Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2017)

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Research on the Personnel Evacuation Simulation Model for Large-Scale Stadium

Juhai Wang
Under the new situation of deepening reform and opening up, people attach more importance to sports activities and the construction of stadiums has been developed rapidly. The stadium is one of the most important places where a sporting event or a national movement is held in a region. It is also a place...
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Study on the Correlation between the Upgrading of Chinese Residents' Consumption Structure and the Optimization of Industrial Structure

Yumeng Zhu
Based on the identity of consumption structure and industrial structure, this paper analyzes the influence of consumption structure on industrial structure through the middle variable of income elasticity of demand. Then establishes econometric model to quantitatively analyze the impact of industrial...
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Research on the Relationship between Occupational Recognition and Employment Quality of Medical Students under the Pattern of Innovative Talents

Huanquan Shen, Qiang Li, Min Chen
In recent years, the country has put forward the pattern for education and cultivation innovative talents. As the core base for implementing the strategy of strengthening the nation by talents, the application of the pattern for education and cultivation innovative talents to the students in colleges...
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The Design of the Infusion Alarm

Xuetao Liu
In order to ensure the safety of patients and make the patients have a good rest during liquid infusion, we design a wireless infusion alarm system. The system adopts two terminal mode with host and slaves. The slaves in the patients' side are in charge of detecting whether the infusion is completed,...
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Research Review of Human Infections with Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Virus in China

Wen Dong
The emergence of H7N9 virus attracted worldwide concerns about the possibility of a new influenza pandemic in March 2013, and the human cases were mainly distributed in the southeast coastal areas in China, and the winter-spring season was the peak period for human infection with H7N9 virus. The studies...
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Exploration on the Teaching Reform of Ideological and Political Theory Course under the Visual Field of "Internet+"

Huihua Zhang, Qilin Qiu, Yongfeng Hu
This paper takes the course of "Introduction to Maoism and Chinese-featured Socialism Ideology Applied Technology of Database" as an example, to analyze the necessity of the teaching reform in the ideological and political theory course under the visual field of "Internet +", and to analyze the difficulties...
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Constitutive Model of Shape Memory Alloy considering the effect of Martensite Plasticity for Biomedical Applications

Yanping Wang
This paper focuses on the super-elastic characterization of Ni-based shape memory alloys for biomedical applications. Shape memory alloy (SMA) have presented excellent characterization in biomedical application fields, such as high corrosion resistance, bio-compatible, non-magnetic, and the unique physical...
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Analysis of Micro Factors Affecting the Quality of Project Course in Higher Vocational Education

Xiaojing Ren
with the advance of the curriculum reform in higher vocational education, the quality of classroom teaching has also changed. In the new curriculum reform, it put forward an innovative management system, and encourages the development of the curriculum by means of micro factors. Therefore, the development...
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Effectiveness Analysis of the Application of Experience-based Teaching Mode to the College Students' Psychological Health Curriculum

Yu Wu, Hong Li, Hongjuan Wei, Ameng Zhao
Experience-based teaching mode is one of the new teaching modes. This teaching mode attaches importance to the students participation and their practical experiences. It is more consistent with the goals of psychological health education, which is aimed to construct the college students' psychological...
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An Analysis of Factors Influencing College Students' Employment Security-Taking a University as an Example

Weibo Yang, Kui Luo
The employment security of college students is closely related to economic development, talent cultivation, social harmony and stability. At present, college students' employment is characterized by diversification of the approaches for seeking jobs, the lack of employment security awareness and knowledge...
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Study on the Effect of Carbon-White / Carbon Black Filling on Wear Resistance of Tread

Mao Chunyu, Sun Yanhong, Tian Mei, Zhou Guangwen
This paper studied the law of the wear resistance of tread rubber by adding different parts of the rubber material (NR, BR9000, SBR-1502), carbon black and Carbon-White. The results show that the abrasion resistance, grip and rolling resistance of the three kinds of rubber materials are slightly different....
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Countermeasures for Psychological Health Education of Post-95s College Students in the New Period

