Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management Science and Innovative Education

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Innovative Thinking of Elementary Course Teaching in University

Xuelian Lu
As one of the important part of higher education, the elementary course teaching has its unique features and rules from other professional course teachings. Its main teaching content is to teach knowledge and its purpose is to foster students’ abilities. Being an elementary, important, scattered and...
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The Study of Intervals Sorting Method Based on close degree

Er-dun Bai, Yu-e Bao
Against the selection of best option, the sorting of programs and other issues, we discuss the sorting issue of interval numbers based on close degree. Then we prose a sorting method of interval numbers based on close degree. Though an example, we verify the rationality and effectiveness of the sorting...
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Research on Development of Rural Cooperative Organization

Li Liu
Though the background research of rural cooperative organization development, the paper points out the necessity of its generation and introduces several types existing in current rural cooperative organizations and finally, it proposes a list of points needed to be notice specially to better develop...
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Effective Ways to Improve the Service Ability of Teaching Management in Universities

Yafei Li, Hongchang Wang
Teaching management in universities is of great importance and it is the basic guarantee to maintain the normal order of teaching, achieve the training objectives, and improve teaching quality. This paper studies the current status and problems of college management team. On the basis of teaching management...
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The Analysis of the Selective Advantage of Internet Finance Development

Dehai Xing, Dong Zhu, Lifang Luo
The combination of Internet and finance is the emerging trend. Internet technology introduces the innovative spirit into the financial field, the enterprises rely on the internet technology to develop financial products iteratively according to the national situation and industry characteristics, which...
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Index System Predigesting of Equipment Support Command Effectiveness Assessment Based on Rough Set Theory

Yongfeng Ma, Jianjiang Zhao, Fengjun Qi, Xun Zhou
Aiming at numerous and overlap evaluation indexes of nowadays the index system of equipment support and command effectiveness assessment, the predilection method of the index system of equipment support and command effectiveness assessment based on rough set theory is explored, and the example to build...
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Research on the Information and Communication Technology Talent Training Mode under the Background of One Belt One Road

Wenzhun Huang, Lintao Yu, Shanwen Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the information and communication technology talent training mode under the background of one belt one road. It is helpful for our country to realize the interaction between the domestic and international cooperation and mutual promotion of the internal opening and...
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Research on Innovative Talent Training Pattern of Home Economics

Dongmei Sun
The article introduce the way to strengthen the research in domestic science of professional theory and practice in colleges and universities, the way to cultivate innovative talents of high quality, the way to establish professional training objectives, the way to set up scientific and reasonable teaching...
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Rural community health service system construction situation in Jilin Province

Yafeng Zhou
Considering the rural community construction condition of Jilin Province, this paper analyses and introduces the resource conditions of rural community health service system in Jilin Province, reveals the problems existing in the rural community health service system and find the reasons, introduces...
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Research and Practice on the IT Outstanding Engineers Education Training Plan based on University-Enterprise Cooperation Alliance

Yucheng Zhang, Wenzhun Huang, Yun Shi
In this paper, we conduct research on the IT outstanding engineer education training plan based on university-enterprise cooperation alliance. On basis of field investigation and questionnaire research from the enterprise point of view to understand the status of the cooperation between the colleges...
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Research on the exploration and development of teacher management model with agricultural characteristics

Dichen Shen
With the rapid development of China's higher education by the elite education stage to the mass education stage, the rapid expansion of the scale of higher agricultural colleges and universities, the relative lack of teachers. A large number of young teachers in the higher agricultural colleges and universities,...
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Building and Application of Project Regulation Objective System Based on Multi-barrel Model

Meiling Chen, Cheng Song, Xiaolin Dong
By researching the status quo of the project management objectives (quality, schedule and cost) at present, it is found that safety, green and risk management goals are neglected which are important part of project management objectives system. Considering the six objectives and monitoring systems synthetically...
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The Analysis of Financial Market Failure

Weijia Zhang
Based on the rapid development of financial globalization, the inefficiency of financial market is becoming more and more influential to economy development. This paper uses financial market theory and the new classical economic theory to analysis the performance and the causes of financial market failure,...
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Research on Establishing Applied Personnel Training Model with the Guide of Professional Accreditation ——Taking the Major of Cost Engineering as an Example

