Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

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Research on the Influencing Factors of RMB Internationalization in the Process of the Belt and Road Initiative

Tingting Wu, Rui Tang
The aim of this study is to explore what factors influence RMB internationalization in the process of the Belt and Road. It firstly makes a summary of the important influencing factors, then sets up a semi-logarithmic model to quantitatively analyze these factors, and finally puts forward suggestions...
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A Study on the Relationship Between CAPM and China Stock Market

Yan Gao, Xin Yang
The Capital Assets Pricing Model (CAPM) has been one of the most important theories in finance, since that was developed by Sharpe and Lintner in1960s. This paper studies the applicability of the CAPM on China stock market, which is an emerging stock market. Firstly the paper presents an outline of China...
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Reflection and Construction of Mental Health Education Model in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Miao Li
Positive psychology studies psychology from a unique perspective, focusing on the positive qualities and strengths that human beings possess, shaping sound personality, and advocating the positive interpretation of problems. This article starts with discussion of the application value of positive psychology...
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Mode-Switching within the “Multimodal Turn” in L2 Literacy Education

Yi Zhao, Lianjiang Jiang
Multimodality as a communicative phenomenon has been theorized and introduced into L2 literacy education in response to the technology-driven divides between home and school, print and screen. This article conceptualizes the role of mode-switching in terms of language, learning, and learner in L2 settings...
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Research on Challenges and Countermeasures of College Students' Ideological Education in the New Period

Chiping Li
With the arrival of the era of knowledge economy, the development of China’s higher education has entered a new phase, the scale of university education has expanded rapidly, and the management system reform has gradually deepened. Under the new situation, the ideological education work in colleges and...
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Structural Optimization and Measurement of Chinese Employees’ Perception of Being Trusted

Yuelan Ding, Zhizhuo Liang
In order to develop an employee perception of being trusted scale based on our cultural background ,in-depth interviews with seven state-owned enterprises and six privately-owned enterprise personnel; using the grounded theory to construct a structural model of employees’ perception of being trusted;...
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Research on the Credit Risk and System Risk of Commercial Banks in China after the European Debt Crisis

Haoran Sang
In 2009, a sovereign debt crisis affecting the world broke out in Europe. With the development and deepening of the crisis, the European bank’s credit risk and systemic risk were gradually exposed. This article attempts to measure the systemic risk by measuring the beta coefficient of commercial banks...
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Analysis on Export Trade Effect of China and Countries along One Belt and One Road

Ruijie Xie
In view of China export trade effect on countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, it used extended gravity model to analyze the question. In order to meet research objectives, it adds variables such as population, GDP per capita, market openness, and dummy variables on the basic of gravity model....
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A Puritan Tragedy: Reading the Stone Angel byMargaret Laurence

Yan Li
There are five parts in the article: introduction, the effects of Puritanism on the protagonist that lead to her tragedies, individual defiance, further study about the story and conclusion. The article is aimed to solve the problem of “A Puritan Tragedy” embodied in the story “the Stone Angel” by Margaret...
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Promotion of Resource Utilization and Livelihood Improvement in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya Region through International Agricultural Cooperation

Ying Han, Yongqian Li
The Hindu Kush-Himalayan region is an important area where China’s “Belt and Road” strategy facing the South Asia. Due to its geographical feature, the complex international political factors have long existed in this region. Consequently, the progress that China promotes its opening-up strategy in South...
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Optimization of Cold Chain Path of Cooling Storage Multi - Temperature Fresh Produce under the Uncertain Demand and Time Window

Kang Chen
In view of issues about the demand of various types of fresh agricultural products, the uncertainty of distribution time window and the difference of temperature layer in the existing cooling storage multi-temperature distribution process, cold chain path optimization model of multi - temperature fresh...
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The Reform and Innovation of the Applied Talent Cultivation Mode in Software Engineering

Junshan Li, Jianjun Li
The paper is based on the theoretical research and practical experience of the reform and innovation of the applied talents training model of the software engineering major in college. First, we introduced our college’s understanding of the knowledge and capability framework of applied talents in software...
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On the Habitus of the Court Interpreter

