Proceedings of the 2015 3rd International Conference on Management Science, Education Technology, Arts, Social Science and Economics

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Research on Optimization of Selection Mechanism of Medical Advanced Talents

Yi Zhang, Shidi Wen
The talent resource, especially the advanced medical talent resources, is the key of competitive advantage for medical institutions. This paper firstly gives the concept of the Medical Advanced Talents, and then expounds the quality structure and its test methods of medical advanced talents, finally...
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Research on Consumption Psychology and Consumption Behaviors in the Mobile Internet Era

Yu Cao
The integration of the mobile communication technology and the Internet technology leads the human into a new era of mobile internet. With the rapid develop of electronic commerce in the mobile internet era, the consumption psychology and consumption behaviors also transform quickly. This paper firstly...
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Research on Applications of the Communicative Principle in Russian Teaching

Binbin Chen
The communicative principle is the principle of learning a foreign language through a large number of language dialogues. As the principle of communication attaches much importance to the use of the foreign language, it effectively helps the language learner. This paper analyzes the application of the...
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Researches on the University English Flipped Classroom Reforms from the Perspective of Teaching Academic

Yun Zhou
Teaching academic is a systematic and specialized knowledge related to teaching work, and it is also the abilities and qualities represented by university teachers in teaching practice. Based on academic teaching, the paper systematically discussed university English flipped classroom reform approaches,...
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Researches on the Teaching Academic Ability Effect in College English Class

Yun Zhou
Teaching academic is a ability of university teachers and scholars based on the premise of teaching theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. As a college English teacher, based on years of work experience, this paper explores the role of teaching academic ability in college English class, namely:...
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Study on Energy-Saving Transformation Technologies for Green Buildings

Yupeng Yang
Buildings were large energy consumption in the whole society. At present, building energy consumption of our country accounted for 20.7% in consumption terminals of the whole society, and 95% existing buildings were high energy consumption buildings. Therefore, the existing buildings energy saving reconstruction...
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The Research on Computer Teaching Strategies Based on Network Teaching Mode WebQuest

Lifang Lu
Inquiry learning is a learning that curriculum reform advocates in our country. Network openness, diversity and efficiency provide an unprecedented favorable conditions for network-based inquiry learning. The way to learning and teaching of information technology is undergoing historic change. By constructing...
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Study on Barriers to Trade and Current International Trade System

Jing Ma
Barriers to Trade (TBT) is a system, mainly by the technical regulations, it can be divided to: standards and conformity assessment procedures; packaging and labeling requirements; commodity quarantine and inspection requirements; green barriers and IT system constitute barriers
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The Study on the Entrepreneurship Direction College Music Majors of Inner Mongolia

Hongyan Wang
In the fierce competition in front, Inner Mongolia university music graduates majoring because of strong professional, employment face is relatively narrow, social demand is small, at the same time also face from key universities, music colleges and non-art music class specialized competition for graduates,...
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The Ideas about the Building of Chifeng University North Road

Yunchao Liu, Li Ma, Bo Fang, Rili Cong
Based on the characteristics and layout of high-tech industry, this paper analyzes the factors of Chifeng City, Based on the theory of economic geography and industrial layout, the development ideas and theoretical basis for the development of high and New Technology Industrial Park in Chifeng area,...
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Analysis on the Social Support of the Special Education Management Model and the Path

Yanfei Ren
Social work and the special education have traced the basis of values and ideas, and bring out the best in each other. Emphasizes humanist, helping social work values, thought that children have the right to obtain special needed resources, emphasizes from the angle of ecological system to set up a assessment...
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The study of extracurricular reading in history teaching

Guojun Sun
Reading is one of the most important ways of human learning, While the reading teaching is one of the most effective teaching methods. In the history teaching actively carries out extra-curricular reading, it is conducive to the consolidation and deepening of teaching content, it is conducive to the...
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Analysis on Risk Decision and Avoidance strategy based on the Bayesian Formula

Xiaoying Wang
In the investment decision, we often come across the decision problem in an uncertain state operating, for this kind of problem solely on subjective or objective data for decision making, the blindness and risk are larger. Therefore, in the increasingly fierce competition of the market economy condition,...
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Analysis on the College Students' Ideological and Political Education Effectiveness under New Media Era

Jingyi Zhang
With the rapid development of modern information technology, based on the Internet, smart phones and other digital information transmission era of new media corresponding got rapid development, at the same time the new media affect the modern human life, work and study, and the contemporary college students...
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Study on aesthetic psychology of the Chinese Ancient Novels

