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The Application of Law Number 22 of 2001 Concerning Oil and Natural Gas Against People’s Oil Mining in the Village of Wonocolo, Kecamatan Kedewan, Bojonegoro, East Java

R. Rahaditya, Agoes Dariyo
This research conducted in order to find out the related cases of distillation and illegal sales of crude oil mining products in the Bojonegoro East Java Province area remain in Wonocolo village. Whereas according to the mandate of the 1945 Constitution that all natural resources should be controlled...
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The Measurement Instrument Adaptation (Structural Validity Test) of Mood and Anxiety Symptoms Questionnaire - Anhedonic Depression Scale in Indonesian Language

Debora Basaria, Riana Sahrani
It is known that depression constitutes the main cause of suicidal behavior and is the 6th leading cause of death in developed countries. Depression can occur in anyone, from children to elderly. This study aims at determining the results of the structural / internal validity test for the Mood and Anxiety...
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The Role of Education in Sustaining Environmental Sustainability at Rural Region in Yogyakarta

Kartika Nuringsih, Nuryasman M. N.
Supporting sustainable development is required the role of education to encourage people toward sustainability in the future. For this reason, the goal of the study is to investigate the relation of environmental education toward environmental attitude and environmental citizenship behavior (ECBs) who...
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The Effect of Brand Awareness, Social Media Marketing, Perceived Quality, Hedonic Motivation, and Sales Promotion Towards Consumers Intention to Purchase in Fashion Industry

Regina Shwastika, Keni Keni
This research was conducted to investigate the effect of brand awareness, social media marketing, perceived quality, hedonic shopping motivation, and sales promotion towards purchase intention on the fashion industry. Descriptive research was used and this study was included in a cross-sectional study...
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The Effect of Green Brand Image, Green Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement on Purchase Intention of Green Product

Cynthia Darlius, Keni Keni
The present study is to analyze the effect of green brand image, green advertising and celebrity endorsement on purchase intention of green product in Jakarta. Descriptive research was done with 262 respondents collected using non-probability sampling with convenience sampling technique but only 191...
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English Task Value: The Effect of Foreign Language Enjoyment and Foreign Language Anxiety

Jordain Riyadi Taufik, Sri Tiatri, Meylisa Permata Sari
This paper aims to investigate the role of foreign language enjoyment (FLE) and foreign language anxiety (FLA) on English task value (TV). It was hypothesized that foreign language enjoyment (FLE) and foreign language anxiety (FLA) had a role on English Task Value (TV). This research used quantitative...
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Validation of Cognitive Dimension of Managerial Aptitude Test: Rasch Model Analysis

Rita Markus Idulfilastri, Meylisa Permata Sari, Cynthia Sutanto
Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT) explains that every person has innate potentials that can be transformed into talent [1]. The initial construction of Managerial Aptitude Test developed to measure the three dimensions: cognitive, metacognitive, and creativity, using Classical Test...
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The Effect of Self Compassion on the Subjective Well-Being of Unemployed Fresh Graduate in Jakarta During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Mutiara Mirah Yunita, Cindy Febriani Lee
During the Covid-19 pandemic, fresh graduate students had difficulty finding work. This is because several companies have limited the hiring of new employees to minimize company costs during the pandemic. This then can also have an impact on the welfare of fresh graduate students who have not worked,...
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Work Engagement and Turnover Intention: The Moderating Effect of Organizational Justice

Kiky D. H. Saraswati, Daniel Lie
The success of an organisation largely depends on its employees. Employers put forward different ideas to retain employees as to avoid turnover, which can cause both financial and moral loss to employers as well as employees. The actual employees’ turnover behavior is strongly predicted by turnover intention...
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The Right of Denial in Implementing the Position of Notary (Analysis of the Constitutional Court Decision Number 16/PUU-XVIII/2020)

Retno Indrianita Pratiwi, Benny Djaja
Legal protection is needed by notaries, given the obligation embedded with the notarial profession so that contents of the deed are kept confidential. In the application for the decision of the Constitutional Court Decision Number 16/PUU-XVIII/2020, the Indonesian Prosecutors Association asked for Article...
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Optimizing the Applications of Criminal Fines Against Electronic Technology Information Crime Based on the Principles of Let Punishment Fit the Crime

Lilyana Tasya Kurniawan, Ade Adhari
Currently technological developments have led to an increase in criminal acts in the field of the technology electronic information. One of them are a criminal act committed by person who manipulating data as if the transaction was authentic and has actually happened. The actor invites several other...
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The Relationship Between Optimism and Subjective Well-Being in Covid-19 Pandemic Context

Garvin Garvin, Rahuel Adhi Putri
Work from home and social distancing that were implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic caused various psychological complaints such as boredom, anxiety, and even frustration. Especially for employees who work, the covid-19 pandemic provides uncertainty about the sustainability of their jobs. It is reported...
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The Consequences of Nuptial Agreement Certificate That Is Not Registered According to Law Number 1 Year 1974

