Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Education Innovation (ICEI 2019)

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Grand Design of Character Education Based on Islamic Values

Pairin, Badarwan, Syahrul
This article aims to provide a critical picture of the great design of character education in Kendari. The aspects that are explored: 1) the vision of character education based on Islamic religious values; 2) mission of character education based on Islamic religious values; 3) character education programs...
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Teaching Science to University Students with Visual Impairment

Asri Wijiastuti, Siti Masitoh, Sri Joeda Andajani, Sujarwanto, Maria Veronika Roesminingsih
The research aims to describe the implementation of measurement experiment student worksheet for a student with visual impairment based on braille code, adapting cylinders, adapting instruction, and adapting environment learning. The research design was a descriptive case study. The study conducted on...
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Learning, Curriculum Monitoring and Evaluation for Decision Making

Linda Caroline Messakh, Ulil Hartono, M. V. Roesminingsih
Decision making process is a part of improvement on higher education quality assurance. It can be gained from the result of Monitoring and Evaluation in Learning and Curriculum. This research conducting to evaluate the implementation of learning and curriculum monitoring and evaluation for Decision Making....
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Parenting as Character Education Model

Eko Sumargo, Soedjarwo, Erny Roesminingsih
This research aims to develop a model parenting conceptual as a framework partnership relationship between school with the parents of students in order to develop and apply a character education program at an elementary school. This study was conducted in two stages at the preparatory stage and the implementation....
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Recognition of Prior Learning for Master Marine with Indonesian Qualifications Framework

Antoni Arif Priadi, Tri Cahyadi, Damoyanto Purba, Novita Vindri Harini, Zainullah Zuhri
A master Mariner is a professional person who has highest level of knowledge and experiences in ship operation from planning, executing, managing, analyzing and evaluating. The Indonesian Qualification Framework gives the opportunities professional like a Master Mariner to be equalized within a certain...
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Marketing Strategy for Educational Services

M. Nur Rohim
In marketing education services and increasing customer loyalty is the school able to plan the right strategy to review the market and customer needs of educational services. Marketing strategy is a plan of an organization made to do marketing by introducing its organization to the public. Educational...
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The Conformity Profile of Higher Education Students

Damajanti Kusuma Dewi, Nimatus Solichah, Rizky Oktaviani Cahyaningsih, Ayu Bulan Permata Putri
The purpose of this study was to determine the profile of conformity among the students at Surabaya State University. The participants in this study were 1273 students from the Faculty of Education and Faculty of Social Sciences and Law. This study was quantitative research using a cross-sectional survey....
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Classroom Management for Early Childhood Group Setting

Dewi Komalasari, Novy Cici Jayanti, Dewi Kartikasari
The creativity of classroom management in early childhood is very important in fostering children's learning interest. Through this study aims to describe the creativity of classroom management by setting a group classroom with a safety angle by the teacher and the way the teacher fosters children's...
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Implementation of IT-Based Learning Media Training to Improve Teachers’ Pedagogic Ability

Agnellia Novita Fauzia
The advancement of information technology is one of the opportunities that can be used by teachers in implementing learning more effectively. This research aims to describe the implementation of training for making IT-based learning media to improve teachers’ pedagogic ability measured by aspects of...
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The Development of Young Learner Material for Teaching English

Ulhaq Zuhdi
This study aims to know the Effectiveness of Student Textbooks for TEYL Teaching English for Young Learner or Primary School. Primary Teacher Education Students as agents of change will carry out the mandate of the law, that will educate the nation. Based on the theory in the background that the earlier...
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The Improvement of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Achievement Through Principal’s Transformational Leadership

Tazkiyatul Ala’i
This study aims to find out whether the Islamic Elementary School (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah) achievement can improve through principal’s transformational leadership. The methodology of this research is descriptive qualitative which is designed to collect data and information in depth. Data collection is done...
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Ethnoecology as the Method to Build Environmental Care Character through Adiwiyata School Program

