Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Education, Language and Art (ICELA 2021)

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Discussion on the Application of CG Technology in Stage Art

Yaojie Liu
In the history of stage art development, technology and art have always been like a shadow. With the rapid development of technology, the combination of art and technology has long become inseparable in the current domestic and international stage art creation trends. Technology has become an important...
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The Transition of Art Exhibition in the Age of Immersive Media

Jing Gao
The third media age gives birth to immersive media. The development of immersive media technology promotes the multi-level transition of art exhibitions. Immersive media provides new ways of displaying traditional artworks. The changes of display ways bring about changes in the form of information communication,...
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Review of Research on Deliberate Practice and Oral English Learning of University in Mainland China

Lulu Wang
Background and Purpose – Based on English teaching situation and reform requirement, the purpose of this paper is to explore how Deliberate Practice applies to Oral English learning through reviewing English-language and Chinese-language publications about Deliberate Practice and oral English learning...
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Improving Teaching Quality Based on App Virtual Simulation Technology

Pengfei Cao, Guanmao Zhang, Lin Cheng
With the COVID-19 pandemic, the large-scale online course construction of “no suspension of classes” is presented by the Ministry of education of the People’s Republic of China. For the teaching of science and engineering courses, the current online teaching lacks corresponding teacher-student interaction,...
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Poverty and Decision-Making: Impact and Mechanism

Yiran Wang
Poverty not only means limited material resources, but also has a significant impact on human being’s psychological aspects. According to previous studies, poverty had a negative impact on people’s decisions. However, it has been neglected that more complex impact can happen when the poor are making...
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Gender and Hedging Behavior: An Analysis of Functions of Hedges Employed by Women in Chinese Conversations

Yijia Chai
Hedges have been regarded as signals only for tentativeness in expressions and stereotypically seen as a feature of women’s speech since Lakoff publicized her work on features of women’s language. This argument has been debated by Jennifer Coates by exploring the multi-functions of hedges in the usage...
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4’33’’-Silent Shock

Zixiao Gong, Jinan Du
The American musician John Cage was the most controversial avant-gardists of the 20th century. His piano work 4’33’’, which he composed over five years, has become one of his masterpieces. For half a century, this work remains hugely controversial and heatedly debatable. Based on the critical analysis...
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REVIEW: The Cause and Solution Towards Chinese Adolescents Inferior

Liuzixuan Lyu
Adolescents, according to Adler, Erikson, and other psychologists, are at a critical stage in preventing mental health problems from developing or worsening. As a result, the goal of this review is to uncover the mechanisms and solutions to inferiority, a type of negative emotion that is generated easily...
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The Influence of Modern Civilization on Asian Languages from the Perspective of Linguistics

Jiaqi Liu
In the study of the influence of modern civilization on Asian languages, linguistics can provide a rich basis in three aspects: loanwords, mixed languages and language strategies, and plays an important role in Asian civilization and language research. Firstly, loanwords are the product of civilization,...
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A Student-centered Learning Mode for Teaching Deaf Student Programming based on Computational Thinking

Xueyan Dong, Jingpeng Jia
Programming is an essential skill for students majored in computer science. However, due to the effect of sign language, deaf students have more difficulties in learning programming than average students. A primary reason is that they fail to understand programming logics and have poor English skills....
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Issues That Students Majoring in Theater, Film and Television Performance Should Pay Attention to in Rehearsals

Jin Zhigang
For students majoring in theater, film and television performance in China, their emotional experience often comes from film and television works. When referring to or even copying other peoples’ sentiments in artworks for their own rehearsals, students’ performances will thus lack genuine feelings....
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Grouping Social Media Users Through Goffman’s Dramaturgical Approach and the Preservation of Self Presentation

Yaqun Qian
The transformation of social media has identified the modern self in the age of New media. With the accumulation of users’ numbers and merged functions of social media platforms, it is worthy to be re-examined that whether traditional semiotics and sociological explanations are still valid for the new...
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Research on the Integration of Study Travel Courses in Heyuan Under the Background of Cultural and Tourism Integration

Wu Xinlei, Xu Pei, Huang Juan
In the context of the integration of culture and tourism, study travel is a new star in the cross-border integration of the education field and the tourism industry. The “Opinions on Promoting Primary and Secondary School Student Research Travel” jointly issued by 11 departments including the Ministry...
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The Effect of Object Color Tones on Emotions

