Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education Science and Social Development (ESSD 2019)

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Collaborative Learning: How Teachers Use Thinking in Educational Practice

Besarion Meskhi, Svetlana Ponomareva, Alla Belousova
This article presents the results of comparative analysis research devoted to the empirical study`s organization peculiarities of the collaborative teachers` thinking activity in the educational process. The research is based on the understanding of the collaborative teachers` thinking activity, which...
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Education in China as a Topic of Russian Scientific Discourse

Besarion Meskhi, Svetlana Ponomareva, Olga Fedotova
The article analyzes the activity of researchers in the field of education in China. The dissertations performed in the years 2002 – 2017 in Russia are considered. A thematic classification of dissertations was carried out taking into account the current passports of the specialty of scientific workers....
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Comparative Analysis of Educational Reforms in Russia Following Technical Areas of Training in the Field of Transport

Alexandra Smyk, Lev Zimanov, Alexey Solntsev
The article reviews issues of higher engineering education reformation in Russia since the establishment of the first technical university– Institute of Railway Engineers by the Emperor Alexander I till modern technical university which provides training for country automobile and road system specialists....
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Sociolinguistic Profile of English in East Asia

Irina Khokhlova
In modern world all spheres of people's life - politics, economy and culture - are under the influence of globalization process. People should have a common means of communication -a lingua franca - if they want to cooperate mutually beneficially in modern world. The English language is such lingua franca,...
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Technological Features of Contextual and Heuristic Type in the Process of Teaching a Foreign Language in Higher School

Dmitry Zhdanov, Olga Burenkova, Pavel Baklanov, Sergei Semenov
This paper is aimed at analyzing various educational technologies that ensure greater effectiveness of education, contributing to the development of motivation for learning, development of interests, aptitudes and abilities. The leading research method of the following problem is an empirical one allowing...
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Conditions for Shaping Students’ Creative Resources at English Classes

Pavel Baklanov, Dmitry Zhdanov, Olga Burenkova
The accumulation and analysis of pedagogical conditions and their classification are presented in this paper. The indicators and levels of the student creative resource effectiveness in learning a foreign language are found and defined. Pedagogical conditions are aimed at interest and motivation developing...
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Proactive Training as a Factor of Enhancement of Professional Training of Specialists

Veronika Nikolaevna Efimenko, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Rachkovskaya, Yulia Valerievna Stafeeva
In the article the topicality of the use of proactive training in vocational education and the system of continuing professional development of specialists is substantiated. It is demonstrated that proactive training prepares specialists for the fulfillment of professional activity in rapidly developing...
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Cognitive Map of the Pedagogical Situation as a Component of the Pedagogical Situation Cognitive Model (as Exemplified by Analyzing Natural Science and Vocational Training in Colleges of the Republic of Tatarstan)

A.R. Kamaleeva, S.I. Gilmanshina, N.A. Nozdrina
Introduction-the purpose of the article is to give theoretical justification for the phased design of a cause-and-effect cognitive model; to develop and analyze a cognitive map of the pedagogical situation of this model (as exemplified by analyzing the state of natural science and vocational training...
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First-Year Students Professional Identity Formation During Adaptation to the System of Undergraduate

Svetlana Vladimirovna Yemanova, Elena Anatolevna Khomutnikova, Anastasia Sergeevna Ryleevа
Undergraduate students find it difficult to adapt to university education system. They can suffer a high level of stress because of this. This stress can be mental or physical. The causes of this stress are the high requirements to overcome both learning new things and general social problems.
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On-the-Job English for Corporate Customers

Elena B. Borisova, Konstantin M. Kalinin, Amalia L. Kuregyan, Anna V. Protchenko
The article dwells on the basic principles of delivering corporate English language training programs on the job by the Institute of Facultative Education of the Samara State Technical University. The article gives a comparison of two case studies to demonstrate the different approaches taken by the...
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Exploration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for College Students

Guomin Lin
Taking the college students' innovative entrepreneurship education as the research target, the problems existing in the innovation of colleges and universities entrepreneurship education in China are analyzed. The innovation of college students entrepreneurship education system and the construction of...
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A Study on the Teaching of the Course System of Mao Zedong's Thought and the Theory System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Based on Problem Awareness

Zhenggen Fang, Yiren Zhou, Jiansong Liu, Jin Zhang, Zhiqiang Guo
This paper closely links the problem consciousness with the development requirements of the new era of college Mao Zedong Thought and the theory system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and explores the formation of a practical paradigm and theory of problem-oriented teaching system. The author's...
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Language of Science as a Means and Cognitive Resource of Educational Process

