Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Education and Technology (ICET 2021)

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Problems of Online Learning in Islam Religious Education at Elementary Schools

Achmad Sultoni, Ahmad Munjin Nasih, Endah Tri Priyatni, Azizatuz Zahro, Juharyanto
Pandemic of Covid-19 in Indonesia force most schools to implement online learning to stop Covid-19 spread. This study aims to investigate problems of Islam Religious Education (IRE) or Pendidikan Agama Islam (well-known as PAI) in online learning at elementary schools. Respondents are 107 Islam Religious...
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Online Observation Protocol to Supervise Online Learning and Its Sample Report

Ence Surahman, Sulthoni, Ujang Nendra Pratama
The implementation of online learning requires online supervision and research to maintain the quality of the learning process. However, research on online learning observation protocols has not been widely reported. This study aimed to propose an online learning observation protocol that teachers, educational...
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Development of Educational Game Media Based on Android Animal Life Cycle Materials in 4th Grade Elementary School

Arini Citra Dewi, Esti Untari, Sutansi
Android-based educational games are interactive, innovative learning media by utilizing games in learning, so that students are interested in fun learning activities. The purpose of this development research is to produce an Android-based educational game media to foster the curiosity character of grade...
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Development of Digital Comic Media Flipbook with Character Content Mutual Respect at the Third-Grade Elementary School

Bad’un Nabilah, Arda Purnama Putra, Sutansi
This development research aims to develop flipbook digital comic media on the material of the diversity of individual characteristics in the surrounding environment in class III that is valid according to material experts, media experts and users. This study uses the Borg and Gall research model modified...
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Barrier Assistive Technology in Inclusive Classroom

Bayu Widyaswara Suwahyo, Punaji Setyosari, Henry Praherdhiono
Assistive technology can offer students with disabilities essential tools for achieving more independence, social inclusion, and engagement in society. Due to hurdles to obtaining and using assistive technology, this promise is not always fulfilled. This research attempts to identify impediments to acquiring...
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The Peer Tutor Method: Implementation in Hybrid Learning Settings for Students with Disabilities

Muchamad Irvan, Siti Mutmainah, Muhammad Nurrohman Jauhari
Students with disabilities have different characteristics. The different characteristics of students with disabilities depend on their respective disability categories. These conditions are generally related to physical, intellectual, or sensory functioning. Based on these conditions, there is a reason...
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Development and Validation of Instruments to Assess Student Work Readiness: An Indonesian Contexts

Sultoni, Imam Gunawan, Tri Novia Rosalinda
Student work readiness is an essential issue in the education system of every country, including the education system in Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to develop a questionnaire instrument to measure student work readiness. The questionnaire consists of 21 items designed from the five dimensions...
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Visualizing Trend of 21st-Century Curriculum: A Bibliometric Analysis

Dedi Kuswandi, Citra Kurniawan, Fikri Aulia, Agus Wedi, Hutkemri Zulnaidi, Muhammad Zidni Ilman Nafi’a, Lu’luil Maknuunah
The curriculum develops by developing the era today, which has entered the 21st-century era. This study aims to analyze and visualize the 21st -century curriculum trends. The 21st-century curriculum trend analysis aims to determine the current curriculum development and see research opportunities that...
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The Use of Gamification Quizizz as a Media for Online Learning Assessment During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Dedi Prestiadi, Wildan Zulkarnain, Raden Bambang Sumarsono
Assessment of learning outcomes is an important aspect of learning as an indicator of success in the learning process. Learning assessment must be carried out effectively to be able to measure the level of student success. During the COVID-19 pandemic, learning was carried out online, including in the...
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The Technology Used for Government’s Communication Strategy During COVID-19 Pandemic; A Comparative Study Between Langkawi, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia

