Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Science, Education Management and Sports Education

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Marxism Has the Theoretical Character of Keeping Pace with The Times

H.J. Xing
It’s the continuous development of Marxism. Marxism itself is constantly in advance with The Times. As a Marxist truth, is the dialectical unification of absolute truth and relative truth. Keep pace with The Times is the essential attribute of Marxism, is the inevitable need of development of Marxism,...
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Scientific Development Strategy of Adult Education Research in China during the Period of Transition

H.J Xing
The transformation of adult education, is an urgent need to deepen the reform, the scientific development. The paper from recognizing and meet the needs of the "six" the positive point of view, explains the current of problems existing in the adult education in our country, and accordingly puts forward...
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Study on Effective Teaching of Higher Education

Min Zhu
The article explains effective teaching of higher education from source, purpose, significance, implementation approach. The goal of effective teaching of higher education is to facilitate college student with independent construction.
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Influences of CAI Teaching Pattern on English Writing

Dandan Zhang
With its rich resources, computers play a more and more important role in foreign language teaching. It quickly became one of the most effective teaching tools in English teaching reform in Colleges and universities. As it is very convenient, CAI teaching emphasizes the sharing of resources in English...
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An Analysis of Errors by Chinese-speaking Korean Learners ----Centered on the Errors Produced under the Influence of First Language

Bing Cheng
A learner's mother tongue, target language, and educational background all contribute to the occurrence of errors. Lingual errors can be classified into: substitution, addition, and omission according to manifestation; and into pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary in accordance with scope. This thesis...
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Connotation and Denotation of the Chinese Medicine Dispensing Pharmacy

M.S. Miao, S. Tian
The Chinese Medicine dispensing pharmacy is study the prescription of clinical medication review, deployment, monitoring, management, usage and other related knowledge of a discipline, its the important part of traditional Chinese medicine clinical applications. This paper discusses the Chinese Medicine...
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Relevance-Theoretical Account of Vague Language

Zhi Yang
Vagueness, an intrinsic attribute of any natural language, plays an important role in social communication. Why in some cases vague language is more preferable than the exact one and how is it generated The answer could be well provided by resorting to Relevance Theory, which interprets the vague language...
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Follow-up Questions in Televised Mediation in China’s Sociocultural Context

Meili An
This paper has investigated the sequence of follow-up questions in televised mediation sessions from the point of Conversation Analysis. The high frequency of mediators’ follow-up questions displays hosts or hostesses or mediators’ initiative. Besides clarifications, elaborations and consistency follow-up...
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A Comparison between Two Heroines in the Grass Is Singing and Surfacing

Yuying Zhang
This thesis selects the two representatives of two authors, The Grass Is Singing and Surfacing explore the ways to quest for self-identity of women in patriarchal society, basic methods and meanings of women’s self-realization. The two female protagonists are both victims in patriarchal society, but...
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The Ethics Concept of Traditional Chinese Creation Design ----As an Example of Luling Imperial Driving Crafts of Tin Material

Juan Liu
In this paper, as an example to Luling imperial driving crafts of tin material to elaborate the ethics concept of traditional Chinese creation design, from the aspects of culture concept, customs, folk beliefs, focuses on ethics relationship of the human, physical, social of traditional Chinese creation...
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"Financial Management" Teaching Practice Research Based on EBL Teaching Model

Jie Xu, Lei Wang
EBL (Enterprise -Based learning) model is a teaching model based on entrepreneurship context introduced in higher education. "Financial Management" course, the accounting core course of Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology, for example, is specifically addressed in order to explain EBL venture teaching...
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A Tentative Exploration of the Educational Training Mechanism of Outstanding Engineers’ Mineral Processing Engineering Major

C. Yang, Z. Li
Based on a summary of the common issues regarding the “Engineering-type” talents of the mineral processing engineering major, this paper takes the example of the Xi’an University of Science and Technology, one of the second batch of universities listed in the “Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding...
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Cost management and Control Research Based on The Case of the Tobacco Enterprise Distribution Center

Zhongzheng Wang
Tobacco enterprise distribution center is the logistics institution of tobacco enterprise. Under the function of many factors, cost management of tobacco enterprise distribution often caused an increase in the enterprise management cost. This paper analyzes the main factors affecting the cost management...
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Simulated-firm-based Business Correspondence Teaching

