Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Health and Education 2019 (SOHE 2019)

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What Are Discourse Markers?

Jiahuang Chen
Discourse markers, for a very long time, had been regarded as the detritus of a discourse, useless, meaningless and unworthy of academic attention. In tandem with discourse analysis and pragmatics in the last five decades, discourse markers have been attracting more and more attentions from scholars....
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Ontological Character of the Language Actualization of Temporality in the Political Discourse

Flera Ya. Khabibullina, Iraida G. Ivanova, Galina A. Trapeznikova
The article deals with the temporal localization of language from the standpoint of a fundamental ontology in political discourse on the example of grammatical means of expression of futurality in the difference-structured languages. The grammatical means of the different-structural languages are studied...
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The Effect Of Paul Gauguin’s Life On His Works In Different Stages

Yuyuan Yang, Mei Yang
Paul Gauguin is an outstanding artist. He has a unique style of painting, so he has been one of three most famous post-impressionism painters.There are four stages in his life, His works have different characteristics in every stage.His yearning for the primitive life and his special experiences had...
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An Eco-linguistic Perspective to Look at “Add Oil”

Lan He
“Add oil” is commonly used in Chinese to express encouragement, incitement or support with the meaning “go” or “go for it!” Currently, “add oil” has been included in Oxford English Dictionary, which is a significant event of a bit surprise. Since the Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008, some translators...
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Characteristics of Stream of Consciousness from the Anaphoric Perspective

Huifang Zuo
This paper, founded on the Accessibility Theory and the Mental Space Theory, aims to explore how anaphora contributes to reinforcing the features of the stream of consciousness narration by studying the short story Dill Pickle by Katherine Mansfield, mainly from the perspectives of dynamic fluidity of...
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Socialist Culture with Chinese Characteristics under the Perspective of Cultural Diversity

Ning Qu
The cultural construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics has been the vital part of the rejuvenation of nation. With increasing globalization, is it necessary to maintain the development of cultural diversity? How to construct the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics is premised...
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Analysis of Role of Standardization in Establishing On-line Government Services Platforms

Xiaowen Xu
The standardization of on-line government services platforms signifies much to license issuing agencies, which seek streamlining routines and increasing efficiency. This article analyzes the role of standardization in online government services platforms from three aspects by elaborating on the necessity...
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On Yiyang Disyllabic Tone Sandhi in Hunan Province

Fen Zhang, Qi Gong
The paper aims at analyzing the tone sandhi in Yiyang (hereafter YY in short) Dialect. It will describe the citation tones and sandhi phenomena in YY dialect, and then generally summarize the rules of disyllabic tone sandhi. YY tone sandhi is related to the interaction between light syllable and stressed...
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On Li Yu’s Ecological Aesthetic Viewpoint of Nature-Oriented Diet Principle and Humanitarian Feelings in Cooking

Limei Li, Guoqing Li, Weixia Luan
This paper discusses and analyzes Li Yu’s ecological aesthetic viewpoint of nature-oriented diet principle. The discussion is carried out from the following two aspects. One is Li Yu’s ecological aesthetic viewpoint about vegetable-first diet, and the other about his ecological aesthetic humanistic feelings...
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The Causes of the Decline of Violent Crimes in Victorian London

Yumei Tan
Violent crimes have a long-term decline trend in London. In Victorian London, with the fast development of urbanization, the increasing number of rural people moved to London to pursue their fortune, it was thought that the urbanization would cause serious crimes. However, in London, the violent crimes...
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An Evaluation of the Effect of Community Rehabilitation Service for Youth with Mental Disorder in China

Zhen Liu, Manman He
At the present stage, there are a large number of youth over 14 years old with mental disorders in China, which has not yet attracted attention from the practice and research. At the same time, the rehabilitation system for this group of youth is lacking in China, including a lack of national policies...
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A Comparative Study on Online Searching Platforms for Missing Children in China

Yanping Yu, Qiru Guo
In this paper, eight typical online searching platforms for missing children in China are compared and analyzed from the aspects of participants involved in searching, targeted group of people, ways of searching as well as advantages and disadvantages. According to the comparative analysis on the similarities...
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Data Thinking for Quality Evaluation of University Internationalization Development in China