Zimeng Chen, Xiangrong Meng, Zhiyu Yao
The effect of color on emotions has always been significant in many fields such as advertising and communication. In order to verify the influence of colors on emotions, this study divides colors into warm and cold tones, and emotions are divided into positive emotions and negative emotions. In this...
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Vowels Variation of Interrogative ‘Which’ in Northern and Central Tai

Yingzhu Chen, Yan Zhang
This paper investigates the vowels of interrogative “which” in more than 20 dialects in contemporary Tai, and analyses the geographical distribution patterns. The related phonological variation chains of Kam-Tai languages and other languages families provide some clues that the vowels of “which” in Northern...
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The Role of the Rational Soul in Hearing in Plato’s the Timaeus

Kai Chen
The Timaeus is Plato’s dialogue on the creation of the cosmos. It points out that Human beings’ hearing perception is an important point to bridge the human body and soul. Usually, it is deemed teleologically designed by the Demiurge for their apprehension of the well-ordered cosmos, and, therefore,...
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Obstacles for Chinese EFL Learners to Master English Subjunctive Mood

Zewei Wei
By error analysis and contrastive analysis, this study critically explores the obstacles preventing Chinese EFL learners from mastering English subjunctive mood. Based on the data of a questionnaire about Chinese students’ acquisition of English subjunctive mood, the study firstly reconfirms the previous...
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Will a Higher Language Proficiency Trigger More False Memories?

Chenxi Zhu
False memories, defined as an apparent recollection of an event that did not actually occur, have been extensively studied throughout the past three decades. Although many potential causes or risk factors of false memories have been examined, the role that language proficiency might play in producing...
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Separate from Web of Meaning to Enjoy a Short Rest without Besorge for Dasein

Xiaodan Liu, Cheng Zhang
When a thing becomes a tool and subordinates & relies on the usage of Man, it is the present-in-hand of dasein. While a thing that does not focus on the present can be constructed in the mind or even incorporated into deep thinking, Heidegger called it ready-to-hand. Obviously, the ready-to-hand...
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What Teaching Methods Can Be Used by piano Teachers to Improve Learning Outcomes of Child and Adult Beginners?

Shiran Du
The study has performed an investigation of the teaching methods that can be employed by piano teachers to improve the learning outcomes of children and adult beginners through a detailed literature review and method analysis. There are issues related to the motivation of young and adult beginners that...
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An Overview of Basic Beliefs and Totalitarian Political Applications Related to Generics

Zitong Qiu
Generics are summary statements like “sharks eat people” or “Black people are able to run very fast”. By studying generics, people can understand the effects of language. Generics play a crucial role in people’s minds. This thesis mainly discusses some theories about generics: Leslie’s theory about generics...
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Research on the Professional Development Orientation and Requirements of Business Teachers in the New Era

Yi Liu, Yufeng Yu
The modern business talent standards, teaching concepts, teaching models, curriculum systems, and talent training models formed in the industrial economy era can no longer meet the needs of social and economic development. The construction of business in the new era is an important way to conform to...
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The Effect of Working Memory Capacity on Second Language Acquisition

Yulu Chai
Second language acquisition (SLA) ability had been widely associated to cognitive abilities such as working memory (WM) capacity, where greater SLA ability is proposed to be positively correlated to WM capacity, implying there is a WM advantage in SLA. Hence, greater WM capacity may aid SLA. However,...
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Current Issues in Chinese Language Teaching

Jiaji Zhang
Globalization has increased the importance of second language acquisition. This article examines three problems in my language teaching practise as a Chinese pre-service language teacher. There are differences between students. Thus, strategies to cultivate student autonomy in second language learning,...
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The Investigation on Redundancy Errors in Writing of Chinese English Learners with Different Proficiency

Yujing Yang
This research paper aims to figure out the main categories of redundancy errors in English writing tasks for Chinese undergraduates as well as the relations between different kinds of redundant constituents and learners’ English proficiency. Taking error analysis as the theoretical framework, this research...
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The Current Impact of the Double Reduction Policy

