Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2019)

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Research on Synergetic Governance of Rural Public Service under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Changjian Gao
With the development of social economy, rural economy has also been rapidly upgraded in China, showing that rural public service construction is becoming more and more perfect and systematic. Especially in the background of rural revitalization strategy, China attaches great importance to the development...
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Discussion on Isolationism in the United States in the 1920s: a revival or a disaster

Chunjiang Li
Isolationism is a set of foreign political policies the United States established to protect its benefits in the global community. This paper analyzes isolationism in the 1920s when it was employed by President Harding after World War I. This paper reviews the historic background of isolationism, explores...
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On the Qing dynasty Tongzhi Daoguang Xuantong period of anti-smoking policy

Yu Zhou
The anti-smoking policy in the Tongguang Xuan period of the qing dynasty was mainly represented by the "ten articles of anti-smoking regulations" issued in the Guangxu period in 1906, which was introduced nearly half a century after the legalization of opium trade in China in 1858, reflecting the final...
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Research on the Innovation of propaganda and ideological work of College students in higher Vocational Colleges

Ting Guan
in order to cultivate the correct ideas of higher vocational college students and cultivate their good social practice ability and social responsibility, higher vocational colleges carry out propaganda and ideological work on the basis of the policy and policy work concept of the Party and relying on...
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The Curriculum Reform of Situational Teaching Method Based on Traffic Data Exploration and Practice-- Taking the use of mobile software You Dao Dictionary in private vocational colleges as an example

Rongjian Zeng
The situational teaching method in the private college English teaching has been commonly used effective means of teaching in the past, English teachers have obvious teaching effect and experience summary. In 2019, contemporary have such a hot topic: the layman said TMALL, Jing Dong, big data, e-commerce...
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Research on Grass-roots Stability Information Work Based on Grid

Hui Zhang, Zhipeng Sun, Pengcheng Xu
At present, with the development of economy, higher requirements have been put forward for maintaining social stability. Criminal activities that endanger social stability must be cracked down at the embryonic stage, and there is no room for criminals to develop, so as to ensure social stability and...
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The Construction of Human Destiny Community under the Vision of Chinese Wisdom

xiaoyun Zhang
The construction of human destiny community is a new judgment on the world situation. The concept of human destiny community reflects the superiority and innovation of Chinese wisdom in all aspects. Human destiny community is a modern transformation of great traditional culture, embodying the concept...
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Research on the Relationship between Transportation and Regional Economic Development in Inner Mongolia——An Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data of Various Cities

Yang Chen
This paper focuses on the economic connection between transportation and regional economic development in the east, central and west of Inner Mongolia. By constructing the econometric model with panel data from 2007 to 2017 in 12 cities of Inner Mongolia, the interactive evolutionary relationship is...
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Romer's "Equal Opportunity" Development Model and Its Enlightenment

Junfeng Xu
John Romer, a professor on economic and political science at Yale university, a famous American economist, who proposed the " Equal Opportunity " development model in his pioneering exploration about where the society should go , in which " Equal Opportunity " is the kernel focusing on "self-realization,...
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A Comparative Study of the Artistic Features of Chinese and Japanese Classical Dramas—— Taking Kunqu The Palace of Eternal Life and Noh Yang Guifei as examples

Luyang Ruan
Kunqu and Noh belong to oriental classical drama and possess the performance and characteristic feature, called “drama poem” and lyricism is their essential feature. As typical representative of classical drama in their country, Kunqu and Noh have different artistic characteristic involved in the arts...
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Rule of law in Rural Ecological Conservation

Ge Lin
Rural ecological conservation is the cornerstone of consolidating the rural revitalization strategy and the inevitable choice for rule of law in China. At present, the realistic situation of the rural ecological conservation in China shows the following characteristics: lack of legal awareness among...
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On the Challenge and Solution of International Refugee Youth Education

Jiaqi Zhang
refugee youth are at the intersection of "youth" and "refugees", both groups are considered vulnerable and face unique challenges. As noted, both youth and refugees have received research attention, but research focusing on refugee youth specifically has received relatively little attention. However...
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Strategies for English Translation Teaching Reform under the View of “The Belt and Road Initiatives”