Benny Djaja, Axel Jordan Rengkung
The existence of Nuptial agreements, can provide legal certainty by becoming the legal basis for joint property, inheritance and debts incurred during the marriage. As in general, the existence of debt in marriage becomes a problem when there is a divorce or one dies. This is why the marriage covenant...
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The Effect of Academic Self-Efficacy and Mindfulness on Students Academic Stress During the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Teguh Lesmana, Lulun Bidangan
This study aims to determine the effect of academic self-efficacy and mindfulness towards academic stress on college students who have experience online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research method used is quantitative research methods with correlation techniques. The number of samples...
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The Effect of Ownership of Managerial, Level of Debt and Growth Opportunities on the Accounting Conservatism

Rini Tri Hastuti, Ardiansyah Rasyid
The study finds out affect managerial growth opportunities of manufacturing companies in Indonesia period of 2015-2018. Data collected by purposive sampling method and the sample amounted to 56 companies. This study used multiple regression as techniques for data analysis and helped by Eviews version...
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The Internet Blockage Policy in Indonesia: A Legal and Human Rights Perspective

Tundjung Herning Sitabuana, Ade Adhari, Luisa Srihandayani, Imelda Martinelli, Ida Kurnia
The government’s policy to block the internet has become a debatable issue among societies whether it infringes on freedom of expression and freedom to seek, receive, and impart information or not. Therefore, this paper provides a description and analysis of the internet blockage issue according to Indonesia’s...
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The Role of Spiritual Well-Being in Stress Among People Experiencing Job Loss During Covid-19 Pandemic

Prajna Paramitha, Raja Oloan Tumanggor, Willy Tasdin
COVID-19 Pandemic impacts all aspects of human’s life, especially economic and employment. Many people loss their job during this pandemic. Jobloss causes many mental health problems, one of them is stress. To prevent the negative effects of stress, the stress level must be reduced. It is necessary to...
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The Role of Religiosity in the Psychological Well-Being of Young Adulthood Women with Acne Problems

Jeaneta Monica Tentero, Raja Oloan Tumanggor, Willy Tasdin
Acne is a skin disease that can be associated physical and psychological problems. Psychological problems result from feelings of social isolation, low self-esteem, social inavailability, and social withdrawal. Psychological well-being is a healthy, fully operational mental and mental health condition...
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Urgency Formalization of Sexual Violence Eradication Bill Against Cyber Sexual Harassment in Digital Era

Apriza Putri, Ade Adhari
In digital era development of technology keep continue to grow. There are several impacts of this development, one of them is digital communications and social media are facilitating new forms of crime. The concern of crime in this digital era especially about cyber sexual harassment. Cyber sexual harassment...
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Why is the Tradition of Youth Married Sustained in the Madura Region?

Agoes Dariyo, Mia Hadiati, R. Rahaditya
This study seeks to understand the phenomenon of young marriage which has become a tradition on the island of Madura. This research is qualitative in nature by collecting data through in-depth interviews (depth interview). The number of research subjects as many as 6 people who live in Pamekasan, Sampang...
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Determinant Factors of Financial Management Behavior Among People in Jakarta During COVID-19 Pandemic

Mieske Anggraini Halim, Ignatius Roni Setyawan
The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of Financial Knowledge, Financial Attitudes, and Financial Literacy on Financial Management Behavior for the people in Jakarta during COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, many business activities have been exposed to tight restriction by the...
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Correlation Between Sleep Quality and Emotion Regulation in X University Students

Ignasia Farren, Agoes Dariyo
College students have many activities that can cause poor sleep quality, such as academic demands, activities after lecture, and part-time work. Poor sleep quality can cause students to experience increased stress so it is easy to feel negative emotions, such as anger and sadness. This shows poor emotion...
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Differences in Youth Students’ Emotional Intelligence from Parent Patterns

Rianto Rianto, Agoes Dariyo
Emotional Intelligence is a set of skill for someone to recognize other’s emotion and the person itself. One of the factor that effect emotional intelligence is family. Being a family, the parents need some style to nurture their child and it’s called parenting styles. There are four parenting style...
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A Creative Communication of Overcoming Zoom Fatigue

Adellia Jane Pingkiany, Veronica Wong, Anny Valentina
The Coronavirus pandemic that happens nowadays is making people adapt, either for their works, education, or even in relation with people. For example, almost all students around the world have to adapt for their studying method. They have to study via online virtual meetings. People might think that...
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Creative Strategy to Reduce Littering for Hikers

Christian Chandra, Anny Valentina, Siti Nurannisa
Since a drastic increase of mountain national park visitors, the littering problems were emerging more than ever. Many hikers, especially the amateurs, keep ignoring the park’s rules about littering. Many sanctions be it from national park itself and nature lovers community has been deployed, yet the...
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The Relation of Capitalized or Expensed of Intangible Expenditures to Firm Value

