Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Management (INSYMA 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Werner Ria Murhadi, Dudi Anandya, Noviaty Kresna Darmasetiawan, Juliani Dyah Trisnawati, Putu Anom Mahadwartha, Elsye Tandelilin
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the INSYMA 19 during May 19–20 2022 in Bali. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description of the conference’s...
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The Influence of Good Corporate Governance through the Gender Diversity on Firm Performance

Novi Dwi Riyanti, Werner R. Murhadi, Mudji Utami
The objective of this study is to look at how board size, board gender diversity, independent commissioners, leverage, and firm size affect firm performance in manufacturing companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange and the Philippines Stock Exchange. This study used a quantitative approach with two least...
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Measuring Transportation and Logistics Companies’ Performance Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Marwin Antonius Rejeki Silalahi, Zunairoh Zunairoh, Siska Amonalisa Silalahi, Marwan Carlos Sahatdotua Silalahi
The Covid-19 pandemic has made the world economy, including Indonesia, unstable. Indonesia is a very large country consisting of various islands, and due to Covid-19, the Indonesian government has implemented the Social Activity Restriction (PPKM) system. The present study aims to see whether the Covid-19...
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Financing Scheme and Determinant Factors

A Case Study of Islamic Rural Banks in Indonesia

This study aims to examine the factors that influence the financing scheme of Islamic Rural Banks (IRBs) in Indonesia. The financing scheme consists of profit margin financing (PMF) and profit-sharing financing (PSF). Factors thought to influence the financing scheme are non-performing financing (NPF),...
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Family Financial Socialization and Financial Behavior on the Covid-19 Perspective

The Mediating Role of Self-efficacy

Zunairoh Zunairoh, Marwin Antonius Rejeki Silalahi, Liliana Inggrit Wijaya
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a very high impact on students’ monthly expenses. This is indicated by a decrease in pocket money, changes in the source of pocket money income, and a significant change in student spending. This study investigates the effect of family financial socialization on financial...
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Financial Distress Analysis by Using Altman Z-Score Methods: A Case Study of Selected Fertilizer Company in Indonesia Year 2016–2020

This study aims to analyze financial distress conditions in PT XYZ. This private company produces chemicals and fertilizers in Indonesia and sells them in Indonesia and globally. PT XYZ is chosen because it is Indonesia's biggest and most complete fertilizer industry. This study used secondary data...
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The Effect of Financial Literacy and Demographic Factors on Behavioral Biases of Investors During a Pandemic

Veronica Elvira, Bertha Silvia Sutejo, Deddy Marciano
The purpose of this study is to look at the impact of financial literacy and demographics on investor behavioral biases in Indonesia. Overconfidence, disposition effect, mental accounting, and herding bias were among the eight variables used in this study, which included four independent variables: financial...
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The Effect of Convergence to International Financial Accounting Standards on Information Asymmetry–Evidence from Indonesian Companies Listed in the IDX from 2015–2019

Evilia Lesmanaputri, Yie Ke Feliana, Stefanus Budy Widjaja Subali
Since 1994, Indonesian financial accounting standards has referred to as International Accounting Standards/IAS (or International Financial Reporting Standards/IFRS started in 2001). Then, as a G20 member commitment, Indonesia took a more major step by developing standards that have been convergence...
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The Use of CGM Web System as Cost of Goods Manufactured Monitoring in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era

Dimas P. Sanwasi, Dinar R. Tanjungsari
The implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept can support the implementation of the Business Intelligence information system in a company. The advancement in information technology, especially in wireless networks, must be utilized as optimally as possible to improve a company’s operations....
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Hulontalo Ethnic’s Values in Making Business Capital Funding Decisions

Muh. Sabir Mustafa, Ubud Salim, Nur Khusniyah Indrawati, Siti Aisjah
This study aims to explore and understand the Hulontalo ethnic group in the furniture business in Gorontalo City values in making business capital funding decisions. This research was conducted with a qualitative approach using Spradley’s ethnographic design as the analysis knife and the Developmental...
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Comparison of Optimal Portfolio Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Testing on LQ45

Evelyn Kusuma, Putu Anom Mahadwartha, Endang Ernawati
This study forms an optimal portfolio using a single index model on LQ45 index stocks and compares its performance before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. Return, risk, Sharpe ratio, and Treynor ratio are compared between the period before and during the pandemic. The calculation of excess return to...
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Credit Restructuring for Bank Debtors Affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic

Sugeng Hariadi, Firsa Ayu Novita
This study aims to examine how the acceleration of economic recovery can predict the success of restructuring non-performing loans for bank debtors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A triangulation method with a qualitative approach was conducted to investigate primary data obtained from interviews with...
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Levers of Control Management Control System and the Company Competitiveness

William Kurniawan, Fidelis Arastyo Andono
A management control system (MCS) is one crucial element that supports a company in undertaking its formulated strategy. This research aims to investigate the role of MCS in maintaining or improving the company’s competitiveness through its strategy. This research design is a qualitative case study of...
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Driving Factors for Digital Technology Innovation in Financial Markets in Indonesia