Farida Istianah, Julianto, Suryanti
One of solutions to overcome the damage to nature was to conduct an ethnoecological approach as implemented in Adiwiyata program to shape the students’ environmental care character. This research employed descriptive study with a qualitative approach. The purpose of this study was to describe the application...
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Toilet Training Guidebook for the Independent Character in Preschoolers

Kartika Rinakit Adhe, Nurul Khotimah, Safira Wahyu, Muchamad Arif Al Ardha
This research develops toilet training guidebook with paired storybook. Specifically, this study aims to (1) to develop a toilet training guidebook on the independence of early childhood, (2) to find out the feasibility of developing a toilet training guidebook on the independence of early childhood,...
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An Android Based Game for Children to Learn Fraction

Ika Rahmawati, Shela Dwi Ariyanti
The purpose of this research is to develop an android based game, called Happy Chef game, as a media on mathematics subject materials fraction comparison for four graders of elementary school and also aimed to: (1) Describe the process of developing happy chef game media; (2) Describe the feasibility...
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E-LEv: Solution for Early Childhood Education Teachers in Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Prima Suci Rohmadheny, Avanti Vera Risti Pramudyani
Early Childhood Education (ECE) learning evaluation refers to the evaluation of early aged-children' developmental achievement. This is pivotal to measure developmental achievement during and after the learning activity is conducted. From the previous study shown that teacher faced various problems to...
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The Effectiveness of Jatim Mengajar Program as an Agent of Change for Remote Schools

Moch. Dedik Setiawan
Jatim Mengajar program is a teacher sending program to remote schools in East Java for 1 year. The purpose of this study is to find out the effectiveness of the East Java Teaching program as an agent of change that is reviewed from the stages of planning, organizing, actuating, to controlling. The research...
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Educational Governance Innovation through Implementation of Four UNESCO Education Pillars

Dita Anggraini Nurjannah Musliman
The purpose of this research was discussion about educational governance innovations through the implementation of four UNESCO pillars. This was a descriptive research that used a qualitative approach. The data was collected through observation, interviews and documentation. The results and discussion...
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The Impacts of Verbal Violence by Family Members on Children's Social Emotional Aspects

Hendra Wahyuni, Yatim Riyanto, I Ketut Atmadja
The research is aimed to know the impact of violence verbal carried members of the family of the aspects of social emotional children aged early 2-4. With the approach to study the case with methods of qualitative found that violent verbal in children aged early majority do mothers with an age, angry...
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Kiai's Leadership in Managing Human Resources

Syahrul, Mukhneri Mukhtar, Maruf Akbar
The focus of this article review is Kiai's leadership in managing human resources at a modern boy boarding school in Southeast Sulawesi. The purpose of the study is to explore Kiai's leadership practices in aspects: 1) human resource planning; 2) organization of human resources; 3) leadership of human...
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Reading in The Digital Age: Electronic Storybook as a Teaching Tool for Beginning Readers

Khusnul Khotimah, Ady Achmad Ali Wahyu
The purpose of this study is to develop electronic storybook and use it in elementary school students. The material is about the rights and obligations of the civic education course for fifth-grade Elementary School. This study using the R & D model. Data collection techniques using questionnaires, interviews,...
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Training Analysis of Management of Creative Classes in Disruption Era

Fitria Hanaris
The purpose of this research is to give educators insight into creative and effective classroom management skills, giving learners a sense of comfort and fun. The training used a system approach with a sample of 6 class teachers at Klapayan 3 Elementary School. The results of the study stated that classroom...
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The Implementation of Primary and Secondary Education Quality Assurance Systems

Herni Ken Kinesti
The School Model Program has been implemented for three years since 2016 so that in the third year (2018) there needs to be a formative evaluation of program implementation so that achievements and difficulties can be identified during the implementation of the program so that necessary improvements...
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Exploring Primary School Mathematical Concepts in Gembira Dance

Neni Mariana, Trisya Maritaria
The purposes of this study were to explore an Indonesian creative dance called Gembira dance to find mathematical concepts and describe the views of teachers and students on the results of exploration. This study was qualitative research that used multi paradigms namely postmodernism, interpretivism,...
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The Mechanism of Experience, Representation, and Verbal Reasoning on the Visually Impaired Individuals

