Proceedings of the Seventh Padang International Conference On Economics Education, Economics, Business and Management, Accounting and Entrepreneurship (PICEEBA 2021)

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Review of the Implementation of Internal Control of Accounting Information Systems for Business Sales and Account Receivable at PT Mitra Krida Perkasa Batam

Asriwardi, Ravika Permata Hati
This study aims to determine the implementation of internal controls on sales accounting information systems and accounts receivable. This qualitative study using observation, interview, and documentation conducted in PT Mitra Krida Perkasa Batam Batu Aji.The results in the field, that the correspondent...
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Google Search, News, and Stock Market Return in Indonesian Stock Market

Aditya Firmansyah, Zaafri Ananto Husodo
This study investigates the effect of internet search and news headline on explaining abnormal return of 425 non-financial companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2015 to 2019. Investor attention is measured by internet search volume from Google Trend. Market news is gathered from free online...
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Generational Difference in Perceptions of Tax Fairness and Attitudes Towards Compliance During Pandemic COVID-19

Arja Sadjiarto, James Thendean, Florencia Manuella Gunawan, Teresia Devita Tjahjadi
The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacts every sector of life, including the economic sector. Facing this, governments try to alleviate some of the burdens through incentives, expected to encourage tax compliance. In this study, we will delve into the intergenerational difference of perception of...
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Simultaneous Analysis of Portfolio Investment and the Money Supply in Asean Upper Midlle Income Countries

Fitri Akhyuni, Hasdi Aimon
The research aims to analyze and determine (1) the influence of money supply, stock prices, economic growth and inflation on portfolio investment in Upper Middle Income countries in ASEAN. (2) the effect of portfolio investment, inflation, interest rates and government spending on the money supply of...
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The Impact of Investor Types on the Stock Return Volatility During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Wening Naraswari, Viverita
This study investigates the impact of foreign and domestic investors on the stock return volatility during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Indonesian capital market. Using a panel data regression method, we find that foreign institutional and individual investors cannot be proven to affect stock return...
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The Effect of Work Family Conflict, Perceived Organizational Support, and Ego-Resiliency on Auditor Performance: The Mediating Role of Subjective Well-Being

Delvi Olimpia, Riani Rachmawati
The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) of the Republic of Indonesia is expanding its presence in the public sector during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) are one of the innovative work arrangements that have emerged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. At BPK, the policy-mandated...
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Investment Decisions: The Effect of Risk Perceptions and Risk Propensity for Beginner Investors in West Sumatra

Erly Mulyani, Halkadri Fitra, Fiola Finomia Honesty
Investment decision is an activity carried out by the investor for investing their fund. For this reason, investors must consider many factors. Investor consider accounting information in investment decision. However, investor psychology, which is reflected by a personal signal, is more dominant in investment...
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Analysis of the Budget-ratcheting Phenomenon in Local Government Budgeting in West Sumatra Province

Vita Fitria Sari, Fefri Indra Arza, Annisa Ayu Syafitri
Reformation that happened in Indonesia brought many changes in government system, which one is changes from centralized systems to decentralized systems. The decentralization systems constrain every local government to manage their own household affairs include budgeting process. Indonesia adopts performance...
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The Mapping of Padang’s Local Tax Using Klassen Typology

Halkadri Fitra, Henri Agustin, Erly Mulyani, Febri Mukhlis
The purpose of this study is to map Padang local tax by using Klassen typology. This research is a quantitative descriptive study. The data used was obtained from Padang Regional Revenue Office for year 2015-2019. The population was all local taxes based on Law Number 28 Year 2009. The sample was selected...
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Analysis of the Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Third Party Funds of Sharia Banking in Indonesia 2009-2020

Susan Haifa, Efrizal Syofyan
This study aims to analyze the effect of the gross domestic product (GDP), inflation, interest rates, BI rate, and the exchange rate on third party funds of Islamic banking in Indonesia in period 2009-2020. This study uses regression analysis. The data type used in this study is time series data, with...
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Earning Managements on Islamic Banks and Conventional Bank: How They Are Different in Ownership Structure

Vanica Serly, Adela Yohana
This study aims to determine the difference between earnings management in Islamic banks and earnings management in conventional banks from 2015-2019. There are 34 banks of Islamic and conventional banks employed in this research. The results show that there is a difference between earnings management...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Fisherman Income in West Sumatera Province