Agus Zainul Arifin, Khairina Natsir, Made Setini, Herie Darmawan
This study aims to investigate the relationship between Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Risk on Intention to Use mediated by attitude on the use of Fintech with the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) theoretical approaches. The testing of the model used primary...
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Factors Affecting Syndicated Loan Spreads in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam

Jonathan Bryan, Deddy Marciano, Endang Ernawati, James Bartle
This study aims to analyze the effect of loan information (i.e., number of lenders, loan amount, and loan maturity) and borrower characteristics (i.e., public, firm size, leverage, and profitability), as well as control variables such as country and year on syndicated loan, spread in public companies...
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Factors Affecting the Capital Structure of Non-financial Business Entities Listed in the IDX for the 2016–2020 Period

Adityawan Slamet, Endang Ernawati, Werner Ria Murhadi
This research aims to analyze the determinants of a firm’s factors that influence capital structure. The variables used were profitability, growth, tangibility, non-debt tax shield, liquidity, and size. This research used a quantitative approach by using multiple linear regression. This research samples...
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The Effect of Dividend Policy, Profitability, and Leverage on Share Price Volatility of Service Sector Enterprise Indexed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange During 2015–2019

Shieryn Fiorenza, Liliana Inggrit Wijaya, Bertha Silvia Sutejo
This research analyzes the effect of dividend payout ratio, dividend yield, earnings volatility, and debt-to-equity ratio on share price volatility in service sector enterprise indexed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange during the 2015–2019 period. This study used a quantitative approach with multiple linear...
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Control Mechanism Analysis in Mediating Market Valuation on Firm Performance in Indonesia

Nisrul Irawati, Lisa Marlina
The market valuation offers the opportunity to examine the firm performance, especially as the firm goes public. However, management often puts their interests above the interests of investors; therefore, management movement needs to be limited by a control mechanism that will reduce agency conflict....
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Types I, II, III Agency Problems, Firm Value, and National Governance Quality A Case Study of Indonesian and Singaporean Companies

Septiana Sihombing, Isfenti Sadalia, Amlys Syahputra Silalahi
Corporate governance is mostly studied in developed countries such as the US, UK, and some developed countries in Europe, which focuses on Type I agency problems (shareholder-manager), and there is a dearth of types of agency problems such as type II problems (shareholder-shareholder) and type III problems...
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Good Corporate Governance on Firm Value in the LQ45 Index (Indonesia Stock Exchange)

Nurlisa Borliani Siregar, Isfenti Sadalia, Amlys Syahputra Silalahi
The company does not only aim to seek profit but also to maximize its value, which is reflected in the company’s share price. Good corporate governance is a system that regulates the relationship between managers, creditors, and employees by considering their rights and obligations to create added value...
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The Effect of Financial Literacy, Risk Perception, Overconfidence, and Investment Experience on Cryptocurrency Investment Decision

Dian Mahardi Lestari, Isfenti Sadalia, Amlys Syahputra Silalahi
An investment decision is a discretion adopted by investors in selecting or determining the placement of their investment funds. Investments are always fraught with uncertainty, as the investment occurs in the present while the benefits come in the future. Investment is essentially the deployment of...
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Optimal Return Analysis Using Ichimoku Kinko Hyo on the LQ45 Indonesia Stock Exchange

Elon Losman, Isfenti Sadalia, Chairul Muluk
One of the indicators used in technical analysis to analyze stock trends is Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo itself has four components: Tenkan Sen, Kijun Sen, Chikou Span, and Kumo. The four components can be used independently, in pairs, or as a whole. This study aims to analyze the rate of return...
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The Influence of Profitability, Leverage, and Market Value on Income Smoothing in Coal Mining Industries Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Andreas Turnip, Isfenti Sadalia, Rina Bukit
This study aims to analyze the effect of profitability, leverage, and market value on income smoothing in Coal Mining industries listed on IDX. An important information for investors is profit and loss performance. Profit gives a signal that the company’s performance is in a positive trend so that it...
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The Effect of Profitability, Liquidity, and Financial Leverage on Stock Prices in Property and Real Estate Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

S. Royan Sumando, Isfenti Sadalia, Abdilah Arif Nasution
The objectives of this study is to analyze the effect of profitability, liquidity, and financial leverage on the stock prices of property and real estate companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The property and real estate industry growth of a country can be an indicator of its economic...
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The Effect of Profitability, Leverage, Incentive, and Gender Diversity on Tax Avoidance in Coal Sub-sector Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Maria Br Sihaloho, Iskandar Muda, Nisrul Irawati
Based on financial report data published by coal sub-sector companies on the IDX website from 2018 to 2020, this study attempts to assess the effect of profitability, leverage, incentives, and gender diversity on tax avoidance. In this study, sampling was done with the use of the STATA program and multiple...
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Investment Capital and Stock Return on Investment Interest in Millennial Generation in Indonesia