Xiao Yan
In recent years, simulated firm, increasingly accepted and recommended by educational practioners at home and abroad, has offered a new mode for improving teaching effect. With the aim of teaching business correspondence in a more effective way and creating more chances for majors of economy and trade...
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A Self-quest of Hero’s Mythological Pattern

Yuying Zhang
In Surfacing, the narrator’s journey of returning to her hometown to search for her missing father also symbolizes a journey to search for and rediscover her self-identity in nature. This journey follows the same pattern as Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousands Faces: separation, initiation and return.
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Translation Teaching Research for English Major based on Multimedia and Network Environment

W.Y. Zhang, X. Liu, J.L. Cui
English translation is a powerful tool for international communication and learning a powerful tool in the world civilization and scientific and technological knowledge. In order to ensure the quality of teaching, develop students’ information literacy, cultivate students' innovative spirit and practical...
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The Short Story Cycle in Winseburg, Ohio

Ling Liang
The dual nature of the short story cycle: the interdependence within the tales and the independence of each tale is unique as a literary genre, yet this produces tension between the two. The interdependence within the Winesburg tales is analyzed from consistency of the framing devices and the consistency...
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Effect of Teacher’s Emotion on English Class in College

W.Q. Tang, R.B. Huang, H.Z. Fu
Emotion is a part of psychological activity, which affects the activity of behavioral agent. Specially, in teaching activity, as the dominant player of teaching activity, the teacher’s emotion will influence the students enormously. Massive researches have focused on the role played by classroom behavior...
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Application of Politeness Strategies and Maxims in Fortress Besieged

Y.H. Du
As a pervasive phenomenon in human communication, politeness has been one of the key issues discussed by pragmatists. Through the analysis of politeness strategies and maxims in Fortress Besieged by Chien Chung-shu, this thesis intends to show that people are likely to use vivid, pleasant and indirect...
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Intercultural Communication and English Education

L. Shi
With the increase of global communication, people need to master broaden knowledge about the world to deal with different situations. The purpose of English education is not only to cultivate students’ English grammar competence but also to cultivate students’ intercultural communication competence....
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Effect of Systematic Desensitization and Cognitive Restructuring on English Speaking Anxiety

L.H. Chen, D.M. Wang
Anxiety is a major factor that influences the effectiveness of public speaking. This paper examined how a 16-week classroom instruction on English public speaking that includes systematic desensitization and cognitive restructuring training affects public speaking anxiety for Chinese non-English major...
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Explore the Tragedy Art of Tsao Yu’s Trilogy of Life

Liangman Mi
Tsao Yu Drama is of great significance in Chinese literary history, tragedy charm unbeatable. His life trilogy Thunderstorm Sunrise and Wilderness can be seen in a series of tragic art of transcendence and the development of the tragedy image, tragedy spirit and tragedy aesthetic.
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On the Image of Full Moon in This Lunar Beauty by W.H. Auden

Hua Li
As one the greatest poets in the 20th century literature, W. H. Auden's early poems are simple but original, which is hard to imitate by other poets. This paper aims to introduce one of W.H. Auden's early poems in which the image of full moon intends to express the author's emotions about love and loss....
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Investigating Cultural Macroevolution through Biological Phylogenetic Analyses of Chinese Dai People Costumes Pattern

Yunfeng Zhang, Yang Zhang, Mingzhu Yang
What are the driving forces for cultural macroevolution has engaged anthropologists for more than a century. Recently, the debate on the evolution of culture has focused on two processes in particular, phylogenesis and ethnogenesis, and has been suggested that the latter has probably always been more...
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Research on Reasons and Countermeasures of Practice Lack for Railway Electrical Engineering Academic Graduate

Xiangzheng Xu
This paper expounds the present situation of talent and the demand for high-level talents in the railway industry, analysis the reasons for the railway electrical engineering academic graduate students on the lack of academic training. Through field investigation and learning from the training related...
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Heaven or Hell Faces English Teaching: After Chinese Gaokao Removes English