Fade Wang, Minglan Zhang
With the in-depth practice of “The Belt and Road Initiatives” (B&R), Colleges and universities are facing great opportunities and severe challenges in cultivating English translation talents. This paper expounds the drawbacks in the training of English translation talents in colleges and universities,...
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Awakening of subject consciousness: the analysis of three young main different types of Chinese female representations based on TV series “All is well”

Yao Cheng
The representations of female in TV series are not just some fictional figures which aim to entertain the audiences, but the embodiments of social imagination and expectation for woman as well, since body is a complex, meaningful and concrete field that involves in the communica-tion directly. So, in...
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Application of Imagery Training Method in Cheer-leading Teaching

Hongtao Cao
Nowadays, cheer-leading plays an important role in the sports culture. Students can improve their body and the quality of life by learning cheer-leading, thereby establishing a lifelong awareness of sports. This paper systematically studies the introduction of the imagery training method in cheer-leading...
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The Application and Innovation of the New Media in the Management of the University Students and the Party Construction

Yao Ding
in the current life and study of college students, WeChat, Weibo and other new media play an important role in life and learning, improve the dissemination of information, and effectively improve the quality of life and style of students. In the process of running a school, colleges and universities...
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Argumentation and Analysis of Interpretation from LaoZi’s “Mystery of Taoism”

Zheng Li
The academic community has been conducting research on the founder of Taoism, LaoZi, who has made tremendous contributions to Chinese traditional culture. LaoZi is revered as a sage as Confucius. The study of LaoZi’s book Tao Te Ching has become an indispensable learning for philosophers, politicians,...
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Current Status of Artificial Intelligence Discipline Construction in Colleges and Universities in the Era of Educational Informatization 2.0:A Case Study of Zhejiang Province

Qian Jiang, Zhi Liu
In Educational Informatization 2.0 Era, faced with the competition and challenge of global educational intellectualization, the state and local government have introduced a number of policies to lead the construction of artificial intelligence discipline in colleges and universities. Taking Zhejiang...
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Education and Precision Poverty Alleviation: Education "Poverty" Issue in Left-behind Children in Rural Villages and Exploration on Solution Pathways

Yuanyuan Zhao
Education precision poverty alleviation mainly refers to the government's use of education assistance as a precision poverty alleviation method for poverty-stricken regions, entailing the availability and provision of suitable education resources for different population groups. To a certain degree,...
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Research on the Demand and Countermeasure of Home-based Care for the Elderly in Rural Community

Sheng Luo, Wei Li, Jin Zhang, Shanju Hu, Cuiping Zhang, Yi Dong, Li Luo
This study investigated the demand status and influencing factors of home-based care for the elderly in rural communities, and put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions to provide support for the home-based care service plan in rural communities. Multi-stage random sampling was employed...
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Analysis on the power and path of central financial system reform from the perspective of power

Yang Chen, Lei Feng, Ruqing Wei
The Wang Anshi Reformation is a social reform aimed at saving Northern Song Dynasty from poverty and weakness that has mired the dynasty since its founding. The center of this reform lies in the central financial management system: the financial management system that used to be controlled by the Three...
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Some Thoughts on the Cultivation of the Talent in the Independent College in the Application-oriented Overall Transformation

jie Deng
This paper takes the independent college which overall transformation reform as the research object, probes into the connotation elements of the overall transformation reform of the independent college, and analyzes the requirements, difficulties and resource constraints faced by the development of the...
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Postmodern psychological consultation and therapy in ideological and political education in colleges

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
Postmodern psychology is a new orientation in the development of western psychology, which also has many coincident points with ideological and political education work in colleges. Starting from the connotation of postmodernism and postmodern psychology, this paper discusses the three paradigms of postmodern...
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Problems and Countermeasures of China's legislative model of economic crime

Kai Min
China's legislative model of economic crime has undergone three stages of evolution: from 1949 to 1979 the legislative model was based on the single criminal law and the subsidiary criminal law; next, from 1979 to 1997, the legislative model based on the single criminal law; finally, after 1997, to the...
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Ideology: Redefinition