Andriansyah, Isfenti Sadalia
This research aims to determine the effect of investment capital and stock returns on investment interest in the millennial generation in the capital market. This research is associative research with a quantitative descriptive approach. This research was conducted in the city of Medan with a sample...
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Analysis of MSME Financial Intelligence Level in the Utilization of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending as a Financing Alternative in Batam City

Rony Ukurta Barus, Isfenti Sadalia, Chairul Muluk
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) is Indonesia’s main corporate sector, with 97% of Indonesia’s total workforce. Capital fulfillment is one of the obstacles to MSME’s development. While most Indonesian MSMEs have various weaknesses in meeting banking requirements for financing, technological...
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The Effect of Operational Efficiency, Marketing Effectiveness, and Leverage on the Financial Performance of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (PERSERO) Regional I

Rizka Ameylina Nasution, Iskandar Muda, Nisrul Irawati
This study aims to analyze the performance of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) Regional I as part of the Indonesian logistics chain. The efficiency and effectiveness of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) Regional I are expected to reduce logistics costs to realize economic development in the Western region...
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Review of Behavioral Finance from an Inventor’s Perspective

Beby Kendida Hasibuan, Isfenti Sadalia
This study aims to determine how the development of behavioral finance from year to year. As we know, developments regarding today’s investment decision-making are heavily influenced by behavioral finance. This is because, in several studies, it is known that an investor can behave irrationally in making...
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The Role of Green Accounting and Corporate Social Responsibilities to Improve Maritime Tourism Quality in North Sulawesi

Victorina Z. Tirayoh, Herman Karamoy, Christian V. Datu, Christoffel Mardy O. Mintardjo
Green accounting and corporate social responsibility (CSR) play an essential role in improving the quality of human life and nature. The quality of maritime tourism faces various issues; thus, there is a need for synergy in the business world by implementing green accounting and CSR so that maritime-based...
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The Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Kompas 100 Indeks on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Pernando Simamora M, Nisrul Irawati, Chairul Muluk
This study aims to determine the effect of macroeconomic variables, inflation, economic growth, interest rate, exchange rate, and unemployment rate on the KOMPAS 100 Index on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The sample in this study used the KOMPAS 100 Stock Price Index data from 2015 to 2020 with monthly...
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Green Organizational Culture as Mediator of the Effect of Knowledge Creation on Green Performance

Faizal Susilo Hadi, Sri Wartini, M. E. Lanny Kusuma Widjaja
Limited resources and environmental degradation encourage green economy practices. Green performance can not only be assessed from the production results in the form of products or services in one production chain, but it is a production process in a sustainable cycle or known as a circular economy....
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Competitive Advantage Strategy of Port Enterprise in Indonesia

A Case Study of Eastern Indonesian Ports

Andi Iswoyo, Aminatuzzuhro, Yanuar Fauzuddin, Hendrik Rizqiawan, Supriyanto
In general, ports in Indonesia do not have sound capabilities to face competition with foreign ports. For example, Pelindo III is the largest port company in Indonesia that controls the logistics distribution area of Eastern Indonesia and also faces global port competition. This study explores the competitive...
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Will Education Return to Normal?

Investigating Public Opinions on Covid-19 School Reopening

Bobby Ardiansyahmiraja
All educational institutions are currently reopening because the global community is more prepared and has the resources needed to control the spread of Covid-19. However, after years of online dominated learning, reopening schools and universities is not a simple task. Authorities need to understand...
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The Effect of Perceived Price Fairness, Product Quality, and Service Quality on Customer Loyalty with Customer Satisfaction Mediation on Shopee Consumers

Mohammad Nadhiful Fiqqih
This study aims to examine the effect of product price fairness, product quality, and service quality on customer loyalty by customer satisfaction mediation. This research was conducted on Shopee consumers in Surabaya. This study used quantitative methods with PLS (partial least square) test equipment....
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MSME Categorization In Indonesia: Is It Potentially Problematic?

Henrycus Winarto Santoso, Noviaty Kresna Darmasetiawan, Made Siti Sundari, Raymond Lim, Erisa
In Indonesia, MSMEs play a critical role in driving the economy through labor absorption and contribution to GDP. Therefore, MSME categorization has been through numerous processes of refinement in order to be implemented as intended to ascertain better empowerment by policymakers and provide unbiased...
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Potential Spillover from Foreign Companies

Evidence from the Indonesian Convection Industry

Cynthia Yohanna Kartikasari, Suyanto Suyanto
The textile industry in Indonesia is fascinating to study due to its essential role in the Indonesian economy and as a strategic sector for employment. While imported items continue to dominate raw material supply in this sector, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows will bring about externality effects...
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Collaborative Strategy to Maintain Sinona Indonesia’s Financial and Operational Sustainability in the New Normal Era

Noviaty K. Darmasetiawan, Henrycus W. Santoso
This study aims to analyze (1) the pentahelix network collaboration strategy carried out by Sinona Indonesia in the new normal era; (2) the role of the collaboration strategy in the pentahelix network in maintaining the financial and operational sustainability of Sinona Indonesia in the new normal era;...
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Integrating Social Cognitive and Social Capital Theory in Using Telemedicine in Pandemic Period

