Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Arts and Humanities 2021 (IJCAH 2021)

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Analysis of Cultural Content on the Beginner-Level Textbooks “Bahasa Tionghoa Zaman Sekarang”

Septerianie Sutandi, Selvia Selvia
Language learning and cultural learning are inextricably linked to each other. Foreign language learners who are equipped with cultural understanding will possess “intercultural competence,” which is essential in cross-cultural communication. In Indonesia, learning Chinese at the beginner level is still...
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Analysis of the Performance of Ludrukan Nom-noman Tjap Arek Soeroboio (LUNTAS) in the Legend of Sawung Kampret

Syina Dalila, Arif Hidajad
LUNTAS (Ludrukan Nom-Noman Tjap Arek Soerrobojo) is one of the groups that preserves ludruk by performing Ludrukan in order to be accepted by the community, especially millennials in Surabaya. The authors are interested in reviewing LUNTAS because of the uniqueness that stands out in LUNTAS compared...
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Enculturation of Kethoprak Babad Tulungagung Through Educational Strategy in Facing Cultural Globalization

Arief Sudrajat, Zulfana D. Ariska, Ayu Febriani, Fakhrial E. Widodo
Kethoprak Babad Tulungagung is a regional art owned by Tulungagung Regency. However, the onslaught of cultural globalization has made the arts degraded. The decline in the existence of the Kethoprak Babad Tulungagung in the younger generation impacts their ignorance of the moral values contained. A qualitative...
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Online Identification of Weaknesses of Subjective Tests in Javanese Course Assessment: A Case Study of Second Grade Students at SMAN 2 Malang

Natanael F. Rahmanda, Miftachul Amri, Syamsul Sodiq
The current pandemic has had a significant impact on the learning evaluation process in schools. One type of subjective test assessment is also affected by the imposition of a form of distance learning. This study aims to identify the weaknesses of the subjective test given online to second-grade students...
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Correlation of Panji’s Lust in Wangbang Wideha Manuscript with Javanese Spirituality

Amalin H. Imani, Ropi’ah
The aim of this research is to investigate: (1) the existence of Panji’s excessive love for Warastrasari (Sekartaji), (2) the will of Panji to achieve his obsession, and (3) Panji’s desire to get sexual lust satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to examine the existence of lust owned by the main...
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Implementation of Authentic Assessment Curriculum 2013 of Mandarin Language in SMK Prapanca 2 Surabaya

Novia K. Nisaa, Miftachul Amri, Syamsul Sodiq
The purpose of this study was to find out how the preparation of authentic assessment instruments at SMK Prapanca 2 Surabaya, the implementation of authentic assessments of Chinese subjects at SMK Prapanca 2 Surabaya, and the use of authentic assessment results of Chinese subjects at SMK Prapanca 2 Surabaya....
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Writing with Word Limits: A Review

Dadang Rhubido, Kisyani Laksono, Mintowati, Suhartono, Hespi Septiana, Raras Tyasnurita
Writing is one form of literacy foundation. This study aims to describe the type of writing based on words limits (the number of words). The word limit is essential for writers. When you need to summarize a text with a limited number of words, your key points will be more straightforward. As a result,...
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Revitalization of Po Pado: Explaining the Meaning of Educational Value of Oral Tradition in the People of Rakalaba Village, West Golewa District, Ngada Regency

Maria Y. C. Age
This study aims to find and describe the meaning of educational values in Po Pado in the people of Rakalaba village, West Golewa District, Ngada Regency. This study used a qualitative approach. The results of the study proved that Po Pado in the people of Rakalaba Village, West Golewa District, Ngada...
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Innovation Strategy of Cosmetic Packaging Design Made of Bamboo

Nanda N. Anggalih
Bamboo has been talked about a lot by international communities in the world eco-label, specifically because it has big potential to be used as a sustainable material. As the third biggest country to produce bamboo globally, Indonesia has been supporting the regulation to establish bamboo nationally....
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Empowering Local Communities to Preserve their Folklore: A Project in Eastern Sumba

Angelika Riyandari, B. Retang Wohangara
This article presents a project of empowering local communities in eastern Sumba to preserve their folklore. Culture encounters in globalized world encourage local communities to reflect on the dynamics and vitality of their own culture. Given the fact that oral-based communities are marginalized in...
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Application of the Differentiated Learning Model in Advanced BIPA Courses

Prima V. Asteria, Ahmad G. Muzakki, Trinil Turistiani, Alda Setyawati
The aims of this study are (1) to describe the process of identifying the profile of students’ characteristics in Advanced BIPA courses and (2) to describe the process of developing differentiated learning models in Advanced BIPA courses. The research method used is the ADDIE model development method,...
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The Importance of Embouchure Technique on Flute Major Course in Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Heri Murbiyantoro, Moh. Sarjoko, Raden Roro Maha Kalyana Mitta Anggoro
This paper discusses the importance of the embouchure technique in Indria Level (basic level) Flute Major Course, in Music Study Program, Universitas Negeri Surabaya. The purpose is students become formed and accustomed to playing flute with proper basic posture. Later, it facilitates practicing and...
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Fostering Students’ Creativity Through Modelling as Teaching-Learning Process to Write Poetry for International Students in University Level