Qinghua Li
The term “ideology”, invented by French Earl Tracy in 1797, was used to refer to the science of concept. Over the past 22 decades, people have been struggling to deconstruct and reconstruct the term. This paper, based on existing theories on “ideology”, tries to come up with a clear and feasible definition...
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Analysis on Goodbye Mr. Loser from Ideological Approach

Qinghua Li
In all the film works of 2015, the small-cost comedy Goodbye Mr. Loser became the dark horse of the year with a total box office of 1.441 billion. This paper is guided by the 20th century Western literary theory and analyzes it from the ideology dimension.
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The Research Focus and Trend Analysis of foreign faculties Based on Knowledge Map

Linzhi Zhou
This paper retrieves several English literature of foreign faculties from the Web of Science , and uses CiteSpace software to analyze the key documents, core authors and popular topics in this research field. We find that the research field of foreign faculties has made great progress in recent years....
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Identity and Transcendence of Urban Bottom Layer in “Kuai-Shou” App

Ting Sun
In the article “Cruel Stories of Bottom: Rural China in a Video Social Media” published online, the author describes, with great length, contents about self-torture, eye-catching and crude etc. on “Kuai-Shou”, rendering “cruel and absurd scenes” for us. Under the circumstance, “Kuai-Shou”, a short video...
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A study concerning what parenting topics parents appreciate the most

Hungchang Lee
The main purpose of this study is to explore the different parenting preferences of parents depending on their educational background, social status, and parenting style. In this research paper, the target population consisted of 949 respondents having preschool children in Taiwan. The researcher collected...
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On the Changes of Higher Education and Chinese Women's Social Status

Yang Li
In today's society, women's status is increasing day by day, which is inseparable from the educational situation of modern women, especially the great changes in higher education. This thesis analyzes the relationship between the changes in women's social status and higher education. The following research...
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Practice of Virtual Partner Model in Management of College Students 'Entrepreneurship Team

Jinghu Liang
The implementation of the virtual partner model is conducive to improving the management of college students 'entrepreneurial teams, strengthening the psychological identity of team members, effectively regulating the management of entrepreneurial team members, strengthening team cognition of entrepreneurial...
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On the Training of Design Ideas in Graphic Design Course Teaching

Qun Liu
This paper analyses the current situation of graphic design course, and points out the importance of cultivating graphic design concept combined with digital media technology specialty. Combining with the actual teaching situation, this paper puts forward the plan of graphic design course and the specific...
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The Perfection of Chinese Criminal Legislation of Intellectual Property Rights

Kai Min
China's intellectual property rights are developing rapidly, intellectual property laws are constantly improving, and intellectual property crimes are showing a growing trend. Faced with these realities, there are three key problems in China's intellectual property criminal legislation, such as a small...
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Exploration on Chinese-English Translation of Network Buzzwords

Yuting Duan, Yu Wang
Intercultural communication has become more and more frequent since globalization and internet have been in high-speed development. Internet buzzwords thus play significant roles in conveying certain cultural meanings and translation of buzzwords has to be considered carefully. In this paper, the writer...
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The Interaction between Films and British and American Literature in Literature Teaching

Chun Yang
Over the past few decades, the English departments in China are faced with several major problems, namely the motivation on literature reading is falling , which results in students’ poor academic performance and lack of creative, critical and analytical thinking. In terms of this issue, this paper explores...
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The Integration of Humanities Quality Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education——Research based on independent colleges

Jinghu Liang
In view of the shortcomings of independent colleges in humanities quality education and innovation and entrepreneurship education, explore improvement measures: We will create an atmosphere conducive to developing humanities quality education and innovation and entrepreneurship education, integrate teaching...
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Research on Student Aid in Private Colleges and Universities under the Background of Precision Poverty Alleviation

Xue Yang, Guanjuan Wang
According to the central government's thought of "precise poverty alleviation" and the law of education and the law of the growth of poor students in families, we should seek truth from facts and adjust measures according to local conditions, develop "guarantee-type aid" to "development-type aid", establish...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education of College Students from the Perspective of Student Aid

Guanjuan Wang, Xue Yang
In order to promote the harmony and stability of colleges and universities and the psychological health and comprehensive development of the subsidized students, this paper analyses the problems faced by the ideological and political education of college students in the course of students'subsidies,...
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Psychological intervention of social work on street children