Yan Cao
Interpretation occurs in society, and therefore theories of sociology may offer us new insights into the role of the court interpreter. By drawing on the theory of practice by the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, this study sets out to explore the habitus of the court interpreter. It is found that...
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Tax Preference, Capital Investment and the Performance of Cultural and Creative Listed Companies—A Mediating Effect Model and Its Implications

Dan Han, Yan Qu
Based on the panel data of 137 A-share listed cultural creative companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen during 2012-2015,the author uses the mediation effect-analysis methods empirically studies the relationship between tax preference, capital investment(including R&D investment, human capital) and the performance...
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Study on Current Situation, Causes and Countermeasures of the Education Model of "Key Competencies" in Primary and Secondary Schools in China

Jiangxin He, Xuan Huo
The purpose of this paper is to propose corresponding countermeasures for the development status of "key competencies". This paper selects literatures in this field for study and analysis through the literature research method, carries out the questionnaire survey and data collation, sums up information...
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An Empirical Study on HSR Demand Through Tourism Variables

Zenghui Duan, Erda Wang
The existence of HSR has gradually become an important indicator to judge the degree of development of a city. Under the conditions of limited budget and resources, how to choose the best suitable city? In order to answer these questions, this paper studied the impact of tourism on HSR, and sorted out...
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Efficiency of Fiscal Expenditure for Social Security based on DEA-Malmquist-An Empirical Study Based on Provincial Panel Data from 2012 to 2016

Dangchen Sui, Yan Yang
Since the Party's 19th CPC National Congress report, the unbalanced development of regional social security has become the main contradiction in the construction of China's social security system. Based on the DEA-Malmquist index method, this paper analyzes the social security expenditure efficiency...
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Research Summary of Enterprise R&D Team Human Capital

Zenghai Wu, Chang Liu
In the era of knowledge economy, the traditional theory of human capital is facing new requirements and challenges. Under this background, the team human capital gradually appeared in the research field of scholars. Based on summarizing previous researches, this paper defines the concept of R&D team...
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Analysis on the 30-year Development of Research about Chinese Ideological and Political Education Rules

Xiaojuan Li, Jianqing Ma
The research about ideological and political education rules plays a leading role in the research about discipline of ideological and political education, and since the discipline is under the development stage, the opinions of different scholars cannot be completely unified. This paper further makes...
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The Analysis of Price Competition of Aquatic Products Cold Chain Logistics Enterprises in Fujian

Jie Qiu, Yunhui Wu
This article addresses the issue of price competition among aquatic product cold chain logistics companies in Fujian Province. Referenced a large number of aquatic product cold chain logistics in Fujian Province, Information on third-party logistics companies and price competition, etc. Field research...
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Research on Trading Strategies of Continuous Double Auction Based on Limited Resources

Yuan Shao, Mengya Zhou, Yajuan Wang
In the double auction market with limited resources, to explore how to obtain greater market total profit, and make the allocation of market resources more effective. We have developed a global model to calculate the total market profit of the multi-stage market trading strategy and the price priority...
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Exploratory Study on the Extended Teaching of Mechanical Knowledge in Measurement and Control Major

Yong Qin, Erliang Liu
Precision Mechanical Design is a professional basic course for students majored in measuring and controlling technology. Combined the practical content of engineering application, this paper discusses the needs in the development of precision machinery design courses. The exploratory research and application...
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Problems and Suggestions on the Securitization of China's Financing Leasing Assets

Lijuan Chang, Nan Wu
Asset-backed Securities is the future of financial market. In this regard, financing lease industry deploys the best characteristics for securitization which will also facilitate the development of this industry. Therefore, we conclude the workflow of financial lease asset securitization and analyze...
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Evaluation and Supervision System of College Students' English Listening Study Based on Data Analysis

Meilin Qu, Zeng Li, Hui Tang, Jia Fei
This study designed a college English listening evaluation and supervision system based on data analysis, in order to improve college students' English listening ability through this system. At the same time, 124 college students were randomly selected for a 4-month comparative experiment to test the...
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The Application of VR Technologies in the Practice of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Colleges and Universities

Zhiwang Ding, Hongjuan Li, Zhenyu Hu
This paper combines popular VR technologies and college innovation and entrepreneurship. Starting from the characteristics of VR technologies, it elaborates on the three advantages of innovation and entrepreneurship skills training, education, and practice in colleges and universities. Based on the analysis...
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Research on the Competitiveness of Chinese Circulating Enterprises-Based on the Empirical Study of Listed Companies