Prima V. Asteria, Arik Susanti, Respati R. Utami
This research aims to describe how modelling was implemented in learning writing poetry for international students. The teacher took several steps to increase students’ creativity in writing poetry, namely; 1) Prewriting/ modeling 2) Arrangement/ Brainstorming 3) Drafting/ Creating Poetry, and 4) Revising....
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Behaviors of Personal Meaning Marker Suffixes in Mandarin Language

Subandi Subandi, Xiao Renfei, Muhammad F. Masrur, Cicik Arista
Suffixes are constituents that form larger grammatical units, especially in the form of words. Each suffix has a specific function in forming the meaning type: the personal meaning type. Various suffixes form a single personal meaning in Mandarin, and each form has its specifications of personal meaning...
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Development of Learning Media Based on Videoscribe to Improve Learning Outcomes of Morphology Course

Mulyono Mulyono, Arie Yuanita, Dianita Indrawati
Learning media is an integral part of the lecture (learning) process. If it is inappropriate and ineffective, it will disturb other learning components, and lecture competencies will be hampered. The learning media developed in this research is Videoscribe in the Morphology course. The goals is to describe...
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The Implementation of Portfolio Assessment in Japanese Learning at Senior High School

Lusi Asmaraningtyas, Miftachul Amri, Syamsul Sodiq
During distance learning in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-portfolio assessment can be preferred as an alternative to other assessments. The purpose of this study is to find out; 1) how the implementation of e-portfolio in Japanese language teaching in SMAN 5 Malang is, 2) how to analyze...
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A Case Study of the Implementation of Alternative Psychomotor Assessment in Japanese Language Online Learning

Dhevi A. Hermawan, Miftachul Amri, Syamsul Sodiq
SMAN 10 Malang began implementing learning from home activities since the issuance of a circular from the government regarding the implementation of education policies during the Covid-19 emergency. Japanese language learning, which one of the subjects at SMAN 10 Malang, is also carried out online. With...
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Performance Management Optimization of Virtual Music Concert at SMKN 12 Surabaya

Dhani Kristiandri, Vivi E. Dewi, Moh. Sarjoko, Joko Winarko, Agus Suwahyono
This study discusses the optimization of performance management at SMK Negeri 12 Surabaya. The purpose of this study was to describe the process of optimizing performance management at SMK Negeri 12 Surabaya and to find out the students’ response to performance management training during the COVID-19...
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Wacom Media as an Alternative in Kanji Beginner Learning for College Students in the Pandemic Period

Nise S. Sasanti
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the education system into distance learning that requires media to deliver materials. Media are needed to help the implementation of a kanji learning is no exception. Kanji skills courses must be mastered by students. Wacom can be used to practice how to write kanji....
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Sandur Mandura Performance as a Source Creation of Jombang Topeng Dance

Setyo Yanuartuti, Jajuk D. Sasanadjati, Joko Winarko
Sandur Mandura performance has different characteristics from other Sandur performances in East Java. Also, the Sandur Mandura performance has forms and values that can be used as a source for creating or developing the Jombang Topeng (mask) dance. This study aimed to analyse the Sandur Mandura performance...
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What do I Have to Say? The Need of Pocket Book as a Helping Hand for BIPA Students

Him’mawan A. Nugroho, Hespi Septiana, Masilva R. Mael, Agus Ridwan
From time to time, Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) continues to grow, including BIPA at Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Unesa). It cannot be denied that in its journey, BIPA Unesa encountered various problems. One of them is a report from a foreign student who was confused when he first arrived in...
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Phrases with Postposition O in Minna No Nihongo Shokyuu Textbook

The Study of Role and Function of Syntax

Roni Roni
Postposition o or particle o has various syntaxes’ roles and functions. This article discusses the role and function of syntaxes postposition of o in consonant phrases in Minna no Nihongo textbook. The type of this study is descriptive qualitative. The study was started with the literature review of...
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Pride and Legacy of Cultural Heritage

The Example of the Javanese Panji Tradition

Lydia Kieven
This article discusses the characteristics of the tradition of the mythological Javanese stories on Prince Panji, going back to the 12th/13th century, which are manifest in a broad variety of expressions in art and literature. The legacy of the rich Panji tradition represents an outstanding example of...
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Development of Pamekasan Batik Motifs as the Application of Product Diversifications

Fera Ratyaningrum, Trisakti, Indah C. Angge, Marsudi
Pamekasan Regency has batik products as the center of batik industrialization in Madura. More specifically, Klampar village. Pamekasan Regency has a batik industry center, one of which is Klampar village, Proppo sub-district. The handcrafted batik of Klampar Village has a positive impact on the socio-economic...
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Literature Class Environments Rich in Texts Supporting the Excellent School Literature Movement

Yuliyati, Endang Purbaningrum, Sujarwanto, Ima Q. Ainin
Text-rich, interesting, and accessible literacy for Special Education Needs (SEN). This study aims to describe the embodiment of the text-rich, attractive, and accessible literacy classroom environment in supporting the literacy movement in Special Education Needs Schools. A qualitative approach with...
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The Problems of Performance Assessment of Japanese Language Subjects Based on E-Learning Using E-lingo Platform