Jingfei He, Pengcui Bu
This article attempts to analyze the psychological situation of street children and the main problems in the rescue of street children. Puts forward the suggestions of social work on the psychological intervention of street children. To summarize the significance of social work on the psychological intervention...
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Legal Protection of Proprietary Technology of Entity Enterprises

Qin Yu
As a unique property of enterprises, proprietary technology is the core competitiveness of enterprises. However, the leakage of proprietary technology will bring great economic losses to the obligee, and seriously may lose the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, it is particularly important for...
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The development and validation of Academic Resilience Scale for undergraduates in Taiwan: Rasch analysis

Chengchieh Li, Shihming Li, Chifang Wei
It is crucial for undergraduates to understand their academic resilience when they face academic setbacks or problems in everyday life, but there are few measurements to examine the academic resilience. The study aims to develop the academic resilience for undergraduates, based on the perspective of...
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On Church Romanized Colloquial Education in Modern Taiwan

Xiaoyun Wang
In modern times, Christian missionaries from Europe and America carried out missionary activities and practiced Pèh-oē-jī (Romanized colloquial) Education in various parts of Taiwan. Pe̍h-oē-jī (Romanized colloquial), which uses Roman letters to spell Minnan colloquial dialect, is an important language...
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A Study on the Audience of Art Museum Based on Service Design Theory

Fan Liu
Since the 1970s, the study of museum audience has become a hot topic in Western Art Museum world. Starting from the similarity between the service and the visitor experience of the art museums, this paper analyses the visitors of the art museums, classifies the visitor experience from the tool dimension,...
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“Three-Joint, Three-Connection” Humanistic Quality Curriculum System Construction and Teaching Reform

Ning Lv
In order to train the students to be the first-rate craftsman, the higher vocational college should not only focus on the students’ skill training, but also their quality enhancement. Therefore, the reform of humanistic quality curriculum and teaching mode should be job-orientated. Thongke teaching aim...
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Triple Logic Analysis of Rural revitalization Strategy from the Perspective of New Era

sha Feng, Maohua Chen, shasha Li
The strategy of Rural Revitalization is an important part of Xi Jinping's socialist thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. The strategy of Rural Revitalization is also the latest theoretical achievement of the localization of Marxism in China, which opens a new chapter of...
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Practical nature of traditional thought of political ecology and Purify political ecology within the party roundly

Aighui Jin, Wei Wang
Nineteen major reports emphasized “to create delicate gas that is an important cornerstone of modern Chinese civilization, the “ecological wisdom”is no matter in the level of political and social system or Philosophy, ethics and art,All these constitute the culture medium of modern ecological civilization...
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Higher Education Innovative :Based on Problem-Solving Course Design and Student Development

Liling Yang, Hsinjung Hsieh
In recent years, the knowledge economy driven by the high-tech industry, has strengthened the consciousness of enterprise organization crisis, and carried out internal and external innovation management in response to the changing times. Schools are knowledge-intensive organizations that are closely...
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The Application of the Interconnected Model of Professional Growth and the Change of Teacher Role in the Development Process of Expert Teacher

Shunho Wang
The cultivation of expert teacher symbolizes the improvement of educational quality. In recent years, the research of expert teacher has been numerous in the education field, but more emphasis is placed on the comparison of the characteristics of expert and novice teacher, including knowledge construction...
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Analysis of the Creative Style of Young Jiangsu Writers in The New Century

Jian Wang
The literary creation of Jiangsu Province plays an important role in the contemporary literary world. Since the beginning of the new century, young writers such as Bi Feiyu, Lu Min, Xu Zechen, Han Dong and Lu Wen have exerted great influence on the contemporary literary world. This paper examines the...
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Discussion on the Description of Folkways and Customs in Li Rui's Novels

Jian Wang
China's ancient civilization tradition is a long river of history, flowing in the blood of the Chinese. The folkways and customs are the historical witnesses and realistic representations of the civilization tradition in the contemporary era. They vividly display the relationship between man and nature,...
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The Life Spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Aesthetics

Wenwen Wan
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Aesthetics are unified to a life learning on “living” of Chinese traditional culture. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Aesthetics both pay their attention to a whole “body-mind” Human. TCM is not a science on “Body” or “Utensil” while Chinese Aesthetics...
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Research on the Influence of Leaders' Subordinate Socialization on the Formation of Their Internal Network Trust

