Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Education Science and Economic Development (ICESED 2019)

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A study on the relationship between tourists' perceived attributes of tourism destination of cultural heritage and their pursuit of personal value – a case of the West Lake in Hangzhou

Jianren Shi, Ya Chen
The important reason for tourists to choose a travel experience in a cultural heritage site is to experience the cultural heritage of the destination to seek personal value. This study explores the value link mode of tourists in cultural heritage sites by means-end chain theory, constructs the graph...
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Impact of Inclusive Leadership on Employees’ Adaptive Performance

Yuli Yu
In the actual work environment, employee’s performance behaviors are affected by various factors, and adaptive performance as a team member’s performance on adaptability is getting more and more attention from enterprises. Inclusive leadership, as a type of leadership that can embrace different cultural...
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Research on Establishment of Construction Engineering Related Specialty Group in Higher Vocational College Based on Construction Industry Upgrading

Zhen Liu
At present, China has come into a period of modernization and new economy. The industrial transformation and upgrading and the coordinated economic development pattern have undergone significant changes, the output of high-quality technical and skilled personnel has become the first step to deepen the...
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Research on the Application of ERP System in Manufacturing Enterprise Cost Management

Huidong Ma
Cost management is an important part of strategic management of manufacturing enterprises and plays an irreplaceable role in the development of manufacturing enterprises. The reality is that many manufacturing companies have problems with cost management. For example, the cost accounting cycle is long,...
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Research on the Development of Teacher-Student Relationship in the Ecological Chain of Entrepreneurship Practice——Based on symbiosis theory

Wenxin Jin, Yusong Cheng
This article is based on the ecological chain system of entrepreneurship practice in Hohai University, and studies the internal mechanism of the ecological chain in accordance with the concept of symbiosis. Aiming at the problems of the teacher-student relationship in the current ecological chain, it...
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Construction and Practice of Innovative Ability Training Mode of "Spiral Combination of Competitions and Courses, Deep Integration of Specialty and Creation"

Yi Fan
In view of the current curriculum education, discipline competitions and innovation and entrepreneurship education, there are the following problems: old teaching content, low participation in discipline competitions, and the teaching reform of single course that is difficult to realize the comprehensive...
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School Resilience — A New Way of School Safety Management

Na Ma, Zhihua Li, Zhenxing Chang, Tao Chen
Ensuring the safety of school staff and students is not only an important guarantee to achieve the purpose of education, but also a prerequisite to ensure the smooth development of various activities in the school. With the increasing complexity of school personnel structure and the increasing number...
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A Study on the New Model of Flipped Classroom Teaching in College English

Xing Fang
In recent years, flipped classroom teaching mode has been widely used in College English teaching. In view of its disadvantages, this paper attempts to reform the existing flipped classroom teaching mode of College English by using maker education concept, personalized teaching theory and cooperative...
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Research on the Relationship Between the Elements of Students' Learning State in the New Learning Space

Xiaozhen Shi
With the application of new learning space, the study of college students' learning state has attracted more attention. By analyzing the research of teaching in the new learning space, it is found that the empirical research on students' learning state combination with the characteristics of students...
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Teachers’ Dilemma and Subject Breakthrough in School Bullying

Zhao Kang, Shangming Wang, Cai Chen
The basic fact that teachers are victims of school bullying has already existed. The scientific cognition of their survival dilemmas is conducive to building a long-term mechanism to prevent and control school bullying. In order to avoid the plight of school bullying due to social public opinions and...
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Survey and Reform of Data Structure Courses Based on SPOC Mixed Mode

Guanghui Feng, Chaoqun Zhang, Qun Chen
A questionnaire survey was conducted among undergraduates from the School of Computer Science of Zhuhai College of Jilin University to analyze the current status of data structure courses to know about the difficulties students encountered during the learning process and the help they expect to get,...
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Solutions on Obstacles of Applying Educational Technologies in Chinese Primary and Middle School English Classrooms