Shucheng Wei, Juan Yin
In order to implement college students' mental health education curriculum of the Ministry of Education and improve the teaching quality of mental health education curriculum, experts of Southwest Jiaotong University changed the traditional "spoon feeding" teaching method. They pay attention to the use...
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Biomedical Named Entity Recognition based on Long and Short Term Memory Model

Youliang Huang, Sajid Ali, Li Wang, Renquan Liu
In view of the problem of biological entity recognition, this paper proposes an improved Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) recognition method based on the improved bidirectional long and short term memory model. First of all, based on the improvement of re constructed corpus is used to solve the imbalance...
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Study on the performance of lithium-ion batteries at different temperatures

Shanshan Guo, Yun Liu, Lin Li
This paper studies on the performance of lithium-ion batteries at different temperatures. The charging and discharging and EIS experiments were carried out to explain the poor performance of the batteries at low temperatures. Experimental results show that as the decrease of the temperatures, the voltage...
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On the Research of the Smart Grid Load Forecasting Cloud Platform Architecture

Mingyue Zhai
Load forecasting is making calculations or predictions of a future event or condition based on analysis or study of historical data, events or observations. With the development of smart grid, smart meter is also increasing largely, which can generate metering data per 15 mins, and there comes a huge...
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Exploration and Practice of Talent training mode under the Background of Applied transformation

Wei Li, Shuo Wang, Yang Yang
This paper combines the training program of automobile service engineering specialty in Jilin engineering and technology Normal College, so as to determine the target of talent training. Research and development of teaching based on the concept of education and teaching, establish the application oriented...
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Curriculum System Evaluation of Intelligent Data Engineering Based on Electronic Information Engineering

Qingyu Zou, Dejun Liu
Intelligent data engineering is a multidisciplinary professional. It helps companies master the solution of various typical problems in large data applications from large data applications such as data management, system development, mass data analysis and mining. In this paper we analyzes the curriculum...
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Android Remote Monitoring System Based on Ioserver Data Collection

Linliang Zhang, Peng Cheng, Zhaoxia Li
In order to solve the remote Multi-Networks acquisition and real-time mobile monitoring of highway tunnel monitoring data, a kind of remote monitoring and data collection software design based on SCADA and Android was put forward. The system interact data with mobile intelligent terminal through the...
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Study on the Innovative Path of Governance Structure in the Perspective of Supply-side Reform

Lianpeng Wang
With the development of China's economy, the shortage of high-quality application-based talents is becoming more and more scarce, and the task of intellectual supply and innovation is more arduous. It has brought an unprecedented opportunity for the reform and development of application-type universities....
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The Significance of Mobile Equipment for Network Education

Yingying Sun
In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile communication technology and multimedia business, mobile devices have been widely used to influence and promote the continuous transformation of network education methods and style. The development of mobile equipment is of great significance to the...
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Research on Simple Inverted Pendulum

Jian Huang
Inverted pendulum is a typical automatic control device. It not only establishes its dynamic model, but also constructs its transfer function, and studies its poles and stability conditions. PID is used to control its movement, through a lot of experiments, the corresponding data sent to the host computer,...
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Co-simulation Research Based on Electromagnetic Induction of Wireless Power Transfer

Jiuchao Li, Yao Zhao
It is difficult to realize electromagnetic field and circuit multi domain joint simulation for electromagnetic induction wireless charging system, Using Maxwell and simulation soft ware Joint simulation of standard electromagnetic induction wireless charging system. Maxwell electromagnetic field software...
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Design and Research of Part - time Work Platform for Art Students Based on APP Platform

Yile Sun, Jing Yang, Jia Zhu
In the era of the Internet, demand-oriented Internet business model and value creation is emerging, the current phenomenon of college students work-study is widespread, students often seek part-time channels are scattered, roadside advertising now lacks a focus on students Group of healthy part-time...
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Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance of Marine Hydraulic Equipment

Wei Zhai, Zhiqiang Zhao
Hydraulic transmission technology is an important technology in China's ship equipment, and the development of this technology is greatly related to the improvement of China's automation level. Most of the equipment in the ship is distributed on the upper deck and vulnerable to the natural environment,...
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The Design of GPS Information Display System Based on Arduino UNO R3

