Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Sports, Arts and Management Engineering

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Research on the Minority Preparatory College Chinese Teaching Design based on Task Driven Teaching Method

Min Yu
College Chinese is a compulsory public class in preparatory college, but in recent years, a number of ethnic minority college faced with the different degree of teaching difficulties, which mainly reflected in the teachers teach and students difficult to learn. From present situation of the minority...
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Research on the Application Mode of Mobile Learning in English Education Based on 4G Technology

Chunyan Yu
Based on the mobile 4G technology, this paper proposes a new kind of micro English education learning mobile platform with the help of the mobile phone terminal and the Android system. Micro learning platform is flexible and open structure, and this platform can quickly apply to the mobile terminal....
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Study on the Application of Educational Games in the Teaching of English Creative Practice

Dan Hu
In the era of information explosion, information technology is affecting people's way of life. The 21st century is the era of knowledge-based economy, knowledge economy will occupy the leading position in the world economic development based on knowledge and information, dissemination and application,...
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Study of College English Fast Reading Teaching Based on Schema Theory and Pre-reading Activity

Fenfen Huang
English reading comprehension is an important part of college English teaching, but the current teaching situation is not optimistic. In the teaching process of English reading comprehension, there are a series of problems, for example some teachers take the traditional reading comprehension teaching...
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Business English Translation Education Innovation Practice Based on School Enterprise Cooperation Personnel Training Program

Weiwei Zou
With the continuous expansion of economic globalization trend, our country for business translation talent gap is also growing, the education ministry firstly set up the first business English major at International Business and Economics University, from now on business English translation courses become...
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Study on EFL English Reading Strategies and Metacognitive Awareness Based on Sound Thinking Method

Sisi Hu
In order to study the relationship between English reading strategies and metacognitive awareness, this paper proposes a sound thinking method and uses the quantitative and qualitative analysis to carry on the thorough discussion. Through the analysis, it is found that there is a correlation between...
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The Influence of Vocabulary and Productive Vocabulary Knowledge on Spoken English

Donghua Zhang
In order to study the effects of vocabulary and productive vocabulary on oral English learning, this paper proposes a new analysis method based on linear regression and structural equation model, and the students are studied as subjects based on oral English learning. The results obtained by the linear...
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Development and Research of China's Current English Education Policy from the Perspective of Linguistic Economics

Jing Li, Wei Dai
After the entry into WTO, the economic globalization has brought opportunities to our country, but also brings challenges, society is increasingly strong demand for the international high-level talents, and English is a very important tool for global people exchanges, it is particularly important to...
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Analysis on Pronunciation Assimilation and Chinese Mandarin Initial Error in Tibet Preparatory Students

Yanhua Liao
In the native language of Tibet preparatory students, pronunciation assimilation is a very common phenomenon, and if it is brought into Chinese, it will lead to incorrect pronunciation. In order to study and analyze this pronunciation, Chinese learning students carry out the experimental tests in Tibet...
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Research on the Translation Teaching Cognitive Value Strategy Based on Network Catchwords

Yu Liu
From the perspective of translation teaching, this paper studies the value of network catchwords, and proposes the translation teaching strategy based on cognitive value. Analyzing the formation and understanding of network catchwords, the analysis shows that network catchword is a process of social...
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Research on Modern University Chinese Teaching Design Based on Task Driven Teaching Method

Xiaoyan Fan
Through the analysis of the existing problems in College Chinese teaching design, this paper discusses the connotation and characteristics of the task driving teaching method. Based on the learning theory and constructivism learning theory, this paper proposes a modern Chinese teaching method based on...
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Research and Design of College Chinese Teaching based on the Diversified Teaching Method

Liqin Xu, Xiaoli Jiang
The teaching effect of college Chinese teaching is not satisfactory. In the course of teaching, teachers' teaching method is single, and students' learning interest is low and pays no attention. They can't not only grasp the basic theoretical knowledge and skills, and even the understanding of the course...
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Research on the Application Value of Hand-painted Art in the New Media Advertising Design