Lenny Puspitasari, Miftachul Amri, Syamsul Sodiq
Distance Learning (DL) implementation began to be mandatory throughout Indonesia as part of efforts to suppress the spread of COVID-19. The implementation with E-learning model is applied in the teaching and learning process from kindergarten to higher education which demands innovative and accessible...
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Offering Dance in the Performance of Topèng Dhâlâng Madura as a Creative Industry Commodity

Eko W. Rahayu, Warih Handayaningrum, Jajuk D. Sasanadjati, Arief Sudrajat
This study aims to examine the criteria of offering dance forms in topèng dhâlâng performance as an industrial commodity. The topèng dhâlâng is a traditional dance performing art with the genre of dance drama in the Sumenep Regency of Madura, East Java. A characteristic of topèng dhâlâng is as the offering...
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Traces of the Power of the Proletariat Dictator in Herta Müller‘s Herztier

Wisma Kurniawati, Setya Y. Sudikan, Agus Ridwan, Ajeng D. Kartika
The peculiarity of the novel as a work of imaginative narrative prose is its element of continuity. The fictional world reaches the reader because of the narrator’s mediation. Therefore, the narrator is the most crucial element for readers to understand the story in the novel. This article examined the...
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Grammatical Errors on BIPA Students (Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers) in Writing Practice for Beginner Level

Hespi Septiana, Warsita N. Ardiyanti, Sɫawomir Dudek
Writing skill is one of the active language skills that is important in expressing ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Writing is also a difficult thing for BIPA students, especially for beginners with academic goals. The Indonesian language has the standard Indonesian grammar that BIPA students should understand...
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Use of the Female Language Marker Feature by 宁静 Níng Jìng in Interview Program 《星月对话》 Xīngyuè Duìhuà Episode 10

Subandi Subandi, Dian A. Mahardini, Muhammad F. Masrur, Cicik Arista
Female speakers have special social characters as markers of personal identity when interacting in speech acts, namely, the features of female language markers whose characteristics are already attached to the identity of female speakers. They are identical to the speaker’s character, namely, having...
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Comparative Language Styles in the Book of Kike Wadatsumi no Koe

Subandi Subandi, Masilva R. Mael, Lina P. Hartanti
The use of language style is a language activity reality that has a close relationship with language objectives. Language choice aims to represent thoughts, experiences, psychological conditions, and feelings. The comparative language style is found in a written language in the form of family letters,...
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The Revitalization of the Meratus Dayak Ritual in Paramasan (Ethnoanthropolinguistic Study)

Fajarika Ramadania, Haris Supratno, Setya Yuwana, Suhartono Suhartono, Darni Darni, Udjang Pairin
In the Bawanang Ritual in Paramasan, this study intends to (1) explain the language, (2) define technical systems, (3) describe livelihoods, (4) describe arts, and (5) describe systems religion. This study employs a descriptive-analytic method as well as a Spradley ethnographic methodology with anthropolinguistic...
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Argumentative Indicators in Mata Najwa Talk Show Pragmadialectical Study

Kamariah Kamariah, Kisyani Laksono, Agusniar D. Savitri, Suhartono Suhartono, Darni Darni, Udjang Pairin
This article aims to find indicators of argumentation contained in the Mata Najwa talk show using pragmadialectical studies. The data used in this study was from a debate speech at the Mata Najwa event on the topic “Beres-Beres Kursi Menkes.” The method used was descriptive qualitative. The data collection...
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Canva as a Media for Exploration of Indonesian Tourism Knowledge in BIPA Learning

Octo D. Andriyanto, Meilita Hardika, Sukarman Sukarman
This article discusses characteristics, cultural and tourism insights, and creativity of BIPA students in 6th-grade elementary school at Surabaya European School through infographics or media Canva. BIPA learning requires creative selection, media usage, and strategies oriented to the learning process....
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Puppet as a Medium in Project-Based Learning (PBL) to Promote English Language Competencies

EFL Students in Indonesia Setting

Ririn Pusparini, Bayu Widyanarko
Shadow puppets, known as wayang kulit in Indonesia, have been used to entertain and as a medium to spread Javanese values. A puppeteer, one who plays the puppets, must have competence in storytelling. Thus, shadow puppet becomes an effective way of teaching a language, exclusively for ELT. However, paper...
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Problem-Based Learning as a Solution to Textbook Style Analysis in Sociolinguistic Studies in Student Journal Articles

Agusniar D. Savitri, Kisyani-Laksono, Mukhzamilah
Not all sociolinguistic articles present the results of the analysis well, especially articles written by students. Most of the analysis is done by adjusting the data to the theory or in this paper. It is called textbook-style analysis. Problem-based learning is considered to be a solution to these problems....
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Development of Interactive Teaching Materials for the Freier Vortrag Course to Improve the Speaking Competence of Students of the German Education Study Program

Tri E. Lestari, Dwi I. Julaikah, Agus Ridwan, Novia R. L. Ramadhani
The general objective of this research is to develop interactive teaching materials for the Freier Vortrag course to improve speaking competence of students of the German Language and Literature Department. The specific objectives of this study are (1) to describe the process of developing Freier Vortrag...
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EFL Learner’s Thinking in Argumentative Writing