Xuan Yang
Meeting industry needs must be taken as the entry point of the applied personnel training, then to build a training model in which undergraduate theoretical teaching is combined with industry practical ability. The accreditation in the charge of industry association or organization, bridges between higher...
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Study Mechanism of Dispute Caused by Engineering Project risk Based on the Theory of Contracts Status

Yilin Yin, Huashan Wang
The paper creates the state model of the contract based on the model of GHM in theory of property. By analyzing the model, this study elaborates two key issues .The first key issue is to identify risk factors and divide responsibility .The second issue is to identify critical control point of contracts...
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ESP Teaching Practice and Exploration on TBLT Method

Bo Du, Jing Zhang, Yan Zhang
With the rapid economic development and the increasingly deep opening to the outside world in China, international exchanges and cooperation has been becoming more frequent, so our country need compound talents who have mastered not only professional competence but also English. ESP teaching aimed to...
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The Design Thinking In the Background of Big Data

Hai Fang, Shuai Yang
Modern society is in an era of information explosion. Many scientists have pointed out that we have experienced a rapid expansion of information, the situation can be compared with the big bang. Under such a background, Design industry will have an unprecedented innovation revolution. Big data era is...
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Research on Dynamic Investment Decision-making of Low-carbon Electric Vehicle under the Uncertain Environment

Wenke Wang, Jie Gao, Lin Sun, Shuangyu Yang, Ying Liu
Under the development of low-carbon economy, low-carbon electric cars can effectively substitute conventional cars, and help to ease the problems of global energy crisis and environmental pollution. This thesis analyzes the uncertain factors which influence the low-carbon electric cars, and applies the...
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Effectiveness of existing legal and regulatory framework under study visa site - Comparative analysis of jurisprudence based

Kunkun Fan
The legal effect of site often because its effectiveness visa problems caused by the two sides issued a controversial contract, according to the Supreme Court judicial interpretation, combined with a list of specifications and the relevant provisions of 2013 No. 369 document and other documents, with...
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Hotel Project’s Cost Control from the Environment-Friendly Perspective

Xiang Wang
Based on the realistic situation of China, and the mature experience of Target cost management abroad, this paper discussed a reasonable path to integrate the target cost management into the construction project of an environment-friendly hotel. During the process to formulate a target cost depending...
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The Application of Regression Diagnosis in Outlier Detection

Mingming Chen, Meng Gao, Jinglian Ma
As one of the most important tasks in data mining, outlier detection may get unexpected knowledge discovery. Regression diagnosis plays an important role in detecting outliers. This paper mainly introduces the basic theory of residual analysis and impact analysis in regression diagnosis, then makes regression...
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The innovation strategy study of electrical engineering and automation specialty practice teaching

Limin Shao, Meng Zhang, Nan Wang, Liai Gao, Jingya Li
Practice teaching has an important position in engineering courses teaching. Cultivating innovative applied talents oriented market is the inevitable requirement of social development. As the popular specialty, electrical engineering and automation has higher quality requirement of the engineering practical...
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Problems and Countermeasures in Preschool teachers' Performance Evaluation and Index System Assessment

Li’e Li
The performance appraisal index system plays an important role in the preschool teachers' performance appraisal. There exist the three aspects of problem to affect the accuracy and effectively of the teacher assessment, such as the performance appraisal index system confusion, weight design unreasonable...
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The Paradox of Value for Money Assessment of PPP Project

Yalan Du
In this paper, we analyze the paradox in the application of quantitative evaluation of value for money (VFM) which based on practical case. It is easy to use PPP model to analyze the VFM model, but it is difficult to attract social capital investment when the quasi-operational projects rarely implemented...
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The Study of Students’ Problems in Spoken English at the English Village

Wei Xie
English is the most widely used language in the world. In college English teaching, the spoken English always has been the weak link in teaching. In this paper, through the collection of communication examples from English village students in their daily lives used to analyze the problems that exist...
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"Reclaimed Water" Price Research In Beijing Communities