Xiaojing Wu, Chia-Hung Wang
This paper investigates the internationalization evaluation for colleges and universities in China. We analyze the shortcomings in the construction of informatization platforms for international development quality evaluation. We propose a data view on international development quality evaluation for...
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Application of Functionalist Theory to the C-E Translation of Dalian Tourism Texts

Limei Yang
With the development of international tourism in China and the globalization around the whole world, China is expected to receive an increasing number of tourists from home and abroad. Therefore, C-E tourism translation has become increasingly important. Therefore, properly translated tourism texts are...
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Return of Traditions—College English Reading Class Based on Adapted Readers

Lianshuang Wang
College English Reading Class is a traditional English class for improving students’ reading performance. As an English reading teacher, the author has tried several different kinds of reading materials in this class including traditional reading textbooks, selected passages and articles from the internet,...
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Blended Teaching Practice of College English Reading under the Guidance of Outcome-Based Education

Jianhua Sun
In the era of “Internet +”, Outcome-Based Education (OBE) provides achievable and predictable outcomes for the College English Reading teaching, while Blended Learning introduces the teaching approaches combined with online and offline teaching activities to achieve the specified outcomes. The essay...
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Approaches to Alleviating Anxiety in English Vocabulary Learning

Hui Wang
Vocabulary is the foundation of a language, and vocabulary learning is the most important part of language learning. For a language learner, the size of vocabulary directly affects his comprehensive English ability. Quite a few students are not very good at English learning and expression, which is actually...
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On the MTI Teaching from the Perspective of AI——Comparing Computer Language with English Language

Xin Xiong, Yixuan Wang
The rapid development of MAT & MAI under artificial intelligence (AI) has brought new opportunities and challenges to the cultivation of MTI talents. Under the situation of a single foreign language discipline, the MTI talent training model can no longer meet the needs of specialized talents in the rapidly...
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Problems and Improving Countermeasures on Special Education Teacher Training——A Case Study of Special Education Key Teachers’ Training Program in National Training Plan

Chang Li, Ze Wang
China has paid high attention on special education teachers’ overall quality in recent years. But there are still some realistic problems in the national special education teacher training, such as the limit of training objects, the deviation of goals, the broad of contents and the simplification of...
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The Analysis of Different Health Worker Capacity Building Methods and Primary Result in "Belt and Way" Medical Aid Project

Ling Zhang, Xubin Zhu, Luoxi Xiao, Mingjing Tang, Houtong Liu, Yi Shi, Lin Duo, Zhi Luo
Objective To explore the preliminary results of different training forms for Cambodian medical staff in the China “Caring Action” project. Method Between December 2017 and March 2019, cross-sectional survey method.The relevant literature on health human resources training for past five years has been...
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Application of the Comparative Teaching Method in Teaching Computer Programming Languages

Zhengming Gao, Juan Zhao
The C and Java language programing courses are both core courses for undergraduate students majored in the computer science and technology, the former course is taught in grade one and the latter in grade two. Teaching and learning Java language programming after C language, the C language is both beneficial...
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Comparative Analysis of Graded Diagnosis(2015-2017) in China

Yuanyuan Kang, Sheng Li, Liang Du
Objective: To compare the implementation of grading diagnosis in Chines "Health Statistics 2016" and "Health Statistics 2018", in order to understand the implementation of the first stage of grading diagnosis, and provide scientific basis to improve the grading diagnosis in future. Methods: Adopt Descriptive...
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Building Electronic Health Record using Voice Recognition and Big Data Techniques

Gangmin Li, Yifu Qian, Yingjian Huang, Jiamin Chen, Xuming Bai
Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a foundation for any intelligent diagnose and medical data analytics. In our previous research, we discovered that the existing EHR in clinic mainly manually created by physicians are seriously fraud. They are too sample, containing serious mistakes and far from accurate....
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Study on the Influence of Urban Roadside Trees Canopy on Mental Health of Different Age Groups