Haoyang Yu
With the development of audio-visual education researches, researchers and educators have revealed advantages of applying technologies for educational purposes. Digital applications and tools are also developed to play positive roles in classrooms. Nonetheless, there are still obstacles impeding the...
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Analysis of achievement assessment for course objectives of road and bridge engineering technology based on OBE

Wei Jiang, Haiyan Yuan, Junpeng Wang
Achievement assessment for course objectives plays an important role in the continuous quality improvement of majors. Therefore, the achievement assessment of course objectives becomes the primary process. Based on the graduation requirements indices of civil engineering, instructional objectives for...
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The Design of Blended Learning Based on MOOC --- Taking the “Greek and Roman Mythology” as an example

Xiaobin Ji
Blended learning refers to the combination of online and onsite learning. With English major freshmen as subjects, this study attempts to design the blended course of “Greek and Roman Mythology” based on MOOC. Four aspects are involved in the design: online video making, onsite classroom teaching, online...
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The cultivation of the ability and quality of graduate students is not only reflected in the stance in laboratory safety management

Zhiling Ma, Xinming Tang, Changbin Wei
Laboratory safety is the basic guarantee for the smooth development of scientific research, and the safety management of laboratories is an important work for universities and research institutes. Based on the analysis of the current situation of laboratory safety, operational characteristics and difficulties...
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Exploration of Ideological and political education in the course of Civil Engineering

QingYing Liu
Based on the analysis of some typical courses of civil engineering, this paper condenses the ideological and political elements in these courses, and studies the teaching reform of Ideological and political courses. Through the analysis and research of typical engineering cases and the combination of...
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Multimodal Teaching Mode of Junior English Based on Rain Classroom

Xiaohuan Wang
The purpose of the study is to discuss the process of construct the multimodal teaching mode of junior English based on the Rain Classroom and explore the teaching effect of the multimodal teaching mode of junior English based on the Rain Classroom. This paper concludes that the main links of the multimodal...
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A study on the present situation and Countermeasures of the Integration of Industry and Education in Applied Colleges and Universities under the background of "Internet"

Dehua Liu
Under the background of "Internet +", it is necessary for the integration of applied undergraduate industry and education, because if it is not through the integration of industry and education, the development of applied undergraduate education and teaching under the background of "Internet +" will...
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The reform of English writing teaching for college students in the big data age

Yunyan Tao
In college English teaching, writing teaching is a very key and very important part, but usually, college English teachers tend to ignore the writing teaching of students and pay more attention to reading teaching and word practice. However, in order to make students achieve a good English achievement,...
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How to cultivate students' Intercultural communicative competence in College English Teaching

Juan Wang, Liming Wu
The communication between a person or a group and a person or group with different cultural background is cross-cultural communication. In cross-cultural communication, there must be the exchange of information resources. In order to improve students' intercultural communicative competence, we must help...
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On the practice and Exploration of the Reform of practical training Teaching in higher Vocational Education

Hui Wen
In the teaching of higher vocational education, the teaching of practical training is a very important teaching link, but because there are still many problems in the practical training teaching in the higher vocational colleges, it is necessary to reform the practical training teaching in higher vocational...
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Research on the Application of heuristic Teaching in Electronic Information Engineering Teaching in higher Vocational Education

Hang Xu
The subject of electronic information engineering is to study the processing of information technology to electronic information. In the electronic information project, information technology is involved, and it also involves the knowledge of communication technology and so on. Therefore, it can be said...
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The Reform and Practice of the Practical Teaching of Higher Vocational Accounting in the Background of Artificial Intelligence

Chenyan Liu
Under the background of the potential development of artificial intelligence driven by the Internet, people have also excavated and developed many new technologies, such as cloud computing, big data and other new fields. The demand for professional and technical talents in these fields is increasing...
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On the Reform and Innovation of ideological and political Teaching in higher Vocational Colleges

Lin Xu
The best way to carry out the ideological education of the students in the higher vocational colleges is the ideological and political class in the higher vocational colleges, and the ideological and political education of the students can be used to promote the ideological and political education of...
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The Innovation of the Ideological and Political Education and the Work of the Party in the New Situation