Weihong Zhang
The aesthetic psychology of Chinese ancient novels is closely related to the aesthetic consciousness of the subject. The aesthetic evolution of Chinese ancient novels has a deep relationship with the unique national culture of our country. It is different from any other people in the world, so it is...
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New Folk Songs and Dances ---Concerning Li Jinhui Musical Characteristics and Roles Of Children

Yanbin Ding
Li Jinhui (1891-1967) is the founder of the Chinese pop music, the founder of children's song and dance drama, was also the first Chinese song and dance the founder of the school. His children's musical and dance music, in the general population affected quite widely. Ten years after the "May 4th" movement,...
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The Occurrence Mechanism of Air Traffic Control Hazards and Its Control Method

Xinyu Wang, Haolin Cui, Jie Yang
With the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry and the increasing amount of air traffic flow, as one of the main security and civil aviation system, civil aviation system is facing new challenges. This paper discusses the impact of the system: human, mechanical, environmental and other...
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Analysis on the Development of Jiangxi Leisure Fishery

Yan Peng, Hui Wang
Jiangxi is rich in water resources. But its leisure fishery is overall in the initial stage of development and shows low Comprehensive index of economic development and large region development differences. Therefore, based on the investigating in present development situation of Jiangxi leisure fishery...
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The Realistic Predicament and Innovation Path of Environment Public Governance in China

Qi Meng
With the rapid growth of economy and development of urbanization and industrialization in China, environmental degradation is worse. Although the Chinese government has adopted a whole array of measures to strengthen environmental protection, the government has faced challenges in effectiveness and efficiency...
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Ecological Education System of University Students Honesty Education

Yansheng Hu
To carry on honesty education for the university students plays a major role in modern university students' quality education. In the constructive process of the ecological education system of university students honesty education, colleges all over the world should follow the principle of the organic...
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Teaching Research on College English from the Perspective of Demand

Xiaowei Bu
With the continuous reform and deepening of the social system, the relationship between our country and other countries is becoming more frequent, so in a globalized environment, the standards of college English teaching have been further improved, and it is wanted that the ways of college English change...
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Research on the Present Situation of ESP Teaching Reform in Local Engineering University in China

Junyan Cai, Kun Yang, Rui Liu
With the increasing of internationalization tendency in TESOL, it is very important to improve the students' application and presentation ability for English. However, in engineering university, to carry out the science and engineering course is the favourite subject, while English is partial class,...
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Research on the Method of Terminal Logistics Distribution based on the Urban and Rural Integration

Yuan Cai, Jinhua Chen
This paper uses the method of practical analysis and historical review, makes full use of the management theory of supply chain and urban planology, and analyzes the potential of terminal logistics distribution, at the same time, it explores the market of the distribution of consumer goods and the future...
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Analysis of Educational Game Design Approach based on Learning Motivation

Xiaoxiao Cao, Yangchao Cai, Yu Shen
After the new curriculum reform, in order to respond to the call of the national quality education, conform to the trend of the times, the education community begins to try to infiltrate the game theory into teaching practice, to stimulate students' learning motivation with play education. Based on learning...
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Exploration of the Ideological and Political Education in Network Age

Fangqian Chen
The development of the Internet not only brings the development opportunity to the ideological and political education in Colleges and universities, but also brings some challenges. In today's society, how to deal with the opportunities and challenges brought by the Internet, has become a hot issue in...
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Exploration of the Cost of Financial Accounting Method on the Cost in Logistics Enterprises

Jinhua Chen, Yuan Cai
In logistics enterprises, costing occupies an important position; as long as doing well on costing, the competitiveness of logistics enterprises will be significantly improved. Currently there are some problems existing in the costing work in logistics enterprises, and these problems seriously affect...
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Discussion on Teaching Method Reform of Exhibition Designing Curriculum in Colleges

Rui Cheng
China's exhibition industry has been gradually entering mature stage, the teaching method of exhibition designing in colleges exists imperfections, resulting in students fail to grasp the essence of the profession, thereby affecting the quality of teaching of exhibition designing. In order to cultivate...
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Research on Archive Security Work in China's Colleges and Universities based on Information Disclosure System