M. F. Djeni Indrajati W, Elizabeth Sugiarto Dermawan
Some expenditures that have an impact on the expectation of future benefits are often treated differently because the point of view is the possibility of uncertain future benefits. If it is uncertain will be expensed, while what is likely to come from the acquisition of external parties is capitalized...
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The Effect of Work Environment on Work Satisfaction Among PWC Indonesia Employees with Motivation as Mediating Variable

Herlina Budiono, Oey Hannes Widjaya, Jonnardi Jonnardi, Isabella Jasmine
Job satisfaction is one of the factors that influence employee productivity. The work situation in the company will affect the job satisfaction of an employee. Employees who are satisfied with their work will be more loyal to the company because they think that the company has succeeded in fulfilling...
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The Effectiveness of Governer Regulation Number 142 Year 2019 Concerning the Obligation to Use the Environmentally-Friendly Shopping Bags at Shopping Centers, Swalayan Stores, and Traditional Markets for Reducing the Use of Plastic Bags in Lindeteves Trade Center (LTC) Glodok

Hansen Joneri, Mella Ismelina Farma Rahayu
This Governor Regulation does not yet provide a transition period for business actors in shopping centers and markets, as well as managers in supermarkets to ensure a transition from using single-use plastic packaging bags to more environmentally friendly packaging bags. There are no social sanctions...
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The Effect of Locus of Control, Need for Achievement, Risk Tolerance, and Entrepreneurial Alertness on the Entrepreneurial Intention

Oey Hannes Widjaya, Herlina Budiono, Hendra Wiyanto, Fransisca Fortunata
Economic problems require resolution for various unemployment, weak industrial competitiveness in global markets, job creation, income distribution, and poverty eradication, and technological change. Growing interest in entrepreneuship is expected to create new jobs to reduce unemployment. The government...
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Implementation of the Mandatory Minimum Sanctions for Children Abuser in the Surabaya High Court Decision Number 763/Pid.Sus/2020/PT SBY

Andy Wijaya, Ade Adhari
Children are the next generation of the Indonesian nation in the future, but children need legal protection because children are creatures that are vulnerable to all threats that can disturb both physically and psychologically. The government made Law Number 35 of 2014 concerning Child Protection with...
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The Motives of Television Journalists Participating in the Journalist Competency Test

Moehammad Gafar Yoedtadi, Gregorius Genep Sukendro, Lusia Savitri
Journalist certification is a program of the Press Council to improve the competence and professionalism of journalists. The program, which has been running for ten years, is not running smoothly. Of the 40 thousand journalists registered in the Press Council, only 17 thousand have participated in the...
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Critical Success Factors for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia

Silvia Anggraeni, Frangky Selamat
This study aims to examine the predictive ability of Critical Success Factors (CSF) for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia. The MSMEs sector plays an important role in driving Indonesia’s economic growth. Thus far, a lot of research has been done on what contributes to the failure...
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Creative Strategy for Reducing Air Pollution from Motorcycle Exhaust by Urging Urban Motorcyclists to Implement Eco-Riding Techniques

Dunstan Christian Angelo, Anny Valentina, Siti Nuranissa
Air pollution has been a prevalent issue in Indonesia for many decades, for years the country has been plagued with the unhealthy air quality affecting its citizens; most prominently in large capital cities such as Jakarta, Tangerang, and Bekasi due to their high population densities. The continuous...
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Typography as Communication Media to Revitalize Wayang Potehi (Potehi Puppet)

Anny Valentina, Ferdy Tanumihardjo
This is further research of content identification for the development of promotional media to increase public interest, especially for the younger generation (Y and Z) in Wayang Potehi performances. The obtained data is that respondents only know Indonesian Chinese culture in general such as Chinese...
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Information-Conneted Approach in Identifying Capital Market Crime at Information Technology Era

Suwinto Johan, Ariawan Ariawan
Digital development has inferences for financial transactions, especially in capital market. Digital development creates stock transactions exceed cross-national. Digital development has few side positive and negative effects. One of the effects is insider information. Insider information is considered...
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Developing a Spiritual Well-Being Training Module to Increase Tolerance

Raja Oloan Tumanggor, Heni Mularsih
This research develops a module for spiritual well-being training to increase tolerance. The aim is that this module can be used as training material to build tolerance for individuals and groups. In addition, this study also aims to implement modules so that they are easy to understand in supporting...
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Social Support and Learning Motivation for New Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Putri Rahayu Safitri, Raja Oloan Tumanggor, Willy Tasdin
During the Covid-19 pandemic, many students started a new learning system, namely distance learning or online which could cause the motivation to learn of new students to decline. New students need social support from family, friends, and a significant other to get good and positive learning motivation....
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Fraud Awareness, Internal Control, and Corporate Governance on Fraud Prevention and Detection