In Off-campus Training and K12 students Cases

Yihan Guo
This paper reviews the current impact of the double reduction policy implemented in China, including the impact on K12 students and the off-campus training industry. The paper is a literature review, and the purpose is to illustrate the changes in the learning mode of K12students and the restrictions...
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The Effect of Teacher Expectation to Students’ Intrinsic Motivation

Chuantong Shan
The question of how teacher expectations affect students is still unclear, especially the impact on students’ intrinsic motivation. This paper explored the question by discussing the effects of teacher expectation on students’ intrinsic motivation and how it affects students. Reviewing previous studies...
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The Effectiveness of Group Dialectical Behavior Therapy on Borderline Personality Disorder: A Systematic Review

Zhenyu Cai, Jiesen Huang, You Wu, Yinhao Zhu
For decades, countless psychoanalysts made an effort for the exploration of this special type of psychic disorder--borderline personality disorder (BPD). More importantly, one special form of treatment, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was found to be relatively effective in medicating this mental...
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Thoughts on Development of Vocational Education at Undergraduate Level

Shang Wang, Xuelei Wang, Zhixin Feng
In recent decades, vocational education has provided strong talent support for China’s economic and social development. However, with the continuous industrial upgrading and economic structure adjustment, all industries need higher-level applied talents. At present, vocational education at undergraduate...
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Exploration on the Path of Integrating “Aerospace Spirit” into National Defense Education with the Characteristics of Higher Vocational Colleges

Taking Sichuan Aerospace Vocational College as an Example

Wang Yin, Yang Ji Ming
This paper is based on the unique excellent Aerospace cultural background of Sichuan Aerospace Vocational College, combine the red gene contained in the “aerospace spirit” with national defense education with patriotism education as the core, and create a unique “four in one” national defense education...
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How Does New York Cultural Environment Impact Jewish Theater Production?

Jian Su
The Jewish nation is an ancient nation, and the Jewish theater is an ancient cultural symbol. In contrast, New York is an international metropolis full of modern sense and fashion atmosphere. The collision between Jewish theater and the modern city is a topic worth exploring. This paper argues that in...
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Research on the Lack of School Identity Caused by the Impact of Class Teaching on the Self-esteem of Ordinary Students

Wang Ziyu
Exploring the lack of school identity caused by the impact of class teaching on the self-esteem of ordinary class students, this paper uses the method of questionnaire research, based on the class teaching questionnaire, two-dimensional self-esteem scale, and school identity questionnaire, a total of...
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How is One in Time

Xiaodan Liu, Cheng Zhang
The phenomenological movement is a movement of continuous innovation and development of (phenomenological) thought itself. Starting from the question of “How Is One in Time”, this thesis analyzes the observing ego and the pure ego in the immersive sensory state from the perspective of phenomenology....
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Exploring Visual Arts Students in Chinese High School

Zhaoqian Yue
In China, despite the strong promotion in aesthetic education, to our knowledge, the subject of visual arts is still be neglected by the public. The population of visual arts students, especially those who choose it as their major in high school, is experiencing the burden of people’s innumerable prejudices...
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Integrating Value Cultivation into College English Under the Background of Blended Teaching

Taking New Dimension College English as an Example

Zhang Xiaojuan
Currently, many developed countries are working on building online teaching platforms, developing online teaching software and establishing education resource databases. Conducting blended teaching and learning turns out to be a general world trend and has been a new normal for China’s higher education....
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The Issue that Feminism is Stigmatized on the Internet in China and Some Possible Solutions

Chengxiaoyan Hong, Yang Hong, Jiawen Li, Qingyan Zhang
Recent years have witnessed an increasing number of people who have been raising the awareness of gender equality. At the same time, however, misinterpretations and misunderstandings arise and soon become rampant in online discussions. Aggressive advocates for feminism somewhat conspire to the stigmatization...
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Research on Foreign Language Cloud-based Examination Driven by Intelligent Technology

Gong Wen
With the rapid development of intelligent technology, a growing number of intelligent products are applied in the educational domain. During the outbreak of Covid-19, cloud-based examination is becoming increasingly pervasive across the globe. This study explores the new model of foreign language cloud...
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Positive Coping Styles and Post-traumatic Growth Under COVID-19