Mengting Long
China is one of the most serious countries in the world for shortage of water resources per capita. As a kind of recycled water within a certain range, reclaimed water can effectively lower the pressure. However, in the domestic, the usage of reclaimed water has not been widely popular and its economic...
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Study on Optimization of Macro Economics Teaching Effect Based on the Evaluation of Classroom Teaching Quality

Chunyan Jiang, Xiaoyan Wu, Ping Guo
As the basic course of economy and management, the content of macroeconomics course is abstract, and it involves a wide range of knowledge, and the effect of classroom teaching quality evaluation is not satisfactory. There are a lot of problems in the course teaching, for example, it is difficult to...
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The Application of Psychological Consultation for College Counselors in the New Situation

Qing Chen, Pengming Wang
The theory and technology of psychological consultation are well consistent with the law of higher education and the physical and mental development of college student, which can be widely used in the education, management and service work of counselors. In this paper, we combine the technology of psychological...
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Global activity distribution patterns of top international Chinese contractors

Chuan Chen, Hongjiang Li, Igor Martek
Top international Chinese contractors' (TICCs) are now major influential players in the global construction market. The last two decades have witnessed a remarkable growth in their global rankings, by revenue. The spatial distribution and expansive behaviors of TICCs are of interest to international...
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An Interpretation of Collaborative Inquiry among School Teachers in New York City —From School Perspectives

Lijun Li, Xiaobo Wang, Yong Wang
Collaborative inquiry is the core of the New York City Department of Education’s Children First initiative, which is a part of American new education reform, and it aims to help close the students’ achievement gap. From the schools’ perspectives, the implementation of collaborative inquiry meets the...
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The Tutor Training Method of the New College Teachers

Meng Zhang, Li Zhang, Dening Zhang, Nan Wang, Zhenjiang Cai, Limin Shao
This paper combines the new teachers’ needs and the college development together; it analyzes the existing problems in the training courses, colleges work, and even everyday life of young teachers. Then our colleges find a method for new teachers’ training, the tutor training methods, an experienced...
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Further promoting the reform of property tax in China

Mengting Long
Property taxes can help to raise revenue, optimize the allocation of resources and adjust income distribution. It is one of the national macro-control means in real estate development industry, which has great economic and social benefits. However, due to its design flaws and insufficient tax collection...
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Statistical analysis of the learning attitudes of undergraduates to major courses

Qingtian Zhang, Guikun Hu
The learning attitude of college students to the professional curriculum determines the success or failure of higher education to some degree. A survey on learning attitude of junior to major courses was carried out among four classes, and then multivariate statistical analysis was conducted for the...
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Constructing and Practicing Experiment Teaching of Electronic System Fault Diagnosis

Jiaoying Huang, Chengcheng Fu, Cheng Gao
Firstly, an experiment teaching center, which in relation with electronic system fault diagnosis, was introduced in this paper, including the background, necessity and scheme of construction. Based on the fault diagnosis theory of analog and digital electronic system, two analog and digital electronic...
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Research on the Linkage Development and Countermeasures of Manufacturing Industry and Logistics Industry

Qingmin Yuan, Jianan Lei
The linkage development of manufacturing industry and logistics industry is an important project in the plan of our country's logistics industry adjustment and revitalization, also its influence has been continued until now. At present, the integration of the manufacturing industry and the logistics...
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Research on Performance Evaluation of Construction project based Analytic Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Jinming Liu
Performance evaluation which based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation is a progress to verify architecture engineering construction's efficiency and equity and economy. Under this method, according to fundamental principles of fuzzy mathematics and the evaluation criterion...
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On Implicit Knowledge Learning Model in Multi-modal Listening Class

Xin Zuo, Limin Wang
Higher education plays an important role in the implementation of quality education. And the quality education immersed in the respective subjects of higher education is the inevitable requirement of higher education to cultivate innovative talents with high quality. Moreover, implicit knowledge is the...
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How the Electronic Commerce Enterprise Attract More Customers

Jianyong Bai
The customer of the enterprise is the source of profits and the foundation of the enterprise survival and development. In the background of buyer's market, the demands of consumer become more diversification and individuation. How can the electronic commerce enterprise attract more customers has become...
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International Comparison of Actual Tax Burden Level of Oil and Gas Companies in China