Jiarui Chen, Zicheng Pan, Hongjiang Lv
The trust relationship of members in leader's internal network is especially important for leaders. The purpose of this paper was to analyze the impact of leader-oriented informal social behavior on leader's internal network trust. The leader's informal social behavior was defined as active subordinate...
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Management Strategies of University Library Archives under the Background of Big Data

Rong Liu
With the advent of the information age, digital technology has been widely used in various fields of society, especially using big data technology in the management of university library archives, promoting the corresponding improvement of the management quality level. In order to meet the needs of and...
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Comparative Study on the Application of Video Files in Chinese and Foreign Museums on Social Media

Guangshu Gu, Fan Liu
In the past ten years, digital technology has made tremendous changes in social life. The network is no longer confined to one-way information media, but to promote users in the creation of content and sharing of two-way communication and communication media. Through the comparative analysis of domestic...
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The Innovative Mechanism of College Students' Mental Health in the New Era

Min Xu, Quanhui Wu, Hairong Zhu
With the development of the times, the mode of mental health education has changed from helping others to educating people. The traditional working mechanism of mental health has been unable to meet the new tasks and requirements of college students' mental health education in the new era. Therefore,...
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Application and Thinking of Team Collaboration Training Method on Microwave relay mobile communication equipment teaching

Ruixin LI, meng Zhu, lei Shi
The paper puts forward team collaboration training method from Microwave relay mobile communication equipment teaching. Four phases of teaching method are discussed: formation stage, grinding stage, normative stage, displaying stage. And the implementation method is given. The experience of teaching...
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The Influence of Information Processing on Managers' efficacy

Lijuan Peng, Qiuping Zhang, Hongjiang Lv
In the era of big data, information redundancy and load have brought great challenges to organization managers. Based on the theory of cognitive information processing, this paper deeply analyses the impact of information processing on managers'efficacy. 112 managers and their corresponding 464 direct...
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The Historical Relationship between Fujian and Iran and Its Practical Significance in the View of the Belt and Road Initiative

Xiaoyun Wang
In the history of the maritime Silk Road for thousands of years, a large number of Persian Muslims and Arab Muslims came to Fujian. We hold the opinion that the Muslims who came to Fujian in ancient times were mainly Persians. Persian culture has dominated Fujian’s Muslim society. The profound historical...
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Thoughts on Developing Traditional Chinese Medicine Science Popularization Education in Non-medical Colleges and Universities in China

Yunheng Liu
This paper expounds the meaning of traditional Chinese Medicine science popularization education, discusses the significance of strengthening the science popularization education of traditional Chinese medicine in non-medical universities and colleges in China, analyses some existing problems, and puts...
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Possible Approaches to Research of James Legge’s Translation and Commentary of Taoist Classics

Ayong Lei
In both Chinese and Western contexts, “translation” has the connotation of “interpretation”. James Legge’s “translation” of Taoist classics is accompanied by “interpretation” in his “translation event” from beginning to end. Ancient Chinese commentators hold that what “Ching”(经) renders is “Tao”(道)....
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An Analysis of College Students'Mental Health After "95" and Exploration of Positive Psychological Guidance Strategies

Jin Zhao, Xu Zheng
This study used UPI and SCL-90 to test college students after the "95" in a university in Dalian, to understand the current mental health status of the college students after the "95", and to analyze the reasons for the status quo. According to the results of psychological tests, positive psychology...
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Study on Perfecting Modern Agricultural Management System in Xingwen County

Ge He
this paper aims at studying on perfecting modern agricultural management system in Xingwen county. modern agricultural management system in Xingwen County should start from the following four aspects: (1)to consolidate and perfect family contract responsibility system;(2)to cultivate new type of agricultural...
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On the Use of Digital Historical and Cultural Resources in University Course: Taking the Chinese and Foreign Education History Course for Primary Education Specialty as an Example

Erming Liang
As a compulsory course of primary education specialty in university, the reform of Chinese and foreign education history course is imminent. Under the background of the increasingly abundant digital historical and cultural resources, the position of digital historical and cultural resources in Chinese...
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Research on Strategy of Promoting Educational Service Ability of Secondary Vocational Schools in Gansu Province

