Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Science, Education Management and Sports Education

1391 authors
Zhao, Lei
The Research on Open Online Courses in China——Content Analysis of High Impact Factor Journals (2002-2013)
Zhao, Lei
Bilingual Teaching Reform Ideas of International Business from Experience of Visiting US Classroom Teaching
Zhao, M.
Research on Construction of College Students' Social Practice Base
Zhao, M.
Practice and Exploration of educational Work of University Graduate——Taking Harbin Institute of Technology Traffic Institute as an Example
Zhao, Meitian
The Predicament and Countermeasures during Sustainable Development of Our Resource-oriented Cities
Zhao, Meitian
Strengthen the Role of Industry Associations and Promote the Development of Foreign Trade
Zhao, Pengfei
Innovative Apprenticeship in Qingyuan Polytechnic
Zhao, Ping
Exploration on Multiple Cultural Characteristics and Social Value of Chinese Nationality Sport
Zhao, Qun
Differential Frequency Hopping Signal Detection Based on HHT
Zhao, R.Y.
A Novel Teaching Strategy for Professional English Course for Automation Bachelor Program in Current Universities
Zhao, Weihong
The Research on Structural Dimensions of Institutional Regulation of Place Branding
Zhao, X.A.
A Systemic Functional Approach to Code-switching in Chinese Magazines
Zhao, Xiaojing
Research on Interactive Teaching Community of Autonomous Learning via Metacognitive Strategy
Zhao, Xiaojing
Research on Blending Teaching of Metacognitive Strategy in MOOCS Era
Zhao, Xiaokang
Private Colleges in China: Their Core Competences and Future Development
Zhao, Y.B.
Study of Typical Equipment Health Monitoring of Rocket Filling System
Zhao, Y.F.
Analysis of the Communication Effect of Mobile Internet Advertising
Zhao, Yu
Exploration on the Teaching Reform of International Marketing Course
Zhao, Yue
Perspectives of Finland Female Design Education based on Finland Design Development
Zhao, Z.Y.
Study of Typical Equipment Health Monitoring of Rocket Filling System
Zhao, Z.Y.
A Scheduling and Cooperation Mechanism of Simulation Task
Zhao, Zehai
Estimation of Hyper-Parameters Based on Logit-Normal Model
Zhao, Zheng
A Brief Analysis of E.E. Cummings’s Poem from the Style as Foregrounding
Zheng, Caiyun
Research on relationship of network embeddedness and logistics enterprises service innovation performance—based on the dynamic capability
Zheng, H.B.
Design and Development of Analysis Tools of Uniform Angle Index
Zheng, H.B.
Design and Development of Analysis Tools of Minglings
Zheng, Kang
Study on “Government-Industry-University-Research-Financial-Technology Intermediary” Six in One Coordinated Development Mode
Zheng, W.B.
Education System Construction of Building Environment and Energy Engineering Facing the Actual Engineering
Zheng, Zhan
Study on “Government-Industry-University-Research-Financial-Technology Intermediary” Six in One Coordinated Development Mode
Zheng, Ziwan
Research of Social Engineering Attacks in Telecommunications Fraud
Zhong, L.S.
The Formation Mechanism and Model Construction of Border County Tourism Competitiveness in China
Zhong, Sheng
The Study of Integrated Information Platform Construction in Disaster Medicine Management
Zhou, Guomin
Research of Social Engineering Attacks in Telecommunications Fraud
Zhou, Jianli
Application of the Internet of Things Technology in Smart Grid
Zhou, Jing
Research on the system of fiscal transfer payment from the perspective of equalization of basic public services
Zhou, Junrong
Study on Impact Factors of Local Colleges and Universities Graduate Education Quality
Zhou, Mengna
A Brief Analysis on Teaching Approach Transition of Engineering Subjects in Terms of Innovation
Zhou, R.
Study on the Exhibition Design of Gastronomy Theme Based on the Local Culture of Sichuan Province
Zhou, Renzhong
Rational Thinking on Establishment and Improvement of the Employment Service System of College Graduates
Zhou, Renzhong
Contributions of Vocational Technical Education to Regional Economic Transformation---- Take “Reindustrialization” in Northeast China for Example
Zhou, Renzhong
Exploration of Reform in Vocational Education and Teaching Evaluation System
Zhou, Renzhong
Development of Vocational Education Management Major Courses Based on “Working Process”
Zhou, Renzhong
Enlightenment of Taiwan’s Vocational Education on the Mainland
Zhou, Renzhong
Obstacles and Countermeasures of Cross-strait Cooperation in Vocational Education
Zhou, S.