Betharia br. Sembiring Pandia, Berlin Sibarani
The objective of this study was to describe the EFL learners’ thinking in writing argumentative text. The topic of their writing was determined entitled of Should social media be banned?. The EFL learners’ thinking was based on the existence of logic of argumentation proposed by Toulmin, they are: claim,...
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Japanese Nature Themed Imagery in 俳句 Haiku by Matsuo Basho (Stylistic Studies)

Ina I. Pratita, Parastuti Parastuti, Roni Roni
This study focuses on the study of stylistics, namely the process of analyzing literary works by examining the elements of language as the medium of literary works used by writers. It can be seen how writers treat language to express their ideas (subject matter). Stylistics studied imagery, which is...
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Developing Students’ English Skill Through Digital Video as Multimodal for Young Learners in Online Learning

Arik Susanti, Careninda Presdyasmara, Fadilla Dewi, Yunita Wardani
This study described EFL young learners how to develop their English using digital video as multimodal in online learning. Recently, all the processes of teaching-learning have been conducted in online learning mode. Therefore, technology has an important role to motivate students, especially young learners,...
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Body Language and Gestures as a Lingua Franca among Multilingual Interlocutors: Multimodal Transcription Study

Cynthia L. Soegiono, Laily M.S. Harti, Sueb Sueb
Lingua franca is known as the language bridge between two different people who have different native languages. The theory stated that humans communicate by using vocal organs and the whole part of the body. This study was conducted to seek out whether non-verbal language could be considered lingua franca....
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Kanji Flashcards and Apps Based on Augmented Reality

Mukhammad S. Alfarisy, Erika S. Damayanti, Rizky Hidayah, Nise S. Sasanti
Kanji is one of the characters that must be mastered by students who are learning Japanese, apart from mastering hiragana and katakana. Based on the students’ experience of difficulty in learning and memorizing kanji, flashcard is a method that can assist the memorization process. Therefore, this study...
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Presupposition of Hoax Discourse in Tilik and Gossip Movie

Lisetyo Ariyanti, Lina P. Hartanti, Adam Damanhuri, Asrori Asrori
The form of hoax discourse can be seen in movies entitled Tilik and Gossip. Tilik movie tells how the main character spread hoax information. In Gossip movie, the story centers on three main characters who plan to spread hoax information and track how far the public receives the hoax information. This...
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The Meaning of Wagashi as a Reflection of Japanese Cultural Values in the Drama Entitled Watashitachiwa Douka Shiteiru

Ina I. Pratita, Masilva R. Mael, Parastuti, Yovinza B. Sopaheluwakan
The culture of eating (shoku bunka) in Japan has become known to the world community today. These include sweet cakes known in Japanese as wagashi, which are usually served at the same time as the tea ceremony (chanoyu). Wagashi has various types, and is made based on the conditions and philosophy contained...
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TikTok Function in the Millennial Era

Anik Juwariyah, Noodiana Noodiana, Enie Wahyuning
This study aims to describe the function of TikTok application in the millennial era. The research was conducted to explore the phenomenon of TikTok popularity, which is growing particularly in the YouTube platform in our society. TikTok has become a material expression not only for Indonesian millennials,...
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Revealing the Role of Electronic Media in Shaping Multilingual Children

Andini S. Athalia, Asrori Asrori
Natural bilingual children are those whose languages are acquired through their parents and community. However, this paper aims to analyse how bilinguals are shaped early within their life as children through the help of electronic media. This method aims to reveal the role of electronic media in shaping...
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Iconic Illustration as Tourism Identity of Surabaya Submarine Monument

Nova Kristiana, Asidigisianti S. Patria, Hendro Aryanto
The Submarine Monument Monkasel is one of the evidence of maritime glory in Surabaya. Monkasel is one of the heritage tourism and education in the maritime sector that has an attraction for tourists. The purpose of this research is to design heritage icons, and to brand Surabaya heritage tourism so that...
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Literacy Practices in Some Folklores from Madura

Mamik T. Wedawati, Much. Khoiri, Dwi N. C. S. Kusumaningtyas
Defining the literacy practices in three folklores, written by Zawawi Imron, include Joko Taal, Ni Peri Tanjung Wulan, and Karapan Sapi is the purpose of the study. Some books of the folklore, journals articles, and textbooks that cope a theory from Barton and Hamilton explaining literacy practices and...
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Teaching Methods in Indonesian Curriculum

An Analysis Using Video Recordings of History Lessons

Ira Darmawanti
This study analyzes videos in which teacher candidates applied the 1994 Indonesian curriculum in the delivery of a history lesson during practice instruction. The curriculum was challenging to implement as it required students to master all the subject lessons. This in turn meant that teachers, including...
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The Use of Women’s Language Features by Kamala Harris in the Vice-presidential Debate

Britney C. Joseph, Lina P. Hartanti, Ayunita Leliana
The number of women attaining leadership positions in governmental institutions is significantly increasing. The growth of recognizing women in the political sphere prompts the need for this paper to explore how women maintain power and authority on the ‘floor’ through their language choices. To that...
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Preserving Indonesian Internet Literature

The Online Literacy Magazine

Mohammad Rokib
The increasing emergence of internet literature in Indonesia called cybersastra has been widely discussed in the last two decades. It refers to an online literary magazine published in 2000 and in 2005. Since its popularity, many scholars and writers use it to describe various literatures. However, the...
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i-Maties: Indonesian Translation on an Instrument for Teachers Attitudes Towards Inclusive Education