Longnv Shang
The development of college student party members is to promote the development of ideological and political education and party building in colleges and universities, and in order to make the party grow and develop, it will also be one of the important measures to receive college student party members....
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The Exploration of the Reform of Physical Education in Colleges and Universities in the Perspective of Lifelong Physical Education

Xingjian Jiang
So far, physical education in colleges and universities in China has made a lot of progress, but also made some achievements. However, there are still many problems in the concept of lifelong physical education. Therefore, physical education educators should take a longer view, not only to see the students'...
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Discussion on Teaching Reform of Computer Applied Basic Course in Colleges and Universities.

Yang Han
The basic course of computer application is a very important course for the students of computer application, and it is also a public course. After the students have mastered the basic course of computer application, the students can develop the computer application ability. Through the basic course...
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Research on teacher Management in Human Resource Management in Colleges and Universities

Mei Tong
Since the present stage, with the development of society and the progress of economy, education and teaching in our country are also constantly reforming and innovating, and colleges and universities in our country have also begun to expand enrollment, and the personnel management system has begun to...
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Integrated education: a new opportunity for basic education reform

Mingqing Liu, Dan Yan
As the main trend of the development of special education, the integration education has brought great challenges to the general education, and also brings the opportunity of the reform. Although the starting point is different, the integration education has a lot of common value orientation with the...
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Research on Foreign Language Talent Cultivation Model of Cross-border E-commerce under the Background of "Internet + Double Innovation"

Zhujian Liu
With the expansion of the scope of the application of Internet information technology in China, the scope of the Internet used by educators in curriculum teaching has become wider and wider. In recent years, China has vigorously promoted the development concept of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Cross-border E-commerce Talent Training

Zhujian Liu
Cross-border e-commerce is developing rapidly in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative. Because of the development of cross-border e-commerce, the demand for e-commerce talents is also increasing. At the same time, the quality of e-commerce talents in society is increasing. The requirements are...
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Application of Encryption System Realized by Voiceprint Information on Remote Education Platform

Jingyun Li
In the remote education system, teachers and students need to transfer data such as text, voice message, pictures and videos via internet. Thus, information security is very important in such systems, and only by using encryption technology to protect information can intellectual property and personal...
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Application Research On Mental Health Problems From The Perspective Of Educational Science

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
From the perspective of application research, this paper systematically combed the education scientific research of mental health problems, including the main branch education science research on mental health problems and education by the education object of mental health problems in science research,...
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Research On Organizational Model Based On The Strategic Perspective Of Global Education Science

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
The fourth industrial revolution has promoted the iterative updating of educational technology and the major transformation of educational research paradigm. Therefore, strengthening the basic research of educational science is becoming an important feature of global scientific and technological innovation....
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On the Construction of College English Course Based on the Cloud Platform of

Mengtao Duan
At present, with the continuous deepening of higher education reform, more and more universities and teachers have recognized the necessity and positive effect of applying online forms of learning into the traditional ways, and begin to explore more concerning course-construction on the platforms of...
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Recalculation of China's Total Factor Productivity Based on Capital Stock

Wencang Hu, Lili Xu, Mingxiao Xu
Based on the ten classifications of assets, we use different hyperbolic efficiency decreasing parameters and average service life, respectively simulate the age-efficiency function, age-price function and age-depreciation rate function of the ten major asset groups to estimate the net capital stock of...
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A Probe into E-Learning and Its Application in College English Teaching

Mengtao Duan
In the new information era, the form of e-learning has been widely used in every sectors of education, attracting great attention from the academic circles. At present, many universities and teachers have recognized the superior teaching and guiding effects of the e-learning mode in cultivating students’...
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Study on rural poverty reduction effect of secondary vocational education

Xiaoning Zhu
Poverty alleviation through education is a powerful booster for the smooth development of poverty alleviation work. In recent years, under the background of vigorously promoting poverty alleviation through education and accelerating the implementation of education projects, the incidence of rural poverty...
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STEAM-Based Education Program for Students of Geography in University of Jinan