Samsul Bayan, Idris
This study aimed to explain the effect of the potential fish, the number of boats, fishing gear and working capital on the income of fishermen in the province of West Sumatra. The data used were panel data (cross section and time series) consisting of 7 regencies and cities in West Sumatra during 2012...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Unemployment Rate of Educational Labor in Indonesia

Ikhsan Wirawan, Sri Ulfa Sentosa
This study is aims to analysis the effect of exchange rate rate, Inflation, Economic growth, Minimum wage, Foreign Direct Investment, and Domestic investment on educated unemployment in Indonesia. This study uses time series data from 1990 to 2020. By using OLS (Standard Least Square) method, it found...
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Determinants of Job Opportunities by Level of Education in Indonesia

Intan Putri Yeni, Joan Marta
This study aims to analyze the effect of investment (PMTB), real wages and GDP on employment opportunities according to the level of education in Indonesia. This study uses panel data regression analysis. Panel data analysis techniques in this study can be done by using the Fixed Effect and Random Effect...
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Analysis and Determinants of Financial Inclusion in Indonesia: Panel Approach

Sri Ningsih, Hasdi Aimon
This research is to analyze financial inclusion and its determinants in Indonesia. The data analysis technique in this study is panel data using the eviews 9 application. The time series data is for 5 years, namely from 2015 - 2019 while the cross section data is 33 provinces in Indonesia. The findings...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Education Inequality in West Sumatera

Yuni Aida Roza, Alpon Satrianto
This research’s purposes are to analyze: 1) The influence of government spending expenditure in the education sector on educational inequality. 2) The effect of gender gap on educational inequality. 3) The effect of poverty levels on educational inequality. 4) The effect of life expectancy on educational...
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Poverty Status of Households in Urban Areas of Sumatera Island

Al Abrar, Syamsul Amar
This study aims to analyze the effect of the sex of the head of the household (X1), the age of the head of the household (X2), the number of household members (X3), the education of the head of the household (X4), and Household Consumption Expenditures (X5) on poverty in urban areas of Sumatra Island....
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Causality Between Poverty, Economic Growth, Income Inequality and Unemployment in Latin America

Abrar Syafti, Idris
This study examines the causality between poverty, economic growth, income inequality and unemployment in Latin America. Using the panel data for the period 2010-2019, and 6 developing countries in Latin America PVAR. The results showed that there is absolutely no effect of the causal relationship either...
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The Dynamics of Exports, Imports, Labor and Indonesian Government Expenditure Period 1990 – 2019

Imam Mukhlis, Andik Pratama
This study analyzes the dynamic of exports, imports, labor, and government expenditure in Indonesia in 1990 - 2019. This study using time series data are analyzed using the Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) in Eviews 10 software to estimate the relationship between variables. In the VECM test, export,...
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Macroeconomic Factor Impact on the Stock Returns: An Empirical Study on the Indonesia LQ45 Stocks

E Garnia, Deden R. Riadi, T Tahmat, F Dwi Arieana
The stock price is affected by various macroeconomic factors such as the global market index, money supply, interest rate, inflation rate, and oil price. This paper presents a study on these macroeconomic factors on the return of stocks that are listed as the most liquid stocks in the Indonesia Stock...
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Cross-country Spillover Through Government Bond Market in Emerging East Asia: The Effect of Covid-19

Ardiani Rachmasyaputri, Viverita Viverita
This paper showed evidence of the effect of covid-19 on changes in the structure and time-varying pattern of bond yield spillover across the country through the government bond market in emerging East Asia. We used daily 10-year government bond yield for China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia,...
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Economic Valuation of the Silokek Geopark Tourism Object in Sijunjung Regency

Ali Anis, Zul Azhar, Hari Setia Putra, Jemi Juneldi
Silokek is one of the villages located in Sijunjung Regency West Sumatra Province which has a geopark natural tourist attraction. Not only known for its natural attractions, but Silokek also has a traditional village with rows of traditional houses rich in cultural values. This research was conducted...
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Local Government Efforts to Attract Tourists to Silokek Geopark Tourism

