Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Social Science and Contemporary Humanity Development

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Analysis of the Relationship between Culture, Economy and Politics

Fu-Jiang Sun
Culture refers to the consciousness about life and social relations in economic and political activities in a society, including values, social consciousness and morality. Economic and political practices are the basis and container of culture, while thoughts about and understanding of economic and political...
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Analysis on Present Situation and Countermeasures of Pension Service Industry in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei

Mei-Qi Feng, Cui-You Yao, Yan-Hong Yang, Yong-Gang Zhang
The aging population in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is currently accelerating sharply and in the stage of rapid development, then the development of pension services industry problem comes out. Although the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration process continues to promote, there are still many problems...
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Study on the Impact of Pension Institutions Needs and Measures--Case in Hangzhou

Tian-Zhou Ren, Dai Fu, Yuan Lin
The aging population in Hangzhou is becoming larger and larger, and the old-age pension institutions are becoming an important supplement to the elderly. In May 2016, the results of the group's survey on the willingness and demand of the elderly in Hangzhou showed that the willingness of the elderly...
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Study on the Application of Data Visualization in Public Administration

Qian-Hui Jia, Chen Li, De Long Gao
Now, human society has entered a new historical stage - the era of big data. Big data makes people's way of thinking, behavior patterns, management ideas fully innovated, which contains great potential for application and innovation in the field of public management. As the dominate data occupant, the...
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Study on Countermeasures from the Perspective of Imbalance Between Supply and Demand of China's institutional pension

Xiao-Ning Zhu, Mei-Feng You
Given the context of several social challenges, such as aging, old aging, sickness and disabilities, China has to focus on the reformation of institutional pension system. Compared with developed countries, China was involved in this "Silver Wave" before well developed. As one of the most important components...
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Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Doctor-Patient Communication from the Perspective of Interpersonal Communication

Chen Li, Li Wang
In this paper, we discuss problems in the process of doctor-patient communication through observational and in-depth interviewing method, from the perspective of interpersonal communication. The study find that cognitive dissonance, a lack of communication opportunities and interpersonal skills in medical...
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Reinvented Maidenhead in Commercialized Marriage: A Cultural Perspective on The Custom of the Country

Wan-Zhu Ouyang
Despite female employment in certain professions, most women before feminist movement, especially those from leisure class, practically resorted to marriage as a means of procuring financial support and domestic security, and thus being reduced to inferior status in domestic life in exchange for accepted...
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The Tragic Love of an Aristocratic Lady-----On Personality Distortion of Miss Emily

Zhi Deng
In A Rose for Emily written by William Faulkner, the heroine Miss Emily, kills her lover and stores the corpse at home for several decades. Miss Emily seems morbid, however, she is a tragic character who calls for sympathy. This essay is in an attempt to construe her murder case as an outcome of personality...
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On the Variant Character and the Determination of the Relationship between Variant Character

Jian-Yu Liu
The variant character includes two types: Characters with Alternative Configurations and Characters with Alternative Writings, the configurational principle of the former is the same while the latter is different. The main reason of the emergence of variant character should be attributed to the relentless...
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Research on the Feasibility and Methods of Increasing Judiciary Credibility with the New Media in China

Min Chen, Dao-Yong Tu
The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly put forward the requirement of fully promoting the rule of law, and set "the steadily enhancement of judicial credibility" as one of the goals of comprehensively building a well-off society in China. Thus it becomes a key issue for the...
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A Study on English Language Economics of Electronic Commerce

Ming-Yun Chi
Based on the analysis of the theory of linguistic economics, this paper puts forward the principles of linguistic Economics. The paper points out that electronic business English is closely related to economic globalization and electronics, and embodies the principle of saving energy, and the principle...
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Research on the Relationship between Regional Culture and Street Furniture Design

Yu Qian
This paper is to clarify the interaction between regional culture and street furniture and introduce cultural symbols to furniture design. First of all, this paper analyzed the status quo of street furniture and focused on the two problems in its design- being unsystematic and lacking regional cultural...
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Inheritance and Innovation of Chinese Traditional Culture in Modern Design