Regina Dori Flowerastia, Estralita Trisnawati, Herlina Budiono
This research aims to determine the effect of fraud awareness, internal control, and corporate governance on fraud prevention and detection on startup companies in Jakarta. The research was conducted by distributing questionnaire to respondents who work on 15 startup companies in Jakarta. A total of...
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Language Function and Characteristics on Youth Motivation Discourse

Abdillah Nugroho, Adyana Sunanda, Agus Budi Wahyudi, Atiqa Sabardila, Na’imul Faizah
The use of language reflects a person’s personality. If the language is good, the language is good, the personality is also good. The discourse of youth motivation is a medium for teenagers to express their ideas and reflect their personality. The objectives of this study are twofold: (1) identifying...
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Understanding Entrepreneurial Passion Among New Entrepreneurs

Beatrice Mayoshe, Kartika Nuringsih
In line with entrepreneurial learning, the study identified a significant effect of emotional support, perceived competence, and entrepreneurship education toward entrepreneurial passion among entrepreneurship in Jakarta. A total of 100 respondents were involved in this study using non-probability techniques...
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Family Support and Learning Achievement in Junior High School Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nala Zafirah, Raja Oloan Tumanggor, Willy Tasdin
Family support is a relationship process in the form of support by providing help and assistance, which is given to each family member. Family support can help students improve learning achievement in the distance learning process carried out from home during COVID-19. This study aims to determine the...
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The Role of Gratitude Towards the Resilience Among Late Adolescents Cyberbullying Victims

Anthony Steven, Jessica Chandhika, Naomi Soetikno
The high use of the internet in Indonesia has an impact on the emergence of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying that is currently happening is a problem that must be addressed immediately because so many cyberbullying victims commit suicide because they are not strong enough to face the pressure. For that,...
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Cyberbullying in YouTube: The Role of Psychological Loneliness Towards the Emotional Regulation

Shalmarona Shalmarona, Jessica Chandhika, Naomi Soetikno
The number of social media users continues to increase. In line with this, cyberbullying is something that needs to be considered by looking at the trigger factors. Psychological loneliness and emotional regulation are closely related to the cyberbullying perpetration. The aim of this research is to...
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The Role of Self-Esteem as a Predictor on Dispositional Gratitude of the Victim of Psychological Neglect in Childhood

Micheel Kalalo, Naomi Soetikno, Jessica Chandhika
One of the individual needs during childhood development is emotional needs, whereas this can be satisfied when parents carry out their responsibilities in providing guidance and warmth. Psychological neglect behaviour in children occurs when parents do not present supervision and fondness. In previous...
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The Role of Conformity Towards the Self-Control on Adolescence Cyberbullying

Michelle Velensia, Naomi Soetikno, Jessica Chandhika
Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that occurs through the use of electronic communication technology or other digital media and is rife, especially among teenagers on the social networking site Instagram. Peer relationships influence adolescents to conform to peer groups and can lead to the involvement...
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An Accessibility Study of Fire Evacuation at Dukuh Atas MRT Station

A. Muqorrobin, E. Supriyatna, F. Lianto, N. W. Priyomarsono
The Station of MRT Dukuh Atas is planned as the deepest station, which has a depth of ± 20 meters. It is an interchange station that allows there are many people in the basement so that in case of fire requires the process of rapid evacuation. This research will examine the accessibility of fire evacuation,...
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Dialogue-Human Needs: The Relationship Between Apartment Design and Occupants Behavior

Kevin Tanamas, Samsu Hendra Siwi, M. B. Susetyarto, Fermanto Lianto
This paper explores the relationship between apartment design and occupant’s behavior to obtain their life needs. Identify spatial elements formed from analyzing the behavior of its occupants’ body in interacting with other occupants to meet the needs of life both physically and emotionally. This study...
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Wheelchair-Accessible Toilet at Gambir Station

Fermanto Lianto, Eddy Supriyatna, William, Fanny Budiyanto
Many urban public transportation facilities have not yet considered the needs of disabilities. There are at least 10% of disabilities in developing countries. The lack of fulfillment in public facilities for disabilities will certainly prevent them from making full social life participation. As one of...
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Wheelchair Facilities Recommendation at Gambir Station

Fermanto Lianto, Eddy Supriyatna, William, Fanny Budiyanto
Public facilities that do not meet wheelchair users’ needs will prevent wheelchair users from fully participating in social life. Whereas, based on Indonesian Law No. 8 of 2016, every citizen should have the same rights and obligations to obtain a decent living. As one of the largest Railway Stations...
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The Utilization of Compact-Convertible Furniture Module in Studio-Type Apartment in M-Town Residence at Summarecon Serpong