The Chain Mediating Effect of Sense of Psychological Control and Meaning of Life

Xin YUAN, Ting NIE
A statistical survey was conducted on 329 victims of COVID-19 who were at the front line of disaster relief or suffered from bereavement, unemployment or family changes due to COVID-19, to explore the relationship between positive coping style and post-traumatic growth under the chain mediating effect...
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Analyses of the Existing Situation and Countermeasures of China’s Children Sex Education — Taking Shanxi Province as an Example

Jiaqi Zhang
In recent years, sexual abuse of young children has occurred frequently in China, and people’s calling for children’s sex education is increasing. At present, most of the research mainly focuses on the coastal economically developed areas, and the research on the central and western regions such as Shanxi...
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On the Symbolism of the Natural Objects in Tess of the d’Urbervilles

Chunxiao YUE
Tess of the d’Urbervilles is British writer Thomas Hardy’s most renowned novel and his sophisticated attempt on the technique of symbolism. This rural novel has been hailed as a masterpiece, symbolizing Hardy as a giant who achieved the clever combination of critical realism and symbolism. This article...
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A Comparative Study of Brand Influence Between Emerging Fashion Brands and Traditional Luxury Brand in Chinese Market

Jingyuan Wu
This paper is based on the analysis of two popular brands, namely luxury brands and national fashion brands. The article mainly discusses the positive and negative impacts of the emergence of Chinese fashion brands on luxury brands and what strategies the two brands should use to enhance their market...
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Review About Gender Discrimination Within Working Place

Aaron Peng, Iris Yu, Judy Wang, Cecilia Zhang
Gender discrimination which refers to the bias based on people’s gender, exist in most patriarchal societies and have been presented in many forms during people’s life in different stages. With the deeply reviewing of relative sources, the presenting of gender discrimination within workplace has been...
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The Application of POA (Production-oriented Approach) in the Course of English Viewing, Listening & Speaking for English Majors

Han Li
For a long time, the Listening and Speaking courses for English majors have been set separately. Based on POA, the author’s department has tried to combine speaking with listening, changing traditional Listening course into English Viewing, Listening & Speaking course. Choosing Unit 4 “Flying In...
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A Language and Culture Comparative Study of Three Primary Colors in English and Chinese Idioms and Usual Expressions from the Perspective of Metaphorical Cognition

Pu Meng
Color terms, especially the three primary colors, bear the weight of basic meaning of color in English and Chinese idioms and usual expressions. The same color has different meanings in different languages, thus it makes Native English speakers and Native Chinese speakers who use other foreign languages...
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Structure of Mandarin Particles with Evidence of Acquisition Data

Junping Zhu
This study explores the properties and structure of Mandarin particles under the framework of generative syntax. Over the years, Chinese syntacticians differ in the categorization of the particle ‘le’ while acquisition researchers tend to disregard this distinction. In our study, five longitudinal studies...
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Examing the Association Between Color and Mood

The Role of Color in Financial Service Commercials

Sha Luo
Color psychology has a historical discussion on the relationship between color and subjective experience, including mood. The association had been reported across cultures. Taking a new approach, this study investigated the color-mood association of viewers after perceiving financial service commercials....
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Shadow Education and Social Reproduction

Multiple Factors Promoting the Social Reproduction Functions of Shadow Education

Mei Bai
Education plays an important role in facilitating the flow of resources among different social classes and thus promoting social reproduction. Shadow education, also called extracurriculum activities or after-school tutoring, also plays a role in facilitating social reproduction. The special role of...
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How to Improve the Quality of Youth Education in Developing Countries

Yijun Chen
The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set out clear requirements for improving the quality of education and protecting the well-being of children. As a unique social group that is vulnerable to adverse environmental factors, adolescents having timely access to quality education is of great...
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Discourse Analysis: Media Bias and Linguistic Patterns on News Reports

Ziran Zhou
A well-directed article may affect the objectivity of the event itself and the reader’s interpretation. Language is powerful because it can appeal to emotions and ideologies, and therefore readers need to establish a more objective judgement in the various news reports from different news media. Based...
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Gender Inequality in Higher Education in China and Solutions

Yuxuan Liu
The realization of educational equality is the basic performance of people-oriented. At present, in China, there are still many problems in the field of higher education that restrict the development of higher education and hinder gender equality in education. How to dig out the root cause of the gender...
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Research on the Evaluation Model of Ethical Ability of University Leaders