Junfang Xie, Binyi Liu
The development of urban green space is closely related to the health of human settlements. As an important part of urban green space system, urban roadside trees play an important role in improving urban ecological environment, residents' physical and mental health and quality of life. How to design...
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Effect of Tai Chi Exercises on the Balance, Functional Gait, and Flexibility of Elderly Filipino Males

Sheng Chen
The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of a 16-week Tai Chi Chuan exercise program on the balance, functional gait and sit-and-reach flexibility among selected elderly Filipino males. This research utilized a one-group pre-test and post-test quasi-experimental design. Forty healthy male...
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A Memory Mechanism Based on Strongly Connected Neuron Network

Jingjing Xu, Song Ge, Shengyong Xu
Several memory models have been presented, including the working memory concept, the associative memory, the parallel distributed processing model, the model for adaptive control of thought and the concept for retrieving effectively from memory (REM). Recently, more efforts were made in gene and molecular...
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Exploration on the Teaching Mode of Engineering Students Based on the Cultivation of Innovative Talents

Jingfeng He, Gang Cheng, Jie Liu
Most of China's colleges and universities focus on professional education, cultivate students' professional ability, and improve students' ability to adapt to society and serve the society.However, the current economic situation makes the entrepreneurial ability of college students become one of the...
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The Application of SSM in English Learning, Teaching and Assessment Management

Xiaoping Shen, Jiong Gao, Hulin Ren
College English learning, teaching and assessment is undertaking more than 35 years in China, among which, the educational management is debatable. The traditional way of college English Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) management is facing challenge, and thus needs to be done from a new perspective....
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Research on the Design Concept of Tourism Public Goods Supply under the Internet + Background

Wei Zhu, Jiejuan Tang
With the development of economy and technology, tourism public service has entered a new stage of development under the Internet + background. The impact of Internet + on the supply of tourism public products is embodied in the socialization, simplification, individuation, multi-domain and humanization...
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Research on the Docking of Spatial Information Technology and Tourism Teaching Based on CDIO Concept

Jiejuan Tang, Wei Zhu
Based on the analysis of the subject background, current situation and talent demand of Tourism Management Undergraduate Education in China, this paper studies and analyzes the Undergraduate Tourism Education in XX Normal University Tourism College. It is found that the Undergraduate Tourism Education...
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Teaching Practice and Discussion of "Large Class Teaching, Small Class Discussion" Based on Multiple Courses

Qingzhong Chu, Yilin Liu, Liang Zhang, Yi Yan
Large class teaching, small class discussion is a new teaching mode that is more effective in improving the quality of course teaching. This thesis summarizes the experience of “Basic Geology”, “geophysical exploration Principle” and “Petroleum Technology Economics” in the teaching practice of “Large...
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A Study of Processing Refusal Situation for Chinese Old People

Xinguo Li, Shouyuan Luo, Yaling Liu
The paper is to investigate the processing of five situations by old Chinese people. By using questionnaire and interview for five different situations, we found that there are different responses to process the refusal situations. The elder old people have the tendency to refuse in more diplomatic way,;...
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Clinical Nursing of Septic Shock Caused by Ureteral Calculi Complicated with Pyonephrosis

Fanping Meng, Aijun Wu, Yuanyuan Zhao, Lina Zhou
Objective To explore the clinical nursing of septic shock caused by ureteral calculi complicated with pyonephrosis. Methods From July 2015 to July 2018, 15 patients with septic shock caused by ureteral calculi and pyonephrosis were selected and their clinical treatment and nursing methods were summarized....
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Effects of Cinnamomum Camphora Forest Environment on Elderly Patients with Hypertension: Implications for Adjunctive Therapy

Qing Wu, Qingdong Huang, Zhuomei Chen, Yongbao Cao, Genxiang Mao, Jianhua Dong, Sanying Wang, Xiaoling Lv, Guofu Wang
Objectives: Increasing evidence demonstrates the benefits of forest environment on human health. However, the effect of tree-species-specific forest environment on human health was rarely studied. As one of the medical plants, cinnamomum camphora (C. camphora) have been found to possess anti-inflammatory...
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Research on the Role of Private Hospitals in the Medical and Health System Reform in China