Y.T. Fan, Y. Luo
The educational reform policy that English will be removed from Gaokao (College Entrance Examination) in 2017 arouses hot concern from the society. This paper comprehensively analyzes the current situations faced by English teaching, and then comes up with strategies to deal with the existing problems....
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A Systemic Functional Approach to Code-switching in Chinese Magazines

X.A. Zhao, R.X. Liu
With Halliday’s functional grammar as the theoretical framework, this paper examines the functions and distributions of code-switching in three different types of magazines from the perspective of experiential, interpersonal, and textual metafunctions. It has found that in experiential function, code-switching...
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A Corpus-based Study on Chinese Students’ Writing Errors

Jichun Pan, Junsong Wang
A careful study of the errors will reveal the common characteristics shared by the language learners. Based on the theory of Error Analysis and Corpus-based Error Analysis, and with the great help of computer technology, this paper is trying to make an empirical study on common writing errors committed...
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Exploration and Practice on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for Agricultural and Forestry University Students

J. Hu, Q. Huang
The education of innovation and entrepreneurship for university students is the need of era development, is a powerful driving force for national economic development and transforming, is an important content of the teaching reform of higher education. This paper deeply analyzes the basic connotation,...
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A Discussion on the Class Refinement Management Mode of China's Higher Education

Z.X Pang, X. Wang
Along with the development of Chinese higher education, some ideas and methods of the refinement management have been introduced to students’ work in college. The development of the refinement management mode is an important step to promote the connotation construction of colleges and universities and...
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Action Research on Teaching of Creative Writing for Postgraduates

L. Li
English writing is a tough course for post-graduate students in science universities. Traditionally the students are instructed and trained in order to pass a national examination, CET-6. Most students just recite writing models of argumentative, enjoying no right to do creative writing. But an investigation...
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Evolution and Inheritance of Animal Head Applique on Shanxi Houses

Lei Tao, Xiaoyi Zhang
Animal head applique is an important part of Chinese traditional door leaf. Started with the origin and evolution of animal head applique, this paper is to study its original practical functions in Shanxi. I propose some ideas to improve the traditional animal head applique and apply it on the modern...
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The Social Value of Xinjiang Complex

Wenliang Li, Yuzhen Ding
For centuries, Xinjiang complex which is active in public life has strong vitality. It can both educate and entertain, simultaneously is inclusive and inheriting the culture. It is less elegant but unpretentious, making it highly unified in the ideological and artistic aspects. Its value is far beyond...
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Innovative Apprenticeship in Qingyuan Polytechnic

Pengfei Zhao, Gan Wei
With the practice in Qingyuan Polytechnic as an example, the paper analyzes the innovative apprenticeship home and abroad, and explains the detail information of its characteristics. Respectively they are enterprise dual education, interactive training, on-the-job training, apprentice dual identity,...
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A Corpus-based Study of Present Tense Distribution in Chinese Students’ English Writings

Shuai Hu, Yan Gu
In this paper the use of present tenses in Chinese students’ writings in CLEC is compared with that of their counterparts in BAWE. First the overall distribution of all present tenses in the two corpora is described respectively; then the distribution feature of each tense is summarized; at last the...
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Doris Lessing’s Fight against Philistinism and the Practice of Labeling

Chun-yan Huang
Being a border-crossing writer, Doris Lessing constantly complaints about the following two limitations of British literature: the philistinism and the habit of labeling. Textual analysis proves that as a protest against the philistinism in British literature, Lessing makes great efforts in hybridizing...
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A Study on Tourism Education Research Progress in China from 1994 to 2013

Xinyu Wu, Wei Zhang
With the prosperity of tourism industry and the development of tourism education after China’s reform and opening policy, tourism education research has gained great attention by scholars with enormous literature. This thesis, based on the methods of bibliometrics and content analysis, studies on the...
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The Negative Influence of Network Language and the Analysis of Countermeasure on College Students' Ideological Education

Ning Ning
Network language is its different distinct characteristics from the traditional language. It has great influence on the ideological education in Colleges and universities. Through the analysis of the negative influence of network language on the contemporary college students and its cause of formation,...
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Brief Analysis on Reconstruction Design of Small Studio

Xiaoyi Zhang
this paper aims to design and select acoustic finishing materials for processing and improving the materials of the ground, the walls and the ceiling according to the design bases and standards including Acceptable Noise Level for Technology Houses of Radio and Television Center, and aims to design the...
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Private Colleges in China: Their Core Competences and Future Development