Dina Sekar Vusparatih, Handy Martinus, Eshaby Mustafa, Nurul Syazana Hishamuddin
This study aims to explore the uses of technology in the government’s communication strategy to inform and socialize any regulation and support to the tourism sectors in Langkawi and Bali during the limitation of access due to the Covid19 pandemic. Using a qualitative approach, data were collected from...
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Virtual Reality-Based Assistive Technology as a Solution for Autistic Students to Know the School Environment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ediyanto, Risa Safira Ramadhani, Asep Sunandar, Ahsan Romadlon Junaidi, Mohammad Efendi, Wiwik Dwi Hastuti
The current study aims to analyze virtual reality-based assistive technology to help autistic students know the school environment during the COVID-19 pandemics. This research study goes through three stages: determining the research focus’s scope, determining the urgency and novelty of the research,...
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Gamification Strategy for e-Learning Using SMART Model Approach: An Indonesian Case Study

Diovianto Putra Rakhmadani, Yudithia Dian Putra, Ine Luna Dianti, Erif Ahdhianto, Pramono
Lately, e-learning is the most used learning method applied worldwide, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. With the use of e-learning, teaching and learning activities can continue during this pandemic. However, in the world of education, the application of e-learning has several obstacles faced,...
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Analysis of the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Learning Process in PAUD Negeri 1 Samarinda

Budi Rahardjo, Khusnul Khotimah A.I., Fachrul Rozie
This research is motivated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic reviewed in the PAUD learning process that teachers and parents feel. This study focuses on the theme of the teacher’s strategy in carrying out the learning process and the impact experienced by educators, students, and parents in the...
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Analysis of Trend for Online Counseling Using Systematic Mapping

Fitri Wahyuni, Citra Kurniawan
Online counseling was the strategy of choice for counselors to communicate with counselees who have limited distance and space. Online counseling develops along with the increase in digital-based applications and technology. This study analyzes the literature that discusses the topic of online counseling...
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The Importance of Technology Education for Children with Special Needs in Inclusive Schools

Haikal Andrean, Rizqi Fajar Pradipta, Frimha Purnamawati
Inclusive schools are schools that allocate all children without exception in one The room does not pay attention to differences in physical, intellectual, social, emotional and emotional conditions other. This includes children with disabilities/disability, children who are lazy to learn, children who...
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Implementation of Academic Supervision in Improving Teachers Teaching Performance in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era at Elementary School

Hasnah Yulianti, Dedi Prestiadi, Ali Imron
The purpose of this study was to see the implementation of academic supervision in improving teacher teaching performance in the Covid-19 pandemic era at the elementary school. The method used in this research is the descriptive qualitative research method using literature studies from various official...
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Measuring Cognitive Fusion on Counselor Involvement Performance

Husni Hanafi, Nur Hidayah, Adi Atmoko, M. Ramli, Triyono Triyono
The therapeutic relationship is a condition that needs to be built and appropriately developed to support the success of the counseling services provided. Self-competence and the counselor’s internal state play a significant role in building a therapeutic relationship with the counselee. One of the failures...
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Improving Higher-order Thinking Skills Through the Implementation of Open-Ended Play for Children aged 5-6 Years

I Wayan Sutama, Nur Anisa, Wuri Astuti
This study is aimed to describe the improvement in the quality of learning and higher-order thinking skills in children aged 5-6 years through the application of open-ended play. This research uses the Kemmis & Taggart model classroom action research and is carried out in two cycles. The results...
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Educational Supervision in Improving Teacher Competence

Ilham Mayudho, Dedi Prestiadi, Ali Imron
This study aims to determine the implementation of educational supervision in improving teacher professional competence. This research uses a literature study research method so that with this method data analysis will be carried out by collecting and reviewing a collection of various references both...
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Let Me Know About Your Leader! The Framework of Instructional Leadership

Imam Gunawan, Ibrahim Bafadal, Ahmad Nurabadi, Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Djum Djum Noor Benty, Adetya Dewi Wardani, Andhika Gilang Prayoga, Agus Baharudin
In essence, instructional leadership is a principal leadership model that emphasizes efforts to improve instructional quality. Therefore, the principal must be present in all school programs related to instructional. This research aims to determine the dimensions and behaviors carried out by school principals...
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Readiness of Elementary School Teachers in Facing Minimun Competency Assessment (MCA)