Zul Azhar, Ali Anis, Hari Setia Putra, Jemi Juneldi
The Silokek geopark tourism object is currently one of the leading natural tourism assets located in Sijunjung Regency, West Sumatra Province. The Silokek tourist attraction is about 16 KM from Muaro Sijunjung (the capital city of Sijunjung Regency). Several tourist attractions, namely rafting, natural...
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The Phenomenon of Working Women with the Causes of Divorce

Hari Setia Putra, Ali Anis, Zul Azhar, Jemi Juneldi
This study wants to analyze the factors that cause the risk of divorce for working women. The method used in this study is logistic regression where the unit of analysis used is working women with married and divorced status. The variables used are education level, religious observance, experience of...
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The Effect of Learning Factors and Social Capital Factors on Self Efficacy Factors of Prospective Economic Teacher Students in Padang City

Intan Prima Nanda, Yulhendri
The low self-efficacy of prospective economic teacher students in the city of Padang is characterized by the level of student confidence that is still in the low category. This results in a low level of teaching ability. This is because self-efficacy itself is an important asset for every student to...
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The Development of Macromedia Flash-Based-Interactive Multimedia for Economics Students of Class X Senior High School

Amaliyah, Susi Evanita
This research aimed to develop an interactive multimedia by using macromedia flash-based in economics subject matter on the topic of supply and demand for class X of senior high school. The type of this research is educational Research and Development. The research was conducted by using development...
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The Effect of the Cooperative Learning Type Students Team Achievement Division (STAD) and Learning Interest to Students’learning Outcomes in Economic Subject

Mimi Sariani, Z. Mawardi Effendi, Sany Dwita
The aim of the research analize the effect cooperative learning type Students Team Achievement Division (STAD) and conventional learning model, interest in learning and the interaction between both model with interest in learning in economic subject at XII MIPA of SMA N 10 Kerinci. This research was...
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Analysis of Student Digital Financial Literacy in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Annur Fitri Hayati, Rita Syofyan
Financial literacy is a basic need that a person needs, so that they can avoid financial problems. The emergence of financial problems is not only due to a low level of income, but can also come from a person’s lack of knowledge in managing their finances. Students who are part of the community that...
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Analysis of Entrepreneurship Learning at Integrated Islamic Elementary School Cahaya Hati Pauh Kambar Padang Pariaman District

Ayu Annira Anggraini, Susi Evanita
This study aims to examine: (1) Entrepreneurship learning planning at the IT Cahaya Hati Pauh Kambar Elementary School for the 2018-2019 school year, (2) Implementation of entrepreneurship learning at the IT Cahaya Hati Pauh Kambar Elementary School for the 2018-2019 school year, and (3) Assessment of...
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The Influence of E-Learning Quality and Institutional Image on Student Loyalty with Satisfaction as Mediation on the Use of E-Learning at Universitas Negeri Padang

Febri Wiza Rosta, Vidyarini Dwita
This study analyzes the impact of e-learning quality, institutional image, student loyalty, and satisfaction as mediation of e-learning in Padang state universities. The population of this research is the students of Padang State University. The number of research samples is 406 respondents. The analytical...
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Development of Android Based Mobile Learning as a Media for Economic Learning in Senior High School

Taufik Akbar, Yulhendri
Development of Android-Based Mobile Learning as a Learning Media for Economics in class X IPS of SMA Negeri 1 Lembah Melintang is based on the rapid development of smartphone technology, predominantly smartphone devices used is an Android-based mobile phone. This is evidenced by the ownership of Android-based...
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Development of Mobile Learning Media Based on Articulate Storyline 3 to Support Independence Learning of Vocational High School Students in the New Normal Era

Wening Patmi Rahayu, Ainun Ulumiyah
This research and development aim to develop mobile learning media by using a software called Articulate Storyline 3 which is innovative, effective and attractive, so it is suitable for use. This research and development (R&D) use research steps by Borg & Gall which are combined into nine research...
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Blended Learning for Government Accounting Subject

Students’ Satisfaction and Course Design Issues

Dewi Pebriyani, Ade Elsa Betavia, Vita Fitria Sari
Current developments in technology and communication have an impact on the education process in Indonesia. Higher education can take advantage of these technological and communication developments by offering new alternatives to produce distribute and receive in the teaching process in order to complement...
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Factors Affecting the Entrepreneurial Interest of Students at UIN Suska Riau