Rui Liang
The global positioning system(GPS)is widely used in the information age of globalization. It has the advantages of stable performance, accurate data and so on. The study of GPS display system has great significance. The Arduino UNO R3 is used as core of control and took advantage of GPS module to position,...
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Research on The Influence of E-commerce on Accounting Assumption

Zehui Liu
The electronic commerce brings great benefits but also changed the external business environment, especially under the environment of e-commerce "virtual subject" to the traditional accounting entity, the continuous operation of the accounting period, had a greater impact of monetary measurement four...
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Analysis of The DFIG Structure and Its Grid-connecting Mode

Siyu Pan
This paper firstly demonstrated the working mode of variable speed constant frequency in DFIG and gave introduction to the structure of excitation converter. Then it explained the main circuit topology and control mode of grid-side converter. Third, this paper analyzed the grid-connecting mode of DFIG...
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Research on The Teaching Reform of Advanced Financial Accounting -Based on Flipped Classroom Teaching Model

Yinling Liu, Yang Gao
Advanced Financial Accounting is a supplement extension and development to Intermediate Financial Accounting,. It is mainly to solve a series of special operations produced with the objective economic environment changes and emerging business. Its research object is complicated, involving the knowledge...
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Modal Analysis of Automobile Brake Drum Based on ANSYS Workbench

Dan Yang, Zhen Yu, Leilei Zhang, Wentao Cheng
The dynamic characteristics of the brake drum are theoretically calculated and studied by the finite element method. The finite element model of the brake drum is established by using ANSYS software. Through the analysis and calculation of the model, the first 12 natural frequencies and vibration shapes...
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The Composition of Blended Learning Model and Its Application in English Classroom Teaching

Shuang Wang
With the development of network information technology, people's cognitive ideas are changing constantly. The traditional teaching ideas and traditional teaching methods have been unable to meet the actual needs of teaching. The mixed teaching model provides a new way for the reform of education and...
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Research on Current Situation of Network Q & A Community ——An Example of ZHIHU

Juan Wei
Nowadays, as the Internet technology becomes increasingly mature and network services are increasingly diversified and personalized, Q & A websites have emerged because of the needs of the public. The first generation of network Q&A communities such as " Baidu knows ", "Sina iASK" and so on have greatly...
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The Research of "TCSA" Teaching Model in the Course of Marketing

Hongying Ji, Peng An
With the development of social economy and demand for higher talents, the requirement about society for marketing professional talent has been higher and systematic. Nowadays more and more enterprises tend to not only understand marketing personnel master of marketing knowledge, but also learn to how...
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Optimization Analysis of Comprehensive Budget Management System——An Example of Hualing Electric Power Company

Linli Bian
Under the guidan-ce of the basic theoretical framework of comprehensive budget management, this paper analyzes and reviews the current situation of comprehensive budget management system of Hualing electric power company. This paper points out the existing problems, and puts forward the comprehensive...
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Research on Improving Teaching Ability of Automobile Engineering

Weijie Gou, Guanghui Xia, Lihong Wang
Teachers' teaching ability is an important factor influencing the quality of teaching. During the teaching which aims at skills training, teachers' ability is the bottleneck of restricting the personnel quality of higher vocational colleges. This paper analyzes the current situation of teachers 'teaching...
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Study on Evaluation System and Path Optimization of Entrepreneurial Poverty Alleviation Policy

Yixi Xia
Entrepreneurial activity is an important source of economic growth. Currently, alleviating poverty through starting a business is a widely applied mode and has far-reaching practical significance for solving social problems and benefiting economic development in impoverished areas. In both domestic and...
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Discussion of Military Theory Courses Examination Form and Content in Universities

Lei Zhang
The military theory teaching in colleges and universities is well adapted to the needs of the development of the new military revolution. It is an important task for the military theory teaching reform in universities to train high-quality talents with modern national defense consciousness. Based on...
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Construction the Regional Service Platform for Knowledge Sharing of Scientific and Technological Information

Bo Guan, Xin Li
[Purpose/significance] In the era of big data information, the number of scientific and technological information as the first productivity increases rapidly. At present, the urgent problem for information service workers is to improve the quantity of scientific and technological information transformation....
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Electricity Consumption Forecast of Hunan Province Using Combined Model Based on Multivariate Linear Regression and BP Neural Network