Fengsen Song
China medical and health resources have been facing the dilemma of uneven distribution and long-term shortage due to our vast territory, large population and unbalanced development among regions. Therefore, private hospitals have emerged as the times require, and gradually developed into an important...
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Communication, Cognition and Experience: Three Basic Dimensions of Reviewing Music Education Process

Boqiang Luan
Music education whose core is appreciating beauty embodies three basic dimension: communication, cognition and experience. As the basis of music education, communication is established during the process of teaching where teacher and students who share the same subjectivity as human being using the same...
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Application of Fast Rehabilitation Surgery in Perioperative Nursing of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Yongfeng Xu, Min Zhang
Objective: To explore the effect of rapid rehabilitation surgery (FTS) in perioperative nursing of patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC). Methods: 110 LC patients who volunteered to participate in this study from September 2015 to January 2016 in our department were randomly divided in...
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Exploration of Introducing GIS Application into Landscape Architecture Curriculum

Ruoying Tang
Based on the current educational situation of GIS application in Chinese universities, this paper proposes that the focus point of GIS teaching in landscape architecture field should be different from that of urban planning. Moreover, in this paper the teaching model of GIS course has been explored and...
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Application Value of Holistic Nursing Intervention in Nursing Care of Patients Undergoing Cholelithiasis Surgery

Fanping Meng, Min Zhang
Objective: To understand the application value of holistic nursing intervention in the nursing of patients with gallstone surgery.Methods: 80 cases of cholelithiasis patients in our hospital from April 2017 to June 2018 were randomly divided into two groups. The control group was given routine nursing...
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Research on Teaching Mode of Thermal Power Plant Course Based on TRIZ Theory

Liang Zhang, Zhiqiang Sun, Qingzhong Chu, Linchao Tian, Hemin Chen
Thermal power plant course is an important professional course closely related to the actual production of power plants. This course covers some complex and abstract theoretical knowledge such as thermal power generation, cogeneration, heat-power-cool cogeneration, etc. It is difficult to achieve the...
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Clinical Nursing of Indwelling Catheter for Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Complicated with Acute Urinary Retention

Fanping Meng, Lina Zhou, Yuanyuan Zhao, Min Zhang
Objective To study the clinical nursing of indwelling catheter for patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia complicated with acute urinary retention. Methods 40 patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia complicated with acute urinary retention who were admitted to our hospital from February 2017 to...
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Clinical Teaching Experience of Emergency Nursing Students

Fanping Meng, Lina Zhou, Yuanyuan Zhao, Min Zhang
Nursing is a comprehensive applied science with strong practicality. Its teaching process is mainly composed of classroom teaching and clinical practice. Clinical practice will enable nursing students to combine theoretical knowledge and skills learned in classroom with practice. Clinical teaching should...
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Talking about the Experience of Improving the Teaching Quality of Nursing Students during Clinical Practice Period

Min Zhang, Fanping Meng
Objective: Nursing students are the follow-up force of nursing team, the hope of future clinical nursing. Nursing students'internship is a transitional period from theoretical knowledge to clinical work. Nursing students at this stage are suffering from different degrees of tension [1], lack of understanding...
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The Simulation Classroom Teaching Reform in "MOOC + SPOC": A Case Study of E-marketing

Qinqin Shan
The paper expounded the teaching reform on fully simulated classroom of the course E-marketing under integration of “MOOC+SPOC”, analyzed its current teaching situation and problems, put forward a series of reforms and obtained some achievement in our college such as reform on curriculum arrangement,...
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More Words on Foreignization and Domestication—Dealing with Cultural Elements in Advertising Translation

Caixia Bao
In view of the target readers’ different economic, social, political and cultural backgrounds, domestication, which is aimed at better cross-cultural communication, is usually the choice, in order to achieve the purpose of successful sales promotion by easing the reader’s burden in understanding, when...
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Solutions To Common Problems In Chinese-English Translation of Graduate Students

Caixia Bao
Based on her own teaching of years, the author divides the common problems in Chinese-English translation of graduate students into four categories: disagreement of subject and predicate, wrong nominal or pronominal reference, wrong temporal reference, and overuse of finite verb form. Furthermore, from...
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The Comparison of the Role of Speaking Skills in the Direct Method, Audiolingual Method and Task-based Language Teaching