Khusnul Khotimah, Muchtar
MCA is a new program in learning evaluation that essentially measures minimum competence on institutional, personnel, and personality/character elements. The substance of the MCA content is basically a matter of competence of personnel in educational institutions (teachers) which are technically and...
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Designing Consultation Chatbot Using Telegram API and Webhook-based NodeJS Applications

Kristian Adi Nugraha, Danny Sebastian
Chatbots are a type of technology that has been used in a variety of areas in recent years, especially as the use of online media has become massively. The development of a chatbot application cannot be separated from the usage of server architecture. Because chatbots, in general, require quite complex...
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Comparative Analysis of Government Policies Indonesia and Malaysia About Character Education in Primary Schools

Lenita Puspitasari, Sa’dun Akbar
The implementation of character planting in Indonesia and Malaysia has been carried out since formal schools began. Malaysian education began during the British colonial era. The rapid economic and technological growth of the two countries has led to changes in the structure of society and their behavior...
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Development of IPS Content E-wallchart on the Subtema of Ethical Diversity in my Country at the 4th Grade Elementary School

Krisna Setiyo Rahayu, M. Zainuddin, Arda Purnama Putra
The purpose of this research and development is to produce an e-wallchart product for social studies on the sub-themes of ethnic diversity in my country that is valid according to material experts and teaching materials experts, practical according to users, and interesting according to students. The...
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Nyethe as Culture Based Art Group Therapy

Ninda Hidayatul Rahmawati, IM. Hambali, Nur Hidayah
The development of counseling based on local wisdom uses the integration of cultural content in the counseling approach. The integration of Madura proverbs in narrative counseling makes students more able to create new stories under the values in their environment. This research aims to develop a product...
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Development of Powtoon-based Learning Videos for Grade 4 Elementary School Students

Nur Laila Ayu Kurniawati, Sri Murdiyah, Arda Purnama Putra
This study aims to produce a product in the form of powtoon learning media on the material of cultural diversity in Indonesia by strengthening the character of love for the homeland that is valid according to material experts and media experts and is practically used by teachers and interesting for fourth-grade...
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Moral as the Basis of Leadership Practices in Excellent Schools

Ibrahim Bafadal, Ahmad Nurabadi, Imam Gunawan, Juharyanto, Maulana Amirul Adha, Min-Ling Hung, Firda Dwi Pratiwi, Ahmad Furqon Akhbar
The significance attached to the role of leadership in schools, then one of the important components in the study of leadership must be focus on morals as the basis of principal leadership. This study aims to determine the variety of morals that are the basis for the practice of instructional leadership...
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The Analysis of Education Standards Achievement in The Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS)

Nurul Ulfatin, Amat Mukhadis, Azizatuz Zahro, Andika Nur Rahma Putra, Hasan Argadinata
This study aims to determine the achievement of educational standards at IQAS which are implemented in private schools in the category of independent referral schools. The research was conducted with a qualitative approach with a case study design at the Lab School of State University of Malang, Indonesia....
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Learning Video Based on Local Culture of “Wayang Golek” Reyog Ponorogo in the Early Childhood Education Curriculum on the Theme of My Homeland

Sulton Sulton, Prihma Sinta Utami, Betty Yulia Wulansari
This article aimed to explain the results of the application of learning videos for early childhood by using a local cultural approach of “wayang golek” (rod puppets) Reyog Ponorogo. This learning video was applied in the early childhood education (PAUD) curriculum by choosing the theme of My Homeland....
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The Use of Information Technology in Semi-Military Education Systems: Problems and Challenges

Rifqi Raza Bunahri, Hardika Dwi Hermawan
Information technology in education is designed to helping solve educational problems so that it can provide benefits in efforts to improve the quality of learning and print quality human resources. This study aims to find out what are the problems and challenges in the use of information technology...
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Augmented Reality Using Text-based Marker for Intermediate Reading Course Modules