Xiaohui Dai
As archives management is a systematic project, including the contents of the file finishing and archiving, etc.; meanwhile, the university archives contain personal data and privacy of students and teaching as well as scientific research, so archive security is very necessary. In the process of archives...
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Qualitative Status Analysis for College Graduates’ Employment in Central Jiangsu Region

Fei Ding
College graduates’ employment is a social systematic project. The paper has analyzed the factors that college graduates’ employment in Central Jiangsu Region has good qualitative status from aspects of location advantage, policy support, school guidance, enterprises participation and students’ self-regulation,...
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Tacit Knowledge and College Kunqu Education

Guorong Ding, Bin Shao
Tacit knowledge was first proposed by Polanyi. Personal knowledge is classified into explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, and tacit knowledge is more important than explicit knowledge. The tacit knowledge in college Kunqu heritage education mainly includes: singing skills, knowledge enthusiasm and...
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Research on Enterprise Internal Control Construction in the Internet Era

Zhaohan Ding, Jing Su, Guanghui Li
The foundation of normal operation and management of the enterprise is internal control; the actual situation of the enterprise internal control will directly affect whether the enterprise's successful operation. Continuous rapid development of electronic data processing will bring great impact and economic...
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Study on Sound Design in Films Based on Visual Image

Lu Dong
In films based on visual image, films are transformed into a medium combining auditory sense and visual sense from pure visual communication medium and a relative space-time structure shown by the combination of visual sense and auditory sense is transformed through silent films shown by visual sense....
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Analysis on International Development of Contemporary Shadowboxing

Fugui Duan, Yantao Niu
With the constant improvement of economic development level of China, the living standard of people has been improved greatly and people have paid more attention to life quality. As a pattern of manifestation of traditional Chinese culture, shadowboxing plays an important role in physical exercise, physique...
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Methods and Strategies for Interaction between Teaching and Teaching Research

Yueshan Fang
Teaching and teaching research play a vital role in educational work. Theories, problems and phenomena occurring in the teaching process are studied and discussed and research results are determined. Meanwhile, such results are applied to teaching practice. Therefore, teaching and teaching research rely...
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Research on Modern Costume Design Based on Computer Aided Design Means

Li Guo
With the improvement of Chinese scientific and technological level, computer has gradually entered production and life with more and more obvious effect. It also plays an important role in the development process of clothing industry. Computer aided design first occurred in industrial design. However,...
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Study on Automobile Power Battery Management System Design

Weidong Guo
Due to western energy crisis in 1970s and 1980s, people have attached more importance to natural energy and meanwhile accelerated the development of new energy technology over the last three decades. A lot of new energies that can replace petroleum and coal and new energy use patterns have emerged in...
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Study on Logistics Supply Chain of Agricultural Products from Perspective of Risk Management and Control

Junde Han
With the constant progress and expansion of agricultural products, the trade volume of agricultural products has increased gradually and market demand has been expanded. However, the fast and safe circulation of agricultural products is hindered seriously by the concept of attaching importance to production...
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Innovative Thoughts of Ideological and Political Education for College Students in Self Media Environment

Yanhong He
The development of the self media has affected the reform of Ideological and political education of college students , the application of self media in college education can not only enrich the ideological education of college students, but also to some extent, it has a certain impact on College Students'...
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English Teaching Value and Process Exploration on the New Basic Education

Xiaodan Hou, Yongliang Ma, Yingli Shen
New basic education is our current situation in English teaching field. Based on new basic education, and with long time continuous efforts, mature process and value system is finally in proper shape. Subject spirit in English teaching value experienced 4 deepen stages, namely, serialized, specified...
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Research on Patriotic Education of College Students in the New Era

Ying Ji
Patriotism education occupies an important position in the college education, university leaders and teachers must pay more attention to patriotism education, take effective measures to carry out patriotic education, cultivate students' patriotic consciousness, only in this way can provide a large number...
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Research on Hospitality Management Based on the Development of Tourism Economy

Xuhong Jia
With the development of economy and the continuous adjustment of industrial structure, tourism economy is becoming more and more important in the national economy. Hospitality management, which is closely related with tourism economy, will need to improve their management level if they want to seize...
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Financial Exclusion Analysis Based on Urban and Rural Differences and Influencing Factors

Lili Jiang
With the development of reform and opening up, China's financial system continues to improve, urban and rural finance enjoy certain development. But because of various factors, urban and rural financial development also experienced some problems, especially in the more backward rural areas, promotion...
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Modernization of Contemporary Chinese Culture from Philosophical Perspective