Yong Duan, Xiaokang Zhao
Private colleges in China have the dual natures of public products and profit-driven entities. Since the late 1970s, private higher education began, the positioning and development model are in the process of constantly updated and improved. In this paper, I try to describe the current situation of the...
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A Study on Professional Development Scale for Master of Full-time Education (PDSM-FE)

Hongcui Zhu
This study developed and validated Professional Development Scale for Master of Full-time Education (PDSM-FE) to assess the students’ training quality, using the methods of literature research, questionnaires, interviews and data statistics. The PDMS-FE includes three dimensions, namely, teachers’ professional...
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On the Impact of Japanese Social Culture on Language from Japanese Ellipsis Phenomenon

Shuangxi Liu
Ellipsis is commonly seen in daily and oral communication, especially in Japanese. Japanese grammar scholar Mr. Matsuo Sajiro summarizes ellipsis as one of the three major features of Japanese. This paper makes a summary on ellipsis, and further makes a research of the root reasons in social culture...
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The Connotation and Approaches of the Disciplinary Construction of Mathematics

Peng Wang, Lan Hu, Qinqin Zhu
This paper is to expound the connotation of disciplinary construction, to compare the differences between mathematics and mathematical specialties, to analyze the significance of the disciplinary construction of Mathematics, and to propose the notion of the disciplinary construction of Mathematics.
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Sense of Place to Campus amongst Undergraduate Students in USM

Qingjiu Sun, Nor Zarifah Binti Maliki
Campus life is very important for the undergraduate students during their experience. This study explores the undergraduate students–campus relationship in University Sains Malaysia (USM). Using questionnaire survey to 114 respondents and applying SPSS to analyze, the students’ sense of place to campus...
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Research on Community Based Aged-Care at Home Information Services in Cloud Computing Environment

Xiaoqin Li, Jing Wang
The rapid increasing of aging population is becoming a serious challenge and how to improve the aged-care industry to obtain suitable services for the old is a burning issue in our society. Cloud computing provides low cost, high scalability, availability and disaster recoverability which can be a natural...
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Research on the Teaching Mode Design of Management Courses Based on the Network Resource Utilization

X.Y. Xu
The conflicts between Enterprise management practice development and the outdated courses are the features of management courses. How to use network resources to solve this problem is the focus of this paper. Through the network resources effectively compensated teaching materials, assignments, and case...
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On the Historic Interaction between Learning and Media in Foreign Language Education

Qinglan Yu, Shuntao Zhang
The great “learning and media debate” has long been regarded as a milestone in the intellectual history of instructional technology, and it has also triggered new perspectives and breakthroughs on the study of this area. In this article, the author intends to draw a quick sketch of the progress of technological...
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On the Cognitive Characteristics of Language Chunks

L.H. Ma, Y. Li
Language chunks refer to the fixed or half fixed structure of vocabulary words and sentences, which is stored in the brain as a whole, and exert an influence on language output. In First Language Acquisition, children experienced a stage at which unanalyzed language chunks were heavily used in a particular...
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Situation and Strategy of Yang Style Tai Chi in Handan

Shiru Hao, Weilong Xu
Tai chi has became one the most famous sports to keep fit for its prominent fitness effect and profound culture deposit. Among all kinds of styles, Yang-style Tai chi spreads most widely. Handan have high representative for it's the place of origin for Yang style Tai chi. This article choose the method...
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Enhancing Communication Skills of Counselor Teachers Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming Theory

Xue Zhang, Shanhui Lv, Heti Li, Hui Sun, Jingxuan Zhang, Yan Chen, Yu Guo, Yunqiu Liu, Qingxi Hu
As the backbone for moral education in university, counselors play the role of teacher and friend. And communication with college students is an important part for the work. For better communicate with college students, this article investigates the current situation of communication between counselor...
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Study on Impact Factors of Local Colleges and Universities Graduate Education Quality

Xiaolan He, Junrong Zhou
The quality of graduate education is to promote the all-round development of graduates and meet the needs of society. Based on the systems management theory and hierarchy of needs theory, this paper builds a relation model of impact factors of engineering graduate education quality in local colleges...
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The Theoretical Explanation of University Interdisciplinary Research Organization Collaborative Innovation: an Overview from Multiple Theory Perspectives