Yan Li, Shuyu Dai, Dongxiao Niu
In recent years, the low energy consumption level and shortage of energy resources have become key factors restricting energy development and structural adjustment of Hunan Province. Therefore, load forecasting does play a significant role in making reasonable grid plan for Hunan Province. In this paper,...
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Analysis of the Status Quo of the Demand of Service for the Aged in Hebei

Yahui Wu, Qian Zhang, Haihong Xin, Hongling Li, Yuanyuan Zuo, Nan Zhang
In order to improve the quality of pension service and strengthen the pertinence of the construction of the service system for the aged, this paper investigated the elderly people in Shijiazhuang and Baoding of Hebei province and then made data analysis according to the results of the survey. This article...
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Graph Theory Solution Method to Solve The Complex Assembly Dimension Chain

Ya Zhang, Lin Zhang
Dimension chain analysis very important to assure the assembly quality of the engineering machines. If the engineering machine component has a lot of parts, the representation and solution of the assembly dimension chain is too difficult by general dimension chain analysis method. Based on the graph...
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Tunnel Detection Robot

Nanyu Kuang
At present, the tunnel and tunnel cable maintenance market presents the vigorous development trend in support of national policy. The smart grid construction and downsizing for the needs of social development put forward new requirements for the tunnel cable maintenance industry. We use the power line...
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The O2O Hybrid Model is Reformed in The Classroom Teaching of Automobile Electric Appliance

Na Yang
O2O hybrid teaching is the online and offline teaching mode.O2O is a line of traditional classroom teaching and network teaching of online the blended teaching mode of combining the reasonably applied to teaching, not only can stimulate students interest in learning, can fully mobilize students' learning...
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Comprehensive Experiment of the Process Control Instrument Technology Course

Tiecheng Pu, Jing Bai
This project is based on the single tank water level control system as the core, to build a comprehensive engineering practice platform, through the integration of process control field of many kinds of knowledge, emphasize the training of students practical ability, improve the students' ability to...
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The Quantitative Analysis of Research Papers on Library's Human Resource Management from 2007 to 2016 in China

Dong Yue, Lei Wang
Taking the CNKI database as the source origin this paper analyses the research papers on hu-man resource management of the library in China from 2007 to 2016 A quantitative analysis is made from the Publication time journals authors author' s units keywords and paper topics The study summarizes the status...
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Construction of E-Commerce Credit System Based on Big Data Analysis

Ganglong Fan, Hongsheng Xu, Ke Li
Credit system is a reflection and evaluation system of comprehensive trust between organizations and individuals. E-commerce as a virtual economy, non contact economy, if there is no perfect credit system as a guarantee, its survival and development will be very difficult. This paper focuses on the analysis...
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Risk Assessment Analysis of P2P Network Loan

Xiaoling Xu, Cheng Wang
P2P network loan has been widely concerned by people since it came into the market. This paper establishes an assessment analysis model to evaluate the risk level of P2P network loan. Seven important indexes are selected to constitute the evaluation index system by using the method of Information Gain....
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CT Imaging System

Xiaochen Ren
In this paper, we study the reconstruction imaging of CT system.Using FBP algorithm to filter the receive information of medium and back the projection.Then we get a 362 x 362 absorption rate matrix.Form the surface absorption by the absorption rate of the spline interpolation.Finally,we use Matlab to...
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Research on the Reform of Traditional University Teaching by SPOC

Xin Sui
The computer is one of the most important inventions in human history. Learning the use of computers is becoming increasingly important. The development of demand requires that university computer basic course be used as a basic course for learning. The teaching of university computer courses should...
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Development and Application of Computer Virtual Reality Technology

Zhipeng Hu, Meng Xu
This paper puts forward the "moot court teaching software" developed by virtual reality technology, and constructs "moot court" virtual laboratory, in order to solve the problem of insufficient number of "moot court", so that each student is involved in the practice teaching, and the teaching effect...
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Analysis of Controllability of Complex Networks