Vina Natalia, Samsu Hendra Siwi, Fermanto Lianto, M. B. Susetyarto
The rise of vertical construction in apartments is in the spotlight because it has provided facilities that meet its residents’ needs compared to landed houses. Even though it has complete facilities, each unit has a small to large scale room. A unit with a small scale is called a studio, which tends...
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Cultural Park with the Concept of Combining the Betawi and Chinese Culture in Taman Sari, West Jakarta, Indonesia

Syarifa Andari, Rudy Trisno
Jakarta has many cases regarding intolerance, since it has varieties of ethnic groups and tribes. This worries citizens about the city in the future. However, cases of intolerance can be minimized by giving education to local citizens, since one of its factors is lack of education. Therefore, this project...
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Jelambar Third-Place as a Culinary Place with Green Contemporary Design Concept Approach

Charles Darwin, Rudy Trisno
Jelambar, Jelambar Baru, and Wijaya Kusuma are one united district with a high density of residential population in Grogol Petamburan, that has a habit on culinary business and form culinary centers, yet the spread is uneven until Jelambar, makes Jelambar to have no culinary center like other districts...
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Flea Market and Thrift Facility as a Third Place with Urban-Retrofitting Approach in North Kebayoran Lama

Rinardy Tanuwijaya, Rudy Trisno
North Kebayoran Lama, Kebayoran Lama, is a sub-district in South Jakarta, which is located close to a transit hub, the Kebayoran Station. The existence of mass transportation service as a place of urban movement affects the area with the growth of new places for communities, and a third- place that was...
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Community Activity Center Which Prioritizes Socialization Activity in Kwitang, Central Jakarta

Stanly Manuel, Rudy Trisno
Kwitang as one of the busiest and most densely populated areas in Jakarta, as a result, basic human needs that are not met causes the people in the Kwitang area to have a business in front of their homes. However, nowadays people getting to be more individualistic because of their business and routine...
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The Relationship Between Instagram Social Media Intensity and Consumptive Behavior of Fashion Products Among Early Adulthood Women

Nabila Putri Sabrina, Sandi Kartasasmita
This study aims to see whether there is a relationship between the intensity of the use of Instagram social media and the consumptive behavior of fashion products in early adulthood. The method used in this study uses a quantitative approach with a correlation to answer the relationship between variables....
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COVID-19: The Impact on Air Transportation Tariff in Indonesia

Gunardi Gunardi, Moody R. Syailendra, H.K. Martono
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact in various areas of life. One of the areas that is hit by a huge impact is the air transportation field. The Tariff Limitation Policy causes a lack of flexibility for Business Actors in determining the appropriate tariff in order to survive this difficult...
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Differences in Philosophical and Psychological Understanding of Subjective Well-Being

Raja Oloan Tumanggor
This study discusses differences in philosophical and psychological understanding of subjective well-being (SWB). SWB is a state of how and why people experience their life positively, both cognitive and affective. This terminology is often interpreted as happiness (life satisfaction). Well-being has...
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The Effect of FoMO as a Mediator of Big-Five Personality Relationship with Problematic Internet Use Among Emerging Adulthood

Ruyandy Ruyandy, Sandi Kartasasmita
Internet use in Indonesia continues to increase every year. The terminology that is often heard from the negative impact of internet use is problematic internet use (PIU), The phenomenon of fear of missing out (FoMO) is thought to be a mediator between problematic internet use and big-five personality...
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The Relationship Between Loneliness and Problematic Internet Use Among Young Adults Who Are Social Media Users

Cathlinszky Zea Harlendea, Sandi Kartasasmita
This research aimed to test relationship between loneliness with problematic internet use in young adults who are social media users. When the individual’s expectations for relationships with others are not consistent with reality, the individual will experience loneliness. The internet is one of the...
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Multicultural Education in Islamic Perspective

Alfian Dewan Adhayuda Prabowo, Hamim Ilyas
This paper discusses the importance of multicultural education. Multiculturalism itself is defined as cultural diversity, so humans should respect each other. Humans are social creatures who cannot live without the help of others. Therefore, it is important to understand multicultural education so that...
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The Jurisdiction of “Larvul Ngabal” as a Mediation of Land Disputes in Kei Islands

Bumi Ayu, Mella Ismelina Farma Rahayu
The values in the customary law of “Larvul Ngabal” consists of 7 articles and divided in to 3 groups. “Nevnev” law is part of articles 1 to article 4, which regulates human life. “Hanilit” law consists of articles 5 and 6, and regulates about morals, while “Hawear Balwirin” law regulates rights and social...
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The Correlation Between Conformity and Self-Confidence Among Late Adolescents in Jakarta

Veronica Tannur, Roswiyani Roswiyani
Conformity is a form of behavior that may affect someone’s action to correspond to what their social environment desires. Meanwhile self-confidence is the belief in oneself to think, act, and make decisions. Conformity may affect self-confidence in that conformity is expected in a friend circle. This...
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Assimilation and Integration Policy for Criminators and Children in Prevention and Control of the Spread of COVID-19 Seen from the Ideas of Private Society in Indonesia