Lyudmila Buyanova, Veronika Katermina
The article deals with the correlation between the phenomena of the language of science and the educational process as an integral element of the pedagogical system. The most important role of the language in the processes of knowledge and categorization of the world is shown in the article as well as...
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Socio-Cultural Factors of Socio-Psychological Safety of Educational Environment at School

Elvira N. Gilemkhanova
The article is based on an interdisciplinary approach and presents a regression model of socio-cultural factors of psychological safety the educational environment at school. The empirical stage of the study was preceded by a theoretical study of the topic. A Process- morphological model of the educational...
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On Teaching Special Relativity as Part of a School Course of Physics

V.I. Kolomin, S.A. Tishkova, G.P. Stefanova, O.M. Alykova
The study of Special Relativity (SR) in contemporary school is not satisfactory. It may be noted that special relativity is perceived by school students as difficult, unusual and separate from everything studied previously. Such a perception leads to not understanding Special Relativity, doubting its...
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Possible Solutions to the Problems of Forming the Future Teacher’s Health-Preserving Competence

Maria Sazanova, Galina Popova, Natalia Kadochnikova, Natalia Dyomina
The aim was to analyze the problems of the forming of future teachers' competence in the upbringing of schoolchildren’s culture of healthy lifestyles (HLS). The main problems are the ambiguity and incorrect competencies’ formulations in Russian Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education...
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Some Aspects of Training of Engineering Staff for Land Reclamation

G.V. Olgarenko, V.V. Kashtanov
The article deals with the issues of education methods application in the advance professional training system. On the base of practical experiences of the authors there is discussed the level of engineering skills of the specialists in farming and the order of training the working staff in the branch...
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Comparative Analysis of Approaches to the Specialists’ Competences Development in Innovative Industries

Marina V. Bolsunovskaya, Aleksei M. Gintciak, Inna V. Yudina, Pavel S. Kozlovskii
The paper contains a comparative analysis of approaches to educational activities for specialists, taking into account the accelerating pace of technological development of society. Classic academic approach and training in the process of professional activity are considered. The paper contains the consideration...
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Introduction of Mathematical Methods in Teaching Humanities Students

Kropacheva Nataliya Yuryevna, Fedorova Maria Yuryevna
The article considers the forms and methods of applying graph modeling in the teaching of students of social and humanitarian specialties. A course of graph modeling methods was read to the students of "Social Educator" specialty. The main goal of this project is to develop and consolidate the skills...
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Frame-Based Supports in Teaching Russian Language Case System: Visualization Frames, Algorithm Frames, Theme Frames

Svetlana Zlobina, Alla Kulik
The article is dedicated to teaching the Russian language case system for foreign students using the frame-based approach. The authors of the article offer the following classification of frames: visualization frames (word clouds, mind maps), algorithm frames (rules), and generalization frames (themed...
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How Children with Developmental Disorders Understand Emotional States of Their Peers and Adults in Different Interaction Situations

Anna Ivanovna Akhmetzyanova, Tatiana Vasilyevna Artemyeva
The way how children understand other people's emotional states is a significant factor in their successful adaptation in society. Children with developmental disorders experience considerable difficulties in differentiating similar emotions, controlling emotional manifestations. The aim of the research...
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Embrace Industries and Integrate Industry into Education Build an Application-Oriented Talent Training and Gathering in the Automobile Transportation Industry that Improves Local Economic Development

Zhen Zhou
By analyzing and summarizing the achievements and experiences of School of Transportation and Automobile Engineering of Panzhihua University in terms of integration of industry and education, this paper demonstrates the necessity of deepening the depth and increasing the level of integration of industry...
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Thinking Style is a Factor of Socio-Psychological Adaptation at Youthful Age

Elena Bicherova, Galina Golubeva, Elena Feshchenko
This work reveals the relevance to study the problem of dependence of socio-psychological adaptation on subjective factors. Special attention is paid to the consideration of the correlation between individual and typological features of thinking and successfulness in socio-psychological adaptation of...
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Getting Information from Russian-Language Internet Sites by Chinese Students Studying at Saint Petersburg State University

Qian Chen, Leonid Moskovkin
This article is devoted to the research of the need of Chinese students studying at different faculties of St. Petersburg State University in obtaining information from the Russian-language Internet sites. The research method is a survey through the Google Forms website. The study showed that Chinese...
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Lean Management Shifts in Higher Education Towards Networking Units: A View From Russia

Robert M. Nizhegorodtsev, Nina P. Goridko
The aim of the paper is to verify the structural changes in the Russian higher education for their compliance with the lean management principles. The analysis of the main challenges and threats arising in Russian higher education as a result of the structural transformation of universities through mergers...
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The Program “Translator in the Sphere of Professional Communication” in Russian Technical Universities

