Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Social Sciences and Big Data Application (ICSSBDA 2020)

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An Analysis and Practice of Teaching Reform on Conditional Probability

Xiaonan Xiao
To begin with the exploration of the profound significance of conditional probability, the article investigates in depth the reduced sample space method and the reduced sample space cut method for calculating conditional probability. It aims to provide new ideas and methods for theoretical and practical...
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Research on Cultivating Friendly Values of College Students

Xuewen Huang
Friendliness is a great virtue with which people can be friendly and express goodwill. The friendly values have been embraced in the socialist core values and valued highly by the whole society after the eighteenth National People’s Congress of the Communist Party of China. It’s the effective way to...
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Problems and Suggestions in the Graduation Design of Private Undergraduate Colleges

Jingfeng He, Junjie You
The undergraduate graduation design is a very important link. It is a comprehensive application and test of the knowledge learned in four years. In recent years, the quality of undergraduate graduation design has declined, especially in private colleges. This paper analyzes the current problems in the...
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Research on College English Teaching Based on POA in the Context of Big Data and Oriented at Cultivating Critical Thinking Ability

Linyang Yuan
Critical thinking ability is an important goal put forward for training students in the new era of big data. For this goal, different education experts and scholars have given different corresponding theories and coping strategies. College English teaching often emphasizes on the explanation of English...
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Exploration on the Training Mode of Accounting Talents From the Perspective of General Education

Shiqing Fan
General education is not only an important part of higher education, but also the focus of current higher education in teaching and curriculum reform. As accounting is a professional industry, the integration and mutual promotion of general education and professional education are particularly essential....
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A Comparative Study on the Fusion of Creative and Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education between China and America

Songqin Ye, Hang Liu
The Creative and entrepreneurship education of American colleges and universities has always been at the world-class level, it has paid great attention to the integration with professional education. In contrast, the Creative and entrepreneurship education in Chinese universities has such disadvantages...
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Research on Journalistic English Teaching Model in Big Data Era

Yanfeng Zu, Xiaoyan Quan
The advent of big data era has contributed to a rapid development of the Internet + teaching model, resulting in the fact that the traditional way of journalistic English teaching finds it difficult to suit the needs of the society and that new methodologies in journalistic English teaching which can...
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The Application of OBE in Business Education

Min Lu, Chao Li
It is not only the policy guidance of China’s higher education but also the internal demand for the development of colleges and universities to comprehensively improve the level of specialty construction and accelerate the connotation construction. This paper attempts to use the OBE education concept...
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Research on the Talent Training Mode Based on Comprehensive Major Reform

Fengjun Shang
The major of computer science and technology is the key major of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, which has the first type of national characteristic specialty construction point of “computer science and technology”, national teaching team and national bilingual teaching demonstration...
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Reform of Talent Training Mode in Computer Major Under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

Wei Cong, Hongyan Li
The development of artificial intelligence technology promotes industrial transformation and upgrading, and the demand for artificial intelligence talents is also increasing. Local applied universities should give full play to their functions, cultivate talents urgently needed by society, and promote...
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A Corpus-Based Study on Chinese College Students’ Application ability of Conjunctive Adverbs in English Writing

Chunping Nan
This paper aims to explore a data-driven teaching model based on massive information input and be suitable for students’ independent learning, then improve the situation of limited information resources in traditional English writing classes. In this paper, self-built text corpora and AntConc, a retrieval...
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The Optimization of the Undergraduate Curriculum System of Fine Art (Teacher Education) Specialty in Local Institutions of Higher Learning in Yunnan

Guoling Cui
In the background that the local institutions of higher learning in Yunnan are undergoing a transformation development, transformation of the fine art (teacher education) to specialty based on applied technology needs to establish a clear objective of training art talents, position specialty and curriculum...
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Summary of Research on Intelligent Education in China in Recent Ten Years-Based on Co-Word Clustering Analysis

Dechen Yang, Yingbo Li
In recent years, intelligent education has gradually become a hot topic in the field of educational informatics. With the help of SATI4.0 and SPSS22.0 software, this paper makes a visual analysis of the intelligent education literature samples from the perspectives of annual publication trend, major...
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An Overview of Research on the Model of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Over the Past Twenty Years-Based on the Analysis With Visualization Graphs