An Abdy Putra, Perengki Susanto
This study aims to see the effect of entrepreneurship education, self-efficacy, entrepreneurial attitudes and lecture competence on the interest of entrepreneurship student. This type of research is associative, this study uses multiple regression analysis. The population are 334 students of Economic...
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Project-Based Learning Model Towards Students’ P21 Skills in the 21st Century:

In a Systematic Literature Review

Yulhendri, Agung Sudjatmoko, Rani Sofya, Mentari Ritonga
The existence of prospective teacher education programs in a number of higher education institutions is very essential to prepare future teacher candidates. Prospective teacher education programs are expected to provide opportunities and challenges for prospective teacher students to face various uncertainties...
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Are the Economic Learning Methods in Indonesia Based on Local Culture?

Armiati, Dessi Susanti, Rose Rahmidani
One of the problems faced by young people in Indonesia today is their ignorance about their own local culture. Educational institutions as a forum to equip students with local culture knowledge does not seem to have a maximal role in this matter. A survey was conducted involving 72 high school students...
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Electronic Project Based Learning a Literature Review

Susi Evanita, Zul Afdal, Rino, Marwan
The world of education in Indonesia and even in the world has undergone a transformation from face-to-face education to online education, which is often referred to as an online learning system. Many of these significant changes are thought to be the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a developing country,...
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Student’s Higher Order Thinking Skilll’s on Economics in The VUCA Era

Friyatmi, Tri Kurniawati
Students will require higher-order thinking skills in order to meet the challenges of the VUCA era. These skills can be stimulated using assessments that can test higher-order thinking skills. This study aims to assess students’ thinking skills. It was measured using an economic test consisting of Lower-Order...
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Android-Based Pocket Book Development as an Effort to Increase Learning Motivation in Tax Administration Subject

Menik Kurnia Siwi, Fitra Desindi
This study aims to 1) develop Android-based pocketbook learning media. 2) To find out the increase in learning motivation of class XI students of Banking and Microfinance at SMK Negeri 1 Pasaman in the 2020/2021 academic year after using Android-Based Pocket Book learning media. The research method used...
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Blended Learning: Online and Recorded Video as Innovative Strategy to improve 21 Century Skills for Pre-Service Teacher

In a Systematic Literature Review

Rani Sofya, Yulhendri, Mentari Ritonga, Nita Sofia
Blended Learning is a formal education program in which students learn at least partially through online learning, with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace. Typically, Blended Learning involves part teacher-led classes and part-time classes where students are instructed...
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Local Culture Based Instructional Materials as an Effort to Develop Students’ Character

Dessi susanti, Armiati, Rose Rahmidani
Instilling local cultural values in students through learning is a way to embed a strong character as Indonesian. Before carried out learning, instructional materials should be prepared which describe all the activities that will be occured. Learning with activities of instilling local cultural values...
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Student Learning Motivation in Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rita Syofyan
Motivation is very important in carrying out an activity, with motivation there will be encouragement in the individual to do something well so that goals can be achieved. In learning activities, motivation can be said to be the overall driving force within an individual that creates, ensures continuity...
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Improving Student Archival Management Competency by Using Codeigniter Web-Based e-Archive

Madziatul Churiyah, Nailatul Muhajiroh, Mohammad Arief, Buyung Adi Dharma, Andi Basuki
Acceleration and development of communication and information technology requires lecturers to creatively optimize technology in learning activities. Therefore, this research needs to develop and build condeigniter web-based learning media products to improve student archival competencies. This research...
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The Use of Digital Economy Learning Media in the VUCA Era: A Literature Review

Efni Cerya, Reza Nur Wahid, Yuriza Maulidina, Abna Hildayati
Facing the VUCA era, a generation that is capable of analytical, critical and innovative thinking is needed. For this reason, this study aims to answer the challenges of the era of economic learning media for the digital era in the VUCA era. By using the review literature, it can be concluded that android-based...
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Maximizing the Adoption of Educational Technology for Learning in OTKP Competencies in the Post-Covid-19 Digital Era