Xiaojun CHEN
To carry out the idea of “administering schools by virtue” for university leaders, this paper constructs a practical evaluation system for the ethical ability of university leaders to evaluate the ethical ability of university leaders. The model takes sense of professional ethics, moral standards set...
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Understanding Differences Between Human Language Processing and Natural Language Processing by the Synchronized Model

Yixin Wang, Shisen Yue, Yanyi Zhong
Chat applications using Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) platforms have been reported to be gradually accepted by people. This research aims to investigate differences between human language processing and Natural Language Processing (NLP) system, which is the core...
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Comparison of Media Literacy Education Between Chinese and Western Students

Zhao Han
In an era of information explosion, it is very necessary for students to learn how to distinguish information and spread information correctly, because they are in a stage of value formation, which shows the importance of media literacy education. Media literacy education in western countries developed...
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Research on the Status-quo of Language Teacher’s PCK for Reading Instruction

Di Zhao
The key to deeply understand the intrinsic nature of language teachers’ reading instruction is to understand their Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK). Based on Wang Rongsheng’s 9-level progressive criteria for the content of reading instruction, this study has designed a questionnaire for teachers’...
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Research on Wushu Teaching Reform in Primary and Secondary Schools Under the Background of Modern Information Technology

Wang Jianli
With the development of the times, it is an inevitable trend to use modern information technology to change the traditional education mode. Using the method of literature, logical analysis and other scientific research methods, the paper analyzes the role and influence of modern information technology...
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The Effect of Specific Learning Objectives on Children’s Game-based English Learning

Yueqi Jia
Aiming at the problems of classroom teaching students in children’s second language acquisition, such as mobility, visualization and age-appropriate, this paper puts forward the classroom practice method of Scaffolding Teaching Method Based on ZPD educational thought, discusses the application of children’s...
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Joker: An Instructive and Realistic Image of Villain

Taking the Dark Knight and Joker as Case Studies of the Villain in Films

Ziyan Liu
“Joker”, as a character experimental movie, brings the iconic villain—Joker of the DC Comics back to the screen. For the first time in DC movie history, Joker becomes the protagonist to narrate his background story as a person Arthur before his criminal identity Joker appears. Another prominent portrayal...
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Australia Media Studies

Authenticity and Regulation of Political Advertising

Qiuyu Li
Since the 20th century, advertising has evolved into a critical social communication in capitalist society. Political advertising, as a type of advertising, can influence or comment on current political issues and cause public controversy. It encompasses publicity about political parties, politicians,...
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Research on Math Anxiety of Elementary School Teachers

Mengchong Chen
Mathematics anxiety refers to the negative emotional reactions such as anxiety, tension, uneasiness and fear, and even physiological manifestations, such as sweating, rapid heartbeat and so on. Mathematics anxiety may lead mathematics learners to avoid mathematics learning, resulting in the reduction...
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“Two Pillars” and “Trilogy” in Acting -- the Integration of Drama and Chinese Opera from Ouyang Yuqian’s Teaching practice

Xia Jing
Chinese Opera has developed for hundreds of years, and drama was introduced in the early 20th century from the West. In the development process of drama in China, how to apply acting techniques of Chinese Opera into drama has always been an important issue for dramatists. There have been many people...
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The Relationship Between Family Cohesion and Self-efficacy of Different Grades College Students in Mainland China

Jiyu Wen, Shiyun Yang, Yihang Yang
The present study examines the relationship between family cohesion and self-efficacy of college students of different grades in mainland China. The research sample is a random selection of college students from mainland China, with 60 students in each of the four grades, for about 240 students. We expected...
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Exploration and Practice of First-class Undergraduate Major Construction Under the Background of New Liberal Arts

Zhang Ziyan, Yang Zhe, Hu Wenbo, Liu Zhaohui, Li Ying, Chen Qiong
According to cultivate the country needs of high-quality talent and contrast new arts construction requirements of Chinese higher education connotation development, this paper is taking visual communication design major of Hainan Tropical Ocean University as an example to discuss the talent training...
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Childhood Discrimination Towards the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Group (LGBTQ)