Yue Shen, Yingbo Li
In a context that the comprehensive national strength constantly increases and the undertaking of teaching Chinese as a foreign language continuously develops, how to improve teaching efficiency and choose the right teaching model become the question worth studying. Taking the 241 research papers on...
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Exploration of the Application of Flipped Classroom Teaching Model in the Teaching of Chinese Writing for Overseas Students in the Age of Big Data

Lijie Xu, Yingbo Li
Big data has brought great changes to people’s way of thinking and learning, which also created new ideas for the reform of the classroom teaching model of Chinese writing for overseas students. This paper took the relevant subjects in China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) as the research object,...
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Research on the Necessity of Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in All Courses in International Chinese Language Education

Hui Shi, Yingbo Li
In recent years, the international Chinese language education teaching mode of “+ x” has become more and more widely accepted with the increase of interdisciplinary expansion scope. The ideological and political theory teaching meets the requirements of current education development, whose purpose is...
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Research on the Cultivating Path of Inclusive PE Teachers

Li Li
Based on the demand of inclusive education for inclusive PE teachers, this paper analyzes the basic qualities that inclusive PE teachers should possess, and proposes that the cultivating of inclusive PE teachers should focus on improving the cultivating objectives, enriching the curriculum, setting strict...
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Problems and Reform Plan in Training Compound Talents of Economic Cooperation With Russia in Universities

Jinping Zhang, Jiayi Yuan
As the main institution of professional talent training, universities play an active role in the training talents of economic cooperation and trade with Russia. However, universities still have problems such as insufficient total supply and imbalance between supply and demand of the economy and trade...
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Exploration on Teaching Reform of Engineering Mechanics Under the Training Mode of Applied Talents

Yu Dong
Taking the problems existing in the theoretical and experimental teaching of engineering mechanics in Shandong Technology and Business University as an example, this paper analyzes and studies the problems existing in the theoretical teaching and experimental teaching of engineering mechanics, which...
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Research on the “Blended Teaching Mode” and “Ideological and political education in curriculum” in Universities Under the Background of Educational Big Data

Junwei Shi
In April 2018, the Ministry of Education officially issued the “Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan”. By 2022, it will have been achieved basically the development goal of “three comprehensives, two highs and one large”, that is, teaching applications covering all teachers, learning applications...
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Research on the Application of Inquiry Learning Method in the Course of “Automobile Inspection and Fault Diagnosis Technology” in Vocational Education

Qiang Li, Ye Sun
Combining its theory with practice closely, the course of “Automobile Inspection and Fault Diagnosis Technology” is highly comprehensive. Based on the characteristics of the course, it’s conducted in-depth research on the connotation, theoretical basis and significance of inquiry learning, which makes...
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Research on Military Vocational Education from the Perspective of Supply-side Reform

Baodan Meng, Jun Li, Ye Sun
In order to promote the innovation of military vocational education of our army, and improve new breakthroughs and developments in personnel training, the problem of promoting military vocational education reform is analyzed from the perspective of supply-side reform to reshape the concept of military...
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Research on Network Teaching Mode System

Zheng Miao, Ye Sun
Network teaching, especially Internet-based network teaching, will impact the traditional teaching mode and become the mainstream teaching form in the new century. This article mainly expounds the characteristics and classification of network teaching mode, discusses the existing problems and solutions...
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Research on Innovative Teaching Strategies of Non-commissioned Officers’ Pos Education in the New Period

Zheng Miao, Ye Sun
Firstly, it explains the concept and characteristics of non-commissioned officer education in the new period, and the difficulties in implementing non-commissioned officer education. Secondly, it analyzes the characteristics of non-commissioned officer education objects in three aspects: the group, individual...
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Research on Action-Oriented Teaching in Non-Commissioned Officer Education

Ye Sun
Combining with the characteristics of the incumbent education curriculum and students, it’s analyzed the necessity of adopting action-oriented teaching in non-commissioned officer education in this paper. To further deepen the application of action teaching concepts in teaching, this paper created conditions...
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A Study on the Construction of the Teaching Team of Integrated Education and Training of Colleges and Army