Xiaohong Kang
Contemporary culture in China is in a crucial transition period from traditional to modern, agricultural civilization also appeared to have a certain degree of transition influenced by industrial civilization, which corresponds to the evolution of social civilization, ultimately reflects China's transformation...
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Discussion on the Innovation of Social Management in Information Age

Bijun Li
In the context of information age, social management covers more and more work and it’s getting more and more difficulty. In facing with this situation, issues are becoming increasingly prominent in social management which makes innovation in management imperative. This paper conducts deep study on social...
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Discussion of Goguryeo National Costume Structure and Category

Jinsong Li
Goguryeo clothing research is an important part of the study of social culture of Goguryeo, which is conducive to the comprehensive understanding of Goguryeo's production, life, and social development. The article will do the research of  Goguryeo national costume style and categories through the three...
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Research on Competitive Transformation of Chinese Martial Arts

Ran Li
With the development and transformation of society, Chinese martial arts also keep transforming to enter modernization process and blend in world sports gradually. Martial arts develop into competitive pattern gradually and competitive martial arts developed from traditional martial arts. Developing...
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Application of Minorities’ Artistic Elements in Graphic Design

Wenhong Li, Liheng Zhang
Minorities’ artistic elements express the characteristics of their traditional culture. To a certain extent, the visual elements of artistic elements represent the symbolic general term of minorities’ cultural features in the aspect of visual art. To correctly apply the visual artistic elements of the...
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Analysis on the Significance of Applying Stratified and Classified Teaching in PE

Yanyan Li
With the constant deepening quality-oriented education, it becomes the major objective for the school teaching to promote students’ development in an all-around way. PE can offer positive help in cultivating good ideological qualities of students. Therefore, how to better give the play of PE in teaching,...
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Exploration of Application of Humanistic Service Concept in Library Reader Service

Zhengyan Li
Library humanistic service concept of mainly stresses to manifest the status of readers, and the main service principle is reader-centered. In library reader service, humanistic service concept is important foundation of service mode reform and innovation, so it is required to highlight humanistic service...
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Discussion on Supply Chain Coordination of Apparel Industry from Perspective of the Secondary Ordering Method

Lili Liang, Lin Yan
Apparel products are actually products with short life cycle. They are characterized by rapid market demand with lathe change range, high marginal profit and inscrutability. Thus, they can be easily imitated in market competition, which will reduce competitive edge, reduce marginal profit and own strong...
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Exploration of Method to Train Students’ Operation Ability in Financial Management Teaching

Shanxiang Liang
Traditional passive teaching method cannot meet the demand of applied talents in the new period. It is thus especially important to continuously change teaching method and place key teaching points on practical ability training. This paper will mainly analyze in detail the method to train students’ practical...
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On Influence of Tapestry Art on Interior Environmental Design

Wei Liang, Longxia Zhen
Interior design refers to the process that people reallocate and re-decorate one single architecture’s interior environmental space based on certain functions, rearrange and place all kinds of objects in the room. A tapestry is a common furniture, meanwhile, it is one kind of form to manifest the fiber...
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Analysis on the Hierarchy of Works of Art from the Perspective of “Ingarden's Literature Hierarchical Theory”

Zeming Liao
Generations of aestheticians and art theorists have paid attention to the analysis on the hierarchy of artistic works. Among so many opinions, the viewpoint of dividing the artistic works into two hierarchies (content and form) has the greatest impact. However, the modern aesthetics and arts have raised...
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How to Use Qilu-Folk Dyeing Fabric on the Silk Clothing Design

Jielin Liu
Qilu-culture is a typical representative of Shandong folk culture, can shows the the unique way of the production and life of the people in Shandong region, can profoundly reflect the local people's living habits. With the help of unique shape, color, texture and process of Qilu-dyeing-fabric, this paper...
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Promoting Translation Teaching by Use of "Literary Translation Workshop"

Rui Liu
The promotion of education reform has derived a number of new teaching methods and patterns, they represent the education of innovation and try, and some have achieved good results. ""Literary Translation Workshop" is one of the many excellent education mode, it takes the modern education concept to...
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How to Apply Psychology to Physical Education Teaching

Pinglin Lu
The related research shows that in different sports situations, people's psychological activities also is the huge differences in the environment. This kind of psychological activity and the current sports activities have a certain relationship and an anti – effect. The different kinds of sports activities...
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Practice Analysis of Using Sports Appreciation Teaching Mode in the Teaching of College Physical Education Theory

