Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Science, Education Management and Sports Education

1391 authors
Abulizi, Abudoukelimu
ERP Correlates of Transposed-Letter Effects in Uyghur Using Arabic Alphabet
Agemaiti, Gulimire
The Research on the Construction of Undergraduate Teaching Quality in Employability-oriented
Ahmed, Mohammed Salim
Financial Innovation in Tanzania: Opportunities and Challenges
An, B.
Prediction Personnel Needs and Empirical Analysis----Taking the Tourist Demand in Shandong Province as Example
An, Meili
Follow-up Questions in Televised Mediation in China’s Sociocultural Context
An, Yongfeng
Experimental Teaching Method Research in "Career Management" from the Perspective of Applied Talent Cultivation in Universities
Asa, A. R.
Attitudes toward Environment Issues and Behavioral Intentions towards Reducing Carbon Footprints: An Empirical Study of Fiji
Bai, D.D.
The Combined Forecasting Model Based on Wavelet Analysis in the Application of the Civil Aviation Passenger Traffic
Bai, Jie
Teaching Practice and Research on Cultivating Excellent Avionics Engineer in Digital Signal Processing Course
Bai, L.
Consumer Power in the Digital Age in China Travel Market and the Strategic Management Trend in China Online Travel Industry
Bai, L.
Web2.0, User Generated Contents, Mobile App and China Travel Company Marketing Positioning Along Consumer Consumption Process- A Case Study from China
Bai, M.
Effects of Total Flavonoids of Epimedium in Climacteric Model Rats
Bai, M.
The Traditional Chinese Medicine of Anti-treatment and Anti-treatment Method
Bai, Ming
Effects of Total Anthraquinones of Polygonum Cuspidatum on the Levels of Insulin, Leptin and C-Peptide in Serum in Diabete Rat Model
Bai, Ming
Effects of External Application of Ginkgo Semen Paste on Tinea Corporis Model of Rat
Bai, P.C.
Status Investigation and Problem Analysis on Graduation Project (thesis) of Colleges and Universities
Bai, W.
Cooperative Promotion both in Knowledge and Ability during Educating and Training of Excellent Engineer
Bai, Xuemei
Research on Psychological Guidance for College Students Based on Le-Chatelier Principle
Bai, Xuemei
Research and Application of Guidance Project-teaching Method in Digital Electronic Technology Teaching
Bai, Xuemei
The Brief Analysis about Students Choosing Teachers
Bai, Xuemei
Teaching Reform Based on Signal Detection and evaluation of curriculum
Bai, Xuemei
The Elective Course Teaching Reform based on Seminar and PBL Mixed Teaching Modes
Bai, YiJun,
How Textile Processing Industry in Pearl River Delta Region is to Cope with the 4th Global Industry Transfer Trend
Bakdalatov, Saidshu
Higher Education and Reform of Postgraduate Education in China Compared with that in Tajikstan
Bi, Jieying
Comparison of Food Consumption Score (FCS) and Calorie Intake Indicators to Measure Food Security
Bi, Xiaowen
The Research of Professional Teaching Method Based on “Two Diagrams and One Equipment”
Bi, Ying
The Theoretical Explanation of University Interdisciplinary Research Organization Collaborative Innovation: an Overview from Multiple Theory Perspectives
Bian, Y.J.
Study on the influencing factors of technical innovation performance in vocational college
Bo, Yuning
The Research on Core Strength Training in PE Teaching -Taking The Boys’ Class for Example
Cai, M.X.
The Image Thinking and the Abstract Thinking in “Linear Algebra” Course Teaching
Cai, Qiang
Efficient 3D Model Retrieval using Cubic Spline Interpolation-Shape Distribution
Cai, Xiao Min
The Effect of Combining both Internal and External Cooling Methods on Cyclist, S Performance in Hot and Humid Conditions
Cai, Y.W.
An Adaptive Configuration Method to Multi-Cards in Launch Vehicle Ground Test System
Cai, Y.W.
Study of Typical Equipment Health Monitoring of Rocket Filling System
Cai, Y.W.
A Scheduling and Cooperation Mechanism of Simulation Task
Cang, Shijian
Design of Kid Toy Packaging: A Questionnaire Study
Cao, Ling
Research on the Relation between Strength Quality and Body Fat Ratio of College Students
Cao, Qing
Suggestions and Solutions on China Marine Education
Cao, Shuhua
Income Allocation Model between the Third-Party Trading Platform and Digital Content Providers
Cao, Y.
College Students' Love Values of "Shaking Times"
Cao, Yumin
Dunhuang Caisson Patterns in Fashion Design
Cao, Yumin
The Design Methods of Functional Clothing for the Elderly
Chang, W.G.
An Analysis of China’s Educational Reform of University from “Tsien Hsueshen’s Question”
Chang, Xinfeng
On the almost unbiased Ridge and Liu estimator in the Logistic regression model
Chang, Yan
The Problem and Solution about the China art Design Theory Education
Chen, Chanting
The Congressional Influence on the CFIUS Review and Its Implication to China
Chen, Gengsheng
The Design Methods of Functional Clothing for the Elderly
Chen, Guangxiao
Research of Social Engineering Attacks in Telecommunications Fraud
Chen, Guangxuan
Research of Social Engineering Attacks in Telecommunications Fraud
Chen, H.P.