Yutong Luo
The strategies for improving the educational service ability of secondary vocational schools in Gansu Province are as follows: 1. Exploring local characteristic industries and setting up characteristic specialties matching them; 2. Perfecting the training mode of middle and high school talents; 3. Standardizing...
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An Explanation On Difficulties In Rural Governance:Based On Trust

Meixia Lei
Trust is the cornerstone of the normal operation of society,is the basic elements of governance.Rural governance aims to build a good social order,which needs to build a series of trust to maintain and infiltration.Along with market economy forcing to infiltrate into the villages continually,the not...
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A Study of Language and Cultural Differences in Japanese Translation

Jing Yao
With the development of social economy and the deepening of exchanges between countries, Japan and China are geographically close with a long-standing cultural connection. Therefore, Japanese translation has a high demand in the market. However, in the process of translation, cultural differences should...
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The Status of Chinese School Education and Its Analysis

Yuhao Zhao, Minglan Yang
Education is one of the most important factors closely related to the country's economic and political activities. In recent years, China has achieved great success in many fields, greatly improving the quality of life of people. Based on these facts, it shows that Chinese education reflects its potential...
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Application and Analysis of National Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital staff forecast

Wenjuan Xiong, Shaowu Shen
Objective: To explore the methods for modeling and predicting the personnel of Chinese medicine hospitals in China, and provide reference for the staffing of Chinese medicine hospitals. Methods: Based on the statistics of Chinese medicine from 2002 to 2017 on the number of employees in Chinese medicine...
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Excessive Intertextuality in Literary Translation -- Take Harry Potter and the Philosopher’ s Stone as an Example

Yi Gao
Intertextuality theory is widely used in literary translation. Based on the theory of intertextuality, this paper analyzes the phenomenon of excessive intertextuality in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’ s Stone. By comparing the excessive intertextuality in literature with the original text on literary...
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The Moral Psychological Mechanism of Criticism and Self-criticism and Its Application: Motivation and Emotion

Yunli Zhu, Xuemei Zhao, Yuming Zhang
From the perspective of moral psychological mechanism, to carry out criticism and self-criticism, one is to inspire the subjective motivation of criticism and self-criticism in a people-oriented way:Sublime desire to a higher level with raising and falling, Firm belief in a blend of artistic conception,...
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Towards the athletic psychological adjustment: an empirical study based on the Inverted-U-Type hypothesis

Jiajun Wang, Zixin Xie, Jingwen Yan, Dazhi Jiang, Teng Zhou
The technical and emotional control of the javelin game plays an important role for the athlete's performance. However, previous researches show that many psychological methods do not consider the psychological state of the athletes, and take the corresponding measures for psychological adjustment. In...
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An enhanced learning framework for the classification of college student physical fitness

Jiajun Wang, Zixin Xie, Jingwen Yan, Dazhi Jiang, Teng Zhou
Physical test (PF) is demonstrated by a variety of factors including body weight status, cardiorespiratory fitness, musculoskeletal fitness (muscular strength and endurance) and flexibility, which are related to college student's physical condition. The test helps them require an understanding of behavioral...
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Analysis of Social Exclusion of College Students of Ethnic Minorities and Intervention of Social Integration

Yue Wu, Fu Ma
Social exclusion refers to the phenomenon that an individual is rejected or rejected by others or groups in the process of social interaction, which makes it difficult to meet the affiliation need and the need to build up social networks. Social exclusion could lead to negative emotions of individuals...
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An Analysis on Discourse Markers in Lectures on Old English

Shu’e Wang, Mingyan Zeng
As a crucial part of teachers’ utterance, discourse markers play a vital role in the verbal communication between teachers and students in class. This paper collects the discourse markers from Lecture on Old English, a series of lectures delivered by Prof. Stuart D. Lee on Netease Online Open Courses....
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The Significance of Realistic Theme Films from the Perspective of Cultural Confidence

Zifei Kong
In recent years, realistic theme films have attracted great attention, such as "Dying to Survive", "Looking Up", "Dearest" and so on. Both box office and reputation show a trend that conforms to contemporary audiences. This phenomenon makes "realism" a hot topic once again.As a mass media, film plays...
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The Neural Mechanism of Social Emotion: A Research Framework