ZongYuan Tan, Ning Cai, Jipeng Gu, Jian Zhou
The feature-based modeling methods of networks is sharply increasing difficulty with the complication of networks, which usually extremely enhances calculated works of modeling. It leads to the fact that one could not exactly simulates system action. In order to address this problem, a dynamical simulation...
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Image Reconstruction Based on Fourier Transform Algorithm

Xiaojun Zhao
To study the problem of CT image reconstruction, we first analyze the projection process. According to Radon transform and ray attenuation law ,we establish an image reconstruction model based on Fourier transform algorithm and divide the reconstruction process into three parts: transformation, overlay...
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On Intercultural Infiltration Teaching Methods in Foreign Language Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Yun Li
In order to continue to implement quality education of English teaching in colleges and universities, enable students better grasp the language skills and improve the ability of language application to overcome obstacles of communication and improve their overall language quality through language learning,...
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The Development of the General Computer Control System Based on Multi-functional Triaxial Apparatus

Chuan Huang, Haitao Wu, Chunmin Yuan
The triaxial apparatus is a typical application of electromechanical technology in soil mechanics measurement. We make an overall analysis of function requirements of the triaxial apparatus and propose a system solution based on up/lower computer system architecture. At last, we give a experimental case...
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Study on Tourism Recommendation Model Based on Neogeneity and Diversity Identification

Xiaoxue Zhao, Yucheng Zhang, Zhangli Zhou, Lili Wang
With the development of Internet technology, people often choose to make travel plans through the recommendation system of travel websites, but many travel recommendation systems can not meet the real needs of tourists. Based on the novelty and diversity of tourism recommendation system, this paper introduces...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of Applied University

Xirong Wang, Yan Gui
Education is the cornerstone of national rejuvenation. We should give priority to the development of education and build a powerful country of human resources. The Ministry of education and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued document No. 1 in 2007, and began to implement quality engineering. Meanwhile,...
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Investigation on the Applications of GIS Methods in Epidemiologic Study

Wen Dong
In this study, the application of GIS methods for disease outbreaks were summarized, which could provide some useful systematic epidemiological information for disease surveillance and control. The results showed that the application of GIS technology played an important role in the effective monitoring...
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The Application of Interest Teaching in Higher Education

Huihua Zhang, Huasheng He, Hao Hu
Based on the goal of education and teaching, this essay studies the function of interest teaching method in teaching, explores and analyzes the contents of interest teaching method, and tries to promote the improvement of teaching quality through research.
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Study on Hotel Technical Talents Based on Modern Management

Haiyan Yu
The promotion of the quality of service requirements results in the hotel technical skilled personnel requirements will also be improved, and with the modern management mode, personnel training has been greatly changed. This paper starts with the necessity of training technical talents in hotels, and...
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The Practical Exploration of the Teaching Mode of Subjective Open Dynamic System

Suting Zhang
How to play the role of class, to simulate students' interest to achieve the get the effect as we can, has become the puzzling problem that every educator needs to find solutions to solve. This paper explores the realistic situation and class teaching of school students. Firstly, start the investigation...
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Performance Analysis of Two-Stage Signal Processing Structure in Antenna Array

Mingyue Zhai
Computation afford of adaptive antenna technology is the key factor limited its applications. This paper presented a new two-stage structure to solve this problem. By dividing array antennas into two group, two–stage structure can reduce computation afford with the same system performance of one-stage...
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Research on Parking Guidance System Based on Ultrasonic-Ranging

Fang Shao, Jian Fang, Yue Wu
This paper uses ultrasonic detection system to identify the parking space of intelligent vehicles. After completion of parking space detection, the main control unit plans the parking path according to the detected environmental information, and generates the steering control strategy. The car will stop...
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Theoretical Analysis of Two-in-one Composite 1/4 Wave-plate

Yu Chen, Yuqing Xie, Dong Xue
The wave-plate system composed by two wave-plates of arbitrary retardation can work as a 1/4 wave-plate, if the angle between the fast of axes satisfy certain relation. But common composition formula is composing of tangent function and cotangent function, which is improper for 1/4 wave-plate or 1/2...
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Design and Simulation of a Large - scale Two - dimensional Mechanical Translation Mechanism