Flipped Classroom Model Based Teaching Reform and Practice in Embedded System
Chen, Haiqing
Research on the Development of Shanghai Leisure Sports Industry in the Post-EXPO Era by the ‘Integrated 4 Traditional Chinese Diagnoses’
Chen, Heping
Research and the Practice on the "2+1+1" Accounting Talent Development Mode
Chen, Hong
Research into the Development Pattern of Vocational Education on Medical Instruments in Internationalization
Chen, Hongping
The Analysis of Churchill’s Speech Germany’s Invasion of Russia from the Perspective of Stylistics
Chen, Hongping
A Brief Analysis of E.E. Cummings’s Poem from the Style as Foregrounding
Chen, Hsing Hung
Studies on the Relationships between Clean/fossil Energy Consumption and Sustainable Development in China
Chen, J.X.
Construction of Engineering Talent Cultivation System for Automotive Electronics Industry
Chen, Jian
Marketing Recommendations with Association Rules for Retail Business
Chen, Jinran
Research on the Change Trend of Chinese Manufacturing Service Input Coefficient
Chen, L.
China’s Exchange Rate Policy and Bilateral Trade Surplus with the US
Chen, L.H.
Effect of Systematic Desensitization and Cognitive Restructuring on English Speaking Anxiety
Chen, Linzi
On the Key Factors of the Chinese Listed Companies Financing Decisions of Issuing Medium Term Notes
Chen, Lirong
Improvement of Green Suppliers’ Efficiency under GSCM
Chen, Na
An item Teaching Method-based Evaluation Scheme Design of the Teaching Materials for Accounting Computerization in Independent College
Chen, Q.L.
Exploration of Teaching Method Optimization in Mechanical Drawing Course
Chen, S.J.
Discussion on NIMBY Phenomena and Governance Strategies
Chen, S.P.
Cooperative Promotion both in Knowledge and Ability during Educating and Training of Excellent Engineer
Chen, S.Y.
The Teaching Mode Research and Practice of the Engineering Personnel Innovation Ability Training Based on Virtual Instrument Experiment
Chen, S.Y.
Status Investigation and Problem Analysis on Graduation Project (thesis) of Colleges and Universities
Chen, Shouhe
Study on A new Ratio and Negative Exponential Curve of Sci-Tech Progress in China
Chen, Sisi
The Effect of Resources Control Rule Preference on Trust
Chen, T.
The Formation Mechanism and Model Construction of Border County Tourism Competitiveness in China
Chen, T.
The Effects of Negative IWOM on Consumer Innovation Resistance: An Empirical Study on GMF in China
Chen, W.
Research on the Patent Strategy
Chen, Wei-zheng
The Responsibilities and Behavioral Reactions of the Senior Management in Layoffs Events
Chen, Weiyu
Develop Pre-service Continuing Education Vigorously so as to Promote the College Graduates Employment
Chen, Weiyu
Research on Bottlenecks in the Development of Local College Continuing Education and Feasibility of MOOC’s Applications
Chen, Weiyu
MOOC Brings New Opportunities of Strategic Transformation for Continuing Education
Chen, Weiyu
The Innovation and Development of School-running Mode of Continuing Education in the Internet Age
Chen, Xiangqin
A Student Satisfaction Index Model of Chinese College based on CSI
Chen, Xianming
Strategy Research and Training of Information Literacy of College PE Teachers
Chen, Xin
The Present Situations of Dragon and Lion Dancing in Universities and Strategies for Its Development
Chen, Xin
The Influence that Sports Information Technology Had on Modern Competitive Sports
Chen, Y.
Research on the Professional Internship by Refined Management
Chen, Y.
Reformation of "three in one" Entrepreneurship Education Model
Chen, Y.C.
Design of Multimedia Classroom Control System Applying PLC and KingView
Chen, Y.C.
Design of Constant Pressure Water Supply System based on Profibus Field Bus
Chen, Yan
Enhancing Communication Skills of Counselor Teachers Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming Theory
Chen, Yan
The Integration of Teaching Modules of “Photography and Camera Technology” Course in Vocational Colleges
Chen, Youqing
False Belief Understanding in Children: The Comparison between Explanation Condition and Prediction Condition
Chen, Yun
The Research of Financial Futures Risk Monitoring based on CEP Technology
Chen, Zhenyong
Research on the Impact of Traditional Sports Activities
Chen, Zhijun
Discussion on Database Design of Scientific Research Management System for Colleges and Universities
Cheng, Bing
An Analysis of Errors by Chinese-speaking Korean Learners ----Centered on the Errors Produced under the Influence of First Language
Cheng, Cheng
Analysis of Full-Process Career Planning in Higher Education from the Perspective of Talents Training
Cheng, Cheng
Analysis of Mode of Cultural-industry Talents Training at Independent Colleges in Hebei Province
Cheng, Cheng
Analysis of Training Mechanism of Cultural-Industry Talents at Independent Colleges in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei
Cheng, Hongfeng
The Combination of Full-time Teachers and Student Counselor in University Ideological and Political Course
Cheng, J.M.
Chinese Solution to Solve the Food Safety Problems: Food Safety Campaign
Cheng, Jihong
The Course Design of Android Location Service