Peihao Wu
China oil and gas enterprises should pay huge tax and state-owned capital gains to the government apparently. In addition, they also enjoy government subsidies in different names, such as tax concessions, etc. Therefore, relationship between China oil gas enterprises and government should be clarified,...
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Research on improving the employment ability of electric information specialty application talents under the cooperation between school and enterprise

Chang Shu
With the incensement of the electric and information undergraduates in recent years, the pressure of the undergraduates' employment is increasing. In order to meet the needs of society, the electric information specialty training mode for local undergraduate colleges locate to the application talents...
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Innovation and reform of enterprises in the era of Internet -- Based on the research of real estate industry

Shuwen Ren
China's economy is in the conversion process. The real estate industry has to understand and embrace the Internet from the new phase. The core of the real estate industry is changing, the market demand is shifted from the traditional residential level demand to a higher level of life demand. And the...
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Charismatic Leadership Research Based on Behavior of Emperor Taizu of Song

Xiaodong Zhao
Charismatic leadership and team performance has always been one of the hot research of organization behavior in recent years, it received the attention of scholars and managers. As a typical representative of charismatic leadership, emperor Taizu of Song, there is little research about his leadership...
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Research on Traffic Planning Modes Based on Transport System Characteristics of Linear City

Lingyan Cheng, Shiwei He
Faced with the growing problem of urban congestion, the priority to develop public transport has been thought to ease congestion effect [1]. For linear cities, there is some unique characteristics. Wide transverse and narrow longitude lead to the difference from other cities of single-center circle style...
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The Relationship Research between the Internet Finance and Commercial Banks

Shengdong Mu, Yixiang Tian, Li Li
The rapid development of the Internet finance has brought great impact and challenge to traditional financial institutions; especially the commercial banks, the competitive game between Internet finance and commercial Banks are inevitable. But how the Internet finance influence commercial banks, which...
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Research on Contribution Rate Measurement of Education on Economy Based on Fuzzy Neural Network Model

Junying Tan
In this paper, the fuzzy theory and neural network theory to blend together, based on fuzzy neural network model to measure the economic contribution of education, through three stages of index selection and neural network training, the final empirical results show that education for China's economic...
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Study on Arts Teaching under New Media Environment

Fan Kang, Yingyan Chen, Yangang Zhou
This paper intends to use the concept of new media as an entry point, and through analyzing current educational situation of arts curriculum to explore the interactive course of and arts and its practical application. It broke the limitations of textbooks and teachers, thus highlighted the flavor of...
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The impact of turnover rate for the decision of job-training investment

Shaozeng Dong, Xiaoling Wang
Job training is an important way to increase the high-skilled human capital stock, so it’s becoming a hot topic in business management. Because the departure of some trained staff, many companies do not know whether it should do job training. This paper trough analyzes the relationship between the turnover...
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A study on the risk compensation mechanism of enterprise technological innovation

Jiaying Chen, Shaojiang Lin
Technology innovation is the main source for the growth of modern economy, at the same time, technological innovation is a high-risk activity, which cannot achieve the expected technical and economic indicators because of the uncertainty of the external environment, the technological innovation projects,...
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Research on the Competitiveness and Innovation Model of China Manufacturing Industry

Wence Yu
Innovation is the essential path for the China manufacturing enterprises to cope with the market competition. In this paper, it take the connotation of industrial competitiveness as the starting point, combined with the analysis status of China manufacturing industry competitiveness, as well as the characteristics...
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The Dynamic Evolution Study of Technology Symbiosis

Fang Li, Jianqi Mao
The focus of technology research and development is to create value, the symbiosis theory provides a new perspective for studying technology innovation. Based on the symbiosis theory, this paper researches the occurrence conditions and the dynamic conditions. Then on the basis of technological symbiosis...
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Quality Evaluation and Structure Optimization of Tourism Landscape

Bo Liu
Since the middle of the twentieth century, the mass tourism has been flourishing, tourism landscape has been got broad attention researched by all fields, human geography, landscape ecology and landscape architecture can play the discipline specialty, which can deepen the research of tourism landscape...
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Efficiency Evaluation of Public Rental Housing Policy Based on DEA