Ying Bi, Liansheng Yang
The collaborative innovation of university interdisciplinary research organization is the historical mission of the university which higher education endow it, is the real needs of social development and cultural heritage, but also is inevitable choice, it could promote a seamless connection between...
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Training for Applied Port Logistics Management Talents Based on Concept of CDIO Education

Xidong Zhai
Aiming at ensuring training quality of applied port logistics management talents, through analyzing the talents training concept of CDIO, combining with characteristics of modern port logistics development, and on the basis of discussing structure of abilities and training goal for the applied port logistics...
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Research on Applying Formative Assessment to Developing College English Learning Strategies

H. Y. Wang
Formative assessment is a progressive assessment, which provides students with an effective means to adjust their learning strategies and methods, improve their learning efficiency and achieve the desired learning effects. The research explores how to apply formative assessment to developing college...
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Chinese Vocational Education and its Relevance to German Counterpart Education System

Xu Li, Cheng Li
In view of recent development in Chinese higher vocational education, the economic structure changes trigger off the expansion of the vocational education reform. And a comparison with corresponding developments and discussions both in China and in Germany may be appropriate. Germany has a ‘dual system’...
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Reflections on the Core Problems of Chinese Marxism, Marxism Modernization and Marxism Popularization

Bin Zhang, Yu Lin
Seventeen sessions of Fourth Plenary Session proposed integration promote Chinese Marxism, Marxism modernization and Marxism popularization. It has practical and far-reaching strategic significance. This paper around the core problems of Chinese Marxism, Marxism modernization and Marxism popularization...
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Journey of Test and Self-discovery ----Chivalric Virtues and Human Nature in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Qian Wu
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a fourteen-century poem and generally regarded as the best poem of the Medieval Arthurian literature, featuring its beautiful language, breathtaking plots and subtle and refined characterization. It tells the story of Sir Gawain, one of the best King Arthur’s knights...
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Research on Case Teaching in "Transport Economics" Course

Hongguang Yao
"Transport Economics" is an important basic courses of transportation management, logistics management professional, has an important role in the formation of students' professionalism; Case teaching is an important means to improve the teaching effect of Transport Economics, "Transport Economics "the...
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Research on Universities Bilingual Teaching Quality Evaluation System Based on CBI

HuiYan Li, Hao Wang
CBI (content-based language instruction) is an instructional theory that entails a combination of course content and language teaching as well as that of academic skill learning and L2 acquisition. Bilingual teaching is the most challenging teaching practice in the field of higher education, the rapid...
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CONSIBOT Limited Company Employee Training Research

Huawei Liu, Yiwei Liu
Trend in today's world is a cultural and economic integration, the rapid development of today's economic situation, china under the correct measures to the reform and open policy for 30 years of development, China's overall economy has entered a world power, Facing the competition in the international...
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Investigation on the Intake of Part-time Job Practice into the University Curriculum Category

Jian-Di Yang
With the development of the economic, there are both advantages and disadvantages for part-time job to the graduates, and what the university administrators should do with such a personal behavior is to make some reform onto the curriculum setting, except to guide it towards good effects. Based on recognizing...
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Teaching Reform of Business English’s Listening Course Based on the BEC Test

Jian-Di Yang
Business English Certificate (here in after called BEC) test is becoming increasingly heated, but many candidates were perplexed by the listening part. The author gives a brief introduction to the BEC test, analyzes the testing type, the emphasis and the listening parts between BEC test and the College...
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Effective Mechanisms of Service Outsourcing Talents Training for School-enterprise Cooperation

W.X. Xue, Y.L. Pei, D.D. Li
With the rapid development of service outsourcing industry, service outsourcing has become a new economic growth engine of industrial restructuring and promoting. Beijing Union University (BUU), assumes the service outsourcing talents training model innovation and reform project, and actively explores...
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Investigation of Current Physical Activity Situation of China’s Administrator in Universities