Siti Ina Savira, Hermien Laksmiwati, Wagino
This study aimed to explain the mechanism of experience, representation, and verbal reasoning on people with visual impairment. The methods used in this study were focused group discussion (FGD), interview, and think-aloud. The result of this study showed that participants often used concrete versus...
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Training of Andragogic Learning through Model Experiential Learning for Equality Education

Heryanto Susilo, Rivo Nugroho
To improve the professional competence of Equality in learning, an andragogic learning approach is needed with the experiential learning model or often known as experiential learning cycle, which is a learning process based on experience. The journey of life that has been traversed to the stage of maturity,...
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Why Does He Choose Home Schooling?

Evi Winingsih, Frida Putri Wardhani
The purpose of this study is to determine the factors that encourage individuals to choose homeschooling. The emergence of homeschooling helps many students in completing primary to secondary school education. There are many things that encourage students to prefer the informal school. This research...
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Curriculum Management and Inclusive Education Learning in Special Needs

Siti Auliyatus Sholawati
This study aims to find out, explain and analyze curriculum management and learning about inclusive education in children with special needs. This study uses a case study method. Data analysis techniques use data reduction, presentation of research data, and data verification. The subject of this study...
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The Role of Leadership and Training in Improving Operational Leadership Competences

Heni Mardiningsih
The purpose of this study was to find out and analyze the role of Level IV Leadership Education and Training in improving operational leadership competencies in the ministry of religion in East Java. This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach that describes the data obtained through interviews,...
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Utilizing Edmodo and Google Classroom for Facilitating Blended Learning

Sugeng Susilo Adi
The advancement of information technology and communication (ITC) affects the teaching and learning strategy where blended learning has been very popular applied in some universities. This article describes the students’ perception and learning experiences in utilizing Edmodo and Google Classroom for...
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The Role of Higher Education Leaders to Engage Research

Ainur Rifqi, Aditya Chandra Setiawan, Shelly Andari, Windasari
This study seeks to explore the role of the leadership of the college in cultivating research using a qualitative approach. The data collection methods used are interviews, observations, and document studies. Data analysis used is data condensation, data display, and data verification, while the validity...
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Evaluating Teachers’ Assignment Implementation as School Principals Preparation Program in Indonesia

Muhamad Sholeh, Syunu Trihantoyo
Study about policy education based on its criteria benefits to develop science by having new knowledge to enrich research in public evaluation discipline and educational management research area. Policy evaluation of teachers’ assignment as school principals will not only be able to give inputs to ministry...
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Strengthening on Human Resources Investment through Education in Indonesia

Muhammad Nuril Huda
The implications of globalization are the increasing of competition among countries caused by the opening of cross- country information, goods, services and capital flows. Globalization is also quite vulnerable to dragging on the phenomenon of moral decline, which often collides with national ethics...
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Internalization of Character Values in Pesantren School: Efforts of Quality Enhancement

A. Faizin
Educational institutions have sought a solution to improve quality, one of them is by making efforts to cultivate moral-based values in order to improve the effectiveness of education. The purpose of this study was to determine the internalization of character values in Pesantren school, and the implementation...
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Enhancing Teacher Professionalism in Learning Organization Perspective

Muammal Jasin
This paper analyzes the improvement of teacher professionalism through personal and organizational approaches. This study uses the library approach. Increasing the professionalism of teachers with the concept of learning organizations emphasizes that individuals in organizations must have a clear concept...
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Academic Supervision of Principals, School Culture and Teacher Teaching Performance

Shita Sophianingreki
This study focuses on school principal's academic supervision, school culture on the teaching performance of the Santo Yosef Middle School in Surabaya. Teacher teaching performance is based on three indicators: (1) mastery of teaching materials, (2) ability to manage learning and (3) commitment to carry...
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School of Visionary Leadership in Developing Characters of Students