Jing Yang
With the rapid development of modern advanced science and technology, advanced science and technology affects our life style and production mode in various ways, and the rapid development of new media forms the new media era of the digital feature such as Internet and mobile terminal, it continues to...
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Research on the Functional Foreign Linguistics Based on Complex Adaptive System

Jing Cai, Hong Hong
In order to study the functional system of foreign language linguistics, this paper proposes a new method based on adaptive system from the theory perspective of complex adaptive system, and using different stimulation channels can be stimulate the learning of foreign language. The foreign language learning...
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The Function of the Theme Theory in College English Reading

Hongmei Lv, Shengqi Xiong
In order to improve the students' ability of English reading, this paper proposes a new teaching mode of English reading based on the theme propulsion theory, which analyzes the theme theory of English expression, and summarize the promoting effect of the theme theory on English reading. Through the...
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Research on the Metaphor Discourse Construction and Translation Strategies from the Perspective of the Framework

Donghua Zhang
The human brain can relate to the existing knowledge experience in a specific situation with the help of the framework, people can construct a new cognition, so a concept framework builds gradually with the gradually familiar. In order to improve the translation ability of metaphor literature, this paper...
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Exploration of the Cultivation of Foreign Language Teaching Innovative Consciousness from the Dialectical Relationship between Language Specification and Innovation

Hong Hong, Jing Cai
In order to the language theoretical research results used by language teaching practice, this paper carries out in-depth analysis for the language nature of different paradigms, so this paper proposes a new cultivation approach of foreign language teaching innovative awareness based on the dialectical...
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Exploration and Reflection on the Practical Teaching of Advertising Creative Curriculum under the Context of Information Exchange

Ping Zhou
The information flow of the internet has involved in all aspects of all walks of life, and it obtains valuable information means to grasp the development opportunities. In the era of knowledge explosion, the rapid change of information contributes to knowledge update speed, the traditional forms of information...
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Study on the Effect Analysis of the Intensive Reading and Writing Task in English Major Teaching on the Critical Thinking Ability

Shengqi Xiong, Hongmei Lv
In recent years, there has been a common understanding in the aspects of strengthening the cultivation of students' thinking ability, but these have promoted the study of how to cultivate the students' thinking ability in English skill teaching. In the teaching of English majors, the research on the...
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Research on the Linkage Database Marketing Mode under the Background of Big Data Era

Zhuoqing Zhang
In order to improve the enterprises competitive advantage under the background of big data era, this paper puts forward a new linkage marketing database model, and the model relies on the cloud computing technology. Cloud computing nodes are assigned to each dealer by enterprises, so as to realize the...
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Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals Pollution in Farmland Soil Around a Mine

Zhendi Fan, Jingying Chen, Bai Gao
The exploitation of mine has made a great contribution to the social development. But it has caused a series of environmental pollution problems, especially the heavy metals pollution in the soil. In this paper, we assessed the ideas with a uranium repository surrounding farmland as the research object...
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The Effective Research about New Media Promotes the Art Students to Study the Ideological and Political Theory

Bing Bai, Mao Lin Qin
The New Media promotes the development of the work in ideological and political education, which makes an extensive and profound influence about the growth of college students to success. The author(this article combines working practice with deep thinking and research the effectiveness of New Media...
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Introducing Memristor to Electrical and Electronic Engineering Undergraduates

Shibing Wang, Yashuai Yang, Jing Wang
Memristor is considered as the fourth fundamental circuit element along with resistor, capacitor, and inductor. Due to its features of non-volatility, nonlinearity, low power consumption, it has enormously potential applications in electrical & electronic science and engineering fields, and has become...
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Kernel based Collaborative Topic Regression for Tag Recommendation

Yanwei Guo, Hongrong Cheng, Mingshuang Tang, Jiaqing Luo, Shijie Zhou
Tag recommendation is very helpful for users to organize or categorize online resources like music, photos and articles. In recent years, some models, such as collaborative topic regression (CTR) and its variants, have demonstrated promising performance for tag recommendation. In this paper, we propose...
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A Novel Approach of Extracting Opinion Targets and Opinion Words From Online Review