Fei Wu
literature, questionnaire and mathematical statistics are used to study the physical activity of 2215 administrator from 140 universities in this paper. According to the analysis on influence factor, the paper aims to know the real situation of the sports exercise in the group. The statistical results...
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The Motivation and Strategy on Higher Vocational Education to Serve County Area Development on the New Period

Q.F. Yao
The county new four modernization construction has been forwarded as a significant thesis for new development of higher vocational education, it also provides a good chance for higher vocational education to serve regional economy and social development. The higher vocational education ought to play...
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Strategy Research and Training of Information Literacy of College PE Teachers

Xiaofang Yuan, Xianming Chen, Yong Ye
In the era of rapid growth of information, information quality in information ability as the core will become an important means of individual cognition in the information age, become basic survival skills. College teachers should first have the information literacy comprehensive. But the information...
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Structural Characteristics of Urban Leisure Sports Space: a GIS Approach

Qian Wang
Meeting the physical needs of residents is one of the basic functions of the city, the development of sports activities require a certain amount and structure of public sports space. With a case of Wuhan City in China, this paper analyzed the structural characteristics of urban leisure sports space....
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The Scheme about Biochemical Index Monitoring and Physical Recovery after a Heavy Load Training of Elite Midst & Long-distance Runners

Shenglin Zhang, Xuyang Song, Yang Hao
The purpose of this paper is testing the biochemical indicators changes of elite midst and long distance running athletes after the heave load training, and monitoring functional status and capacity of athletes under the training; this pater takes literature material consult and measurement as research...
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The Physical Fitness Monitoring And Recovery Plan Of Elite Marathon Runners

XiaoTang Li, ZhiLiang Zeng, Ying Luo
Based on the long-term physiological and biochemical indexes monitoring and analysis of male elite athletes from Marathon sports teams in Gansu Province, this paper summed up the physical fitness moni oring indicators of these Marathon athletes (anaerobic threshold, heart rate, blood routine examination,...
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On the Issues of “Loose Enrollment, Strict Graduation” and “Strict Enrollment, Loose Graduation” in Higher Education

Xiulian Liu, Yao Li, Ping Xue
This paper explores the issues of “loose enrollment, strict graduation” and “strict enrollment, loose graduation” in higher education. It assumes whether the admission of higher education should be strict enrollment or loose enrollment depends on objective conditions. Strict enrollment does not necessarily...
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The Application of the Theory of Project Teaching Method in College English Teaching

Jing Ding
With the globalization of social economy, the common language is particularly important in the foreign trade exchanges, and English education is widely spread in our country. As a language subject, English teaching for practical purpose and the cultivation of application ability have high requirements....
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Teachers and Students: How to Enter the Education World

Lianjin Tian
Education is essentially the soul and spirit of the human being, the growing maturity of the soul and spirit is the key to education, and education not just means the accumulation of knowledge and understanding. I will analyze the three ideas or hypotheses of education: Education should be leading to...
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Higher Education and Reform of Postgraduate Education in China Compared with that in Tajikstan

Y.S. Wang, Saidshu Bakdalatov, G.Y. Li
Today the higher education system including graduate and postgraduate, has become increasingly important for almost all countries. The situation of higher education in Tajikistan and China was presented, and the most significant aspects were discussed, such as the existing problems, system reform. Furthermore,...
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Collaborative Learning in College English Teaching at Sport Universities

W. Liu, S. Zhou
Collaborative learning is used for the English language teaching of college students at sport universities. It is innovative in that it involves the students and teachers co-work to master knowledge. It involves: 1) the forms of collaborative learning in teaching at sport universites 2) the challenges...
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Research on Life-and-Death Education in the Plants Vs Zombies

Quanlei Zhang
The Plants Vs Zombies game enables players to think death in a relaxed atmosphere; the Plants Vs Zombies game is a vivid portrayal of life and death and it reflects the development of the philosophy of life and death as well as the life-and-death education in United States and their extensive influence.
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Analysis of Ideological and Political Theory Course Practice Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Shibi Zhang
Offering vocational college ideological and political education as an important part of the whole teaching activities in higher vocational colleges, is to cultivate the students to have the important course of world outlook, outlook on life, values, moral values of the correct. The practice of Ideological...
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The Predicament and Countermeasures during Sustainable Development of Our Resource-oriented Cities