Agus Prasetya
The purpose of this research is the formulation of the vision, the stage of establishing a vision by the principal, the approach taken by the principal in implementing visionary leadership in developing the character of students. The method in this study uses qualitative methods, which intends to understand...
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Improvement of Teacher Professionalism

Iqbal Afrizal Noris
Increasing the professionalism of teachers was related to the ability of teachers to teach knowledge and management of learning. Ways that can be done in improving the quality of learning by conducting classroom action research. Class action research is a research activity to solve learning problems....
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Development of Model Teaching Factory in Vocational High Schools

Joko Siswanto
This study aims to develop a Teaching factory model on learning practices at the Vocational High School in the Light Vehicle Engineering Expertise Program. This study uses quantitative research conducted on class XI students of Light Vehicle Engineering majoring in ITABA Vocational School Gedangan Sidoarjo....
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The Character Education Through the Symbolic Meaning of Javanese Puppets

Sulistiyani, Soedjarwo, Dewi Rosaria Indah
This study aims to examine character education implemented in character education taken through imaging the figures of clowns in Javanese puppetry in order to enhance the values in character education of students in the world of education through symbolic meaning. This research was conducted because...
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Efforts to Increase the Pedagogics of Teachers in Making IT-Based Learning Media in the 4.0 Era

Yohanes Joko Winarto
This study aims to determine the pedagogical competence of teachers in learning, especially in making learning media. To achieve this goal, this study uses a qualitative approach. Data analysis procedures are data reduction, data display, and verification. While the research subjects were wakakur and...
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Station Rotation Method Based on Differentiated Instruction to Improve Higher Order Thinking Skills

Christina Magdalena Soselisa, Rusijono, Bachtiar S. Bachri
This study is a classroom action research in differentiated classroom, included children with special education needs. Station Rotation is one of teaching methods based on Differentiated Instruction. Station Rotation is a learning method that is able to meet all the children’s learning needs and to grow...
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College Students’ Career Planning Ability

Agungbudiprabowo, Syamsudin, Dian Ari Widyastuti, Siti Muyana
The purpose of the study is to describe the eighth semester- BK FKIP UAD student’s career planning ability. This study employed descriptive quantitative approach. The study was conducted in Guidance and Counseling Department, Ahmad Dahlan University with 130 students. Students’ career planning questionnaire...
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Management of Education Facilities and Infrastructure

Noer Kamilatus Sholihah
The research focus is how the management of facilities and infrastructure at Wali Songo Pacet, Mojokerto Vocational High School. The research purpose is to describe the management of facilities and infrastructure at Wali Songo Pacet Mojokerto Vocational High School. This method uses a qualitative approach...
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The Implementation of Quality Management in a Vocational School

Mochammad Churidin Noer
The unemployment rate of vocational high school graduates is recorded at the highest of other education levels. The main obstacle is the number of schools with a number of industry is very different. The problem statement in this article is how to implement quality management to a vocational school....
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Cognitive Restructuring Techniques to Improve Student Self-Concept

Mufied Fauziah, Irfan Fahriza, Aprilia Setyowati
Self-concept is important for students, because it can affect various aspects of their lives. This study aims to test the effectiveness of group counselling with cognitive restructuring techniques to improve students' self-concept. The study used quasi-experimental research method with non- equivalent...
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The Use of Guidebook on Socio-Personal Guidance for Autism Children

Endang Pudjiasuti Sartinah, Lisdiana Putri Dewi Anggraini
Enhancing a social interaction of children with autism at the school is challenging. Therefore, a guidebook for teachers regarding building social interaction among children with autism is essential. The purpose of this guidebook is to help teachers to improve children with autism social interaction....
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The Guidance and Counseling Management Programs at Senior High School

Doni Yulianto, Warih Handayaningrum, Karwanto
This study aims to determine the management of guidance counseling service programs that include planning, implementing and evaluating. This study used a qualitative case study method with a multisite research design. In this research, data collected using interviews, observations, and documentation...
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The Development of Learning Media for Batik Stamp Tools Made from Used Paper for Primary Education