Si Li
The aim of the paper is to compare the role of speaking skills in different language teaching methods. Three teaching methods, the Direct Method, Audiolingual Method and Task-based Language Teaching are selected to show how important speaking is considered to be from the perspective of those methods,...
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Analysis of Impact Factors of Bulk Carrier Energy Efficiency Operation Index

Yifan Jang, Hailin Zheng
According to the definition of the ship energy efficiency operation index (EEOI), mathematical statistics tests are used to analyze the impact of various impact factors on the actual ship carbon emissions (including fuel type, fuel consumption, cargo volume and shipping mileage), proposing effective...
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Comparative Analysis of Ship Carbon Emission Monitoring Methods Based on MRV Rules

Linghui Yu, Hailin Zheng, Botao Fu
Transportation industry accounts for 20% of the world's energy consumption and greenhouse gas methods, and research on ship carbon emission monitoring methods can help achieve the goal of operating ship emission reduction. By analyzing the MRV rules, the four monitoring methods of BDN tracking, tank...
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Construction and Practice of the Evaluation Index System for the Maturity of Undergraduate Majors in Application-oriented Universities

Hong Li, Nan Niu
Application-oriented colleges and universities pay attention to the cultivation of application-oriented talents, and the maturity of undergraduate majors can reflect the quality of application-oriented talents trained by this major from the side. In shandong province in this paper, combined with high...
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Research on the Political Effects of Farmers' Cooperative Organizations in China

Qiumei Xu, Zexiao Yang
China’s rural society is facing great transition of history and there is a transition from the traditional rural society which has several thousand years farming’s culture to modern society. Rural interests are increasingly divided, and farmers' living needs tend to be diversified. Under this background,...
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Impact of the Combination of Second Language Acquisition and the Reduction of Students' Study and Test Anxiety

Boya Wu, Haihua Wang
Anxiety is both a mental as well as physical reaction to treat a self-idea described by subjective, deliberately conceived sentiments of pressure. Understudies have an understanding of intellectual shortages like the confusion of information or hindering of memory and review. Study anxiety isn't just...
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An Analysis on the Strategy of the Improvement of Languages Art of Tour Guides

Daibao Lu, Haiyan Zhao
With the rise of the information era, Traditional mode of interpretation of tour guides has been challenged a lot. The social status of tour guides has decreased a lot because the form of the interpretation is too plain and the contents are not sufficiently scientific and adequate as well that the oral...
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On the Anomie and the Governance Strategies of Public Opinions in Chinese New Media under the Environment of Big Data

Haiyan Zhao, Daibao Lu
The rapid development of Internet technology has brought about the superiority of big data environment and the growth of a large number of new media social tools. With the increasingly important role of new media in communication activities, more and more problems have been exposed. Behind these problems...
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Analysis of the Advantages of Small Class Teaching for English Core Literacy

Lirong Xiao
The core idea of the new curriculum renovation is: "To all, teaching students in terms of the individual aptitude" "to make every student improved" "to meet the needs of diverse types of students at various levels."[1] With the core literacy requirements of English, the extensive implementation of quality...
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The Advancing Direction of China-Russia Trade Based on Docking “The Belt and Road” and Eurasian Economic Union

Bin Pan
In May 17, 2018, China and Eurasian Economic Union signed an agreement on economic and trade cooperation with important institutional arrangements which is the first contract signed by both of them. Obviously, after The Belt and Road, this will be a new stage of institutional guidance to promote the...
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E. L. Doctorow: A Romantic Gnostic in Postmodern Context

Jiancheng Bi
One of the quintessential novelists in contemporary America, E.L. Doctorow is distinguished for his innovative juxtaposition of historical and imaginative texts, and is deservedly tagged as a “postmodern author”. Nevertheless, through thorough research on his artistic principles and literary practices,...
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Analysis on the Causes of Inequality of Essential Healthcare Services Between Urban and Rural in Sichuan Province