Chao Tu, Zhao Yao, Hejia Li
In many large simulation laboratories, in order to simulate the characteristics of moving objects, often need to use mechanical devices to drive the experimental equipment in a specific space movement. The accuracy of the mechanical device is very high because the motion parameters of the object greatly...
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Research on the Application of Intelligent Monitoring Technology for Collection of Cultural Relics Based on the Internet of Things

Hanwen Li, Yufei Wang, Kun Zhang
With the development of Internet of things' technology, all fields of social life are use related technologies of the Internet of things. Using Internet of things' technology to monitor cultural relics in museums can protect cultural relics not to be damaged. In combination with sensor, numerical control...
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Sailing Vocational Colleges Reform and Research on Practical Teaching System of Marine Engineering Technology Specialty

Zhiqiang Zhao, Wei Zhai
In the context of global economic integration, China's maritime industry has been developed unceasingly, especially with the promulgation and implementation of the STCW Convention Manila Amendment and the new domestic navigation laws and regulations, to promote the development of maritime industry, but...
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The Evaluation of EV Energy Consumption and Emission and Its Compare in Home and Abroad

Siyu Pan
This paper analyzed energy consumption and emission estimation method of Blade Electric Vehicles(BEV) both in home and abroad at first, compare its similarity and difference; Then we analyzed consumption and emission of HEV and PHEV, carefully compared the difference between China and America and drawn...
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Research on Quality Evaluation of Imported Excavator

Shen Xu
The high-end users generally choose joint venture brands or foreign brand products, the low-end users will generally choose domestic brands or second-hand excavator, excavator second-hand price is generally lower than the domestic excavator, but the reliability and other performance advantages are sometimes...
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Exploration of the Integration of Individualization Learning Concept and Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode

Yanbo Liu, Binbin Yu
The traditional teaching dominated by teachers has not been able to meet the needs of the learners, the new generation of teaching model represented by micro class, flipped classroom and mobile learning fully embodies the learners' subjectivity, autonomy and creativity. The immediacy of mobile learning...
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Research on Evaluation of Power Grid Investment Capability Based on TOPSIS Method

Shuyu Dai, Yaru Han, Dongxiao Niu
With the rapid development of China's national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for electricity is increasing day by day; the investment scale of the power grid is also increasing. In order to evaluate the investment capacity of power grid scientifically...
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Analysis of Economic Measurement Model Based on Approach of Social Computing

Peng Liang, Haochen Hua, Jianxin Zhou
The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the modern economic structure model based on approach of social computing and experimental modeling. A non-linear distributed parallel model is developed for the aim of further exploring the relation between the rate of economic growth and complex human behavior....
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A Research into the Roles of College English Teachers as Subject and Object: a Perspective of Educational Linguistics

Tuanhua Lu
Educational linguistics sets college English teachers at the core of higher English education, and grants them roles as the subject of English discipline and the object of academic research. Both roles should be defined in the specific educational settings. To seek further achievements, college English...
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Cognition and Practice of Innovative Education in Higher Education

Suting Zhang
Under the background of rapid development of information technology, learning patterns are increasingly diversified. It can be said with certainty that the teaching mode of class instruction originally adopted by the education community is bound to enter a revolutionary era of great change. The education...
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Design and Implementation of a Flexible GYRO Stabilized Platform

Zhao Yao, Jie Liu, Yun-gong LI, Xao-hao LI, Zhan-Yi ZHANG
Aiming at the stability problem of armored equipment firing in advance, a flexible gyro stabilized platform is designed in this paper. The structure of the stabilized platform is introduced, the factors affecting the platform error are analized, and the ideal control strategy is designed. Through the...
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The Application Model of Internet Platform in Supply Chain Finance

Xiaoli Duan, Chi Zhang
By integrating logistics with capital flow and information flow effectively, supply chain finance revitalize the funds of the whole supply chain, foster innovation in financial products and services. From the perspective of e-commerce, based the analysis of supply chain finance model, function and market...
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Research on the Development of Undergraduates' Entrepreneurship Technology Enterprises under the Policy of National University Science Parks

Hanwen Li, Mingyu Li, Kun Zhang
The paper analyzes the development factors and existing problems of small micro-tech enterprises. Taking the growth experience of Sanya Yunxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Qiongzhou University National University Science Park as an example, this paper analyzes and studies the direction of development...
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Maritime Colleges; Marine Engineering Technology; Curriculum System; Reform and Optimization