Mingshuang Tang, Hongrong Cheng, Yanwei Guo, Jiaqing Luo, Shijie Zhou
In opinion mining, the precision of extracting opinion words and opinion targets from online review dataset can severely influence the precision of opinion mining systems. In this paper, we propose a graph-based filtering approach to extract effective opinion targets and opinion words from the candidate...
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Historical Development Overview on Cucurbit Flute Music

Hongfei Liu
This paper analyzes the development history of cucurbit flute music from a historical perspective, discusses the traditional development stage and contemporary development stage of cucurbit flute music, and focuses on the contemporary development characteristics and development reasons of cucurbit flute...
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Study on Problem of Protection and Inheritance of Chinese Traditional Music

Zhicheng Li
In recent years, protection and inheritance of traditional music have become cultural issues concerned by all sectors of society. Especially, in the market economy, we need to rescue the extremely weak traditional national folk music as far as possible. Thus it can be seen that how to protect and inherit...
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How to Measure the Content of Hazardous Substances in Food with the High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Combination Method

Ying An
Purpose: Analyze the results of measuring the content of hazardous substances in food with the high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)-mass spectrometry (MS) combination method. Method: (1) Establish the HPLC-MS to achieve the one-step extraction of the ethoxyquin antioxidant residue in honey peach...
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Discussion on IOT Business Mode Based on Cloud Computing

Fangning Chen, Yizeng Chen
With technological development, Internet of Things (IOT) adds intelligent characteristic. It integrates multiple novel properties, such as positioning recognition, tracking inspection and control and novel product adoption. The industrial chain constructed by IOT is gradually popularized and cannot break...
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Study On Optimizing Enterprise Human Resource Management Mode in Network Economy Era

Huijuan Chen
In current stage, the level of Chinese society and economy is on the rise, which to some extent drives development of network economy. In such background, information-based human resource management mode appears. However, such management mode gradually presents defects in practical application process...
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Application of TBL Teaching Method in College Medical Chinese Teaching

Tao Cui, Fei Yang
As Chinas economic development level keeps improving, medical education develops and advances rapidly. Traditional teaching method cannot adapt medical talent training demand. The primary task of colleges is to reform teaching method and make talent training more flexible and efficient. Each medical...
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Interpretation on the culture of goodness in ecological design

Wenchao Du
As a crucial component of Chinese social ethics, goodness reveals the essence of Human culture. As the evolvementof lifestyle, demand and values, goodness varies its way of expression on design. By analyzingand summarize the "goodness" in China's conventional culture in the expression of factor, value,...
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Study on Reforms in College Volleyball Teaching

Xuegong Du
Colleges, which always shoulder the significant responsibility for delivering talents for the country and society, are the main places for cultivating talents. College sports education, an important part of education in China, also plays an irreplaceable role. College volleyball course is one of the...
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Analysis of Development Trend of Knowledge Economy Management in New Economy Era

Nana Feng, Zhihua Lian, Tangzhan Long
New economy era mainly refers to knowledge economy era. Under the background of knowledge economy era, the public gradually realize the importance of knowledge economy management and hope to cope with increasingly fierce market competition ands promote better development of economy and society through...
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Exploration of Innovation Ability Training Strategy for Students Majoring in Tourism Management Major

Yeling Feng
Tourism management talents should not merely own solid professional knowledge and application skills, but also have certain innovation ability and contribute to tourism service and development. Innovation ability training of tourism management talents needs to depend on the training of tourism management...
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Study on Construction and Improvement of Community Public Sports Service Evaluation System under View of Nationwide Fitness

Jun Hu, Hefang Liu
To further improve public service level of Chinese urban community and offer corresponding guarantee for intensifying physical quality of urban residents, this paper is based on social background of nationwide fitness and plans to adopt fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to further analyze construction...
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Teaching Practice Ability Training of Normal University Students Majoring in Mathematics