Weidong Gao, Wei Jiang, Mimi Zhou
Interdisciplinary synthesis is the basis of STEAM education. Geography as a comprehensive subject plays an important role in STEAM education. Geography is a very interdisciplinary and comprehensive subject, which involves natural science, social science and technical science. The cultivation of students...
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The Construction of Blended Learning Mode in College English

Yao Xi
Under the background of the new era, the needs to cultivate first-class talents in the higher education of our country are increasingly urgent. However, for a long time the reason why we haven’t been able to cultivate high-quality talents who can meet the needs of social development is that we are teaching...
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A Study on the Main Body of the Rescue and Protection Mechanism for Children in Difficulty

Xin Hu
The Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of Children in Difficulty issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the State Council in 2016 specified the rescue and protection basic principle for children in difficulty of ‘the conscientiousness of family, the leading of the government, the participation...
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The Function Transformation of Accountants under Artificial Intelligence

Lan Zhang, Jingwei Niu, Xinglin Li, Zihong Zhao, Yitong He
Under the influence of market economy and the trend of globalization, science and technology have been greatly developed, which has a profound impact on the management and development of all walks of life in the society. With the emergence of modern science and technology such as financial sharing, big...
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A study on the economic status of disabled families

Zhen Liu
The problem of disabled people has always been a hot topic in society and research. The family economy of the disabled is generally characterized by low income and high expenditure, and the imbalance between them leads to the poverty of the family economy of the disabled. With the help of questionnaire...
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Discussion about taking the "five-pursuit" as the starting point, and solidly promote the standardized construction of party group

Xiangming Bi
With the development of the society and our nation becoming more and more powerful, the standardized construction level of the Party organization in China is gradually improving. It is not only a positive support for Party leadership, but also a realization of Party organizations’ core role in politics...
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The Decline of National Innovation and Its Implication

Jingbo Yao
Based on the Annual Global Innovation Index (GII) reports, this paper found that many countries in the world have experienced a decline in national innovation capacity in different years, which has restricted the development of the country to some extent. Presently, the global economic growth is sluggish,...
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The Value Investment Analysis of Alibaba

Yili Pan
This paper adopts two models of value investment to estimate the situation of Alibaba. As a newly listed company, many people is not clear about its value investment. Therefore, the paper mainly aims at providing a reference for estimating the value investment of Alibaba. The results of four models in...
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Research on Financial Analysis of Luckin Coffee

Menghao Wang
Choosing Luckin Coffee as the research object, this paper analyzed its financial statements. More specifically, it stated the solvency, the operating ability, the profitability and the development ability of Luckin Coffeein detail. It is found that the advantages and disadvantages of Luckin Coffee can...
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Latent Factor Model for Book Recommendation System ---Taking Douban as an Example

Hanqiao Yu
Recommendation system is a type of web intelligence technology that can perform daily information filtering for users. It has a more and more important position in the Internet era, so the filtering technology has become a focus of it. This paper introduces a technique called latent factor model which...
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Can shareholders of Tesla really benefit?

Fan Lu
Merger and acquisition is normally regarded as an important tool for the enterprise to develop and gain profits. However, is it possible for every company to earn profits through M&A? Probably no. The paper looked at the influences of M&A on shareholders and analyzes through a case study of M&A of Tesla...
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Value Investment Based on Data Analysis with Comparison of Three Airline Corporations in the US

Peixuan Han
Value investment analysis is essential for all kinds of enterprises, especially those that are closely related to people's daily life. Analysis plays an important role in the development of an enterprise, even if the enterprise is in different stages. This can not only help enterprises to reduce the...
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Analysis on financial fraud cases by Python

Yuan Tao
Financial frauds, which is a common phenomenon in our daily life, may take various forms. Based on real estate fraud cases in New York in 2010, this paper illustrated the process of anomaly detection by computer. Also, this paper introduced techniques to detect financial frauds, including Benford’s law...
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Crisis Management Report on Kobe’s Sexual Assault Case