Andri Rianawati, Flora Ramona Sigit Prakoeswa, Zainul Mustofa, Cita Rosita Sigit Prakoeswa, Aza Rosmala
During the Covid-19 outbreak, the usage of telemedicine has increased. This study has a goal to see how the integration of social cognitive and social capital theory affects users’ inclinations to use telemedicine during pandemic turbulence. Individual relationships and social structure are discussed...
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The Use of Non-cash Payment Methods During The National Economic Recovery

Bambang Budiarto
This study aims to determine the proportion ratio between people who have more income and sufficient income when using a non-cash payment method. The division of two groups of people’s income is based on The Regulation of the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia No. 14 of 2020. People with...
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Grouping of Tourist Preferences Towards Tourist Villages in East Java Based on Facial Recognition and Background

Siti Mujanah, Candraningrat Candraningrat, Sumiati, Lutvi Abdullah, Nur Fitriani, Elvira Aulia Fijannah
The research aims to propose a new method for the analysis based on face and picture content recognition technologies, travel habits, and preferences that were grouped by age, gender, and the background of tourist attractions utilized by photographers. This study uses content analysis to identify potential...
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Developing Model of Digital Leadership for the New Normal Age

Setyo Budianto, Ubud Salim, Wahdiyat Moko, Nur Khusniyah
The new normal is a new order created to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic, a new habit built on adaptation to promote a clean and healthy lifestyle. The pandemic is a real-life example of a volatile-uncertain-complex-ambiguous (VUCA) world. It has resulted in huge changes in leadership and management of...
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Frugal Lifestyle Trend Among Generation Z

How Do They Spend Money?

Prita Ayu Kusumawardhany
This research is based on the phenomenon of Generation Z’s life as the next generation who spends their expenses sparingly due to several current global threats such as the depletion of global resources, the climate crisis, to the Covid-19 pandemic. This frugal lifestyle behavior is characterized differently...
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Internal Locus of Control, Entrepreneurial Learning, Risk Tolerance on Self-efficacy, and Entrepreneurial Intention

Denis Fidita Karya, Mohamad Yusak Anshori, Rizki Amalia Elfita, Laila Alfi Sahrin, Mira Nirmala Gita
The high unemployment rate in Indonesia is dominated by highly educated people, including senior high school, college, and diplomas. This is undoubtedly a concern of the government. To reduce the high unemployment rate, education is needed especially concerning the importance of having entrepreneurial...
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Domestic Consumption: Relative Product Quality Ethnocentrism, and Domestic Product Belief

Mohamad Yusak Anshori, Denis Fidita Karya, Rizki Amalia Elfita, Laila Alfi Sahrin, Mira Nirmala Gita
The increasing number of cosmetics imports in Indonesia has resulted in the domestic cosmetic industry has to compete with foreign products. This study aims to determine consumer behavior in using local products using cognitive (quality evaluation), normative (social and personal norms relating to the...
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The Effect of Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion on MSMEs Performance

(Case Study in MSMEs Assisted by SME & IKM DPW North Sumatra Province)

Mangihut Parlindungan Aritonang, Isfenti Sadalia, Chairul Muluk
The performance of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has a vital role in the economy in Indonesia. Reaching 99.9% of the total businesses in Indonesia, MSMEs contribute significantly to job creation and employment. However, they still face many problems, especially capital problems, which...
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Supply Chain Management Strategy in Building a Competitive Advantage Through the Implementation of Logistic 4.0

Fausta Air Barata, Gustaf Naufan Febrianto, Muhammad Yasin
This study aims to examine supply chain management in building competitive advantage through logistics. This study indicates that: 1) Strategic supply chain management is achieved to win the supply chain or at least survive in market competition. Efficient and robust logistics 4.0 must rely on technology...
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Predicting Digital Business Startup Intention in SEA: TPB-PC Model Test

A Case Study of Indonesian Students

Christoffel Mardy O. Mintardjo, Achmad Sudiro, Mintarti Rahayu, Sudjatno Sudjatno
Digital business startups are essential engines for innovation and economic growth in Industry 4.0 era and digital civilization. These digital technology-based businesses can grow and develop rapidly when new desires and ideas arise from entrepreneurs to establish digital business ventures. This study...
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The Change of a Poor Paradigm to a Rich Paradigm Through the NU Coin Movement Process

(A Case Study on the Zakat Infaq and Alms Institution MWC NU Kalidawir, Tulungagung Regency)

M. Yusuf Azwar Anas, Armanu Thoyib, Sudjatno, Risna Wijayanti
Poverty is a problem in many countries worldwide. Poverty can be in the form of poor wealth or mental poverty. This study aims to explain changing the poor paradigm to the rich through the NU Coin movement carried out by the amil zakat and infaq institutions of Nahdlatul Ulama. Community movement phenomenon...
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Self-regulation and Learning Outputs of Filipino MOOC Learners