Rukai Huang, Xia Zhang
Teaching practice ability is one of essential abilities of normal university students. After normal university students graduate, they are faced with practical teaching work, which is not just the challenge to normal university graduates, but also concerns learning ability improvement and knowledge mastery...
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Study on EAP-based College English Course System Construction

Haiyan Jiang
With social progress, universities pay more attention to course education. Establishment of college English course system based on EAP becomes a new development direction and important content. This paper mainly analyzes domestic and overseas EAP research achievements, and discusses the structure of...
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Thinking on Linguistic Culturology in College Chinese Teaching

Yanju Jiang
College Chinese teaching, integrating linguistic instrumentality, humanity, artistry, and aestheticism, is to conduct trait-oriented education on the premise of guaranteeing the Chinese education quality. Linguistic culture is an important part in college Chinese teaching, and is of great significance...
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Influences on the Work Desire of Cultural Industry Employees-Based on the SEM with the Data of 303 Questionnaires

Juanli Lan, Hongzhen Lei, Junna Sun, Dan Yuan
Cultural industry is an important part of national economy, but it is still not the mainstay industry of national economy in our country, which is closely connected with the shortage of culture industry talent. Based on the 500 college graduates of Shaanxi province, it explores the relationship among...
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Democratic Administration Value in Practice-On the Development and Effect of the School of Thoughts of New Public Administration

Dongmei Li
Democratic administration value is the main idea of the school of thoughts of new public administration. This article has analyzed the mutual effect and mutual penetration of democratic administration value and western public administration thought on and into each other through presenting the main content...
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Overview on Practical Teaching Base

Yangli Li
practical teaching is an indispensable constituent part running through the training process of applied college talents as well as an important means for students to understand theoretical knowledge, develop active learning spirit and exercise comprehensive quality and ability. Practical teaching base...
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Discussion on Penetration of Traditional Music in Community Culture Construction

Zhicheng Li
The communication with western music has been more frequent in recent years under the background of wide promotion of music art. However, traditional music is not widely applied and has been forgotten by many people. In the current stage, most regions in China have implemented the construction of community...
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Research on Elements of Independent English Study of College Students in Network Era

Haifen Liu
With the constant deepening and reform of Chinese education and the constant development of network technology, traditional educational and teaching mode has been gradually eliminated and new teaching mode has emerged. English teaching plays a decisive role in college teaching, which has great influence...
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Discussion on Human Resource Management Reform of Higher Vocational Institutes in Guizhou Province

Qinyi Liu
As a comparatively underdeveloped province, Guizhou is mainly deficient in gross of talents, structure of personnel and quality of brains. Besides, no matter from structure nor from quality, the present teaching staffs of higher vocational institutes within Guizhou province, are far from meeting the...
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Research on Sustainable Development of Competitive Sports in Universities in China

Ronghua Liu
Currently, competitive sports has gradually become the focal point in physical education around the world. In the development of competitive sports of China, the sound and sustainable development of competitive sports in universities is indispensible. In this article, I have made a research on the development...
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Research on Vocational English Reading Teaching

Simin Liu
With the continuous improvement of the economic development level of our country, the reform of trait-oriented education also is continuously deepened. Vocational English is an important course in vocational education, and an important channel and approach to improve the comprehensive quality of vocational...
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Study on Folk Faith Issue in New Rural Reconstruction

Yonglin Lu
In China, the folk faith issue has been existing for a long time, and has a far-reaching influence on the thought, way of thinking, social relations and political behaviors of people. With the development of the society and the improvement of economic level, China is accelerating the construction of...
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Exploration on Construction of Teaching Quality Evaluation Indexes in Higher Vocational Colleges

Jing Lu
Higher vocational colleges can standardize college behaviors, train innovative talents, improve the overall quality of teaching team, implement all-round quality-oriented education and enhance the quality of students cultivated by higher vocational colleges through constructing rational evaluation system....
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Research on Reservation and Circulation Mode of Ancient Books in University Libraries in China

Mao Mao
University libraries symbolize the culture and history of universities. The reservation of ancient books is important to university libraries. Ancient books have accumulated the historic culture and gathered human intelligence, and are the cultural heritage, which should be respected and protected. University...
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Study on Relationship between Scientific and Technological Resource Sharing and Regional Economic Development