Febritesna Nuraini, Probosiwi, Fery Setyaningrum, Santo Mugi Prayitno
This research aims to develop learning media in the form of batik tools, for prospective teachers of primary education and early childhood education, and test the effectiveness of the tools developed. Media has an essential role in the learning process because the media is a tool in understanding knowledge....
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School Entrepreneurship Extracurricular Management

Masruroh, Erny Roesminingsih, Totok Suyanto
This research aims to: (1) Describe student planning process through the school entrepreneurship program; (2) Describe the process of fostering students through school entrepreneurship programs and (3) Explain the process of evaluating school entrepreneurship programs. This research is used descriptive...
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Behavioral Cognitive Counseling for Reducing Test Anxiety Among University Students

Aprilia Setyowati, Syari Fitrah Rayaginansih, Irfan Fahriza, Mufied Fauziah
This study was conducted due to the absence of proper guidance and counseling service for solving academic problem at Ma'soem University. Anxiety is a problem that often occurs in the education world and is experienced by students at many levels, including university students. Out of many types of anxiety,...
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The BESCB Counseling Model to Decrease School Refusal Behavior

Mochamad Nursalim
The objective of this research is to develop and test the acceptability and effectiveness of the Ego State Brief and Cognitive Behavioral (BESCB) counseling model to help reduce School Refusal Behavior. This research uses development research design. There are two main objectives: developing the product...
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Parent Education Levels on Student Learning Achievements

Ulfa Danni Rosada
This study aims to examine the relationship between the level of parent education and the student learning achievement. The method used is quantitative approach. The data was collected using the students’ personal document and the students’ semester academic report. The population is the seventh grade...
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The Impact of Adduction of Folding Paper Stages for Children’s Fine Motor Skills

Sri Widayati, Nurhenti Dorlina Simatupang, Puput Puspita Sari
The purpose of this study is to illustrate the impact of giving folding stages to the subtle motoric abilities of children, especially in folding paper. The sample in this study was 15 children. Data collection techniques used observation, interviews, and documentation. The research observation sheet...
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Developing Moral Reasoning Theory Based on Islamic Education Perspective

Ainul Yaqin
This moral reasoning study presents Islamic education perspective. In this literature study, I tried to present the concept of moral reasoning levels that Kohlberg compiled to be juxtaposed with al-Ghazali and other moslem scholars (ulama), and also examined its congruence, in order to be discovered...
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Thesis Guidance Effectiveness in University Setting

Rachmad Indra Widiantoro, MV. Roesminingsih, Ulil Hartono
This study aims to: (1) know the process of guiding the thesis preparation; (2) identify constraints that can hinder the effectiveness of the thesis preparation guidance, and (3) provide recommendations to overcome the constraints of the thesis preparation guidance in the Unesa Postgraduate Education...
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Application of Team of Accelerated Instruction Cooperative Learning with Problem Solving

Dyan Eka Pamungkas, Sukarman, Sri Wahyu Widayati
This research aims to improve the activity and learning outcomes of science through the application of cooperative learning type of Team Accelerated Instruction (TAI) with problem solving method on the fifth grade students. Based on preliminary observation at elementary school researchers found problems...
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School Library Management in Private Junior High Schools

Dyah Rakhmayanti, Soedjarwo, Karwanto
School library, as an information unit will have a good performance if it has adequate management. This study used a qualitative approach with multi-site study design. The data were collected through in-depth interviews, observations, and documentation studies. The results of this study are as follows:...
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Assessment Implementation to Detect Children with Special Needs in Inclusive School

Muya Barida, Alif Muarifah
Assessment needs to be done to detect children with special needs appropriately. This is important for teachers to provide the right services and learning. This study aims to determine the implementation of assessment in inclusive schools. This research uses quantitative research approach with survey...
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Interactive Web Learning Media Development for Improving Basic Pattern Learning Outcomes

Erny Yuniati, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Meda Wahini
The learning process always requires new educators and new experiences will be gained by students in the process. The phenomenon of the development of information and communication technology makes the dependence of ICT products and ideas gradually replace the conventional method. This study teaches...
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Enhancing Student Achievement in Social Science through Cooperative Learning Method