Yijin Yang
Celebrities get more attention than common people due to their outstanding appearance and some outstanding professional skills. People pay attention not only to their achievements in their fields, but also to their words and deeds in their daily life. As rapid development of technology, the speed of...
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A model for evaluating the current condition and future developments of smart phone companies

Zirui Zhou
This paper developed a model for predicting the future development of smart phone companies based on their current data. Thus, investors can use the results obtained from the paper to determine whether they can invest in those companies. A model with two specific standards is built to categorize smart...
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New Media Critique – Weakness of Social Media

Ruian Gao
Nowadays, no one can live without the internet, the new media. According to the 2019 digital report by “We Are Social” “Global internet users have grown by 8.6 percent over the past twelve months, with 350 million new users contributing to an overall total of 4.437 billion by the beginning of April 2019...
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The Impacts of Non-deal Brexit on the UK Vegetable Market

Yuyang Geng
The paper analyzes the potential impact of Brexit on the UK vegetable market. It concluded that it will exert adverse impact on the overall price level in short term as well as on the government. However, over time the impact will diminish, creating an opportunity for domestic vegetable producers in...
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A Survey Report on the Trend of E-commerce Consumption in Jingdong from 2016 to 2018

Chengyun Zhao
Recently, the development of China's e-commerce consumption has attracted worldwide attention. The study analyzes Jingdong, one of China’s largest online shopping sites with 320 million active users, by investigating the trend of e-commerce consumption of the company from 2016 to 2018. Based on the research...
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Credit Card Transaction Fraud Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Jiayi Huang
Credit cards offered significant advantages over all forms of money: they’re pocket size, easily portable, relatively secure and have no intrinsic value themselves. However, payment fraud is an ideal use case for machine learning algorithms and has a long track record of successful use. Machine learning...
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Is it a good choice to invest in Tesla?

Jiarui Zhang
As a brand of high-performance electric vehicles, Tesla has attracted more and more attention in recent years. However, no one knows what the development trend of Tesla is. Is it worth investing in Tesla? In this article, readers can know the company’s future financial performance and what factors influence...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors and Development Trends of College Basketball Teaching Reform

Dawei Wen
The basketball teaching reform in colleges and universities is an important part of the new curriculum reform. Basketball is very popular among college students because of its strong teamwork, large amount of sports and wide popularity. At present, there are still some defects in the college basketball...
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Possible Forecasting Method for Box Office

Xinyi Zhang
The booming development of film industry and the emergence of high-return films have attracted the attention of investors. It is well known that high returns mean high risks. In order to avoid risks, scholars and practitioners have studied various box office prediction models. This paper elaborates the...
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Variables Creation in Fraud Detection-Based on New York Property Data

Yutong Yao
With the rapid development of technology, fraud has become an extremely serious problem in the US society, therefore makes fraud detection an urgent need to improve the situation as much as possible. Fraud detection refers to the process of finding anomalies in a huge bunch of data by building fraud...
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Effect of Demonetization on India's Financial Sector

Yujie Wang
This paper explores the effect of demonetization on India’s financial sector. By collecting and analyzing data in this field in the past three years from RBI, this paper concluded that demonetization increased the total value and volume of financial transactions in India while eliminating counterfeit...
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Impact of the Three Gorges Dam on Poyang Hu Lake

Yahao Liu
Lakes are the crucial features of the global ecosystem, although they contribute a tiny segment of the ground surface. Due to environmental impact and global climate change, these surface water carrying systems face surviving challenges and become fragile. The Three Gorges Dam is one of the world's largest...
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Separatism in Taiwan: The Taiwan Independence Movement and possible development of future Cross-Strait Relations

Yifei Ning
This paper will take the Taiwan referendum as a starting point to analyze political party replacement since Kuomintang took hold of Taiwan and propose reasons in terms of politics and social changes for Taiwan's tendency to split from mainland, and clarify misunderstandings caused by the mainland’s policies...
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A study on the improvement of college students' cultural confidence from the perspective of ideological and political education