Qiang Luo
With the reform of College Physical Education in our country, the teaching of physical education in colleges is faced with a new type of reform. In order to be able to reach the teaching objective of college physical education, the new teaching mode is needed in the course of the traditional physical...
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Analysis of the Seasonal Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Coastal City Sports Tourism

Zhuo Lv, Jing Gao
The sports tourism is a new tourist products in our country in recent years, it will be combined with sports and tourism, the purpose is advocate the public not only have the fun of playing, but also can improve the health. For the coastal cities, the seasonal characteristics of tourism is one of the...
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How to Take Advantage of Higher Mathematics to Solve Real-Life Problems

Xianglan Qiu
With the rapid development of science and technology in today's society,research and development of various techniques are closed related to the practical application of mathematical knowledge .The phenomenon of the application of advanced mathematics knowledge to solve practical problems of life has...
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Report on a Survey of Modern Inheritance of the Chu Customs

Jun Sang
"Jingchu Chronicle" is a note-style prose with the seasonal customs of different places in the age of Jinchu , which is the most complete records preserved till now. This paper combined the scenery content records with the questionnaire investigation among Yangtze University Students , taking simple...
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Study on the Social Impact of Shantang in Chaoshan Area

Enyu Shi
There is a distinctive local characteristics of the charity in Chaoshan area . Today, the charities are still active in the area of society. This paper tries to explore their relations with regional society and local government so as to provides the beneficial reference for charities and other civil...
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New Development of the new Period Erhu Music and Playing Skills

Jing Shi
Many erhu works with modern consciousness appeared in serious music field at the end of the last century, the Erhu playing skills in the works was received attention. Erhu music development space can be expanded and diversified development pattern gradually formed. This paper put forward development...
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Research of College Students' Career Planning and Employment

Yuan Song
With the improvement of people's living standards and development of social , higher education gradually become popular, prompting a rapid increase in the number of students, also appear obvious employment problems, college students career planning is an effective way to solve the employment of college...
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innovation Strategy of College Students' Entrepreneurship Education in Modern Times

Yun Sun
Entrepreneurship education plays an important role in the higher education and its effect can’t be ignored . However, in practice, the business education and teachers' teaching strategies are not changed with the social changes,which leads to the current college entrepreneurship education does not conform...
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Theory on The Relationship between Man and Nature in Marxism and Environment Construction of New Socialist Countryside in Hainan Province

Hong Suo
18th CPC National Congress has put it forward that “we must establish the concept of ecological civilization that the nature should be respected, conformed to and protected”. Harmonious development between man and nature has become an important target of socialist construction. In order to improve the...
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On Interaction between Times Changes and National Inheritance of National Traditional Sports Culture

Xiaomao Tan
Traditional sports culture, a unique cultural phenomenon of human society formed from the wild and offensive nature through rational way of competition like labor, game and education, in the process of transformation of themselves when their animal instinct changed into conscious activity. Traditional...
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On Methods of Constructing Integrated Decision-making Model of Investment and Financing in Small and Medium Sized Enterprise

Jiafeng Wan
Whether in the western developed countries, or in the vast number of developing countries, small and medium enterprises always take a very important position. Especially in China, where there are large quantity of small and medium enterprises, their roles are very significant. The development of small...
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Language Analysis of E-C Translation of British and American Literature

Fuliang Wang
Since the early 20th century, China has been input a large amount of foreign cultural. Many excellent British and American literature were translated, and outstanding translators such as Guo, Xiao Qian, Zhang Guruo, Wang Zuoliang built a bridge between Chinese and Western culture, making countless classic...
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An Analysis of Opportunity for Current Airport Logistics System Construction

Hui Wang
Aviation logistics is an important branch of modern logistics industry. It has the planned and efficient storage and distribution of cargo to meet the needs of customers. As an important platform for aviation logistics, airport plays a vital role in integrated logistics and logistics network node arrangement....
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Research on Psychological Mechanism of Language Transfer in Consecutive Interpreting

Li Wang
Consecutive interpreting, as a whole, is interpreter behavior of complete and efficient transfer of language after the speaker stop producing source language. In the practical work, English speaker is not only influenced by foreign culture, language skills, language knowledge, but also to some extent...
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Study on College English Cultural Environment and Hidden Curriculum Development