Yi Qiu, Di Qiao
It is significant to study the competitiveness of Chinese circulating enterprises quantitatively for the development of Chinese circulating industry. From the three dimensions of "scale factors", "growth factors" and "efficiency factors", this paper constructs an evaluation index system for competitiveness...
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Study on the Problems in the Urban Village Reconstruction

Dangchen Sui, Xingyu Yao
With the rapid development of cities in China, the social phenomenon of urban villages has emerged at the same time. Although urban villages contain a large number of migrant populations and relieve the pressure of housing in cities, problems of public security and environment force the reconstruction...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Organizational Communication Quality on Job Performance of the Post-90s Employees:The Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction

Yuelan Ding, Jing Wang
Based on the post-90s employees in China, this paper takes job satisfaction as a mediator, using empirical analysis to explore the relationship among organizational communication quality, job satisfaction and job performance. The results show that organizational communication quality of the post-90s...
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Professional Values, Social Capital and the Employment Flow of New-Generation of Migrant Workers

Jianyun Cao, Zhuangchao Ma
High-quality employment is the key for the new-generation of migrant workers to live in cities and finally become citizens. Based on the survey in the Pearl River Delta, the paper analyzes the effect of professional values and social capital on the employment flow of migrant workers using binary Logistic...
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How to Build Consumers’ Adoption Preference for Third-Party Mobile Payment Platform

Weihong Zhao, Shengcheng Xie
Understanding how to obtain consumer adoption preferences is the basis for third-party mobile payment platform to gain a competitive advantage in the payment market. Based on customer perceived value theory, this study used in-depth interviews and empirical test methods to construct a research model...
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Executive Jurisdiction of Realizing Security Interests Cases

Linqi Li, Yuanyuan Shen
The request for compulsory execution by the people’s court is the purpose of the applicant’s initiation of the procedure for realizing the security interests. The particularity of execution in realizing security interest cases requires scientific and reasonable rules for the executive jurisdiction. However,...
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Study on the Impact of Road Cycling on Event Tourism Development in Guilin of China

Feng Liang, Zengxue Lin
Guilin is a famous tourism city in China. Guangxi has held multiple international road cycling events. The distribution of events connects Guilin and the surrounding counties and cities. The holding of events has both positive and negative effects on the development of Guilin's tourism resources. This...
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The Impact of Online Live Broadcasting on Consumer Online Shopping Decision: From the Perspective of Behavioral Economics

Zhanbing Huang, Bin Zhang
In the traditional online shopping mode, consumers expense a lot of mental cost in order to get enough commodity information, which leads to the decline of consumer shopping utility. The online live broadcasting mode improves the short-term utility of consumer shopping by reducing the mental cost of...
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A Study on Chinese-English Translation of Intangible Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Eco-Translatology

Li Hong
Intangible cultural heritage (ICH) in China is the epitome of the culture and spiritual value of the Chinese nation, so ICH translation for international publicity is significant for China to introduce its culture to the world. To ensure the effective intercultural communication and maintain the national...
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Research on Innovation Teaching of Physical Education in College

Haiwei Shang
Innovation teaching in physical education means cultivating students’ innovative consciousness, ability and spirit, training their creative thinking, digging their creative potential and improving the ability of their creative learning. Main problems and corresponding countermeasures of traditional physical...
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Influence of Openness on the Efficiency of the "Core Area" Logistics Industry in the Silk Road Economic Belt-From the perspective of technology spillover theory

Qinmei Wang, Changyi Liang
Based on the review of relevant literature, the definition of core concepts and the analysis of theoretical mechanisms, based on the relevant data from 2008 to 2015, the paper first used the DEA model to measure the logistics industry efficiency of the “core area” of the Silk Road Economic Belt and found...
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Architecture of Service-Oriented Training for the Comprehensive Ability

Lei Wang, Xuhui Xia, Xiang Liu, Jianhua Cao, Junwei Liu
Based on the analysis of the present situation of the development of manufacturing service and the training needs of college students' comprehensive ability, the connotation of service-oriented comprehensive ability training is put forward. The overall architecture of service-oriented comprehensive ability...
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Functional-Equivalent Approach in UNCITRAL Electronic Commerce Legislation