Junard Duterte, Gilbert Importante
During the coronavirus pandemic, scholars study how learners pursue lifelong learning in open and distance education since few studies investigate this issue. This study aims to discover a learning model that would increase the students’ online learning engagement and course completion in Massive Open...
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Unraveling Cultural Intelligence and Its Impact on Perceived Employability Among Undergraduate Students in Philippines’ Public Universities

Daniel Fritz V. Silvallana, Maartandan S. Suppiah
Managing a multicultural environment has been increasingly challenging in the workplace. Higher education institutions are expected to play an active role in developing and promoting necessary skills for students to be adaptive in a diverse workplace after graduation. Cultural intelligence becomes a...
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Behind Knowledge Hiding Behavior

A Case Study of CV. Tirta Monsager-Indonesia

Elsye Tandelilin, Noviaty Kresna Darmasetiawan, I. Gusti Ayu Kade Dewi Laksmi Wiryana
The study aims to understand the reasons behind knowledge hiding behavior. Knowledge hiding is a common phenomenon in organizations done intentionally by an individual to withhold or conceal knowledge that another has requested. Knowledge hiding becomes a contrarian behavior that violates the organization’s...
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Employee Service Innovative Behavior in the Public Sector: The Role of Proactive Personality and Work Engagement

Anni Fitriana, Aryana Satrya
This study aims to examine the critical role of proactive personality on the employee service innovative behavior and the indirect effect of mediation of work engagement. 323 complete responses from full-time frontline employees in Indonesia’s public service organization were used and analyzed with Structural...
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The Influence of Work Ability, Work Environment and Organizational Culture on Employee Performance with Motivation as a Mediating Variable

Firdaus Lismanto
The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that contribute to the decline in employee performance at ABC Company, specifically work ability, organizational culture, work environment, and motivation. This type of research employs quantitative methods in applied business research. The sample...
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The Effect of Privacy (Security) Settings, Application Design, and E-Trust on E-Relationship Satisfaction and E-Loyalty on GoFood in Surabaya

Ahadin Mintarum
This study aims to examine privacy (security) settings, application design, and e-trust on e-relationship satisfaction and e-loyalty on GoFood in Surabaya. This study used a quantitative approach with the partial least square (PLS) method by distributing questionnaires to 100 respondents who used the...
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Mediating Effect of Psychology Empowerment on the Influence of Knowledge Sharing to Lecturer Performance: An Empirical Study in UBP Karawang

Enjang Suherman, Suroso, Budi Rismayadi, Sihabudin
Lecturers’ academic positions, university accreditation ratings, and lecturers’ education levels that are not yet optimal indicate that lecturers’ performance is still not optimal. The government’s efforts by providing scholarships, training, and grants are a form of empowering lecturers. In addition,...
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The Impact of Employees’ Paradox Mindset on Innovative Behavior Mediated by Thriving at Work: A Quantitative Study of Banking Employees

Maria Fillippa Neri Indrawati, Aryana Satrya
This study analyzes the relationship between employees’ paradox mindset and IWB. This study also investigates thriving as mediating variable in the relationships between employees’ paradox mindset and IWB. Individual innovation is accompanied by paradoxical tension. Adopting a paradox mindset, which...
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Work from Home During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Civil and Public Service Context

What Could Be Learned From It?

Rasmulia Sembiring, Winarto
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to discover a new way to work, study, learn and socialize. The terminology “work from home” is not new in the literature and practices; however, it became more and more popular around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. The present research aims to explore...
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Gender Ideology and Company Performance Measure

A Case Study on Two Companies in Indonesia

Lisa Widjaja, Dianne Frisko Koan
This study aims to analyze the role of the company’s leader in arranging the non-financial measures using gender ideology. This study uses a qualitative approach to understand better the role of top management of the company in the way they set up the performance measures, especially non-financial measures....
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The Relativism of Ethical Dilemma Decision Making

The Use of Social Media for Pre-employment Background Check

Permata Ayu Widyasari
The research involves 120 business students answering ethical dilemmas in business. The case was about a company using social media as a pre-employment background check and considering it part of the hiring process. The students must answer from both the candidate’s and the employer’s perspectives. Initially,...
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The Effect of Organizational Learning Culture, Self-efficacy, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Knowledge Sharing Behavior

Mustofa, J. L. Eko Nugroho
This study aims to determine the effect of organizational learning culture, self-efficacy, and organizational citizenship behavior on knowledge sharing behavior of teachers at State Senior High Schools (SMAN) in Surabaya. The sample consisted of 92 respondents. Data collection was done by questionnaire....
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The Importance and Performance Analysis with Diagonal Regression Approach

Uus Mohammad Darul Fadli, Budi Rismayadi, Citra Savitri
This study aims to examine the importance and performance analysis using a diagonal regression approach. Scale measurement used semantic differential. The diagonal of the regression coefficient was used to map the coordinates of the balance of the importance and performance analysis assessments with...
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Employee Relations Strategy in Improving Team Performance at the PT X Station Jakarta