Weidong Zhou, Ye Sun
Focusing on the needs of personnel training for non-commissioned officers, this paper promotes the joint training of academies and troops to develop in depth, and builds a specialized and integrated joint education. Joint training teaching team is an urgent need to speed up the process of non-commissioned...
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Strategic Research on College English “Gold Course” Based on Production-oriented Approach

Weiwei Wang
In order to meet the assessment standards of “gold course”, it is proposed to apply the POA (Production-oriented Approach) theory into the construction of “gold course” through the implementation of the learning-centered, learning-using integration and whole-person education teaching principles with...
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A Study of Clustering Analysis Based on the Classification of Higher Vocational Colleges in Hb Province

Huilong Jin, Duo Lang, Jiangfan Xie
By using the SPSS cluster analysis method, it’s analyzed the index system of education condition, educational management, teaching staff, specialty and curriculum construction of 58 Higher Vocational Colleges in Hb Province, and divided the Higher Vocational Colleges into five categories: high-level,...
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Analysis on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of Sports Participation of Left-behind Children in Jilin Province from the Perspective of Sociology

Jianbo Fu, Jinjin Zhao
Taking the problem of sports participation of rural left-behind children as the breakthrough point, this paper studies its predicament and countermeasures in order to help left-behind children to participate in sports activities actively, cultivate sports interest, alleviate inferiority complex, and...
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Foreign Language Education in an Ethnic University from the Perspective of Economics of Language

Xia Jiang
China’s foreign language education (FLE) in universities has been widely criticized as time-consuming and inefficient in the last decade, and universities sought reforms to improve the situation. An ethnic university in China provides higher education for ethnic minority students who are bilinguals before...
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Cultivation of Music Learning Ability in the Teaching Reform of Collective Piano Lesson

Lingshuang Wei
Collective piano lesson is a new teaching method, which can better adapt to the demand for the cultivation of vocational talents, integrate theory with practice, cultivate the music learning ability of students, improve music accomplishment comprehensively, and lay solid foundation for their work in...
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The Application of Online and Offline Hybrid Mode in the Teaching of Piano

Na Hu
As the new teaching mode, online and offline hybrid mode can improve the students’ ability in piano acquisition and promote the teaching efficiency. This essay mainly aims at the importance of traditional teaching supplement based on the online and offline hybrid mode. Firstly, it clarifies the concept...
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Teaching Reflection about Landscape Painting in Oils

Xia Ma
For the purpose of landscape paintings in oils with greater vitality, this article mainly argues that students’ landscape paintings in oils should be vivid with an artistic conception. Teachers find that students’ imitation of photos is unfavorable for the expression of the vividness and artistic conception...
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Research on Applying Red Culture in Teaching Practice of Course on “Situation and Policy” - Take Xinhua College of Ningxia University as an Example

Juan Li
It cannot make the course more interesting, effective and purposeful only by the way of theory teaching for the course on “Situation and Policy”, lacking interest-oriented teaching practice materials and practice patterns. In order to solve the problems, the writer presents the social function with regards...
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Research on Optimization Strategy of Online Course Teaching of College Chinese during the Epidemic

Xiying Xia
During the special period when everyone fights against the epidemic to prevent its further spreading, large-scale online teaching practice has brought new technologies, new ideas and new energy into traditional teaching, which promoted the profound ideological innovation of curriculum teaching. During...
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The Research on the Comprehensive Ability Evaluation Model of RF Electronic Technology Experiment Course

Guosheng Ma, Jiang Wang, Rui Dong
In view of the wide range of majors involved in the electronics courses and the fact that there are many students in our college, the relevant practical training links have lacked a scientific and reasonable comprehensive ability assessment and evaluation model. This article applies the cloud model theory...
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Application of Digital Technology in the Design of Textile Products

Shuang Han, Shuo Yu
The research of this subject focuses on the application of digital technology in home textiles and its supporting design, focusing on how to upgrade traditional industries and their products, and enhance the market competitiveness of their industries and products. This paper analyzes the superiority...
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Research on Urban Community Renewal and Governance Innovation in the Big Data Era

Xi Zhou
A community is a social unit of the social structure in the most basic level. High or low governance capacity directly reveals the development degree of the national governance system and governance capacity modernization. The urban community governance in our country recently has made many achievements,...
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Studies on the “Ideological and Political Course” in Innovative International Chinese Education Based on Big Data, Online and Offline Combined Teaching Mode