Ya Nie
Economic development level improves continually. Science and technology also improve and develop continuously. The implementation of the strategy that science and technology rejuvenate a country facilitates technological innovation. Therefore, science and technology become the primary productive force...
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Exploration of Optimal Allocation of Public Sports Resource in China

Guangyao Qi, Changjiang Yi
Public sports resource is the foundation of improving people's physical quality and cultivating lifelong sports awareness. But at present, a large contradiction exists between public sports resource allocation in China and people's sports demand. How to optimize public sports resource allocation becomes...
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On Development and Change of Cucurbit Flute Music of the Dai Ethnic Group in Yunnan

Zilong Song
In the language of the Dai ethnic group in Yunnan, "Bi Langdao" refers to cucurbit flute, which is a wind instrument made out of a cucurbit. Cucurbit flute emerged as early as in the Pre-Qin period, so it represents the culture foundation of the Dai ethnic group. With the development of times, the playing...
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On Application of Project Teaching Method in Financial Management Course

Limin Sun
Financial management course has very strong applicability, so it is required to combine theory teaching and practice teaching in this course. It is found from the research on financial management course that it is very necessary to implement practice teaching. Thus, project teaching method should be...
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Influence of E-commerce Development on international trade Development in Present Era

Fang Wang
The application of e-commerce in international trade brings large changes in international trade. Under e-commerce environment, international trade is developing to informatization direction. So, international trade and e-commerce have close relevance. E-commerce generates certain influence on the development...
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Empirical Analysis of Relation Between Export Trade and Economic Growth in Henan Province

Xiangfen Wang
With the pace of economic globalization accelerated, the contribution of exports to economic growth is increasing. In this paper, 2000--2014 years Henan GDP and exports sample data, correlation analysis and regression analysis, the relationship between the local GDP growth in export trade in Henan empirical...
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Study on the Innovation of Contemporary Adult Education Management

Xinjia Wang
Entering the 21st century, with the continuous improvement and further development of our economy and society as well as the international status of our country has been constantly increasing, the basic quality of workers social proposed a higher demand, so in order to ensure sustained and healthy development...
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Environmental Art Design Based on Ecological Philosophy Perspective

Ying Wei
The rapid development of industrial civilization to a certain extent, caused serious environmental pollution and ecological damage, causing people to come to realize the importance of protecting the ecological environment, the environmental art design gradually infiltrated certain ecological concepts....
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On the Promotion and Sustainable Development of Chinese Teaching in West Africa-Taking Benin National University for Instance

Liang Xu, Yixue Luo
According to the survey, recently, in the universities of West Africa, there is no university facilitated with Major of Chinese and constructed Chinese curriculum system. Moreover, few researchers have ever done research on West African countries' Chinese education. Benin National University is the supreme...
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Study on the Development Status of China's Agriculture International Trade and Prospects

Xianghui Xu
With the continuous development of global economic integration, exchanges between China and the world increasingly close, especially in economic development, in the process of development of international trade in agriculture, although made more remarkable achievement, but the problems are growing prominent...
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Analysis of Quality Control Measures in Highway Project Construction

Huakui Yang
During highway construction, project quality and construction related to the level of construction enterprises. Meanwhile, the project quality and the safety of intrinsically linked, and even have an impact on social stability. Road construction enterprises in the construction process, in order to ensure...
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Study on Bel Canto in Singing Skill Training

Hui Zhang
Bel canto, also called as soft singing technique, requires singers to use half power for singing, not to use strong breath for impact especially in high-pitched singing process, and use natural and soft tune for singing to make the voice smooth. In singing skill training, bel canto has certain personalized...
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Development of School-based Course of Music in Colleges and Universities Based on Inheritance of Regional Culture

Ling Zhang
The inheritance of regional culture and the guidance of regional development are responsibilities and obligations to be performed by local colleges and universities as educational institution. The development of school-based course is realized through contemporary regional cultural inheritance in combination...
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Study on Reform of Classroom Teaching Quality Assessment Method for College Teachers