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
At present, some problems existing in cultural self-confidence of some college students are mainly manifested in low sense of national traditional cultural identity, blind recognition of western foreign culture and lack of enthusiasm for cultural activities. In the report to the 19th national congress,...
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Research on the practice teaching of accounting major in " non-double first-class " undergraduate colleges in the new era

JianBing WANG
The teaching activities of accounting major in colleges and universities are divided into theoretical teaching and practical teaching. Because of its unique characteristics of independence and innovation, practical teaching plays an important role in students' understanding of theoretical knowledge and...
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Research on the Training Mode of Applied Accounting Undergraduate Talents under the Background of “Dazhiyiyun”

Junjing Han, Jie Ren, Chunyi Xu
The arrival of the era of "Dazhiyiyun" has greatly changed the daily work contents and ways of accounting practitioners. This paper aims to analyze the current situation of the cultivation of accounting majors in application-oriented undergraduate colleges, find the problems existing in the cultivation...
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On Development Strategy of Autonomous Exploration Classroom Teaching Mode of Management Course in China’s Military Universities

Wei Gu, Deng Pan
As a professional background course generally offered in military universities, the management course is based on the cultivation of students’ innovative spirit and their actual management skills. The classroom teaching mode of the management course is very important to the mastery of the students’ management...
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Investigation on internationalization of tourism personnel training mode: A case study

Yue Sun
A need for proficient international tourism personnel has been growing for the burgeon-ing tourism economy all around the world, where as there is a lack of corresponding employees in the global tourism market. Accordingly, this study intends to investigate internationalization of tour-ism personnel...
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Discussions on Military Academy Cadets’ Internship in the Army

Fang Yuan, Jingnan Wang, Dan Xin, Tong Zhu, Lin’an Yang
The internship of cadets is discussed in this paper. Firstly, the purpose of the internship is listed. Secondly, the good practices adopted by the army are summed up. Thirdly, some problems existing in the internship are pointed out. Fourthly, some suggestions for the problems existing in the internship...
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Study on the Influence of Central Business District on House Market Price: a Case Study of Nanchang City, China

Junsong Jia, Yueyue Rong, Zhongyu Gu, Dongming Xie
It is significant to make clear the influence of the city’s central business district (CBD) on the surrounding house market price (HMP), which is reflected by the following indicators: rental and purchase price. Thus, taking Nanchang of China as a case, we choose two CBDs (Bayi Square and Honggutan)...
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The Impact Mechanism and Effect of Fiscal and Taxation Policies on the Upgrading of Regional Industrial Structure---Based on the Empirical Analysis of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area

Yan Zhang, Ruoqian Yang, Yu Jiang
The coordinated development of The Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area (Greater Bay Area) has already been a national strategy, and its plan is about to be introduced. One important factor that constrain the coordinated development of Greater Bay Area is that there has not yet built a sound...
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Community Education Innovation and Practice in the New Era

Bing Lv, jing Li, Yuqing Zhao, Shulong Teng
At present, there are some common problems in community education, including monotonous learning mode, imperfect learning content, insufficient sustainability of learning organization and poor evaluability. Based on the practice of community education in Beijing chunteng social work promotion center,...
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Construction of Teaching Model of ERP Comprehensive Simulation Experiment Based on OBE and Trihelix Field Model

Chengwen Zhao, Jianfeng Cai, Rongqi Zhu
Higher education and innovative entrepreneurship education are the important contents of the current higher education reform. Based on the relationship between OBE theory and helical field model and the course of "ERP integrated simulation experiment", this paper establishes the teaching mode of "ERP...
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Research on Curricular Crossover Reform of the Environmental Art Design Courses

Cuiyu Xi
In the context of vigorously promoting the interdisciplinary in China, by comparing the concept of cross-curriculum, this paper puts forward the topic of curricular crossover. Accordingly, the purpose of this paper is to verify the curricular crossover helps to improve the learning outcomes of students...
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Discussion on the Teaching Reform of Financial Management Course under the Background of Double Innovation