Yingbo Li
Studies in the paper are made by regarding “concept+ real action+ dimension” as the inner logic and research methods, to elaborate problems in deepening concepts, innovating routes and triple dimensions during ideological and political course in international Chinese education. International Chinese...
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Analysis on the Application of Blockchain Technology in the Development of Elderly Service Industry

Yan Zheng, Rui Sun
Stochastic model checking is the extension and generalization of the classical model checking. Compared with classical model checking, stochastic model checking faces more severe state explosion problem, because it combines classical model checking algorithms with numerical methods for calculating probabilities....
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Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Sisi Huang
With the “artificial intelligence +” showing up in the field of education, its research has become a hot topic at the moment gradually. This article combines the technological means of artificial intelligence with the core of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, which finds that its biggest problem...
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Study on the Influential Factors of CSR in Internet Media under COVID-19

Maohua Li
The implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) needs a series of policy support. This paper systematically combs the specific policies of social responsibility under major emergencies, such as COVID-19, and studies the main factors affecting corporate social responsibility in internet media....
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Research on Rural Commercial Bank Serving the Real Economy Under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Qinze Wang, Xuehong Zhao
Based on the research of rural commercial bank serving the real economy under the background of rural revitalization strategy, it’s analyzed the present situation of commercial bank serving the real economy and proposed some relevant suggestions on improving the level of serving the real economy under...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Real Estate Enterprises’ Financing Difficulties-Taking Vanke as an Example

Ying Hu, Guihua Guo, Yan Fang
With the continuous progress of reform and opening up policy, our country’s real estate industry has been developed continuously. As an important pillar industry, the existence and development of real estate enterprises play a very significant role for the stability of China’s capital market and the...
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Analysis of OFO’s Financing Problems

Yan Fang, Ying Hu, Guihua Guo
As a representative of the rapid rise of Small and medium-sized enterprises, OFO has gone from glory to failure in just six years. The main reason for it is that financing difficulty and the reasonable use of financing funds that SMEs generally need to face during their development. To solve this problem,...
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Research on the Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Port-Hinterland Economy

Hongqi Hui, Yunqi Hao
In order to accurately measure the degree of coordinated development between the ports of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the regional economy, this paper analyzes the mutual influence between the two based on the econometric model, and uses variable parameter membership functions to calculate the degree of...
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Visual Analysis for the Domestic and Overseas Research on the Disposal of Construction Wastes

Yan Liu, Maohua Li
The disposal of construction waste has great significance for social modernization and is a vital issue during urbanization, an inevitability to realize a circular economy and emphasize ecological benefits. This paper illustrates co-occurrence as well as year-over-year change graphs based on keywords...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Heilongjiang Province’s Port Construction to Russia from the Perspective of “China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor”

Li Tian
Under the “Belt and Road” initiative, the economic and trade cooperation between China, Mongolia and Russia has continued to expand. The potential for capacity cooperation is huge and the development strategy is highly compatible. The construction of the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor has a...
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Management and Optimization of Enterprise Financial Risk under the Background of Big Data

Xin Qian, Liangcan Liu
The rapid development of big data technology has changed the traditional business model of many industries and brought opportunities and challenges to the further development. During the period of rapid development of information technology, the concept of enterprise management is more conservative and...
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A Study on the Financing Decision of China Petroleum and Petrochemical Listed Companies —Taking PetroChina Company Limited (PetroChina) as an Example

Shanshan Chai
In today’s world, the shortage of oil resources makes oil enterprises have to face some uncertain factors in today’s market. After a series of analyses in the process of financing strategy, PetroChina Company Limited (PetroChina) has proven that good asset structure and correct market environment analysis...
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Influence of New Coronavirus Epidemic on Service Industry and Countermeasures Firewood

Shanshan Chai
The COVID-19 plague at the end of 2019 has had a huge impact on my country’s economy, especially the service industry. Although my country’s service industry is facing adversity, it has created a new service system that combines online and offline platforms and has shown new opportunities from the crisis....
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Transformation and Sustainable Development of Traditional Catering Industry After COVID-19