Fanhua Meng, Meitian Zhao
With the development of the economy, issues involving of environment and eco-environment security are getting more and more conspicuous. How to realize sustainable development for resource-oriented cities that rely largely on resources arose people’s concern. For resource-oriented cities, to realize...
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The Study of the Effect of Glycerol-containing Beverages Drinking Method before Exercise in the Environment of High Temperature and High Humidity

X. Huang, H. Wu, W. Yao
Dehydration is one of the most common problems in sports in the environment of high temperature and high humidity. It is an important cause of sports fatigue and lead to a serious challenge to the development of health and the sports performance. This study selected 25 cycling enthusiasts to drink a...
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An item Teaching Method-based Evaluation Scheme Design of the Teaching Materials for Accounting Computerization in Independent College

Yichen Liu, Na Chen, Yiqing Liu
The teaching reform of item teaching method is conducted in the independent colleges of China, like a raging fire. This paper, based on the teaching experience of Accounting Computerization in independent college, from the perspective of an educator, makes a design for Accounting Computerization teaching...
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Research on Mechanism of Impact of Situational Factors on Brand Community Integration

F. Ren
Existing research mainly analyzed the causes of brand community from the perspective of consumers, and lacked enough attention to the external situational factors influencing the formation of brand community. Therefore this paper analyzes the impact of situational factors on brand community integration...
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The Feasibility of Establishing Folk Sports Course in Hebei Provincial Tertiary Schools

Haixia Gan, Xinzhong Gu, Fuqing Yang
Rich and colorful folk sports exist in Hebei Province, but many are not well promoted and developed. In response to the call of “implementation of the nationwide body-building plan” to achieve new and rapid breakthroughs in the development of mass sports, this study is going to research the feasibility...
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Deepen Reform of Teaching, Strengthen Awareness of Participating----Practice of Teaching Reform of Project Management

W. Zou, H. L. Liu
In order to consolidate lots problems at the existence of Project Management teaching, the new teaching system including six parts of idea, content, process, effect and evaluation was designed to strengthen the students' participation. Then with the design of Simulation Project Management, not only did...
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Implementation of Investigation Teaching and Cultivation

Size Li, Zeqin Liu
The competition in overall national strength focused on implementing research teaching and cultivating innovative talents of soft power is becoming increasingly fierce. To cope with the rapid economic development, cultivation of innovative talents has become an integral element of modern teaching philosophy...
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The Cultivation of Modern Farmers in New Urbanization in Western Jilin

H.Y. Cui
Human is the core of the new urbanization. It is very important to cultivate actively modern farmers for rural modernization and peasants' citizenization. As an undeveloped area in western Jilin, Baicheng city is a traditional agriculture area. And the farmers' quality is relatively low in Baicheng....
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Research on Key Technologies of Electroluminescent Costumes’ Application

HongJian Gao, XiaoTie Ma
In team gymnastics performances, the existing manual control method leads to poverty of synchronization and precision. Therefore, the concept of moving pixels is presented. The wireless group control system is completed including system protocol formulation, software design and hardware manufacture....
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Study on A new Ratio and Negative Exponential Curve of Sci-Tech Progress in China

Xiufeng Li, Shouhe Chen
Sci-tech achievements largely represent the Science and technology progress. The ratio on the number of the research papers divided by the number of the sci-tech achievements in the same field (It is simply called ‘the Ratio’) is proposed as a new concept in this article, which represents each sci-tech...
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On Bilingual Teaching Design in Management Curriculum Based on CBI

HuiYan Li, Hao Wang
Appropriate courses teaching is the key to successful teaching and learning. In the practice of bilingual curriculum in China’s universities nowadays, the teacher can apply the idea of CBI to designing bilingual courses. CBI is an instructional theory that entails a combination of course content and...
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The Responsibilities and Behavioral Reactions of the Senior Management in Layoffs Events

Li-kun Wei, Wei-zheng Chen
As the decision makers and planners in downsizing, the senior management’s roles and behavior are the key factors to the downsizing effectiveness. We collected 120 layoffs events from January 2001 to January 2013 in China, with multiple case studies based on content analysis. Research shows that senior...
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The Study of Building The High School’s Value Chain Model Based on Value Chain and The Cooperation Relationship between Organizations