Xiaoying Ding, Xiaoyu Li, Yalin Gao
Course teaching reform is the fundamental way to improve college students' entrepreneurship ability. Colleges and universities should strengthen the process of professional curriculum innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. Financial management course is an important course in Colleges and...
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An Analysis of the Development Situation and Prospect of Micro-credit Companies in Shandong Province

Sen Li, Yanfang Zhang
micro-credit is an important financial institution in recent years.The main problems in the development of micro-credit companies in Shandong province are micro-credit companies prone to narrow financing channels, product categories simple, the lack of policy support and the high operational risk.Suggestion...
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A Study on Integrating Tujia Culture in English Teaching Materials of Local Universities

Hong Xu
Promoting and protecting the national culture of minority nationality is a major issue that must be faced in the English teaching of universities, especially in the universities located in the minority areas in the globalization world. This article takes Tujia Minority as an example to discuss Tujia...
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Research on the factors affecting the transformation of community convenience stores under the new retail trend

Yun Tang, Lin Zhou, WenWei Li
Using the multi-layer perceptron model to analyze the data of 205 convenience stores in Chengdu, explore the influence of customer daily flow, customer preferences and convenience store purchase channels on the willingness of community convenience stores to transform under the new retail trend. Customer...
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Exploration and Research on Outstanding Talents Training Mode of New Business in Higher Vocational Education under the Production and Education Integration Background

Xin Jin, Xuesong Zhang, Qiuhong Liu, Ge Jin
In recent years, China’s vocational education has ushered in a “golden period”. The high attention from State to vocational education signal a new stage in China's vocational education reform and development. The National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan blew the horn of all-round reform...
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Research on the Development of Tianjin "Qilihai River Crab" Brand

bei Zhang, Shaorong Xie
The industrial status and existing problems of Tianjin “Qilihai River Crab” were analyzed. It was found that the brand supervision of “Tianjin Qilihaihe Crab” needs to be strengthened, the business model needs to be updated, product promotion is not enough, and brand awareness is high. insufficient....
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Research on the Government's Help to Reduce Costs for Private Enterprises

J. L. Su
This paper focuses on the Government's Help to Reduce Costs for Private Enterprises in FuJian Province.The research team in-depth investigation and analysis the main problems and difficulties faced by private enterprises in upgrading and upgrading in our province and explores the countermeasures for...
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Application and Development trend of Electronic Information Technology in Enterprises

Xiaoli Hu
With the rapid development of computer technology, the economic market is also driven by the future, and the enterprise has obtained a lot of convenience, whether the day-to-day management of the enterprise or the safety management of the enterprise, etc., can now be operated by the electronic information...
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Research on Electronic Information Mixed Teaching Mode of "Internet +" Environment

Lingjian Wang, Jianrong Zhang, Guohu Luo, Lei Chen
At present, New China has ushered in the era of “Internet +”. Many high and new technologies have been developed under the Internet+ era, and are widely used in college education. Among them, the most obvious technology is electronic information technology, information technology. The arrival of the...
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A Comparative Study of the Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) between China and India in the New Era

Tianyi Xia
For a country, as an important manifestation of its international division of labor, OFDI is also an important manifestation of its economic development. With the development of modern social economy, the scale of OFDI in the world is constantly expanding. In this context, the foreign investment of developing...
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Research on the relationship between diversification and performance of coal enterprises based on EVA

Jiao Wu, Jianfeng Cai
In this paper, 32 listed companies of coal enterprises are selected as samples, and EVA index system is used to build the model. Empirical analysis and SPSS software are used to study the relationship between variables, and the conclusion is drawn that diversification is positively related to performance,...
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Commercial application and prospects of Artificial Intelligence

Yingfang Niu, Jie Hou, Yajun Li
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only a topic in the technical field, but a comprehensive topic closely related to various industrial developments, social progress, people's lives and even human destiny. This paper will release the overview of the research progress in artificial intelligence, the...
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A Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Japanese Phonetic Teaching