Tatiana Polyakova, Alexey Solntsev
Additional qualification of a translator allows specialists in the field of technique and technology fulfilling functions of both an engineer and a translator in their workplace. The paper is devoted to the development and realization of the additional professional program “Translator in the sphere of...
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The Phenomenon of Multilingual Pedagogy in Education

Maria Druzhinina, Feng Liu, Yanan Sun, Elena Solovyeva
The purpose of this article is to introduce the ideas of multilingualism. The objectives of the study are a theoretical analysis of the concepts of "multilingualism" and their practical application in education. The authors have examined the long-term experience of teaching with a multilingual textbook...
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Master's Education of Transportation Engineering Under the Deep Integration of Enterprise, University and Research Institutes

Yuping Xu, Junxiang Deng
As far as the current educational environment is concerned, the deep integration of enterprise, university and research institutes can improve the core competitiveness of applied talents and the overall level of teachers. On the basis of establishing the deep integration system of enterprise, university...
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Student Collaboration Tasks in the Course of Learning English for Academic Purposes and Translation Training with the Use of Information Technologies

Nina V. Popova, Nadezhda I. Almazova, Natalia E. Anosova, Alexandra I. Dashkina
The article describes the examples of collaborative learning with the use of information technologies. In the first example we consider learning English for academic purposes in two teams that prepare reading and listening comprehension assignments focused on the same lexical topic for each other. The...
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Coaching as Instrument to Identity and Remedy for Boreout Syndrome with Employees

Helene Moris, Anastasia B. Nedosugova
Employees often do not like their job and are not interested to change, as they are bored. This has a material adverse effect on their wellbeing, job and relationship with manager. This paper analysis in which way coaching can be used in remedying the so called “boreout syndrome” and provides guidelines...
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Ability - Oriented Teaching Innovation Design of Mechanical Drawing Course

Guijian Xiao, Yuanxin Luo, Qimin Li, Xianxiong Ning
Mechanical drawing course is an important basic course of both theory and practice for mechanical majors. Its basic goal is to cultivate students' spatial thinking ability, cultivate students' basic ability of drawing and reading engineering drawings, and master the skills of drawing with ruler and gauge,...
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Mathematical Culture as Basis for Improving Vocational Training Progress of University Students

L.N. Filonova, S.V. Kosovskikh, N.F. Usynina, N.V. Ischenko
Mathematics is the queen of sciences. It plays a core role in education. Progress in studying at university, and, later, success in professional activities, depend on the level of mathematical culture development. High level of mathematical culture of a university student ensures a high level of success...
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Formation of Psychoemotional Stability of Students as a Professional Quality of a Teacher

Svetlana Korlyakova, Elena Frantseva, Oksana Prilepskikh, Oksana Pogrebnaya, Olga Bogdanova, Anatoliy Agafonov
The purpose of our study was to determine the characteristics of psychoemotional stability of students - future teachers and possibility of its formation in conditions of a higher education institution. The experimental work was conducted at Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute. The diagnosis of psycho-physiological...
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Research on the Practice of Ideological and Political Education in the Teaching of Engineering Courses

Chaoming Li, Xun Li, Wenping Cao
Universities are important positions of ideological and political education, which plays a very important role in cultivating students' good learning motivation, political consciousness and social responsibility. "Water Supply and Drainage Pipe Network System" is a major degree course in water supply...
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UNESCO’s Contributions to the Development of Education in Latin American Countries: Brazil and Bolivia

Johnatan da Costa Santos, Maria Luisa Claure Quiroga
Since the 21st century, Latin America has gone through several transformations most notably politically and economically. Inequality and illiteracy in the region are one of the main issues, and the economic growth in the region has encouraged the governments to acknowledge the need to transform their...
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Higher Education and Post-Soviet Society: Trends Towards the New Configuration of Relations

Vladimir Puzikov
The article attempts to identify the relationship between higher education and various areas of post-Soviet society. In this connection, questions are posed: is education capable of changing society? And under what conditions does society have a positive impact on education that forms social capital?...
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English-Writing Teaching of Vocational Colleges in Big Data Era

Wenxia Pan
In English-writing teaching of vocational colleges there remain some problems, such as: single teaching method, lagging feedback of assessment, etc. Big data is presenting opportunities as well as challenges to English-writing teaching of vocational colleges. Autonomous learning, individualized teaching...
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Research on the Construction of Practical Teaching System of Non-Destructive Testing Specialty in Vocational Education

Xinbo Chen, Xiaoli Li, Li Wang
Practical teaching is an important part of the whole teaching system of Non-destructive Testing Specialty in Vocational education, and the cultivation of practical ability is an important part of Vocational education. This paper analyses the characteristics of practical teaching of Non-destructive Testing...
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The Fusion Development of Teachers in Vocational Education under the New Situation