Jiaziyi Xu
Discrimination toward the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) groups is one of the most frequently debated topics and is with much research value. The degree of discrimination toward gender identities and sexual orientation differs from one’s own is tested in this paper. This research...
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The Production and Reception of the Two Adapted Versions of Manhunt

Chenyixuan Xiao
Japanese hard-romantic detective novelist Juko Nishimura’s representative work, Manhunt (Kimiyo funnu no kawa wo watare), was adapted twice in history: Junya Sato’s You Must Cross the River of Wrath/Manhunt in 1976 and John Woo’s Manhunt in 2017. This article analyzes the differences between the two...
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Exploration and Thinking of Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in College English

Shi Xiaolin
College English, as a compulsory course in general education, is also an important course in ideological and political theories teaching. When designing English courses, teachers are supposed to consider multi-angle and all-round thinking, especially focusing on excavating ideological and political elements...
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Semantic Shifting: From the Oppression to Minority Culture to the Embodiment of Politician’s Anxiety

Peiqiao Liu
In modern times, semantic shifting is mostly used as an instrumental theory in language researches, computer and other fields, as an academic topic mostly mentioned in academic researches, be classified as a research method of postmodern social phenomena such as racial discrimination, gender discrimination...
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Thoughts on Construction of Practical Training Base in Vocational Colleges

Shang Wang, Xuelei Wang, Zhixin Feng, Jinru Ma
This paper expounds the importance of the construction of practical training bases in vocational colleges and the relevant policies promulgated by the state in recent years. “High level and specialization” is an important feature of the future development of the training base of vocational colleges....
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Project Teaching Method

Based on the Application of CAE Software

Lihua Li, Jin Wang
The technical courses of university require students not only to establish a complete knowledge system, but also to have the ability to solve practical problems and innovation ability. The project teaching method based on the application of CAE software described in this paper combines traditional classroom...
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The Development and Evolution of Interrogative and Rhetorical Questions in Archaic Chinese

A Study Based on Shangshu, Zhouyi and Lunyu

Qing Ding
In Archaic Chinese, there is a clear difference between the interrogative and rhetorical questions in the form of expression. In texts, there is a tendency to use more rhetorical questions than interrogative questions, such as Shangshu and Zhouyi. However, with the development and evolution of the Chinese...
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Technology and Education: A Study of the Impact of Educational Video Games on Physics Teaching

Yuan Yuan, Zhirong Zhang, Yiming Zhao
Along with the application of science and technology in the teaching and learning process, various game-based learning platform tools such as Nearpod, Kahoot are also becoming increasingly popular. The popularity of such platforms also places a more significant growth in the demand for practical teaching...
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A new model of accounting teaching in higher vocational colleges

Comments on Production Oriented Approach

Linyu Zhang, Guangfeng Zhang
As an educational theory system with Chinese characteristics, POA is created by the research team led by Professor Qiufang Wen. Although POA has been mainly developed in foreign language learning, its principle of “learning-using integration” can also be applied to accounting teaching in higher vocational...
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The Extra English Learning Experiences Reduce Negative Transfer in Syntactical Patterns Among Chinese Students’ English Writing in SLA Limitedly

Xinhui Zhang
In China, many students pay attention to extracurricular English practice to improve their English writing, and many leave mainland China and receive English-teaching mode in university. Although plenty of efforts are spent into English learning, Chinese negative transfer still influences students’ English...
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The Reasons, Determinants, and Effect of Private Tutoring in the Greater Chinese Regions

Qin Xiang
As an educational phenomenon, private tutoring has developed for decades and has a vast amount of demand in four Chinese regions, mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, and Macao. The article attempted found the reasons, factors related with the participation and the effectiveness of private tutoring in these...
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The Curriculum Reform of Virtual Simulation for Displaying Design of Clothing Terminal Market

Jian Xiao, SiYu Guo, TengFei Zhou
This experimental course meets the needs of the development of China’s clothing and apparel design industry, aims to cultivate innovative and applied display design talents with professional competence and social adaptability, and adheres to the teaching concept of “student-centeric, problem-oriented,...
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Playing to Learn in China v.s. in the Western World