Biao Zhu
Currently, college classroom teaching quality evaluation has various problems, such as the complexity of evaluation object, ambiguity of evaluation purpose, incompleteness of evaluation method and irrationality of evaluation index. This paper analyzes classroom teaching quality evaluation system in colleges...
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Thoughts on Research on Establishment of Cultural Public Space in Urban Communities

Dongming He
Cultural public space in urban communities is a major site for community management and cultural construction. The implementation of community cultural activities and the establishment of various social relations depend on cultural public space in urban communities. Public space in urban communities...
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Study on the Application of Network + Multimedia-based Process Genre Approach in College English Writing Teaching

Youping Xu
Process genre approach is a new kind of English writing teaching mode which is praised highly by experts at home and abroad at present. It integrates the advantages of product approach, process approach and genre approach, facilitates learners' cognition of discourse, syntax and lexical characteristics...
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Analysis and Reflection on Motivation of Vocational College Student Association Development

Chunlan Zhang
Student association is an irreplaceable part in higher vocational quality education, and it is a melting pot for students to improve their capabilities. Students association is organized by a group of students with common interests to facilitate self-management, self-development, and self-service. This...
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Research on Local College Teaching Supervision Status and Team Construction

Hongjun Lian, Hongrui Zhu, Zhongwei Li, Shuguo Zhao
Aiming that currently, for local college teaching supervision, system is not perfect, methods are simple and teaching supervision teams are aging, insufficient and their professional quality remains to be improved and other problems, this paper proposes constructive countermeasures, including perfecting...
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Brief Analysis on the Cultivation of Students' Innovative Ability in Computer Teaching

Zhangkui Liu
As is known to all, the core content of quality-oriented education is the innovative ability. Under the background of knowledge-based economy times emphasizing on innovation, it also needs to cultivate high-quality talents with the innovative ability corresponding to the development of current society,...
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Explorations of Innovating the Motivations of Entrepreneurial Employees

Si Yang
With the further development of economic society, entrepreneurial enterprises have played more and more role in Chinese society, which has attracted wide attention from the society. However, under the influence of socialist market economy system, competition of Chinese market is certainly brutal. In...
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The Application of Peer Education Idea in Guiding Community Troublesome Youngsters

Zhanlu Xu
Peer education in domestic and foreign student education has achieved good effect, especially in the students' mental health, adapting to the environment. Community troublesome youngsters as a special group, who treat the sermon of parents and teachers as " offensive ", their words and deeds do not accord...
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My Opinions on the Theme of Amid the Mulberries, Airs of Yong, the Book of Songs

Hongli Wang
Exploring the theme of Amid the Mulberries, Airs of Yong, the Book of Songs from "illicit intercourse". Inferring that the emotional appeal of the poetry is not "obscene" as said by predecessors but has a characteristics of fresh sweet and affectionateness through textual research on "the man in the...
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Study on the Application of Cognitive Apprenticeship in English Audio-visual Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Yi Zhang, Jun Zhao
English audio-visual teaching uses multimedia to assist teaching, and creates English learning space in classroom teaching. With sufficient communication between teachers and students, English teachers guide students to change traditional learning modes, take an active part in independent learning behavior,...
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Exploration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for Higher Vocational College Student on Basis of Overall Talent Training Process

Yue Zhang, Jinghui Zhao, Xiaodan Jia
Innovation and entrepreneurship education belongs to a kind of new idea in the entrepreneurship cultivation process of higher vocational college students, exerting a great effect on students innovation, creation and entrepreneurship. On this basis, this paper takes the overall talent training process...
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Research on Enterprise Internal Control Based on Accounting Computerization

Jun Feng
As economic development level in China keeps improving, accounting computerization has achieved rapid development and progress. With continuous development and widespread application of computer technology, accounting computerization becomes a development trend of accounting work. Accounting computerization...
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Exploration of Tourism Development in Danjiangkou Reservoir Area under Background of South-to-North Water Transfer