Ino Budiatman, Arry Patriasurya
The research is aimed to investigate which technique is the most effective in cooperative learning method: Jigsaw, Numbered Head Together (NHT) and Group Investigation (GI) in increasing students’ learning achievement in social science. Three schools were chosen by using cluster random sampling. Each...
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Self-Regulation of Emotion Module to Reduce Aggressive Behavior

Said Alhadi, Wahyu Nanda Eka Saputra, Purwadi, Amien Wahyudi, Agus Supriyanto, Siti Muyana
The present study aimed at identifying the level of aggressive behavior in students, formulating hypothetical drafts of products, and develop self-regulation of emotion module for reducing students’ aggressive behavior. This study adapted the research and development of Gall, Borg & Gall, which in the...
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The Profile of Bidik Misi Grantee’s Resilience

Amien Wahyudi, Siti Partini Suardiman, Ulfa Danni Rosada
The current study was aimed at discovering the Bidikmisi grantee’s resilience in Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of Ahmad Dahlan University. This study was categorized as descriptive quantitative study. Resilience scale was employed as data collection instrument. The subject of the study was...
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Principal’s Leadership to Improve the Quality of Early Childhood Education in the 4.0 Era

Hernik Farisia, Mukhlisah
School principals are an internal school entity possessing a strategic influence on the creation and realization the quality of school. Leadership is considered relevant for improving the quality of quality of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in responding the 4.0 era. Therefore, this study contributes...
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Cognitive Defusion Techniques to Improve Self-Confidence of Students

Wahyu Nanda Eka Saputra, Hardi Prasetiawan
The present study was aimed to identify the level of self-confidence, formulating a hypothetical draft cognitive defusion techniques to increase self-confidence, and developing cognitive defusion techniques to improve students’ self-confidence. This study is a research and development research, which...
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Employability Skills of Vocational Graduates: Implementation of Curriculum IQF Level 2

Sri Sulistiani, Bambang Yulianto
The Indonesian Qualifications Framework (IQF) regulates the level of competency level 1-9 which juxtaposes, equalizes and integrates between the education sector and the field of job training and work experience. The level of Vocational High Schools/Vocational Islamic Senior High Schools is entered at...
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Career Development of Educational Personnel: Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Rahmat Murbojono, Firman, Robin Pratama, Yusdi Anra
This study aimed to examine the validity of the instrument to determine the structure and explore factors in the variable indicators of career development. This is a survey design research. Statistical analysis was applied to explore the factor structure of Career Development for Educational Personnel...
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The Improvement of Teacher’s Classroom Management Skill on Students’ Learning Activity

Al Fiyatul Mukaromah
The study aims to describe the teacher's skills in classroom management of student learning activities. The research method is used, namely qualitative descriptive. The subject of this study was the teacher at elementary school Indonesia. Data collection techniques used, namely documentation studies,...
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The Impact of Zoning System to Student Achievement and School Innovation

Juwita Ismabela
This article aims to reflect and explain the impact that may accur a result of the enactment of zoning in the education system. This study uses literature study and survey research method. The recruitment of new students, mostly without using the value of the test results the appear paradigm learners...
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What is The Character of Student Tolerance in The Indonesian Political Situation?

Agus Supriyanto, Sri Hartini, Amien Wahyudi
Indonesian students have a variety of cultures, languages, ethnicities, and religions. A variety of religions also influence the tolerance character in political choice of the Indonesian president. The presidential election in 2019 is a complex problem and raises cases of intolerance. The study measures...
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Management of Learning Activities at a Local English Camp in Indonesia

Wiwin Yulianingsih, Gunarti Dwi Lestari, Utari Dewi, M. Fahmi Zakariyah
The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the management of learning activities at a local English camp, the Azizah Princes Camp. This study aims to analyze and describe the management of learning activities in Pare Kediri and analyze the supporting factors and inhibitors of the management...
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Management of Public Relation Efforts in Public Interest

