du
This paper combs the importance of the leadership of University presidents, analyses the reasons for the alienation of University presidents' ethics and morals, and summarizes the reasons for the alienation of University presidents' ethics and morals as follows: lack of understanding of the essence of...
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The Discursive Construction of Online Corporate Identities through Corporate Websites

Fangmin Sun, Youhua Fu
This paper is proposed to examine the discursive construction of online corporate identities by analyzing corporate websites under the framework of Systematic Functional Multimodal Discourse Analysis (SF-MDA).Viewed as a kind of hypermodal discourse, websites can index the social practices and are also...