Riza Aulia Afandi, Yerry Soepriyanto, Zainul Abidin
Reading comprehension in English is very necessary for second-semester students as prospective English teachers. Learning is equipped with independent modules, if finding words in one sentence is difficult to understand in one complete sentence as a result of translation, then a special dictionary is...
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Comparative Study: Use of ICT Media in Learning for Deaf Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Malaysia and Indonesia

Rizqi Fajar Pradipta, Mohammad Efendi, Abdul Huda, Dimas Arif Dewantoro, Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yasin
In this case, teacher professionalism promotes student learning activities by managing information and the environment (including learning locations, methods, and media, rating systems, facilities and infrastructure) as well as the ability to teach students. Also includes the ability to do. Make it easy....
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Development of Narrative Counseling Model Based on Madurese Parebasan

Rofiqoh, Nur Hidayah, M. Ramli, Husni Hanafi
The development of counseling based on local wisdom uses the integration of cultural content in the counseling approach. The integration of Madura proverbs in narrative counseling makes students more able to create new stories under the values in their environment. This research aims to develop a product...
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Problematic of Online Learning Viewed from Personality Traits of Students in Elementary Teacher Education Program

Shimania Risma Putri, Putri Mahanani, Imam Nawawi
This study aims to describe the online learning problems faced by students of the PGSD study program, the State University of Malang in terms of personality types of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness. The research method used is qualitative research with the type...
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Augmented Reality Technology as a Learning Media to Help Parents in the Academic Functional Education of Children with Hearing Impairments

Silvana Rahma Iswahyudi, Ediyanto, Mohammad Efendi, Asep Sunandar, Henny Indreswari, Diniy Hidayatur Rahman
This research begins by conducting a preliminary study. The preliminary study was conducted by distributing google forms addressed to deaf parents. There were 20 respondents with the result that 62.5% of parents had difficulties in the development and functional academic learning of deaf children at...
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Implementation of Blog-Based Learning Media for Enhancing Students Elementary School Intelligent

Siti Mas’ula, M. Anas Thohir, Erif Ahdhianto
This study aims to develop a blog-based PowerPoint learning media. This research aims to describe the practical results of developing blog-based PowerPoint learning media for grade II elementary school students. The research used is development research using the ADDIE model. The data collection technique...
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Management Information System and Its Competitive Advantages for School and University Organization in the New World Order

This study aimed to examine how schools and universities gain competitive advantages from Management Information System (MIS) in managing online courses countering impacts of global pandemic outbreak. Literature review technique was used in analysing research findings concluded by some researchers. Results...
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The Effectiveness of Training Model Multimedia Based Learning Communication in Improving Mudarris Competence

Elih Sudiapermana, Unang Wahidin, Muslikhah
Mudarris is the most decisive component in the education and learning system as a whole, which must receive central attention in Islamic boarding schools. In order to obtain data in the field, the researcher conducted a preliminary study (preliminary research), namely the activities carried out by researchers...
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Exploring Facebook for Character Building Through Religious Education in Universitas Tanjungpura, Indonesia

Ahmad Munjin Nasih, Titis Thoriquttyas, Achmad Sultoni, Riyadi Budiman
Facebook is one of the social media that has the largest number of users in Indonesia. With several features offered, Facebook has become a magnet for social media users, who not only play a role in entertainment, but also in other things. In fact, in several previous studies, Facebook has been used...
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Development of Fractional Interactive Multimedia by Strengthening Independent Character of Grade III Elementary School Students

Umi Nahdhiah, Yuniawatika, Ferril Irham Muzaki
This study aims to produce interactive multimedia assisted articulate storyline 3 by strengthening the independent character of grade III fractional material at Bulusidokare elementary school, Sidoarjo. The model used in this research and development is the ADDIE model. Interactive multimedia validation...
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Learning Media Educational Game “Gebang Datar” Geometric Shape Material with Independent Strengthening Character for Fourth Grade Elementary Students