Devi Diana Hasna
The growth of public interest implies urgency to the growing institution in order to respond the challenges and needs of the public so that the public will determine the choice of which institutions deserve to be given the trust to educate. Their relationship with the public schools is going to produce...
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Concentration Profiles Among Shooting Student Athletes

Miftakhul Jannah, Lina Halimatussa’diyah, Rachman Widohardhono
Basically every sport must have high concentration ability. The concentration ability possessed by athletes has an important role for each athlete to maintain performance during a match. The purpose of this study was to determine the profile of concentration on student athletes in shooting sports. Where...
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Designing PQRST Signal Generator as One of The Learning Media

Farid Baskoro, Arif Widodo, Rifki Firmansyah, Aristyawan Putra Nurdiansyah
In the world of education, a process of experience is obtained as a result of learning. To improve the quality and creativity in their learning, serious efforts are needed in creating tools as learning media. By making a signal generator PQRST tool from the research this time, students are able to know...
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Self-Efficacy with Educational Purpose on Consuming Nanogold and Nanosilver as Medication for Cancer

Najlatun Naqiyah, Muhammad Farid Ilhamuddin, Sumarlik, Titik Taufikurohmah, Ananto Sudihutomo
The purpose of this study was to analyse self- efficacy for cancer patients and volunteers who consumed nanogold and nanosilver medication. The self-efficacy I consider here includes intention to obtain information, persistence, and results of performance. In this paper, self-efficacy means a person's...
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Higher-Order Thinking Learning Outcomes through the Problem-Based Learning Model

Hari Sugiharto Setyaedhi
A weakness of the lecture-based learning method in universities is that students lack the ability to critically solve problems when learning materials that require problem-solving. Students are not given the opportunity to develop their critical thinking. The purpose of this research is to train university...
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Sensopatic Games for the Early Childhood Sensory Integration Special Program

Sri Joeda Andajani, Siti Latifah
The purpose of this study was to examine the validity and practicality product of specific program of sensory integration through sensopatic games for early age children with total visual impairment. This development research uses a 4D model design from Thiagarajan. Besides, the results of specific program...
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The Role of Teachers in Value Education in High School Levels: A Survey of Success and Constraints

Godlif Sianipar
This is a mixed method research. The purpose of this study is to identify the success and the constraints of value education at schools in the city of Medan. The respondents were taken randomly from the representatives of ten teachers from each public school, each religion-based private schools, and...
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Excessive Internet Use and Its Hours Usage Control among Indonesian Students in China

Wulan Patria Saroinsong, Xiao Jun Sun, Chinun Boonrungrut, Brwa Aziz Sidiq, Mochamad Nursalim, Wagino, Nurhenti Dorlina Simatupang
At one decade, the internet has changed human lifestyles, and it harms daily student life. The adverse effects including physically and mentally problem had decreased student social skill and coping styles on real life. The aims of these studies were to explore the predictions of Internet hour usage...
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The Development of Peer Mediation Training for Senior High School Students

Budi Purwoko
This study aims to develop products and test the feasibility of products through expert validation and user validation. The tools of the mediation program that have been developed include (1) training guidebooks as mediators, (2) peer mediation model videos, (3) evaluation instruments resulting from...
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Teacher Skills in Communicating with Students with ASD in Inclusive Schools

Muhammad Nurul Ashar, Wagino
The aim of this research is to describe the teacher's ability to interact with students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in several aspects namely: speaking skills, writing skills, listening skills, and nonverbal communication. This research applied descriptive qualitative research design. Data were...
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The Effect of Learning Motivation on Student Achievement on Statistics

Dian Ari Widyastuti, Siti Muyana, Agungbudiprabowo
The study aims to determine the effect of statistical learning motivation on statistical learning achievement on students of the Ahmad Dahlan University Guidance and Counseling Study Program. The study is a quantitative study with a correlational type. Respondents in this study were 220 students of the...
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The Relationship Between Quality of Teacher Work Life and Turnover Intention