Guomin Lyu, Shengmian Zhou
This paper sums up the legislative value of the functional-equivalent approach by analyzing its specific application in the electronic commerce legislation, and believes that the approach can better deal with traditional legal obstacles which the indirect electronic commerce faces. However, with the...
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Research and Practice on the Cultivation of Innovative Talents among Internet of Things Students Based on New Engineering Mechanism

Baoling Qin, Chun Jiang
At present, the concept of “New Engineering” advocated by the National Education Department aims at making up for the serious lag and inadequacy in the current college engineering education. At the same time, it is also a demand for engineering and technological innovation talents in terms of the society,...
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Analysis about the Text Content’s Effect on the Usefulness of Online Comments based on Search Type Products

Kaigang Yi, Ye Yu
This article aims at the Amazon comments data for the original object, the processed data as direct object, using SPSS data analysis tool to study the content of online comments about what factors will affect the online comments usefulness of search type products, and thus improve the theories about...
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Construction of Quality Assurance System for the Postgraduate Training

Xiaojun Zhang
As the main body for quality assurance of postgraduate training, the college’s quality assurance work runs through the entire process from enrollment to degree awarding, and is at the forefront of the entire postgraduate education quality system. And it was necessary to reform the evaluation mechanism...
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Policy Suggestions on the Transformation and Development of Local Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Na Li
The transformation and development of local universities is the basic requirement of the society for the training of talents in higher education. Through the discussion of the problems in the development of local undergraduate colleges, the paper puts forward policy proposals for transformation and development:...
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Introspection on the Rural Land Contractual Management Right Investment

Lin Zhang
The Rural Land Contractual Management Right Investment is a new way of farmland circulation. It helps enterprises to become the main body of agricultural operation, and helps capital open the way into agriculture. Based on the experience of foreign countries and the adverse consequences of the investment...
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The Influence of Consumer Finance on the Second Child Needs of the Family

Xiaowei Zhou, Fang Liu
Consumer finance is an important research field in economics and finance. With the implementation of two-child policy in China, consumer finance plays a more and more important role in the allocation of personal or family resources. The development of consumer finance has become an important factor in...
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Talking about the Importance of Social Security to Human Capital

Dangchen Sui, Xingchen Liu
The social security environment is an important factor restricting human capital. In recent years, scholars at home and abroad have conducted a lot of research on the relationship between social security and human capital. This paper summarizes the literature on the relationship between social security,...
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Research on the Overall Teaching Quality System of Medical Building Universities Based on TQC

Chune Liang, Bo Liang, Xue Zhou, Yueli Xiang, Miaojing Li, Xuemei Li
TQC teaching of medical universities which aims at the teaching goal is a process of systematical analysis and overall control to various internal and external factors affecting the quality of classroom by establishing QC teams of all levels and applying the thinking mode, method and means of TQC. This...
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Analysis on Basic Research Situations in Jilin Province-Based on National Natural Science Foundation of China

Liwei Jing, Guihua Wang, Yuan Chen, Ling Sun, Haiyan Chang, Jingyan Liu, Zhe Tang
The National Natural Science Foundation of China, as an important funding channel for promoting the basic researches in the new era, adhering to the strategic positioning of “funding the basic research and scientific frontier exploration, supporting the talent and team for building and enhancing the...
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An Exploration of Communicative Translation Strategies for Chinese Political Metaphors

Yuhong Huang, Ting Liao
This paper analyzes how political metaphors can be manipulated by translators in order to preserve the flavor of source texts as well as achieve intended communicative effects from the perspective of Communicative Translation Theory. Through categorizing metaphors in The Governance of China and taking...
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The Teacher-Student Relationship in Han Yu’s On Teachers and Its Educational Significance

Xiaohui Li, Changun Park
Recently, there are unfortunate episodes between teachers and students. We could see an endless number of reports about related extreme events caused by deterioration of teacher-student relationship. The purpose of present study is to analyze the teacher-student relationship in On Teachers (Shi Shuo)...
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Provincial Capital Bias and Economic Growth