Chair Amir, Sugeng Santoso, Rini Anggraini, Taufik Riyandi, Sayer Zulkarnaen
Numerous factors, including leadership style, leadership capabilities, communication climate, and customer character, contribute to performance gaps. The research prioritizes the passenger transportation services of PT X over the work of other divisions. It highlights employee relations as a factor contributing...
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The Effect of Spiritual Leadership, Organizational Support, and Islamic Work Ethic

Testing Employee Performance and OCB as Mediating Variable

Ahyar Yuniawan, Fuad Mas’ud, Intan Ratnawati
Employees and companies are two things that cannot be separated because employees play a major role in carrying out company activities. Every company tries to improve and develop its company by doing many ways related to the employee performance improvement program. To make progress and achieve the goals...
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Predictors and Impact of Openness to Change in Asset Management Contract (AMC) Implementation at the Electric Power Service Company

Satpaulina, Yeni Absah, Rulianda Purnomo Wibowo
The change strategy in asset management implementation is an effort made by the company to deal with the changing business environment. Management decisions with the asset management contract (AMC) mechanism are feared to impact employee satisfaction and employee continuance commitment. This study aims...
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Analysis of Job Satisfaction on Employee Engagement Impacted on Turnover Intentions at PT Hilti Nusantara’s Account Manager

Ariwinata, Harmein Nasution, Linda Tri Murni Maas
This research was conducted at PT Hilti Nusantara addressed at The Garden Center Building Level 3, Unit 3–11 Cilandak Commercial Estate, Cilandak KKO Street, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. This study aims to examine the Job Satisfaction on Employee Engagement Impacted on Turnover Intentions at PT Hilti...
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Evaluation of the Implementation of Hospital Management Information Systems (SIMRS) Using the Hot–Fit Method at Al Fuadi General Hospital, Binjai

M. Ibnu Alhaq, Yeni Absah, R. P. Wibowo
This research aims to investigate the factors that provide the maximum net benefit from the implementation of SIMRS. Based on the patient satisfaction survey conducted, there were still complaints related to poor service performance of the agency and the low increase in inpatients every year. This type...
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Analysis of Balanced Scorecard Implementation on the Calculation of Performance of PT PLN (Persero) North Sumatera

Rosyid Nurdin Fauzi, Nazaruddin, Amlys Syahputra Silalahi
This research aims to analyze the results of the balanced scorecard implemented by PLN UIKSBU in optimizing the achievement of its targets. The hypothesis was formulated that the measurement of key performance indicators from the perspective of human resources, namely Human Capital Readiness (HCR) and...
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The Effect of a Toxic Work Environment on Employee Engagement in the Digital Era and Society 5.0

Johny Rusdiyanto
People’s lives have undergone a radical transformation as a result of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and this concept is known as Society 5.0. The concept refers to a revolution in society that incorporates human and humanities aspects into its use of technology. Digitalization in some sectors has begun,...
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Analysis of Career Development as a Public Agency in BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Medan Branch

Erny Veranica Napitupulu, Harmein Nasution, Yeni Absah
PERDIR/22/092021 stipulates BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Employment Social Security Program) Staffing Management, including career development in the BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. It is an integral part of management, but in reality, there are no indications of the optimal implementation of career development in BPJS...
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Competence of Indonesian Social Security Driver (Shield) in Increasing Participation at BPJS Employment Medan City Branch

Muhammad Ari Iriawan
Social security is an essential thing needed by everyone, including employment social security for Indonesian workers. The Penggerak Jaminan Sosial Indonesia (PERISAI), an agent in social security, plays an essential role in conveying the benefits of the existing social security program to protect workers....
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The Influence of Organizational Behavior on the Sustainability Services of the Ate Keleng Foundation of Karo Batak Protestant Church


Yusuf Tarigan, Sukaria Sinulingga, Linda Trimurni Maas
The sustainability of a foundation as a nonprofit organization depends on donations from domestic and abroad and the influence of its leaders. Donation influences whether the foundation can continue its services. Based on several studies, it was found that the foundation’s sustainability does not only...
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Analysis of Workload, Employee Placement, and Employee Engagement on Employee Job Satisfaction at Medan Customs and Excise Office

Bosker Edward Hutabarat, Prihatin Lumbanraja, Isfenti Sadalia
One of the important aspects of human resource management is measuring employee job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is an individual’s general attitude towards his job. This study analyzes the influence of workload, employee placement, and employee engagement on employee job satisfaction at Medan Customs...
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Effect of Occupational Health Safety and Rewards on Employee Performance and Work Motivation as Intervening Variables at PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy Area Sibayak

Ryan Dwi Gustriandha, Nazaruddin, Isfenti Sadalia
These days, human resources are a vital role needed as a company asset to survive in the current business competition. Human resources as employees cannot be separated from problems related to occupational health and safety in the company as by ensuring occupational health safety, companies can foster...
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Does Gender Matter in the Relationship Between Individual Absorptive Capacity and Subjectivity Career Success?