Rugun Romaida Hutabarat
In the midst of the current pandemic situation, forcing the government to take steps to issue policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which if it occurs in prisons becomes a new problem. One of the policies taken was to free prisoners through the process of assimilation and integration mechanisms....
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The Influence of Gender, Nation, Education, and Age of Board Members on the Company’s Financial Performance

Herni Kurniawati, Henny Henny
Public companies are asked to execute good corporate governance (GCG), in conformance with the insistence of interested parties, which are regulated in the Financial Services Authority Regulation No.21/Pojk.04/2015 and Circular Letter of the Financial Services Authority No.32/SEOJK.04 years 2015. Implementation...
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University-Industry Collaboration: Enhancing Talent Development

Ananda Kumar Palaniappan
Universities strive to identify and develop students’ potential and talent in order to enhance their competitiveness in the job market. Talent development and Industry – University Collaborations are essential in both identifying and developing students’ potential to benefit all stakeholders namely,...
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An Assessment of Green and Non-Green Consumers Intention to Purchase Green Products in Malaysia

Phuah Kit Teng, Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong Abdullah, Bernard Lim Jit Heng, Kelly Wong Kai Seng
Malaysian demands for green products are escalating due to health concern and green products are common in Malaysia due to various green campaigns in medias over the decades. Yet, the market saturation of green products remained at infancy stage in Malaysia. Therefore, ability to foresee the consumers’...
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Patient Loyalty Towards the Pharmacist

Ow Mun Waei, Phuah Kit Teng, Khoong Tai Wai
Pharmacists play an important role in enhancing patient’s health quality of life besides physicians. Little researches were conducted to examine the patients-pharmacist relationship. The literature mainly covered clinical expects of patient-pharmacist relationship but little researches on patient loyalty...
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Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) – The Geopolitical and Economic Implications on Malaysia

Wei Ying Chong
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a regional multilateral free trade agreement between the Asia-Pacific nations of China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. With the signed...
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Teachers as Learners: Self-Regulated Learning Strategies During Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Adelina Mulyani Go, Dody Kurniawan
The year 2020 has somehow reformed many things in our life, especially in the education sector. As the pandemic occurred, the way of teaching and learning was transformed into the online world. Through all the changes happening during the pandemic, teachers need to adapt and learn new ways or skills...
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K-Wave Content as a Source of Comfort During Coronavirus Widespread in Indonesia

Riela Provi Drianda, Meyriana Kesuma, Nadia Ayu Rahma Lestari
Depressive symptoms in people during the outbreak of Covid-19 have been reported across the globe. In the period where people are forced to withdraw from the crowd and isolate themselves, coping with mental health is indeed very challenging. Previous studies showed how fandom or the state of being a...
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The Effectivity of Act No. 2/1960 Concerning Agricultural Profit Land Sharing Agreement

A Case Study in Leuwidamar District, Lebak-Banten

Yuwono Prianto, Narumi Bungas Gazali
Agricultural profit land-sharing agreement is one of customary law which still exist and widely implemented among the village community in Indonesia. Majority people of Leuwidamar, Bojongmenteng and Cisimeut Village are engaged in farming and many of them use profit land-sharing system to carry out farming...
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The Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Engagement and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

A Study on XYZ Manufacturing Company

Narti Eka Putri, Umar Nimran, Kusdi Rahardjo, Wilopo Wilopo
Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) is defined as positive behavior that goes beyond the formal role as defined even though it is not mentioned in the job description. It can be influenced by employee engagement and Organizational culture. Meanwhile, according to Gallup Survey, 80% of workers in...
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Sentiment Analysis of Learning from Home During Pandemic Covid-19 in Indonesia

Bambang Widoyono, Indra Budi, Prabu Kresna Putra, Aris Budi Santoso
Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia impacting education sector issuance policy for learning from home. This policy has many responses from the public on social media like Twitter. There are many types of methods using machine learning approach to classify and predict sentiment analysis about this topic on...
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The Influence of Product Knowledge and Perceived Risk on Investment Intention of Stock Investors in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Khairina Natsir, Agus Zainul Arifin, Nurainun Bangun
The COVID-19 pandemic has hit various sectors, including the stock market where many people are hesitant to invest in stocks. Many industries have been affected by Covid-19, where since March 2020 the Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) in the Indonesia Stock Exchange has decreased because many investors...
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Role of Alumni of the School of Pluralism to Maintaining Religious Harmony in North Sulawesi

Suzy Azeharie, Wulan Purnama Sari
As a multicultural country, the opportunities for clashes and conflicts in Indonesia are widely open. The plurality and heterogeneity of Indonesian society is reflected in multiple cultures, religions, and lifestyle diversity. In the national history of Indonesia, various inter-religion conflicts occurred...
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Factors Affecting Social Media Adoption Among SMEs in Jakarta