Hua Liu, Wenmei Pan
Public rental housing policy is an important strategy to solve the problem of housing residents, not only the livelihood of the people, but also the policy of housing security system. In this paper, the efficiency of the operation of the public rental housing system in some cities of our country is evaluated...
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Risk analysis of power plant investment based on Monte Carlo

Dongxiao Niu, Jingpeng Qiu, Meiqiong Wu, Yali Huang
With the increase of demand for electric power supply, power plant investment is rising. However huge investment usually causes more risks. Based on the market environment of a power plant, combined with cogeneration investment situation in China, the regional electric power demand and supply situation...
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A Study on the Coordinated Development between New Urbanization and Service Industry in Hubei Province

Chun Liu, Weizheng Jiang
This paper selects two time series data on new urbanization and the contribution level of service industry to GDP in Hubei Province from 1998 to 2012. By unit root test, Johansen co-integration test and granger causality test analysis for the development of the urbanization and service industry time...
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Research on Knowledge Management of Construction Cost Control

Liu Li
In recent years, the construction cost control problems are very prominent, and it is imperative to study the construction cost control. In order to solve the problem of the low efficiency of the case knowledge description and the case retrieval in the field of the current construction cost control,...
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Research of Industrial Real Estate Location Decisions Based On Gis: A Case Study of Xi’An

Jiajun Zhi
Recently, industrial upgrading and transfer in China directly promoted the development of the industry of real estate, location of correctly or not closely related to the success or failure of the project. This issue takes Xi'an as an example, selected the spatial factors affecting the real estate industry...
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An Empirical Analysis and Countermeasure Research on the Effect of Logistics Industry on Economic Growth in China

Xueping Deng, Jingwen Guo
In order to study the logistics industry's effect on promoting economic growth, firstly this paper demonstrates the research of the interaction between the two on the basis of the data of GDP and the total social logistics in the period from 1991 to 2013, in the method of Granger-causality test. The...
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On ESP-based English Teaching Mode of “Major + English” Dual-degree

Huafang Hu
With the increasing requirements of inter-disciplinary talents in the market economy, many university students choose to pursue the study of “Major + English” dual-degree. The paper firstly analyzes the present situation of teaching and studying of “Major + English” dual-degree in Chinese universities....
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Research on production efficiency of solanum and gourd vegetables based on DEA: A case study of Guangzhou

Xiujie Huang, Yangyang Liu, Xialing Chu
A vertical analysis was conducted on the production efficiency changes (2004-2013) of three solanum and gourd vegetables—tomato, cucumber and eggplant of Guangzhou City by using DEA-Malmquist Index method. Meanwhile, in this paper, a horizontal analysis on the production efficiency (of 2012) of the three...
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The Critical Success Factors of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry in SIAT---Integration Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Opportunity and Entrepreneurial Resource Perspective

Hsin-Po Chen, Chia-Nan Wang, Ming-Hsien Hsueh
This research based on social capital and human capital discusses and opportunity Identification and entrepreneurial motivation and Incubator Counseling that the factors influence on newly nascent entrepreneur’s success and the critical success factors of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry in...
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Marketing Research Methodology “ME”Generation for Example

Jinping Xiao
“Time” magazine once featured an article about “Me” Generation (Elegant, 2007), which refers it to the after 80’s Generation in China. In the “Government China Statistics” published in 2000 by China Population and Development Research Center, the group has roughly 300 million adults either in school...
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Research on Price Effects of SPS: Based on Tea Trade of Japan

Jiang Tao, Yaokui Wang
Using tea trade panel data on the main imported countries of Japan, the paper analyses the price effects by SPS on imported tea of Japan. The Japanese Positive List System (PLS) had a profound impact on the price of Japan imported tea. Furthermore, we draw the conclusion that the promulgation of PLS...
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The Research on Fit degree Between the Automation Specialty Construction in Profession Colleges and Universities and Personnel training

Jinyao Li
The new era of economic and social development of the industry characteristics of the university's professional construction and personnel training put forward new requirements. As a distinctive feature of the industry in University of Beijing, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication should actively...
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Panel Data of China's Real Estate Prices and Real Estate Vacancy — Based on Data Analysis of 35 Large and Medium Size Cities