Xuan Yu, Yunchen Wang
The survival and development of high school is limited by internal and external environment and resource conditions. Hence, in order to enhance the competitive advantage of high school, we must have an in-depth analysis of its value chain to seek the diving force that could maximize its value. Firstly,...
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The Characteristics of CEO’s Education Background and the Effectiveness of Enterprise Internal Control: Chinese Evidence

Yunchen Wang, Xuan Yu
This paper took the listed companies as samples and discussed closely around the executive subject of the internal control—CEO. On the basis of distinguishing the CEO’s degree education and professional title education, this paper fully discussed the influence of CEO’s education level on the effectiveness...
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The Present Situations of Dragon and Lion Dancing in Universities and Strategies for Its Development

Xin Chen, Liang Liu
The paper starts with the current situation of the loong dance and the lion dance in Chinese colleges and universities, followed by a specific analysis of the sports in such schools. It continues to analyze the elements of its talent training, choices of teachers’ books, student recruiting mechanism...
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The Influence that Sports Information Technology Had on Modern Competitive Sports

Changsong Han, Xin Chen
Technological advances play an important role in the modern sports, which reveals the use of science everywhere, especially for the wider use of sports information technology. sports information technology as the applied sciences technology and sports practice. what’s more, it is mostly needed more in...
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Research on the Status of Job Burnout Existing Among College PE Teacher in Hubei

Yuzhong Liu, Liang Liu
Job burnout is a state of physical and emotion fatigue caused by the rapid tempo of life in modern society .it main exists among of people under intense stress such as the police, doctors and teacher. College PE teacher are involved not only in strenuous physical work and scientific research, but also...
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The Test of Industrial Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis in Jiangsu Province

Zhoumu Yang, Wenping Wang, Yibo Yang
Based on the theory of Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC), this paper sets up a regression model between economic development and industrial pollution according to the data of per capita GDP and “three industrial wastes” in Jiangsu Province over the period of 1999 to 2012.Regression analysis show that...
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Study on Present Situation of Full-time Engineering Master in Hebei Province

Qingqing Huo, Jinqiang Geng, Dongye Liu
Through investigation, this paper analyzes the present situation of full-time engineering master in Hebei province, through the methods of document data, information collecting, questionnaire survey and qualitative analysis. This investigation contains three parts, which are enrollment, education goal...
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From Cooperative Innovation to Synergic Innovation: the Road of Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation in China

Fan Xu, Wenqian Huang, Yan Lin
This paper analyzes the process that Chinese universities came from decentralized cooperative innovation to organized collaborative innovation since the reform and opening up. The paper mentions that the synergic innovation emphasized by the “2011 Plan” should be raised to a new level, i.e. the synergic...
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Changchun College Sports Socialization of Resources Sharing Platform Construction Research

ChangFu Wang
In national fitness service system based on the gradually perfect, combined with the new period for the masses to provide necessary sports facilities and sports service demand, and defines the college sports resource socialization of sharing platform of fitness service function. To construct the information...
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The Analysis of the Function about Regional Innovation Effectiveness Based on the RMI——Taking Liaoning and Zhejiang Province as an Example

Shuang, Kan, Fu Guo, Jie Xu
For self-similar system, the final system output linked to system self-products. Selecting the R&D input-structure as the input variables, citation and GDP as the output variables, the paper attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of innovation .First, using the power-law function to test whether the...
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Competitive Research on the Bilateral Trade between China and Nigeria ——Based on Data Empirical of Imported Countries such as Europe and the United States

Ze Tian, Haiyan Dong
Nigeria is the biggest economy in western Africa, and economic growth in Nigeria remains above 7% for years. The first economic status in Africa has been hard to shake. Nigeria is the biggest export markets in Africa for our country, and China's exporting in Nigeria also promoted the rapid development...
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Research on the Strategies to Improve Teachers’ Teaching Ability in Local Universities under the Era of MOOC

Jinfeng Wang, Long Zhang, Bimei Zhao, Chao He, Qiyu Kuang, Jiangli Long
Sweeping around the whole world, MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) has exerted profound influences and tremendous impacts to higher education. In order to cope with such challenges brought by MOOC to local universities, this paper is intended to analyze the requirements as well as challenges from MOOC...