Guo Chen
This article is finding the relationship between traditional culture and modern design. Through the analysis of four concepts of creating things in Chinese traditional culture, we are finding four ways to combine with past and present. To design industrial products with Chinese characteristics, we need...
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Functional Equivalence in Kinship Terms Translation --A Case of Shapiro's Outlaws of the Marsh

Fen Gao
Considering the historical and cultural differences between Chinese and English, translators may encounter some obstacles when translating kinship terms from Chinese to English. Thus, the present author is devoted to studying their translations with the case of Shapiro's Outlaws of the Marsh from the...
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A Study of the Daoism's Concept of Dao

Qing Ming
A key concept of Chinese traditional culture is Dao, which incorporates, in some form and to some degree, all Chinese philosophical Daoism, religious Daoism, philosophy of the Book of Changes and Neo-confucianist major ideas. One who wants to study Chinese traditional philosophy and religion deeply,...
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Study on the Women's Splicing Design

Ze-Yang Peng
According to the problem that how to use the splicing in women's clothing design, this paper presents a scheme of using a method to combine theory and practice by designing three sets of women's clothing as an example. Based on the subject characteristics of the "women`s splicing design", this paper...
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A Comparative Study of the Individual Philanthropic Cultures between China and America

Qin-Pei Fan
There are deep-rooted philanthropic cultures in both America and China. However, a large gap in the individual philanthropic achievements still exists between the two countries. This thesis aims to analyze the cultural elements that influence the individuals to contribute to philanthropy through making...
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Relationship between Cloud Pattern and Female during the Ming and Qing Dynasties

Wen-Jiao Li, Hui Tao
Cloud pattern has profound cultural connotation and unique decoration significance, and it is a popular clothing decoration pattern during the Ming and Qing period. This paper analyzes the origin and era characteristics of cloud pattern in Ming and Qing period. And putting shoes and cloud shoulder as...
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A Study of Chinese-English Menu Translation in Light of Skopos Theory

Xiao-Qing Sun, Jia-Lu Sun
Based on the analysis of main viewpoints of Skopos Theory, this paper puts forward two principles of Chinese-English menu translation and recommends five specific strategies.
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Chinese Culture Value Identity and Patriotism Spirit

Li Liu, Shuang Sai
The Chinese cultural value agree with the Chinese nation is Chinese culture to the value of the tendency to consensus and recognition. By multiple culture shock, college students group for the Chinese cultural value agree with the reality of declined significantly with each passing day. In light of the...
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On Translation Equivalence from the Perspective of Cultural Gaps

Lei Dai
Translation is intrinsically not only inter-lingual but also intercultural communication. So exploration of how to translate will inevitably touch upon the cultural gaps. In fact, the substantial challenge with translation derives far more from the cultural than the linguistic dimension. Judging from...
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Interpreting the Motif of The Son from America from the Historical Perspective

Xin Huang
As an American Jewish writer with great reputation, Issac Bashevis Singer has published a number of novels and short story collections, always adhering to the Jewish characteristics in his writing which reveals Jews' tragic destiny. The Son from America, one of Singer's best-known short stories, vividly...
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Analysis on Literary Narrative Force of Male Images Aiming to Female Tragedy in Madame Bovary

Man Zhai
Female tragedy, as a part of patriarchal discourse, is not only the existence of an exit for female to release their muffled desires, but also a structural existence. Behind the female tragedy lies the construction of human by discourse. By creating the existence of others to cover the vacancy in real...
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Tennessee Williams' Ecological Awareness in His Plays

Guo-Ping An
As an American dramatist, Tennessee Williams has been regarded as one of the greatest playwrights after Eugene O'Neill in the 20th century. With the popularity of eco-criticism, his ecological awareness has aroused researchers' concern. This paper attempts to explore Williams' ecological awareness from...
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The Historic Orientation of the Development of Media Technology of Social Development of Mankind in Modern Times

Yan-Ran Ding
Variegated world under traditional polygon prism, it is the driving force of Social Development of Mankind in Modern Times, which is also the historic footprint it carries through, media is spurring the future of globalization with its digitalization. It conceals the original meaning of life and man's...
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Religious Belief, Disaster Awareness, and Disaster Response: Findings and Implication For Disaster Risk Reduction