Xin Wang
Hidden curriculum is relative to explicit curriculum. In Chinese higher education, universities and teachers pay more attention to explicit conventional and official curriculums as well as some well-organized extracurricular activities, but neglect teaching of hidden curriculums. This is very one-sided...
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Marketing Strategy Study under E-commence Background

Xuan Wang
E-commerce is a kind of development of traditional commercial activities in the era of information. E-commerce as a new business mode is generating huge influence on people’s production and life style. This paper studies the changes in marketing mode under e-commerce background, and proposes some problems...
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Study on Evaluation System of College Faculty Vocational Capability

Hua Wen
In colleges, the contents of faculty vocational capability evaluation cover numerous aspects, such as competency, organization ability, management ability and teaching ability. Faculty vocational capability best reflects education value. This paper discusses teaching ability of college teachers. Teaching...
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On the Influence of Seasonal Variation on Sports Tourism

Wei Wu, Huawei Liu
As the ordinary ornamental tourism, sports tourism is t influenced by the seasonal influence, and because of the special requirements of the space, time and environment, the influence is even greater. This paper take skiing tourism as subject, which is popular with the ice and snow sports fans, detailed...
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A Rustic Opinion on Translation Methods of Humorous Language in English

Yongqiang Xia
Humorous language is the most important part of the English language, and also it reflects the features of English language. It is essential to consider the divisities on national culture, character, the way of thinking and living background between China and England when we try to translate these humorous...
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Investigation on the Application of Constitution Art in Costume Design

Xiao Lin
Costume design is an industry of art, and many crowd has different understand on this stuff and improves the development of this industry. The constitution art refers to design costume through plane composition, three-dimensional construction and two dimensional desgin. This paper would make an detailed...
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Application Research of Situational Simulation Exercise in College Oral English Teaching

Sa Xie
Situational simulation exercise is to contrust a funny and interesting contexts through hypothesis, and let students to participate different roles in contexts, is a new teaching method. Foreign language teaching should focus on theri listening and speaking ability, and strengthen their vatality and...
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Study on Appraisal of Real Estate Industry Based on Appraisal of Real Estate

Lin Xu, Yan Xiao
In recent years, China’s economic level has improved continually, which drives development of science and technology. Meanwhile, real estate industry gradually becomes an important economic pillar of China, and it is one of fundamental and leading industries. Real estate is a significant product of market...
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Study of Chinese Teaching Based on Aesthetics

Wei Xu
Chinese is the abbreviation of language and literature, and it is a generic term of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The aim of Chinese discipline is to teach students to read and become literate, and more important thing is to spread cultural thoughts and advanced principles, and also is the...
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Reflection and Exploration of Prescription Education on Physical Exercise in Vocational College

Pengyi Yan
In the education in vocational college, the new curriculum requires to educate students from all-dimensional way. In this background, the position of physical education promotes rapidly. To carry out pyhsical education and break traditional teaching model, teachers applies new way----the exercise prescribed...
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Look at the Body of the Japanese Culture from the Movie "Departures"

Xiuli Yan
The American academy of film festival in 2009, the Japanese movie "departures" won the award for best foreign language film, as the Japanese film won an Oscar for the first time in the history of the cinema. The film has a profound cultural connotation, reveals the cultural conflict between east and...
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Analysis of Applied English Talent Training Mode of Local Colleges Based on Perspective of Market Talent Demand

Fang Yan
Influenced by current market demand, colleges in various places of China can finally complete optimized reform of talent training mode only through really regarding applied talent training as basic educational objective. Further, colleges can gradually enhance students’ competitive capacity of job market,...
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Application of Network Simulation Tool in Computer Network Teaching

Bo Yang
The main purpose of computer network teaching is to let students more fully know and master computer network structure, working principles and basic definition etc. as well as master how to apply computer network in practical life. This paper analyzes defects and problems of current computer network,...
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Local Engineering Colleges and Universities College English ESP Curriculum Research Orientation and Construction Based on the Requirement Analysis

Kun Yang, Junyan Cai, Xinning Zhang
At present, economic globalization and education internationalization trend obviously, so the non-English major students also need to listen to English lectures, use English to read professional literature, at the same time also need to use English to write papers, even in their professional work involves...
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Correlation Studies of High School Class Style of Study Construction and College Students’ Employment Quality

Qiankun Yang
Fresh graduate employment has become a national problem in the social development of our country in recent years, the difficult employment is not only related to national policy, social development pattern, also may be associated with class style of study construction of institutions of higher learning....
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Research of Regional Sports Resources Perspective of Martial Arts and the National Traditional Sports Professional Curriculum Resources