Fajar Satriananta, Yuniawatika, Yulia Linguistika
The lack of interesting mathematics learning media in the geometric shape material makes students bored and has difficulty learning and understanding the subject matter. Based on these problems, the purpose of this research is to produce a media educational game “Gebang Datar” is valid according to material...
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Prospective Elementary Teachers’ Difficulties in Solving Conceptual Tasks on Representation of Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Zetra Hainul Putra, Yesi Martha Afrillia, Eddy Noviana, Neni Hermita
This research is motivated by prospective teachers’ challenging in solving mathematical problems about fractions, including addition and subtraction of fractions. Their difficulties have been reported by several studies, but not specific on conceptual tasks based on representation of addition and subtraction...
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The Reform and Practice of Training Model of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents in the Concept of “the Combination of Specialization and Creation”

Zheming Zhuang, Yue Liu, Wei Wei
Emerging engineering education advocates for the talent training concepts of “character shaping,” “integration” and “continuous innovation.” In this paper, the author reformed the teaching methods used in five undergraduate programmes at Tianjin University’s School of Mechanical Engineering. The author...
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Designing Teaching Simulation Tools-Multimedia Based for Online Courses of Elementary School Indonesia Language Teaching and Learning

Titis Angga Rini, Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini, Puri Selfi Cholifah
This research is based on the need analysis for limited learning media for teaching simulating Indonesian language teaching and learning in elementary school courses for prospective elementary school teacher students. So far, the media used in lectures must be prepared in advance by students by using...
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Review of the Effectiveness of Digital Game-Based Learning in Education

Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini, Puri Selfi Cholifah, Titis Angga Rini, Sri Qayyuumu Gusti Mahartania
Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL) has attracted the interest of various parties to use games as a learning tool. Continuous research conducted every decade followed by technological developments has led to various books and research articles that have increasingly popularized the existence of DGBL as...
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Designing Immersed Virtual Reality Assessment (IVRA) in Improving Online Social Interaction: A Preliminary Research

Puri Selfi Cholifah, Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini, Putri Mahanani, Titis Angga Rini
This research aims to describe a design process of Immersed Virtual Reality Assessment (IVRA) in improving online social interaction. The urgency of this research is to answer the challenges of learning innovation that is currently closely related to free learning as an element of novelty in education...
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Informal Education Process Teaches Preservation of Pantun Tradition to the Young Generation in Malay Society

Zulkarnain, Edi Widianto, Kukuh Miroso Raharjo
Pantun is a symbol in communication that cannot be separated from people’s lives, especially the Malays. The symbols in this rhyme are used as a medium of communication. The values of the rhyme cannot be separated from the culture of the ancestors which is local wisdom in the form of advice, petitih...
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Multicultural Education in Traditional Islamic Boarding School: A Transformative Learning Perspective

Ila Rosmilawati
This study aims to explore the learning strategies carried out by traditional Islamic boarding schools in order to maintain the values of multiculturalism by using a transformative education perspective adopted from transformative learning theory as a theoretical framework. By utilizing the exploratory...
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The Role of Parents in Children’s Online Learning Special Needs During Pandemic (Case Study of Special School in Sidoarjo District)

Frimha Purnamawati, Rizqi Fajar Pradipta, Haikal Andrean
The purpose of this study is to analyze the role of parents in the use of media online learning for special school students in the Sidoarjo district. This survey method uses a qualitative approach and a case study survey. Research data obtained through observations, interviews, and documentation. Data...
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Comparison of Nonverbal Communication Skills of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Are in Inclusive Schools and Special Schools

Ahsan Romadlon Junaidi, Dimas Arif Dewantoro, Muchamad Irvan, Ediyanto, Wiwik Dwi Hastuti
Mastery of nonverbal communication skills is closely related to the independence of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The learning environment also contributes to the mastery of nonverbal communication skills. Inclusive schools and special schools provide different learning environments in...