Lei Sun, Yan Deng, Wen-Hua Qi
Through reviewing the literature about religion belief and natural disaster, this paper argues that religious belief is an important contextual and identity factor in how religious persons understand, interpret, and respond to natural disasters. Religious belief can impact the public's disaster response...
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Impact of World Heritage Declaration on Guangzhou Residents' Sense of Place

Wen Jian
This paper investigates Guangzhou residents' sense of place, focusing on the impact of world heritage declaration as an external event by using a five-point Likert-type scale with a series of statements listed. We have found that Guangzhou's world heritage declaration has strengthened residents' place...
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Behind Contrastive Identity Prioritizations: A Moral Reconciliation between Confucian and Utilitarian Ethics

Xi-Yan Lyu
This paper is based upon some common facts of identity prioritizations. It aims to explain how observance of Confucian ethics leads to prioritizations of relational and family identities, and how observance of utilitarian ethics leads to prioritizations of independent and friend identities. The author...
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An Exploration of Self-love, Self-Annihilation, and Faith in Pascal's Pensées

Jia-Ying Yu
In the Pensées, Pascal introduces the idea of the imaginary self versus the real self. He states that it is impossible for us to love the substance of a person's soul, and it would also be wrong to do so. Our inability to find the essence of the soul is attributed to our corrupted nature, while the wrongness...
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Shijing, Pingdian and Cognitive Poetics

He Lin, Jing Du
This article discusses the effectiveness of cognitive poetic frameworks like figure-ground, mental space, and prototype which are implied in and evidenced by traditional literary interpretations in the Chinese critical tradition. With examples from Shijing, it points out the relevance between cognitive...
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Evaluation the Television Dramas Ranking Using the Bayes' theorem

Bo-yang Lu, Ji Li, Yin-zhu Chen, Hang Xu
With the development of the TV industry, the prediction of the TV drama is becoming more and more important. In recent years, large data analysis has gradually developed, so through large data to analysis the trend of TV drama will be the greatest extent to accelerate the development of the TV industry....
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The Impact of Ethical Leadership on Work-to-family Enrichment

Lin Qiu
The present study investigates the impact of ethical leadership as perceived by followers on their work-to-family enrichment (WFE) by focusing on the mediating role of job autonomy and work engagement. The results from a survey of 186 working adults in China provide support for the hypotheses, indicating...
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On the Modern Value of Tourism Poetry in Tang Dynasty from the Perspective of Tourism Science

Li-Xia Zhao
This paper attempts to explore the modern value of tourism poetry in the Tang Dynasty from the perspective of tourism, which has far-reaching influence on the Tang Dynasty poetry. In this paper, by means of inductive statistics, comprehensive analysis, classification and other methods, and the use of...
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Application of Tuckman's Model in the Community Folk Team Management in Community Education

Jie Zhen
Tuckman's model describes the five stages of group development. Each stage has its own characteristics and it should be managed according to the features. The model has been widely used in various of organizations. We apply Tuckman's model to the community non-governmental organization with the specific...
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A Research on Collaborative Innovation Platform for University Environmental Big Data

Li Zhou
The collaborative innovation platform for environmental big data assembles R&D capabilities from many fields of expertise such as computer science and technology, IOT engineering, network engineering and software engineering, together with professional techniques like environmental protection computer...
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Plights and Outlets of Improving Teachers Curriculum Leadership in Rural Areas in Western China

Yan-Mei Song
Teachers' curriculum leadership research has been becoming a hot area. Investigation shows that there are many plights in rural area in western China, including poor awareness, lacking effective professional training, lower ability and level in leadership, lagged curriculum leadership system and so on....
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Research on the Innovation of MBA Talents' Training Mode -- Based on the Perspective of Double Helix Structure

Xin Su, Hui Zhang, Peng-Zhi Kong
The key of talent cultivation is the innovation of talent training mode. "Cooperative" training model emphasizes the importance of postgraduate educational practice, so this paper constructs an operable three party collaborative training mode of the model of school-enterprise-government based on the...
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Research on the Construction of Overseas China Law Library under "the Belt and Road" Background