Khofidotur Rofiah
A cross-cultural study has been performed for decades to enhance inclusive education across diverse cultures and groups. However, even with instruments explicitly built for cross-cultural research, researchers encounter translation challenges from the source language to the target language. Thus, translation...
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Profiling Squat Assessment Among Sport Enthusiast

Miftachul Iman An’faiz, Achmad Widodo, Febby Alfu Khoirun Nissa, Awang Firmansyah, Dwiky Oktavrianto, Zulhamshah Zein Saputra
Fitness has a vital role for sports enthusiast’s physiological and psychological aspects. One of the fitness movements that correlate with daily activities is squats. This study aims to look at the profile of the squat assessment of gym members. Descriptive quantitative data were collected with 41 respondents...
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The Profile Countermovement Jump for Kick Boxing Athletes

Muhammad Reza Aziz Prasetya, Awang Firmansyah, Dede Rahman, Jeffry Oktavian, Asep Aziz
The countermovement leap (C.M.J.) is described as a easy, practical, legitimate, and exceptionally dependable degree of lower frame energy. C.M.J. is the maximum dependable degree of lower frame strength compared to different leaping assessments. The C.M.J. has also been shown to be associated with dash...
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Using Shanghai Municipal Data to Examine the Impact of Education on the Exercise Behavior of Students

Cheah Hon Foong, Catur Supriyanto
The competitive education environment in China encourages students to take additional private tutoring as they advance through their education system. We examine whether their incentive to take extra tutoring classes will undermine their propensity to exercise, potentially affecting their long-term health....
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Prediction Model for Health-Related Fitness Status Using Discriminant Analysis

Bayu Agung Pramono, Yetty Septiani Mustar, Hijrin Fitroni, Nurhasan
Physical fitness represents the well-being of an individual and figures in measuring individual daily activities. This research aims to differentiate the physiological variables in distinguishing man fitness status without physical tests. The subjects of the examination amounted to 60 men aged 17-23...
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Analysis of Young People’s Physical Activity in East Java During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ananda Riski Tarigan, Bayu Agung Pramono, Yetty Septiani Mustar, Dewa Wijaya, Hafid Yusuf
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in human movement activities. My activities, especially physical activity, are one of the non-pharmacological N77 treatments that can have a positive impact on humans. This study aims to determine the biological activities carried out by adolescents...
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Gating Analysis on Woodball: in Terms of Biomechanics

Fajar Awang Irawan, Bayu Setyo Utomo, Muchamad Arif Al Ardha
The purpose of this study was to analyze the gating motion of woodball athletes in terms of biomechanics. The method used in this study was descriptive quantitative with a total sample of 8 athletes participating in this study. This study has passed the Ethical Clearance of Universitas Negeri Semarang,...
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Predictors of Overweight and Obesity Among Children and Adolescents in Developing Countries: A Literature Review

Anindya Mar’atus Sholikhah, Nik Anni Afiqah Hj Mohd Tuah
Overweight and obesity have been a global pandemic over the years, with their prevalence increasing at an alarming rate. It has become a severe health problem that severely affects health and quality of life. The aim of this study is to elucidate the factors linked to overweight and obesity among school-aged...
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Assessment of Social Values for Sport: Innovative Assessment in Higher Education

Eko Purnomo, Amung Ma’mun, Nurlan Kusmaedi, Yudy Hendrayana, Yusuf Hidayat, Nina Jermaina, Eddy Marheni
Sport does not only play a role as a competition or achievement. Mark has a much more significant role in social life, such as increasing social value for the perpetrators. The research objective is to develop and validate an assessment instrument related to social values. The experts used in this study...
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Health Management of Indonesian Athlete in Covid-19

Catur Supriyanto, Setiyo Hartoto
In the Covid-19 era, Professional athletes have been compelled to reschedule their training plans to maintain their condition while at home due to postponed several large-scale sporting events. As a consequence, health management becomes one of the critical issues that should be prepared in detail. This...
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Innovation Throw and Catch Handball by Frisbee at Students of Riau Islamic University

Leni Apriani, Joni Alpen
The study aims to obtain empirical data on the success rate of handball catch through Frisbee games in college students. The Class Action Research Method (PTK) used is class action research conducted to improve the quality of learning practices in the classroom. PTK focuses on the school or teaching...
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Development of Life Skills Through Physical Education and Sports

I Kadek Suardika, Amung Ma’mun, Nurlan Kusmaedi, Dian Budiana
This study aims to determine the impact of physical education on high school students’ life skills. The research method used is an experimental research design with one group pretest-posttest design. The number of samples was 51 people divided into three groups—sampling using the purposive sampling technique....
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An Essential Starting Point for Re-Education of Sport and Physical Activity (PA) Promotion

Henry Joe Tucker, Lutfhi Abdil Khuddus, Nur Ahmad Arief, Yongky Dwi Adi Priyanto, Andhega Wijaya, Youqiang Li
Due to the increasing global pandemic (COVID-19), sports and exercise are increasingly important in our lives. Staying in a confined environment without physical activity for months as a precaution to control or stop the spread of the virus carries many health and psychological consequences. As a result,...
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Acceleration of Sports Recovery with Glutamine Supplementation in Vertical Jump and Badminton Smash Velocity