Guihua Guo, Ying Hu, Yan Fang
Under the impact of the epidemic, a large number of catering enterprises are faced with many problems. Such as sharp decline in operating income, rising costs and poor industry performance. However, crises and opportunities are always coexisted. This article analyzes the problems faced by the catering...
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Comparative Analysis of the Reform Progress of Rural Collective Assets Stock Rights and Powers Between Xixian New Area and Gaoling District

Min Lu, Yafei Guo, Kunyu Cheng
China’s rural collective assets share power reform has lasted for five years and has achieved remarkable results. This paper analyzes the reform progress of four typical villages in Gaoling district and Xixian new area of Xi’an City, summarizes two modes of strengthening village level collective economy,...
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Vanke Co., Ltd. Financial Risk Analysis and Countermeasures

Guihua Guo, Ying Hu, Yan Fang
In recent years, the government has continuously strengthened its control policies on the real estate market, which has brought great pressure on housing transactions. Under this background, it is very important to conduct financial risk analysis. This paper takes Vanke Co., Ltd. as the research object,...
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How Can SME Turn Crises into Opportunities under the Epidemic

Ying Hu, Yan Fang, Guihua Guo, Lijiao Zhuang
At the end of 2019, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has brought an inevitable impact on the sustainable management of SME. Many SME are facing the risk of bankruptcy. How to survive the epidemic, and even go against the trend to achieve growth, has become the focus of attention of all walks of life....
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Research on Opportunities of the Internet Industry Under the COVID-19 Epidemic

Yan Fang, Guihua Guo, Ying Hu, Lijiao Zhuang
During the epidemic, problems such as lack of materials, lack of funds, and lack of labor have emerged one after another. The emergence of the new Internet + model uses its unique advantages of digital information aggregation to deploy medical supplies, expand financing channels, and help most companies...
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Research on the Evaluation of Technological Innovation Efficiency of Different Industrial Enterprises in China

Qian Zhang, Liangcan Liu
This paper takes 21 kinds of industrial enterprises above designated size with different property rights in China from 2015 to 2017 as the research object. The construction input indicators are the full-time equivalent of R&D personnel, R&D expenditure, new product development expenditure while...
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Analysis of the Causes and Trends of Hong Kong’s Industry Transformation

Haoteng Yang, Shixuan Cheng
Hong Kong has experienced a series of industrial transformation and industrial structure changes from fishing industry to finance-based tertiary industry since its opening, which is very different from mainland China. This paper studies the process of Hong Kong’s industrial transformation, the key factors...
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Research on the International Cooperation Mechanism for the Construction of the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor under the Background of the COVID-19 Epidemic

Nan Yan
This article takes the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor as the research object, analyzes the adverse impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on its construction, and proposes an international cooperation mechanism for the high-quality construction of the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor. The international...
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How to Deal With the Financing Problem of SMEs Under the Epidemic Situation

Kun Xiong, Fangzhe Liao, Qian Gao, Jinrui Zeng, Wei Qiu
In the trend of historical development, SMEs have increasingly developed into an important driving force for the development of national economy and social stability and harmony in contemporary China; under the sudden impact of COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, the survival and development situation of SMEs...
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Analysis of China’s Export Trade Competitiveness Under the Background of Carbon Regulation

Fangzhe Liao, Kun Xiong, Qian Gao, Jinrui Zeng
Based on panel data from the United States, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and China from 2002 to 2014, a fixed-effect model is used to study the impact of low-carbon regulation on Chinese international competitiveness. The results of the study show that the carbon regulation of China by developed...
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Feasibility Analysis of Establishing China and Eurasian Economic Union FTA

Jiayi Yuan, Jinping Zhang
Feasibility analysis is a prerequisite for starting free trade area negotiations. To promote the coordinated development of the regional economy, alleviate the geopolitical risks of the Eurasian continent and maintain national security and social stability, the study on the feasibility of establishing...
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Innovation of Enterprise Financial Management Model Under the Background of Big Data

Liangcan Liu, Lulin Li
With the continuous development of science and technology, the rapid popularization and wide application of the Internet and smart terminals, data has shown explosive growth, and the emergence of massive data heralds the arrival of the era of big data. The theory and practice of enterprise financial...
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Research on Financing Models and Countermeasures of Small and Micro Enterprises Under the Background of “Internet+”*