Xing Gong, Lan Luo
Essential healthcare services in Sichuan province has problem with inequality. And it prevents the balanced development of economic and people’s health. In order to improve the current situation of the inequality of essential healthcare services between urban and rural areas in Sichuan province, this...
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Study on the Construction of Multiple Settlement Mechanism of Intellectual Property Disputes in Pilot Free Trade Zone----Taking Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone as an Example

Yuhong Wang, Xiaojie Song, Ruirui Zhang, Gang Ye
In the course of the development of China’s Pilot Free Trade Zone, with the increase of new kinds of professional and complex intellectual property cases, the parties’ demands for resolving disputes are becoming more and more diverse. Therefore, it is of great significance to build up the multiple settlement...
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Application of Hybrid Teaching Method in English Teaching

Xiaofei Yang
The development of technology has enabled for blended teaching and learning processes in colleges among students effectively. The teaching of English language requires the use of correct processes that enable students to capture certain ideas and concepts in English successfully. This paper evaluates...
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Financial Problems and Corresponding Solutions to the Model of "Shared Economy"——Take Shared Bicycle as an Example

Ruoyu Xu
With the development of the global economy and the maturity of mobile internet technology, the concept of "shared economy" is gradually gaining popularity. At the same time, the commercial market has undergone tremendous changes, giving birth to a series of products under the mode of shared economy....
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Analysis of Independent Director System and Effectiveness of Company Management

Heng Wang
The establishment of independent director system can effectively supervise and manage, safeguard the rights and interests of legal shareholders, and improve the effectiveness of company management. In the meanwhile, the practice of independent directors in China still has a lot of problems and deficiencies,...
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A Comparison of Syntactic Complexity between College English Textbooks and English Engineering Textbooks

Qingwen Chen, Xin Cheng
This paper reports on the comparison of syntactic complexity between College English textbooks and one of the English engineering textbooks, the marine diesel engine textbook. By Syntactic Complexity Analyzer (L2SCA), we obtain 14 measures from 5 dimensions. There are three findings: the analysis of...
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Case Studies on the Effects of English Language Learning by the Effective Use of the Internet and Learning Strategies

Xianghu Liu, Lin Zhu
Motivation is one of the most crucial factors for students to study and for teachers to teach efficiently therefore it is necessary for teachers and students to use it during the teaching and learning period. This research project was conducted at the ABC School, Shenyang City, Liaoning province, China....
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Reflection on the Strategy of Financial Support for Rural Revitalization

Xiaoyan Shao
China is an agricultural country. Agriculture, rural areas and farmers are the fundamental issues related to the national economy and people's livelihood. The rural revitalization strategy put forward at the 19th CPC national congress is an important measure to promote agricultural development and rural...
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Collocational Competence of English as a Foreign Language of Economics Students

Svetlana Alikova, Marina Samoilova
The article is devoted to collocational competence and ascertaining the difficulties associated with its mastery by students of economic specialties. It deserves the attention of teachers of English as a foreign language. The purpose of the work is the analysis of theoretical positions in the field of...
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On the Role of Archival Work in Talent Cultivation at Colleges

Yonghong Xiao
College archives are important cultural resources, which play an indispensable role in talent cultivation. Colleges and universities should fully tap into the cultural connotation of archives. The important role can be embodied from six aspects: constructing educational resource environment, strengthening...
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Research on Influence of Animations on Leftover Children of China——Taking Anhui Region as an Example

Jun Wu, Chang-Chieh Shih
Starting from the characters that have appeared frequently in animations in recent years, the researcher has carried out a questionnaire survey among 658 children ages between 8 and 14 (454 leftover children and 204 non-leftover children) in Anhui Province to explore the influence of animations on the...
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Research on Marketing Strategy of Boonie Bears Series Animation

Jun Wu, Wei Bi, Jiede Wu
The Research takes the most popular series of animation works of Boonie Bears in China as the research object by SWOT, 4P theory, PEST and Five-capacity and other analysis methods to research marketing strategy. The results show that the products of the series are abundant, the price is reasonable, the...
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Analysis of the Excellent Teaching Policy of British Higher Education Basing on the Multi-sources Theory