Himawan Wismanadi, Fatkur Rohman Kafrawi, Soni Sulistyarto, Abdul Aziz Hakim, Afif Rusdiawan, Lutfhi Abdil Khuddus
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of glutamine supplementation on the ability of vertical jump and smash velocity after badminton’s jumping smash. The research used a pre-post two-group design using 20 trained male athletes from the State University of Surabaya. The research sample...
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Sport Talent Identification of Elementary and Junior High School in Situbondo Regency

Mochamad Purnomo, Donny Ardi Kusuma, Afif Rusdiawan
One of the critical things in producing high-achieving athletes is identifying the talents and interests of the athletes. Sportkompas is an application to find out someone’s skills and interests in the sport. This study aimed to determine the sports talents and interests of elementary and junior high...
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Biomechanics Analysis of Arm Flexion Isometric Force, Upper Extremity Movement, and Ball Toss Position Towards Ball Speed in Tennis Flat Serve

Setiyo Hartoto, Muchamad Arif Al Ardha, Awang Firmansyah, Bayu Budi Prakoso, Satwika Arya Pratama, Panji Bana
This study analyzed arm flexion isometric force, upper extremity movement, and ball toss position toward ball speed in tennis flat serve. Nine tennis players aged 20.78 ± 5.044 years old participated in this study and were chosen as research samples by using the purposive sampling method. The independent...
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Effect of Plyometric Jumping Jack and Tuck Jump Against Strength and Leg Muscle Power in Martial Arts Athletes at Kostrad Malang

Abdul Hafidz, Shidqi Hamdi Pratama Putera, Afif Rusdiawan
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of jumping jack and tuck jump exercises on leg muscle strength and power. The subjects of this study were the Pencak silat athletes of the Branch Kostrad Company-C, totaling 30 people who were divided into three groups with ten people in each group...
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Correlation Between Psychological Well-being and Satisfaction of Life on Physical Education Teachers

Anung Priambodo, Bayu Budi Prakoso, Setyorini
Psychological well-being is one aspect of positive psychology that is believed to predict mental health and satisfaction of life before the Covid-19 pandemic. It is necessary to examine the relationship between psychological well-being and satisfaction of life, especially for physical education (PE)...
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Physical Activity During the Covid-19 Pandemic in the State Civil Apparatus of Gresik Regency

Abdul Hafidz, Muhammad Zaky Purnomo, Afif Rusdiawan
This study aims to describe three subject points, namely: a) What sports activities are selected by the State Civil Apparatus of Gresik Regency during the pandemic Covid-19, b) What percentage of sports are dominantly carried out by Gresik Government Employees during the Covid-19pandemic, c) How much...
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Sedentary Activity Level of Junior High School Students in Surabaya during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Hijrin Fithroni, Afif Rusdiawan, Donny Ardy Kusuma, Awang Firmansyah
The purpose of this study was to determine the level of passive activity of Surabaya Junior High School students during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research design is cross-sectional; one hundred fifty-one respondents from SMP 59 Surabaya were recruited as samples in this study. The variable measured...
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The Investigation of “MissFit” as Android – Based Daily and Healthy Drink Application

Dwi Cahyo Kartiko, Setya Chendra Wibawa, Aisyah Fitri Azzahrah
The imbalance of caloric intake that enters the body will lead to diseases and health problems that hinder human productivity. One of the efforts taken to balance the intake of calorie consumption is to have related information. Along with the times and technology that can be grasped by almost everyone...
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Student Perceptions Related to Physical Education Online Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic

Mochamad Ridwan, Agidia Dwi Veronika Saputri, Ira Pratiwi, Veranda Putri Cahyaningtias
Online learning has many views from all students, so it is necessary to know how students perceive it. This study aims to see the perception of students related to online learning of physical education. The author uses non-experimentation with a quantitative descriptive approach—subjects who have sampled...
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The Evaluation of Pétanque Organization Management and Youth Athlete Development in East Java Province, Indonesia

Muchamad Arif Al Ardha, Nurhasan, Andhega Wijaya, Panji Bana, Muhammad Kharis Fajar, Sri Wicahyani, Kolektus Oky Ristanto, Nur Salsabila Rhesa Pandhadha Putra, Erta, Hapsari Sinta Citra Puspita Dewi, Ainun Zulfikar Rizki
Management has an essential role in managing various groups or organizations to achieve the goals. This study aimed to evaluate the Pétanque organization management and youth athlete development in east java province, Indonesia. The study was conducted in qualitative with an ethnography approach. The...
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Urban-Rural Children Differences in Motor Coordination, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, and Agility

Riza Adriyani, Dody Iskandar, Lia Siti Camelia
Rural children tend to be more active than urban children, which might affect both motor skills and physical fitness components. This study aimed to examine the effects of a living area on motor coordination, cardiorespiratory fitness levels, and Agility. We also investigated the relationship between...
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Self-Reported Assessment of Occupational Sitting and Physical Activity Among Employees

Yetty Septiani Mustar, Febby Alfu Khoirun Nissa, Agus Hariyanto, Bayu Agung Pramono, Indra Himawan Susanto
The high prevalence of sedentary behavior among workers is an emerging health concern due to the negative impact on human health. This study aimed to evaluate employees’ sitting behavior and physical activity during their working time. A total of 130 employees participated in this study, with an average...
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Development of Mini Boxing Models for Early Age Athlete Coaching