Wei Zhai, Zhiqiang Zhao
In recent years, with the global economic integration, marine trade has rapidly developed. The the scale and quantity of marine trade gradually expanded, the demand for maritime technical personnel increased, and the higher requirements of the quality of personnel are put forward. In order to fully implement...
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Study on Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the Display of Space Design

Luxin Ye, Jiayao Wang, Jibin Zhang
Nowadays with increasing economic progress and development of science and technology, human society has entered the digital media era and Virtual reality technology virtual reality is making the leap into everyday life and widely used in all walks of life. The paper is based on the display of space design...
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The Necessity and Teaching Mode of Turning Classroom Teaching Under M-learning Mode in Colleges and Universities

Nan Lu
The key to improve the quality of higher education is to renew teaching ideas and improve teaching methods. Therefore, it is urgent to find a new way of teaching reform.With the widespread spread of the flipped classroom teaching mode, a new approach to solve the teaching quality has emerged.This study...
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Research on China English Teaching Based on Multi-elements Analysis

Xiaokun Liu, Mouqing Wang, Zongyuan Tan, Jian Zhou
The main purpose of this paper is to explore how the training method in English teaching is affected by the language cultural differences between Chinese and English. We focus on the analysis the pros and cons of education system in China and America. For instance, the basic expression of language, the...
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Study on Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Technology in Petroleum Processing

Yinghua Wu
With the rapid development of the national economy, our country puts forward higher requirements for environmental protection. Due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide in petroleum processing raw materials, and it seriously affects the zero emission requirements. This paper discusses the hydrogen sulfide...
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Translation Strategies of Color Images in Poems of Tang and Song dynasties

Yan Jiang
The poems of Tang and Song Dynasties are the monument of 5000 years of Chinese and the treasure of world literary world. Color images occupy an important position in the poems of Tang and Song dynasties, and imply a strong cultural heritage. In the translation studies at home and abroad, it attracts...
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Research on the Teaching Method System of Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Hongfeng Zhou, Meng Chen, Zhe Xu
This article mainly from the view of system, discusses the connotation and elements of the teaching method of applied undergraduate, according to the teaching characteristics of applied talents, from the analysis of different types of classes in a suitable teaching method, teaching situation, teaching...
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Analysis and Utilization of Waste Heat from Marine Diesel Engine

Zhiqiang Zhao, Wei Zhai
Energy is an important issue in the development of economical economy in China. In shipbuilding industry, the waste heat utilization of diesel engine is an important technology. This article briefly introduces the definition of waste heat and analyzes the waste heat of hip diesel engine exhaust gas through...
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Decomposing Complete 3-uniform Hypergraph into 7-cycles

Guan Meiling, Xu Chunlei
On the basic of the definition of Hamiltonian cycle defined by Katona-Kierstead and Jianfang Wang independently. Some domestic and foreign researchers study the decomposition of complete 3-uniform hypergraph into Hamiltonian cycles and not Hamiltonian cycles. Especially , Bailey Stevens using Clique...
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Study on the Construction of School-Enterprise Cooperative Curriculum System for Environmental Design Major

Siyang Xiao, Yan Liu, Luxin Ye
With the construction and development of university curriculum system at this stage, the school-enterprise cooperation mode has drawn more and more attention from the society. In practice, schools have also strengthened the construction and development of school-enterprise cooperation. Due to the particularity...
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The Study of the Education and Management Strategy of Overseas Students in China under "The Belt and Road" Initiative

Yan He
With the "The Belt and Road" initiative, the new period of overall strategy of China's Open policies increasingly clear, which will further promote the comprehensive development of China and other countries along with the deepening cooperation. It has also brought new opportunities and challenges for...
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The Application of the Unascertained Rational Number In Calculating the Gravitational Acceleration

Hongyan Li, Ning Cai, Zongyuan Tan, Jian Zhou
This article starts with solving the actual problems, raises the definition of unascertained rational numbers and the unascertained rational number method in the calculation of the gravitational acceleration, which implements the unascertained rational number in the application of the practical problems....
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Study on the Development Mode of Engineering Project Management in China