Luyun Zhang, Mengqi Yuan, Hanwei Li
According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that China's real estate market, there are high vacant space and high housing prices coexistence phenomena. I believe that the reasons for the high vacancy space resulting mainly from the real estate market supply and demand characteristics, quasi-rational...
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Application of AHP and TOPSIS Analysis in Performance Evaluation of Power Enterprise in China

Zhengyuan Jia, Zhenliang Zhang
With the development of economy, China has come to the deep reform period, the resulting electricity reform is inevitable, which makes our country electric power industry increasingly fierce competition, the performance level of enterprises are the main basis of the electric power enterprise competitiveness...
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The Exploration on Experiment Teaching System Design of Civil Engineering in Modern Distance Education

Liyan Zhao, Dan Tian, Ping Dai
Experiment teaching is one of the most important parts of practice teaching link in higher education. With the improvement of practice teaching link on higher education teaching reform, the experiment teaching courses should be improved and paid more attention to. This paper summarizes the development...
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Research on the Operational Mechanism of University-enterprise Cooperation from the Perspective of Game Theory

Feng Yu
University-enterprise cooperation is the important way to cultivate applied talents for colleges and promote technology innovation for enterprises. Currently more and more universities and enterprises participate in the cooperation activities. However, there exists the low embedding degree, weak resource...
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The Design and Research on Automatic Packaging Machine of the Strains

Qiuxiao Yang, Kaibao Wang, Mingzhu Zhang, Li Zhao, Su Hang, Ming Meng
The strains packaging is mainly completed by hand in mushroom planting industry. In order to improve the low efficiency, an automatic packaging machine of the strains was designed. The machine involves the auger delivery, heat-sealing and cutting mechanism. Theoretical calculation and numerical simulation...
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The Study on coastal tourism resources distribution in Hebei Province

Jinguo Zhao, Yujuan Chu, Xiaoqing Han
In order to study the spatial distribution conditions of coastal resources, this paper took the method both checking back old files and field survey. The results show that there were various types and unusual characters of coastal tourism resources in Hebei province, and as a result of which it was well-known...
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Evolutionary Game Analysis on the Major Stakeholders in Disabled Accessible Tourism

Wenke Wang, Hongyu Wang, Yuxuan Lan, Keze Du, Yue Liu
As the state leaders are caring more about the people’s livelihood problem, the disabled accessible tourism is getting more and more attention from domestic scholars and the public. Government departments and tourism enterprises are acknowledged as the important responsibilities which the disabled contact...
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A Comparative Study on the Utilization Configuration and Characters of Urban Comprehensive Park in China and Korea

Xiaoyan Li, Seicheon Kim, Kwangwoo Hong, Xinmei Jin, Yingyi Du
Based on the survey of Daming-lake park in Jinan city of China and Deokjin park in Jeonju city of South Korea, by on-the-spot investigation, questionnaire survey and in-depth interview, the study analyzed the users’ essential attributes, visiting characteristics, landscape reference, and compared the...
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Development Status and Strategy Study of Innovative & Entrepreneurial Student Associations in Universities

Xiaodong Qin, Danhe Zhang, Yunchang Zhao, Jing Li
The article through analyzing the development status of innovative & entrepreneurial student associations, dissects the root causes of influencing and restricting the development of innovative & entrepreneurial associations. The article provides practical suggestions on managing innovative & entrepreneurial...
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Transaction costs and the scale of farmer loan fund study–based on the survey data from 27 counties in Fujian Province

Zhenna Jiang, Zhizhong Xie
The size of the loan funds obtained from the formal financial institutions reflects the satisfaction degree of the farmers' loan demand and the practical ability of the farmers. In this paper, we measure the characteristics of rural household borrowing transaction costs from five dimensions, the specificity...
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The Study on Spatial Structure Distribution Characters of Coastal Tourism Resources in Hebei Province