Zhonghou Cheng, Jiao Wang
With the in-depth advancement of the “Internet +” strategy, it is a trend for all walks of life to quickly integrate with the “Internet +” concept. As a member of the market economy, small and micro enterprises, financing difficulties are an important bottleneck for the development of small and micro...
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Research on the Risks and Countermeasures of Convertible Bond Financing—Take Jiangnan Convertible Bonds as an Example

Zhonghou Cheng, Jiao Wang
Convertible bonds are one of the important ways for enterprises to raise funds. This article takes Jiangnan convertible bond financing as the research object. Based on the thinking and reflection on Jiangnan convertible bond financing failure, this article attempts to analyze the risks and equity conversion...
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Analysis of the Import and Export Trade of Chinese Herbal Medicine in China

Zengping Shi, Lu Zhang
This paper analyzes the import and export data of Chinese herbal medicine from 1994 to 2018, analyzes the current situation of Chinese herbal medicine international trade, analyzes its international competitiveness by using the trade competition index, and uses the multi-linear regression model to analyze...
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Research on the Independence of the Central Bank and Its Inspiration to the PBC

Wei Qiu, Kun Xiong
The central bank of a country generally undertakes important tasks such as stabilizing prices, preventing high inflation and conducting financial supervision. It plays a vital role in a country’s economy and financial market. The central bank’s monetary policy has implications for all industries. In...
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Situation and Countermeasures of SMEs Under Pneumonia Epidemic COVID-19

Fangzhe Liao, Kun Xiong, Qian Gao, Jinrui Zeng
With the rapid development of China’s economy, SMEs have played an increasingly important role in China’s economic development. However, the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 had a great impact on economic development, especially on the development of SMEs. In this context, the development problems of...
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The Historical Changes and Enlightenment of Dai Minority Groups Traditional Land System Under the Background Reform of “Three Rights Separation”

Jing Wang, Wei Long, Rui Chen
The traditional land system of the Dai minority has the nature of public ownership. Its historical changes and characteristics are of great significance to the innovation of China’s land system and the promotion of the reform of the “three-right separation” of agricultural land in ethnic areas. It is...
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The Impact of Public Goods Supply Capacity on China’s Economic Development-Evidence From Inland Provinces of China

Chonghua Su
We studied the relationship between the supply capacity of public goods and economic development by developing a model of the main influencing factors of economic and social development. In theoretical research, it’s found that the supply capacity of public goods can effectively promote economic development....
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Code-Switching Characteristics and Motivation Analysis of “Sing Tao Daily (European Edition)”

Deping Sun, Yueyue Ma
As a Chinese newspaper for European Chinese, Sing Tao Daily (European Edition) has a lot of code switching. The usage of various codes on its different pages is counted by using sentence as a unit in this article, which is found the newspaper’s code switching has the following characteristics: Firstly,...
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A Semantic Study of Food Culture Vocabulary in the Vietnamese Manuscript Da Nan Guo Yu

Yuting Zhang
Chinese culture is not only closely related to Vietnamese culture, but also has a profound influence on the development of Vietnamese. The author conducted an exhaustive survey on the food and beverage words in the Vietnamese manuscript “Da Nan Mandarin “. By comparing the word formation and meanings...
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Studies on the Qualification of the Plaintiff Subject in Chinese Environmental Civil Public Welfare Lawsuits-From the Perspective of Experience in Environmental Public Welfare Lawsuit Pilots

Lu Yu
This paper starts from the current legislation and judiciary status of subject qualification in environmental civil public welfare lawsuits from the perspective of environmental public welfare lawsuit pilots, and then discusses the existing problems in Chinese environmental public welfare lawsuits, and...
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On the Role of the Communist Party of China in the Prevention and Control of Major Outbreaks

Simin Xiong, Wanqin Zeng, Weiyi Chen, Rongmiao Huang
It’s studied how to break through the conventional thinking of local CPC member, take the initiative to play the role of “CPC member”, and practice the purpose of “serving the people” in the prevention and control of major outbreaks, especially during the period of strict control of personnel flow, so...