Diansheng Chen
Language is the most important tool of human communication,and it’s the combination of sound and meaning.However. As the material shell of language, speech carries the language information of social communication.In the process of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, how to teach the second language...
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Eco-socialist Green Development Model and Its Enlightenment

Junfeng Xu
Ecological socialism was born in the western developed countries for ecological problems and mass’ radical movement led by green party, which has carried on critical reflection and system construction to construct practical green development model with classic Marxist concept and ecological movement...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Tourists' Perception of Crowding in Baotu Spring Scenic Spot

Li Yan, Xiaomei Zhou
With the increase of national tourism demand, tourist spots are bound to face the phenomenon of tourist congestion every peak season. Congestion destroys the environmental quality of scenic spots, and reduces the tourist experience and satisfaction. The author investigated tourists and some citizens...
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Investigation on the Supply and Demand of Accounting Professional Talents Market in Liaoning Province

WenLi Bao
By means of questionnaire, interview and network, the supply and demand of accounting talents in enterprises, accounting graduates and colleges and universities in Liaoning province were investigated, the gap between supply and demand was found out, and six opinions were put forward to improve the training...
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Investigation and research on factors influencing college students' information-based learning ability

WenLi Bao
This study takes college students' mental health class as an example to analyze the personality difference between those who get excellent grades and those who fail. According to the interview of college students' behavior events, the model of college students' information-based learning ability is preliminarily...
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Exploration of "Preaching" and "Reality Thinking" in the teaching of "Ancient Literature" in colleges and universities

Yanru Ji
Some problems existing in the teaching process of ancient literature in Colleges and universities will have a great impact on the efficiency and quality of ancient literature teaching.In order to improve the teaching quality of ancient literature in Contemporary Colleges and universities, It is necessary...
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Research on College English Information Teaching Model Based on English Learning Motivation Analysis Under the Background of Big Data

Jia He
Past experience indicated that the advancement of technology would greatly impact education and teaching. This essay explored the model of college English teaching of China in the age of Big Data, including the roles of teachers and students, and the methods for academic evaluation. It proposed the coping...
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On the foundation and Prospect of Shanghai's service and participation in the construction of "Belt and Road"

Yu Zhou
The “Belt and Road” is one of the important international cooperation initiatives proposed by the Chinese government to respond to the profound changes in the global situation and to coordinate the major strategic decisions made by the two domestic and international governments. It is a great opportunityfor...
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Analysis on the Reform of Informational Teaching of Physical Education Curriculum in Colleges

Yanmei Lu
In line with the needs of the "Internet + Education" era, the college physical education curriculum has carried out the reform of information-based teaching. Through the construction of the network teaching platform, the sharing of curriculum resources, and the use of informational means such as pre-class...
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Technology-enhanced Multimodality in Encouraging Student Interaction: A Paradigm of a Flipped Second Language Classroom

Tianshu Wang
With the rapid development of multimedia technology, the digital environment in learning has become an up-going trend, promoting new learning models to emerge. Educators and researchers must realize the potential of technology for engaging students in interaction and collaboration. With qualitative analysis,...
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Discussion on the Humanistic Quality Education under the Mode of "Progressive Integration"——with the Object of Applied Management Majors

JingHu Liang
Under the model of “Progressive Integration”, aiming at the shortcomings of humanistic quality education in management majors, taking the concept of humanistic quality education throughout the entire teaching process as a guide, to stimulate humanistic needs, and to improve the humanities quality education...
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Research on Standardization of Administrative License Evaluation

Mingle Zhou, Xikai Ding, Yun Wang
The administrative license evaluation system is a system clearly defined in the Administrative Licensing Law. It comprehensively measures and evaluates the degree of standardization and satisfaction of the implemented administrative licenses to determine whether the administrative license should continue...
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Analytical Framework of New Structural Economics for Industrial Transformation of Resource-based Cities

Dan Liu
In the process of the development of industrial history in modern China, many resource-based cities have contributed to the industrial construction during the new China period. However, with the gradual depletion of urban resources, the development of these resource-based cities has also been limited....