Yasmin Chairunisa Muchtar, Inneke Qamariah
Some scholars argue that career experience in the workplace owned by men and women is different [9] caused by various factors. Hence, it may result in differences in the individual assessment of career success. This study aims to analyze the relationship between Networking Behavior on Subjective Career...
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The Influence of Implementation of the Four Disciplines of Execution on the Achievement of Commercial Credit Targets at PT Bank Sumut

Benyamin M. P. Siahaan, Yeni Absah, Isfenti Sadalia
Every corporate entity certainly wants to maximize the achievement of its targets to obtain maximum revenue and profits. This study aims to determine the effect of implementing the 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) on achieving commercial credit objectives in the Credit Division. This research is interesting...
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The Influence of Competence, Organizational Commitment, Training & Development on Employee Performance in Pondok Pesantren Modern Al Hasyimiyah Tebing Tinggi

Habibi Mardika Putra, Yeni Absah, Sugih Arto Pujangkoro
Human resource management views every employee in an organization as the most valuable asset. Every employee who works in an institution or company should improve skills and maintain organizational commitments to improve superior competitiveness. Measurements of employee performance need to be done in...
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Influence of Talent Management on Succession Planning Through Leadership Skills

Bambang Agustian, Yeni Absah, Isfenti Sadalia
One of a company’s strategies in anticipating succession planning is talent management. Vacant critical positions, especially managerial positions, can disrupt the company’s operational stability. This position requires fast acceleration, especially in terms of decision-making. The next problem is that...
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The Impact of Work Placement, Work Environment, Work Motivation, and Communication on Employee Performance in the Library and Archives of the Medan City Government

Sumiadi, Yeni Absah, Isfenti Sadalia
Employee performance is essential because high performance will be able to motorize all the elements in an organization to achieve its goal. The civil servant knows that good performance has an optimal role in national development. This research aims to analyze the influence of work placement, work environment,...
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The Influence of Leadership, Motivation and Reward on Turnover Intention with Job Satisfaction as an Intervening Variable

(Case Study of Fertilizer Company, Deli Serdang)

Adi Gumelar Cakra Prabowo, Prihatin Lumbanraja, Rulianda Purnomo Wibowo
One form of employee behavior in the organization is the desire to resign (Turnover Intentions), which leads to the employee’s decision to resign from his job. The company under scrutiny is a distributor of agricultural & plantation fertilizers in the Deli Serdang area, with market areas covering...
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The Effect of Quality of Work-Life, Training, and Organizational Climate on Job Satisfaction at PT. X’s Plantation Company

Johannes Wijaya Sinaga, Iskadarini, Rulianda Purnomo Wibowo
This paper examines the effect of quality of work-life, training, and organizational climate on Job Satisfaction. This research partially shows that the quality of work-life has a significant positive effect on job satisfaction at PT. X plantation company, training has a significant positive effect on...
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The Influence of Training Program and Work Environment on Employee Performance Through Work Satisfaction as a Mediating Variable

Selva Mardinawaty, Yeni Absah, Isfenti Sadalia
This study aims to investigate the effect of a training program and work environment on employee performance through work satisfaction. The research methodology used was descriptive quantitative with a path analysis approach to answer the research hypothesis. The research population was 78 employees...
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Analysis of Job Satisfaction, Job Stress, and Job Insecurity on Employee Turnover Intention at a Manufacturing Company in the Industrial and Chemical Sector in North Sumatra

Laurasia Trya Prillya, Prihatin Lumbanraja, Meilita Tryana Sembiring
The study aims to analyze the effect of job satisfaction, job stress, and job insecurity on employee turnover intention at a Manufacturing Company in the Industrial and Chemical Sector in North Sumatra. The study was conducted on 96 employees at a Manufacturing Company in the Industrial and Chemical...
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The Influence of Transformational Leadership, Workload, and Competence on SME Relationship Manager Performance at Bank BNI Territorial Office 1 North Sumatera

Tirza Hafiz, Yeni Absah, Isfenti Sadalia
Fierce competition in the banking industry requires companies to outperform and innovate to survive and evolve. As a driving force for a company, human resources have to play the most important role and work well to help the company achieve its goals. This research aims to analyze the relationship among...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Installation of the Ship Care System in PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia (PERSERO)

Windi Afika Manurung, Harmein Nasution, Linda T. Maas
This research aims to analyze the factors that affect the impediment of the ship maintenance system in PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero), which consists of variables of competence and work motivation for employee performance of the Ship Division at PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia Regional 1 (Persero). The research...
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The Effect of Green Work-Life Balance and Organizational Citizenship Behavior on the Environment to Improve Environmental Performance of the Cooperative and SME Office of East Java Province Employees

Amiartuti Kusmaningtyas, Alivia Nur Faidah
Concern for the environment impacts environmental sustainability and the continuation of human life. A conducive environment can be realized if humans manage the environment, both in work life and personal life. Voluntary behavior to care for the environment manifests the ability to control the setting....
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Islamic Human Capital