Jinguo Zhao, Yujuan Chu, Xiaoqing Han
In order to study the spatial structure and research the distribution characters of coastal tourism resources in Hebei Province, the paper took 151 units as study subjects to comprehensive analysis the space structure conditions of coastal tourism resources by the method of summarize. The results were...
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The Analysis of the EU-ETS Carbon Allowance Cap Setting Method

Bin Ye, Lixin Miao, Jingjing Jiang, Peng Yang
One of the most important works of establishing a carbon trading market is to set the allowance cap. For a long time, no matter in Europe or China, most of experts and professionals have believed the cap of allowance to be fixed. The reason seemed clear enough: Fixed cap can guarantee stable anticipated...
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An Exploration on the Application of Scaffolding Instruction into ESP Course

Wei Liu
English for special purpose (ESP) is a practical English course which is related to the subject after finishing Basic English courses in the University. At present, there have been no specific national requirements for ESP and there is no consensus on what teaching mode should be used for ESP, either....
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Research on Economical Management Model Based on Qos Constraint

Wenming Sun, Kai Du
This paper proposes an economical resource management model based on QoS constraint, analyzed the significance of introducing QoS and SLA, and discussed the relationship between QoS and SLA management. Finally, the paper realized the mapping of QoS from application layer to resources layer through SLA...
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The Travelling Wave Solutions of KdV-Burger Equations

Pinchao Meng, Weishi Yin
This paper is concerned with the existence of exact traveling wave solutions of some nonlinear evolution equations by the tanh-function method. The validity and reliability of this method is demonstrated by applying it to the KdV-Burger equations.
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The influence of different sports on college students' physical health

Wusi Yan, Ying Li
The effect and influence of different sports on College Students' physical health were discussed by five different sports after 15 weeks of special training. The results showed that the basketball can significantly improve the endurance, speed and sensitive quality; the effect of badminton on College...
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Research on the current situation and Countermeasures of community sports in Pingxiang city under the background of national fitness

Jun Xiao, Wu Wen
The development of community sports directly influence to the implementation of the national fitness project, in order to promote Pingxiang city community sports sustainable healthy development. Through the survey of the current community sports development situation, focused on the found the existing...
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Investigation and Study on the Physical Education students' concept of love

ShuMei Yi, Wusi Yan
It became more and more popular that Physical Education students fall in love, their motivation, attitude towards love and the ability to handle the lovelorn are still relatively simple because of the age, so we must strengthen the education on the concept of love in the first grade and guide them to...
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The research on the present situation and Countermeasures of the cultivation of campus football coaches in Jiangxi Province

Wu Wen, Jun Xiao
Based on the investigation of the current situation, training methods, training system of campus football coaches in Jiangxi Province, and analysis of the main factors that affect the cultivation of campus football coaches, and puts forward three suggestions, such as establishing a diversified training...
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Research of Positive Psychology on Mental Health Education of College Students

Peixia Chen
Positive psychology is a new trend of psychology of present time. It advocates that psychology should study the positive traits of humans, including positive emotional experience, positive personality traits and positive social environment .Since the mental health education of college students has become...
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An Investigation into Metacognitive Strategy Use in Reading among Chinese Non-English Majors

Shang Chen
The present study is designed to investigate the overall situation of the metacognitive strategies employed in reading by foreign language learners. The subjects of this study were 160 non-English major freshmen from Wuhan Institute of Technology. Data were collected through the questionnaire, and analyzed...
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Analysis influencing factors of Students in College Physical Education Theory Course Learning in Shaanxi Province

Huifeng Jing
The paper Used methods of literature, questionnaire survey, statistics and other methods, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of teachers and students from two angles factors College Physical Education Majors Learning Theory Course in Shaanxi Province. The results showed that: the poor student interest...
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Suggestions and Countermeasures of Financial System of Chinese Rural Compulsory Education

Yudong Hou
The establishment of "County-level" rural compulsory educational financial system and the defects of it as well as the conduct of countryside compulsory education funds guarantee mechanism and its existing problems are worthy of attention for the current rural compulsory education. This article puts...
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Effects of low-carbon economy on China's export trade

Dayong Wang
The development of low-carbon economy plays a major role on the optimization and upgrading of China’s export trade, as well as the development of green trade and the improvement of the level of technology on the production of foreign products. However, in the short term it has some limitations, for instance,...
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Medical Equipment Maintenance under Modern Management