Meng Wang, Jiahui Xu
A provincial capital has an important influence on the development of regional economy as the focus of one province in China. Studying the panel data of 19 provinces from 2000 to 2016, we find there exists provincial capital bias that the ratio of the provincial capital’s population in a province is...
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New Situation of Global Climate Governance and China’s National Program in Response to Climate Change in Post-Paris Agreement

Qian He
After signing the Paris Agreement, Global Climate Governance is in a New Situation of the world. For China, What's important is how they grab those chances under the New Situation of global climate governance, combination of global climate governance system and domestic low-carbon development strategy...
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An Empirical Research on Status and Influencing Factors of Global Value Chain Based on GVC Position Index

Tong Zhao
This paper estimates the GVC status index of 20 countries including China from 2000 to 2011. It is found that the international specialization status in developed countries is higher than that in developing countries, but the former shows a downward trend while the latter shows an upward trend. Using...
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Free Cash Flow, Corporate Social Responsibility and Enterprise Value: An Empirical Analysis Based on Listed High-tech Enterprises

Dan Han, Xuemei Chen
For companies and managers, corporate value has always been the focus. However, whether the traditional research results are suitable for high-tech enterprises remains to be discussed. After all, high-tech companies have some unique features. If high-tech companies do not see this clearly and blindly...
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Housing Price and Macroeconomic Research Review

Yuwei Ma
In order to understand the current research methods and theoretical progress of housing price and macroeconomics, the existing literature was comparatively analyzed through literature review. It is found that housing prices and macroeconomic problems are attracting more and more attention from scholars....
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Thinking about the Characteristic Development of Product Design Major under the Guidance of Emerging Engineering Education

Li Wang, Haichao Zhang, Qiang Wang
In the face of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the construction of emerging engineering education has become a hot trend, which brings new opportunities and challenges to the development of characteristic development of the product design major. Combining...
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Research on Graduation Design Teaching of Product Design Major based on Innovative Entrepreneurship Education

Haichao Zhang, Li Wang, Qiang Wang
Graduation design is an important practical link in the cultivation of product design professionals. Under the background of innovative entrepreneurship education, new requirements are put forward for graduation design teaching. Graduation design is not only the demonstration of teaching achievements,...
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The Teaching Monitoring Mechanism Based on The Idea of “OBE”

Lishuang Sun, Qi Zhao, Hongtao Yao
In order to improve the level of engineering education in Liaoning province, establish a talent training system that connects enterprises and universities in the province, and improve students’ international competitiveness, it is of great significance to establish a teaching monitoring mechanism based...
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Governance Path of Rural Gambling Prevailing in the Context of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Jiejie Zhang, Yixuan Huang
The problem of rural gambling has a long history. Many scholars have carried out a lot of analysis on its causes and ways of governance, but most of them are based on legal construction and propaganda, which cannot solve the problem fundamentally. From the perspective of sociology, this paper takes the...
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Some Discussions about the Effective Path for the Reform of Education, Teaching and Connotation Quality Construction in Local engineering and Polytechnic Universities in the New Era

Yuxi Zuo, Yong Yuan, Hongtao Yao, Wenhao Lv
China's higher education has gradually entered the universalization stage. With the method of empirical research, this article is based on the teaching reform practice of certain J University, and analyzes the characteristics of higher education in the new era, and further discusses the effective path...
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E-commerce Supply Chain Routine Evolution and Dynamic Capability Formation Mechanism of Integrating Situational Knowledge

Shuyi Wang, Jianwei Xu
The dynamic capability of e-commerce supply chain determines the competitiveness of e-commerce to a large extent, and it is the key for enterprises to gain competitive advantages. However, there is a lack of relevant research on the dynamic capabilities of e-commerce supply chain. This paper takes the...
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Anxiety of Accommodation: Kiao-Iology and Comparative Poetics

Xiteng Wang
Kiao-Iology is the theoretical production of the interactions of the great eastern and western theories and economic activities. Not only is it a response of the “anxiety of theory” in the domestic academic circles, but also a tremendous contribution of Chinese schools in the third stage of comparative...
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Investigation into Residents' Fertility Intention of Heilongjiang Province under the “Universal Two-child” Policy