Nico Hartanto, Lydiawati Soelaiman
At this time, SMEs are required to understand and study technological developments in adopting social media to improve business performance. In practice, social media adoption is influenced by several factors. For this reason, the purpose of this study is to obtain empirical evidence regarding whether...
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The Application of Corporate Image in the Design of the Holiday Inn Express Pluit Citygate Hotel Lobby

Amelia Putri, Franky Liauw, Maitri W. Mutiara
A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis, which is now also in great demand by people as a means of recreation. The lobby is a room where guests arrive when they first arrive at the hotel. First impressions are a vital aspect for hotels and companies to attract visiting...
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Implementation of the Healing Environment Approach in the Chemotherapy Unit of the Dharmais Cancer Hospital

Talia Yunita, Franky Liauw, Maitri Widya Mutiara
Cancer is a disease that causes death in the world. One of the treatments for cancer is chemotherapy, which causes side effects that can reduce the patient’s health condition, namely stress. A comfortable and soothing environment can have a positive impact on the patient’s psychological condition, especially...
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Factors Affecting Employee Fraud: A Study Among Private Companies in Jakarta

Yuniarwati Yuniarwati, I Cenik Ardana, Sugiarto D. Elizabeth
The increasing number of employee fraud has received great attention these days because it can have a negative impact on staff morale, increase company costs, and damage the company’s reputation with the relevant stakeholders. There have been several theories of fraud that have emerged, including Cressey’s...
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Alternative Scenarios for The Quasi-Judicial Administration to Provide Access to Justice under Public Health Emergencies

Ibnu Sina Chandranegara
Public health emergency has had a significant impact, especially in the administration of quasi-judicial institutions in Indonesia. Due to Covid-19, which requires social restrictions, it will impact the process of examining various lawsuits that have been registered. Policies to respond to health emergencies...
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Application of Conscientization Learning Models with Dolanan Songs in Javanese’s Proverb Materials in Elementary School Students

Endang Sri Maruti, Bambang Yulianto, Suhartono Suhartono, Udjang Pairin, Darni Darni
This study aims to describe lingual conscientization in Javanese language learning that empowers learners using a conscientization educational model (MPK) approach. One of the MPK schemes is the jigsaw cooperative method with a technique of playing and making songs. This research is a descriptive qualitative...
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ROC Analysis on SRED-7F Instrument (Study: Development of a New Instrument of Clinical Psychology)

Siti Bahiyah, Samsunuwiyati Marat, Rita Markus Idulfilastri
The typical psychological change in adolescents of increased emotional intensity coupled with a lack of cognitive resources is one theoretical explanation for the increase in depression during adolescence. Adolescents seek to increase self-understanding and seek identity in relationships with family...
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The Relationship Between Social Comparison and Self-Esteem Among Late Adolescent Instagram Users

Alodia Alodia, Denrich Suryadi
Instagram is a social media that is popular among all age groups, but especially late teens. Social media allows each individual to explore, see, imitate, and even define a standard. When teenagers compare themselves to other people on Instagram, this certainly has an impact on their self-esteem. The...
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Somatic Symptoms in Young Adult Women Who Experienced Sexual Violence Throughout Life Development: A Systematic Review

Angelia Nathali Pichel, Denrich Suryadi
Sexual violence is a public health problem that occurs worldwide with women being the majority of victims. Gray et al. (2004) explained that sexual violence and unwanted sexual experiences are included as one of traumatic life events (TLE). TLE has various impacts on the mental health of individuals....
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The Effect of Social Support on Pregnancy-Related Anxiety in First Trimester Expecting Mothers

Caroline Zefanya, Denrich Suryadi
During pregnancy, a mother will experience physical, hormonal, and social changes that affect the mother’s psychology and emotion. When the mother’s psychological and emotional state changes, the baby’s development will be affected. Expecting mothers in the first trimester are prone to anxiety, one of...
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The Relationship Between Perceived Social Support and the Psychological Well-Being of Pregnant Women Expecting Their First Child (Primigravida)

Velia Khusen, Denrich Suryadi
Psychological well-being is a very important factor in maintaining positive emotions. One way to maintain psychological well-being is through positive perception of social support, which can come from family, friends, and significant others. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship...
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The Relationship Between Perceptions of Social Support and Self-Esteem in University Graduates

Wellyda Olga Hutagalung, Denrich Suryadi
University graduates in most countries are facing difficulty in finding work along with the complexity of job integration. University graduates during their study learn strictly basic concepts without further application and this leads to them not being ready for work. This has resulted in university...
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Digital Technology Information in Indonesia: Data Privacy Protection is a Fundamental Right