Naijia Chen
Chinese reform has entered a critical period and a deep-water area. Social emotions caused by various factors may continue to emerge. Based on the perspective of society and individuals, a study on the neural mechanism of social emotions will not only help human beings to understand the neural mechanism...
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Exploring the Tourism Development of National Cultural Industry from the Perspective of Tourism Anthropology

Mingming Wang
Tourism development of national cultural industry in national areas is beneficial to achieving a win-win situation of culture and economy. However, the tourism development of cultural industry is facing many realistic difficulties. Taking Ningxia Hui National Cultural Palace in China as an example, this...
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A study on Job satisfaction of Preschool Teachers in Heilongjiang Province

Jie Wang
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the job satisfaction of preschool teachers in Heilongjiang Province, and to provide reference for improving the job satisfaction of preschool teachers in Heilongjiang Province. A questionnaire on job satisfaction of preschool teachers in Heilongjiang Province,...
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Administration or Politics: A Reflection on the Governance of Letter-and-visit

Yiqing Gao
Letter-and-visit for petition (Xinfang) is a kind of special social and political phenomenon under the constraints of Chinese political system. Although administrative monitoring means can maintain the order of letter-and-visit to some degree, they are not enough to completely change the political attribute...
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Research on School Traditional Wushu Teaching and Traditional Culture Inheritance

Xiaojun Chen
Traditional Wushu is typical representative of Chinese culture, it contains the connotation and momentum of Chinese culture, become a window for China to show its culture soft power and for the foreigners to understand Chinese culture. Students in school are the main force in the society competitive...
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Research on learners’ Individual Differences and the Second Language Acquisition

Bingxu Yao
It is undeniable that research in the second language acquisition has constantly drawn attentions among both educators and academicians. This paper mainly focuses on the relationship between five factors, including the age, personality, language aptitude, motivation, affection in individual differences...
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Construction of Talents Training System under the Guidance of Xi Jinping's Military Training Thought in the New Era

Yuan Li, Ronggang Shi, Lei Dou
On the basis of combing the previous research results, this paper innovatively applies Xi Jinping's military training thought in the new era to the guidance of the construction of the "Trinity" personnel training system, points out the existing problems and explores the ways to solve them, hoping to...
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Military Vocational Education in Military Academies Based on SWOT Analysis Developing Strategic Research

Yuan Li, Tongjun Wang, Shirong Gang
With the proposal of a New Trinity military personnel training system, military vocational education has become a hot issue for military educators. This paper uses SWOT, a classical management analysis tool, to analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and threats of military vocational education...
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A summary of research on the construction of quality guarantee system in military colleges and universities under the background of the new engineering

Yuan Li, ShaSha Xu, Wenquan Lv
Through combing and summarizing the research literature and practical experience of quality assurance system at home and abroad,this paper draws the main characteristics of teaching quality guarantee system model based on various management theories, teaching quality guarantee system model based on quality...
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Three Changes in Teaching Evaluation of Military Academies in the New Round

Yuan Li, Lin Zhao, YunShan Han
Faced with the new round of teaching evaluation in military academies which has recently opened its curtain, we should turn around the three key perspectives of evaluation goal orientation, evaluation criteria and evaluation subject, and change the evaluation goal orientation from "laying a foundation...
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Study on the guidance mechanism of network public opinion in public health emergencies based on public satisfaction survey

Lei Zhang
In recent years, public health emergencies have occurred frequently, and new health emergencies such as Changchun Changsheng vaccine incidents have emerged, which has caused the network public opinion’s subjects weren’t just the government, the public and the media. As the source of the events, enterprises...
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Influence of Cognition Concept of Obesity in Kindergarten Teachers on Their Own Eating Behavior

Lixuan Ren, Xin Zhao, Fanghua Lei, Fang Tan
To understand whether teachers' perception of obesity has an impact on their eating behavior.Methods: Through reading the corresponding literature and issuing questionnaires, we learned about the eating habits and health status of preschool teachers in our city.Results: Teachers' perception of obesity...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between the Ability of Scientific Research and Innovation and Employment of Master of Arts Postgraduates