Shujun Chen, Xiaoyu Liang
Since the implementation of the universal two-child” policy, the fertility rate in Heilongjiang Province has increased slightly but has not reached the expected level. This paper conducts a sample survey on fertility intention of the residents in Harbin, Qiqihar, Jiamusi, Jixi and Qitaihe cities in Heilongjiang...
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Initial Discussion on the 2015 Revised National High School Mathematics Curriculum of South Korea

Zhangpei Li, Changun Park
This paper bases on the 2015 revised national high school mathematics curriculum of South Korea to discuss the characteristics of academic education and vocational education in South Korea, and establishes the educating model based on curriculum theory and practice. Through a new round of curriculum...
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Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Tourism Income

Xu Zhang
The contribution of tourism income to China's economic growth has become increasingly prominent. The composition of tourism income has shown a diversified trend. The development of the downstream industry chain driven by tourism has also been continuously extended and integrated. This paper uses the...
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Analysis and Countermeasures of Factors Affecting Farmers' Income Increase under the Background of Urbanization

Xianghua Luo, Yingqin Zhang
This paper studies the factors that affect the increase of farmers' income and analyzes the restricting factors of the income increase of rural migrants and left-behind farmers under the background of urbanization. It is proposed that advances should be made in the process of urbanization, such as raising...
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Carolyn Merchant's View of Nature from the Perspective of Ecofeminism

Chunhua Lv, Ziyan Wang
This paper analyzes the Carolyn Merchant's ecofeminism perspective of nature. Merchant argues that there exists an artificially-constructed connection between nature and women. The root cause for which both nature and women are kept in subjection stems from the man-centered world outlook of “patriarchy”....
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Research on the Development of Industrial Parks in China and Suggestions for Future Policies

Tianjiao Yi
Based on the former research into industrial parks at home and abroad, in this paper, we define the concept of industrial parks, and classify some of the existing industrial parks in China into different types. With the classical economics theory, we analyze and explain the intrinsic economic motivation...
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Cultivation of Cultural Awareness in English Teaching

Wenjing Sun
Culture cannot be separated from language, so cultural teaching should be integrated into language teaching. However, most English teachers usually incorrectly interpret cultural teaching as the imparting of pure cultural knowledge and neglect the cultivation of students’ cultural consciousness. This...
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The Realization of Blended Teaching Model Based on Gradually Penetrative Method

Xiuzhen Hu, Jing Pang, Weiguang Zhang, Riguleng Si, Rigen Mo
With development of assistant effects of the Internet plus in the education, assistant teaching methods, such as Micro course and MOOC gradually become part of course design. Blended teaching model basing on the Micro course becomes hot spot of education reform. However, it is a worth exploring question...
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Capital Deepening, Capacity Utilization and New Drivers of China's Economic Growth

Zhili Ren, Shuoxing Zheng
According to the production function method, this paper builds a time-varying elasticity production function and use the state space model to estimate the dynamic output elasticity of the get inputs where the capital output elastic shows a downward trend year by year. What is more, in accordance with...
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Research on the Relationship between Reform and Development Based on the Implementation of China’s Thirteen Five-Year Plans

Shuoxing Zheng, Zhili Ren
Since the reform and opening up in December 1978, China has achieved great economic development. The five-year plan has played a major role in guiding, planning, coordinating major national construction projects, as well as distributions of productive forces and important proportions of national economy....
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Theoretical Analysis of the Developing mode of Wushu Modernization

Yu Xue
This paper makes an in-depth and detailed analysis for the developing mode of Wushu modernization through the general modernization theory. It also illustrates that the modernization mode should include the target realization mode and the process mode; the target developing mode of Wushu modernization...
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The Study of the Localization of the Teaching of British and American Poetry-Illustrated by the case of The Wild Honey Suckle

Yunfei Ma
British and American poetry helps to improve people’s language and spiritual state. Through the analysis of the teaching examples of American poetry The Wild Honey Suckle, this paper expounds the significance and ways of the localization of the teaching of British and American Poetry, and highlights...
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The Meaning Making Mechanism of Global News Live Broadcasts from the Multimodal Perspective

Yuhong Yang
This paper introduces Kress’s and Van Leeuwen’s (2001) multimodal social-semiotic theory of communication to the field of television communication and applies this theory to examination of multimodal data generated from authentic television events. Using live broadcasts of MH370 press conferences as...
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The Application of Blended Teaching Model Based on Micro-Curriculum in Class Teaching of Engineering Mechanics