Vera W. S. Soemarwi, W. Susanto
Digital technology has been quickly developing and has been used in the financial sector, such as banking, but the laws in Indonesia have not provided adequate legal protection for data protection for banking consumers. The Indonesian Government has created various cross-sectoral regulations but they...
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Cyber Media Policy on Diversity: Carefulness and Neutrality for the Sustainability of the News Coverage

Eko Harry Susanto, Ahmad Junaidi, Farid Rusdi, Dennis Akbar Satrio
Freedom of communication provides opportunities for cyber media on the news coverage of diversity to public. The government laws and regulations as well as news ethics become references when carrying out urban functions. However, media owners can impose additional limits on journalists for the continuity...
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The Effect of Sinar Dharma School’s Study Room’s Interior Elements on Children’s Development

Gina Levina, Eddy Supriyatna Marizar, Maria Florencia
Age 4-6 are the most decisive age in this life which need more concern on children development quality especially on the environment (learning and playing space interior) that also acts as a creativity stimulus in cognitive, affective, and psychomotor aspects. There are three aspects actively involved...
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The Application of Display Room Lighting Concept in Wayang Museum

Marco Marco, Eddy Supriyatna Marizar, Maria Florencia
Museum is a permanent institution that serves the community and is open to the public and is tasked with collecting, preserving, researching and exhibiting historical heritage in the form of objects and intangibles and their environment for educational, research and entertainment purposes. The current...
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Interactive Design Concept on Art: 1 New Museum and Art Space

Stella Stella, Eddy Supriyatna Marizar, Maria Florencia
Art: 1 New Museum and Art Space is an art gallery called the Mon Decor Art Gallery founded by Martha Gunawan in 1983. The Mon Decor Art Gallery’s limited space made this gallery moved in 2011 and changed its name to Art: 1 New Museum and Art Space with the hope of becoming a place to showcase the work...
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The Application of Design Elements on All-Day Dining Restaurant at Pullman Vimala Hills

Pauline Tjandra, Sri Fariyanti Pane, Anastasia Cinthya Gani
Hotel Restaurant is one of the attractions of visitors in choosing a hotel. It is not uncommon for the restaurant at a hotel to be visited by public visitors to hold events and enjoy their dishes. This causes the offering of comfort and quality of food is not enough, the restaurant must be able to be...
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Application of the AMG GT Car and Logo Shape in Interior Design for Community Showroom & Lobby

A Study Case: Mercedes Benz Club House

Clinton Ligafata Lisjanto, Sri Fariyanti Pane, Anastasia Cinthya Gani
Along with the development of today’s social life, new communities with various backgrounds and goals of establishment such as Mercedes Benz Club Indonesia have started to emerge. Club House facility is one of the facilities that can fulfill the needs of the Mercedes Benz Club Indonesia community. The...
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Inventing a Digital and Social Media Platform “Bagi Cerita Bagi Kita” as Survival Tool During Pandemic

Anny Valentina, Ruby Chrissandy
COVID-19 is bringing serious effect not only to public health, but to all of the public social activity, both nationally and globally. A rapid and massive change happened to all of the public behavior after the first case of COVID-19 hit the earth. Currently, the public cannot enjoy socializing like...
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The Analysis of Packaging Design Product Organic Food Eco Spirit Center

Ratnasari Wijaya, Kurnia Setiawan, Herlina Kartaatmadja
With high competition in the food and beverage industries, entrepreneurs give efforts to improve the quality of their packaging to satisfy and build good relationships with consumers through packaging design (packaging). A product must be different from the competitors, such as is through packaging design....
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The Design Studies of Bakmi 3 Rasa Visual Identity

Thressia Anastasia, Kurnia Setiawan, Herlina Kartaatmadja
The rapid development of culinary business leads the enhancement of competition between competitors who offer the same product. Thus, it encourages business owners to maintain or improve their business image to be known by the wider community through rebranding. Bakmi 3 Rasa is the first pork noodle...
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The Design Studies of Living Environment Board Game “Earth Plan”

Revica Zora Vadeli, Kurnia Setiawan, Herlina Kartaadmaja
There are many issues about our environments. Indirectly, we are also among the people who contribute to the environmental damage. The author wants to introduce and educate environmental problems that are currently occurring through a game approach. This research was qualitative. The research object...
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Design of House and Architect Office Against Pandemic Covid-19

Anugerah Bagus Wicaksono, Rudy Trisno
Creating a building design customized to survive the Covid-19 pandemic can be useful for an architect working at home. This report will analyze to minimize the influx of viruses from outside the house brought in by the occupants of the house itself, both from clothing, bodies, and goods carried. To increase...
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Relationship of Fashion Brand Image Towards Self-Esteem in Women in Jakarta

Clara Agatha, Meiske Yunithree Suparman
The main purpose of writing this research is to determine the relationship between fashion brand image and self-esteem that occurred to women in Jakarta. This research is a quantitative study with a discussion of the correlation between two variables. Participants in the study consisted of 100 participants...