Wei Liu
China law library is an important information security under "the Belt and Road" Background, it opens a window for the world to understand and perceive the legal culture of China. It is conducive to the dissemination and exchange of Chinese legal culture, and expand the international influence of the...
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Research on Teaching Mode of Landscape Design Course Practice Based on Folk Regional Cultural Heritage

Ying-Ying Xiao, Ding Han
At present, the convergence of Chinese urban landscape is getting more serious because of various complicated reasons; however, the origin is that, the design is separated from the site due regional cultural connotation. Culture develops in certain geographical environment, among which, landscape, as...
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The Pluralistic Integration of Concept, Layout, Pattern and Mechanism ——the Exploration and Practice of Economic and Management Degree Graduate Education

Jing-Wen Ma, Zeng-Jun Gu
In order to better promote the rapid development of economic management class professional degree education, we explored the idea of Economic Management Training professional degree graduate education, planning a degree education strategic layout. Then we constructed Postgraduate Education modes, including...
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Empirical Study of Tracking down the Upper-Reaches &Lower-Reaches Suspects in the Drug-Related Cases in Shaanxi Province of the People's Republic of China

Min Chen, Dao-Yong Tu
Drug-related crimes, which threaten the existence and development of human being, have become a major social problem in China in recent years. This study focuses on the traits of drug-related crimes, discusses on how to effectively track down the upper-reaches and lower-reaches suspects in the drug-related...
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A Study on the Ecology of the College Listening-and-Speaking Classroom

Ting Chen
This paper analyzes the constructional and functional unbalance in the college listening-and-speaking classroom and proposes the model of mutualism and competition and the model of bionics to maintain the ecological balance in the classroom so as to promote the teaching-and-learning quality.
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Today's College Students' Mobile Internet Usage-- Based on the Analysis of the Investigation of College Students in Beijing

Wen-Yong Leng
This research focused on current situation of the usage of mobile internet of college students in Beijing with a delicately designed questionnaire. We studied the time lengths, frequencies, purposes of mobile internet usage and their physical locations when the users got online besides the Apps most...
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Humorous Teaching in College English Class

Lin Kang
This essay is talking about the humorous teaching in college English class. "Humor" is an effective way to improve the students' interests during class. English teachers ought to realize the importance of using humor effectively during class, and learn to how to use it correctly. If the humor is chosen...
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On the Integration of Confucian Culture and College Students' Management

Jian-Ming Liu
College Student Management is an important part of higher education management. The traditional Confucian culture, which has been handed down for more than five thousand years, still has the value of reference for the management of contemporary colleges and universities. This article applies the management...
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Review on the Research Status of International Exchanges and Cooperation of Private Universities in China

Mei-Ling Guo, Shui-Ping Huang
International exchanges and cooperation of private universities is an important part of higher education international exchanges and cooperation. As there is no overall and systematic research yet on international exchanges and cooperation of private universities, it is necessary to conduct an overall...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Practical Teaching in Independent Colleges

Ya-Song Liu, Jie Gao, Jing-Guang Wei
The Independent college teacher structure is characterized by a large proportion of young teachers and old teachers, and the proportion of middle-aged teachers is relatively small, therefor the teacher structure should be strengthened by hiring technical backbone to enrich the practical teaching team...
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A Discussion on the Privacy in Electronic Commerce

Xiang-Nan Li
Consumers' privacy is an issue of common concern in electronic commerce. By reviewing the current situation of e-commerce, the methods of collecting private information were presented, and consumers' freedom and sensitivity of treating personal information were discussed. On this basis, the FTC industry...
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Cultivation of Aesthetic Feeling in Music Teaching Class of Primary and Middle Schools

Ying-Ying Xian, Dong-Ni Sun
With the continuous development of music aesthetic education in primary and middle schools in China, higher requirements have been put forward on the students' music aesthetic feeling education according to the talent development concept of the 21stcentury.Music aesthetic education is not only an important...
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A Study on the Current Status of Physical Activities Among Secondary School Graduation Classes by Taking 5  Secondary Schools in Wuhan Economic Development Zone as An Example

Jian-Long Qian
Through questionnaire investigation and literature studies, an investigation of the ex-curricular sports activities of the student in 5 high schools, in 25 graduating class was conducted. The results showed as follows: Physical concepts of Schools and teachers is fall behind, unreasonable teaching time...