Andi Basuki, I Nyoman Suputra, Buyung Adi Dharma, Filianti, Dewi Ayu Sakdiyyah
The Covid-19 pandemic has indirectly accelerated the adoption of technology into the learning process. In Indonesia, it must be admitted that the implementation of the adoption is still a bit stuttering and rushed, so that it is not maximal in measuring the achievement of the expected output by the face-to-face...
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Interactive Learning Media Innovation Based on Digital Correspondence Management for Office Administration Students in Indonesia to Improve Learning Outcomes

Buyung Adi Dharma, Andi Basuki, Madziatul Churiyah, Mohammad Arief, Vina Nur Machabbatulillah
Entering the 21st century learning era requires creative, innovative, communicative, collaborative, and competitive character skills that a person must have, push education should be able to prepare college students to have complete competence. The use of digital learning is one of the important components...
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Entrepreneurial Intention Among Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Exploring Contextual Factor of Entrepreneurial Intention

Eva Mutia Ghofarany, Aryana Satrya
A country needs a large number of entrepreneurs to support the resilience of the national economy. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the economic recession and the increasing use of technology in the economy and business, can be seen as a barrier or support for students to have the intention...
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MSMEs Business Sustainability: A Literature Review

Zul Afdal, Menik Kurnia Siwi, Tri Kurniawati, Marwan
Business sustainability is an essential concern in the MSMEs debate because MSMEs face many uncertainties in supply and demand and stronger competition. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on MSMEs (Covid-19). This article is based on reading material and previous research....
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The Impact of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Human Capital and Social Capital on Entrepreneurship Orientation

Firman, Thamrin, Megawati
The purpose of this study was to determine the criteria that influence the improvement of entrepreneurial orientation of SMEs in Sumatera Barat using analytic hierarchy process (AHP). The factors that influence entrepreneurial orientation are multidimensional so that they require special methods to be...
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The Effects of Distributive Justice and Job Engagement on Job Satisfaction with Moderating by the Civil Servants’ Leader Credibility at the Regional Secretariat of West Sumatra Province

Aswita Rahayu, Syahrizal
This study aims at testing and analysing the effects of distributive justice and job engagement on job satisfaction as moderated by the civil servants’ leader credibility at the regional secretariat of West Sumatra Province. The quantitative approach was a research design used to test and analyse the...
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Does Affective Commitment Mediate the Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational Citizenship Behavior?

Rini Sarianti, S Armida
The main purpose of this research was to investigate the role of affective commitment among perceived support from the organization and organizational citizenship behavior. Samples were taken as many as 201 nurses working in all private hospitals in Padang, Indonesia. The sampling technique used is simple...
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Product Attribute Satisfaction Towards the Interest of Repurchase a Palm Sugar

Mahmud Azis Nasution, Susi Evanita
Palm sugar is a product that can improve the economy of society with innovation and product development. Hence, this research aims to find out on how to develop palm sugar based on product attributes in the form of brands, packaging, and labeling towards repurchase interest. The research is conducted...
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The Influence of Job Characteristics, Empowering Leadership, Perceived Organizational Support, and Psychological Capital on Employee Engagement in Service Type A, West Pasaman District Government

Budi Sriyono, Abror
This article offers a conceptual model for analyzing the influence of job characteristics, empowering leadership, perceived Organizational Support, and psychological capital on employee engagement in the Service Type A of West Pasaman district government. In this model, job characteristics, empowering...
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Continuous Engagement in Social Media Contest Does Experience Matter?

Rinka Apsari, Daniel Tumpal Hamonangan Aruan
This study assessed the effect of past experience to increase the intention to re-participate in social media contest and emphasize the important role in designing sales promotion strategy in social media. A cross-sectional survey was conducted online in Indonesia, reaching a sample of 309 individuals...
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The Position Power of Headmasters of Vocational High Schools

Nathanael Sitanggang, Putri Lynna Adelinna Luthan, K Abdul Hamid
This research aimed to examine the position power of headmasters of Vocational High Schools (SMK), the correlation of every indicator towards latent construct variable of the position power, and the indicators that significantly affected the formation of the latent construct variable of the position...
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The Effect of Interpersonal Communication and Work Motivation on Employee Performance in Padang City Regional Company Offices (PDAM)

Azani Zkriati Luky, Tri Kurniawati, Efni Cerya
The purpose of this study was to analyze: (1) The effect of interpersonal communication towards work motivation, (2) The effect of interpersonal communication on employee performance, (3) The effect of work motivation on employee performance. The population of this research is 265 employees of the Regional...
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Management Control System and Organizational Culture, Which One Has Stronger Influence on Employee Commitment?