Haobin Fu
The development of South-to-North Water Transfer Project not merely promotes the improvement of national economy, but also brings an unprecedented opportunity for tourism projects in Danjiangkou Reservoir area. In the face of this development opportunity, how to greatly improve living standard of people...
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Application of Traditional Culture in Creation of Chinese Painting

Pengxian Huang
A large number of splendid traditional cultures were generated in the long historical development course of China. We are proud of the ceramic works, silk products and traditional Chinese paintings which are high-level artworks. However, under the fierce impact of current tide of reform as well as the...
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College PE Reform Based on Sunshine Sports

Hui Jin
In current stage, quality-oriented education has become the foundation of establishing a state. The purpose of quality-oriented education is to cultivate students' integrated development and be useful and practical talents. Sunshine Sports education reform is especially valued by the industry. It not...
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Tentative Analysis on the Characteristics of Physical Training of Tennis Sport

Yonghua Liao
As an antagonistic sport with high exercise intensity within a short time, the tennis sport is characterized by the combination of intermittent exercise and rest, and focuses on the player's physical ability, which is used as the key influence factor to enhance the player's whole skill level. Therefore,...
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Initial Exploration of Aesthetic Value of Calligraphic Art

Lijuan Pu
Writing is an important written tool for people to convey their emotions and exchange ideas, of high practical value. Besides, writing is also of high aesthetic value, especially in Chinese characters. The Chinese characters have an integral structure, and various shapes. The Chinese characters presented...
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Study on the Penetration of Video Teaching in College Physical Education Teaching

Li Sun
The college physical education, in addition to improve students' physical fitness and all aspects of physical function, furthermore it can allow students to experience the charm and essence of the sport in physical education. College physical education has a strong dynamic characteristics, their teaching...
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Study on Implementation Effect of China's Teenager Campus Football Activities and Evaluation Mechanism

Xiong Wang, Wenkun Tang, Chunwang Pu
As China's economic strength has been increasing, various sports activities attach much attention at home and abroad, football in China has a long history, which is a symbol of a whole nation constitutions and literacy, as well as the overall strength of the relationship between the country's image,...
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Thinking of Chemical Teaching Based on Project Teaching Method

Shunyi Yang, Chunhong Yuan, Gaohua Jiang
The project-oriented teaching method stresses its full contents of theoretical knowledge, understanding learning, learning, learning methods Practical Action kneaded together, contributed to a new interactive learning environment "by doing from." Teaching in such a perfect fit into the project a focus...
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Talent Education Path Under "One Belt and One Road" Horizon

Lin Zhang
The development of a rapidly changing global situation, in order to at this complex and changeable authorities to better development of China's national economy, the State Council put forward "One Belt and One Road" major strategic decisions. The core of the strategic decision-making is the cultivation...
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Related Researches on Network Marketing Outsourcing Pattern

Zhihong Huang, Gaopeng Zhou
With the development of network information technology and popular application on the social scope, all enterprises have taken network marketing as an important way to promote the construction and development of themselves during the progress of operation and management, which has generated certain positive...
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Assumption of Entrepreneurial Education Online Course-Exploration based on MOOC

Jian Chen, Hui Tao, Tao Wang
Nowadays, it is the times of mass business and innovations. Innovative entrepreneurship online course based on internet has already been successively developed in the society and educational organizations at all levels. With the hope of offering more entrepreneurial talents for the society, it can ease...
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Experimental Research and Analysis of Hedysari Total Polysaccharides in Vivo Mice Antineoplastic

Yongqing Wang
Objective: To analyze the study Hedysari polysaccharide on anti-tumor effects in mice and study its mechanisms. Methods: Hedysari through water extraction and other methods to remove the protein extract Hedysari total polysaccharides, using high performance gel filtration chromatography method Hedysari...
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Exploration and Analysis of Teacher Training Mode Based on Network Environment

Xuefei Li
Teacher training mode exerts a direct influence on specialty growth of teacher groups. Relative to traditional training mode, teacher training under network environment has outstanding advantages. Hence, it is required to overall explore main features of teacher training mode under network environment...
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Tourist Big Data, Mining and Their Application Direction in Tourism