A New Concept for Islamic Business Organizations

Rita Mutiarni, Ubud Salim, Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, Mintarti
As one of the countries with the largest Muslim population globally, Indonesia is trying to overcome poverty by driving the community’s economy through various economic institutions, one of which is sharia cooperatives. But unfortunately, even though the majority of the Indonesian population is Muslim,...
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Research Overview on the Life of Families with Foreign Elements in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phan Thi Hong Xuan, Phan Hieu Nghia, Le Nguyen Ai Huyen, Kang Min Soo, Vo Phan My Tra
Ho Chi Minh City is considered a safe land of perching birds, where diverse and colorful cultures converge. Experiencing many difficulties throughout history, Ho Chi Minh City has been growing and developing to affirm the country’s leading position. Alongside the city’s economic and social development,...
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Designing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Teachers to Improve the Performance of SMK Muhammadiyah 20 Panai Hulu, North Sumatra

Thoyyib Kardianto, Prihatin Lumbanraja, Meilita Tryana Sembiring
Organizational performance is an indicator of the level of achievement that can be achieved, reflecting the success of an organization and the results achieved by the organization members. Performance is the result of collaborative activities between members or organizational components in order to realize...
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Factors Affecting Purchase Intention Through Online Application: A Case Study of Lazada

Waiphot Kulachai, Adi Prasetyo Tedjakusuma, Junphen Wannarak, Patipol Homyamyen
This paper aims to examine the relationship between product, price, place, promotion, trust, and intention to purchase. The sample of this study was 125 undergraduate students at a university located in Suphanburi, Thailand. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an online questionnaire was administered to collect...
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Internal Branding as a Marketing Strategy for Start-Up

Ahmed Rageh Ismail, Bahtiar Mohamad, Muslim Diekola Akanmu
Internal branding evolved from marketing to engage employees of any organization for strategic planning. However, there has been a lack of evidence on the internal branding’s Return on Investment that has affected start-up managers. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the roles of internal branding...
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The Entrepreneurial Orientation of Property Developers Around JLLB Surabaya Plan

Freddy Mutiara
Property development, especially landed houses, is taking place around the Surabaya Outer West Ring Road (JLLB) infrastructure plan. These days, there are dozens of new residential areas in the border area of Western Surabaya and Southern Gresik, East Java Province, Indonesia, utilizing JLLB’s plans...
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The Factors That Affect Tourist Revisit Intention of Sanur Bali Beach

Ni Ketut Sonia Mutiara, Indarini, Dudi Anandya
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the tourism sectors worldwide, including Bali, Indonesia. This study aims to identify factors affecting the revisit intention of Sanur Bali beach. It is a quantitative study using the primary data of 240 respondents. This study used a questionnaire with a target of...
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Does Religiousness Matter to Intention to Commit Digital Piracy?

Adhika Putra Wicaksono
The study aims to examine digital piracy using the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), religious theory, and deterrence theory by adding economic and hedonic benefits. This study used a non-probability sampling technique. The questionnaire was distributed through an online platform and obtained from 214...
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“I Know What You Did During the Pandemic”

Consumer Behavioral Actions During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Andhy Setyawan, Fandy Tjiptono
Although it is not the only pandemic in human history, the Covid-19 has had severe negative long-term impacts and disruptions on business and consumer behavior. The rapid and deadly transmission of Covid-19 has caused various individual responses in social interactions and personal activities. This study...
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Intention to Use Mobile Payment in Indonesia. The Role of Innovativeness, Usefulness, Risk, and User Stress

Angelia Putri Permatasari, Dudi Anandya, Indarini
This study aims to examine the effect of perceived satisfaction, perceived usefulness, perceived risk, and perceived trust variables on the intention to use mobile payment in Indonesia. This study uses Gopay mobile payment as an object. This study is causal research that was tested empirically by using...
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The Antecedents in Forming Loyalty in the Fast-Food Industry

Grace Felicia Djayapranata, Andhy Setyawan
The fast-food industry is one of the fastest-growing industrial sectors. However, as the market grows, more and more competitors are entering this industry. With the increasing number of choices, it is difficult for companies to maintain consumer loyalty. Therefore, this study investigates the factors...
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Pre-school Choice Decision Making Among Millennial Moms a Pilot Marketing Strategy Model

Cesya Rizkika Parahiyanti, Azizul Yadi Yaakop
Like mothers in other generations, millennial mothers also face several challenges when making decisions within the family, including choosing the best preschool for their children. Preschools must compete to meet the needs of millennial mothers who have children under six years old at their current...
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The Impact of Performance Management and Empowering Leadership on Personal Motivation

A Study Case of Salesforce Performance in Retail Market

Andre Omarhadi, Hatane Semuel, Serli Wijaya
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world into a new era that has demanded changes in various sectors, including the management of salesforces in retail stores. Due to the pandemic, changes in consumers’ habits have raised challenges for salesforce management to increase its salesforces’ personal motivation...
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The Effect of Perceived Ease of Use and Perceived Usefulness on Trust, Loyalty of E-Commerce Customers

The e-commerce market opportunity supported by the government has encouraged the increasingly competitive digital-based businesses in Indonesia. This study was performed in this regard to investigate and test the direct impact of perceived ease of use on perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use on...