How China Can Learn from the Western Experiences

Nuan Chen, Yilan Jiang, Han Li, Yue Liu
For children from birth to the age of eight, the play has been regarded as a training ground for their growth. The play has been well discussed theoretically and empirically in early childhood education settings due to its age appropriateness and individual appropriateness for children in early childhood...
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The Significance of Applying Wordless Picture Book in Teaching Chinese Children

A Wordless Picture Book Reading Teaching Practice

Lei Tang
The article talks about wordless picture books as an important tool for teaching Chinese children in 4-5 years old. Since conventional picture book reading activities might limit children’s language production and active participation to a certain extends. Applying some wordless picture book reading...
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Madeleine as the Master of Her Own Fate

A Feminist Reading of Madeleine in Herzog

Saul Bellow has been criticized for his portrayal of female characters from the perspective of the male angle. This essay is intended to make a detailed analysis of the major female character Madeleine in Herzog from the perspective of liberal feminism and to reveal Bellow’s feminist ideas in his characterization...
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Barriers and Coping Strategies of Female Teachers’ Leadership Development in Primary and Secondary Schools

An Empirical Study Based on City A in Inner Mongolia

Xiaochen Yan
In the context of the new era, by taking female teachers in city A of Inner Mongolia as the research subjects and adopting the interview method and NVivo qualitative analysis tool, a three-level coding analysis of the interview content shows that the obstacles of female teachers’ leadership development...
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The Types of Tone Sandhi in Chaoyang Dialect

Huang Qiye
Chaoyang dialect is a sub-type of the Chaoshan dialect of south Min dialect in Guangdong. Compared with the surrounding areas of Chaoshan, Chaoyang dialect has more differences, especially the tonal system. Its basic tones and sandhi tones are obviously different from the main types of Chaoshan dialects....
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The Interaction Between Ideology and Translation

Jiajun Bian, Xia Li
Translations are done by translators who work in a certain culture at a certain time, therefore the cultural beliefs of the translators may influence their translation activities. Ideology plays a significant role in the shaping of translation; in turn, translation can also influence ideology in certain...
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Evaluate the Importance of Translanguaging in Language Learning Classes

Wanyi Liu
With the increasing development of international communication, most people regard foreign language learning as a top priority and make it a part of their daily life. More and more attention is being paid to the study and application of foreign languages, which highlights the significance of choosing...
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Nature versus Nurture in Bilinguals’ Language Acquisition

Lin Gao
Nature versus nurture is a controversial question in psychology. Many psychologists are debating whether genes or experience play a more important role in human development. Some researchers emphasize the influence of learning on language acquisition, while others emphasize biological influences. Language...
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Beyond Femininity

The Female Image in Chingiz Aytmatov’s Jamilia

Rula Sha
Woman constitutes an important part in the novels of Chingiz Aytmatov. Being an author that focuses on humanism and realism, the female images in Chingiz Aytmatov’s works are unique, characterized with passion, honesty and perseverance. Aytmatov did not describe his heroins from a stereotyped male angle,...
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Childhood Domestic Physical Violence Abuse and Emotional Violence Abuse Negative Effects on Adult Mental Health

JinYi Chen
Childhood adversity or adverse childhood experience (ACE) is a common experience for many children. As one of the adverse childhood experiences, domestic violence has serious effects on child development and adult health. This review divides domestic violence into two components: physical and emotional...
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Teaching Exploration of Numerical Analysis Course Based on Online and Offline Blended Teaching Mode

Duan Mei, Ruyun Chen
With the popularization of network information, curriculum teaching is facing reform and innovation, and the traditional teaching mode can’t meet the teaching needs of contemporary college students. The online and offline blending learning mode can make good use of the network platform and make the teaching...
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Do EFL Learners Write with Greater Lexical Complexity: Effects of More Sophisticated Vocabulary Prompt in the Continuation Task

Ziyang Wang, Xinan Zhou, Meifang Li, Dali Hong
The continuation task, a reading-to-write task that requires students to make the given plot a complete story, is gradually gaining prominence in the National Matriculation English Test in China. Previous empirical studies revealed that alignment effect existed in the continuation task and as students...
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High School Cyberbullying and Adolescents’ Depression in China

Yihan Zhang, Zixi Zhang
This paper focused on cyberbullying in a Chinese context and its relationship with Chinese adolescents’ depression, self-harm, and suicidal ideation based on past literature. Mainly, five articles related to this topic were analyzed respectively to give a comprehensive discussion. The literature suggested...
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A Markedness Differential Approach Towards the Acquisition of English Locative Inversion for Chinese L2 Learners