Mengjiao Zhou
Engineering project management mode is very important for real estate developers in our country, it relates to if the whole project can guarantee the quality and timely completion, and different types of the project management mode are also different. This paper briefly introduces the engineering project...
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A Study of Strategies for Chinese-English Translation of Technical English Vocabulary in Cognitive Context

Yan Jiang
With the continuous development of the global economy, politics and culture, the relationship between science and technology and human cognition is becoming closer and closer. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the studies of translating technical English. As an important part of technical...
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Research on Project Based Micro Class Teaching Model

Jiaohua Yang, Jiatong Wu, Yun Ye
This paper based on the theory of constructivism, as a model driven by the task, to the project as a carrier, with the goal of integration, the deconstruction of theoretical courses and experimental courses, break the structure, scattered chapters, refinement knowledge, highlight the typical, integrating...
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Research on "Creative" Visual Thinking Mode in Visual Communication Design

Siyang Xiao, Yan Liu, Jiayao Wang
Withthe rapid increase of people's living standards the requirements for the surrounding environment also change. Environmental design has a very important influence on people's work and the comfort of life at some level. In the design of aesthetics and enjoyment, the development of digital technology...
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Discussion on Informatization Construction of Health Management in Community Health Service

Baiming Jin, Hong Chao, Siyuan Wan
The health management of community health service is a complete process of monitoring and analyzing, evaluating, predicting, preventing, maintaining and developing the health risk factors of the healthy population and the unhealthy population in the community. The implementation of community health management...
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Computer Network Information Security and Protection Measures

Qingbao Meng
With the rapid development of science and technology, the computer has been widely used in people's life and work in all aspects with bringing convenience to people's lives at the same time, and it is also gradually changing people's way of life, such as computer office, email, video chat and so on....
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The application of fuzzy adaptive PID control in molecular distillation devices

Yue Wu, Jian Fang, Fang Shao
Molecular distillation efficiency is affected by many factors, such as film motor speed, feed temperature, heat conduction oil temperature, feed amount, vacuum degree, etc.This paper mainly discusses the influence of the speed of the scraper motor on the molecular distillation efficiency.AC asynchronous...
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Study on the Factors Affecting Ultrasonic Extraction of Flavonoids from Grapefruit Seed

Qiu Xian, Wang Jing, Lu Minyi, Bi Yongguang
Ultrasonic extraction was studied by using single factor test using ethanol as extract material and ethanol extraction method. The results showed that the factors affecting the extraction of flavonoids from grapefruit were in the order of ratio of material to liquid, ultrasonic power, extraction time...
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Study on Computer Information Processing Technology in the Era of Big Data

Qingbao Meng
With the progress of science and technology, computer technology has been widely used in the world, and with the advent of the era of big data, establishing and improving the computer information processing technology has become the main direction of the development of computer technology at present....
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Design and Realization of Greenhouse Environment Information Analysis and Processing System

Xiaoying Sun
Most of the domestic greenhouse management lack of effective information technology means that the monitoring of the growth environment of greenhouse crops depends mainly on human experience. The precision and reliability need to be improved. At the same time, the successful planting experience is hard...
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Dialogue and Interpretation--An Interpretive Study of the Translation of Chinese Classic Poem

Rongqin Ji
Dialogue theory provides a new perspective on interpreting the dialogue in cultural context and communication mode in translation. Based on Bakhtin 's theory of dialogue and Robinson' s translation rhetoric and translation ethical dialogue model, this paper examines the problem how to achieve harmonious...
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Effect of Peer Psychological Counseling on Mental Health Education of College Students

Ding Song
In the process of carrying out the education of college students, mental health is the key that can not be ignored, along with the development of students' physical and mental health, in order to cater to the characteristics of mental health of the population, it is imperative to carry out health education...
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Research and Implementation of Key Technology of Computer System Structure Experimental Cloud

Feng Zhou
Remote experiment is a good solution, but the remote experiment platform is mainly provided by the virtual environment, which is the lack of real hardware accuracy and experimental experience. The development and application of cloud computing technology provides a new design concept and technical support...