Wijono, Nining Widyah Kusnanik, Bayu Agung Pramono, Eva Ferdita Yuhantini
The purpose of this study was to develop a boxing training model for early childhood. This research is development research using Gall & Borg. A total of 209 students aged 11-12 years, 39 teachers, three trainers, three referees, and two doctors participated in this study. Based on the analysis of...
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Sociodemographic Correlates of Hypertension Among Older Adults: A Community Based-Cross Sectional Study

Ratna Candra Dewi, Anindya Mar’atus Sholikhah, Purbodjati
Hypertension is one of the most common diseases affecting people of all ages, especially among older adults. The prevalence has increased steadily over the past decades, contributing to the increasing epidemic of noncommunicable diseases and all-cause mortality worldwide. The purpose of this study is...
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The Impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic on the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation of The Panel Futsal Club During Covid-19 Pandemic

Rifqi Anas, Dewa Kusuma, Fransisca Wijaya, David Prianto
Motivation has a vital role in sport. In March 2020, WHO (World Health Organization) declared that covid 19 was a pandemic because all citizens have the potential to catch the virus. The purpose of this study was to assess and know the level of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of futsal athletes from...
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A Pattern of Physical Activity and Its Determinants in Office Workers

Arifah Kaharina, Ratna Candra Dewi, Raymond Ivano Avani
The increase in non-communicable diseases can be caused by unhealthy community behavior, including low physical activity. Various benefits of physical activity include reducing the risk of degenerative diseases and depression. In addition, physical activity is the key to energy expenditure which is very...
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Condition of Program Learning Outcomes of Physical Education Study Program from Alumni Perspective

Suroto, Bayu Budi Prakoso, Sudarso, Vega Candra Dinata
The completeness of the Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) listed in the curriculum in a study program has been monitored through assessments carried out in each subject for students. Assessment is objective from one side of the lecturer based on students’ performance attending theoretical lectures and...
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Biomechanics Analysis of Elementary School Students’ Fundamental Movement Skill (FMS)

Muchamad Arif Al Ardha, Chung Bing Yang, Nurhasan, Dwi Cahyo Kartiko, Bambang Ferianto Tjahyo Kuntjoro, Kolektus Oky Ristanto, Andhega Wijaya, Kartika Rinakit Adhe, Kukuh Pambuka Putra, Fajar Awang Irawan, Rizky Patria Nevangga, Niken Sasadhara Sasmita, Ainun Zulfikar Rizki
Fundamental movements are part of teaching objectives in the physical education curriculum for elementary schools students. This study aimed to analyze the elementary school students’ basic movement skills (FMS) using the kinematic approach. The fundamental movements in this research were correlated...
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Palang Pintu: Exploring Cultural Philosophy Value of Betawi Community

Titi Handayani, Putri Hidayah, Aulya Safiyna Nuuril Anwari, Andhy Trianto, Indra Himawan Susanto, Yetty Septiani Mustar
Palang Pintu is one of the traditions among the Betawi community, which combines martial arts with Pantun literature passed down from generation to generation by the Betawi tribe. However, with the current culture acculturation, the district has begun to forget this tradition. This qualitative research...
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Community Engagement to Increase Physical Activity During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dede Rahman, Riska Devi Kurniawati, Nanda Agil Bagus Wicaksono, Muhammad Maulana Yossyan Fachrozi, Yetty Septiani Mustar
It is widely known that physical activity can improve quality of life and health. In addition, regular physical activity is also associated with the improvement of fitness and immunity. This community service activity aims to educate the community of Dusun Wangun about the importance of physical activity...
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Sedentary Behavior Among School-aged Students During Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Study

Rizky Maulana, Yetty Septiani Mustar, Anindya Mar’atus Sholikhah, Bayu Agung Pramono, Indra Himawan Susanto
It is well established that sedentary behavior is associated with obesity, quality of life, all-cause, and cardiovascular death. Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, sedentary behavior is increasing. This study aims to describe sedentary activity among school-aged children. Participants of this study were...
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Risk Assessment of Groundwater Quality: A Case Study in Flood-Prone Neighbourhood Area of Pondidaha, Southeast Sulawesi

Nurmaladewi, Yetty Septiani Mustar
Groundwater quality is crucial for human life. Water resources and quality are also closely related to human health, as they can be utilized as a domestic resource. Water quality can be disrupted due to various contaminants and sediments caused by floods, which negatively impact human health, mortality,...
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Profile of Taekwondo Athletes in Situbondo Indonesian

Muhammad Kharis Fajar, Imam Marsudi, Nugroho Agung S, Ainur Rasyid, Bayu Agung Pramono, Andi Fepriyanto
This study aimed to determine the profile of physical condition by measuring the level of physical illness and physiology of Taekwondo athletes in the Situbondo Regency. A total of 8 athletes as research subjects. The study results consisted of physical conditions, which were divided based on anthropometrics...
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Analysis of the Physical Condition of Pasuruan Finswimming Athletes