Collaborative Learning in College English Teaching at Sport Universities
Zhou, S.
The relationship between loan portfolio size and risk diversification for commercial bank
Zhou, W.Y.
Sports Biomechanics Analysis of Xuanfengjiao 360 ° Action of High-level Athlete
Zhou, Weijun
Study on Network Mass Incidents Involving College and University Students
Zhou, X.L.
Practice Teaching Base Construction in Universities -Taking City Management Major as an Example
Zhou, X.T.
Research on Several Questions about Engineering Education Center
Zhou, Xiangdong
Theoretical analysis of information cascade in investment market
Zhou, Xiaohong
Discussion on Teaching Mode of the Foundation of Computer Coursesin Micro Class Age
Zhou, Xiaoqin
The Educational Reform of the “Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology” for the “Education and Training Program of Excellent Engineer”
Zhou, Yuhui
The Teaching Reform of Structure Design Principle based on the CDIO
Zhou, Zelong
Exploration of the Actual Combat Teaching in Noncommissioned Officer Academies in-depth Development
Zhu, Binmei
Introduction to the EPC mode construction supply chain cost management
Zhu, Hong
The Research on Open Online Courses in China——Content Analysis of High Impact Factor Journals (2002-2013)
Zhu, Hongcui
A Study on Professional Development Scale for Master of Full-time Education (PDSM-FE)
Zhu, Lin
Vindication of Chinese Traditional Legal Philosophy
Zhu, Min
Study on Effective Teaching of Higher Education
Zhu, Qinqin
The Connotation and Approaches of the Disciplinary Construction of Mathematics
Zhu, Qunhui
First Study of Psychological Behavior on Urban Visual Management
Zhu, Shudi
International Financial Center Shanghai: Fundamental Theory and Financial Consumer Protection Practice
Zhu, Shulai
The Present Situation and Quality Evaluation for Higher Education in China
Zhu, Tianyu
Development of Three-dimensional Teaching System Construction
Zhu, W.B.
Research and Practice on Experimental Teaching Scheme of Modern Instrumental Analysis
Zhu, Wei
The Application of Computer and Fuzzy Clustering in Tourism Resources Evaluation
Zhu, Wentao
The Design and Application of Service Project Management System Based on ODPS Platform
Zhu, Wenzhong
Innovation on International Business Talent Training Model: A Case Study of Innovation Classes from GDUFS
Zhu, Xianchen
The Effect of Resources Control Rule Preference on Trust
Zhu, Y.
The Cultivation of Students’ Innovative Thinking Ability in the College English Teaching
Zhu, Y.
Price Competition in IT Outsourcing with Switching Costs
Zhu, Y.
The Use of Modern Teaching Methods in College English under the New Media Environment
Zhu, Y.X.
Spatio-temporal Evolvement of Rural Economic Development of Shandong
Zhu, Yanni
Study on City Logistics Development Based on Breaking Point Theory
Zhu, Yi
Study on the Measures of Teacher Team Construction after the Independent College Transition
Zhu, Yi
The Meaning and Connotation of the 2011 Plan to Promote Innovation Ability for College
Zhu, Yi
The Present Situation of Scientific Research in Private College and Improving Countermeasures
Zhu, Zhennan
Research on the Relation between Strength Quality and Body Fat Ratio of College Students
Zhuang, Haihuan
An Empirical Study on the Factors Which Affect the Regional Structure of Graduate Education in China
Zhuang, Huiming
Research on the Change Trend of Chinese Manufacturing Service Input Coefficient
Zi, Zi Zhi-yue
Archival Protection of Minority Traditional Sports in Yunnan
Zong, Zong
A Comprehensive Analysis of CGE Model-based Energy Policy of China
Zou, F.
Research on Innovation Mechanism of Teachers’ Balanced Allocation at the Stage of Compulsory Education in China
Zou, Gaolu
Market Efficiency of Ruble-RMB Exchange Rates: Long-run Equilibrium, VAR Estimates and Granger Causality Tests
Zou, Q.H.
An Empirical Study of Sports Intervention on the Survival Ability of College Students Social Influence
Zou, Q.H.
Research on Society Survival Ability of College Students through the Physical Education
Zou, Qing
The Educational Reform of the “Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology” for the “Education and Training Program of Excellent Engineer”
Zou, W.
Deepen Reform of Teaching, Strengthen Awareness of Participating----Practice of Teaching Reform of Project Management
Zuo, Xuqian
Analysis of Full-Process Career Planning in Higher Education from the Perspective of Talents Training
Zuo, Yan
Autonomous Development of Learner’s Listening Skills under Teacher Guidance