Weihua Yao
From the Angle of regional sports resources, martial arts and traditional national sports major courses in colleges and universities resources present situation and the problems were analyzed, and put forward by using local characteristics, rich inheritance and utilization of curriculum resources, create...
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College Students' English and American Literature Teaching Under the Humanistic Concept

Liwei Yu
British and American literature teaching is colleges and universities in our country, it is very important in the English class and the humanities class professional course, can through to the British and American literature appreciation to promote students' aesthetic ability, and make students under...
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Relevant Study on Explicit and Implicit Human Capital

Yanjie Yu
Human capital is mainly classified into explicit and implicit forms. Traditional human capital researches do not realize the importance of implicit human capital, often put research emphasis on analysis of explicit human capital and neglect implicit human capital, which to some extent restricts corporate...
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Study on the Method of Orchestra Rehearsal in Colleges and Universities

Yihua Yuan
Due to the rapid development of society, more and more attention to the education cause, which largely increased the level of the institutions of higher learning, in the process of development of colleges and universities, it is necessary to develop students' humanistic quality, the most effective way...
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Exploration of Quality Connotation of College English Teachers under Global Context

Guiying Zang, Liqin Yang
This paper combines my teaching practice and interview survey for many years, overall investigates three-dimensional crossing relations of quality connotation in various aspects and constructs quality connotation standard that a qualified college English teacher should own: favorable ideological and...
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How to Achieve Marketization of Rural Land Transfer

Hui Zhang, Feng Gao
. Unification of urban and rural development becomes key word of government and other relevant departments. Implementation of such work mainly depends on flow of rural land production among each kinds of commerce. But, current rural land transfer work has some problems, such as no perfect transfer market...
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Erhu Concerto Since the New Century

Jindi Zhang
Since the new century, erhu works compared to the 90 s had the very big change, in the 90 s, the popular music creation mainstream position, in the 2000 years later, professional music creation back to the position of the mainstream. This development is affected by the age of economic and cultural development,...
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Study on Interactions between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth

Jing Zhang
The period of 1990s is rapid development period of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Its growth rate even surpasses international commodity trade and gradually becomes the core force to drive growth of world economy. In 1980s-1990s, the maximum beneficiaries of FDI were undoubtedly world developing countries....
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Study of Hawthorne's Gothic Art Novel

Ke Zhang
Nathaniel Hawthorne is outstanding America in the 19th century romanticism writer; he inherited the essence of early British gothic fiction, created with the flavor of "gothic romance", a strong impact to the European Renaissance. In his works, we can not only see the darkness, also can see the light,...
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Art Design Research in Digital Age

Xin Zhang
Today is the digital age, graphics and text some traditional ancient symbols and became the mainstream of contemporary social culture, they enrich people's visual culture; bring a new experience for people's life. Fused digital art and design is a kind of innovation is inevitable, in this paper, on which...
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How to Realize the Internationalization of Chinese as a Foreign Language Professional Education

Ying Zhang
With the popularity of Chinese in the world, the number of people learning Chinese around the world is on the increase, to promote the development of the internationalization of Chinese professional. Professional education internationalization of Chinese development in view of its own development demand,...
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University’s Internal Multi-subject Running System Under the Governance Theory

Difan Zhang, Yong Qiu, Xiaoyan Zhang
All universities are supposed to uphold and improve principal responsibility system under the leadership of the Communist Party, to complete the internal governance structure, to establish a modern university system which suggests that implementing a multi-subject in university, distributing appropriately...
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Explore the Visual Language of Costume Design

Linshan Zhang
The clothes designers need to comprehensive analysis to consider the connection between the various factors, from the market, sales, clothing basic visual language, history and trends, need to grasp and analysis and design on whole garment basic properties and characteristics of the guarantee can effectively...
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Exploration and Research About folk Sports in China

Chunjie Zhao
The folk sports is the cross product of folklore and sports science, by building the folk sports learning has a positive impact on the development of disciplines, and to strengthen people's spiritual civilization and material civilization construction has important practical significance. To strengthen...
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Analysis of the Related Countermeasures of Sports Professional Teaching Under the Background of General Teaching

Qinan Zhao
The article on the study of college students' sports general course teaching actual effect in the process, the advanced idea of the specialization of physical education reform at home and abroad, the corresponding reference and efficient new as a specific research object, mainly in the form of class...