Muhammad Dzul Fikri, Achmad Widodo, Awang Firmansyah, Testa Adi Nugraha, Andika Bayu Putro, Mokhammad Riyad
The focus of this study was to determine and analyze the level of physical condition possessed by diving athletes in Pasuruan. The data obtained will be used as material for development and a benchmark for physical conditions that divers must own at the provincial level in other regions. This study used...
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A Study on Information Regulation as a Legal Instrument for Protecting E-Consumers During COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak

Norhasliza binti Ghapa, Farhanin binti Abdullah Asuhaimi
The COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS- CoV-2) which is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contaminated objects; airborne transmission may be possible in specific circumstances....
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The Understanding of Universitas Negeri Surabaya Students of Sexual Violence on Campus

Elisabeth Septin Puspoayu, Dian Ayu Larasati, Iman Pasu Marganda H. P., Graciela Natasha Tessalonica Lektonpessy, Laily Wahyuningtyas Putri Hariono
A violence that happens against women has become an interesting discussion. Indonesia has been in an emergency situation at protection from sexual violence mainly for women. Law No. 23 of 2004 on Elimination of Domestic Violence, Law No. 23 of 2002 which has amended by Law No. 35 of 2014 on Amending...
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The Concept of Fitness for Purpose of Goods in Malaysian Today’s Online Contract: Issues and Challenges

Farhanin binti Abdullah Asuhaimi, Zuhairah Ariff binti Abd Ghadas, Nazli Ismail Nawang, Norhasliza binti Ghapa
The advanced technology and the user-friendly features of many e-commerce websites in Malaysia make many Malaysian consumers opt to buy their necessities using online platforms rather than the traditional face-to-face method. When the Prime Minister made an announcement of the Movement Control Order...
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Corporate Governance Framework for Shariah Compliant Corporation

Hartinie Abd Aziz, Zuhairah Ariff Abd Ghadas
Corporate governance emphasise on the moral and ethical dimensions of managing a company’s business. The word corporate governance refers to a system of control of corporation and systems of accountability of those in control. The High Level Finance Committee Report 1999, defines corporate governance...
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Legal Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights in Accreditation Instruments of Study Program Performance Reports

Muh. Ali Masnun, Denial Ikram, Niken Nur Angeli Byfitia Saputri, Tasya Destinasari
The purpose of this study is to analyze the legal aspects of IPR related to Study Program Performance Reports (LKPS) as one of the aspects of assessment in the study program accreditation instrument and is stipulated in PERBAN-PT No. 2 of 2019. LKPS requires a letter of determination in the form of a...
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Limited Company Beneficial Owner Liability in Criminal Acts of Corruption

Corruption crimes can be committed by forming LLCs for the express purpose of commissioning corruption crimes and then disguising or disguising the proceeds of such crimes for profit. As was later determined by international bodies such as the OECD, the FATF and the G20, LLC was used by the so-called...
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The Integrity of the Public Prosecutor in Law Enforcement Within Pancasila Characteristic

An important feature of a legal system is the prosecution of crime by the public prosecutor, who is the main advocate of applying the law according to social norms. In carrying out its strategic role, it turns out that there are several practical problems related to its capacity and ability to carry...
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The Fulfilment of Political Rights of Surabaya Covid-19 Patients at the 2020 Simultaneous Elections in the During Pandemic

Iman Pasu Marganda H.P., Alifia Widianti, Irma Lianna Nabilah
The state must be responsible for fulfilling the political rights of every citizen. Political rights are one of the human rights that cannot be reduced by the state. Even though at the time of the 2020 Simultaneous Elections in the During Pandemic, Indonesia was experiencing the Covid-19 Pandemic, the...
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Rejection Demonstration of UU Cipta Kerja Omnibus Law in Perspective Ralf Dahrendorf’s Conflict Theory

Nadzir A. Firdaus, Agus M. Fauzi
As a law country, laws have a very important role in regulating the hustle and bustle of the nation and state. The legislative body as an institution that has the authority to compile and draft laws, of course, in the drafting process it has considered various aspects so that finally a law is created...
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The Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Relation to the Commercial (Economic) Law, Labor Law, State and International Role

Nomensen Freddy Siahaan
The Covid-19 pandemic is an epidemic global. This affects many things such as health, economy, social, culture, law, including Manpower, and other sectors. Of course, this is not what we want and beyond our expectations. Now all eyes of people in the world are very concerned about the spread of this...
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Legal Protection and Fulfillment of the Outsourcing Workers Rights after the Enactment of Law Number 11 Year 2020 Concerning Job

Okky Ocktavianti, Maria Adisti Anggia Cahyani, Arinto Nugroho
Outsourcing workers’ definitions have changed following the enactment of Law Number 11 the Year 2020 concerning Job Creation. Regulations which related to outsourcing workers were previously regulated in articles 64-66 of Law Number 13 Year 2003 concerning Manpower that holds outsourcing laborers only...
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Communication in the Implementation of Child Social Welfare Program (PKSA) as an Effort to Fulfill Welfare of Street Children

(Study at East Jakarta Social Service Sub-Dept.)

Ni Putu Ruslina Darmayanthi, Badrudin Kurniawan
The Child Social Welfare Program (PKSA) is a form of integrated, directed, and sustainable effort that carried out by the government and the community in the form of social services and conditional child social welfare assistance which includes: a) social assistance/fulfillment of basic rights; b) increasing...