Devie, Michelle Irenetta Prastowo
This study aims at investigating which Management Control System and Organizational Culture that has stronger influence on Employee Commitment on manufacturing companies in Indonesia. Also, this study aims at finding out whether Organizational Culture is capable of mediating the Management Control System...
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Relationship Between Service Innovation and Innovation Capability That Affects Customer Satisfaction Mediated by Service Quality in the Public Sector

Zike Adhi Pranoto, Dudi Hendrakusuma Syahlani
Customer satisfaction is long to be one of the most favourite subject researchers done. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the impact of service innovation and service quality to customer satisfaction that mediated by service quality in public sector. The subject is the people who use the service...
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The Influence of Training, Career Development and Performance Management on Employee Competencies, Employee Performance and Organizational Capability

Erlis Ermawati, Dudi Hendrakusuma Syahlani
The purpose of the study is examining and analyze the effect of training, career development and performance management on employee competencies, employee performance and organizational capability. This research was conducted at an independent state institution which has the sole objective of achieving...
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How the Impact of Business Model, Technology and Knowledge, Networking, and Attaining Financial Competencies on Woman Entrepreneurial Intention for Rural Youth

Ahmad Fawaiq Suwanan, Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Rani Dwiastika Listyani Puteri, Joko Sayono
Entrepreneurship is a process to create many new idea and solution. In this era, being entrepreneur is not only for men but there are women. Women’s entrepreneurship plays a substantial role in increasing employment rates. This study aims to examine the relationship between entrepreneurs’ managerial...
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The Effect of Intellectual Capital on Financial Performance and Company Value in the Financial Sector Listed on The Indonesia Stock Exchange

Wesi Hadia Nesa, Rosyeni Rasyid
This study aims to determine the effect of intellectual capital on financial performance and firm value in the financial sector listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The population in this study are all financial companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the period 2015-2019 using secondary...
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The Influence of Transformational Leadership and Organizational Commitments on Employee Performance in Uptd Samsat Padang

Andre Tri Saputra, Yunia Wardi, dan Susi Evanita
The intent of this study is to know the influence of transformational leadership and organizational commitment to the performance of employee in the Technical Implementation Unit of the Office (UPTD) One Roof One-Stop Administration System (SAMSAT) Padang. This research uses quantitative methods. The...
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The Impact of Perceived Risk, Satisfaction and Price Image on Repurchase Intention Using Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce): Case Study of Urban Communities in West Sumatera

Verselly Nisaa, Perengki Susanto
Using a smartphone has made many activities, including shopping, much easier. M-commerce is currently the most popular, as shopping is now as simple as clicking a button. As a result, m-commerce companies face hurdles in remaining competitive. The purpose of this study is to look at how perceived risk,...
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The Influence of Green Brand Benefit and Green Brand Innovativeness on Brand Loyalty with Green Brand Image as Mediating on (P&G) Brand Products in Padang City

Qumil Laila Arham, Vidyarini Dwita
This research purpose to review the influence of green brand benefit and green brand innovativeness on brand loyalty by using variable mediation green brand image on toiletries products brand Procter and Gamble (P&G) in Padang City. The type of toiletries products focuses on shampoo products. This...
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The Effect of E-Servicescape and Information Quality on Gen Y Repurchasing Intention in Lazada Online Shopping Application in Padang City with Online Trust as Mediation Variable

Thamrin, Yosan Permana
This study aims to see the effect of e-services cape and information quality on repurchase intentions with online trust as a mediating variable. The population and sample used in this study are Gen Y which has been seen through the online shopping application Lazada in Padang City. The sample size in...
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Consumer Intention to Adopt E-Money

Rahmiati, Willy Aldi Vernanda, Perengki Susanto
The focus of the study was to examine: (1) the effect of performance expectations on e-money behavioral intention; (2) the impact of expectation effort on e-money behavioral intention; (3) the influence of social influence on e-money behavioral intention, and (4) the effect of facilitating condition...
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Influence Psychological Empowerment and Personality of Employees Against Work Safety Behavior in Mediation by Management Commitment to Work Safety at Bangkinang Hospital, Riau Province