Xiaoli Li, Xinbo Chen, Haixia Sun, Qingfeng Yang
In order to meet the needs of equipment support development and train high-quality talents, according to the characteristics of personnel training in Vocational Education institutions, this paper analyses the requirements, methods and directions of integration development of teachers, and measures to...
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The Linguacognitive Base of Bilinguals

Mariia Lapteva, Elena Zhelezniakova
The following article describes the formation of linguacognitive level of linguistic personality as a necessary requirement of the second language acquisition. The formation of the linguacognitive base of the secondary linguistic personality is considered on the example of comparison of cultural attitudes...
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Cloud Computing as a Means of ICT-Competence Formation of Future Teachers of Physical and Mathematical Science

Mikhail V. Shevchuk, Victoria G. Shevchenko, Tatiana N. Gran
The article substantiates a justification of the urgency of the formation problem of ICT competence of future teachers of physical and mathematical science in the conditions of education system and the development of network technologies modernization. The article reviews the special competences in the...
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The Genesis of Dystopian Meaning Structure and its Relation to Utopian Literary Tradition

M. S. Zhurkova, E.A. Khomutnikova
The article represents an attempt of generalizing the material, collected while researching the problem of meaning structure of dystopian novels of the first half of the 20-th century. The meaning structure of the novels studied was determined as consisting of partial meanings, integrating into initial...
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Software Engineering Course Construction by University-Enterprise Cooperation for MSE

Huobin Tan, Xiyang Liu, Xueyun Ji
Aiming at the prominent problem of cultivating practical ability for Master of Software Engineering (MSE), a software engineering course are constructed by university-enterprise cooperation, which introduces enterprise experts and case resources. Emphasizing both theories and practices as well as combining...
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Experience of the Project for the Development of Complex Baking Mixes at the University

Aleksandr Romanov, Aleksandr Markov, Irina Sergeeva, Yulia Markova
The paper presents the experience and conclusions of the project from the idea to the commercial sale of the product in the conditions of active participation of university students. The goal was to assess the role of such a project in the development of students' professional skills. The idea of creating...
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Volunteer Internships as a Factor of Formation of Students' Professional Competence for the Educational Program “Advertising and Public Relations”

Alexandr Vetitnev, Marina Kruglova, Victoria Shuvanova, Igor Shuvanov
This paper responds to the need for research on the volunteering practices in modern Russian universities according to the competence approach in higher education. An in-depth survey was conducted after students having an internship at the 2018 World Cup events. Discussion highlights how volunteer internship...
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Research and Practice on the Training Mode of Application-Oriented and Innovative Talents

Na Yang, Yiqun Liu, Pengwei Dong, Zhipeng Zhang, Yanyun Chen, Meiqing Liu, Congsheng Li
With the expansion of the scale of higher education, higher education has changed from elitism to popularization. Cultivating applied talents is not only the trend of education development in China, but also the requirement of social and economic development. How to cultivate applied talents is the most...
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Cognitive Maps of Participants in Joint Mental Activity

Denis Fatykhovich Dautov, Natalia Vyacheslavovna Lomova, Yuliya Valer’Evna Rashchupkina, Oxana Fedorovnа Nikolenko, Julia Andreevna Tushnova
Functional roles are of considerable interest in research of joint mental activity. For many years it has been the purpose of investigating to classify functional roles. Few researchers have considered the problem from the point of internal cognitive processes. Most of the research has been focused...
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Federal Universities as Factors of Social Development of Regions of Russia

Natalia V. Volkova, Julia V. Torkunova, Natalia A. Khramova
The article analyzes the state of the concept of "federal university", normative base, defined criteria for assessing the federal universities, conclusions about the problems of the relationship between the development of federal universities and the social development of regions, as well as ways to...
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On the “Phystech System”, Its Implementation at the Bauman Moscow State University, and One Pedagogical Method

Nikolay I. Krobka, Aleksander S. Fadeev
The purpose of the article is a brief presentation of the “Phystech System”, features of its implementation at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the work of one of the “basic enterprises” of the Faculty of Instrument Engineering of the University - the Scientific Research Institute for Applied...
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The Cultivation Mechanism of Engineering Talents Based on Emerging Engineering Education for Local and Comprehensive Universities -A Case of Qinghai University

Dedong Gao, Lirong Li, Shan Wang, Xiuming Chen
New industry and its new types, leading by the new round technological revolution, promote the reform and innovation of higher engineering education. The basic features of new industry types and the evolution of discipline are introduced to understand the emerging engineering education, the connotation...