Shuwen Yu, Xiaoyu Li, Yu Zhao
There is a close relationship between the ability of scientific research and innovation and employment situation of Master of Arts postgraduates. The research on this relationship is related to the precise training of every liberal arts postgraduate and the further development of the country in scientific...
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Research on the Training of Double-Creative Financial Management Professional Talents

Xiaoying Ding, Yalin Gao, Xiaoyu Li
In recent years, with the in-depth development of "mass entrepreneurship, innovation" activities, the society needs more and more talents with innovative spirit and ability. How to cultivate innovative entrepreneurship (hereinafter referred to as "double-creation") financial management talents that meet...
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An Empirical Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Tourism Industry Upgrading in Hunan Province

Yanfang Zhang, Xiaoying Ding, XiaoYu Li
In this paper,firstly, based on the frequency analysis and the availability and representativeness of data, five measurement indicators of factors affecting industrial upgrading are determined, and a multiple regression model is established with the help of relevant data from 2000 to 2016. Secondly,...
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Reflections on Practice of CSR in China

Sen LI, Yanfang Zhang
CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) has already developed to be a crucial part of common and modern rules in global business. It presents features from soft restrain to hard one, from encouragement to enforcement. People especially hope state-owned enterprises may take social responsibilities. From...
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Construction of Guiding-type Blending Teaching Model Based On SPOC

Hao Nie
Because the problem that the MOOC is lack of process monitoring and the emotional communication between teachers and students is more and more prominent, SPOC ,the miniaturization of MOOC form is becoming more and more popular, How to organic integrate of online and offline teaching is a focus in the...
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A New Way to Educate People with Red Resources: Based on the Exploration of National Defense Education

Zeli Yang, Yi Cao
Red culture is the blood that condenses from the struggle of the nation. To carry forward the red culture, we must have the belief that we should not forget our original mind, and we also need the sense of inheritance and innovation. National defense education itself has the function of educating people...
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The Impact of Perceived Social Support on College Students' Learning Engagement——the Mediating Role of Academic self-efficacy

Jiehui Yang, Xiao Wang
In recent years, there have been numerous news exposing the status quo of college students' study. The problems of college students' addiction to games, lack of spirit and idle time have attracted great attention from the education circle. How to improve students' learning attitude and increase their...
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Research on the Difficulties and Countermeasures of Social Work Professional Education in Colleges and Universities in China

Lixia Liang, Huanning Yan
Social work education is an institutionalized professional education activity carried out by social work colleges and universities.It is also an institutionalized education and training program for cultivating social work professionals.At present, the development of social work professional education...
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Research on Social Work Intervening in Urban Migrant Children Education

Shaozhen Yu, Sen Lu, Lixia Liang
Since the reform and opening up, China's urban economy has developed rapidly, which has led to a serious imbalance in the level of urban and rural economic development. China's population flow is mainly from rural to urban, and the floating population will increase every year. As a vulnerable group of...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Female Migrant Workers Participating in Social Security

Jinfeng Ma, Hui Wang, Weifeng Li
With the influx of migrant workers into cities, female migrant workers have also increased. However, due to the unequal attitude of women in society and the special reasons of women themselves, there are many problems in their participation in social security.Based on the status of domestic research,...
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The countermeasures to improve the valuation method of unicorns in China, from the perspective of human capital

Zhangxian Wang, Yougan Zhu
In recent years, China's many unicorn enterprises, although the financial performance is not ideal, but the valuation level is high. Most unicorn companies even broke after listing, investors face losses. This paper attempts to discuss the countermeasures of optimizing the valuation method of unicorns...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform of E-commerce Major Based on School-enterprise Cooperation

Yan Wang
In order to better adapt to the changes of the Internet era, e-commerce practitioners need to have stronger innovative thinking and entrepreneurial ability. Therefore, it is imperative to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education for e-commerce majors. In view of the new requirements of social...
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Analysis on the Incentive Mechanism of Volunteers in China

Han Wang, Longzhu Liu
As the importance of the volunteers’ in China improves, as well as the cause of increasing the number of volunteers, the incentives of the volunteers become more and more important. This paper analyses how to motivate the potential of the volunteers’, how to elevate the quality of the voluntary service...