Jinliang Zhang
Medical equipment played a more and more important role in clinical diagnosis and treatment. With the development of science and technology, equipment involved science and expanded fields increased the difficulty of equipment maintenance management. Equipment daily maintenance had many problems, for...
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Research on Intelligent Library Management System

Weihong Yang
The concept of control aspects contained the user request permission. In the design application of the Struts framework, the Struts had great advantage as the open source software, which could make the developers at a deeper level of their internal implementation mechanism. In addition, the advantages...
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Medical Equipment Maintenance under Modernized Management

Hongjie Gao
In order to realize the health run smoothly for modern hospital, it must strengthen the maintenance of medical equipment management. The degree of precision instrument reflected the hospital diagnosis and treatment level and ability. Through the study of the modernization of hospital medical equipment...
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Design and Implementation of Library Management System

Weihong Yang
Library is an important service department, the hospital is the core place for doctors to acquire knowledge, and for the rest and leisure of patients. Due to the unceasingly expand of hospital size and book quantity, hospital library is mainly engaged in the storage and circulation of large numbers of...
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Study on the Trend of University Library

Gemin Li
In the background of the big data and large change of the information environment, for meeting these challenges, such as network search engines, digital development institutions and the changed user demand, the university library has to make transformation and more changes. The hybrid library integrating...
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On Cognitive Effects of Metaphor in Advertisements

Yanni Li, Zhijuan Li, Jiayin Li, Likun Liu, Zhengpei Chen, Shuang Zhang
Since 2000 years ago, metaphor is regarded as a rhetorical device to add ornament and color to the language. Until the recent twenty years, metaphor is seen as a cognitive device in people’s processes of perceiving the world and understanding new things. At the meantime, advertisement becomes an indispensable...
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Summary of the Adaptive Command and Control Organizational Design Based on Granular Computing

Jie Fu, Xuejun Ren, Jisheng Zhu, Xiaohong Wang
This paper introduces the research status of adaptive Command and control (C2) organization, and analyzes the basic design idea of organization adaptive design method based on granular computing. It puts forward a question against the granulating process of platform sets. In addition, it compares the...
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The Effectiveness Evaluation based on a Revised FAHP Method

Yongfeng Ma, Yufei Chen, Jihui Yang, Junhua Jia
The missing of the judgement value is a common issue in the effectiveness evaluation practice of the materiel support command and control. Based on the fuzzy consistency, a estimation and compensation algorithm of incomplete comparison matrix is proposed, and it revise the tradition FAHP methods, then...
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The practice of industry-university-institute cooperation to the innovative talents training of home economics

Dongmei Sun
Home economics is for the purpose of improve the quality of family life, such as an applied science, through train innovative talents of home economics to university-industry cooperation, reflected the requirement of current our country to promote quality education, is also the foundation of cultivating...
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Research on the Change of the Rural Medical and Health Services System in Jilin

Yafeng Zhou
This article discussed the relevant problems of serving development of rural medical and health services system of Jilin province mainly. On the basis of analyzing Jilin’s current rural medical and health services system current situation and question, it stated briefly the service function of the rural...
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Research on the training and management of young teachers in Agricultural Colleges

Dichen Shen
Young teachers are the main force of the future development of higher education, which plays an important role in higher education. Therefore, it has become an important task to strengthen the cultivation of young teachers in Colleges and universities. According to the problems existing in the current...
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The Research of City Emergency Rescue Based on the Intelligent Systems

Ning Han
This paper mainly focuses on the emergency rescue of a city, and set up a reasonable plan for the ambulance. Two evaluation principles are defined: firstly, an ambulance can arrive at the designated area within 8 minutes of the specified time; secondly, the people who get help as much as possible. According...
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Training of Learning Strategies for Agricultural University Non-English Majors

Bo Du, Jing Zhang, Yan Zhang
In linguistics, foreign language learning strategy has gradually become a focus of research. Based on an in-depth survey of 415 non-English major students in the Agricultural University of Hebei, a study has shown because of some objective reasons, such as students’ source and specialty nature, the public...