Xinlei Yu
How teaching excellence issues enter the vision of decision makers is the key to understanding why the latest policies for excellence in teaching are being released quickly. This paper adopts the perspective of multi-source flow model to analyze the policy of excellent teaching. The research shows that...
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Parenting Styles as a Gateway for Girls Education Accomplishment: A Case Study of Female African and Asian Students in a Chinese University

Happy Joseph Shayo
This study investigated the relationship between parenting styles and educational achievement with respect to intrinsic motivation to achieve. A total of 38 female students from Africa and Asia in a Chinese university filled in a self-reported questionnaire and six among them were interviewed to examine...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of the Development of Air Transport Industry in China

Min Feng, Jingwen Yang
A brief review of relevant research results on the factors affecting the development of air transport industry at home and abroad. The influencing factors and impacting mechanism of air transport development in China are discussed from three aspects: supply side and demand side and the fluctuation of...
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Research on Data Structure Course Teaching System Based on Open Teaching Model

Lasheng Yu, Xiaopeng Zheng, Ye Biao
Data Structure is an important basic course for computer science and other information related majors. It carries a tremendous responsibility for cultivating students' computer program design capabilities and computational thinking skills. This article mainly discusses how to develop students' learning...
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An Investigation and Analysis on the Improvement of Primary School Students’ Learning Accomplishment by Attending Innovation Course, Based on the SOLO Taxonomy and Analytic Hierarchy Process

Leilei Dong, Jing Wang, Wei Li, Jixin Cao, Lei Bao
Scientific literacy is particularly important for primary school students. The textbook "play with science" made by the second affiliated primary school of Shandong university is a pilot teaching of science and innovation. To examine the course degree to the promotion of students’ learning quality, our...
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Research on the Relationship Among Pay Equity, Employee Engagement and Job Performance

Xinliang Han
Companies at the same time of saving the cost of human resources, how to grasp in saving the cost of human resources and the balance of salary incentive, is difficult to solve problems, in the economic development in the new period, the study of the balance of cost and salary incentive is guarantee the...
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A Study on the Development Stage of Micro-enterprises in Taiwan and Government Guidance Measures

Chun-Liang Chen, Jiede Wu
The purpose of this study is to identify the different strategies employed by micro-enterprises supporting the government funding with differing development life cycles. This paper used a multiple-case study method to exploring and understanding the conditions and practical phenomena of the case subjects...
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The Development of Students’ Multiculturalism in College Public English Teaching

Yan Li
With the development of economic globalization, the influence of culture on people is becoming more and more obvious. Diversified culture can bring diversified experience to students and broaden their horizons, which is of great help to the expansion of students' knowledge reserve and horizon. However,...
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An Analysis on Chinese Elements in Hollywood Movies

Jianhua Sun
In the past few years, more and more Chinese elements are presented in Hollywood English movies, which implies the importance of Chinese elements in Hollywood movies is improving. The phenomenon occurs partly because China movie industry plays a more and more important role in the world’s movie industry,...
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An Empirical Study of the Instrument for the Project-based College English Classroom Environment Construction and Evaluation

Xiaoshu Xu
With the development of the education internationalization, the teaching modes of college English are becoming more and more diversified, and Project-based teaching method is one of the most powerful ones. In order to evaluate the college English classroom environment, how the construct an effective...
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The Subversion of Gender, the Immensity of Desire: ——A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie

Xiaoshu Xu
The Swedish playwright August Strindberg has been deemed highly as one of the founders of the modern theater. He established his reputation as an outstanding modern dramatist with Miss Julie, which demonstrates his preoccupation with what he considered to be the elemental and inevitable conflict between...
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On Application of Theme-Rheme Theory in English-Chinese Legal Contract Discourse Translation

Xiaoxuan Du
In international trade and commerce, contract plays a vital role to standardize behaviors of the two parties. Therefore, we could not neglect contract translation which has a great influence on the understanding of the contract and the orderly trade. By carrying out research on theme-rheme theory and...
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A Corpus-based Study of the Validity of Cloze Test in CET-4

Jing Li
The primary purpose of this paper, based on the test paper from 2016 to 2018, is to provide the evidence to demonstrate the validity of the cloze test in CET-4. The quantitative analysis is applied to illustrate that the figures of type-token ratio (TTR) account for the validity of blanked cloze testing...