Umi Anugerah Izzati, Olievia Prabandini Mulyana
This study aims to determine the relationship between quality of work life and turnover intention of teachers. The subjects of this study were teachers who worked at one of the private vocational high schools. This research method uses quantitative methods. The research instrument used was the scale...
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Emotional Maturity of Vocational School Students

Denok Setiawati, Jianjar Fernia Endrastuty
Emotional maturity is one aspect of human development that needs attention, not least for Vocational Schools. This study aims to determine the level of emotional maturity of students in Vocational School Students 1 Trowulan involved in brawls. This study included the type of descriptive qualitative research...
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Headmaster Leadership Style to Improve Education Staff Competence in Public Elementary School

Rahmatika Quin Isnaini
Leadership Style of Headmaster to Improve Education Staff Competence in Public Elementary School. Education is something that becomes a basic need in the lives of every individuals. In education institution need a headmaster who leads the schools and personnel in institution. The ways someone who leads...
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Interpreting Facial Expression: A Challenging Study Using Existing Video

Ira Darmawanti
The study aims to investigate the challenging situation that might be faced when using an existing video to interpret facial expressions within the context of a classroom situation. Facial expressions, as part of non-verbal communication, are a crucial means of sending messages between the teacher and...
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Self-Instruction Technical Guidelines to Improve High School Students’s Self-Discipline

Rosalia Dewi Nawantara, Laelatul Arofah, Nora Yuniar Setyaputri
Low of self-discipline is flare phenomenon in schools. The self-instruction technique guide is one of the media that can be used to improve self-discipline by targeting individual self-talk. This study aims to determine the acceptance of the self- instruction technical guidelines to improve high school...
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The Student’s Conflict Resolution in Individual Psychological Dynamics

Budi Purwoko
This article aims to describe the factors that cause conflict, how the process of conflict and the solution of the conflict in the framework of individual psychological dynamics. This qualitative research analyzes conflict case data with selected references to answer the focus of the study. Ten cases...
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Implementation of Huyula Culture-Based Character Education in The Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Fory A. Nawai, Dahliyanti Abas, Warni T. Sumar
Character education is an action carried out by humans in which there is an education that is dedicated to the next generation. Huyula is a culture that is a habit of mutual cooperation in the Gorontalo community. Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a digital era that connects almost all data that has been...
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Chinese Students and Customers Purchasing Demands: A 10-year Systematic Review on Luxury Education

Teeranart Chaiinkam, George P. Zhang, Chinun Boonroungrut, Wulan Patria Saroinsong
The measurements of Chinese demand on purchasing luxury goods are varying depending on the design implemented by researchers in the previous luxury studies. This review aims to explore empirical implications by identifying the key demands that influence Chinese students or consumers’ attitudes towards...
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The Application of a Metaphor Technique by Healing Stories to Reduce Student Anxiety

Titin Indah Pratiwi, Nita Jemiparera
The background of this research is the discomfort feeling of some students during their communication with others since they have problems with their self confidence. This problem must be solved because it will make the students have difficulty in comunication in the future. Some techniques can be utilized...
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Simulation in Higher Education: Choice, Challenges and Changing Practice

Susan Ledger
Advances in educational technologies continue to offer educators choice and challenges across phases of learning and educational settings. Dramatic changes in simulation technologies over the last two decades offer pilots, miners, engineers, doctors and nurses the opportunity to practice the skills required...
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The Storytelling Method Based on Local Wisdom on Moral Values of 5-6 Years Old Children

Nurhayati, Amrullah, Fitriana, Sita Awalunisah
Storytelling method based on local wisdom is one of the favored methods of teaching children. The purpose of using this method is to stimulate children's development, one of which is the child's moral value. Children's moral values are very important to stimulate because moral values are very important...
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E-CRM for Cooperation Service System in Higher Education Setting

Sujarwanto, Khofidotur Rofiah, Sri Setyo Iriani
This study aims to improve the quality of management and cooperation services that are responsive, accountable, and transparent. Based on this background, it is very necessary to have research on improving the quality of collaboration services at Universitas Negeri Surabaya. Therefore, in this study...