Nurhayati, Syahrizal
This research aims to analyze the effect of psychological empowerment and employee personality on work safety behavior by using the mediating variable of management commitment to work safety at Bangkinang Hospital, Riau Province. This study focuses on nurses at Bangkinang Hospital, Riau Province. This...
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Supply Chain Management Practices on Competitive Advantage with Supply Chain Performance as Moderating Variable

Muthia Roza Linda, Gesit Thabrani
The main purpose of this study was to verify the role of supply chain performance among supply chain management practices and competitive advantage in snack food industries in rural areas of Padang. SMEs of the snack food industry in Padang was a population in this study. Total SMEs as a respondent in...
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Marketing to Millennials:

University Marketing by Social Media

Okki Trinanda, Astri Yuza Sari
This study aims to analyze the influence of digital media on UNP’s Brand Awareness for its prospective students in Padang. The results showed that: (1) Most of UNP’s student candidates in Padang stated that Digital Media Ads such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website, YouTube, and Blog are not effective...
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The Influence of E-Learning and Work Culture on Lecturer Performance with Knowledge Sharing as Mediation

Case Study at Muhammadiyah University, Riau

Leni Afrilyanti, Yunia Wardi
This research aims to review the influence of use of e-learning and work culture on lecturer performance by using variable mediation knowledge sharing in a pandemic covid-19 at Muhammadiyah University of Riau. This research focuses on lecturers who have a homebase. This research is a quantitative research...
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Deterimining Factors for Readiness to Enter Work Field in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 of Diseruption Technology Digitalization

Rino, Armida Silvia, Suwatno
In the era of industrial revolution of digital technology 4.0 job seekers are required to have good abilities of hard skills and soft skills facing disruption. Therefore, the government through the Department of Education and Culture has prepared vocational senior high school students with teaching and...
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Relationship between Work Ethic and Innovative Work Behavior Mediated by Person Organization Fit and Intrinsic Motivation on Banking Employees

Nizar Firman Syahputra, Aryana Satrya
Employees’ innovative work behavior (IWB) contributes to organizational innovativeness in the form of new processes, products, and services. This study analyzes the relationship between work ethic with person organization fit and intrinsic motivation to provide insight into some of the factors that can...
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The Influence of Organizational Career Management, Individual Career Management and Competence on Employee Career Effectiveness

Rini Sarianti, Euis Octerindah
This research aims to find out the influence of organizational career management, individual career management and competence on the effectiveness of employee careers at PT Bank Tabungan Negara Kc Padang. The primary data used in this study were organizational career management, individual career management,...
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The Influence of Enterprise Risk Management on Firm Performance of Family Firms with the Moderating Effect of Managerial Ownership

Rosyeni Rasyid
This study aimed to investigates the influence of enterprise risk management on company performance and examines the moderating effect of managerial ownership on the relationship between enterprise risk management and the performance of family firms listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange 2010-2016. Two...
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The Impact of Environmental Knowledge, Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle Towards Green Consumer Behavior in Community of Padang City

Yunita Engriani, Fadhel Al Ayyubi
Aims of this study is to analyse: (1) Impact of environmental knowledge toward green consumer behavior, (2) the impact of healthy food toward green consumer behavior, (3) the impact of a healthy lifestyle toward green consumer behavior. This research is a quantitative research. Population for this research...
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Ownership Structure and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclousure

Wilfajri Rahman, Erni Masdupi
This research is influenced by means of the effect of the ownership structure on the disclosure of corporate social responsibility. Several factors that affect the disclosure of corporate social responsibility are institutional ownership, managerial ownership and foreign ownership. in this research,...
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Antecedent of Customer E-Loyalty in Global Tourism Websites: The Mediation Role of E-Satisfaction and E-Trust

Anggil Nopra Lova, Abror
This study is meant to determine and explain how the influence of online purchases such as website image, e service quality, website quality and website innovativeness on e loyalty mediated by e satisfaction and e trust on the global tour and travel website, either directly or indirectly. This research...
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The Influence of Information Technology Application, Work Environment and Competence on Job Performance: Job Satisfaction as Mediator