Ping Wei
In view of the problems in the teaching of engineering mechanics in our university, such as the unique teaching methods, the difficulty in mobilizing the learning initiative and lack of ability to apply knowledge analysis to solve problems, the blended teaching model based on micro-curriculum, problem-driven...
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Analysis of Whether Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin is Real Money from the Perspective of State Theory of Money

Jie Hao
With the popularity of cryptocurrency like bitcoins in recent years, the social circles have been confusing whether cryptocurrency is real money essentially. Lots of voices have clarified the question from the traditional view that regards the nature of money as commodity. However, historical evidences...
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The Influence of Purchase batch on Wholesale Pricing Strategy Selection on B2B Platform

Siyu Chen, Tianyang Lou
In recent years, there are more and more online purchasing platforms, manufacturers as a seller in B2B platform release products by a wide variety of wholesale pricing strategies, such as: member price, stepwise pricing, bundling pricing, and so on. The same product may appear at two different prices...
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Research on the Relationship between Internet Finance and Domestic Consumption

Yue Hu
In recent years, third party internet payment which is the part of Internet finance has occupied financial markets rapidly due to its own advantages of convenient payment, convenient application and time saving. Internet finance has brought the challenge to traditional finance, and at the same time,...
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Research on the Construction of Intelligent Logistics and Supply Chain System for Publishing Industry

Shuo Liu, Yang Li
Big data, digital publishing, flexible printing and other new technologies and concepts have changed the traditional publishing industry in China. The reading habit of people and forms of publication are changing, and the logistics demand of traditional publications is changing too, so the reconstruction...
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Study on Community Pension Model in the Field from Multiple Governance Perspective

Wenjing Wang, Lihua Li, Chuanrui Chen
Based on the survey of community pension service in Changchun city, this paper summarizes and evaluates the current pattern of community pension service in Changchun, including the model of community day care and the home care institution. We also construct the community pension service model from multiple...
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Practical Difficulties and Countermeasures of Small Credit for Poverty Alleviation Policy Based on the Perspective of Inclusive Finance

Xiaowei Zhou, Qi Wang
Financial poverty alleviation is one of the important ways of targeted poverty alleviation. Small credit for poverty alleviation is a financial product tailored for the poor in China. It is also the most direct embodiment of the general financial concept. However, there is still a certain gap between...
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The Implementation and the Guarantee Mechanism for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Jianguo Luo, Jieqing Qiu
The development of innovative and entrepreneurial education is an effective measure to deepen the reform of higher education and to promote full employment. This paper introduces the ways to realize the innovation and entrepreneurship education from the perspective of theory and practice, and gives some...
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Research on the Development of Humanities and Social Sciences in Universities of Science and Engineering-Under the Background of the “Double First-Class” Construction

Kailin He, Kuanmin Lu
The purpose of this paper is to put forward new thinking on the development of humanities and social sciences in universities of science and engineering, and to provide reference for the construction and development of universities of science and engineering. Through the analysis of the historical background...
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Research on the PPP Model of Community Home-Based Care in China

Dangchen Sui, Meng Li
In order to promote the development of the PPP pension service industry under the wave of population aging, this paper studies the mode of PPP entering into the community home care pension. We review the status quo of this new type of old-age care model from outside to inside and profoundly analyze causes...
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A Study of International Language and Culture Communication in China based on the Theory of Communication

Yanghua Peng
A review of the current researches in the field of international language and culture communication in China has indicated that in the past decade both inheritance and creativity can be found in research content, yet emphasis is mostly put on ego rather than others in communication which poses itself...
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Research on Comprehensive Reform of Secondary Colleges based on the Tertiary Management Mode of University, College and Department

Jianguo Luo, Jieqing Qiu
Colleges and universities implement the tertiary management mode of university, college and department, and universities give secondary colleges a large autonomy in teaching management. The reform of the management system is of great significance to improve teaching quality and educational benefit. The...
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The Application of the Craftsmanship Spirit in Quality-oriented Education of Students in Vocational Colleges

Yan Han
The educational target of vocational colleges is to train applied talents with certain cultural level, professional knowledge and skills, and comprehensive qualities in order to meet the needs of individual employment and the demands of jobs, and then promote the development of social productivity. As...
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Thoughts on Developing Thematic Educational Activities at Different Levels in Vocational Colleges