Han Liu
With rapid development of economy and ever-changing science and technology in recent years, tourism gradually develops prosperously and leads the trend of era development. Meanwhile, the arrival of big data era is also one of hot topics that current media focus on. How to apply tourist big data in tourism...
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Khara-Khoto Documents Collected in Russia-First Exploration of Yuan Dynasty Hand-copied Book The Like Gods Prescription for Washing Hair and Treatment of Laucoma at Pathogenic Wind-toxic and Medical Prescription

Peng Liu
The date of the Like Gods Prescription for Washing Hair and Treatment of Laucoma may be the date of washing eyes in each month. And the compositions of medicinal materials may more involve material of saltpetre type and mulberry leaves. "Knife-step Medicine" in Medical Prescription may refer to "Knife-wound...
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Study on Innovation in College English Teaching from the Perspective of Translation Aesthetics

Qiong Liu
English language, which has its unique beauty in tone, shape and implication and also has abundant connotations, is worthy of studying and deliberation, so college English teaching should not only be limited to the imparting and training of English listening, speaking, reading, writing and other basic...
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On Environmental and Architectural Design under New City Space View

Jinsong Tang
With national and social development, people's living standard improves and the requirement for living quality becomes increasingly high. Except leisure and recreation, cultural exchange is also required. For each family, both economic support and spiritual strength are needed. In this process, environmental...
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Exploration on Function Reconstruction and Evaluation of Community TCM Service Based on the Perspective of Health Service

Chao Wang
In recent years, the concept of health service has been proposed and applied in all sectors, so the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) service carried out in community should also advance with times and adjust its own job functions under the guidance of this concept. To better understand the implementation...
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Multi-level Educational Practices of Sports Education

Chao Wang, Jiawei Wei
The development of socialist market economy promotes the gradually rising attention to people's health issue, which propels the development of sports education reform in China to some extent. In addition, our country also proposed corresponding guidance schemes for the issues of sports education in the...
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Thought about Enchanting Enterprises' Technological Innovation Cost Management

Dashan Wang
Technological innovation and management innovation supplement each other. Once technological innovation process becomes complex, the demand for management reform will become increasingly urgent. This is a new requirement for productive relations due to continuous development of productivity. For enterprises,...
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The Characteristics of English and Chinese language and the Readability of Translation

Zhuosheng Yang
Based on the contrastive analysis of the major differences between the two languages in aspects like dynamic & stative description, hypotaxis in English ¶taxis in Chinese,active & passive sentences et al,an effort is made to explore how to achieve readability in the process of translating the two...
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Research on Cultural Landscape in Yi Villages in Chuxiong Prefecture of Yunnan

Chunsuo Yang
The study on landscape architecture in China has seldom touched that of ethnic minorities for a long time, including that of the Yi ethnic group (an important ethnic minority in China). This phenomenon is not good for reflecting the richness of China's gardening culture, and has hampered the deep development...
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Flipped Classroom: Ability Training under Knowledge Economy- Strategic Transformation of Teaching Idea

Xuesong Yin
Flipped classroom as a new teaching mode becomes a breakthrough of teaching reform. It not just changes knowledge learning in traditional classroom, but also should be understood as strategic reform of teaching idea oriented to ability training. Ability training should be based on practice foundation,...
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Research on the Influence of Seeding Covered Peanut on the Germination of Peanut

Huafang Yu
Most people tend to seed with shellless peanuts. This seeding method is favorable. First, people can pick good seeds first. Second, as long as the soil temperature adapts to the soil moisture content, the seeds will germinate fast and regularly. However, everything has two sides. In case of drought or...
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Study on Strength Training Method in Tennis Course in Universities

Dan Zhang
Presently, the strength, speed and capacity in tennis are receiving more and more attention, which become increasingly demanding to tennis players and enthusiasts. Strength is the most basic element of physical quality. Therefore, many tennis educators, including tennis teachers in universities, become...