Rahmadhyah Trimurni, Susi Evanita
The research objective was to determine the effect of the information technology, work environment and competence on the job performance of village apparatus in Pariaman city which was mediated by job satisfaction. The population of this research is village apparatus in Kota Pariaman and the research...
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The Effect of Work-Life Balance and Human Relations on Turnover Intention with Job Satisfaction as an Intervening Variable for Bank Nagari Employees

Oktavirani Marta, Susi Evanita
The research objective was to determine the influence of work-life balance and human relations on the turnover intention with job satisfaction as an intervening variable for employees of Bank Nagari. The population of this research is the employees of Bank Nagari Pusat Padang. The sample in the study...
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The Influence of Competence and Intrinsic Motivation on Innovative Behaviour Through Work Meaningfulness, as a Mediator, of the Employees of the Education Units of the Ministry of Industry in West Sumatera

Hermawan Setyadhi, Erni Masdupi, Syahrizal
This study aims at examining the significance of the influence of competence and intrinsic motivation on innovative behavior with work meaningfulness as a mediator for employees of the education units of the Ministry of Industry in West Sumatera. This study used a causality approach with a total sample...
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The Influence of Education and Training, Leadership Style, and Compensation on Job Satisfaction of Islamic Religious Instructors

Irna Fitriah, Erni Masdupi, Rosyeni Rasyid
Low job satisfaction may negatively affect employee behavior, such as the decrease of self discipline and morale.This research aimed to criticize the effect of education and training, leadership style, also compensation in job satisfaction of Islamic Religious Instructors at Kanwil Kementerian Agama...
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The Influence of Leadership Style, Compensation and Work Motivation on Employee Discipline in West Pasaman Regency

Agustia Monra, Bustari Muchtar
This article aims t0 explain the influence 0f leadership styIe, compensation and w0rk motivation 0n employee discipline in West Pasaman Regency. The p0pulation 0f this study were empl0yees 0f West Pasaman Regency, with a total sample of 235 respondents. The analysis technique used in this research is...
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Measurement Models of Work Engagement and Job Satisfaction and Determining Factors

Nugrahadi, Masdupi Erni, Syahrizal
This researh aims to examine the impact of communication satisfaction, coworker support, on work engagement and job satisfaction as a mediating variable. This study uses SEM [Structural Equation Model] analysis with 201 samples. The results showed that communication satisfaction and coworker support...
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The Effect of Compensation, and Job Satisfaction on Work Motivation for Honorary Teachers at SD Negeri Lubuk Basung District

Eva Afriza, Yunia Wardi, Marwan
The purpose of this study is to explain the effect of compensation and job satisfaction on the work motivation of honorary teachers at SD Negeri Lubuk, Basung District. The populations of this study were honorary teachers at SD Negeri Lubuk Basung District, with a total sample of 177 respondents. The...
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The Influence of Learning and Performance Orientations Towards Proactive Work Behavior with Transformational Leadership as a Mediator Towards the Employee of Industrial Technology Academy Polytechnic (Ati) Padang

Silvia, Syahrizal, Marwan
This research hinges on the influence of learning and performance orientation toward proactive work behavior through transformational leadership as a mediator of the employee of ATI Padang. The stronger an individual learning orientation, the more an individual will be motivated to show proactive behavior...
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The Influence of Security and Electronic Word of Mouth (E-Wom) on Consumer Purchase Decision on the Tokopedia Buying and Selling Site with Trust as an Intervening Variable in the City of Padang

Alvala Suva, Yasri
This study aims to 1) analyze the effect of security on Tokopedia’s consumer trust in the city of Padang, 2) analyze the effect of electronic word of mouth on Tokopedia’s consumer trust in the city of Padang, 3) analyze the effect of security on Tokopedia consumer purchasing decisions in the city of...
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The Effect Transformational Leadership, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Culture on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB): Organizational Commitment as an Intervening Variable

Yosefina, Yasri, Abror
The purpose of this research was to find out the impact of transformational leadership, the culture of the organization, and job satisfaction toward OCB with Organization Commitment as Interventing. This research was held in the Public Hospital of Dr. Achmad Mochtar Bukittinggi for 197 nurses who carry...