Yan Han
The goal of educating people in vocational colleges is to cultivate applied talents with certain cultural level, professional knowledge and skills, and comprehensive accomplishment in order to meet the objective needs of individual employment, promote the development of social productivity, and speed...
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English for Science and Technology: A Project Based Approach

Yiqun Yin
This paper deals with the importance of communicative skills and the learner-centered environment to the engineering students. Learner-initiated teaching approach satisfies students’ needs. English language skills are essential for the engineering students to meet the requirements and needs of technical...
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The Establishment Features and Enlightenment of the Chinese Women Vocational Schools (1928-1936)-Based on the Investigation of ShenBao

Yan Cheng
The purpose of this study is to reveal the reasons for the emergence of women's vocational schools in modern China, and to discuss the characteristics of women's vocational schools. The foundation of modern Chinese women vocational schools was based on the distinct era background. This tide was unceasingly...
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Research on Informationized Instructional Design in College English

Xiaohui Xu
Based on the analysis of the guiding significance of educational informatization in college English teaching practice, this paper attempts to construct the basic theory of informationized instructional design and propose the basic principles of college English informationized teaching design. We present...
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First Steps of the History of Chinese Philosophy in China

Valery Kiselev
Chinese philosophy begins in ancient and archaic times, but if we make a scrupulous research, we find that real Chinese philosophy begins only in the beginning of the 20th century, when Japanese translation of the word “philosophy” — zhexue — came to China, and Chinese scholars began to create histories...
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The Right to Education for Migrant Children in Light of the Latest General Comments by the UN Treaty Bodies

Ekaterina Kiseleva, Maria Osipova, Natalia Emelianova
The right to education has a fundamental importance for children in migration context. Besides its general value, realization of the right to education is a prerequisite sine qua non for successful integration of migrant children into the host society. This article touches upon the right to education...
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Optimization of the Service for Applying for CSC Scholarship in Beijing University of Technology under the Construction of "Double-first class" Universities

Wen Gu, Yufan Sun, Dengmei Ji, Yi Li
The implementation of the Chinese Government Scholarship programs is an important measure to cultivate innovative talents with international vision, and will be an important driving force to speed up the integration of the teaching and scientific research level with the international level. As the main...
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The Enlightenment of Shenzhen Science and Technology Financial Research to Ankang from the Perspective of Innovation Drive

Yinan Zhou
The National Science and Technology Innovation Plan, published in August of 2016, clearly proposed to perfect the financial system that supports scientific and technological innovation, which provides a new opportunity for the development of science and technology finance in China. We can draw the inspiration...
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Translation Strategies of Business AdvertisementBased on Reception Aesthetics

Xiaofang Li
The unique text features and functions of business advertising, coupled with different Chinese and Western cultures and language features, make it difficult for English and Chinese business advertising languages to express themselves. Guided by the Theory of Reception Aesthetics, the study explores translation...
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Research on Marketing Strategy of Hefei Wanda Plaza

Yan Liu
With the improvement of the living standard, the demand for the service industry is increasing. Wanda created original business model is widely praised in Hefei, and it is well received. The research on the marketing strategy of Wanda Plaza provides reference for the integrated commercial model of other...
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Comeback and Development of Large Format Photography in the Era of Digital Photography

Zhi Yang
With the arrival of the era of fast-food-style digital photography, tremendous changes has taken place in photography. However, large format photography still has its unique charm. Why we choose large format while phone photography is popular today? Why we still choose film cameras while digital ones...
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Research on Brand Building Strategy of E-commerce Platforms for Agricultural Products

Xuewei Li
This paper does research on how to build agricultural products’ own brands in the diversified e-commerce platforms through the rapidly developing agricultural product e-commerce platforms. This paper takes the brand of the agricultural product e-commerce platform as the research object, analyzes the...
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Research and Practice of Mixed Teaching Model Based on “Internet +”

Junwei Shi, Zhangliang Chen
The construction of high - level "double - class" universities must be based on the cultivation of applied talents. In response to the demand of cultivating talents in colleges and universities, the research status and the dynamic of mixed teaching at home are summarized based on the application of applied...