Luyi Song
The research is an exploration of Chinese ESL learners using locative inversion from the perspective of “markedness”. The participants were demanded to translate sentences in Chinese to English, all of which can be translated to either sentences using locative inversion or canonical order. The results...
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The Current Crisis of Higher Education and Corresponding Countermeasures of Academic Disciplines

Zhanwen Chen
China’s higher education has developed for several decades since its establishment. Although numerous achievements have been made, it is still facing huge crisis, which can be specifically summarized as discipline construction and survival crisis. It requires reasonable theory construction and development...
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English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Teaching in Chinese University

Hengxi Wang
The proposed research aims at three aspects: first, to understand the teaching experiences of ESP teachers in the Tourism School of the university where I work in China; second, to understand the teaching styles of the ESP teachers in the Tourism School; third, to identify the strengths and weaknesses...
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Differences in the Performance of Female and Male Students: A Case Study of Second Language Learning

Jianyang Huang
With language learning and teaching approaches, gender differences have started to gain attention in recent years. Rapid changes in the education industry need the evaluation system to keep updating for testing students’ knowledge. In light of academic achievement is the direct presentation of the quality...
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Adding Pragmatic Elements in the Standardized English Test

Zhengzhe Liu
With the deepening of global economic integration, the transnational connections are closer, and English, as a global language, has a broader range of applications. A language is a tool of communication, and the language of different countries and cultures has its uniqueness, which leads to different...
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Application and Development of Multimedia Technology in Dance in China

Yanling Sun
As the economy and technology continue to develop, technology, and multimedia are being used extensively in music, art, and dance. In particular, during the Covid-19 period, dance as an offline art was hit hard by isolation and social distance. Dancers and dance teachers have increased their internet,...
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The Effects of Different Presentation Methods on Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition Based on Contextual Theory

Xiaojuan Yin, Yafang Su
Based on Contextual Theory, this study compared the effects of three different presentation methods on second language vocabulary acquisition of college non-English majors. The study has been applied in three classes of 155 second-year students in an ordinary college in Fuzhou, China. These classes have...
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Exploration of Effective Integration of Information Technology and Ideological and Political Classroom Teaching in University-- Take “Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis” as an Example

With the rapid development of education Internet technology and information technology, education and teaching is constantly changing the existing teaching mode and teaching habits. From the perspective of ideological and political education subject, how to actively integrate network technology and information...
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Exploring High School Art Education in China

Yaoyi Ma
This paper reviews the hidden adversities faced by students in a pursuit of art education in the Chinese education system. For most of its history, China has had a vibrant art culture; by no means should it be called art-diminished. However, in the past centuries, art no longer held its previous importance...
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A Corpus Based Study on Self-repairs in Chinese English Learners’ Oral Production

Xiyue Sun
The study of self-repairs in oral performance is not systematic or integrated, in which many issues are still worth being investigated. This paper aims to study the types of self-repairs in Chinese high-proficiency English learners’ oral production in Test for English Majors Band Four (TEM-4). In this...
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Case Study of Assignment Teaching Combined with Psychological Education

Chen Yan
Primary school students are under a lot of psychological pressure when writing essays, and they cannot always find inspiration for their work. After the new crown epidemic, pressure from all sides has brought certain tests to children’s psychological education. The author takes the eighth unit “My Heart...
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Exploring the Influence of English Subject Reform in China’s Compulsory Education System

Maojia Sun, Kaiyi Wu, Xiaohan Yi, Ruohong Zhang
This paper aims to address the policy reform debate on whether English will continue to be the only mandatory foreign language subject in China’s compulsory education system. It explores the role of English as a compulsory subject in China’s nine-year compulsory education system and critically reflects...
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The Effects of Feedbacks on Chinese Learners’ English Learning Process: A Quantitative Analysis in Linguistics Correctness

Yuan Cheng, Shunyu Yao, Yiyin Zhang
Since the population of educated people gradually increases, studying a foreign language has become a common choice for a major or interest. Based on the general understanding of Second Language Acquisition, learners from varied regions tend to obtain different focuses on language learning. This paper...